Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 19, 1968 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1968
Page 1
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Wtathtr '68 MART MINCISS Experiment , Hen report for 24. rmm§ ending at 7 a, m, Monday, High 47, Lew 32 * •" "** Forecast ARKANSAS <- Cloudy to part- iy cloudy through Tuesday with a chance of light rain or drizaie ftainly extreme south tonight, Um warmer through Tuesday, Low tonight mostly in the 30s» Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Albany, cloudy 25 15 Albuquerque, clear 60 38 Atlanta, clear 3? 23 Bismarck, cloudy 17 12 Boise, cloudy 47 22 Boston, clear 26 16 Buffalo, clear Chicago, cloudy Cincinnati, clear Cleveland, cloudy Denver, cloudy Des Molnes, cloudy Detroit, clear Fairbanks, snow Fort Worth, rain Helena, cloudy Honolulu, cloudy Indianapolis, clear 21 14 30 IS 34 12 24 8 53 31 36 23 30 10 5 -1 49 39 44 33 79 71 30 10 Jacksonville, cloudy 49 40 '.' Juneau, clear 29 22 ;; Kansas City, cloudy 37 32 " Los Angeles, clear 73 57 r Louisville, clear 35 12 ! MompUs, clear 43 26 : Miami, rain 75 67 • Milwaukee, cloudy 26 9 | Mpls.-St.P., cloudy 17 8 r New Orleans, clear 47 37 j Okla. City, cloudy 38 33 • Omaha, cloudy 41 28 : Philadelhhla, clear 34 18 I Phoenix, clear 73 49 •: Pittsburgh, clear 27 11 :: Ptlnd, Me., clear 23 6 •:,' Ptlnd, Ore., rain 58 50 :i Rapid City, cloudy 31 24 • Richmond, clear 35 14 : St. Louis, cloudy 37 19 I Salt Lk. City, cloudy 54 38 ?_ San Diego, fog 68 54 It San Fran., cloudy 66 55 , i Seattle, rain 54 51 'r Tampa, rain 67 49 i* Washington, clear 39 24 ; Winnipeg, clear 2 -19 *> | CONTEMPT, 3 (from page one) Former Pfpsltliml JJvplfthl tt. Klsptihott'df crowns 18-yeaf-olct fjpfifoy Qufnn of Los AnRolcs as Itenrt Princess of the 19(18 Heart Fund Campaign, now I) c! n K conducted nationally. Heart research liclbcd save bolh their fives. In 1058, Wcfohy underwent open-heart surgery. She now leads n normal life, Attend* high school and nlnyq fiiillnr in a rock-and-roll grant). Two Killed In Wreck of N. Little Rotk Oblffuartof BfeK L. ARNOLD Ben L, AfnoH r 87, retired torfrw of Hope ftu 4, died Sftf* urdfay ff! A Ideal hospM. tie is survived fay his fife, Mts, Ida Arnold, three g6ns, Paul L. Arnold of El fJoradd/ Cecil Arnold of Pfeseotl, Rdy Arnold of California, 1 four daughters, Mrs. Annie M, Collier, Mrs. Ruth Percell afri Mts, Ha2el Hopson, all of Hope and Mrs, Dessie Marcell of Texarkam Services were Monday at Hern* don Chapel, Burial in Memory Gardens by Herndon Funeral Home, CHICAGO (AP) - Howard Ellis, 76, credited with pioneering the legal defense of fair comment, died Sunday, Elite was an expert on libel law and general counsel for The Chicago Tribune, Ellis Initiated the fair comment defense when the late Henry Ford, the auto manufacturer, sued the Tribune In 1919 for $1 million, Ford was awarded six cents damage for having been called an anarchist In an editorial. NORTH LITTLE HOCK (AP) NEW YORK (AP) - Ray — Two persons were killed and Brock, 54, former Balkan corre- two others were injured crl-spondent for The New York lically early today when their Times died, the paper reported car went out of control and Sunday. Brock covered the Ger- smashed Into a tree Just outside man Invasion of Yugoslavia and the city limits here. later became Times correspond- The victims were identified ent in Ankara, Turkey. He au- as Patrick McGlll, 15, and Mary thored several books, Including Hubbard, 21, both of Little Rock. "Nor any Victory," "Blood, Oil The injured Were Burton Hub- and Sand," and "Ghost on bard, 16, and Noble Vance, 18, Horseback." both of Little Rock. Officers said the car driven WASHINGTON (AP)'- Kath- by Miss Hubbard traveled about ryn D. Goodwin, former direc- 300 feel after leaving the road tor of the Federal' Bureau of before crashing into the tree. Family Services, died Saturday. Miss Goodwin's career in social work spanned 36 years, 25 of which were spent with the bureau of family services, an agency of the Department of Health Education and Welfare MORRISTOWN, N.J, (AP) William G. Mennen, board chairman of the Mennen Co., manufacturers of men's toilet articles, died Saturday. He was 83. A Warming Trend Is Expected Light rain or drizzle is fore- Station answered the original cast for southern portions of trouble, call' but"tjuickly sumV.M^rkiinsasVtonighti,and .Tuesday, Police Halt Rioting in Hippie Area SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - P 0 lice hurled tear gas and marched into crowds in massed formations Sunday to clear streets of pedestrians who were More than 90 persons were arrested. Cars were backed up for blocks around, police said, and the crowds refused to get off the streets. Police gave this account: Two squad cars from Park State law does not set out to £ what extent a witness is to be 3 heard before the court or bound i to testify or answer the ques: tion, "but surely the statute con: templates more than simply • hearing the witness refuse again j. to answer the same question « propounded to him in the Grand Jury room without first ascertaining the nature of the information the question Is designed to produce," Jones said. The court said Davis and Prosecutor Richard B. Adkisson of Little Rock had aruged "extreme views in opposite directions" and that It did not agree with either. Davis' attorneys contended that a police officer had sum-! 'Hfobft'W Some 20 squad cars arrived, along with five tactical command units and 15 motorcycle officers. The police formed columns and used three-foot long batons to clear the Halght-Ashbury intersection. Bottles were thrown from rooftops as the officers made their march. After the arrests clusters of people remained along the sidewalk, holding handkerchiefs over their noses as a heavy fog cover kept the tear gas fumes In the area. One youth donned a gas mask over his shoulder- length hair. Police said crowds In the area trend state absolute privilege to refuse to hacl increased during the balmy reveal his confidential sources a fl e rn°cm. There was an unusual while Adkisson contended that an officer was bound to answer any and all questions asked of him by a Grand Jury. We Set Up New Bookkeeping Systems: BLOCK BOOKKEEPING SERVICE N&R BLOCK LOCATION influx of young people and other visitors. The disturbance continued from midafternoon until 8:30 p.m., when the police radio called in tear-gas equipment, Officers at City Prison said charge's against those arrested were mostly for failure to disperse, but included assault, re. slsting arrest and inciting a riot. OPIN TONIGHT' EVERYTHING'S O.K. ON MY INCOME TAX I TOOK IT TO BLOC*! H'» on in «oy . jccuran. treublf•fr«f. guarqntfcd . and il didn't lafct aif TfN MINUHSI So»,d m/tflf ipinf mpafy on dfduct'Pni, loo! Why 09! do yew 'a* like I did FAKE IT TO BLOCK TODAY! BOTH FiDfRAl AND ITATf LIFE mq^f onjr will pay ih occy'O'« ('(»'» ibo t pt"Q || y l «9»l o< in' , _ __ of ttf'y IQ» '|tyro if on, pfnalry 01 iaififil. Is* §tryi?t wiih Over ?QQQ Offices 107 fcutli ilm f trt* t Behind Cox Drug Store Phone PR7-5 9:AM r- 9:PM Hours: Sat. -5416 9:AM - 5:PM ,and- a gradual warming is expected over the through Tuesday. However, the U. S. Weather Bureau said the warming trend is only gradual with no really warm weather In the picture. The bureau said another large Arctic high pressure mass in Canada may become a threat to Arkansas by late Wednesday or Wednesday night. High temperatures Sunday ranged from 51 at El Dorado to 36 at Harrison. Overnight lows ranged from 20 at Batesville to 39 at Texarkana. There was no rainfall reported for the 24-hour period ending at 6 a.m. today. RESIDENTS (from paij'3 one) deputy until he has passed all the tests and gone through a riot training program of 40 to 60 hours," The sheriff said that during the training starting March 1, Negro sergeants would swing bats at white trainees and vice versa, "Part of the training," he said, "Is to subject a man to insults and humiliation to a reasonable extreme. If he gets angry, out he goes," "We are going to have psychological tests to help filter out sadists and kooks," he said. Of the first 51 volunteers, 21 were turned down, One man's application was rejected when he remarked, "the colored have gone too far, we need something like this to stop them In their tracks," When Woods' plan was an« nouncecj Feb. }2, (he sheriff was reported to have said the unit was being formed to quell threatened demonstrations and riots during the Democratic Na» tionai Convention In August, Mayor Richard J, Daley, a Democrat, then grttJcJied the plan a§ dangerous and said, "We don't want that In Chiea. go," But Woods, a Republican, said Sunday, "i have never would pome tntp {he ?ity of < cago f " He saicj he laeke<j man. power for su?h« Harry L^viton has filed, suit on "behalf of the people of flU? nois 11 to stop formation, of (he posse on grounds |t is illegal, Woods said he belleY&d It |s based on an 1874 ftjiftojs law bijt asked state's Atty, John Stamps for an opinion, If stamos "tells roe .this, would put Cook County it) tenable position,'* the sftertfl said t «- '"•' ' 3 KIIM on Highways NBPf (MKji STM* BllMi. By THE ASSOCIATED MESS Three pef sons died en the Arkansas highways 'daring the 84* hour weekend period which end* ed at midnight Sunday, State Police identified the vie* tims as Charles Wayne Barnes, 24, of Htmtington (Sebastian County); Patrick Kirkland, el, of Rogers, and Audry Wolf, 46, of Mot- riiton. Barnes was killed early Sun* day when his truck failed to negotiate a curve inside the Huntington city limits and overturned* Officers said Barnes was alone at the time of "the . , 4 , , A1C Kirkland was struck and Xf killed Saturday on U.S. 71 about . AI £ three miles south of the Benlon tu ,[ ned County line, State Police said *«<* L Kirkland was standing on the ****, M highway when he was struck, ring of DONALD HERRING ft ti.,,1.,* i,*. . Don ^ ld , Het Tl n f hs ° K f e f, Afft,, f? 11 ffi hi , s S"* and Mrs Rodney Her- near Patmos. He will that "a few Yaftkee a#« gressor tfoopg" raided a Cohv rnunist guard post near So* ftgjon-Nl on the western front Sunday night, He said the Infiltrators tere '"successfully re* jsdfed and wiped out." Smith also denied this. He said the only tf.N. Command ac» Hvity on the western front Sun* day night occurred about Sill a,m» when tl.N. Command per* sonnel fired on "several of your marauders" attempting to infiltrate Into South Korea near Panttiunjom, He did not say what happened to these North Koreans, Pak said preparations by "U.S. imperallists to unleash another war in Korea" reached a peak when they sent the U.N. Intelligence • gathering ship Pueblo into Communist waters Jan. 23. This was the only refer* ence the Communist delegate made to the Pueblo incident during Monday's meeting, In Washington, the State Department warned again that if North Korea treats the crew- Authorities said Wolfwas resume studies in special train- men of the Pueblo as war crlml- killed Saturday night when his in & ln electronics pickup truck left 0A 64 Inside measures, the Plummerville city limits and struck a power pole. counter- Maior Issues Still Before Legislature LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Two major proposals are still to be acted upon as the special session of the legislature moves Into its third week today with both the House and the Senate Convening at 1 p.m, v |f. Both houses must consider a bill to set up a Department of Corrections while some type of compromise must be reached on a bill establishing procedure for holding a constitutional convention. There is also a possibility of further action on Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller's request that Lynn A. Davis be made immediately eligible for reappolntmant as State Police director. One bill, under which Davis could without question serve again in mid-July, passed both .houses last week. Two new bills were introduced in the House Friday while the Senate has .before it an unamended administration bill. All three, if passed, would make Davis eligible immediately. , .... jjj l (from page one) if. As for Eisenhower, it is to be assumed Johnson was not unmindful of the political implications of his friendly meeting with the only living ex-Republican president in this election year. "I really honestly believe he has been as helpful to me as any one person since I've been President," Johnson declared. At the outset of his visit to the Eisenhower home at the El Dorado Country Club In Palm Desert, Johnson was accompanied by Lt. Gen. Lewis W. Walt, deputy commandant of the Ma- rlnes and a Vietnam veteran, and Walt W. Rostow, the President's special assistant for national security affairs. These men, Johnson reported, briefed Elsenhower on crises in Vietnam and Korea for about an hour, Johnson, who has had many kind words recently for the U.S. commander In Vietnam, Gen, William C, Westmoreland, Invoked Eisenhower's name in de« fense of the general. He said Elsenhower told him he would never substitute his own judgement as a military commander for the man on the ground— Westmoreland being the man on the ground. Reporting that Eisenhower spoke highly of Westmoreland, Johnson said the former chief executive told him the Vietnam commander bears the greatest responsibility of any general he ever heard about In history, Johnson said he asked If this meant greater responsibility than Eisenhower shouldered as allied commander In Western Europe In World War H, He said Eisenhower replied he meant just that because "j ai« ways knew where the enemy was," In his own public speeches along his route, Johnson struck a theme of perseverense ta Viet. As he told crewmen the Constellation; "Men may cJebate-B- men may dissent men may disagree^ an4 £04 forbid that a tjme should come when men of this land may not, *'P ut. there comes 3 time when men must stand— and for Amert lea, that time has now come," Declaring that "the enemy be, lievessrhe thinks*-that our wij| is vulnerable/* Johnson sat<j "quite certainly we toow thai the enemy is going to fail; we Ijgye taken ' " U,S,PLANES (from page one) mand expresses its regrets and offers assurance that all possible measures will be taken to Insure that such Incidents will not recur in the future." There was no Indication that the North Koreans fired on the planes. North Korea called the commission meeting. The senior Communist delegate, Maj. Gen. , Pak Chung Kook, charged that "a. formation of American military airplanes" Intruded Into North Korean air space north of Panmunjom for four minutes and engaged In "hostile acts and reconnaissance." Pak claimed that U.N. forces had committed 36 other armistice violations between Feb. 13 and Feb. 18, but Smith denied all these. The North Korean delegate Plenty of 00 Wont Money LOS AMBLES CAP) - cum Wescott may not want the money but others do. Wescott Is the man who spurned some $20,000 due him, saying he'd rather lire on a pile of newspapers under a bridge and stay '*on the bum," Hundreds of letters have been written to him since last Sunday When he was told $19,219 In two Burnt Hills, N.Y., banks belonged to him from the sale of a gas station he abandoned 15 years ago. Since then he's been told his father died a year ago, leaving him about $4,000, Wescott, 51, has had marriage proposals, and appeals from Inventors, college students, ministers and many claiming to be particularly needy. Asked If would change his mind about the money, Wescott said, Sunday, "-No. Still the same, i don't want to talk about It. I just want to keep living this life. "1 can't live in the weeds with my wino friends if I take the money, That's for sure." Not all the writers sought nals, it would be considered "a deliberate aggravation of an al* ready serious situation." A spokesman declined to comment on why the State Department was reaffirming a position taken Jan, 26, But he quoted at length a "joint letter of apolo- money, gy" which North Korea issued There was a letter from a recently and said was signed by man, apparently awaiting a the 82 surviving crewmen of the plane at the San Francisco In- Pueblo. ternatlonal Airport, who wrote, The letter, which the State "no requests, just admiration Department said was false, said for sticking to your beliefs. I'm In part: "We know that when making $20,000 a year working one Is captured for conducting three jobs, keeping a family of espionage against a foreign four children, a wife and also a country, he should be severely friend, I envy you. I may join punished in accordance with the you someday." law of that, country." OFF TO ON-BROADWAY NEW YORK (AP)-An ofT- Broadway musical is heading for Broadway via London. Ted Danielewski, theater and GOVERNORS WERE WRITERS PLYMOUTH, Mass. (AP)— William Bradford, the second governor of the Plymouth Colony, began Massachusetts' literary tra- film producer, has bought the rights dition. His history, "Of Plimoth to "Man with a Load of Mischief," Plantation," and Gov. John Win- w "'ch earned critical praise and a throp's "A History of New Eng- respectable'side-street run a year land," provide historians with al- ago. He intends to present the show most all the information they have In th , e WcsrEnd and then bring the slopes were covered with thick about the colonists' way of life production here for a Broadwayrun p i ne forests, which made them in early New England. prior to making a film version, ... Morrfiy, ft&rairy 19, Didn't CMI* Home nit § Time POCA, W. Va, (AP) - Th e mull hasn't eome Borne this time. He may have been frightened off by the remits of his first return. The dog came back to the home of James Goodwin after Goodwin had given his faithful companion to Archie Moore, both men live on Route 1, Poca. Goodwin started driving the dog back to Moore's home and, at the top of a hill, Goodwin's car met head on one carrying Moore and his nephew. Goodwin suffered a fractured skull. Moore and his nephew suffered facial lacerations. TV dog ran away. University Merger Is Is Attacked CONWAY, Ark. (AP) - flie president of the Conway Chain* ber of Commerce has attacked a bili to effect the merger of Little Rock University and the Universlta of Arkansas* : Stanley Russ said "the case for the merger Is so weak that it cannot withstand the free do- bate and thorough discussion that must accompany so critical an issue*" A merger bill was brought up for a vote Friday by Sen. Max Howell of Little Rock, who withdrew it from consideration when Sen, Guy Jones of Conway questioned whether it came within the purview of the special session call. Russ said Ho well's action was even more deplorable since Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller had stated Feb. 5 that the merger would not be an issue in the current special session. Named by Indians ' The Sioux Indians called the Black Hills of South Dakota by that name because the appear black from the plain's. WHY SETTLE FOR LE SS? A Only Kroger Has An Extra-Low Price Policy Plus The Extra Savings Of Top Value Stamps. GET DOUBLE TOP VALUE STAMPS WEDNESDAY! •U.S. Choice Tenderay Boneless Boston Roll Roast Pork Loins *** s)iced Tender and Juicy FROZEN CRY-O-VAC 5-7 LB. FULLY COOKED Lb. Lb. 79 59 Baking Hens , 39 C Cooked Picnics LB. MORTON (Except Ham and Shrimp) FROZEN Dinners 3 MORTON ASSORTED ^ Cream Pies 3 KROGER BUTTERMILK OR HOMESTYLE Limit 6 at this low price 11 OZ. PKG. 14 OZ, PIES WIN UP TO $1,000 PLAY KROGER'S EXCITING NEW GAME "SURE • THING • GO!" GET DETAILS AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD KROGERSTORE, Prices Effective Through Wednesday, February 21 Quantity Rights Reserved, Copyright 1968 The Kroger Co, ' ROYAL SCOT SOLID PACK Biscuits- 5 Margarine 1O BREAST-0-CWCKEN Chunk Tuna REGULAR OR DRIP Kroger Coffee 2 3 60Z. CANS LB, CAN 1119 i KROGER Mayonnaise DELICIOUS Heinz Ketchup HAPPY FACE (Save 30c) Wash Cream QT, JAR QT, JAR 4,5 OZ, PKG, MEL.O-SOFT WHITE OR BUTTERMILK Bread 4 KROGER GARDEN Sweet Peas 4 WHOLE KERNEL 49 P Kroger Corn 4 KROGER WHOLE 35 C Green Beans pow 79° Bathroom Cleaner 1 LB, 4 OZ, LOAVES 15 OZ, CANS 12 OZ, CANS $ rop VALUE STAMPS with this eoijpon and $3,00 or iir- ger purchase of FROZEN FOOD, Good Through Saturday Febf^ LETTUCE LARGE HEADS Carrots FRESH GREEN LB, PKG, RED UTiLrrv 23° Potatoes 20 FRESH LB, OQg BAG 88 Peppers 3. 29 C Pollards 2 ** 29*

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