Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1916
Page 3
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ILLINOIS. MONDAY, NOVi 6 r THftKE. •'.»f,rrt»' • • *•» se Hughes One-third of all laws beneficial to labor, passed in New York State in 133 years, were passed during Governor If nines' term at. his request and signed by him. ^^la^^^SS***^"^^ 'i-fiSSS^iliS N V -v;^^— .D\*L<| •«o!2±i _-^»^fi»sssS"''*^^^^^i)itf*»i* nnP*'* 1 .\\jitttx\a tR£2§£ Cpu^St : v - '/fort* ^ **!*>« X X? ,A ff'sr^^S 1 ^rt^ i &>B«s' Si^> ti ^c*«« i ' ef '^^•• v * w .n."«'^^tw >*££•.--'c^-^^'"::^- :S^*:S5£*^^^'^- t - w -r • and that" fh«« d been WUch "Uffv»*f» r f^P^oyroent in $?? Eui *opean HW S'ssrsprssipfSH'- ,1nn~. * . "0 OljlQr* no*.!-. ,. _ . • •" !/* .iV ." ^ \ of > e \ - ,- ,r« ,/ _ ,^ ^_ ^^ t _ ,^, -_ ^ yv-^^r^ ^ .KS AT WILSON Labor to Indorse His Re election Fails, ffiTOIJDOR! B7 LABUR DMON t. 'M ^; ', Central sion, Tables Resolution Indefinitely -..7/r.^.T>_-777:-;—*— INJPICNATION GREETS . CHICAGO I,ABQB JFOB HUGHES. Dolldlpg Tr»d» Council ' dent Chlc*«<k, l. -On«i brnnoA of or- *wun* t »nto. lift* for Tr»d»|», Council, of etmtm O'Ponnajl te . pr*»taent, of Of met*. vt 'l»rk with the Am*rtr»n w.orti- P Burh»nk, of. \t*t ir\ Illlnoif, U«c«i1 ft •i«t<»m«nt decUr- tnjf th«t rullrf.mj *mploy*« §r« Burning *{t 1« *jh* first |jm« our nattonftl offl- c4.r» hav« ; »fiemptcd 16 tell u* how w« vote, ««d there era thou«*od> )IU» f who will pot *Und fpr «uch d»c- Mr Burbank "I «ro con. vlno«4 tHnl th* scnutntnt stnong t>ie r»l)ro»-1 -Jiifii for HilKhM If THis is labor's Answer (o the Attempt To Deliver IBe American Worktoaman's Vole labor vote cannot be delivered fp the Democratic party. TTHe b^lk of it throughout the country will gp'to Hughes • was the positive declaration of Thomas J. Williams, one of the most prominent trade unionist in the, United States, in course of an interview in Pittsburgh on November 1, 1916. the __ ing Trades department of the America^federation. of Labor, which includes every craft m any way 4dentifted wftb the. building industry, It has a membership of nearly one and a half million men, all mechanics, which is more than fifty per cent of the entire membership of the organisation of which .Samuel Gompers is -the head. - ' , ~ l - !•*''*•• of this country today consider the re-establish-. ^^ Jwue; fc^wre them^ and tliey- will vote accordingly next Tuesday. , - , * ' .j "^d Benitfble layering man is deceived by the present abnormal industrial activity in the United Statesr -W^aHkriov^that war orders from Europe are resnonajble for it ' _ , - - "|f |^e foreign conflict should end tomorrow, the-wi^f^arners of-thi« country Would be con^ frontei|^i^i precisely similar conditions to those which oonvonted them during the flrst two years of U\e'WUloyi administration—idle miUB, dead lo* oomotives, men out of employment, and business .depression every\vhere. |ustioompleted^s"t-oTjr of the soi^ and middle west, in course of which he tailed with repwsejatativea 1 of every' industry anft a4dr«sseBl r seven national conventions of labor organisations.' ' . •« • '•Ifo man ir group of men can deliver the labor <<T j^ wbrkmgman will vote next Tuesday for vote, tdjthe Democratic party,' 'said Mr. Williams. ^ gepubiioaW ticket because he will then vote- for fcis own material welfare, , • M In my trtp through the Wth and west, I dis- enssed the political Situation with hundreds- of M K« k»ow* that the Republican party stands for v . labori^.mfn, I found «P indication anywhere the great principle of protection to American" in- of jTpronognced trend of tfentimeflt in the ranks duitry ; and.that*without such prote.ctto,a there o| the wage-earners towards . the Democratic can be no prosperity for him, the wage earners * party." ./" • The Kepublican Protective Tarift' parotedts workinRmen's -wages without increasing 1 the cost of living. The-question is shall we have a Bemocratic tariff that only pretends to help the wage-earnerW a Republican tanff that really protects 'him? - , ». A- . *. ta*i*M!«fflii \, •. "TJii American worWngman aiway4 has support^ ed the Republican ticket, and for a very practical reason, <VM < s Resolutions* Adopted at Meeting "of the 8uiiding.,TradesrCounciL*o| Philadelphia -, ' ' S» ' N - ••'••' .""«w-".':;. Declaring .that Prefident \Vi|»oii''b himseU npe roy of .orgtott ~ ^ on ihe has «howo bitnwlf tht (n«nd of l,iltor throughout hu whole c»r«r. i *e* rir» of resotutiont supporting the candl- dai-y o( Mr 'Hughes was paaWd Ust ni|ht at a mocting of (lie Philadelphia Diuld' ing Trades Council, rcpr?«at|Dg m «U slwut 60.000 meo The meeting wu held in the Parkway UiiiWing, «nd the ^ resolutions wrro luiwoa idtcr a spirited dtr ct'smow., I'Yank ,1 'Sthhcidfr |'ft«ided _. A'*t«hdittg vote-u-iMi-Ukr-n-' lutiou del'lari'd that until hi* into (K»lilir4 si » yetr* BEO, l*rp«ident Wilson had proved tiimfelf * "h»r«J», bitter aqd unjuet critic" 91 labor unions, and !md ebo\r« by hi* epe*cbea «n-l hit wrttings. in his book*, (h»t _ha bad op symjMtJjy .witl.i ihe libor mov«on>nt Th« Ktatcmcut H'a» »Unout^ to him thtt 'l^nl>or unions d raffled tb* highest men to the level of the^oweat." wi4 bo WM r|iH>H'ti aa being A "nerte partisaa of the oi>en nhofi *' - ',,* The pafwagp wan ..cited from rrewidenti WiliionY book, "The Hiitory- ol tfcej American IVopIo ^-wherr-'hF— wwprtcxl that the C^iineu* labor *a» preferable 'to the I'olith. Siavonu) or Italian On tht other hand, it wa> declared th«t Mr. Hughe* had been »howU by hm wonbi hts deMa and hm record, that he h*d been a friend of labor ajici of labor Vniotu during his entire rar^cr, . >fr Hugbea* utter»n«, that he reg»rd- ed labor union* ut •* • fin* opportunity for the improyeinent of the -rOBditlOB of' the workinginsn," was quoted, 'and hw «t«temrnt. th« inlweaU of labor »r«4h« inter«»i& of all itoopta, ana the i>rote* ti-iti o( the wage earner to the w«.unty «.| iiff end health by every pr»et»/»l; rnf!an«. m />»u- o( the mu«t »«ctcd, tr\iU« of! BOCH'lV" " '• "we vigor-ntify condemn," read ih« tesouhum, "jhe. action of Ubo.r leader* in endeavoring U» male' oppMitipi M* Mr tiwgltrt. jnd with the Whit Ml rriimi tliiil alt laboi unionii »houiii h- Uept f rve from |«>UHc»i t*rliei, tt!l our inetuberik e* »«-H »» other unions. «MX». lof«!», .t<> cast vote* as tbeir interent b«-»t de»i*»d« —I National Publicit k\»mrnittot*

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