Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1916
Page 2
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TWO STEALING. ILLINOIS, MONDAY, NOV. 6. 1916. f ni miiri M linn in im i r ifaaiariaiiiMTviii iini^ I«^»M r«i ma nin iHM~i>a a^iiiiM^iiiirrnii i nil • ta>>Ttnrii"amnii niiini^iriTMii ^^••^••.nui.iini.iii^. IR i.^^.•.V/~ i'Y',* X. ./ | a *Pag|& - *.. v ',! A* (.' a >y •,^'^:-< GIRLS! WOMEN! TARE CASCARETS IF CONSTIPATED THEY LIVEN YOUR LIVER AND ! BOWELS AND CLEAR YOUR j COMPLEXION. ' Dort't stay r-eacUshy, bilious with and stomach sour. A FINE PARADE r: M P-: n -t= wiH liv.ti y.iiit 5 !ivi-r find '.I-H: M'iiH f.'<-- >f t>'i-wr!(- \v iOl- it«i!!i--. Y.o, \tjll vs.iV;.- 1:5, f*f«t- iarid Your fi'-:i«H will !•<" '-If-ar. i ih-.M. •l.'iitnifc « '<-:IM. STURDY SCHOOL SUITS Never tardy in style —and wearing qualities f hit never play "hooky." Smart norfolks in cassimeres, chevi- ots, and blue serges — all wool and splendid values at $5 to ,$12.50. CULLIVANW i 0 MALLET 1 Mon> Mo !,!)<)* ••mi i t\ hole r i-i.-;ir< ! tu i l ' « h<-n *•?<"<•>. f(Vi".i«h, . S> el-.i-.-fir ''.nil --\ --t!>e>'n- VM-i:d'-vfid. '« 'S now :i* anv dim 1 ••mi f-.ifHv i-'iVf :i tu i liiSiln n ;inv tini« tit V><ii<iti|<:«'< : 'l *li'-y :it. harm* ' William Knot with whom *!»•• ttride In r 'tii'tii-' t'lf •••rv'-rnt >«""'•'• She ha« many j ff u-i,d« in thl« '-it v «!i«- made dut itiii h;-i i-,la> at MM- Khi'N holm-, who \\iil illitt-- ):irtri u t;ikm w:i«i .ifi' |»ir('!t<- ' III III" I Ity Mi. KIKIX. A )-'. ri>rlilll>- Wit* lt tiff I c-i<l «'f Oi» "pin <°nj>t'l simply will not ho'd (t.ntllle lj,i I'illl-••<• 'he 1* ft Vlsit'-hi'-l' ha* f lilt II Into (f|si« j»tH'- With a t.-itii I'f-m,) 1 !' eotiple, They hint (t «|.'i-n m^r'-t. Hut f'.m jMimidy f.ij.V.U., . T.I i hi ,iw...%vl<.vi!..4i»|>|w>iH'd; •Tytll H. 1'tihii'M, n.-.:'", fla> [0RRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, NOV. 6, 1916. ::-!..'. ••. 'l!i.- -i Si.'..-.' -,'fi',,.-i-U •?•;!,!•« 1! . f,.n...», ,i I.-, ..(!.. , tt- MI.. t»i- t-' 1 -- r- ; ''f . f,-,.-.V M H t,,.-: |-,.! : ,,lv ),. i .,>1.'i'! •i d ."h« r S- . :;,! f' .SI J .'iv I, .-.. . '; « ! - ! - t h,. t .r". ;' til!*-'! i ' . I.r* *:: I ] ? 'Tytll U. I'ttMii'M, n:-: 1 , flay fireeia*:*:" 1 ;;; iittd Ml«« I la r.'ty llaiiiM-n, \vh<* l'\i< " *'" 'j il«Tti«<w till' s(ff«'t flttlll tin 1 I'fT' fEACHERS'EXAMINATION ,' MARRIED_RECENTLY., ... '. Former Morrison Girl. Wa* Married tht-y thoiiuhl M>. only the f'ililSllf!« of the yotliiK eoltlde VVfi t' to kmtw illiilltl liiol(ci) if* a >sirt t of sni|iri*e to th« flli'liiln after i "hi l«!nilf- catirion-\va« evioi«»ei! by the . hr Broom In he in making iirraiipi-mi'i lie tleelined to Jjet the lirt n«i- In !»• l«—JMH" ..ion. T! • -""'M '"'ii; ;t f'' ; T u ' • " - N -• > : ;ui' \ , ]•:< ..' nmii - : - ! ',*:'• 'j; .> I i «ni- * The M.'I:!-..-, !»>•,., u'.tii!" at tin. f.uc '_-.f)(!it.i on I'-.ini! Me :ol Y. r, ',, <i ENTERTAIN LYNDON Household Science CUib Entertains Members of Lyndon Club. T!if I-loii-'-ltoltl S--J. nt-e rhih of (ins •Htv rut, riaiix'ii • the Hiemhers of thf i. 'It- , ,i> at lilt- hoiilf K l> Kattlsa? m j ,.,•/., si )'ri''iv Tvvt nty-iix gm-tx !1 L-y.!.;ilv.-.'j._lL!_ll" ! ' il JjJL-L'ji" ''ily .-iml • isfu .>r>t. lut'mFii i* vf~Ti>" M">- >r Mr XVr 7,a, ihcmiiiily«»iHfrln«.hiU-iit . m I|»«H c-ity «iHM.ui«-.uHti«l H tca.'h- Ha J-ay Hai on wIIT !»«• bH,l ThMi-MSny Cyru ivrkm 10th. AH ! a by .vlallvw ' f Ih.jiv.-r. t «.!,. iiinl uf D.-nv«>r. \\ld.-h Th, l.rlde I* , , H r w , . ... ' '" ' ' irtmr to't«kV- V 'the v.vutnination .-an i dasmhter of OeorKe ' Hnm*on, sin ,<d.l';;''.«>'" h»ll,h.y«- a-k. d .\i!*s!, Sifc,thl» tlni«v. incident of this cilY and lh«> uiec-e of .'I! * a peife.-I *hame. It xeem* that *° »* £""* '«"<••• j • • () there In HO jMit'h! thllljj UK it feeret Hliy> M ii.!i-i-ed, o|,,-ni.n« with r. A. Vijn ^ ,. :i fine !»i|i< r j>n "The l*;irly \Vom- _jLUlllJ^iuUuJl_xLtid_-llta_-V: -_ -- _ - . _ ,n \\ h;t( i>ur ( Inn llns . •A vi'tv.,triti !• • -Uiitf <l«t'ait tlii-n tin»k tiUi«'# mi tin mir-stion of \vbk'h tnakf tlif l.'l!«n jii-i -itlfiit, \Vlt«iin or iliifilir.i, Mi^ M. \'. t'anl ami Mr-», H. '!•:. !Ui:r \vh!!( MH VMw.n<1 Kn-.x aiul Mr*. \V. N, Huroi'lii'V ''-ml tin- t}l«(Mi*«ioti for HiKil!f>/ T!.i f • was MO ilt'cisimi tin, tin' i|»li>r»tli»jh tnrti'o liy" jiitlK'r>, J>i|t «fti'f tin' iichat«'f a >«ti:i\v liallot Wn*.' tiifc'Tt, ii-- Soldiers cheer U because - it .ti>ti, II; y, L' M Tlic^i'tii^r >iu ' f!fi.«rf-i| \ylih two li ciiHi !..iit!ns,s by Mrr<. "K," '».*,' llurttuin On the march or In camp, this delicious, soothing, thirst-quenching confection sustains, refreshes and steadiest nerves. - The armies in Europe have consumed great quantities. It has proven its merits to them. * ,L fV^ itrul asTair f, ( |' nf tlii- LynrtorrWftrt f: SURPRISE BY FRIENDS Friends Surprice Mr. and Mrs. Wood _„-,_->--—On Thirtreth Anniversary, • , Admit' thii t.v-tJve frlemlK of Air. iind .Mrs. Thoni.'i.'t \Vi»;d. leathered ai their home, ^ix and uiie-half riiile« north* i'ilst of Mi.iiTi-^oit i'Vidiiy f'VenhiK, tentl- *Ti»K thi-tn a surjtrixe in honor ftf the thirtieth aiinivei.vary of tln-i,r rnnrrlupr, Mtvand Mrs. Woud werf tatain coni- Ifvm Iheir ii^ioniMhaiqht aiffl proved n« ti^pil a «^niii| howl and hMfctt^.H, dolns all .in their power to mako i^n.'.yvfnlnK n idea.sajil one for their friendu. The hours were' ^oeiuUSL'-AV'ijiU j^'W' ,«A«<" | 1>* •nti \Vt-ro'f^f-rvMtd. of 'n |i,>autiful elork. Kiven tln-m hv &?. «M* "H* 1 tit 1" You the Man? Are you anxious to identify yourself with one of the biggest, livest and most profitable industries in the world? Are you willhiar_to_-work harcL providing your eJlQrta_yiel(La irreatex* return ? * * 'Are you eager to establish yourself in a sound, growing and money-making business? * « "Aw your thrnking~ftbouTa buaineais that "you'^n ••built] up, that will provide you with a real income, and .that you can hand down to your son ? " , ' ' . . Have you a good reputation, a business training, selling ability, acquaintance^ and some capital? If you can qualify, we want you. And we can sutirnH a proposition that you will like. The possibilities are unlimited for a live, hustling business man. We are at the present time without representation in this locality. We must have a dealer at once. The demand for JMaxwell Cars is insistent and we must make arrangements to , satisfy it. v . - .."'•• The Maxwell Company is one of the three largest automobile concerns in the world, The M&xwell Car is famous for its durability, economy, comfort aa4 good looks. 'It is without question the World'* GreateH Motor Car Value, If you are interested (and if you are "the kind i>f a. man wo »• want, you will be) write, \vire or telephone at once tu Maxwell Motor Sales Corporation Detroit, Mich. Towring Car T I595 F. O. S. Detroit One Models Completely Equipped—No Extras' to ~K 0oughrmt , "Any time you want not coodie* use Calumet Baking PoivtJerl My mother UM;« It— ih«'» tried all otben— 6he r i learned Jicr.l«son iticki to Calumtt. . "Unequalled for making , wholesome. lig)t| bak- Wonderful leavening reiults. Nf other says Calumet tpiM tvuMOTnicii tu l>u> — aotl tci>, IK M«, Try It a R»c*i**4 Hi«bwi AwvnU Don't forget WRIGLEYS irfter every meal; Writs for tto OOtm tf JlHpQ WM,\WRIGLEVJR CO. DcpL 1627. CWCAGO 627 tlu-lr guesiH JIM n of Th« ailair weryeil a doiildo heiiiic filwu in honor of another event.; \<i.. Mr. Hwih Jluilhert. of thin city, who! *'.. had heen iiiKtitimnntal in KettiiiK ujt ' ' MORRISON BRIEFS JCdna Kioise of i.'Unton,.«p..,, „„ nd'at tin; homo of her ]>areiu,« > '\- A - M«'n-l«h.'who has l»-en with ttitil oltv.' • faiso ri'tunied. • » - , : j j.w(-nt an o|n-iaHou m tlu- " Mi">-|»ital -in t'lilraw-i. haw j-frov<in-d wtf- s «'i ; it^ntly to allow hi* ivturn tofjiit* homo Uit-' 1 " Ul '* *'">' Wi'it'la.v. liiN mnThcr. .Mrn, ll'l,l 1, ,»,*t, IIIKI I'tlrYititt !i,l »,, e,*MO, ir lo» n.\. .,>'.>..' \.* *!«.. i/'** v in.<,^ j ^ HUH m.< n iiiMiunionuii in M uiii,, nt ( ,. , , v fulst) re(iiine«l. . . •- . :• tin. mtrpriw on .Mr, and Mrs. \VojM.i '.'-,, , i i, ' t i 11 •,' -i Mr.--. Harry An-ipafh a^itl mm. Ar-• had a.hlrthday-aimivei-Hary on fhi.m . ^Ir.s. t lutide Hoarlu-'and ,laiiKhleiAf|, !im . n ull j,, 1( |'. v«rovt'r Suntisty with Name day, and lieimi^ftitirt'ly u»«tii«|>i«'-1 w 'l'nt tu.i>terliiiK ^aturtuy where 'U)t'.vi 1 ^.j.,(( V( , s j lt i-'uiton luuij of any mifh tntention« i* ilicjmrtj visual frl«m|? ; / ^ Mi,^ '.\la.Man t K.-lly 'went t<, Kter- M of tlu» other m»e»UH toward him, Jin.-! ..-"'"• ''•• l- Ku-r went to Chicago Nm- ji luf Suturdio for a t-hort viHit with itKiiHi hin nwtonWunenlK wlieij he wiir*; urday where >he will vi^lt at-, the htttne ' j-, !( , ni j^ .' ' - . fl shinvpred with a utttimer of puoKiiiK''* 1 !""' hi-i- ntJii. Will,-for tins -next 'two! \'y sj Jinninhrev \VHH 'i nanm-mier ttj i-ontulniTig hlrthday gifiH. Tlu'w giflN wt'ekx. . M'bie-iKo Hatuniay' ', M I » hjjcn inuyhu.-ifd ami tflyfti Ui-Mr.} H.• .M.' l-'rye, of ^trrlim,', was 4 l«u*i- i Simtm WliUth-r"and dsuiKhler, i'.uhv, ,..!!-''l., 01 !!.""!^! > ,'.. i .'.*!-, !l . Ju !'!;. a , n .'I"'V. 1 ".' 1 ',*! 1 "'^ victor in IhiK city .Sututylaj 1 . j \v-nt !o (^ilcii«>» Kriilay fona vinit wiU| of tin 1 amuwement and _ produced much! RECENTLY SOLD FARM *•'" t I'ltarlea (iooiUvin'viflli d with fjlfnl. aniK relat)ve;>.- Jreiaiive-s in .Sieriintr. . , ! •.\lr^. l;a.v Itaiitlmt left Sat unlit v fop John Gorjcney Sell* Farm and Buys Es- lingor Blace. John (ioiv.iiey hao rrccntly sudd hif farm of JU2 arjvw, wliii'h in locatod two inilett north of Mo,iTlnon, to Tht« n Si'uuiita} for u triendfi. "^^^ Mr. and Mi* lrf'o1>4Wii»n HJ* "urda> with'fruiidrt in "(Mriitiin. Atrn.-' Wallet* He) ntdds I'etutnei] (tt- tlay from a vi.-iit of M-\ITU{ days vs^th ' \lMt; .\ll~-. I'.'lhel lia-ltde Went l,i Slelllli(j t'iititutt » John S|,t'fi,v wt-nt ffc'Mf,^ ^" K«."M 1UIU and daughter, of ATTENDS 8AN0UET. not heea made" jfuhlii-. Mr/Tiih-ma win f ?' Hllllfc: ' . t ' :imo . '» ^'••;n*"»H .Satutdayj A. X. Ahhott went in fhieago ^at. take ,,o«M.».sion.lnn. Ut. .Mr. lionmey f " l .. u ^c'ek » ;I1 d VIMI wih frJi'iulH. urday where IIP attemU'd an alurnnt II-JM tiui-riiiiHttH tii,. Mrs lotto i-Niiiiut-r ,•*''*• A. ( oiiyiie, id t aiittm. 111., is, b,iii<|iict ttf the Untversty of lllimdH. ;*,.''f ^%,,*: in !l r?,iu J ":,-!;v" ! ^i «$"* »".\\^ a " v 7[»»'»"««•»>'•' ;t^ rt 1ii ' rt "»rf ^^^'^^ Will make'his home there. ' ', '' »»»'! *«»>. 1*. II. MIMJ.MMI und,,\t tt at the ^aHulle Hotel that i-v^ children,. Donald and Idu, .s)>ent tho.enmK. \\lllialll Ahhtdl hits been pri'Mi- ABE BUSrUOST HORSE Horao' Injured in "Runaway .Accident'— Dies Friday Night. ' Tiu« ItoiVd' lit'lniiMiiij,' to A!tf l!u».h, wiiii'h was NorioiiHly Injun-d »ln v n h* 1 struck tlu* houK'vatd liKlit IH>M on tin hank 0'iiuT dtirtiiK tht< runaway, iti'd- dt-nt Kriilay «'\ium«, <Jhx( tf\at inch) Mr. Huxh h-ul hrrn oftVrcd |ira» Jiiiiiual that moiiiing hnl vaimil lln jhoiM« \t-ry highly iuut did not w »f|| ,-u (hut jirit P. IMPROVEftFuiLDING .t \vct;k i n,I with (vlativi* in All>un\. , ,(, m of tin- Hoard of Triixtt-fs of tho Jtdin ISiti'Scll, of jSlfrHiiK. \vahii Imsi- i^tutv l"niv«-r*>Uy. for twclvf ycnrH, jviiilur-lu- tius-*niy.-H;Uimki'>. j¥tn'rr wnrn-hrtwoon <>ix'<ni<r m>v<-n lmn» uiK" Xoi-i-i'-li, who rt-ct ntly-inuli-r-f.difd in attfinluniH at tin 1 •imn<iu< > (, Roadster School House Hits B.ucn Im- i --- proved. j The dlieetorft of the .Mfl-Illaill 'tl.oot' have |ect>iitl> addeti >eUTal Haumve-' to tin " hoolhouoc. - A IK v^ >'< • tit lit lul.-flli) lit ll.t- In-ill (on. If n> tett ,n Irt^- Idtihliiit, ..lid a 111 Vi tui n,iei *.tnd \ "'lillll.l I 111,; ^.\^•ll|lt ilas '-J*M-H p;t[ it. Tile cloak looiiir* h.itt a!«t,t IK in The hfhool i,s tatmht lh hy M»!•»•; <"*Ura St>\\al ami t; \V M.u- hew. lliii in 'i'l|ellt-n ami l-j VV. Mttrhili • lie the dll relni*! SEVERA£STIICHES Little Son of Qarl Shafcr Fall^. Cutttna Chm. T!,i iitti- -"I! "! rail'i'r «ho it 'tli< . .U. 1 T )I""|,\ ijll \Nlllit JtlHUli |Ii t'nu '.vtit- j'liii. ,<,iitii.ii> m«iom . h ui • t.t* -lj..iti i i.i t tut it- . ,' In -•' i ! to« i, tai i u . iuiT?v 'ti 'I i. f, t ti \v * "i • i -.-,u \ f. Ch,irU"s Bcr.t fnteitjin's Ft o 11. *Fi ui,i> Aftcinoon U Gralram Crackers., Jrrc^istibly appetizing, with a wonderful • nut "'^ ie< Hav-or, .sustaining and light are these' crisp biscuit of- llnur baked tu NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY

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