Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1916
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ADVERTISING art and po|s t>>»m where th*y cuflht t9 tn. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 108. AND DAILY BTANDAM) STERLING, ILLINOIS, MONDAY* NOV. 6, 1916. ABVBRTISWO take* thirtgt Frem v»h*r»' they ar« and put« their, wh*r* they ought to fc*. PRICE TWO CENTS. HAD FINE TRIP /Mitttery Club Of tlie Twin Cities pjoyed Visit To Fort Sheridan. TOOK PART IN THE DRILLS ^ ""' "•-'•' 'I"*.'- r There Were Over a Thousand On the Grounds And It Was a Great Sight. »< ....... -.., _ Knrl Mcljennan and tiip thirty-iwo members of the Hoys" >lllltftFy Hub «»f Wterflne arid n<>rK Tails .reached SteHlnic Saturday ntKbt at 9:25 o'clock. havItiK enjoye-d a wonderful day. The trip waa the bTjrstsnt event in the live* of every one of the number. Part of the hoy* hart never been ou!«lde of HterllnK find some-of them never out of the county. Mr. Mcl,ennnn, the orRanliser. saw to It that the boys »ww everything of Inlerwit <»n the road. They were very much Interested In the biff old Dutch windmill with Its larwe "arm* near • Geneva, HavInK dome extra limp on their hand* In the forenoon. Mr. McLennan took them to the larfiTP "tore ofHu'tler''Hrothers and th* firm was very nice to them, and m»nt A tt'ulde with them to Inspect the entire plant, • • - The boy* reached Port-•-Sheridan after 1 o'clock nnd an thl» was their objective point th* ftrcatest Intercut centered here. There were with the military club of the two dtle*. Klmer Barley, flrnt wrffeant of Company K, Frank lUalr. orRanl*er of the Lincoln Hchool Cadets, Will Bartholomew, the captain, nnd Gerald Marfleet, Mr. Marfleet, by the w«y, had hi* motion picture machine .with him nnd secured picture* 1 of the maneuver*. The-In- DEATH OF MRS. GUGERTY Grandmother Of Hon. John P. D«vme Away At Dixon. TWO CARS STOLEN' GAZETTE Mr*. Hridret fJujjerty. mother of Mr* i;K>tlier of i!on. John P. iJevine, of l'»X'>ri, KI,*S«".I Away ft? her home In Chicago FYlflay evenng. The remains wen> brought to Dixon Saturday n*<d taken to the Jam^f Oevine home nn-1 today the funeral ft"as .held in Amboy nt 9 n,.m."-from &l. Patrick's church. Mr*'- UttgeHv' had many friends In Dixon and I^ee county and her dr-ftth will bf moused by nil. ...She was a womnn of tieautlfVi] 'character' and lived a Ions nnd usrfnKTife. She wr%» 79 years of age, Mrs. flufirrty is survived by four daughter*, Mrs. IK-vine of ttlxott. Marcaret ftjigerty nnd .Mrs. .Inne Oble nt'- nnd Mr*. Aid Swift of. Wash-: InKfon. FVmr sottn aim* survive : Fords Were Taken 'From the Streets Of Sterling On Saturday Evening. ONE WAS FOUND SUNDAY That Belonging To Ed. Kraft, , However, Was Not Been Found By Police. TW" automobiles wre Ktnfi-n from tin* stti't.t uf StcrliiiK Sntntd.iy night . f <"hi<*?u?o; Churl .'S, of IVIo; and Peter of Williams, la. SOCIALIST ADDRESS ternatlonal film man was unable there until late In the day. to There-wer* ovc.r,. a thousand on the "n and It was a wonderful sight ~ local Mrs, Ella Carr Declares Socialism Is Teaching Of^Bible In Dally Life. Sunday afternoon, in th« M'y«t It- Worker hall. Mrs. Ella «"nrr, of <'bi- <-aKo. delivered a mo«t convincing nr- for Socialism from the view of a »'brl*t'lan. nhowlnit that the |4^ f>f- Bfx-lnlisim in not a new idea but i* almost »i» old a« the bible itself. I! Is applied Chtistiiinlty, the teachnK.* of Je«u» manifested .In every day life. Mrn. i 'arr quoted freely from the bibln to j-rovt' her ntntementw, We cannot wrve two muwtera aU» once. Either Gud'or .. mammiun.. mu«t ylr.lil. Hho maintained that the capitalist ityn- tem In the bawlc c.-ime of prncficall? all the misery and- evil which humanity l« comiwlled to liear. Jlemove the ele- merit of profit from labor, sweat shop, and other* and those problems would largely solve themselves. Slip called attention to the fact that a larjfe i*r t Urine-", who Hvr*» a few mil'',*-out in the country, cnm*- io town and left his «-ar on Locust «tr<-<«t, near the Corner IH-UK Htoro. About 10:30 oYlock. wh«-ii h<> wanl«-d Io K>' home 1 wt-nt jjfH-r hi* rtiilu and found If had been taken. He hnd for»;olt«-n the mitn- ber of the r-ju- iitid could clve the police authorities only the fiict* that it had been used n vi>;ir aim h;id heen d.'-nt<-d in the tcitr. Word was at onc«» pent to the officers in the n<>iKh~ooritiK cities, thfit a Ford hud ln-»-n .it<>l«-n frotn HlerlitiK rtt the bour tunned. Tin- cities* firourid uld for br> from northern BUll 11 WTUB It W"01HTIUI flK"l iUlPIlIllin IO IIIC IBCl I seal "boys. Thiwp prw*n i ni weririT'^nT'T'nTre-rr iffp~ prr»v«? rthern Illlnolp and southern | rying and^ e»tahlinhlng IT, and th^l'iT Wt g iti ulnO mim'y|0f the dlftlcUHy of JTrT trom "~mirr hundred spectators. Two hundred member* of the Ladles' Kquestrlan club "f Lake county made'a , pretty appearance and took part In the drill. Ov«r three hundred apprentice HWI- men front the naval station, with a band; took the crowd by storm nnd. they were very enthusiastically cheered. The Highland. Park Military club of girls numbering over 200 also added Interest to the maneuvers. A large number of military clubs from the »ur- roumllnK country made the number Rood sliced. -During the maneuvers the -Sterllmr-and Roclr Kalte bnyn~tootc-part under Director Elmer Barley, Air. Me- for -them, thua compi'llInK an equal new comers, but not hint; found of (ho machine. Hiilldiiy ni"fniri« S. A, Hi hrnncg'T of Hi-ci.fid street . and l-'oiirth avi-nu*' phoned tln»t a Ford W;IH in front of hlf plncc and by thr- description it wa.« like the 1 iiie uf Mr. ICHncM. The car prov-il to be the misH'lhi; cjir. It. wa« doi.ibtl« % «N tiikeo by sunn- one who wniit- eil u. Joy rUe and then t>rc<uj;ht buck t<> KtcrliriK and left it to be -found by the police, Ed. Kraft Lose* One. Sat Urdu y eveyln^ >t «nn of Mr and Mrs. Kd, Kraft, MvitiK In -Houiul (ir»ve curne til, Sterling late In the evvnlnK nnd left his cut- in front ijf the fon- nl church~f>n SiTniut avenue. Tin* nnrt-'Sff has s'^tir^il ^ Riw>(1 l.iiitTti and ;i rr«)m fmtri »hr-- S!«»r- lirrc Inn shore The- (iarettff bllSi- i!e«s offir* And will throw the election returns on a ««cre>n aerotn the •itreet on.- Hover'H ft»n tomorrow tiisht. Thf lantern belongs t<- thr- l'r(><sbyte'rj«n ehsirrh aml.Krv. {'. M. It win was ptenoed to arranite for • its \>*>f for the benefit of the puMic, Kc«'ft., Williams, a capable and experienced editor, will have chnrp" «>f the msklriK <>f the fr!i,}e s and the puhllr will he.-a^-mred of .a jtood servlcf. Thi» (Jnssette h»« sone/ro cnnnid- erahle rsppnse to Rive the pnbljr the tfttirns of thf election tom«r- tiiKhf nnd everybody will be wet- corne to enjoy the returns without money- «»r price, W»» only awk that friends keep out of the editorial room-*, where muftis are being received ns the work can be pushed much 'faster without Interference. Make your headquarters in the business office nn<\ welcome. TIGHTEN PROBE District Attorneys Begin Nation-Wide Investigation Of Food Cost. BREAD, MILK, COAL GO UP Conspiracy Is Indicated By Operators fnd Roads To Force Up Prices^ THE FATE OF WILSON OR fnHed Pr«-** > rtttorn'-yt thn>UKliont the I todny tltthtrned the ofTclal investifratlon of ffx>d prtcr-j*. yesterday hy Attorney C.enoral CJre- gory. ,8ufflcient. evidence h»» heen «c- t-umtilntwl already hy the district attorney* nnd dppnrtment of justice In- ye»tlirnloni to warrant the d«*t'lftratlnn HUGHES TO BE BY 18,000,000 CITIZENS Rival Camps Claim Everything But the Progressives, Labor Vote and the Women Dictate Result rt Ten Americans Were Still In Parrat When Taken By the Villistas. NO WORD HAS BEEN HEARD Rumor Says Part Of Gen. per- shing's Forces Have Been Ordered To That City. <n>- United Press.) . Siin Arltortlo. Tex, Nov. fi,—Rumor* are current that a part of Oen. Per- <-hlng'n expedition han...byn_i Pnrral to protect American that th»» present Inrresme in th •sltl»>K «if llfo is "ahnormal and suspicions." "Wherever nuch an increase Is found to he due to a oun.iplrncy or other unlawful action th«* Justice department will Invoke imain*t the offenderm tho 'severest penal ties, the IHW provide*." . , milk. and r»wl it wn«> being Hu«y at tne time, uen- "eral Barry complimented Mr. McLett- nan for the excellent work of his club and Ita nice appearance. General Young of the. U. H. army Inspected the entire battalion. Cot, H, IS. Davidaon ?t (he Nor^b We»tern Military club wan preaent to witness the work, - To Major l|. 8. Volt belong the credit (or holding the meeting far he waa the Instigator and aaw H carried through with «ucce»*. The boys are very enthusiastic over the trip and it la aafe to nay? the club will have 200 tnembore by another »ea*on. Mr. McLennan appreciates the In- tercut taken In the club by the merchants and other citizens of the city who made it poaslbln for .the boys to make the trip, It is• tho intention of the Boyu' Military club to be out Wednesday everting in both cities and give a' little drill and allow tht fa "in?6- ple their uniform*. . MARKING THE TRAIL. Some time ago an officer of the Indian Head trait between Savanna and Sterling wept over the route ttnd nailed up a lot of board* hearing a Indian head, thuH marking the way between the two cities. The trail wan later extended on down to Princeton and to (Other citieH in that locality. On Hun- day an auto load of painter* marled from Savanna and worked on to Sterling, They put a .wide Mtreak of red on telephone poleu, tho bumlx being of uUfTlnioiit width to be seen plainly. They Htayed In Hterllng: all night- and this morning bright und early they utfirtcd back and aro putting on the bandH of -orange. Others are «t work on the trail south to i'rlnct'toti. and whan completed U will be one of the numlwr of women to eomneto for an optwrtunlty to work for a living:, thounandn of whom are unable to *wn enough to Jive upon decently, nnd are driven into a life of<-»hamf. *»he contended that there 'la ft trc- meridouN w-itrk to t»e done in .making the world better: thai the church haa a large share in it and must wake up and grapple with and conquer if Hhe Is t«> measure tip to her opportunity to orlntr nbout the time when <Iod'H will will be done on earth a« It !» In heaven. , Mrs, t'arr Is pon»e»»>»d of a fln<>. "cnrlStTttn apTrIt~wRlclr in marITfei«ted~ltr Lbj i-lth which hrlt htjr mo«««Ke to the people. Many were profoundly Impressed, and no doubt maiiy w«r« hrought to underptaiid the rclalionahip of Hocl<UI*in and C'hrlst- lanlty- &»' never- before. him and the police to locate the car. The cur wsis- purchased about and had Ijcc-n run two - t a»;aln vviuits to ID- curs to ««•! miles, Tht 1 chief of po form the people chain ithd |or-k and lock when they conn' to tnwn, then it wilt 'tie Impossible fur thorn' to b»> taken nnd he sayip* he h)(.- very little «ympnljiy with tho««; ha.vhiK cars utolcn who <lo not followTnTx ituvice. bent-marked trnHs-fn—the-ytnter t SECOND AVENUE PAVING. Th« paving contractors on Hec avenue are getting along first rate. It .|« expected the Second avenue paving nyatem will have all of the cmu-n-t*- . foundation work (totalled by Tuesday afternoon, and the large mixer, will - then-be taken immediately to the upper end of Sixth avenue und the work, of. laying concrete will mart there Wtni- —nesdfty, roornlng.-provUled-the-wwtiiw holds good. Brick layers have ; to be brought here from Chicago an there aro no idle men of that trade to he aecured here. They will ».uty to vote Tueaday morning and take the first INSURANCE AGENTS Are Notified That They Must Pay Two Per Cent Of the Premiums .They Hold. At the meeting of the city council thin forenoon City .Attorney John M. Stager, wat*. Inntructed to notify f". O, .Johnson ami the Bterllng Water Company to repair the break in the water aipoM in. front of the- residence of Mr. lohntion at once. A pipt< ha» Hpruiig i leak and it h«» been running for <evi>rnl ilaya, and the city council has Iteen informed that it is doing damage at the pavement and adjacent wide- walkn. The delay IH KHid to have heen ••autHfl In trying to find out who wa« Hable for the cowl of the repair.- Chief of Police Haglock WHH notitled to inform two fire iimurance agentK in Sterling that they urn prohibited from floing further -bualneH« in Sterlliitr un- fil the, two per cent ha« been paid Into th,e city am nniuirwl by law. The two :igentn rc«» ! '^s-ii t t<ui«« lines of roni- CITY CAR HITS AN AUTO • Mrs, Charles Livingttone Received a Badly Fractured, Wrist. About IB:30 o'clock f5und;i>- after- a city car sitnick the. auto of a Livingntotie living neven ml I CM nortliwent of town. Mr*. Llvingntone, who W»H one of the occupanta of the car Jumped an tho car «truek the auto and Bhe nuiitnined a ("ollea fractnrt- of her left wrl»t. This meanti that the end of the maitt bone of the fore arm' wa* broken off'a nln>rt distance frtim tht) wrlft. Mr. «n<i Mrs. UvingtUune had been t<* i-hurch in Hterllng ami wr«r» going on Fourth avenue. Repnie Anderson wa» In the car on the rear . There vtn'n n utream of.. nt the department sre the tlir<-e ipal ohjfftive pi'lntx of th»» In. IU»os% in thene onmmodl- iieyi-nhsoliite necessities of life — it Wan potfttcd out jby the department strike at th«« very 'ri ontunlc heart of the n*<i'«n. If Indic'tmentii are obtained for nny of these lines It will have n whnle- «<>me «'fte<'t on produrorw In prneral. I'artlculnrly In the «*«»al sjitiatlon the department officiiils .fWI they will he ahle to make out a Rood rase. Facts have heen uncovered it is rejiorted which indicate, a conspiracy t»y .coal operators and the railroads to force up the price of fuel. AMERICAN BOAT SUNK FEAR FOR AMERICANS. (By.United PrawO Kl I', Tex.,, Nov. 6,~-Kvery energy of the IT. 8. Kliile department today la iteing directed toward ohtalnlnp knowl- edg» of the fate of 10 American« known to have been in Parrat and apprehen- slonK Is aroused to fever heat by the arrival here hint night" of four MeicU cans who fled from Chihuahua bring- Steamer Lanao Sent To n-pfirt uf tin* murder t>f Dr. It. l-'lshnr In Ktniita hy V|| ^et new*.." Third mrovt when they 'approachedij **° n the ' the Htreet car" • " hla car to set U) continue on ncrons .the Htreet. city car with ^ Motormnn Miller I Ma handltts. After hunting down and killing Dr. Kinher, the bandits told the Inhabitant* they were going to Parral to kill the tfrinKoe* there. Jit. official quarters hope IH held out and the Americana ar«« believed to have been able to en- oap»« before the"'bandit* reached Parral. Representatives of the miners declare their-belief that the men are safe hut admitted their anxiety. In a meaxage to the United Presa, flen, Trevlno. commander of the Mex- ioan defucto force* at Chihuahua stated .that he had heen unable to obtain newt*, of the. fate of tho i Americana. "Communication In «lill cut off." wild the telegram, "and 1 have m> information from Piirral. Making efTorta" to Bottom On October 28th Lloyd's Reports. ( Hy United l're«a.» . Km;.. Nov. »>.—-The Arn«*ri- cnn Kteamer l^inno has h»*en sunk by a Hubmarine, a Lloyd's dispatch stat'v) .Ibis afternoon. The vessel was »unk on October 2Sth. Thirty of the crew were landed »ft \V«leH by the Norwegian steamer Trump. (My I'nlted Press) N>w Vorki N. V. Nov. *>, Tornorro the American vnter /ays who will I? the next president,- dictates who wl compose She xrnnte nn<! chooses th members of the house. Viewing th reports 24 hours In advance of the hat tie of the ballots and with the claim <<f both the democrat!* and republican showing that they are cock sure o victory, it appeared that the people c> New York, Illinois. Ohio and IndKtna will come nearest to holding the hal «nee of power. Both Bides are claim inc the "hir four." Their total electoral vote is 113, nearly 43 per cent o the -2J!S vofea ne«-.«s«ary to a choice. The strictest neutrals or • even th strongest republlcnns concede the democrats the solid south op u block of 136 electoral votes., but Tlepuhiicat Candidate Hughes is granted by the detnocrnts only The electors of Maine N'ew Hampshire, Vermont, tlhodc Island; IVnnnylvanla and Iowa."H to tit! of "o. Thnl leavesWIIwtn with a net handicap of 66 In the electoral college. Hut- unless there Is a cataclysm In the voting the strictly neutral admit !he 118 votes of the big four will be ihe real-turning point In the election The democrat* claim all four nolld The republU'ans_do alm>, In TirinliTs Tten Tfie TeaT" «^>A--t REQISTERV NOT CERTAIN train bringing the reline and ho slowed do*n|' u * wwi were the families of two Ktaff a ehariee to get tlmntKh {officers' of Gen. Trevlno and the fanil- j^les of Beven French capltallMtK j,,jwere leaving the city for fair it would sharge WHS coming slowly wewt. nndi'"' next ^ at larked. BvV»ry foreigner •bin \vax not observed ,'ed by ".Mr. Living- reachinist. here predlrU the evacuation « chance to cro»».'"' Chihuahua if it is attacked. When he KUW the rar lit? put on the ,._.«,.,^ ' "——*-— emergency brake*, but they did not re- .HEARING FOB MINE COMPANIES. utonn until he ipond very "well and the ca'r Hllpped <.'*>' Unit«Hl Presm (By United Press.» ,„ WaKhington. I),' C-y-9tt^f. S. -The t*. 8. bureau t»f navitojtlon is uncertain a« to the registry nf the.«team«£ J^nao thought the maritime regf«tr>" of Nov. 1 ItHtH It a« flying the United States flag. On July 2« the the U. 8. consul general at Ixmdon reported itfat the vesiiel wti* on the point of being sold to a flrm «f .Chrtatiana. Whether the sale wan connumated la not known. zBbAeegltfOTCc because they are new In exercising the franchise and because they are women, political proRnontlcator* .are nhy aboul predlctlonn concerning the Hucker state. • In New York Mate with Its 4S electoral vote*, .the problem the re- pulillcatift face in to keep New Yrok t'ity> normal democratic majority do'wif and lM»o»t the normal republican upi*t«te majority to an high a point'aa |KlftKlt>]f-, Indiana and Ohio have. been, utren* UOUH battle ground* during the campaign. oratory, The air ban been filled with red tire, debate, chargeti ami counter charged. The republlcuna \tnt- ITculiirty Unlit a The law HISJ-H not later than luly ftrnt- of each yw«r two per cent of the premiumn of certain flrt< Uisurance •ompanlejt muni be* paid to tho tow UK in which they do -their bunlnetia, :Tlu» city;., of HierUng • will not let the two In bUHlncHH until .the two per •jent is paid. Thin will be in tlu- neigh-of seventy dollars. _ flmt brick will bo laid at noon. OLD MA80NIC JEWEL. Among our heroic men of eighty in Sydney T, Ownjer. father <>f, Mr*. Kd- wjn lj*wrence. He ia the happy own- •tr of « j«*w»| prevented to him about $8 SI tin ratlringr after time years of One-half of the two per cent goes *<» the lire companies of the Htnte, for their maintenance, and the other one per eent goes to the flreineii'H pension fund. • • Thr .council voted to install two more Ntrcet lightti, on" on the corner of the Lefevre ru*d wnd First avenue. Tht» will be In ftf»nt of the " Tnit~win~iishr~t fwt than it haa been in the pant. The oth- •»r lump In to be on the corner of Avenue «' .and Twelfth »tre«st. All of the monthly reports of the of- flcerH of the, city were filed for record ~~' — ~~~ ~ - , . . ilong on the tracks and wan struck by ' nicago. Ill,, Nov. 6. ~, Injunction the slowly moving far. Mrs. Uvin«ntohc » bearingjt of si mining companies waa next to the-- Mreet car and «he j a * fa "- | ." t - *" railroad* In an effort to lumped to l»«r feet and jumped ncroN*. i r<> " ove <n< * <**>«! shortage in the mitf- the auto and landed on the pavement I'"" 1 wt ' Kt i wl " be heard by Federal fin her face. The car Mopped after ! JU<IK ** l-*»«H». Wednesday. . runntng a car length and it required) In their petit Ions the mine nwnera work to dwciitiitiKle the wreck- llirs '" tl| ° railntad-s with reverting ' from the front. Neither Mr. Living- •*'""' t ' ar * *" 'Other iiKugeti. preventing stone or Mr. AnderK^n were injured at K »'l'mente nnd forvins; mine* in Illinois '»II. The front axletreo wnw badly bent I*" IM| ''»"*«»"« '» «u»p*ml nperationa eev- »nd broken a"« WfH'aB the wheel. The ornl " uya u fender .WHK twlnte.d and the lump* l REPLIES TO ENGLAND Mexican Minister Says His Country Can't Be Blamed For Visits Of U-Boats. (By United Press) Mexico City, Mext, Nov. ft.—Foreign Minister Aguilar replied to Great Britain's demands that Mexican neutrality be rlgortiiu»ly enforced 'In regard to .German submarines which are believed t^ be operating tn the territorial water* of the southern republic- The British note »ent through Secretary of Statis l.iin«inR warned agalnxt aid- or u,«!ii«* t>elng oflfeiyd to the Teuton tiubi.narine, and created diana because two senators are up for e ley t ton, . GREAT VOTE IN CHICAGO. United Chicago, 111., Nov. 6. — Preparations for the heaviest vote ever cast In any xity in the United Htutea are being made by the election officials. Over SOO.OoO persons have regiatered in Chit-ago alone, of whom 30u,000 are women. '-•"'. P. E. Sterling, chalnnan : of 1 the republican mute committee, m|.w nothing but a clean nweep in an optimistic juat. before the battle atatement. reports soaked Rnrmrntn nf'**r his Rpeeche* for ,,Vv clothes and a thousand and «n» odf% detail* pertaining to hia comfort. A8CUT 18,000.000 WILL VOTE. (!?y United Press.) Washlnjrii'n. D. «.'.. Nov. 1(5. — Tomorrow about IK, ritlcenn of the United Btatea will select the 29th prwi- ident and vice-president of the B*« public, - * Although there arr> five national tickets In the field, and one lone vice- presidential asplMkiif. It Is certain In that only two of them* tickets will flg* lire very largely in the vote counting. The'2»th president, therefore, -will be either Woodrow \Vilnon or Cha,rf«« Kvana ftugheii— the first a Democrat, tho set'onrt. a Republican. Briefly mimmarUed. the two great partlex, 'will Htftnd tomorrow for then* fireat isifuef—and In this list are given only the outstanding issues: 'Democrats— "Wilson kept us out of war." A vote for Republican* In a vote for war. Wilson Mand* for peace with honor and prosperity, The tariff for revenue poljcy has proved* Us entire workableness, of the ad« ministration's .Mexican policy, Warning of the chao* which will. tne-Trfrer the- Kum|>«tiv- waiy- If— th* Democratic. tariff Is maintained and " Burope dumps here -in- race for commercial supremacy. prosperity" due to the Euro- lean The'"surrender to force" In dicated In mHKage of the Atlumnon eight-hour ullwiiy bill. Broken proml«e« by Pemm'racy an to irotertlon of American citizens abroad; eduction of the coKt of living; and as o economy and efficiency. Of most importance, in the mindii of '+ he leailerH of the two great partien, M ".the swing which Progressive vote of >ur yearn ago will lake tomorrow. ' Many prominent Progressive loader* •live endorsed—VVIIdon':"'" possibly—— light I v liirrer numlier^have endo raM will Itighea. Hnw the rank .and fll« •ote in likely to determine th« election. The five million of Progr*B«lwi * tie "block" vote which baa been aou fter aaaltfuoualy by both parti 'here are 'two other blocks tor ,wht«, here baa been cotuifderab!* ajurlin*— he laj'fir and the hyphenate vote, *' Democracy expect* the labor vote to I? solidly lined tip for Wltaon —' Democratic pollcle«—mmlntylM President Wllaon'n aolutlon,. . he Adamaon law. of th* thrMttl oad strike. President Gompera. of mericaji Federation of tabor l»'J. r vely supporting the preaent admlnUi- tration. Democratic leadens «lao thinlfc of „.-. „., ,T ...j- ..........»., ««*•>• %»t« ffaiii|>iri t*vin v-; m ^m a •» M f*.ifmr «K • »« ** m m • mm^ "* Mrs. Livingston jumped to her feet t AT LEAST SiX KtLLgD nrr-iifiir r,-nr-T7T,Tr -ur^nr^rr v.T-i't.T, -^rr..Trir-- CSJ — t*tmaat-t— MJ^Q- i\it-t-UU woman and fell fMitlnu to the ground, , onn uf'thi» hnutieh I wus citrrie»l m the coiner und'Dr. Kehr nent for, ur i, Clashed at Everett, Wash, <By United Pretut) K\erett, Wish., Nov. C—At least •tit. l>«n'l ' IOKC . . , M« your vote tomorrow by, after - Vt>l " ( "" "«•*'»»" »^|H«'"from 1 and SO ,—, la the and rtoHi-1 ca*uialilea • attenUinic the | landing of % boat load it sympathisers from 1. W. W, ~ilngrparry—WHW IpoKitiun from a cltixens' party headed .» . , 7.' -T—~" "* - - position from a citixens' party headed Vote for HughcH. l-'uirbunks and I by Sheriff John McRae. More than" PriiHperlty jumwrow,"- • 11,000 shots 'were exchanged. - __ . CEO. D. JOHN 8WAMPEO, A paragraph appeared a few-'duy» in the columns uf The Oazctte. ,«ervlc« JMiuomi. M. K. H- P. of Royal Arch Hev. 8, V. i:W»nninu. venerable min(»tw of old Broadway church, made th« oddreui on behalf of t'hnptcr 67. and it w«« a 'Very delightful occasion, Mr. Oemer nun weathered the SIIOWH of Hterling Hlnce for OFf FOR ' Tomorrow »t eleven, Mr. ami W. VV. DavU and Mis* Kui»it« und at nl«ht on th< for the. south- They expect to their new. bungalow In 8t. for the winti-r, and it nothing ttai*t>entf, rHurn to Htcrliiiu with the'robin/B in. tho wpring. Thirty- live neiyhborH uiul fiiendtt ;»»- *i«t«dl in raltmig a barn on t!u> (Un>rgo «ix and' one-hull mik* w«Mit .of Sterling, Haturdu> attt>rnuoii. During -the afternoon th<> K nien .started to ditiOUBoIng politics, und it wu» ti>und out that the thlrty-iht> men going to vote, fm . •where it was wald in H joHhlng way that Q«». U. John would winter with W, W. Daviw in Florida and fish. Tho Gas- «tte it set-ma l» read in ^*t« IVtersburg, and MA John in now receiving pertum- kl letters ami much literature, from hotel kee(»t-r,s «nd other part ins adver- g their Bleeping rooma, their Hxh- banktt und other plueea uf r«-»t and THE M JH ejk'pectexljj Ijirge- number of the Tulled tfpanUh War VtH4>rat». from Su«rlin« c«taj[» will attend the "Mulii- «an" thlt* ttvcnlMK to be h<«ld by the It 1* likely tfmt of lh.» local camp of .I)ison ; . several <if iln> . members iua\ j;o utong also. The tuc'in- h«r« will tuKe flu- 7 oVhn-k car. ting hack lutf in the night, A time ia in stoic Mr tin* Hl«<rlinR vl»k-- or«-. Mi»M on' U HVi-tuu- f it- fl.-!»i'<ifititK .1 and !-'ifUi .--n.-.-i ^ Jug It **ru<|dltfuu'*ahd wiii-'u dt'uMt- h"U»«- "uiiT Von can \ot«i fitir pieniil-'nt .tt»l»oirw«. Vole t!i«« »tl.ilKi>t. for H«Khf«. )rt>»it>rnv I'Ut If, THREE DOLLARS AND COSTS. Wiihain Kfifanydei WH-* picked u,, <lrunk by the |M»li.-*« Saturday "uiKht and t'*k«-n to the lock-up t<i f,oin*r up during' Kunduy. When (akvn befarv .hni)4f \V«-«v«'|-. thin morning al uu early hour he pU-:»di>d «u?Uy to the charge of bent*, drtiitk and v±tix hiK'd thrtt» Unllaf!. ;((),( t^.^tn Tin.- wu.s a : feeling which exi'iresned ittwdf in Aguilur'ti reply. The Carranza foreign minister pointed .out that hefallett-to «**» where the Itritiah note .should httve t>een. sent through the V. 8. department instead of direct to the Mexican foreign office. Jit_tleclareil that Mexft-an neutrality would be enfiSrved but t>ofnfe4~ iiut that Mexico coiild no more be ht'ld re- spontilhle for German tutbmarinea operating-off her toast tliun tould 4l«* tl'iijted Htii.te* IM» h*»l»l re8])on»U)le fi>r the recent ar'tiyittea of the IT-53 off ^aptuvket, after that under»e* tighter hair^mert'di an American port. The reply wa» thinly veiled with aim-asm and MUBgcMtod that tho btetit way to assure the continued friendly relations between the two governments i* fort ooo. WilHon only carried the state In 3912 by 18.570 and that with the. republican narty divided. The united vote for Taft and Hooaevelt gav/> 240.- t OOO over VVllBon. llllnoln la ready for the election and the whole republican Mate ticket will win. The people will vote for protection to their . homea. safety to American citizens abroad and the honor of their country by casting their bajlotti for Charleo Kvans Hughe*," Arthur W. Charles, democratic Htale chairman. Hummed Up the wltuutlon u» follows: "Information gartiered from every available aource leads utt to the tHiMitlve opinion that Illinolti will be carried by the democratic national and mate ticket by unprecedenttHi • majority. In our judgment President Wil»on will curry'the #ti)t«.'by 150,000 at least.' ,<lc)v. l> .will be ,rii-elected along with the entire state ticket by from 50,000 to 76,000." PETTING REACHES (l<y"T*hrted Prenn) " New Vork. N. Y., Nov. Between FOR CORONER BART J, FORSTER Respectfully Asks Your Vote, Bart Foratar, Candidate for Coroner, watt Iwrn iiif sTeilingr-s^it.duiitcd fmm MurlU-iatiH i'ltllege. Chlfago, in PJll. Whllt* attending <.dk-««- !»*• worked for one of the foremost unclerinkt»r« In tin? city, guining a wide and practical in his chowen W. F. MANGAN EASIER. the nut (.. tiniiirwtn! f.url> \ ,UH( tr Will !inp!(.\c i<]>et 4 ti>>n .th During Hit' pwsi four yc»r» h« made many friends by fu» efficient Kini dignified service as funeral dl- B. A. Forster «r Sons, HE 18 NOT A FEE GRABBER At' lh*> time of the "Kant land" disaster he w«* called tlheunly Km- hiilnicr from this diatrl.cY) to help take car*-of the uiifui'uiiiite victims. His* WtUIUMI. Vote.,tb,« A ci. «K Itl tl|>- .4 \«lf, |,»| e ii|rt't,iu- n ' it.inn %ere duly by the Hun.' Peter M. "Hoffman, Coroner «*f Chicago, by Iciicr tt» foUowrt: Mr. Bart Forttec, Funar*! Diroctor, SUrtinig, Itt."'" My D««wr Mir: - During, the trying huurti uf the "EastUmd" therv "»erw oniny «f- «ur ctti%4*iu) who r«'ii«!i > r«*d vHiuablt» p h«»r- in restculug i be live* of the 'nut'' pav&t-ujierii, as^i^ted in «iiir«< «f tht? ili;ad ami aided in Hie ulouiitUiitiuu thereuf FIXMH tin' I'teKuuilng of time ttiiitt »'i»g4g*-U in a niuu* mible thun.thai of luoliijiKtnB, p and i-fh t uitt*:, i«f tht- livt«» o: tel- th v»*i.\ id tni'ii|i-i> »-!. thl«. • •a with a UttU- »tur IHJIIHIJ that >i"i w»ll t»>' !•!>! this Ut'.h" <i>U«,-t(, lU't t-ft us i>t ttinbii* dJf tstt'r which Si'l) l'ii~t' ,ii«i i<f i-.vtt U'llltK I' 1 OUf tvllv t iti' 'i ' , . i Pr/i'KU Si hupdrvdyi ot ({OIK! fit U><|1» wh urrvtr 1 *- 't"XT«rj>t t<»' -thaiTS thrill fruii* the botnnu of n»y(j heart. _. JillMi'^r V 1 H*' ll .m*"' i '!' 4> f i>r«> T-tJfi i»Y""{JitV"" * value .r worth. i the !«•&'- from landing at their bM«ewr lhu« eliminating any chance for a disagreement. The Carranza government will, how- i?i'j*r._4jcrnilt no. vi»!.-'t|i"i of ittt H*MI- trullty by any warships uf ih,c belligerent, riutionk,' Aguilar 'twld. TO Groat Britain Will Striva t* Maintain Ita Place on tha Ocean. (Hy I'nited New Vork, $. Y. ,Nov, S. -That «| |P niuintuin her placo uu the ore-ofi Urltain is «s rapidly as slu* can byo^mg yards wlwrvvpr they are nee<i«Ml for nutiury work. M. T, CIrst«-« of the \V. II. Urac« ^ t'M , dc-clurtHt today. Bark from a trip u h'ro«d "~ht» "predicted thia will t^nt to rt'dui-« i he ocean frt-tsht r»tV. M,»IEAR, ^»e»l «wu) nt PI& at .the home of He i« » brother t>f * n» *» t. ** i i\, »^. *>* »^^*»» "'/s *»*».*» »"* •» »J».«oo,ooo und $10,000,000 wfll change h*nd#--ovoY electlim if estiniufea of iH'ttiiig-exix'rtH here.and- in the larger cities are correct. The « i ommlsslonen« here flgure Unit $5,000,000 to f6.OuO.000 will be New York's total wajtem wKlle $2,r>00,(lt!0 was reported placed In Chicago, Denver, Hun Kriuiclfccu, Cincinnati-and IndittnupoiiH. HUOHES IS CONFIDENT, . Hy Perry Arnold <SUtIT Correspondent of United PWHH) Nuw York. N. Y.. Nov. 6,- i >m> week ago Charles Jivtins ,Hughes began dent, and. I expect to be," That M Bcaid tt"cJ(K'k tht*. )ilt> mother in polo f. y. fii-uMl uf Hue city 'wild frli-itdr> ti.-n ttho will Vote tor row.' <> (uitiiiiy fitiuiutatt,** «mj ail Wonieu vote (he ult.ttgHt ket t /tutor ro\v jn.i tedu- cost n HI«. WHERE WILSON A!\IO HUGHES mil VOTE l'r«-».-« > \V"ilsun--In tt.v Pnn- . phrase of confidence stood day as tho candidate's Mingle Idea of the result tomorrow, He rnfust'd to add to It in any formal claim- He remained ijuietly today nt the Htrtel Axtor vmitiitg with )I(H family ami his <>nly activity was u visit to republican national citnipulKit heiuli|imrier« fur u cimfereiice with Chulrnmn VVIIcox. Tom<irrow night llughev will gather iti ffiiiuly together in lua private purtinentK at I ho Hotel Actor where. hi! u ill get the let 1,11 UK from the tm- on a privute wire. HJ» dwliiu'd with' thanks tbe offer of ii jTiMitc telogrnpb wire. His IIMIUCWI that he bf 'given only Hummurles em- b!m- W4» it not her indicution of his attitude ntui complete (onlldeiu-e' He *-jkpe.-t« io vote «-Hi-|y in the piecincl HI vvhlili the Hotel AMi>r. .1.4 Jocutud, Heg«irdlf»>> "f . the tinnier .Uij>ttie IN i-lected Mrs. Hughco «nd |iiali to tHk? H good loitg U'ht: candidate i>. the one on whom thv ldi>ur IH supposed to The of fallen. In reality Mis Hti(tiu>H has had JUM .IH licav.s a luirdcn to ran>. H wa.s f-hr her*>ell who uiipoacii -tin 1 duly of c««-ms the govfi'iior WHM .,tlvsa>b in > rfi\ditit>it. that hi* had plojjcr food, liutt !ut> ptivute car was always 1 wurtu «nohgb ct- cool enough, thai hi" hud j jtUut- i» chu^gi* his- iH*riii>iratUfii GOOD WEATHER FOR MOST OF STATES TOMORROW On the other hand, Republican lead* era are confident Candidate Hughes' aa- Hnult on the Adamaon bill aa a "aur- render to force" and an abandonment of the collective principle of bargain* Ing for which tabor has no long fought; will make labor vote for the Republican principles. Midwaat Raal Battlefield. The mill-went baa been the greateat forentiic forum In the campaign *clo»lnc today—and the verdict of the middfe went will hi' moat unxlounly awaUed • tomorrow by campaign manager*"of both big purlieu.. Went em headquartern of both Demand Kepublicana were claiming 1 . eyerythlng in Might today, but a careful checking together of claims oij both xldeN showed the main battlegrounda to lie lii Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and -a neat little bunch of atatea Kl electoral votes, K{jch of fhewe four tttate* haa received HHidtiottM attention from both Bided, In HlinrflK-witmen -will-vote -f«r~t* ilrxt "Mmn for prestdflnt. Their injection into poliiicd places a' brand H»pecl on .the \'ote outlook In Sucker »tate. Nearly 800,000 femlnino voters rogistered for this flrat cast ing of their ballot. The Democratu claim practically all of the big vote will go to them, because of the feminine oym- imhty with the Democratic alognn "h» kept UM mil of war." The Republicans have the tlrm belief that the women will -not Iw-Hwayed-by any -**8lHy tlmentallwn," and fount on the „ of thiH votj^ fur Hughea because of the Republican nominee 1 * outspoken support of the cause of women's suffrage: Two of Chicago'* foremoat mw have been vigorously, working for Wllwtm. Minn Adttamn wa« an en- veant «>?o,• In Ohio and Indiana It IH conceded the vote will be close. Probably never before in the history of the two states hit» there been «uch vi«tiroun effort en th« part of leaders of both Bides to ce» meni tin- utate organisations together.' In Ohio. «tate UsueH Mil but equal those of national Import, in the effect they may play on the wind* of th« voters. Wi»»>tw«rd • into Iowa, Kuuaaa, Ne- u.skn and Houth Dakota-la reached whiit political hyHtaiiilcra her* have termed the "pacitltft belt." Thw»e Ktate« ire fai rctnoved from the prepareditettM tgitation which hao aimknii'moat of the rent of HHI country; it« fanners are utukiiiK more i«oney nol out of hjgh orlcen for/-ulU'«t nnd conifviian ever 'it-fort- in ih.'ir itlatiiry, i/nd tkexa ar« more autoiiiobllett per iholitiand of p«p' !> thfin Hnyw-here-pftip in the IJ To the*»t» voteri* iiiiKht»H IMIM preucheir' hia dire warning •r "fiiife prosperity" and urg«Hi return •f the Republican party to power that the (J o. |«. protective mi»ht be en»ct(»d tn j^ife Ktmtd American prosperity when the i-iojrt« « ( f the European war boirid Hud "all the great na.tions of the •nth in ,i life witd death Htriurgle for .niiwr«-!.»I Mipr«"macy, Against the»« i^uitientri, l>*im»cralic orutorn have- I.H id i be "lei well enough alone" »lo, i»n. t.tlked tit(t full dliHK-r pail, and »h» In- k«-),t uf, t .m of war" plea. •< a ,m-s.i-rat»> lighting t>N> nulid houth in . • lit i IIW(ie H Vtgou'tu^ ftttimpltlg -tour. *\>'|t 'rc*'f»vt»l In Missouri-— VVlM-KiHtli Hie Uej iiian-A;»j<-riCitn ' 5tss,t%- fi!l In !.(»• Lilt ill) YU'.tthci.

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