Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 4, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1916
Page 8
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PAGE STERLING DAILY GAZETTE SATURDAY, MOV. 4, 1916. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. £** House of Features w / llRAND T00A I MADAM PETROVA in "The Eternal Question" MONDAY DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS in "The Half breed" Swain In "Madcap Ambrose" ALSO KEYSTONE COMEDY COPY OF DAILY NtW ERA. Oajirftr i» (julebtof! in W Km," which Is firtntM In J";> . wt;i ! <• Mr t'lii- *i i'-' en ;< vi« re?n|iv<-«. nnf! fri»TM«. T'ie p:»j>er :pn«e« nnd l< full "f ndvertlMinK Tli'WB f»'!l Uirf. CHICKEN P!E SUPPER. Thi- • hii-kcrt t-i(- siiijer R!\ rn nt the Stiff Viift fit* Standard Pr.-ttrieville < h\in fi i>ro\f-!l VAUDETTE FULTON MAS HEAVY REGISTER. voters. VF- the The r*-vH«»,r Hi»t •» ctirrt'ctei! and < oiitjnited j (xutrds of registry in the town of Fill- TONIGHT-VAUDEVILLE f!f in "•"•«»""•''"" TuM,iny..«how S that i the number of elector* In the town is Three Big Acts M.i.40. Thi« nn lncr?n»n of IB! over the |(Kt!« *after the flrxt meeting of Don't mHs The <!u!den Trio. A!*<>;oet, 57 f^ ,, ltfl | ,,,,„ feature, «nd extra, Jerry > voters in were ported the J>i)<irtl on number of mnlr- an registered Is SI 4. 8 M K show* fi:4t, to ll:ir.. j wl "' T3r> "'omen voter* In the first, or I north, precinct the registers t\ow show Monday, Virginia. Pearson in "A 355 men voters and 353 women voters. Heart". *Fue»day, Robert Kd>son and Kleanor j in "Hlg .tlm Oanlty " The wome or»«outh, precinct hfis -159 mule ejpctors and 376 women. L-*' LYRIC Mff i^-nra'cnTax. ^^ ROCK FALLS TONIGHT "A 8 THE CANDLE BURNED" A /strong ntory of gripping fate. I? tiiiko Cometly-A wonderful fun ...maker. I LYRIC THEATRE, SUNDAY Hed Feiither fenlnw. Y TO A THRONE' In five reels, Matin** 2i80, ,Ev*hing 7:00. A mrong Hed F iROADWA FATHER BENNETT HERE. Th«' ItlRbl Heveretul .1. ,f. Ileinu-tt. of Aurorn, was in Sterling fur .n t*hort time Friday afterninm. He cume with Father MeOtilre, also of Aurora to conduct the funeral Cervices over the remains (if Thomas Hfrllhy of thnt city, who riled Wednesday and wan burled In Calvary cemetery In Kterllng Friday. Father Bennett wiiw greeted by in IntK" mtmber <»f hi« old time parl«h- i loners of sterling; «nd bin hour nt the Atntlon,. after his return from the burial wn« une rontlnueil ovntion who dlncovered the fact there. fo !>« n ilrftwitiR- card. M >ver three h«n- tir<'i| |-eo{i)e tvr-rf served anrt the riety rnnde n -«!im of $!»a. Thepe supper* fife annual affairs. : ELI HESS IS VERY ILL. K!i I?'-**, one of the dest knrtwri nin- tracr.-ir« In th!-* virlnlty. underwent another "ji'-ratlon Friday. His htts- br-r--n cauwd from pfpurty. but •is rrjx'ru-tl t<» be jjainlng nicely SOCIALIST MEETING. 'Vhri*ilanlty and Socialism." will 1><* the subject of Mrs. Ella Carr's address. Ch'ten'RO. on NOV. 5th. Sunday nft- pf' f-rpjin Mend, f.'.ll'swe-l. hv : n "I'r.'iif: wlf! in.- !u-'f ! rw-» Hi \ , r.tee \>'-i i M<.| • \V-.-f< !'rn • ; 11 .Mr. nncl .Mrs t.iln»H n? a Stortdard flintier Thnr«'»: a'? ' - • "Th- \\'-<r M Wnrnr-r. H«-nt FIRST METHODIST Miffs T-;tl:i i:.i:s ernoon. three f»'cli»ck in Mystic Worker." lift!!, 1.1 Kr».«t Fourth street. All nre Invited. ARMANIAN Dickran O. MHnjfllnfi, about whom HIM item appeared In the paper the oth^r dny in nn article on reRlstrntlon oh account of th»> peculnrily ofjhe nnme, de«ire«< to Hint* that he is nn'Armenlan and not H Turk. HOME FROM HOSPITAL. M. Milnnmtiw. the engineer, why Was rreently Injured at Nelson, and has been In the Chicitpo hospital for a couple weeks lmn returned home. He for tlves, F. F. tlc'f', nn-l 1^'inan! Hf; k TPnn hn-.-f returrKd h>-»rne from l>lx».n. , thfy hnrl t'f>« n on the }!"• -- fnrrn for rih. uf Xt> ! on ,-U ^ SO f. m. and initlniii.ii fish supivf-r nt Arthur MctJinn. Sr . Mrs. I0d Mr.*. W.ilt»>r Cnnrton-Mnd Mrs, have returned bume frofn l»;mti. In. th» f<irtner - <« . fney attended th«* funern! Mr«. FritageraUl i- Chief <if Police ,f. (?. Hn«lo«k wfuHnR n new (rndge. <vhirh in prettier and smaller than the ,ifri 'star. It fo^fnln«t ft fsmf<H>tnr in the centr-r. finfl on either side stnndi a from those tlnil he Wii DANCING SCHOOL IH MY«TIC WORReR._HALL Every Monday Evening 8 to 10 P, M, Kor Krlvite le«»ons call TWO MORE BUNGALOWS. T, K Hohinnon has bought two lots iof Martin HrotherH on what l« known las the old fair grounds, and has Htrirt- ;ed (he foundations for two good bunga- MowBi Th«» lots face- Averiue 'tJ.~ The Iliniisc* will be c»f wond and will be five rooms .with all modern conveniences. Air. Hoblnson wants to have the houses completed by Dec. 20, as he and his son •start (hat day for California where i t h P y wf 1 l~i»pnid~t h e~win ter. They [nn Invitation to eat Chrtstmns 'Tier din- BREIDING BOAT SOLD. T\\>' handsome launch belonging jf. NEWS IN BRIEF J STOLEN BiCYCLE FOUND, KThtS P«Hc« authorities of hterlnK ^t»v» a btcyole which had been stolen P«jd .are keening 'V^ln^'a'malHn- Ww a littl./over one hundred dollars ^^Kmun^^Cgan 1C fc J«r i,. All of __the _ property of Mr w r fTh~^tr~1toMnBnrr'irTrt«t«?n—who lives at Fresno. very highly "f the hospital and treatment given him there. TO PREACH IN DeKALB. KPV. Wm. IMnkney went to DeKalh today to he gone over Htimlay, tvh**re he 'will conduct rommuhlon service nnd preach at th«-*\««ton Community Cen- t«>r church. Hey. Win. OMhorne is the pastor of the church. DAILY WEATHER REPORT. Th« Chicago weather bureau forecasts fur today is as 'follows; Generally fair tonight and Hundny; cooler tonight, except in e.vtremo south portion. LITTLE LOCALS in unifiirm. At the (idtti>m of the tiftde are the m.rdt "Chief" nnd "Pter- llnK." It is thmiRht tn ihr^JHirinst nil .if the jiollcenien «.(; tfie citv^-wMI have funitller hadgejt. N^ Mrs 4 ' W. f v . ninrk. of KnnMo i"ity. Me., who hn?" heeri npendlnir the t">*! few weekn with her »if»ter. Mm. Moyt t,. Adnir. left Friday for hfr home. The lady mad** many friends miring her vlalt here. Mr. Blnrk l,i n prrimin- <'-nt wholesale merchant of hf» city. f AMUSEMENTS J FIRST CONGREGAtlONAL. t)r. W. M. .!<>!]*><!, "| ,i.«t<»r. Furiilny "I'hool a! f:4r>. KvfniuK p«*rvl< f at T:.lo. The i»;i,«!nr will pr»-.ifh at b»ih «orvi( •{•.«.- At the Suiitl;iv *' 'hi'ol a. cc!- l»>cthifJ vvlH IIP tnk*>tl for tht 1 Armfn- iajiM < >n Thtirjwlfty r\-enl»i(t .'it 7:30 <to'l(»i-k <h'> rcciiliir prnyr mr-'-iiiu; ,«st-r\'ir« •«•)!! lif> held. TRINITY U. E. . Sunday School. !i:,1<t f'rrnrtiiiiK S<T» vjce. in. 3ft; «<(it)jf>ft, "« 'tiri.ttiiin Service and Success." f^'f-nlng wr\'lre. 7:3<t; subject. "Kternlty." Hmi'lnv will IIP the lapt day of thf revivals nni" we are ninklng s[tfc-'nl effortx to mnkp Ihepp fnoptlnK.i intt-rewUrvK niwl helpful to everyone. BAKIN6 CALVARY BAPTIST, Corner »>f Fifth -'strert and Fifth Hug«, stoves and ranges, at Wood*.* I'. H. Harper, of Chicago, spent Friday here on busines*. • Royal Netghlxir dancn Nov. 7th. Woodman hall. Bverybody Invited. 4 Har/iuel Eluln, of Harmon, spent Friday here oh buslnew. fnncy at the bazaar.* t.lus lirelding IWH been sold by t!n« re» velver, Krnnk W. HawkrII. This boat 1* n trim affair and Is known to lie ow> -of the prottifHt things in the way -of « craft on tin* river. Thn purchaser , w ^ Policeman Cy Ml which had been l«ft in front of Vaudelto thatre had been stolon 'Company with the man the policr p tour of':the buslnctm portion oi _lty but failed t»> nnd any truce oT stolen bicycler, In nm> of u few /•.the wheel wu_s found and Hi* awaiting its owner. The owner ,,4 his tiamp the night the wheel was l«i, taut the wmo has been mlsplac- ' tho police are «I a loss to know Is. The wheel is a fairly. »'»»* JREPUBtlCArTFLAG DAY. IftBft luujdr«!d..nie.n,.iind,- women .. of ttils city and vicinity may be „« wearing today a handsome silk ; on the coat and cloak lapels. % Thcy ,» fttfte of the Sterling Republican Ittb/ Today is the starting of Repuh- flag days, and these little flags ^eing put on today nnd worn by sy hundr«^lB of -thousands of votprs B¥«r the United Htates._HepubHcan day IB 6b«erved all over Oils ctiun- «na a« It stands-as nn emblem of irJcanlam, and any. one. no. differ- v » what his political faith may be. iy feel Justified In wearing, one of leee. little flags, llard K. Ward, city |c .will be in his office at tho city ,. thU evening from 7:30 to 8:30 and those aeslring these ..little flags free 'r call on him during the evening eecure one. MADE UP'DEFICIT, |S?At the -time of the 'windui> of the e Coming's 'financial affairs there lacking juat ono hundred dollars Jwr enough money collected to pay /every obligation. The money had b* forth coming and the wlx mem- t» ot tho entertainment committee ined a note for that amount at one the Sterling banks, and the debts »r**ihus'el««red. ninety days. Thursday note wrw» given fl'ie ninety days ex- ind Home effort was iiittkjienl miiiiei^ in , „.. this «wm. The committee suc- .«^^id In-seouring $17.98 and tlm bal- Iftnoe remained to Htttre the members Ito W'fac*. »ut this did not pwy the "^'V Con«uqu»ntly Ui» «tx members tb»lr hands In tlielr pockets und up tlift balance, pro rata. AN AUTO~CO*LLI8ION. a ,aulo belonging to Frank Humley this city wan damaged to u great * morning about 10 oVtook at itrciding hn» now been = sohl. There will !><• a meeting of the creditors, doubtless' in a short time, tin* date to ho net l»y the referee In bankruptcy. BIG R<!>LTH"rFFOUND. ~ "The next morning after Hallowe'en Frank Coohran discovered 'an Immense roller in front of his house on the street iw«ar the curbing. It was 'presumably roller Is about five feel long nnd j« ;ihout eighteen inches In diameter, and Is made of concrete. It weighs a great deal and Mr. Cochran hud a hard job "to move it out of the way of vehicles. He wants tho. owner to :show up and remove, it, ESCAPED CONVICT. The local police have received word from Jollet offering a $50 reward for the capture of Fred !\or«fck', a convict who escaped from the penitentiary at Joliet Wednesday. He is described as being 48 years old, 5 -ft, 9% Inches tall, weight 200 Ibs., dark hair, blue eyes, und has, n scar over the right eyebrow. 8. Hogan, of DJxon, spent Thursday evening here with friends." L««e Hutton was a business caller 5n I'eorla Friday. JnmrM Dovlno transacted bunlneKH In Chicago Friday, Klnwridorf moving picture, Actulemy of M-usic. Monday, nt .4 and 8 o'clock.* U. F, Krtjlder wfts a business caller VAUDETTe THEATRE, following r' r "Rrnm will IIP wliown nt th« VaudHle th»«:itre every day nr»x< vv*>«>k: Monday War F*>x firofipnts the Ifcnu- tlfiil, Virfflnlrt Iv/icsoh. In "n Tortured _1ti»nrt," n beautiful xotithcn? story of n woman's RIniggle for hap- ptneMi with the following Htar cn*\ nf t'lnyern: Vinrlnin. IVarwtn. Hui«r! liolmeK. Fuller Melllob, Olenn White, (J«*«)rgf< lyarkln anil Mnrlan Switynr. Tuewlny Pnthc (.rwentH Hubert Ir>lc- HOti «hd Mlsw Klennor \Voodniff In "Hlg Um dnrrity." by A. H s Woodn; nlpo Heelng America 1-1 r»t travel picture. .Xatlnco new vaudeville bill. 3 high class actn; also "The «.Srli> nf I3vll," fertttirlng Miss Jackie Haunders and Itnland Hottnmley, shown \v-lth our regular show; also «:ome<ly. Thursday vaudeville. Three great acts; also _*peclnl feature with Crane "Heel I,if« inim'.Magajtlne." liTiriuio; n venue, .1. Alfred 10:00 a. ,hi., hlltlo s <"}nrrott, minister. hwil. 11:00 n, m., nt»rmon l>y lulnlxler. 7: 3ft p. tn , 1'eople'n Forum. Hon. H. A. Itrooks". of l)lxi>n, will «|i»'nk. Th^ 'public \n \«>ry cordially Invited 1«> Ui^ nbove servlcrfl. CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS. Ffrwl t'hurch of Christ. Scientist, meets every Sunday morning in 1. o. H. F, hnll, «'omm«>ncing nt I0:4f» o'dncfc, The Htibject fur next Htirulay' will }>£ "Adaui and Fallen Man." Testimonial 1 I'iano «olo -Flevyri Iteird Hen ittiK—-Arum McCoe, I.Xiet Kve'lyj, ;,,,,} K!!;, l>.,ij-,| Th< ! firi«j|n.c f/:(t'!rf' (if the ;;r.'>t'r,'tni ,».-?<» a clnun drill by Wh'itfi.rd Mltch"ll. K'.IPW! Matthew, f->hv)it I'.ilHtt-r arid Vincent I'resrott which \v:tn vc-rv j;rri')sitiK. Th" -Irill fnd'-tl hv fhf c-loU'M invitlMR tl><- l:ir«?e nudU'tu e tn the tent in thf .«s ii<.|-d yatd which «:•« in waltitiR (>ri'i < ••(itribicd ftlnr beautiful I v__titt»«iit and douKhnut*. j ^,,,t Mrs" K r ;,i,t< KIMW, n Made from cream of tartar derived from grapes. NO ALUM tlie next i»as Ht<ernlly Mo<-keij w-tth ! t'limpklri (lii-ss. the tliird one vwis fiilcj with candy and pop corn •-HrtlTs. i>re- clded over by the young lady jMiltil!" if the school. The fourth v\ns' 'F J.mus Crump ban hiul a. fin<» modern Barage crcct'-d »»n I>!H homo f'ii'fp t" keep hi* new tourlllfr (fir in, Mr*, ffurly Lynn. nccem'rMnlr'd !•• lir»r siiti't, Mrs. Walter . . _ t i i*»"tJ~»tr»i«i, .»» i r*. 11 {.*. * i •. i >**'**«"•» * • < by a COHI.U of (JypfdP*. a man and Mortis.,,, «mt f., di-iuxi Thursday woman, who ultrncled tf,e thrlr o'clock U'ednesdny ; evenlngn at. Everybody Is wwh'ome. "H FIRST GERMAN EV. LUTHERAN. Corner Second Ave. and Tenth ?•'(. .Service*! (11,10:30 a. m. in the Herman language.' Irt the evenlriK at 7;3<> a Iteformatlon I'Vstlval service will be held in the KngliKh language. Kvery- ine heartily invited to attend. Way by the weird mu^ir they made thj?lr ban Jo nnd vinlln. Many were the youths .in.) maiden.* and old ones too who !>nd the mysterl"* nf their futnr' 1 liven revealed by thr^dupky oticn for H *rnn,il sum. All thebooths were liberally pattoni?.ed liobbing Ji»r apples «»id other Hallowe'en amuwrwnt* were nlso Indulged In bv the ni"rrv crowd 8u(>t. H. H. T'tict )n Chicago Friday. J. F. Williams transacted t Peorla Friday. William Allen went to Chicago FrU dny on business. Assessment No. 98 is duo and must Iloy Ct, Woods Htor Or. Martin, of Lyons, la., wan a call- He Is a blacksmith Helper by trade. IN GENEVA HOME. After being rescued from a shady hotel In'Chicago by the police who were looking for her. Ijiessle Clark, the 14-year-old Amboy girl, who ' disappeared from her home some time ago, nfter a disagreement with her mother, was brought back ,to Dixon by Deputy Schoenhottz mid yesterday she was committed to the home for delinquent girls in (Jeneva by.the county court. WINTER IN 8T, PETERSBURG. In answer to-many questionH about <he Florida climate, W. W. Davl* says' the weather today i» a fair specimen every day all through the ifip" inter«e<jtloii *ot Fir«t avenue and HFmrS street, A antolst from.Callfor- nlft drove a little out of hi« way and ;by *o doing run his trailer into that of ' Mr, RHmley. One of the back wheels Was broken'and. the car titan sustained 'oUuur damage which will cost consul* _«>kin. «<t funult' Tliu -man fruni t'all- to repair, rnla and hla wife w«re traveling east- jurd/the second car carrying . tne»r ^jionglngu. Th« owner of the oars Jmnwdlstely xtopped and agreed upon II certain «um as the damages to the- cu,f ttt»l ht> imid the amount with-' 5.0.JH ft word »«4wo <w« went on- r^HHi. DYSON[OPERATED ON. •I-' JfP** Walter Uys»m was lukeu Jo the \^reS»w hnspitBl al Normal on Sunday and untlerwoni a« operation for appen- Not MI cold as this morning, but, aw It t« from eleven to two; balmy und de. [1^ W f uj A _«nd_p_eoi>le._men jand _w_pjnf : n L sittliig in the warm ,sun7 and frelln'g that life In worth living, - : GAZETTE WILL, RECEIVE NEWS. Tho f luzotte will receive the election news Tuesday night and the-friends are welcome, Only one request will .be made and that i« they keep out of the )pora,ting room where the news Is being received, as the reporters can get It faster If not bothered.' The front office Tuesday nif)U__wUI t»H»ng_t<i_Uiu public arid" nlTwiT? be welcome. HAD THIRTY ANSWERS. Harry J, Meacher came to Kterling A htrujluer and advertised for a modern room with a private family and had thirty, answers to three inuertiontf. What l« the use of waiting for businwm whan The Clasette gftts |t for a small /hum with waiting? ( DID YOU PAY~THE BOYT The c-Hrrlt-r buy paid in full for all papers before noon today that are col- Uecttthle on the weekly bane*. Ufrt you a>ay him bin ten cents this morning?, He. paid the office and should havn his ten'cents every Haturday morning. Ton ^ on Monday morning. Hl»e is re I Parted to be doing as well »»' could he '>MCMOUKl> Mrs, pynun 'formerly lived PU» »terHng wnd has many friends here *" " will be glttd to hear of her r«- Charlt-s LeFever, who has been quite 111 for several days is* reported to be resting canter today. Da net. Woodman hall, Sterling, Friday, Nov.* lOlh,. Music furnished by Cochran. Public Invited-* Donald Htull, driver of ono of the Jltnay touse*. has been on the sick Hut for the past two days,' Bell's dancing- clana from 8 to 9:30. Social dance from 9:30 to 1", Monday, In a little to the sulmcrlbfi 1 , but It moans u lot to the hoy. TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On November 4, 1791, Governor .St. Clttir, of the Northwest Territory, was tuully defeated by thtt Indians under Little Turtle, . .. 1916 Ifs §S In Your Pocket TO GET YOUH COAU IN NOW The sooner you biiy, the more you save Try VUlCAN Coke, "the perfect fuel" ' ' . ' ORDER TODAY . At . '" . Service—Quality—Satisfactioa on Dr.-H. B. Vafi Kpp Friday. - Oeorge Dayton, of Clinton, was a Sterling visitor .Friday, F, W. Murph^;spent I^lday In Chicago on bunlnt'ira, Chicken dinner and lunch, .election day, Gait town hall. Kings Daughters.* C, A. Turner, of Dixon. called on friends here Thursday night, B. J. ,Coe, of Laaalle, spent. .T.hura.. day evening with friends in ihiH city. Louis Dirk is confined to-lilit home by illness. ' f -, . -—^ _ Dance Woodman hall. Kterllng. Friday. Nov. 10th. Music furnlslii'd by Cochran.':' Public Invited.* Dr. F: W. Kskey went to Chicago this morning for a short buslnews trip. Wanted—Men to work in factory. Inquire office National Mfg. Co.* Walter Smith, Kugvne Cahill and Herbert Smith, of Dixon, called on friends hero lost evening. Miss Margaret Moriarty left Friday 'for Chicago, where nhe will enter a business college. • I. A, Fossler returned to his home in Chicago after a vi»lt here with bin son, Dr. Fossler. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Love, of Tam- plco, spent Thursday hero with friends. • Fresh home-madn candies at , the Japanese bazaar.* Leonard Helen ihus accepted a position ti» driver at the American Express Company. ' Mr. and Mrs. George Olmstead are spending a fmv 'days in Chicago on pictures. Three gre«t acts, and don't miss^'Tho Yellow Menace," its better than ever. Some great t brills in this episode, "Tlm.Torture Chamber" shown with our regular show at name, admission; also Weekly. 8alu'r«lay. matinee and nighi, vaudeville. Three tln«> act* nnd Tlmnhouser special feature. "Ofttlnif the <rrafter;" nli«> extra Jerry Comedy, the funniest comedies muJe. AT GRAND THEATER. The manager of the (Irand theater has MiM'ured some .excellent pli-tiireK to bo shown this week nt the theater, On Monday Xt4a«gle preaentn Doug' laa Fairbanks In "The Halfbrced." He has a serious role In "The Halfbreed," the new feature on the nrocram, (i n<i he Is said to give a ^performance that ranks right up to his comedy work. On Tuesday Paramount presents Oeorge Bebftn In "l?a«juftle,' r In the marring part of "Paaquale" Mr. tiehan excels any of his pr*vlous great sue- -EBIEJIEWS- RALLIES BEING HELD, Miwt Luceba Miner, of CbAmpnign, held three- mfVtiriRK In Krli- Hutulny in tho interest of the Prohibition party. Sh« in th«> cbrintinn Sunday m«>rninjr, at the Huptlxt In the rtfternonn at'2:S». anil nt the Christian church in the cveniiiK- M<»ndny evcnin»t Miwi Mpyer from the Woman's Ht'publlean liendrjiiarterS'" III • Ohlttigh i a la.ffje aucjlonce of men and ri' UtirelieirA opera hotiBe. A irnKrum. connlxttni; of u xroup of KotiKN by tiie Krie HlRh «ch»ii| cbur- UN of RlrN and ,a vocal no|o by Mrn, Hvu-iTTeTI Un Ti the address, After .Nov. 13. 1916, hair cuts will be 35c; 'heard trlm"2r>o:^.Bhay.fl. and hoard trim '.'5c.* I*arlnh, o£-Morrl«on, paid Sterling a vlBit Fi^duy. Mr. Larlah own» Jl«v. J. A. (lanvtt and family were entertained Friday, at the A. U. Grove home near Btont's. Mr. and Mrs. Ande Pfundstein went to Chicago this afternoon for a short visit w>M»--r4>l<Oiv^*i-a4t4-fEkmd*. -^— Ilatph Tuckeman, -of -Walnut, will Kpend Hunday «l Trouth home. li«m«mb«r ba»uur, Parish house.* the Theudure a race church For rent — 7 room all modern houn» HI 1108 Sixth avenue. Coll The Hoy O, Wood* Store.* Bpirella corsets titled to measurements. Mr* «'. I 1 *. Wirth. corsctiere, Bell phone 430 W.» Mrs. B. K. Davenport l«u» returned home' from N»w York when* »ho a pent several month* with relatives. Miss Marie Slmantel bus oucepted « position at Wyne-DcuviT Dr>* Ooods A, N. I/'iidniiin, who, attends college in homo for a ithort vl»- t'erkin« and a at it and tu vole. Mr. and Mrs. Hruce party of lrlend« from Krlt? culled on Sterling trieml« Friday. ' ~ , Mi«s Neva genneff, who »Ueiui« the DeKaib Normal. -JH here for an over Sunday vtett with relatlveK. Mr*. Maude tttarmau HI id children of Congress Purk. aim spt'iidiug «» few days at Ihe P. T, Van Horne home, Tlie IHtl« vluuglvtur of Mr. u»d Mns. mbronie Burk* *ul«ultted to an operation for appendicitis* ThurwUy night at the hotipttttl, Klmentjorf moving pleturt-. .^catlewy of Mvsic, Monday, at < and 8 o'clock.* H. L. Wilcos, <>f K<»f,k ford, wus eu- ti-rtuiiu'd at- dinner Thawiay evening at th» Kd. Xlmmermun home ' Hi tin 1 country. . . biT ba/t.uir, tirui'v cltuich Ciir- • llrnj; u. ..._.... W 'P. isur'nt'ti and W. l>. Hcntt , uf Aint «ftl"inuu)f 1\V Oforgc* of the AJnboy News. Your nwnils i.iH'buy 4D>tl)ing .juu an Kivt« them vxct-pt yoUr photograph r'i^iu.-i Ht'-u'l"' t"» Th-- 'i.i..( <if \h«- On Wednesday '"Triangle presents Bessie Uarrlseale—in : ""The Pa>iiient." "The 'Payment" deals with the career .of Phyllis Page, the ambitious daughter of a small-town mill-worker, and aims Its blow at the disloyalty of married men *who bargain with struggling girls, Thursday Frank Kennan and Charles Kaywtll be shown in "The Coward-." This picture was rebooked on requejit of the patrons of the theater. On Friday Paramount presents the beautiful May Murray In "Sweet Kitty Bella!r». There is plenty of action, stirring situation and exciting episodes In "Sweet Kilty Bellatrs," which stamped it one of the finest feature productions ever presented. On Haturday Metro presents Lionel Barrymore In "The Quitter.*' ( THE CHURCHES J FOURTH ST. METHODIST. W, Li. Collln. pastor. Elmer R. Hice. muaical director. MiH8 Viricle Htmsing- «r. orB«ni»t. Dr. Walter I*almer, Kr~ worth League* president, C, B. Uen- tslnger, S,. H. Supt. Sunday School at 9:30. Plans for Ually Day tho f«|iq.w. rally nt th« nudltorlum with •<l>oaklnB by Mr. McHniry, of Moltne. Thi< Krle hand phi yrci' and. vocal tntiNlc were furnished by thti Helllngvr ijuar- tt'tti.-. , INJURED HIS HAND. Orover Unrnllton. vt the Kiu*t Hund- nelKhbbrhfiod, J« HlirferlnK " ' budly"!njiire«1 hand, resulting' from rirf nicident wh'le he was HhellliiK i\crn for J. II. McNollI Monday mor.nltiK. Hin hand WHH drawn into the hopper by witchlnR on a chain while ho wa« feeding It, and budly mfingh'd. The nkln was torn from the thumb and tin- ners. the hand brulned and it I* feared th« bow* were injured. Ho wan taken to sx ohyttk-Jlin and the wounds attended to. . 'ji FUNEffcL SERVICES. The funertiyf wn'IceK of MlH« , I««bel ' Morrison v\ f as In and KUVM Mev<!r»|, jnter<i»t» inif i.'ilkf. Four youtig l;idic« dr<-.if»'d U|> :IM Kl^osts acted as ush«'rs to the croud as* they artivcd. All tho^e ; ( t- tending wer»> very high In their pralnr-s of it' Jolly good • t*me. HOPKINS BRIEFS. Mr« Harry Ituagland und t-.vo K»II« have returned to-their home In <"!yde from a VIMI to her old home In Kentuck*. • . ' ' Mrs. Will Mnins," of Agnew.. Is «iH'tul- Ing this week at the homo of Mr. and Mm. Larson and family. Fred JiiikciL ln.lia.vln|c. th t TooC on_nat- of his large. Ivirns on Iho farm occtj-' Mr. iiflil Mr«. S, N. Jaine«. tit Clyde,] entertained two of her tiunt« the pant t week. Mrs. On met, of Dlxon, and Mr«. j iHtvii) and Jarnos Matthew have returned from a two wveks» ntuy Iti I'an- | ad;«. vkhero they went t<> look after' latiii Interests. Mrs. Swantnit returned to her home In- ('lltiton Tuesday after -caring <for Mr-., Walter Dnlryniple during her !•»•• cent illness. Ml«» <5nice Mct'lenry has returned to. .her home In I);tven|Mirt aftj wet-kH spent with friends In (Uid ^!l^=^! (tutti Hover returned to bi-r school <!iit!f;< in «"ihl«> Htatioli Monrlav mornin*.' jtftcr "i-endlng the week cn«i at the liom<- of her parents, Mr, and Mrs, »'. K. Hover (Jeoi-Kf Miller, of Malvern, baw !••turned home from n months vWt with rel;iM\v« and frt'-nd^ In New York. Mr anw Mrs Harrv |tnl,«ter r«"tiu-»i- * i! hnnii- Satnrx.iy 11 uni their v (Mldint; iHp r.v OH. .'i"«..:;~ *~"~ Misft I'nic'y LiJn1«;i|| it pent Hulurdav" nlKltl and (it tin- liotm» o( Mr. iitid Mr-4, l,oii_, l;nidley in Morrlfon. tO UNIONIZE POSTAL EMPLOYES. ' lj!>- flitted I'leWH.) St. Pfiiil, Minn..- Nov. •?, —A movement to affiliate all Federal postal employee* the American Federation of l»a!»or. wns laiinchfil at a meeting of Federation men and postal employees hen 1 today. It. H. Pealiody a Federation or* from San Francisco, 18 one •>( the (trlgtnntors.of the move _ DR. F. W. BRODRICK Fraotic*' »,lmlte<J to EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT BRAIN SURGERY Hours: 9 to iJta m.; 2 to 4:30 p. m. Fifth Floor .Lawrenco Bldjr. Sterling, III. Bath Phomt. ij-r two; °f 'Salt, ."!)ent one day the t»i«t week at Iht homo of her s«ji, Mr and Mrs. Joe I>fl|), iu Monition. • Mrs, l«ou liradly and • re- t'lirned to their home in M.orrt»on Saturday after a visit at th<- home of Mr, arid Mrs* Cbi'irle*. Blrdsall. - -- t ' Mr. and Mrs. Willnrd Humphrey, of Morrison, motored to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ix'slle . Wlrg'-l at Uyudnn JOHN A, WAED Attorney at Law MONEY TO LOAN ' ' ^MORTGAGES FOR SALK i ML«wrenc« St.rling, III. _. hours. • Herbert iCnens, of Malvern hax gone to rru^te his h<»m«> with his uncle, Mr. B. T. MOEEHOUSB Optomotrist Over Corner Drug . .-. 5t ort . - • FITTING OP GLASSES service at 1«:45; uermou by the paistnr. Kpwortli Ueugue «t iSr jo, ... topic, "Bearchinjf for Hotils:" leader, Mls« Nolllo Bilderman. Clatm meeting ut tj'3i). Evening service at 7:3I>; a aer- vice for the people, 'Attractive, helpful. popular. The pastor meaSages will strike a nota in keeping with the burn - InjC iiuoationa of the hour. At the hour of mornluK »orvie« his «mbje«t wilt be, "Th« Map the Nation NeedH Mo8t,"»und at the evening wrvlru. he~.wlir dlncusn tlw theme, . Candidate«." parable of politics. Mutiic for the day will Include tho .following seleeUonn: MornhiK Offertorjf, organ, Ave Maria, by Hehubert. Indies' chorus, "Come -~- — --- ihem, chorus choir, "Tljou Art v l*rai»ed In Vilon," by MaJtlaiid. liiHtrumeirtai duet, violin and cello, H. 1). Hull and Mrs. Marsh. A . hearty welcome will ho xiveit to all ¥11 attendance ut theso services. and vtaitora ia town e»peciuJly invited. 1 uur motto: "Not Creed, But ChrJst." Morniug FIRST BAPTIST Sunday School at 9i30,' \vor«bl|i at 10.45. Chllclron'u "The -Lion Hormun." Regular ;'W4th Authnrlty," At the close of "the served- ti>e Lorn"» Supper IJ. Y. I'/ V. at 4:30 will be Kvenlng worship at 7:30, Bubj«H!t, "We Would l«tst evening a Hrother hood «aa nrKHnizcd. Fof sonus time- thw men of ,tht> church have felt that there should b»> ttmnt* organization in the church tlwt would bring them all together. ,t>o it wan finally decided to meet and deeid« u.hut should be done, After a bountiful supper, wvved byjlu- .ladles of the church, Mr. C. u iUm'iuii, of Kouth.Hend. Ind,, told of lh« work of rt>« Hrotherhood in their churcl: and predicted for uur ,work tlte renl MUCCCKB. After a piano Bold by Juhu Cox. It A. Crnwfoni. Ur ' Perry. W, II Harnum and Kev H. V. Ulinkle- ali- expressed thMinbelwji as In favor of the movement'. If was tlien voted to orgatnae and th« tollowint: otHct*r« were electwl: IXivia, H Wm. l*erry. ; \S*. H. lianium. \iie |ir«s«.i- J, litvtd, secretary ; und 1'. H reiutuior. Th« HrotbiM'ho'Kl plans tin mooting treijuvJitly jur ».K fctjiMfr tiinrtf Tisey. aJio hotte. Ui uj,« <i strong bible c)a*>s. and ,tu- niiig on taking ch<to;t. of the evening s^n-ict's. (>nc-« a innutl Chw-U-i M. ' I.rwiii. i'a>toit Mu.--!' t-llc- '." J>). j4aiii}ay rii'huul. jti l.'i I'eiiilfiH il Webster, who died early Tu'i'Heday morning.- were* held Wednvwday HI the Krie M. R church at ^:3fi p. rn., with burial In the Krie cemetery, ERIE BRIEFS. .Mr. and Mr». Leoiuiml Arnett left Monday evening for St. Paul, Mtun., to bring bn'rk their auto which waa stolen nt the Jotdln fair RroundJi, and which wa»- • recently located . at Si. Paul. • , " llev,. A. D, Moore, of Hampshire. vi«I ted Brie friends Tuesdny and \\'i'«ituw- flayT . Forrest Scott, of Morrlwut, wan the guest Sunday of All»f» Heatrli:«» Ouy, of PC'lavin, 111., who WI»M visiting her grandiuirentti, Mr., and Mrs. William Smith. Mr. and Mr«. Cluirlew Ptundhteln and _ . ____ hpeni t he week end at Itockford, wh«re they were guests of Mrs. Htittie Nottingham. • The Ko*t Handridge Kcho».l w«i« din- missed l-Tlday while the teaciter, Miss Mnud Hickey, attended the iiiHtttuto nt Dlxon. MiH« Hickey wctit from Ulxpn to her home in Clinton, la., wlu;rt nha remained over Kunda.v. Mr. and .Mra. Tom KtouJjt visited the latter'H sister, Mrs. \\"m. Wllon, nnd family- at^ Somonauk-from Tuesday, un, til Prldny of ln»t wocU, Mr. and Mr>«. lUmard Snyder and children, of Fulfun, were week end via- Mora »t the home of Mm. 8nyder'« brother, Kranclu M«Uahn. -for Hunday guestH, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfundstelii and daughters, Pearle and Mr. and Mra, Adam Young, Harvey Young and Kmoiy were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mre. Ooorgtt Turner Sunday. Mrs. Kalph Hhortriilgf upent Ihe past week nt the home of her father, John lloerlor, HH her «i»ter.' Mis» Jpw»lu Moaten, WJMJ ill <ijid not able to look after the -household. Mr. and Mrs. Will PftinrtHH'tn. Janefte i'fundsteln and Mr. and Mrs C. K. Perkins, utt<s»nded- (he corn carol- Mil at Clinton H»uurday. . •Mra. Jume» Mahairn wi-nl to !•»., l.'iht- week" to vinit her d Mr«. Herman Jtaubers. Mr«.~-(5eorgV A very iviurned Kiiturdiiy ntpht,, fi>»m a vlnti wltl» HVc'M ill Steeling Word received froth Mi« M«iy Ulck limon, who \M»f called to «h« sou^hw Ktrt of the ttlHte on account t/f the ill- iiesa uf" her niMi-r. «tutea that the Bin- tor IK fltlU living" but ix c.indltion. ;in.i him be«'n pl.tceil in a hospital there for treatment. Pearl Pfiuuit-ti'lir. \s ho itt the I'eKftlli Hlnto Normal, Hpeni . 1lu> v\eok end nt her home In Krie, returning t» Ut-Kalh Sunday j>ve- No Coal Shortage Here • & ' Full Line oi All WMMIMHMMPM>IMHaHMINHBH>MlMIMMIHMI^^ * Grades of Coal .;•;_ ^ coal bin today. People's Ice & Coal Co. BOTH PHONES 211 SECOND AVE. ning by way Mi»ft'i»on C HOPKINS NEWS HALLOWE'EN SOCIAL At McETfathTSohoof Wai .A Big Tin«' U 1 rltt at list- ir Hint iia| M. Kll.jt.l FULL |p v w^, wBwp w .'iHi «P HP ^at&' PROTECTION

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