Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1898 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1898
Page 4
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JAILY PHABOS A STITCH IN gHEjfATES TONE. MOSDAY. JAN! 31, 1888. JOHN W. lAimthain * Barnes. VD1TOR8 AND PROPRIETORS. the ovary, malady ao so f ^ r , but Do not, ray S1 ^ era a f readv suffering in this / those of you who ar >****£ of treatment ' THE Republicans bold their district €9!?Y?P l i9°? tomorrow. Tb? ErSventh district meeting will be held at Wabash. A number of congressional aspirants will be tbere ;pls , is tainted with fraud. It long until out law-makers become Mb»ttkrt» in one form or Mother. The sugar trust buys favorable legislation as ltbuyBtae"iw_produet. before investigating of treatment e Compound the organs to their Borm.l con . ,-. it f Compound. / l- / three mca.es aoove the body of the para- <m : ,: MBS E L. MYKRS, I, this connect!*.. ^^ ^ and keep Cotopouad before Compound. i would say dwonaers w ith me. I now owe my health wor * ea suffe ring- from diseases peculiar to wo- Pern's Vegetable Compound is just what The "Domestic" Office was shown the committee. to have been uaed to Induce Eepre- aentative Otis to vote lor Mark •Banna. _ IT is pretty well understood that Dr. Powell is to be the next postmaster A. R. Shroyer was to have "'been given the place, bat a terrific f K bt las been made on him recently. Major Steele is inclined to defer action until Mr. Sbroyer's health 1m- proves, -but a pressure has been brought for an immediate change. SIKCK tiTpwwge of Lhe DIngley tariff, wages have been reduced In Lny places, and men in the railroad .ervice are now doing lor about the •tune price what it formerly required three men to do. As the purchasing power of money increases, wages mast either fall or the wage earner .mwtdoinore work for the same money. I» * be colton factorl f. 8 wages a.re cut down. On the rail. ro?ds OQC man does what two did before. telling her just how you the pension department reduced tbe peosiou of Judge Long, of the Michigan Supreme court, from $72 to JS20 per month, the Republican .ewipaperi denounced Hoke Smith in bitter terms. Now Pension Commissioner Evans, Eepublican, has followed out the policy of Judge Lochren, ex-commissioner, and a Democrat, in refusing to restore to Justice Long, of Michigan, toe 872 ' yer month granted to him years age as a physical wreck. Evaus IB right. Wby should a e who is receiving $7,500 per e drawing a pension of $72 jer n as a physic*! «reck? There »re too many physical wrecks among »en who are drawing big salaries. clandestinely. --• ---- ^ tbe past twenty-five years In the Interest of the bondholdlng classes has been obtained by stealth. Now the figbtiB lathe open. The gold conspiracy, of which J. Vierpont_ Morgan IB the head In this country, has been exposed.. We now know what "sound monev" means. It means gold. It means subserviency to English money lenders. It means the payment of all obligations, both public and private, m gold. It means lower wages and lower prices for the products of tbe farm. It means greater power for those who own tbe gold. But no people, worthy of the highest i degree of liberty, will permit themselves to be enslaved by a moneyedl adstocracy.who^ greedy leadera are as heartless as the ruler of heir ^be conspiracy formed to make gold the| only standard of value throughout the world is fathered by men who have no love for humanity. As Me- Klnley at one time expressed it, the desire of the gold conspirators Is to make gold tb.e master, humanity its slave. NEW DESIGNS FOR CHARMS, LOCKETS AND OTHER JEWELRY. The Spangle Trimmine for Bodice, and Hats-Stylish Colors-Sow Parcel* For All Occasions sues Ago—Points About Sklrla. [Copyright, 1S9S. by the Author.] Hearts are trumps just BOW in all sorts of jewelry and ewn< in many of the designs printed on tbe fl«,rtnfls intended for summer wear. These designs have the doable hearts outlined to represent jewels, with, a background made __!_;.„ Jxpa-gort'of sue- Boes CBOKBK 18 planning to control tbe next Democratic national convention. Grower will have no more Influence in the next Demo «atlc national convention than the humblest citizen that may attend it. Tbe Democratic party will never inl,, permit New York politicians to betray it. Tbe battle for bimetal- Hem will be won without New York. It will be won through the eflorts of tbe producing millions of the south »nd west, upon whom this country Spends for prosperity la time o Kiac", aid valor in time of war All !be "wealth of a Whitney or * Flower, or the eloquence of a Cochran, cannot allay the feeling of resentment that fills hearts ot western Democrats toward thoee who betrayed the party In the interests of tbe trusts and tbe corporations in 1896. _ THE oassage of the Teller resolution by "a decisive majority will encourage the frionds of bimetallism throughout the world. About all the friends of f:ree coinage can accompli* at tbe present time is to prevent the. gold conspirators from binding this country unalterably to the. single gold iitandard. This, it is Ancient Volcanoes. To France belongs the merit of having laid the foundations of the systematic stiuclv of ancient volcanoes. As Stack as tbe year 1752 Guettard recognized that the Puysof Awergne were volcanic cores that had poured forth streams of lava. But it was reserved to SeLnare* 12 years later to examine be question in detail- and to establish the investigation of former volcanic action upon a broad and firm basis of careful observation and sagacious inference. He } discovered that the volcanoes <* central Francis were not all of one age, but .had made their appearance in a long series whereof the individual members became less perfect and distinct in proportion to their antiquity. While these fruitful researches were in progress in France others of hardly less moment were advancing in Scotland. Hntton, as a part vanoiDC in ouuuouu. ••-*« 1 -- o iTfniniartal "Theory of the Earth " had conceived the idea that much molten material had been injected from below into the terrestrial crust, and ne bad found many proofs of each Diffusion among the rocks of his native conntey. His observations, confirmed and extended by Playfair and Hall and subsequently by Maccullocb, opened up the investigation of the subterranean phases of ancient volcanic action.—tar Archibald Geikie. End of the Pittaburg Hike Eacr, Jan 31.—The finish of the 72-hour bicycle race was exciting effort of the two off •er. 1.3H nines. » >•»»•«' — - ._,,-. an cuvcicu '^ -~ laps; Walters. 1.309 miles. 11 Ups. of tbis blonse worn with BLOUSE COSTUME ACT EVKHWO GOWN. fined kaleidoscopic confusion, When the colors at the back are dull, -as theyfre- quently are, tbe hearts _ are printed in gold color with turquoise, emerald or rnby jewels with an almost star-ling realism Tbe ornamental.'hearts are seen in lockets, large and small, plain and jeweled, and also in rings, bracelets and brooches. In fact,: there » no kind of jewelry, that may-not-show the heart, somewhere or somehow. Charms; f 01. gentlemen^ watch chains are offered Ind linked sleeve buttons and tiny shirt s ,:uds or scarfpins. Children have-quite large lockets finished in Rpirian goId on tbe outside and with parents' portrais inside. The fancy for these hearts w almost a tad and extends far, beyond-the usual domains of tbe jewfiler s art, • bo far is it carried that in. s^me cases an evenh-i-bodice is so designed that the top, bottom and drapery form one-sreac ^M^yTening as well as'day bodices now are made with each ,side entirely different from the other, .being draped ,n one side and trimmed with some flat wimming-like lace application or beaded passementerie on the other side or per- baps wrought with spangles. Speaking of spangles reminds me of a blouse intended for evening, though it was high in'tbe.neck. "It was of. thin, Toft silk, but was completely .covered with aluminium spangles, one lapping over the other like the scales of a fist The sleeves, dog collar and belt were all covered iu the same way. Tbe effect a ..?° ., ™ ™th a black satin NEW WHAMS. sol The handle is finished with a silk ord and tassels. This is considered, a very swell affair and will be adopted by the " smart set" for runabouts. Dress parasols and those for coaching and carriage are of light striped taffeta with a medium full ruffle ot silk lace in Spanish figurine. The -ruffles are not over three inches, deep Those parasols with the lace ruffles are lined down to the inside Steel* with Italian silk in pink, blue, maize, etc., in a style so old as to have been forgotten. A little narrow ribbon to aw-teh the color is put here and there All these parasols are small, not half the size of those of last_year So far I have see none of the light fluffy effects. Black silk and satin duchesse parasols are lined with white or some other light tint iu liberty silk. The new shirt waists and separate skirts take-such a large share of public attention thi*week that I am afraid to mention them at all for fear of neglecting everything else. The shirt waist for next summer is very nearly the same as it has been, but the sleeves are narrow- ertand longer and more mannish than ever, to general the white line n col ar will be worn for all those made of solid material, liXe gingham, pique and percale. The pique is not the same stir: and hard stuff of a year ago but a soft ribbed cotton, figured or polka dotted There will be an endless amount ot dotted swiss waists and of the fine organdie lawns in every imaginable color and desisn.. ' Blouses of madras, striped zephyrs, ginghams and ^ncy percales are being made by the thousand, and all for nest summer. Blouses and waist, for Spring are now offered in all the j suitable silks and satins and also v el - Ve Separate skirts have belts attached to them, and these are so arranged as to hold the blouse firmly. Few of them are made without some sort of padding over the hips and in the.back, They bang in large massive folds obtained by having the skirt cut circular at least on the Bides. Some have but two pieces, with a seam directly in front and another at the back. Others have rive and seven gores. 1C depends entirely upon individual taste. The gored skirts keep their 8h S?eeves are almost skin tight, with stiff puffs, caps or jockeys at the top and a full ruffle of chiffon or mull at •die wrists. NPW neckwear is often i< Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes. My terms are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing machine n the house. The old stand 529 Broadway, near. 6th .WHITSEITT- Annual Gas RTIFICIAL and Natural Gas Bills are? now due and payable at the company a bills must each month. paid on or th, shape of a deep plastron line fronv, made of lace, generally spangled and finished at the neck with lace and SSne-ribbon. Some of the evening bodices are marvels in the way oi sp»n- K le work. Drapery does not interfere wHh £ Even some of the opera and tell short wraps have different colored spangles sewed on to follow the outlines £ the design, which is brocaded onL £e satin. One of these wraps had a lining of white quilted satin with a border of W hite ostrich plumes The roses m the design were sewed with spangles : Anew fur cape has two ruffles made of the fur Send'ing-aronnd. In front at thBool^ was a sealskin bow with an irmtat.on diamond slide, with a full cascade ot white lace sewed with silver spangles. HENRIETTE BOUSSKAU. flflvertisinj. FKEE TO MILLIONS. Free for A Yalnable Little Book Sent the Asking. Medical books are not always interesting reading, especially to peo pie enjoying good health, but as a matter of fact scarcely one person in ten is perfectly healthy, and even with such, sooner or later sickness must come. It is also a well established truth that nine-tenths of all diseases originate with a breaking down of the digestion, a weak stomach weakens and impoverishes the system, making It easy for disease to gain a foothold. ' Nobody need fear consumption kidney disease, liver trouble or weak'heart and nervous system as long as the digestion is good and the stomach able to assimilate plenty o wholesome food. SEND THIS THUG^TO THE PEN. K-mnedy ConfessesThat. H._W-G.I-* to Hold Up a Railway Train. Kansas City. Jan. 31-The Journal print* a remarkable interview with John F Kennedy, the alleged robber, whc was found in the street on Friday night •in an unconscious condition wearins false whiskers and haying in his ,sion a mask, a red lantern, and al ie oTber accoutrements for train rob ' ry The Journal states that In an in : r v;ew with a Journal reporter Ken freelv admitted that he and hi had planned to hold up and \\ Al LKI ^. -"..-*•1,129 miles, 5 laps: Gannon, 'miles. n . laps: Rucfcel, 1,101 shaw. S7S miles^ Hen- Modcrutc Demand of a Crank- Denver, Jan. 31.-A crazy man, be- little book and cause a s'core of ways and this havd th therewere many de8crlbe 8 the symptoms of the spangles on tbe skirt, too. but and lnte the way to a cure so simpl they were sewed very thickly up a round more saringly would ~et the money from th i\uuiu = t vo andwllldo. It ™s demonstrated by the vote on the Lodge amena- menttotbe Teller resolution that more than two-lhlrds of the eighty- nine members of the United States senate are opposed to cnang eg. ihii bonded Indebtedness of the United States Irom a "coin" debt to a debt payable in gold- The bond holders and the mortgage holders of this country are very anxious to have the change maSe. The secretary of the treasury has recommended tne ctiange and. the monetary commU- aton is lobbying for it. Such a. change would allay tne discontent that pre- Tiiils among ttoe bond holding clasees oi' Europe and America. But fortunately the United -States .enate has become the bulwark of tbe people's riRttt. In due time Its et forts to thwart the designs of th« gold conspltaliors will De approved the people. p— _^_ === *. THK people"'have got lo~ fighUh« ^ ^ gt M ^j aw 1B Until now the money M noUoughttntheopen. It the d»monetl*atlon ol stiver tens and Heyn, enre, was locked o is as Receiver of a Coffin Company- Cincinnati, Jan, XL-Judge Hunter of the Superior court, has appointed David J. Workum .receiver of the Standard Coffin company, under Barnes We arransement b> the fiirecior and Stockholders. The assets are at $60.0000 abilities. l.a.jjOQ. of American Wheelmen. is, Jan. 31-The Indianapo- ilSrneet club has definitely decided to hold the national meeting or the L,:.ague of American Wheelmen Aug. 9 to U inclusive. The club is actively at work completing deails for the gather- 0TM««tn«« S» MMt «* Fort Baron. Port Huron. Mich., Jan. 31.-The Or»en of Michigan and Ontarfb (Can- have decided to held their annual celebration on July 12. 1S9S, at Port Euron The mayor. H. "W. Stevens; extends an invitation to all orgamza." -ions of Oransrernen to attend. - Senator Spooner'* Son IB. Chicago, Jan. 31—Willett M. Spooner, son of Senator John C. Spooner, of "Wisconsin, submitted to an °P e ^^.^ appendicitis at the Passavant, hospitol in this city Saturday. The se.im.tor ^ra* hurledly Drought from Washington,.wd I. now vdth ijfrjBa, 1& > I"™" 1 "" 'A ti; hips and more »nd more sparingly toward the bottom. This style of trim- goes by the name of "a shower of " Some of the spangle trimming lar^e as the oriental sequins, lea are to be largely nsed as trira- /on tbe new bats. Those for spring wui have less, however, than those for nest snminer, when we are to have the elegant leghorn, milan chip and tnsoan hatTall braided in,one. These will have scarfs of black or colored net or tulle spangled with stars and disks. The Jarfswffl end in enonnons| bows and Mgb draperies, and they will snrround and snpport hnge masses of flowers of curious kinds-orchids, a^leas, nastnr- tinms and hyacinths besides many others. Lilacs and roses do not appear to be -well represented among the new flowers and in their places we find the heliotrope with its woolly leaves and deep pnrpirblossoms. Violets and pv^es there are, and monstrous poppies., pie is less fashionable now as a color than it was, for which we shonld all be doly thankful, far it is horribly oube- coming to almost every one. ind train, ana mat i"^.j "— — r a UP that the train would carry over 6i,000 in treasure. The point selected cco-ding 10 this story, was about six ouf of-the city, on the-Kawas side ,f the line, near Muncie station, which v-as the scene of one of the Jesse James i arlier hold-ups. •Will"War on Christian Science. Springfield. Ills- 'Jan- 3t—D;r-' J• A : :£n secretary of the state *oard_of nealth has received a communication torn State's Attorney Jaslyn ot Stem, statin- that he would prosecute Billet. McCmcken. a Christian Scientist, for violating the medical practice act, ana Mr. and Mrs. Farce, of Bataxia lor criminal negligence in -"™'"* 'hen child to die without summoning the. aid of a physician. All three have been indicted by the grand jury. Horrible Suicide of an A B ed Woman. Eau Claire, Wls.. Jan. SL-Mw. Reu ben C. Bartlett, an elderly woman ing near the western city limits Saturday partly filled a washtub • kerosne. and standing therem par :ially disrobed she poured *eros«»eover her head and set flre to it. She died ?n horrible agony before help reached her She was undoubtedly Insane No other causejsjenownjor_th_e sniciae. Gen. ilcer Ke,x,rt«d Jitter. Washingtor.. Jan. 31.-Secretary Al- condition last night is «P or ' ec ' , His fever, which bad^en decidedly higher the past few subsided Have the goods to advertise. Tell your story plainly im tke lewspaper that the people read, JL f- -, ,'-,,-> '- 4-*ti'o4t""will Cs\8ily Inderstaad, and among. «tke» Drserve the lolloping AdTcrtiBimf Joints: • • . Profitable advertising results fr»» rood goods being offered we*. Hve your rival's advertising attention, but give your rival n. a4- vertising. Advertising prestige hard to win, but not hard to • It is easiest sustained. The should be so plain that 'it understood by a reader of understanding. Your a should be complete in itself. To secure the best re "j!j!»'fV the DAILY and WEEK-LI PHAF.OS. with ite large tion in both city le*«. a«M i* omng o am . • Some new parajwla are on esiibition, nof ma^y, bufrjnst enough togi« .MM idea-of what we may expect Inthc,fcstr place tBere*«e«»t wma»y nbs as Aere WMC and in conseqxience the carve or the material beftween them is very marked. Plaid taffeta is the distmgliish- tag feature of onoatyle; The handle is of ^natural wood, and ths &ame is so made that ths silk is carrjed aDO. pOini/S U1JC n'»J UK ...... i Chat anyone can understand and ap ply. Thousands have some form o stomach trouble and do not know it They ascribe the headache, the lat euor, nervousness, insomnia, palp tatlon.constipatlon and similar symp Corns* to some other cause than the true one. Get your digestion on the right track and the heart trouble, lung trouble, liver disease or nervous debility will rapidly disappear. This little book treats entirely on the cause and removal of indigestion and its accompanying annoyances. It describes the symptoms of Acid Dyspepsia, Nervous Dyspepsia, Slow Dyspepsia, Amylaceous Dyspepsia, Catarrh ot Stomach and all affections of the digestive organs in plain language, easllr understood and- the cause removed. I ^c? several "experienced "it gives valuable suggestions as to •{^ er ,Tf^ oro Nebraska having been here diet, and contains a table giving L^;^ duys looking over tie situation- lenrih ot time required to digest They pronounce this the best point » various articles of food, something I Michigan they have vwteo-,. -e .nough to be moved, so that departure for the south is a matter of conjecture. ScarcMng for Clues There ar» any nainber •< found by tb.« detwrtiTM » A CONFLICT OF EVIDENCE Reet SnRar Factory for Cadillac Mich .. Jan SL-A beet wlth weak digest10tt aa yn^ » —~~, ^°t simply send your name and address, plainly written on postal card, to F. A. Stuart & Co., Marshall, Mica., """• little book on Stomach imrilil be sent mull. Tki« i« another »tory from the pen of R««V rigues Ottolengui, who •!•*§• ••An Artist in Crime," "•«*ceded to be th» «troni«tt *•- t»dive tal» that ha* •ppa**** in years. "A Coniiet «*•**• 4ence " ->riU addlt* tioixofMr. Ottotaa fucinat* all irh* ha-r» 1S*» «SJK portwiity to readjt hag been no u fie d that . It's folly: to ««« from rible plagfne of the alfbl. piles hoi-

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