Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 4, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1916
Page 7
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.NOV. 4,1916. ... ritii iliiiMuoin'in LI i.mrtii>LiiiMjiiiinii»i.,«iiiinrni 'UiMMi PAGE SEVEN. Raise More and Better Calves it _v<.-*.-. !' hi ro< ' fVrni' r f;;V'n^»- .-uid <R)>••_.-•-I < 'i -i::..'•'" ?;n ;j : i' •> -H \ . •i i: i'• • u . .:• Son «!'•• ^tiding t--> ?ix-->r. It- I-,.>i-.-.- ;!..•• -j,tiT!<- rnpm-ttv ;-[.•; the! 'pr-.-'rit !•>>;[.ii"i:. Tlv'sr lurT".-\vinSf bn*i-j '. - ir _ ..if f WITHOUT MILK Blatchford'sCalfMeal WILL DO. IT Here's The Proof Dan Ebersole, of Sterling, raised 43 calves one winter on Blateh- ford's Calf Meal, and Only lost one calf. Isn't that proof, Mr, Farmer, that Blatchford's Calf Meal will take the place of milk? YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO FEEDJVHLK You can't afford to feed your calves milk, when Blatchford's Calf Meal will giyjp you results like the above. We have had shipped in the first carload of Calf. Meal ever.shipped to Sterling. ACCEPT THIS PROOF - * JT And come in and let us tell you how to feed Blatchford's Calf Meal and get the use of your milk at a profitable saving. HERE FOR GRINDING W, F. FLOCK The Flour, Feed and Seed Store CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD * FOR SALE -MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS T< i .:(. .1 -, - , ;.-..::-,- i': • * : ; :-"i ;, - \ . 'i -,••!'. - ..:", • l. i.ti .! -• \ •• -f ' '::.'.i:!.;.:- ••!>.! ' !. •' •. •!!-.( -. ,->.,- ..f !>••• t-' -' iri tl;,-> ,-.-!![;)> v Mr -ini!M!-- \V.!!:--;fl Zi'Ip.'r. .if M'-ri' j \V A .V !,i.i!> ,,?• Mi Vn..! Mi-' <;••••;'.'.•• \Varr-.--! l!l> if \i !!'< t,t.'-. Mr- ,\.|>!i-- f>!-i;r v% ..-.- up *:.-,vn T--'-" ,1.. ., (,-; ! '-. f,s -.-t •'!<'.. i;i !>-i .-(* w, • ]-:• >i.-!\ jii:.- I" • i! i -.n;':-i'-.i '••• !-• r !•> i! .!->r .i »• Mi---' II. b-n T'i>" !i<T *v'»,> f- !-,l<h.; > CVIII-M . hSTini.-.' h--:-' if f'.r a nur «-.i~ in f,.wn Til' •-•iF.-iy from Clint-.TI -)'• !;I!!'IL" th<- .l.»v with lit r ['it'-r>!«. I.' 1 .-H:.1 Mi.« .1, II. T-i-trh'-r. . H. (*, I hill was a bUMMf-fts visitor t Anioi:-i Tiii-*d.ny ni.iiriim; rMtiruint. !i"in<- in !h'- evcninc. LASSEN PEAK SPOUTING bccan •ij-mitmi! > i:.H!'"'l il?i v. bH--|ih inixhtv halls "f -bl:o-k ."rn..]<f* nt. i?!l<- \filfs nf froin !i\c- tn ten minutes. Th<>si /Who have u;it<h<*>l Jhe mountain Hii'u-t it ntvoke nut of a fifty ycfirs torpor in May. lltll. »•>prefixed the opitiim the pf>ak> crater i«t a r.-tidr >n. sri-tlitnt; with the iHio'k ol frfany. «'.is.". The nuWi violent eruption of the year ti>«k place \*-s- fi'tdny alt«-rmmn. fici.<>r<llm; to observers reu<ilititr ht'fe, STERLING BOARD OF TRADE find Qulnlcvnn Member I'onrd of Trade. ctd.aKo, III.. Nov. 4. Open High Low Close t S4'i FOOTBALL TODAY and Notre Dame Will HOG VALUES DECLINE Mlllprif"- Tliexdiiy l-VeliliiK When Moine foity of ihe n<-ti.'i>bor* miihcri'd at their " ?hoin'- KlviiiK them a xurprl.-e and a Drop Carries-Top-55 Cent*-£,„„} limix. Th>* O.»CH«U»H wa« ;i f-tre • Below High. jvveli to them. Mr. 1'emberton having jjftinth Mild hi?* dray'lni«<ltt«'NN to Kl- Chii-'iiX'o, III. NOV. -I. -A eeiit-ral <h>-i|in-r Hill with tln« inti-nllon of m'.vim: .eline of i'"r hi hour valuer compared j to the vicinity of Honk Kail*. Hook Up In Big IntcJTSOC- jwli.h Tlmixilay carried top* f.'.f below j After'the Kin-prise won- oft ihe cum- jhlxh day last week, while wirne Ih-tht !|ifiny wpcnl I hi'evening in plavlni: caid" -~^^—^^^—>-—--— --«-t-*T-»-> "rznfi wi'rTtir/Tr^^ft^^^^4^~i,^,p:'~7rr7 l 7rT?iTT^~Ti 7 Ti <• .*• h - Wheat I >!>!•. Muv Jlilv Corn l>ec. May July* Oatt May ,r»7- l 4 ."•"".< Pork May iTi.'iT 2<;-,l": Jan. _'.'., s.' »"•.','." Lard .May I.-..31' 1 >!'<-. „ !.'«!.'.'II Jan ir, •;;. 1.47'j •:, :r.. s»r. u ^" .- ",'i.SJ If., i 15.3 Jan. 13.72 -tional-€ont-ea-t- EAST, Cornell VH, Carnegie T(M It., at Harvard vx. Vlr«lnhi at Carn- "" I'rln'Tton v;<. Ho* Knell al I'lime- ton. Yale VH. 1'iitKi-iie at New HavciL I tai lltiiiuth VH. Hyracuci' :n KplliiKheld. Army v«. Notre Oatne at \\Vf>t Niivy VH. \VacbiiiKlon and AnnripollH. _. •••t*inn»>tirKii Amherst v». Trinity at Amln i>-t.' Colby VH. (Jute* ;it •\Vat#r»llle, 4 Connecticut "AKKII-H v.< Xj-w IlampHhiro at Slorrf. tit WnHliington. Unvtifon) v'n. KiaiiHIln an«l Mar- ttluill at Havcrfonl. U-hiuh VH.. Miil»Jeiil)»T« nt Sotrth .Ik-thleliem. • I'Min Htato v*. (Jenevit lit Klato TtiftM VR MfiHHai:hum't(A' A nt Mwlford. Main*- .v«. Howiloln at i)rtoini. t't'tin^ylvstnia v*. J-afayc'tie at J'hll.-iiii-lplila. and JefferM.n \'#. at \VtiJ<lilt>Kt"i», !'•'>• Virginia .v>, ««ett> M|>III K at 4 MorK!inlown. . • \ WEST. Mti'ltiKait vtt. Wn«hin.-;toii at Ann Arlini. NfliraMka VH. Amen at Uim'olii. Chl«-a«o VH. I'unliie al Chicago. Imliana vs. Xoithi'M'^Ierii at. KrU-ndM vx, HaHkell iit \\ii-hita. Ohio Wtatc VH. AVIm-oimin at Cu- 1J*'IIV('I' Vx, Cololailo Asigli-n itt Dcnvor. Mlnm-mna VH. UllnolK at Miniu-a- polls. MiB.soitri VH, Ti'H'iiH ut Columtiln. AND NOTRE DAME BATTLE Hy H. <*. llamilton. •'. ISlnff CorreNpomli'iit of I'lflted !'re>*H,) r,-; Now york.'Kuv. *. - Kilmer-uliphanl leuinlm,' how 10 fti'.u I'ntlvd Hla|en flrmy officer U'N a Mhle liiif to Ms, foots- ball Kindle*, will l>e »wallied In tin amtlu I h i K afternoon tin 1 Army "tanU" in turned !oo th«' roariiiK fW**h wcwterne Jfrotn Imlliinii, Notre 1 Dami'. 'Tho South • B««li«1 wlu»ol IH uotiiK all tho way to W«««t I'l.'tnt to try t» hat lor out anodi victory uvw th« Ariiiy MI»<I tin-tnajor- ity ul rrltiCn -c'xjMH-i ihoy'wlll'ih* it, That l» the wiht'n only blK Kamn. "All f/*nt of tiiH imporUiiH Mchool 01 tl»l* Wf'-tion'will be lakiiiK on oppon- fltiU who Khonbl provo c<imparatlvelv ' eu»y., ]>urtrnoiHh a.loiie lias u hard job oir her haiidn, am) there IK <-very(him> to Intlicuto another dent will lie put m ' 4 th'« ! '<Jrf»»nV chanceB wluni it l« caia- pulttul aguliiHt tlu* .heavy Syracuse JroollmlliKIK- . Th(« tiume will he plaved ill HiirliiBilehJ. ' ,*•?. .*' l*ffur*»toii will ;h«v«>: UiicI.'Mt'll loi 'jflTtt«tIc;**, lluiA'artl will battle Virginia, * Colnalc "im»(?tM"'Vah' in a game nt Haven which shouUI he won b.\ «. C'ornell Will «et Curm'Kl" Tech, U'ttJll which WUK buttered by Vale BOWLING TEAMS MET . „ '' The w«-i'o»»l htnvHiiu" 0 * (Miu-Ht of tlu- JMsrltMl bc'lwwm • HtwUnK and Uixon W«« plavo'l In SH!rllm5.-Thui«dav uiuht "'(|C J&ttvrln'tf HHt'yM, HIH! the contcKl was Mf«m-' by DI^oii by « Hlnglc pj«. The team front iStcrUiiK sion-d :Ti33 plnw and tlu* i'ixon team Hroit-d 1T.34 piim , ~' ftw llrnt WMlteMt waw won a \veelv ago l»y u Ht-ure of llfttH-n pins hi fau>i " Of UterHiiK', The Hicrlfm? team wu»« 'jpatllpCMJcd of the Maine memheiN who p)«y»d lu»t wt»t>k while ilu'-l»!xon l>ir\s funded, up with MOHHS extra K"o<l'pla\- " Another cmiU-st will be played oni next ,weeK on tlio Dtxon alle\H folluuinn' Is the KI-OIV >.(' the inienls. filrnl«hed by "tin WeeU'n re<-<-||itM offwiiK- pruiiilH* t.o ! «erv«Ml and when lid* was t-oiiclinled total iiroimd IMO.OOO. larK<>Ht Hiniei nn ,| ,.,|| )„„! ositen Ihlr fill Mr. and Mrs, I-'chniiiry and 11 2, 000 more than ar- | ivmix-rtnii were presented with a very rlvcif eoircupLindiiH; week a year aeo. inici> rm; as a reincmhrnnee from th<It in I'xpected the wefk'K av <-ra«c , \> t -o|ihi>ift|n\\ n friends, weiirht will l» l around L'OO ftiH. • ! "flic couple expect to move to their At rhme of yestenl;iy'x trn'dc fi'W|n ( . w home ahmit the first of next week. ,«yvin»* Hold aho\e $0.7", rind Swift'* j „,,( until afier . iei'iimi. howi-ver. drove, aveia«in«r 1S.T Th«.. e'ont $f».-0. ; — . — . ne o.. are -H.lmated a, l.uOii rattle. i:i,()iia hous and S.'i'Kr xht-ci'. : ;,i-.,lii« 4T4.-aith-. IO.UCHI.KBHIMI 3.<22I 0 d p rogram ^'V"' 1 ?' : >; <1 ". r _." K ."- , -, ......... . ,„., ....... 1 -O TEACHERS' INSTITUTE For .\v-er;i!;e pi- It' of |IOI:M at Chii UKO I $fi,7c Thiirsilay, j j k a a 5».tr and TTI—WTT' tw'o vi-arn ano 6 ,.,,-., - ; CIoMJin: cattle irade""y(:f<terday was! fUroiiK. with . prevailing iirl«'e» beyl off (he week. Calves Hold 2 fir hiKheri than •TlniiHday; I'.ent reai-hln« $ll,fiO. l'.c*«t i^ijllye MjecrH offered went a fl6.7.">, iivera«lnu 'JSO JbH, Hiii'i'p iinjl lambs sold xieady to lOi lower yesterilav, with IM-MI lambu U IIO.'.Mi. heinif li»c helovv top at ('Mnahi and 20e ninb-r hl«h point at KaiiMas City. , GRAIN PRICES WAVER On Nov. 11th. A t'-achers' inMiitite ha- heett arranii- —frrf—f-'f--|'l|-'- -'••'VI "" S -'tlll'll'ilV i N<fV. CHICAGO STOCK MARKET, chl'-ago. III.. Nov. 4. lfotr,« o['<>n weak ftiJOtl ~ , V.'.4f>')! '.I.'.M- Mixed $X.!lO«i !(,!>,". l.tKltt ..' JS.!l!Hii -HAr, HoiiKh- I'; • 'allle, ftt«'i>i|>'.' Sheep, .nteady. IIOKU .' 17.011(1 Chii-ano. III-. Nov. «..-.-nraln prh worked irreiui.larly lower yiwterda.v ami cloweil with IOKNCK of S,'•/ s » <" v of wheat, CM ept for .Inly, wbleli sain '..«<•; t'oi-n waM olT Vi'-i r '«<; and oatM %c ln_ Chicago. l*rovinion« were nnnettled uu< with hither pork ti'ii-T-c higher, Ian to • -U' 1 ' lower and .shori ribs 5c higher for the day. The InilKiv hrotiKht out heavy of- fcrhiKs and made a .*htiri> o reaction CoiiMiderahle Hl.ri'iijiih, however, dc- vclopcil toward Ihe last on the advance in Winnipeg, althinmh it was nut all held, CommlMision holme hiiyhiK of cori W.'iM 'Miirt'icicnr to help the HhortH t< make a wood advance and hold prices up a Kooil part of the day, but ib»'> weakened at tho last nnd cloHt-d at hcnrly the lowent. ; I'.ains In. i In- corn belt in Argentina and lower prices there, comhineil will a break In .cash prlci-H in all IOHHC.H Mi Chicago and omaha in» up to Jc. had a ilcprest.simf In- ilucuii.' tuwanl tho la«t. PROPHETSTOWN -NEWS GIVEN A POUND SOCIAL One Hundred Guest* Remembered Pastor and His Wife, |{ev- and Mrn. K. J. Whaley. of Leon who received i he" appointment to thai ,-hai'Hi* at the last conferein,«* %ver«' 4'iven it Hallowe'eh pound Modal Tuim- ijay evening when jimt an even him- the xame. The dccoralioliH were of the n'Utlll'e f Hallowe'en, and the church "when the aflalr *\VUH h'-ld prekenled a lovel) ippoarance on aH.scnililliin a Hhorl [ingrain waf> rendered afiet whicl Hallowe'en MnntH were pulled of d the amusi'meut of all jpiwviit. Thb with the Korlal evening roiiHtltuti'tl HI. veiling of (h')ioUKh enjo.v ineiil Luncheon 'wan xei veil before depart IK ami wan not the leant of the uooi. time fi>r all prenent by any mean?;, I! h h.uil that the hiiih co^l of IIvint; li hiw familj will be nieutlv (-filtu'i'tl bv ictiiK IhUH poilJidid foi none of tin ;IH'M hionuht le,--s than a "poliml o! .iiniHiiiiK and main M-\.-I.I| times 11101. than '(hat amount. The allair wa.- a f-m < e-»>. GIVEA SHOWER t4r. and Mrc, Oetzel Honored by Neighbors and Friend*. The neigiihoi-* and friends of Mr urn M)H .icf'Ne (;«i|/( I j^.ive tin m a showei L'IH-M'I.IJ (-VeliillK \\llll ll w ,l« the cullllill Kion of he ntl|i|r I'll Hi on tlielt ailival hom ilnrkt wiiele tlie> wen- HMinti rftd. Al the I line of Ihe ''ha rival' <lel?.< I j, i v e the compaii.v n (i\«< dol hill and ihe\ went a\s.i> laii on TtlehdfiV nielli >.'ithii-il nppi r I ill wit Ir ai lie nVilie\ ..Illi ixty 01 tin iid ,111 u\ • (i I mine the j.nHi ill ', eMl.i- In • v~t< : ! -npp< I . i! tor lh< iiii 11. A uood program ha>* hecn ;u ranged a« folhiw.«; IMMHi.a, m, - MIIMC by l'roph4'iH(own lIlKh Hchool. j I'l.Jper, "How to Adapt the State Course of Study in Ceournphy to i>ur Hiirill School"— Mi^H_Ji4iJii;,vn. ISnlK'.-, Ke,M>arkn-"Co. Supt. H. Is. I'rice. 'I'ajM'r, "Tranhportalion in Illinois*" 1 --A. .Smith. Noon. l:3d p. m.--Music by I'rophetxtown .School. Addren.H Ur. Cook, of DcKalh. 111. l'aper,-"l-'.ducJition in I|||IIO|H".—. llcnr.v Harton. THE -JOLLY" TOELVE MET About Twenty Had. a'Good Time at the Collins Home, .The .lolly Twelve held -a meeting TneMday iiltrht at the home of Mr. sun! .\Ir«i N\'i!l Collins which was in f Inform of a Hallowe'en affair with Mime twenty preM'nl. The home hud been previounl.Vi- ilei-iuated in colmN lu-com- int; the time of the ,vear a profusion of aliluinn leave". • . ' The time was wpent in ptaxim; pr.«- irrewhive euchre and at the concltidiiiK of the playiiiK it wax found that Mr>- .Ipnnle Moore had won hinh ho'nors nnd tho -po(ire«t player of tliem all war .\l.rf. .ji, Conrad.. Ttw ev.eninK concluded with an oyn- ter Hllpper % wh|i-h WH.M nerved by tb' laille« and paid for hy the m.-n. MI.-- HOHH l.anml..n pasMJug. the hat and they nay that she «ot the money, ADDED TOTOLL BOOKS In-AH—There-Were-IM-Women bntf-39 Men Added, Tuexilay, <H-i. 31, wan (he -)aM (In? for reKlMratimi and in I'ropheiKtowi- there were a nmnber of tardy -ones, win enrolled. ln=.all- th<>re were N8 name* uhled, Id!) women ami .1!) ,men, whicl iililed to the former reKtf'iralion, make.- i total of li'Hl votcM ri-Ki^leri'il in tin two precincts with a total of ,>.S^ worn n ami 669 mejt, ' _JEHOJVl_U3*|LE &TAR STATg Mr* C. W, Cabot and her daughter A!!M* Veine, urn hero from the t»tat< jf TVMIM for an extended \lnit with relallvcH In I'rophetNtowii and fXlcr- ihiK, nlHo tn the community ahoni tin vvo ti»wn.i. Mr. Cabot UW-IIM a ranch ill the Hlale and the ladle* lepoil IhltiK.f well with them thin «ea»on. CAUGHT A LA~NPREYS IN RIVIR. C'fiailes l'*«-e. who live* hi l'rophct« own, caiinht on hlx lhn> while flwhidK Ittli-lj, a l.»npic>H. which In u J-lKht, ai^ hey have four ICKM and are HvaU-li^H I'lii' i-pei linen V\,IH about a foot In and vveiK'lied }I<?H than twi Ch.ules vv.i.x i|!ille xurpl Ued vvlth Inn talth ami showed II about tilt own. PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS. Allied C!,u I.. ,,( .N'evv lUthl.HKl Minn, and a former rltu.en 'of thu-. own, II.IH bet n t>ufli'tini; with a MM 4 Uitid (in the p.iH live vveekN and It H f\mptouiM of liluiiii |.o!.Hol|UK 'tie appaieitl Mi. tu« a nothei. ivvo MMCI.S and a bi«>ther |iv- in; in 1'ioi' \V K. Smith and Mi-j-t \Vinnn- arc vi!<ithiK In l'nlt»n tlilv \\i-el, vith icl.itive-. ami many. frlettdH It win HicvtnM wan a -paMhenger to I'a-o fm ,-in over .Siindav vihit v\it)i l.itivt-* and itlendx. Ml*. h lieell I h< I c tor Motile Illiu-. Will home With her tin h'llld Clrtll. vvent to Clinton 1 4 ',U I »e M -t» i Mi h L'lisi.i 4 »li> I '• ti I.'*- he.ilih i. in ' lv»tlimited, "'<•,o«ti; next week, ','!*>.-. (IWI. CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. Chicauo, III., Nov. 1. \Vhea! No... ?! ^eit. $1-WK ' No. -I re, tl.-'.'.i; No. 2 hard wint«-r. 1-4; N. ^— 4- hiir.l v> iji HELP WANTED—MALE i . - . '-1 • \ ! - i i i., i . ; - S \ ;•:!<•;• f... --1 • \'- '.. i •* f, •; -r-. U ' •'•.'-. <,..-. r . t ,\ .. • t.;.-...-., f - ..--.—^.~ ;' r ;i!ir. A. C Ari.•.;.-. SVSTI-:M - »I--,TK f..ov|,,!i q!>i'-k!> . l-'ifth r.!!d M \VANTKI>. -l.KAttX HAKI5KII TKAKK Hie p-tylne trmh'. K.""V' '" h-;irn t". out itystrm. Writ" for e.-ii;ttoi.r. '.'"I tnth Ft , Miilirir-. 111. Tri-Citv-r.arhet >••;(.» ,u-:i;- u n.r, n.\\ '••' ''A i-:i ^ ^; - ' ,,![ j? ,i- -~: ''''>- i'' V- • \- WAN'T1*I>- MAN OV old to tr«v*'l for. UK VKAtiH IH.\on. . Clinton. Hoi-kfi.p'i. .. 1,,-iSaHe, 1'fiu, Spring Valley. .Mi,!ir:. Davenport. \>T v p! i--l;il.!i ~h'-j fine, p('iiti:in< rtt. lii« rn'<tH,t. »;h-n HII>«,. H,H -lifster, N. Y. C FOE SALE— REAJ ESTATE pmtly ttHxJ.-rn, ;U f.ljl Avtnue C. 76x125. rail lit If iTI-l, 10.',-|H7* FOB SALE— FARM LANDS U TAItM. HO «.'ASH A itH'tithty; im lntiT«-st nr !nx«-«: lRhly piiiilu'-tivf liitiil; t-lone in 3 t>lir arket". *VVrlte for phul'iKiaphf :m«l full inft'ttnalion. .MunFfr -\al7i 5TJ-V. I»if«- lUdi;., KiitiMus fity. Mo. : MV in»..Ac <tHiiity farm fin- a fnrni of 2f><> (itTtv jj. ...Must !'«.' ff<i;in . . and mu> put tllffereiice in ca»li. Write "X. Y. X." I'lire OilZf'Ue. s ' .•| l >'_* AUCTION SALE. PUBLIC AUCTION MONDAY. f!ik" ,«ii«- :>t fi'»« We-l 1' it K.-,k KalK III., MONDAY AFTERNOON, NOV. 6TH. nt ^ P- in.. Hlmrp tlng- t>f « fuU lit»« nf...liuuaiiliuli UiA.t silf- f& RfxidHM new, i-jtipt'tM III. T'.Vf i T!n-:r;(.:-vi:.M:- !,,,,. ••;• :; ...'-I'- !-!•_ ' > p.- I i!i!.i i i-.". - i 117 SJ: tu-:.\iKi»v t-'<>u HH- ptifiiriinriiii. rttnl rm m!>»-.iiiet S'-rnl i '•-,'• <li>!*.tr-«' ("T j-'i-i --' I!..\ I'HS. T-':itl«. I!!. TI){ SAU-; CM: TH«utorc.iu'.UKi • <». I. «'. -'fui-k !:'•!.!. Out "f <; ,'v fi'ii- inmii!'« herd. Ai^-'t two f:i!i M-,.- .1 K, »;iopf. Mi II phone. ]i.''.. 1- T WANTED v,\vn:n V"!::,<; MI-:X ,\NI> wi,\!- In t" !>!•:!•-•<!> f i'T' p...- t !!<-•!>•: <i|ieriin:: r-M J-V W.-'t-. . N. tt . ,j;i^».- "f.'II till'-: M'.)!>l-iv, N'-tv. '".H 1 , in d'iv and cv-n- S.M.I-;, « - HI-:AI'--A c\ri;i-.^ me!. t'i'.> •',!)! Ave. or at tin? finr; ••;' \v. H«.rr. i»' i .» t- ,:ii pt h .H' -..f.-imli y. ' '• .nlr.-tliy hi- 4»»' : '' ' ( '-"''"' I(S "'• *.[':' ( .._ SALESMEN WANTED SAI.KSMAN *C,\ L J \V \X"j'l-:i.» ALT, K1XDS ti|.' HCAV- ! *' ii! I'.'-ll ph :•;->:-:.'. f. II.'l iu:»n f"i lirir* "«-v. •;-U'ANTKM - SL % -'»)NlJ-IIANl) At>TO- iinsl i -.NCI ptioiial terms. Var.-<ni-> j • mobih v, v.ii! p.iy the hli-fir-vt prb-f iii.vv. _ AMht'-tive eommi-"--ion cot!t;.-M t j A ^ .-i il ii! kiv.-t- ,.( r.-|i ;i -ii>. lUuh- - p.-i'd I'tr ,,!! kinds .of fur . M;k'-, Uie JiS Tallin, i'.olh 'A.--kiv fur e.\p(ii?«es. FOR BENT !'<>|{ UK. N'T 8IX-I1' M iM IliilSi; with iitixlern liriprovementH. Ci wilt .^••11 mi i ,-i«y (erm.u, [•;, Keljov (;,i|i. IfiT- lux*- I:I-:NT - M<»r>KijN rsn, AT .YI<» \\'e»-t Third Ht. ltH|iiin' \Vni. 'i'. ilt ilKNT KUO.MS* iMlit I.ICHT l|iil|ieK"i'-|l|lJU ill Illmli Til lltlll' 1 '' Tlllei. tiiiii Us- flulii town. )'a)l eveiilnt;-- oft- .-r ;v :!•>. s..Wi"<» sivtii si. i"7-ii:!» WANTKI) v VACANT LOTH—WILIi tiaile ini'ilrrn liMiiKt. for four \ao,'itit _ lot*. John M. I'o'.viif!, |iifi-]<)7* DISTRIBUTORS WANTED wiu, CAY i;i:i.iAlu.i: \V«».\IA".\'"*:•?, to iiii.ii iiiute free mot to ~ei|> i;(ii» p,»i-|,;i,:e.'-i It./r.ix Soap I'owder afliotiir Oli-iut.-:. -\.> money rei|tilreil. War-rl Jt'.itnpaii.v. 731 X, I'nitiklin St., Chl- <•.!,-.. , (07* and oilier article* to nunn i- to mention. Stile utatt* piamptly it 2 o'clock. 10. A. Wl.llhunc. Anctii.n- ii ui:.\r --stx-is liquile Call'," liimk Stole, tale of lllinoi.H, t Vhiteniib- County, } t<». ler, Western, $I.H»> S-4.- Corn—No. ;' yellow. $J,04i}i 1 .<>.*.: N'c :i yellow, fl.o.ii-;'; N<., '_' white, fl.M I--J: No. :i mi\«-,l. |l.»l. Nfw Cnrn-No. 3 yi-llow. :M; l-:".i l.on No. 1 yellow. 94 '(f DO; No, 5 yellow, VI l«!l«f!t.1 07; •.toil .»', yellow, *X ,i .uaixoil, Jl. N.». 4 mix.'.l .i. 31-S. Hurl . Kyi: y -Cash. N(»nr , s>;!<iiO*. rinie, white, ..i.:«''«ii^; .......... •' StMrl.23. : No. .5 inixt-O 4i?i ' »0. r.2 1-45;.*:U--' ' STERLING CITY MARKEJS (Corrccioil Dillon Drvlly.) (toiii|iany.) New Xo. :? yollow oorii Now No, •< .yellow' cortt White oat« No. II mixed oat. 1 * Wheat, No. I! -, ,, It,-I- Hat ley .. .,95c LIVE STOCK. (I'ippclt Hl'oK, & Cop.) l-'at Htpors ^ '. .,|-|.fflfil0.3f, ( 'OWN 9 f i.t u >Ki'.l. LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. (HlerllnK Dopt. Htoio.) / .Dairy—FUtiit. l-»nlrv -butter ..,,,....,..,«,,,, .....3!>c Han.Hfoid «rwunory hiilter ,. ....... 4Uc D*iry-~Who!n» il*. • JJiilry huttor .............. ......_....... .30*' Fresh C'KBM . , , , , ..... . • • ..... ,-. ...... .'«J2<: New V«-)ctabl»f». Houil lipttuco, por head ,.,....,. .I2',tc Ci'lf.ry, ou<-h • • • .'— • • ..... ....... .'/H, oaeh , ............. .j.^lSc . Now potatoo Loaf lottiu-ft, , ,|>k, .. li'.mch t irocn poppors. dozen . New eiihlmgo, Ih, ,,,.. ' F»-tiit. r'nllf., Hoxon • v . ,50<' -JOc Joiwy sweet |H}ttit(M>H< 6 Ihs, •AHU OF TJiANKM— Wo wJ>»h tt. Jlic neiKhhora unit frii'mls whu Kiiully aiiHlKiiHi u« during horcavoinfiit. Muhvl Hoark, J. 1C. Hoark. . Hnnrk. 1 will M. " TotHW . . -• SSti >.'• WERE GIVEN A SURPRISE PUBLIC SALE. l a i public milt* on one of th< U««tw«»Hw f««m», altuuted I •nili-s north of WtcrllnK and , % mllf north of l'*'hrom> «M» the l-Vwimrt roafl th«- foJiowiitK uroiHTty. bfi. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER, STH. TliITO-.tlire< Hi-uil of CailU*~ConnJ»Unj? of ti rowh cow.-*, one with ontf by her xWt'; 1 thr<*6- vcar-old hti'fr; 1 Htw»r* t'ointUK ? y«ftt'# oh); 3 heifers* coming 2 ywirs "old; 4, i'c.iilin^ t*ttH'r«s; 4 yVai'linjr heifor*; t >pitnu calve*. 1 hping ti Wi-it'Urfd Hoi- item hull. -IS Hi'rtft of I!o«»— Coiwtet* Inn a i-j»>ar-oUl wow; -1 oneiyw-obJ Tioar; 'Ji.i • npi Ini; Khoutn: 1JJ fall |ilgt about "-J month-' old. Tlu-<-t- IIORH ur« til well ' bred I'olaiul Jjhimi Htoi-k t Kami Maclaiu'i-y l^«'lcun Hw«''<p hav 1 ha> lake, 1 mower; -1 Pop« . 1 Mccder; j ltt-inc|, plow; 1 ll.t>«vcont iidllitr c-.iili pl»W, 1 W.ilktllK I McCountck nnu bindw, h'-r MI land u>!h», 1 Tovvei f ;"a hot-o |/if^«*t Sto^vci n.'li" ! K iltlon i tiitiv.jitoi ,'uul 1)" ^> i-t hiiv mile in.ut.v Tiu«ly iaoiii.iti'i ,uul I |".U)!l) il(>\tl idSUi, .u. il ,^1 In. 1. 1 jJooiT" About 1,. \A\\-' nir, »;\ .itiil t'U V. r i:.i-y taKi >t h .1 in... ti ?. tie ,lnil>i tit ilclj of Hterllm, 1 , III Ihe City-Court of HlerllllK. White- idi- County, llllhojx, in the .N'uvi-mhi r erm. A, l>, I'.'IC,. Ktiiei Aicher 'v>. Fn-d 1. Aich'-r. Bill or J>1 voice. Uue aflldavit that the above named defendant, I'red h.. Archer, i* a non- l-exlib-nl of the County of M'hlteyide and State of IIHtiojx, havini; been lileii in the iiffjcf of Ihe Clelk of the <"it\ CoUI't of HteiliiiK, 'notice l-l li-.-l eh.V • Ki coinplaltuint lien-toforo tiled her"bill fm- divorce in Ktiid court on (lie Cliancerv nidi- theieiif; that a KUmmolui ill «u!il (.'.Hii«e has been ixHiv.'d .out ofi>aid Ccmt against i*ahl dcfendun!, returnahh' to the «aid Court on th<; flr«t d;iy of the next November tt-rm th«>ro«f to be h»--hl at the Court Jiiiune In the City of .S»«'r- tK in Haiti Coiinly on ihe third Monday-In N'ov«Muber, A. IX ll'lfi,' »- H I" by law rei|iiireil. which cnnwe Is null pend- ti '"."I undetermined in «aid I'oui t, , " " "'"•' - Knrl -ij.-tt<""!':- ,(''lerk of .said Court. It.'W. 1C, Mitchell, Solicitor for-Coin, plalnant. Oct. till. L'S, NOV. I. II, ~~~pljBlJCATION NOTICE. State of lltiiiois.-. County of \Vhitc>«!de, City of Kti-rllllK.. City <.'ourf of the City of N'tivcmber Term, A. D. l!»lt».- Florence Haillard VH. Charles Salllard in Chancery, Affidavit of ibe non-rcsifh-ni-e of Charb.-H Halliard, ihe defendant ahov« naineil, ImvhiK bei n Illcd In the office of Clerk of Hdid Court, no!ice i-t heivbx vcn to the «ald non-resident that the ct/tiplfiinant haw llh'd her bill of coiji- Iifaint In said Court, and lhat a KIUII- IIIOIIH tliereupon i»»<uei| out of riahl Court again«t naid defendant, return- aide on tin* lirHt day of the".next term )f Court, to he hohlen at Hie Court luitNO in thu City of HterlliiK, on the thin! Monday uf November, A.'l'. i',i|0 in hy«lhw n-ipilred, which mill i* «iil! pendiiiK and untlertprmincd • in fraiii Court. Karl 1.. HCHX, Clerk, John M. HueK'py. t'omplainant'M f>o- Uutor. . 'Oct. 21, 2K. Nov. 4. It room fo-r two. in. i»a| i;;i>it Third St. l'i7-l»S* •Aii.M ruu I:I:XT AT, si-:ct»Nn Ave, Auto preferred. iTf KiiT;T5Te7 Smith. I'm: i:'i:xT (Hi SAI.I': ,1111* lioti«e?«. K;i-n- I Whaitield. lioth'phon 1 r i"rfTI AT M H7-1 as t'K Mt»n! M '". I'i7-|fi!4 A. G. HUBBARB SURVEYOR HIWO purchased tho Jno. D, Arey / field notes of the Original Survey of Sterling and Rock Falls, . Betf Phone .663 it. 2nd St., • Sterling, III. DIXON, ILL. Special office coniultant, and ' disoates of women «nd children. roll UKNT -MUDKKX IKM'SK, SIX 'rooms and bnth. lint and cold water - Applv tn ,1, K, I'hlllipv. roi: HK.VT (i|.-K|Cf: .SCITK. .loil.Vi llarplsam Hloclc H'll.jjhnne 77'')-!. £ l-'fltXIS!ll-:i) Id HIM |; UKN'I'- . (.-oliVelllences. Hell pl.-yite W. K. DUNMORE Eye and Health Specialist Hrs. 9-12—2-5 Chiropractic and o.Hieopathie. truat- GbASSES menta COR_R_ECTL_Y JJTERLI NO^LLL^ ••(»!{ Ui:XT -MOUKHX I'l.AT, WKST, Third St. IiujHire A. I., HecUmaii. ' SGtf •\>K.. UI-;XT T-HOOM ALT, MOI>- eill. The u*e nt !!*>* .SKHj Ave, C.ill y (!. Woutl.-! 8tor'e. jdin FOR UKNT — JtODKU'V SKVH.V- foinn hoii-e. 801 Third Avo, See Jli'itry Uteidiii),', corner 4th and I<«i- cust St. i'f'tf Fnit UI:NTMCI;I,V I.;TI:N'ISIIKI) mum-, s.-ri-iiiii! th.or,. to the ri^ht |iart>, ;;n7 Ninth Avo.'' im;-)it"» I'oK Ui:.\T I'CHN'IS.HKI> Kdti.M'S. .•\f»ij*-MI .'o|)V« Ijieiice.s. jioafil <)|i)fij|j- al, ;>"i; AVi tlUe U, " iUfi-lli"* I'ol! HMNT- -I'.ou.M IN STiilCTI,Y. modern hoitso, at .104 Avenue c. Hell ROBERT W. BESSE Attorney-at-Law State Bank Bldg. Sterling; III. E, U.TAYLOR FIRE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE and RENTING Notary Public Rock Fall*,, Ul. CHANCERY NOTICE. \\*hitei>id<> County, in City Court, Novombi-r form, A. 1) Horrmunn, . • VS. x Aeuriuli T. Unit, JciHoph. Cl_ ..JiuHock mtl A'/arluh T. Ualt and JnsopTT'C. JltlllocU an Kxecutorx nud Trustees t>I tho 'hittt Will Htul TeHtaniiMit ,of ' Nr-lson MiiMon, lU'ci-uMod; MIIMOII JlniKH, Isaho! A. iiruwK, Arthur T. (ialt. Ida Cook (itiit "~ iha Hullock Fnlxom, William it. l-'ol- win, 1'uul T. (iiilt. Mary N, Halt, Thorn-' Mather tlf UviiiK). lh" whlow, lu>ii> fl dovlwoen of ThomuN Mather iif |u IMS tleml). I'rl Munly, .h»hu Calh'mm- Ntcholax H. muuob\ J. Caljiotm. K. Jl .ageloy. N. II. HMgoh-y, I'll ,M.»nio> ^ . ' TruxKH'H of tho Wtut«> Bank of llli- iol*r, and an awls neon of tho l're»ih|otU- rei'tofH ami Company of tho frSutc «ank of JlliiiolN, A; K ll>iio, .Veil Law- 1f, John I', l^iwric, Frank IS. llxlo rluth \ViUouhor«, Ktutik , Wltti-uhoi-K ,be unknown owner or owners of tin •Outht>rly half of Lot 3, Itloi-k 38, \\Y*t Unutdniiy In tho City of Stoilmt; COuhty of WhiU-Mdo siiul Htuto of Jlli- tlu Public Sgle of 50 Poland China Boars; Thursday, November 9, 1916 at ElkhornJFarm, Smiles- 17 due north of Sterling, "III, I offer lots of length, bone and quality, best of big type breeding and new blood lines for all my old customers. Lunch at 11:30. Sale immediately after. For Catalogue address. T. V, Purcclir Polo,llt *pd.the nluivi 1 numed I Affidavits huvlliM. been Hied in j|K>V0 I'litUlctt c.ttlxe iis b> law reijuir- ttt tlH* offli e of the l lei k i>f halt', rt t\>V Jthe pnipo^e of piocui'loi: jui- 8t{fct!on hy pnbl!< aiion, notice IN JH-IV>>' ttiVeti to Thomu.s Matht.r. Uf livnir'' hw unknown widow, heii« ami de\i-M^ uf Tlis»man Mai her (if he 1»- dead), I'n John Ciilhoun, Nn II iUltf*'lcy, J. Citlhoun N, ll. UhtKeh->'. N if, TthlKftley, l*iI Mrtidey. as Tuintce- )t th*' State ItanU of Illinois and as- a?- ijgnei'.s of Ihe I'reKlib'iit. Uiti'ct.ttH and 'ompany of the State JlanU of Illinois h» l unknown owner or o^vtiem ol tlu half (if Lot Thie<>, Itloi k Thll Went of Uioa«lvv,»> ( 4ii the Ctt> if Steiliny, County of Whitc-ide am! -I.'lie uf Illini'i- (hat the above nanii'il •ompl.iinan!, .b.'Ji phine H-'iuntjili h,i- id !j< I hi-. Coiut h< t bill o/ ( I,- I In- .ii;nv i < nijth 11 i ,IIIM in ik HI. t '•'i II.tin* i d' h Jid.iuK j« u th ib'lj i <l ini (In n to. Ui 1 1 «» \H 1 1 .ijMlll t \oU ,ljtt <(• It n.j till' I .1 «- ] jlf l*olll t t" 1" ii»i_»i tit ttu- r'iit if \\ filit Hi.-' II, ll .Hid ' .. h 1 HI It il'H I.'..l,b ti i ».f »St*-i» ,N( ill i'l I .1 'f > i I'Mi; ii..1 ts.-st t! v, uin< 1 In » ! it! Cuf li \\ I ( \r> Sterling 1 National Bank Stop the Little Leaks Leaks iiif ih'ur'ly n I way A .^i we pay litllc 'attention |i» tllcin, Kinaily, tltt-y lics-tiiiu' lai'.m' antl^v*- arc ^ur(»rL^«'ir •aiui iiijuii'd liy> uiu 1 j.-Tcat. IM^H, Our l)e- jHisiior*' \V»'-»'k!y Savings '-Club will iaku t-arc ul" ilic^' • I't-uk.s. -.for 'you. A tVw mo.- iiH'iits . \\ill in' t.'iuiuo-h |i» explain tilt; im-ih fcf- Sterling Illinois

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