Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 4, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1916
Page 6
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[SK. STERLING. ILUNOiS. SATURDAY,"NOV. 4, 1916. $ 795 Model 85-4 f.o.b. Toledo Mom! 85-4 f. o. h. To:e< DESTROY FLAGPOLE. Vote for HON. JOHN P. DEVINE »,.r^"'I'i ! "«:!'.', Democratic Camtfdnte for Representative Genera! Assembly. You Ought to Own This Car Its possession will enrich your 3h"c and the Fine—it's a beautifully finished, luxurious car. lives of every member cf your family. .... „,, - : , .« ,. . . Comfort able--it has cantilever springs and The freedom and wider range of activity made possible by such a car arc worth many limes its price. The price is by far the lowest nt which GO bi;.j and fire crd comfortable a car ever sold. 4-inch tires. l^lodel 85-6, 35-40 horsepower six cylinder motor, 1 16-inch wheclbase— $925. Come in today — we can't get them as fast as we sell them so of der yoilrs right away. Both Phones Sterling, Illinois, COE BROS. Another Consignment of Auto Robes Just Received The Willys-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio "M«4» in.U. S. A." TAMPICO BRIEFS. • Ms- '-!'•,(!*- AHrvh -.vrnr r,- ; r); r ,.-,' ';' *" f '"•(! a f. w ,i.M -. i hi- iv, - k h\ I if .'.an! KV.le, v and fmiiiv IM,-,•,-,--, 'heit hoi|ye[)>dil f.-no,t« !-• f.iv, ri Tnee. ''''•' will move ;>• \virfi Mr-- Ke'*'<". ,H ii'-'l l{i|i iv ]iHli->,r« it] h;t \ int.' ri Tn>»]- t-H!; home add Is ha', inc a b.-«th room 0"-.t:lllr'd thj-4 Wi'fk, l.e.niird Mftr.-vlf. of Str-rliM.-. was •down the for,, p^rt of the \ve»-(.; fo \ i<>, it his parents. Mr. nn-l Mis \Vm Met- '.ilf. . ' " i Mr.", <'*or.i t'nileihill. of Proph'«-t«i. t'MVTl, \ i^tf»M| I* K'itlve^ SH r .i'->\ !' 'I'lf- 1 -';' Kall-iiv*- 1 ) n pranl;« «ere ' do»n- us itMiial Tiif'«,-!,-iv evinint:. Spi«i.ii police «l|<> 01) (!l|!j but ncvr! | !>>'!•"--< ;| |u4t> HIIII'KK \v«ie done \\hi.h had hcitfr been Irft undone, • !ea.-hi,.r In t ho Talnpi'-'i .«< h,,..|. |y |,, re i from l-'rccpiirt \lMtthm- friends. j -\ line HUH at rived Hunday. t »i t 2fi. | .it the home of Mr. find ,Mr-i,<;iiv I'ar- [iiit, m.ikltii; a bice little family of two ; d.tni;lit'-r>i and u rum, • : DEER GROVE NEWS : HALLOWE'EN SOCIAL. 1 The pupils of the |>er>| i,lo\e ^,-hoo| jM'ill i-'ivt' a Hallo\veVn foetal on Hat-. I nrdav eventnu, \,,\.~ t j'rouivim be. --iiitdiur'nt T;.l(i ~hafi>. followed b\ *, H. (lie (if b;t«kets. No pains ate beitU' :•»!•;: rod to make (hi* a .«H.Vr.-««, and all i are loohini,' foiward to a pleasant DEER GROVE BRIEFS. Many of the farmer* '.ire hufkl ;' '"",',, at prevent and general repoit-4 J a. re 'tha.t. th'..r i<>riL J. u . .A.i:ri... |;l'L>J.: i .bdiii <'mrnlnyham fpent Monday ii ) 'I,. If. Mother Is transact!ntc hunt i in .is In Minnesota. N Many of our teacher* attended th TTEf -" Ti»ai'hi.|H' As»<i< . It .-... TAMPICO NEWS BOOK FALLS, ILLINOIS.. SATURDAY, NOV. 4, 191G. ,FUNERAL SERVICES IISSIONARY SOCIETY , - PARENT-TEACHERS '*'." ".".'!',""" -—-_.- ' f Were HHd Sunday Over the Remnins ;,b liei s. in Si Y*«t«rd«y Afternoon At Tho Association Meeting Held Lust Eve- of Larkum Russell. .Home Of Mr* Keltey. ; ning ,„ High School. ! T) I'.srMV;;;,, 1 i : H , 1 : <i ^Hn, h , t ;r;,,,;;;v 1 '^'^ ^ ••'-•'- •«•...,.„.. , f ];i t ln, IHHUK r,.rt,, fi .., l.v.heah'hahe'haiiv'" 1111 ''''- f " > "' 1( MlMllt<l - v wlt " »-larlv,.?i / '!!!i"'!-M'liini'iS^/ii:'' 1 .^' 1 !;/;;:,;^ 11 :" 1111 :' AI " ^- i «»"<>» *»* *»••-• •«- *'•<•»<* i 'T.H.•,!,',':!,",;.'.;;•:'J,;!;: ';:,' '• x , l ;: rl ,„.:"',":;!'""" "'" u - ^ A - »«•«•"»««« «»• • . • .... » »«-. * " * *' * i; i' 111' .'• ('hnrch held .-» met i ay nftiTiuxjii at the iimnc Jl, K«'1»»'.V. 'The llt'-etlllK ' "1'he, I'.llf'iit-Teiiclli'r.s >' held all UMetc-itjnir n „ •»'. niiur HI the .•is"einb|y Hiotri T,f the .-: scfioo! There Was a \ etv MOIM) atten- _. d.-nii . . IM.I—not .M. I.-" ;r; ••n—n,;. i-rgT 'MVHOlt i L.oi'.ed I le fuii'eii! I (.-erviee.i of the late I.iil'- 'fi.rtlnie of all w.-re held' SUmdoy after- | yl |, ,,.,) t!li , Vi j, '" ' Mioon at L' ,'iit a t ! h* ,,*.- ..-•,.,,.,,., , 4 . *. - -, , tt )_y," i \\*. .'." 1.'* le.«; a--l« !i ,! bv |-;id<-r ISruWU- :- ; h( lit; I' i»flie|.4lnii., ,uid Hit- lenient Illadf ' )cn III till' T:itllpl.--> e.-<>!.-l,'l-y ..... la-lie. '• at th.'i ' • _____ "n^'M'n.m";!,,: ' : :^:;:\ URGE STERN TREATMENT r-,>tmr of.the room, n! • .».-, . •. ••""• <»"•"• "'" V.'/'iTrwt Our Captives Less Lilje Guest, Say* Newspapers, l Hy I'liHti-d rri-fcu.). li.I-,-lf ;ni,| tohl lit, IIM IMIIH-, liei,« ^h,. t:ikej ( |,v . uV'IncI; the •',••.1 brew fined. T!iU part ir- Krrnlnie !-;>-|e- \vi!f||,-y* lii'e\V ( Appropi i l>v hy Tin• pi.i'>iiil« iii, Mr, i-'atitliti. hrlntr «i'>-the \jce plciiucni, I'rof I'hareH. ; V,' •„ .... ..^ i '*•• 'llitflle*. for,l 111 ••«••!• Illld M.'-fidi n,- and Me-»i>- Cioi^c |» I'l, MeKeii/ie. Albeit inn JUblK'O son*. A report "' : V I ,.| , , i , , , '"'"'"•! It H. MeKeii/ie. Albeit ferri*. \V .M ScT i'-TnvonU.W-l.v.1,1-tn .Kuur.h ; ^{-^ '^h" 1 J/n^mK Al'^^ ^'.n.en" ; 'r 01 ' 1 ' 1 l! ' <: "" > M -' 5r '">v "'"» William' <*• - -'• , '-', -j- ;«'•'- ^-ryjml.iv"!^^ iH-iiiiufMil (Of WIIM rr-ad by-Mrs, lloovii. H>-\, Simi>ter »-iVe an !i(14ie.s* hl.« ' tiibuter, \vete . -vu bin e of the e«. i J«ol IwlOK "«>«r I'uMieath.n.-Uubje.'t bemi: ' I .lli-dle m -e,-.' Thin w«* « i ^'V",,!!".^''o'' '"' u^ ',ln'';.,,«')«,••,, i,J f«8 V«TJ- IntM-eMliW. verv Hvely di.i« n.-:Hlori ami much In-h- i V "* i* 1 ?. ' , w " »"'»«»! Un,l olmptrr of the origin ,!.. ,^( «a- M,,,«r,. I ^ V'I^A^I^^?' ^ *\ri' "''"r 1 *'«»'I >d and utrite a I:'.?!-,- >um i »>' t hf* MM I, lU'»4. -A dime u.i.i "" Home, Italy. N'oy. I. -This )s the ,\-;i,-< ijf..." 'j'|,i K | s n,-,-, j llV ful xon»f of Italy'M At \ij.iri:,,) prl«oiM">, At any rate, to- 1 ! I t 1 f < i * ' till j ! '"' • •' llaMan nenst'.'iperH are M.'tylnt; nil-Tir HALLOWE'EN PARTY rejid by Mrs",lohn Mi • i Alter the lUrtlpH Of this HiM'h-ty-Hlel^S'ent iH K«'i briok, wu'li mouth one mem-j asiotlu-r. |i|-ouriilll th tim e \virn his parents to Henry rminty \yhen but ,,.,.,,,.,,,, ,, „,,,, a ywuth, later he moved to Hiireau X. A. uaye an ai.inaimeil niih »(„. ,.,, ll|||y§ wh ,.,.,. ,„. rrr ., ( ,,. ( , „,,„„„, ftfV y Woodman hall, jAnd Oyttor Supper Was Given by the N. A. Lodge Monday. .Monday eyenini; nl n:30 the H, j I'-SH like our K'neSitu," the Journalu uri,'i 'on the nnthoritieH, ,\«< a result, t|u» KoN,rnmen( shorllv « ill biKin th<- H.V"»- tenuilie \vorklm; of its |-t i.mmerN. The im.-re Jhau PIII.IMIH Annti latifi, \\li-i are- inipi•Iramt''. lt;jily'n calup«. llvn on the /at of ._U)e laud, it In I'harweil. (Senerally they nrc- iMiHitlit^ lues of sunny itllonoxti. Ih'lm; In whiit i« M-ally luxury fur wartime. Hwont- l.v the newspapers <|!«eoypreil that written t'V ,Mr,«. H.ury Ua<"the mtonil <>»«• hy Mrs. .Inhn l»ox WUK Rivet* !>>• t's'- mmiiln^rs. Hnih i.imeriek PPt'l'iHno «ul ft. l.ein.i i jftrni.'s Ki'lncy endeil o. <lhi)oK»i«-' i'lj ( he "Wo- iend and tli« Junior'* j|,. alino«t i tii'jl to Klli-l! ,\xter -Dipper ii, tlu'-j AllNl 'ian otJieens under Itallafi <-Hcurt l * tl>dll*<> *-i.>l*i..._ .. - • i It VHP ojien to (hi•'. jl,iiib|ic ainl (do ntl<-Ml.'iiici' wax 0. E. S. THIMBLE CLUB Met Friday Afternoon At The Home . Of Mrs. Rife, TI,>. i, j.; ,s Thluihl.. flub h,.|,J n ""'"'"': : f l , x <'hil«lr«-!i w.-r.- b,.rn. .\ht.irif, , i-iM,,,'•*- " f I iHiiKiiiKtnii. Sitiiih Dakota: IM-i lli,|tkiiiK in ixiis in'which union ihtvc |'i'lu- tiil'!<-.« w,-r.- pn.-'tity lU'-cnniti-il with i hi|ilr«-n \vcri' burn, Unmet' .1, .,f Tain- h'an,' |'i«,,, .Mi-rrl.-il I'laitKUu. of I'lirlliuul, i1« i |i >et in tiirnlp'x while the i-en- AV.IH a )iitj.:t, punjpkin witii nf l>iack vrepe |>-:iper. yi><<ti<r,|a.v ;a! ll,-- !),,nn- i-l' .Mr.--.. L. K, UilV oil KiiHt j "tbo tin- tiih«- \\- -.>•*• illy iiiul dainty ri-fri-fhinoii: -; U !!•• :•••,(,! ervcd. '. - ' . 1 t!-r(.-i>ii.a.:'. '!'!>,.• :>' ,rimuni \vas • Hji( |j| )n al'.i t'.MIi. \ « l,|'|v I't'lil-lnUS • with thl^'4'tl- «>f;:«i|i and Satlbt L. whodl.d In'In-! - ,,..,.,.. faiti'v, l|f. wa.s main,-,! ti> Kalic I'lynii, i ili.«h,'« nsoil \M>I<- «!,>< i-ralcil ivilh cilhi'r "( \S'y.uiMi Alnii-h »iul. l!\~f, iiiul" lu tliiH | papi'i' <MI>, |,:iis ,>r i,\yi.i furtln-r rryiitt: utii \}i<- ub'a M! thi« NCJIMUI. In f I'oriUT nf {hi>. .t»:iin Sliidil lh(> Khuri 'ahil Ihi- -\viiiCf!-'»fS all wm-f- M|HM«|M am! | {pillow cns«,s. |:.,iii|ii,-is ,,f pani|'i:iH Kra.T-'., i|i>i',.>r-ii< ,1 i-i't;p" paper' ant! >i'lliiw sirfanu-fH fruin the \vere \ - i«itiii){ almost na Krickrtiin. of HH'iliuu: Jiihnsr>n, llallh' I'i'ltiHl, MiH.'H'H nnaii and .Mr«. T. J, !:i !"' 'V'""'-^'*!. "f Tamph-,,. U.- jitlwu MX mand i-li*hlH*n ami out h OF LITTLE GIRL J jjii-cldonl in which hi-* hi[i W.-IM btuki-n. of ! Mack u ('h'Ctrlc ili'ci>riiih>n.>(. D«UBht*r Of "WrT And mrl 8t«en Tofte Dead, Arm«»tlu, the nix y.-nr P'-I r-Ot Mr. ftiMl--'Mi'H. SU-...|| T.'H.•.; w»$ Buried This Afternoon In Calvary ni ,i,,,'.i HI . n«rt-i/»*«^u - • • litwt Fifth -Vtrt'i-i. \ t'HUlB girl liii» »w» In poor In alii- , ,,, ig tlnu» hut WJIH ilouu u»«n \ ; , , ,', , i, (1 j, ftftcrlioon, Th«> t'iiuM« oi hi-i ',,,,, ,,',,, .|,,, ni IK.FANT DIED TODAY iis Afterno Cemetery. iu<y \va« ho|'l> (it IW«i o'clock .ii: in .,||-. uitil Mi.s. Ailluit li- on ti,i ISiicll ruail, hirth. Tin- JU- huiitn thlK afii-ruoon in Cal- of the Ill-art. Th. . , ,,,1 " . ^ l T' U 'A lr " 1 , Ul !!" Klrl , """ Xll > •"»"«'u. Th,- niolh.-r „ , UJMMH'HMw thf finnlly am) h.-s , t , nMtj.iix HI Tlu-v have tin and a^t'cuta_ii_1^4iliii5,.t 1 .iih> or tin t nnn< l-oiiiiniujlt> in their to rnnurn lu-i k ih-..ih Ic i and IIIIK hioihci'. coin|ieIlinK him t his |,e<! for after which hf retired the uther ed, the tahh-.s wer Alter all hart .I.een «erv- In un!»e>. i;,-i«-h t |, . ticket entitled the i.ohler t u milllher .supper, many \\i>i from ncilvc farmini.; and nioyi-tl to i r <"' "n> tiuilt Klvi-n jiway nnil M|MH l,il- Tilinpico in the. spriiu' <>f l!»|li, loilnir liaii linllcnback lu-hl &:•• lucky num. his wift- hy (b»a(h MMJH al'li-r cHiabllNh-)'""I 4 - Sotilclhin^ tivi-r iwcnly-livc do|- iuw a hi'inc )h<-rc. Hats were taken in I'n.m the .s .Mr, Jtu.<o>e|| \va.s a charier niejnber of (he Ytu-ktown lo.Jse of Wou.lman. i FI6TFIGHT IN ALLEY. and h-eivc.I , lf , <-,,nstable In KilUUIil "' .for mure ih.Mi lv\cni\ yearw. lie \\.tf a KIIIM! neighbor, a kind Ims. baud and father, an,I . nioyed (be •-*• teern of hj^ m;i!IV filnulrf uuf) . weekly. Then and not until then did the editor^ cry "haltr" They had i»orne with the enemies who had hnrned the Italian lla« in their (Jt.r- l/lu interniviit .camp. They had even kept *ileiit when the colorw. oppoHlte the camp, were remin ed ht'raUBe they were an "• yei*ore" in the AiiMlrhtuH. Hut the- limit hud heen reached at Ht. So they declare that the Italians mu«t lose their proverbial j*oft- lu«al -teilne.Ss, I'livertv «yiekelt moth- era uf Italy, are HendltiK *--tlO a month ainl nmrw to feed their, stun Inn primmer sioiiH .In Auntriu. ii In alleKc "An <>yi- fur. an vyi; sunl n tocith for tooth." tin- papers di-mwiiHl. His Official Record Shows Thai lie \vns (lio first nn.'inln>r uf the (icncral A^-t'inhlv t(» ilciiuiinl tliii! fnrnic'rs and a - "- " That' lie opposes the creation of new ofTii-es. That lie opposes salary increases. Tliaf lie veiled auain>t and ref'u.-etl to take Hie niileaire irralt. Tlutt lie \va- in constant attendance tlurinir the sr.-sion and .•H'li\ely participated in co'ininittce work, debate and voted on every.important measure. Thai he has the experience, ability and a^Arressiveness to represent his district. CONGREGATIONAL, , .-'i-ndai ,Si liiml, 'I; |', Morning wor- ,,.-.„- ft <iI*Ufr, , .1,1, ti t" I'hiiMiiiu Kndcuvor, J-hWBrn.l wnlr«-« will be held j )iMlv lt , ,., on Kant I'll th smoei Mm Will ha\e filtlffiitc. llUerillellt tln> lint k l'%illniceiiu t BIRTHDAY PARTY '•''\, I I UiK< Ilii III* lor Hie IVeldllK frfl'Vlec- 'iuiouii ed Hcmlay I ill'.\II'IIUi;Y--A son i Ins Hiimphivy. born early to Mr. and .Mra, l-Yetl By- Mr». Van Home Anil Mrs., Mulford Yctterday. • £34t»rg«» Van Homo and Mt> . jlford i'iiti-1 tamed yoMicrilay at'- lit the home of Mix, Van, \VIMV ahmit th!it> lad- i nt mid tht- affair wan in hon- i lilrtljUa.v, U _ room, wan ileeoialtu hall I'IIMM ainl lefu c'ft'pi' JMll«'r iiiul tin- lenlei ' .Mr nn,I MIH. l>eHne, of '•!>ame hele i.i.s; (<\<nln»t lur « vlwit wltii Mr: iiiul Alia, i'. It t'ampbell Joe I'uijer,- ol I 'lili-uK(>. N ROCK FAJJLS BRIEFS l'u\ell> tlaiice. AljXii' l ,\Viirkl < rB X(l. ni«lii, Nov. "T. \Voudmuii wtluluy calu*, nk and while carnalI torwU' IUIHheon' wan wt\e«l * HAS A VETERAN F 'VE Illinois Batketbalter* Are Already Get 1 tinq In Shape. <'hami.niKn. Ill,, Nov. 4.—With u vet team I'niviTKily..of Illinois hiis MRS. ALBERT FERJNS' Entertained Societies at the Methodist Church Parlors, OIMJ of the liloht lia-at-ant MieKil flf- fairs of (he NciiMiil \\a^ Kiven Ttie«(la.\ atiernoon at the chituh |>arloir< v\hen MlM. Alln-il 1-Vnl* cntert.'lfueil the rK of tin- M. !•:, Ladiet*' Aid s-o- cicty and llaiiuoay cluh. The liel lenclml, I lie hiiiulu il in ilk 'uin| Hoi'lic .Ulll .Mi's, .\lllilolil, I few (III,-, hlT<» Wllll fflcll'lH. ili'ibcit Unnvn i« vciy hick ut II(H hoiin- iiu l'*iKhUi aVi'iiiH-. 'Hi-ii AU-.M-IH went id Harmon t(»<la\ uilh iiituiy bcuutllDl, J) lioliW uf Dili it(;caHi<jii... j [GERMAN LUTHERAN ! retrlc ictuiiicd to home ill Alllola tlilH IlloruiUK HI lor U I'ew da>,s 4 Jen hi \lautict With iclatl\«-H. In ('hhajio tliJs late moling pillules of a't |-"ol t Sh'er- $p»ci«l 8»rvicu» Reformation Festival. ty Mellon), ti on, A l I!M, iiHUMliir, tilt" ItiiUI'Hltilloit l'Vhll\,il «ilh Ih" \lllit,'U,\ l:uj:>* inlllU Will bi« cchitniteii I'i ul' I.I n, |,iv' liucti't'f of ('Union, lukvn. \\W Mi* ihniuc Siiillh \veitt to <'hh ai;< iU (lid IIIUIIIU'U Ht-rvlc, ; this 4111,111111)7. behtu callfil I In 11> b,\ tin bu tiflcrtriioii *><-riilcts will Ii .«.« i UHK illiu --h ..j' h< i imh i;i,iiul'1.iiu;li \\llll l(f\. Kicbb-i • <(>r, lU'tl.v Jiuubson a noi'iiil «ucce>.n. Thu was air;intcil to iciircM>ut a room. KentooiCh of >cl!ow and hlack wjth II.MM, cat*, and owl« miMju-m|< ed vvcic u^ed in profusion and uiimi Uiv talilt-M were lioauuful lioui|ueiM of cut flower*. The ai'iernonn «an «jie|i( hi u way with muMe on Iht- \lc- o)rt Inlet njiei .-ted AlMillL live o'ejoi'k Wljlle a mal'i'll WUS France, the lUutliK ruom aulhorlih-.s will be necessary to I he, " Illoli) > . REGISTRATION HEAVY. Tho boniil of reKi>traiii,ii |>ut in u up iiu-mhcrs of iawt ycur'a llrst year H<|iiud. WISCONSIN LEVY $4,579,768. Wis,, N'ov. -I. — Thn utal* hard da\'M uoik Tuesday cleaning ,., JhM'M'riM,', 1 ! 1 !,"!, 14 V' "'" MTT"" 1 ' 1 ' Ull> laX h ' v * - '"'• I1)lli »">»M«I« to L ?i.r,7!l.7S8, m.-t ie,,iMialion day mil hrlimtn« in! a jjli K hl lucrc:iw> uvcr lust^ar, ut'- m,ii,,v the toll and ^27 men reveals Hi ji UV e their A total of **..*, ..... ,1. . .. ....*. ......If, vldltflllDllfll room «J«'t tlmt llu- wonten nr.- hi tlu> major, bo dono on tin i cording to tht- UKUIVH nt thi- depart- woman voter.* jinem ,>f wtatv. .Most uf thu tax is ' I'liuciitiurml played ladh'-s matched to. tin where >>in:ill tahh-.s werw iirrangetl am) u dainty lunch t-erved. Here uisi» the llalh>(js'e'» n din orations of Jack n'l^tiit- d-ins and |».tlier vveie u-n (1. The cU c- Irio •tiijhiM wi'le hhadeil hy }i»|lo\v j»a- l>er makiiiK n xuit m,.(i> li^ht. At thi> cl7»,-»e ot him h wlUlc thi' Kiii-wls WfVe J»lill nt the tables Mm. Neva l>eu- IMJII, h<Vlet!iry of tUc jiooipty Jtrescnt" ed the |i'i«-Hldent In Itehaif of (hi- MI-» »-lety, « half do/exi (. ilo.i) foikM for (he faithltii, (liiciMil hi i \ ii e .she had |,. tt . Mi? ha-* In id I he om«'e of j»n f-ldint of id.. La, lu,- 1 Aid »ur i« tt,- and duiTTiu that time haw e\<r the »\<l(ii, tit. Ihc M'cictJ • it he,»M. l,M.,iUn f ; li* liuideiiN and nicv t - liiL' ft > ji..s"|,oni.)bi .Mil. S K U'heel, irk ttn.s ablif to wr\ ice* lu-i'i ttill-bi' m f i oiiu home UM i-vtuljiu f«oio the hu',- JAul HnV. K/»J*|'ii Will ileluil (ilt.ll 111 r t 'hl« .t •-'«», \\l^l>' >-h( H'ielill> '» . - - suiiiniiii" i (,» an itjn-iaitiuit. That Burns Clean (< j • ^ivi'.s niurc ht-at limn i-late nnd nn'k. J>OKAI>0 Lump, Kffjr and Nut Telephony' us youf order. l_ll- I I lilf- lesjiondid lii ,| inKliiK mtuillfi thu i! vv-i", lu i i>,uu and an t.he had iinj <<\pict<'(| aiiNilimu of the Kind, xhe dlifj^o't have dlii sju , i-h hut in.Ill*- a It vv ItllHilK"-. IJtMilen (hi, j,.||a«l lorltH. M\«(al buiiqiiet> of tut llnvvet.- \\ i 11' M-lit bv Illemli uinl till' hii(.|\s>- t-i i.s that -In- v\,t>- ni'-re th.ui f ml at hv*» hofial .'(Ilt'llioiiii. . • AT McGONtGAL HOM.E FOR CORONER il Bart J, Forster Respectfully Asks Your Vote B^rt For»ter, Candidate for Coroner, \vus born in WicrliiiH; KI.iiluali-il from .Murticiiint). ColUt^e. {'hlcauo, ill IWll, While alu'lldiliK v"HcKi,> he.vvorked fnriim> of the I'lircmoHi , uiiderial.cis in (he city, j;aiiiiu*j a wide and practical cxpericiii c hi his c'hofvii proiVn.Hii»n. l>urli!K tht> pu.-<« four yc-ni-H he nude uiuu liltiuix b.\ his efllt lent and diKiutlvil MM'ii^ .IN fuiuial di- H-(t«»i, tot H A 1'i.t.vUr A. Hon-,. Johnson I umber Co, TBW5PJIOW8 NO. 88. 1 0. Y, P. U- Society Given Hallowe'en t i Social at Mt Gotiiyai Home, ' It ' IK i'i !' (mine on T ,«, ->tn> i \, >,i, »ti • \ wi ie i . , ii*.i (i ,, i,, " !„„,) •• j.r; 'I !•• ' « ' , u ,', ,. . v • ! , i. I , .] ' "' •••! i: n' i ,,|i M .. i ,j| > ], ii'f ..) * T "i *, l f *• * v* - F- ' *• " f • ' * v \ * i ; f , ' ; i i' ' , i ,i i • .' i IP i;.,. i ,,,],'•, •I U- l! i ( ,l • ! . i. n 1 ,. T . , j . n> ;. HE IS NOT A FEE GRABBER At the time iif tin "KaMlaiiil" dihiMti l.e \\ i-, culled (tin- oul\ Km bulmei Horn t> i> dij-liuu to help take ( .iie oi M,,. unfoitim.iU* \irtnns Ills .--«!•% l-i» w«u duh aiKnovtk'ilMtHl b\ Uie Hmi, 1'ctt i M lloltmaii Cniomi of i:iu, mo j.\ I, :t>i .is follow a. Mr. B#rt J. Forster, NIV 1'v'i Nil li'iiiiu the tijlni; IHHII , ot U "4" ", in ,f . i r < »li cu^',1 (iii/eli! v\ho m df- l! i n v , •> < l f' , iiMliiiil'iM-Mii.,11^ I'-M-n i 'u S.iKliit, i 11 ( ol tin iti ul '""' • 1 " 1 " 1 " «'• l itl'Hi tin (»«<('' I i, in M, l,,u, tin f o( linn ii, (< " •' '_•<•! 1 l lili.j, nobti plllp'i III tl| tl ,1 ot , tolv II, III), ^ "I '. •• It lit w n,t l> eral Director. Steflin0, III, u ' KjMi! ind ilis.c-tM lh« \ iltiahli f,« i i K i in ie 11'ojitli.-ciI Strike a Blow lor Your Own Interests —•V • . ' . lYuk'etionTro.w ofTicial abuse, extortion and impositions .can ln'st lie won by inakin.y- il known that we will ,-iand by our friends in office. - . , ** Our natural u'liardian in Sprin"Jield i> tin- Secretary of State! In that olVice. we demand Service. lndu w tr\". Com- ]ie<ence^stnd Coilratee. U'e have had all in LKWIHCj. •STKN'KXSON, who is a .candidate for re.'election'on Undemocratic ticket. Advice- /m this subject wliieh you can dejieiid upon is M'iven by the manufacturers who built your cars, the dealers who sold you your .earn, the.periodicals which speak forNvour welfare and the or^ani'/atkmK which work for your interests. Read what they say: Help Protect Yourself We, the undersigned, without regard ,to political affiliation, .indorse Secretary of State Lewis G. Stovcnaan for rc-clcc.tion, believing that in _?*.li£i!lf we are asBistinq those y/ho h.-iyo taken the jrjiUntiwo <i.nd_ !•£'!• r>_ ship in^Tegisla^Tve mattf-rs nertaTnlnfj To the Automobile, Public "Safofy and the building of Good Roads, etc. The United States Government, at the req'ue's* of and under the iltree- •tion of mir. Stevenson,, conducted an invcatiaatian of iiasolmo pump», with th« result that B2'4 of the pumut: ami measuring devices usod in Chicago and throughout the State wore-'found .to give short mensuro, which represented » lo» to the motoiiste of fjvor a MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, A state Weights and Mcntirus department yndcr the direction of such a man .'is Lcwis-O. Stfvcn:.ori woulci stop this practice. The enormous growth of the'Automobile Industry demands ths servicu of an efficient and experienced man pf the type Mr. Stevenson has shown himself to be. • " . WE FAVOR HIS RE-ELECTION Signed by the rSjIowintj; - . . ' . AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURERS By Their Companies or Atihurif ^COMPANIES liHirli Coh" '• ivuvi 1 1 U| Illni'lli- 'Huil.-iiii' lla.j.iu-x Inlri n.ilitiHal. KtllK, 1'UIJH'; l'» i'|'Icc.S Uvo St»*ari)H Statrw MANUFACTURERS O'R DISTRIBUTORS . tin- i'.ir i'!ii,'i4i;o Al.ifiat;t ; r; S. , . , t . , '''"''•I M"!<>r Co. iii-asso i ouch A f',-«r- ; I'lrwiit (.'n-rr i 'o. li;i!4i' ft,. . _„_. Thi.Jv' .1, tiay li'JIiMi ,\ul,, S. ( i,.;i Co, ..(.miK'si S'c<i\ Co, li Caiiars.. 1m.. ' ' j',. .\| < y !.* xhtaH Co. . liuiry Ni'VVHiaii, fur, .iytiiii Ki-au MUI-II JMui.!in-O«' <'.»r .^U v,;ii I-\Va.ierr Sin'i'ili'iiis'icr U,-ii|ih Tt-mi h,* \\;ilJ,.'l L Vvh'i, k- C ^ i _t • ! '• i i ii i. ^ I < ' ni^rn * ill' f' 11 is I !' i in ! I | •« ) , I.I IK,- T •• T . '' it 1 i:, t i i n 11' ' I r f . , », i i I» ' 11 I VII, I'll I i'Hl 111 it) IIIV I , \l ! i till ,\ • I t'-< sr ir t.i u n ' i *i,i ni lU, l H'l ' 'I I'l iHu \ tun ii ' , l \ i > 1! it.i I < >' t > i'i l!»lt ELECTRICS I, n«,'h .v Hail. Ht MOTORCYCLES \ldlul .\ll n ,V >U|»|,H ! *» il^i'll, b) H u Ii 1 > i iii-,.ji l Aut MII iti, M , tiiiii is • 't. lU'l) 111 llV I 1 |U,H,|tl- I In Vuioi.i \in.-Fi. in tint < Mi tni \. v> s AUTOMOBILE PUBLICATIONS ,\ 1. tin n isi V'oti i MO-, , | t >u,, . tiii ni n. i ( ; u i I tin ten AUTOMOBILE CLUBb .< n . U ' \\ f ' I l AUK ,',)OB,L t S CH jut A ; o»c for l,e\vi<? G Ste-ven«or Do'iiorratic Seenturv uf for

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