Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 15, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1944
Page 2
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Pag.e Two NAUGATUCK DAItY NEWS Record Number Expected To The Day Nursery The Natigatuck .Dny Nursery on Water street expects to have n record summer un regards number uf children cared Cor, it is Iciirnetl. .Incllcntlons nrc that within two weeks 25 children, the nursery's, capacity, will be enrolled here, The Nursery opened Monday after n 10-dtiy shutdown and It was originally expected 2fi would be enrolled tills wce.V -but the enrollment was well under this Ilgurc as some children linve not yet returned from vacations out of town. Joyful Father Kisses Baby That Was Lost "GOOD OJ.O JJAVS" Brunswick, Me. (UP) — TIic celebrated American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne studied four years at Rowdoin College at an annual tuitUin-and-rnorr, cost of $3-1. But thiil was 1822-25. As We WERE SAYING.. Army troop* tin- now tLslnyr noiip Hint It not n jump, but du I'unt petroleum product, will rcmovi! gn.'iiso and grimo It miikc-i no difference whi-tbc the wiitrr Is hot or cold, ban or nofl. And von can nhavo wit) It. While it is trui- that evor> Liburtv ship is christened with a name just liko every othei enn-goinj,' vessel—and proudij bent's It In painted letters us she slides clown thf wiiys—it is not true thfit thf letters remain. For prior to her maiden vayn the name Is "painted out" f the duration, just sn eivimy eyes cannot identify her. Yes It'* :i furf—us you limy lave riMiienibered from school la.v.t — tluit a weight dropped ro:n u liljfh ultitiidf will devl- 11 tv MMiicwhut lo the east. \Vhj'?, \vlfh tin* earth rotlit- Illf. the hi^ll puiat IN moving faster than tbe low. The clothing, shofs and, gloves of high-altitude fliers ttre wired for electricity generated locally, nnd not from the plane's electrical system. I.H llni/,1! tietuitlly liet|ilng UN In the wiir'.' YI-M. It IN a fuel that Ilra/illiin airnirn NUW ncliun over Hie .-Vii/.io bcuchjheud. Before missionary enll.crhten- ment, AJ'rican natives put to death twins, triplets, quadruplets and — when, if and us— quintuplets, because they were thought to bring bad luck. Ninigiitiick I'rr.soiiiil l.ouns are Diiidr |iroin|i<ly nn<| gcnrriiusly to people with -sli.'ady job.M. If you i|ii:illfy from tluit itnglr—and we lire -ture you do ^^•hiive no lir.sllaiicy in culling to KC'C lit. .For the Interview will lie [irivnte and held iilwolnlcly cniifldential. AmF you will lie put to no embarrassment In tiny wiiy wliiilnvrr, A full yeur will l«i given you In which to repay the loan in smiill, convenient monthly InsUillmcnlx. It will CON! you only $'t • per year per SUM) burrowed. And the life of the; iwirnnvcr will he iii.surcd for the unpaid Imlance and for tin.- life of the loan at no additional cost. If Inconvenient to call, either write us, or phone 22*11 and MN); for Mr. Wllmot. ,::,x*Jm g;i&l»««? Car Engines To Run 150,000 Miles Seen By ;O,HABI,K.S T. PEABSON United. FJCBH .Staff Correspondent Report Turks toy Join Allies Though J3arh:ir:i Anne Hcrmx to, tills is 11 HCJHC of happy and (earful reunion pictured OH Walter Goggin. s«, >'ew Vorli iiliimhvr's hulpnr, kissed his Nuvuii'inontliN-uld daughter In'the arms uf a mrrMO ut tin- >"ev/ York Foundling no.spltal .when the baby WJM returned by the police, safe and Hoiind, 'twenty-^ four hours after her iibdiiction from the infants ward, of tin; hospital. -The' child Is a temiiorury JTUCHt! thore while her mother IN undergoing un ojwration. Joan Schluttur, 2i), former Jersey City, N. j'., Hhlp-f yard welder, who was found with the child in n routed room, Is said to-have confessed taking Barbara ' - • . Anne bocauso she wuntoj a ljuby. (International),; !.. :;.7''-•".".-' ' :' 2Minnesotans Show Ingenuity In Farm Devices (UP) — The Fred— Tn reply to his teacher's query, "What Is the meaning of v.he word "rmit"imnriy ''," John sr*ld, "My dad says it isn't a word, it's a sentence. Today's unerdote: I)r. .lohnNnri WIIN aNked by Miss Hrooke—a unthori'.x.H—to rend n play she had writtun •• called "The Singe- of- Slniopt." In un offhiind iiiitnniT F)IC- -Informed thr* doctor'tliat • Hhe wiinte,<l his erUicixin liccnu.Hi- she hud t<in inikny .IroiiH In- th*> fire to Klve Imr pluy the correction It might need.. Without. t-.\pre,sslng any curlo.ilty about the manuscript. Ihp, doctor replli'd, "Jn that cii.te, Muduin, I would say: I'ul your trngcdy where your' irons aro." A • manufacturer of paper parachutes, now bolng used to drop supplies to our troops, plans to continue production after the war, so that uir nifill and small cxprrss packngrs mny be delivered In like manner. Jlvnionilirr when "simokoless" powder WIN n Kcnsiitlon? Well. our government Is now i-xpcri- mfiitlin,' wllh 11 "fliisthlc.H*" powder, NO thnt the t-nrmy cannot •put our gun* nt night. Our tot«I war production Is now cqunl to thnC-of the rent of the world. • ' • ' • Suld Ururp Burton: "Conceit Sod'* Rift to llttlti .men." Is TlfE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Deposit ln»u ranee Corporation St. Paul, Minn. brothers Certen—Jid and I are farmers. They are also natural- horn tinkeres. a knack which they utilize to make their farming both successful and interesting. Only SO acres of their farm are in cultivation, but they raise such items as celery, which grosses upward of $800 an acre In poor years, and maybe .-S.1,200 to SI.500 in betters years. Hence, i; was worth the Gertens' time and effort to improvise a six-row celery sprayer — a device which draws both the idly curious find the professionally interested from miles around. One of the things they did to create the contraption was to remove the rear part of a 1D-I1 Ford, put it on backwards, and equip it with big tractor wheels, thus geared down to a spread of 1 1-2 to 3 miles an hour. On the chasis arc carried ti barret container for the spray solution, a pump to eject it at 3fiO pounds: pessuro per square Inch, and a gasoline engine to power the pump. Underneath is slung a pipe with six jets, one for each row. For men of such bent it was no trick to reclaim a six-acre tract of low land which in dry ynnrs hue! been a slough and in v.'ft ycai-s, a lake. With a power- shovel, they threw up a dam GOO feet long to cue off drainage from ibove. The dam comprises about 30,000 cubic beet of clay and gravel, borrowed from a neighboring hill. Another of their improvisations, is a miniature loader, which in four or live scoops of a half ton each, loads a spreader. Coast Plans 1-4 Billion For Public Works GFs Destined For Continent Eat The Best By IIEXNJSX HACKKTT United 1'ross SUiff Corre.s]iondcnt Sacramento (U P)— ; The slate of California already has set aside funds or made preliminary provision for more than a quarter billion dollars worth , of public works to be constructed in the immediate 1 postwar period, and, according to assc'mhly .speaker Charles W. Lyon, no\v has become "the leading state in the nation" in postwar planning. In a June special session the State Legislature boosted the authorized stale program to ?13S,- S-10,000 and appropriated $10,000,000 for county aid. which will lay the groundwork for a ,5225,000,000 postwar program. The Legislature also appropriated directly a total of S3,100,000 for immediate preparation of plans and nearly $-1,000,000 for building sites, so that the program itself will be ready to go \vhon the ends. The state program will include building of new educational facilities at the University of California and three of the state colleges, new state olllce buildings in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco, three new mental institutions, a revamping oi' the state Capitol and a brand .now governor's mansion. The construction will be paid for out of the treasury's rapidly growing surplus. The treasury's "postwar employment reserve" before the session had built up a balance of some ?31,OOO.OCO, and since I hen the Legislature has transferred an additional $75,000,000 to i the reserve. The surplus, exclusive of the latter figure, is c.\- Dcotcd to reach $G'.,000,000 by July 1, 30-10. The $10,000,000 county aid bill is for the state's share of building JJy DUniJiy ANN HARMON Unilcd Tress Slaff Correspondent London (UP)—If your'cr is short of steak those days it may bo troops arc waiting here to embark for Europe are treated to four-day ftjasts in their marshaling areas." The U. S. Quartermaster Service has revealed lo the :Unitcd Press that special menus arc prepared for these men featuring' .cx'.ra hasty items before 'Jicy switch to operational rations. They get chicken every four", days, pork chops every four days, smoked ham every other day anc roasl. beef or steak every olhci clay. Fruit is served at every mcaJ Hot cukes, bacon, French, toast and pork sausage arc on .the menu.-;. F.ruil. and candy are included. J':iratrooi>crs Fed Diet Paratroopers wore fed on a. special ciiot for nine day.-i before .day hi ordar to prevent sloniach cramps following high pressure'of high-alliludu flight. Accent feeding problems, outside the marshaling area concern Moslem-French allies, our own casualties, Italian volunteer labor battalions and German jjrisoncrs of wa r. Some of the French-Moslem unils supplied by the U. S. Army i-u- ijuired entirely without pork. .Menus had to be translated 'into French. Spaghetti for Kalians : Volunteer" Italian labor battalions serving with Allied-forces in Euorpe enjoy the same meal as American soldiers wiih an increased spaghetti ralion. German prisoners aro fed by the same slundnrd as Allied forces in Britain, wit-h. the issue of bread and potatoes increased to conform sites and preparation of plans. I v.'ilh thuir natinal eating tiabi!.s. About 5028,000 of the total is. nn outright grant, requiring no matching. Counties will contribute approximately half of the balance. Funerals PIERPONT'S i'in >iiH'U*ty. sTi;r,r,T Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 William A. Fultncr The funeral of William A. ,Ful- mcr, 61, of Ifil Meadow street, who died at the Watcrbury hospital, Tuesday, was held Friday in yVil- liamsport, Pa., with burial in Wildwood cemetery there. Joseph O'Mcaro. The funeral of Joseph O'Mcara, who died Wednesday ut the home- of his nephew, Robert Irvinp, HI Spriii;,- street, was held this morn- inz at 9:15 a. in. from the Fitz- Kcrcild funeral' home, 320 North Mnin street, to St. Mary's church at 30 o'clock, where a requiem Mass will be celebrated. Burial Mass wa« celebrated. Burial was in St.' James' cemetery. Foodstuffs shipped -to J,h.c Normandy beaches are marked in lu- minuos paint with the proper menu number so that t-hoy can bo rapidly unloaded in the dork-ness and served al the proper meal. (TJP)—Automob'iles that will run 150,000 miles , or more wil.hout rcborlniLT or replacing onl- gln'c iblo<:ka 'are .predicted by"-the Budd ..Induction Heating Co., Inc., thix>ugrh' heal,' .treatment, of' cylinder •walls-'-and .'.bcarlnp.- surtacos! -ChiefEnE-linreer Howard E. Somes' revealed', that' -heat-treated cylin-' rlfers used 'by'.l,hc'Caterpillar Tractor .Co!, Peorl-a,^111., -under severe wartime- condition?' have stood up ihrcc to 10 llmos'.as -long' us untreated-cylinders. 1 •"To pnacngei' car' o.wners, this means • that- an automobile empinc that .formerly 'ibad ah average life of ' 50,000': miles c;ln fc;; expected to ,1'uh ';at; IcoetvlSOIOOO miles un- :lcr hormal conditions' without' excessive; wear," "Somes-said; ''•.'• Oi'dinury : -'goo<l -quality cast iron, tn'owir'^to'-.thc' indu»try.;' as '-"gray ron"; ;i -takos'"on l.he..quality of• hard; li'tccl through induction'h'uat'Ixeal-. m-onl.,;,-.Somes »aid, ! ; wlth standard procedirrcB Nthdt "•griy.e "-the "costing Tile-.hardness • at. 'a-predetermined .depth \w.liere- needed. .*•'•' •' •' •;" - 1 ."'-.:.NoV;. 1 tJiK!d 1 '-ln : Muullioiu>-'' " : " ; •Dcyclppcd'. 'over io""years of 're- searcli;-','induction heating: of'.in-' side diameters first used by Budd commercially -in ; 1937 ' to " harden-1 in-lcBra/---bearing -''races in - Ford rear .hUjba. V" " . "Formerly:' bearing ' 'races were pre's'sed"'in,'""'Somes : said. ' ".Now 1 they arc'part of ; the (.hub iLac'if; precision gr.pund after Jiardc.ning. They are-in-perfect alignment and cain^L creep, as tilio old ones somc- -t-im.-)3- did," •" In the plant, .where powerful generators produce high-frequency iilliM'-naAing cui-ron-l, ^omes showed the procoit> in opci-ation, now concentrated 'oj-.i ]>roduction of muni- lions, An induction Icoil,"slightly smaller than the inside of the part lo be- hardened, goes Jnside the piece for on^' and one-half -l.o two .•seconds, followed immediately with "quenching" by cold water, con- t roiled for temperature nnd amount. PTOCONS Is Automatic A single operation, the process is largely automata; and completely conl'rollcd for current, "time, temperature-' and depth' 'and area of hardness. When removed'from the machine' after bardening, the piece Xyill show any defects in the original • nietal to the naked- eye wllhoul- jnicroi'copic examination or other tests. "Until the advent of the Budd .Co. process, inside' treating wns ;r_o.t considered commercially prac- 't'icable," Somes-p-aid. "By i.his method," now' in doily production, 'we raise' -the" temperature' of metal fro'm 70 degrees room tempera- •rmin Tin • nrf Flfhtlnf ••AM»k to^A^M liAV* Horse Market Thrives Amid War Plants mi "-rrm'i""' > * .*!'*" By CirARLKg T. " 't'mm HlAff Detroit (UP^-F.YtorT^ cm" nrc among the best ^ ' ' of Julius Jacobs,-, who doei' \nx biiaincH* aim out In u,. of Chryjilcr Corp.'» ..«- goto "plant—Mlltng ' Factory farmer* nrc -war. who J.arm « smnll p»tch of Jacobs explained/ Four'\ of them chip, in together V work home for $7B' or Mi, «prlnu and nummcr, ' sell it to a horre u«c or dog meat, horse.- ' '•: No war baby. Jacob,has operated In the nun 31 -years, 'he Bald, and s good, thank- -you. A ''dlHpiitch -fjom' AnJtarn ' Unit conference* am beinif held be- and "Britain which may .twccn.' rcprtiienUtlvCN 'of Turkey,- Humln. - lliind'.to Tiirklitlr'piirUcijiutloii !ln the war before the end of hummer. Should thl» : Occur,'mlUl«ryol)servorN point out that- a scrioti of land, Neii and 'air drlvcii could nc carried out that would KO a lonjf way toward eventual "defeat- of' 'the ynisls. Kuiwiun troops could drive •Moiithwiird* (•!•)' 'UirodKh : Romania and Bulgaria to meet TurkUli troop* '(•S); lliiKsian-and-'Turklnh naval and uir units operation* In the Black «;n''- ; (2) nilirht drive on the BalkaiiH. Allied troops from Iraq and Iran (4) could reinforce 'Initial land driven alonjf with British and French troop* (5) .now' baned In Syria. Xa/.l-occiipied l»land« (C) off •T,urkey Vkould be wide open for a coordinated attack from Alexandria and Turkey. . (International) . New Jacket Designed For Gl's In Europe Philadelphia — CUP) — A new .wool field jacket, designed primarily for combat use but adaptable for dress, is planned for -U. S. troops in the European theater of operations, tho ' Philadelphia Quartermaster depot has announced. The new jacket, to take the olive drab coat, is designed along lines similar to the English battle lue to 1,600 and 1,300 decrees'Fch- rcn'he'it .in one 'to one'-arid- one- half seconds." " ' ' Arnon^: postwar 'automotive ap- plicalions "of the : ' proces;i Somes listed'- Lrcavment of -c'ng-inc components made as integral • piu-Ls j such as bca'rinp races, vaJvc scats, internal Rears'and splines.' 1 While a'bettor product 'is • the fJrsL considcp-a.l.ion, ' -said mass production of induction- hardened pa.rls inevitably will result in lower -iTost and .1 far superior automobile lor a comparable price. New Tungsten Plant Boosts U. S. Output Blood Pressure Gauge Devised For Blind Doctor New York (U P)—A sightless Philadelphia doctor's inability .to read bloo_d pressure gauges has been solved .by an ingenious instrument devised by the American Foundation for the Blind, The instrument, un adaptation of the standard spring blood pressure measuring device, was made by J: O. Klebcr. sound engineer of the Foundation, after Dr. Robert- B; Irwin, sightless executive director, Quits Cigar Rolling After 65 Millionth |; SNACK and $O QQ I SNIFTER SET ^•^ CJ STRISIK'S | CJO'TKR ST. DIAL .'{-2702 , — S !• E C I A I. — M-riKCE S/l KA ; SET (for fi).--/ £r»'OU CCHNEER'S *^ CfctOIT JEWELERS ** IT JEWELERS * Main St. — 4-2::6 Cleveland CU P)—Mike Giekler, Cleveland's oldest ciyo.r maker — i-n Ihe business for 72 years—rolled his GC'.ih millionth clgn.r, then an- nou-ni-cd his i-ctircmcnt. "My wife and son," h-c said, '"have been after me 'to make me qui.t workijisr, so I'm iayloff off l.hough I am only 91." SOCRATES WASN'T ENOUGH 'Toledo, O. (UP)—A judpc refused to Krant a '28-yej.r-old wife a divorce from her husband recently because he persisted in reading a story about Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher who had a nay- £?inR wife, day in and day out. But he did Krant a decree after the woman tokl him that, -in addition her husband beat her "often and severely,'-' There are more ,tiha.n 100 jycysnrs and 4,000 hot springs in Ycllo-.v- stoao fiatiomU pai'k. had received a request from Prof: O. H. Perry, Ohicf 'of- the. medical clinic of the University of'Penn- sylvania hospital. Professor Perry wrote that he • had an '-excellent 'man on his staff who had become totally blind, but 1 was carrying-, on -his work in "marvelous fashion," but was handicapped by inability to rend blood pressures. Klobcr explained how the standard spring: pauKo was altered .to enable the blind physician to find the position of thei indicating nee 1 die. "This needle is much more fragile than' the hand of an ordinary pocket watch and cannot be touched .without rlamapc. To make it possible to discover the location of this needle by touch, a small plastic fiber bristle was cemented to it, This bristle then was allowed to project pproximately .one-sixteenth of'an .Inch through a-.cii;cin cut in the pastic crystal . which covers the dial, On -this-.crystal, we have-fixed Braille 'dots to-correspond with tho various.indication.!! on'the .dial of the instrument," Klcber believes that this plo could be acla-ptnd-to .other gauge instruments, enabling the bind to r.cad them without interCcring -with the sensitivity .of the.instrument. Towanda, Pa. (U P)—Tunpstcn. one of the oddest, rarest and most valuable of'metals, is being produced on a lai-Rc scale in the new Sylvania Electric products plant, 'on the outskirts of this town in northern Pennsylvania. So rare it must bo .imported from China, Australia and South America, tungsten ore is received at the factory in huge barrels and goes through a complicated process before it is refined to the point where it can be used as an irreplaceable war metal. It is used as a core in armor-piercing bullets and shells, armor -plate, g'n n breeches nnd as erosion-resistunt liners in 'heavy ordnance. It also has wide use in electronics, where It becomes filaments, cathodes, anodes, etc. Unlike other metals, tungsten cannot be melted and worked from liquid, but must bo reduced to powder, after multiple steps. When it finally is worked into a square slug it is "hot-swaged"—that is, dealt successive .dainty_ blows by scores, o fsma.ll strokes ijisidc a die which reduces the slug to wire, dress, a garment which '1:13 proved practical on tho European front. High ranking American generals have found- this jacket satisfactory, the depot sadi. •The new field blouse will bo made of IS-ouncc wool serge of olive drab shade. It will be lined with twill- and features a convertible collar which may be turned up tightly around the ' neck. The jacket features four pockets, with -box pleats giving the two outside pockets greater capacity. For the first time in 30 years, the enlisted man's jacket will feature two Inside breast pockets. The packet will feature an oxtra- •,vidc back to permit freedom of action, but will have a snap fastener and buckles at' the waistband to provide tight ".closure at the hips and afford greater warmth. A fly front with concealed buttons will prevent buttons catching .on brush or equipment. The jacket wjll. feature an ..extra-. tho couqn field jacket used in warmer climates. Green Mountain Boy Saves Battalion On Saipan Island Saipan. Marianas Islands, July ]5—(UP)—A youthful descendant of Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys is credited with saving an entire Marine battalion on Saipan island. He is Corporal Pat How- of Fail-field, Vermont. Marine sources say that Howripan saved the unit from annihilation when it was caught in an open field by the sudden appearance of four enemy tanks firing at pointblank :'angc. The situation was so serious that reinforcements were being rushed from the beachhead. But by the time of their arrival Howrigan had personally taken the situation in land. His commanding officer said that his mortar fire was so accurate that he kept the advancing tanks bracketed in hot lire until they wheeled and withdrew. The Marines, unsupported by American tanks, lost several men before the Vcrmonlcr's counter-attack drove away the enemy. .70 head n. day. - - ' - lUdJnr Honm In "Best buninciiB today horses," he said.' "People money than they know do wilb. Lots'of" big Michigan now have two, heud' of riding ''hoi fore 'they didn't : have':'_ rationing help* too." a w ; Good riding home*'today ^ anywhere from .1100 ; lo' |JOO? auction, he MJd, -with ''»•'."gigi" market for broke Western ponia sent here by train or truck ft™' Montana, Nebraska and -Wyoming Jacobs himself is proprietor nuctioneer and the hired-help>06- auction days every Friday detln fro ma] over the state briny their, own help or pitch in to horses around the ring. : Though almost within distance of the Ford Motor ~CoY' Dearborn p -1 a n i, the barn hit authentic atmosphere. You cu almost see the Ix>ne Ranger io<)l£ in gcalm and p.urpo«ctul.-«r ta»L Gene Autry caroling about ^ brush and desert moons. ,v ForcVls of Cunada mated 600 million acres. SC11OL.-VR UKSl'ITE HANDICAP Pratt,. Kan.—(UP)—Paul Watson, who has spent the past 1-i years in a wheel chaii-, ranked highest in the graduation class of I he Pratt hiph school this veal-. Watson also won the VFW essay contest here several years and was winner in n stale contest on essay writing:. He has bcrn pushed to and from school by 17 i>oy chums. IX .O.UR GIFT DEPARTMENT TABLE and BOUDOIR LAMPS Splendid Selection .'NAUGATUCK HARDWARE XEAUV BUILDINGV Tel. 5212-'^'t Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment BOMB 'EM WITH BOMBS Victor — Columhla"— Decoi Records v •SWAN -" ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCir ST. TEt. 1WI NOTICE! TO GOB X.MJGATVGK STORE CUSTOMERS! Due to war time conditions, we nre compelled to close our JVau- Kutuck store. c.\r.L us For the day our Route -Man will bo on your Htrect., Free Telephone Service For•NiiiiKatuck*'.Customer,!!. ' Call Enterprise 4700 SHALETT-LUX I.aundbrers"— Dry ClennorB 28 E; Main St., Waterbury Main 0«lco & Plant, ' ".' 2Z~'JValnut St. ICxt. " . .Wutcrtowji — : Naujfatiich-. ; - .,., Middlcbury ,. -... Silver may-be-drawn finer-than 'human hair. into iiifd' W .Cakes A 'Specialty " CITY BAKERY 171 Maple'Street • .TEL. 3678 WANT ADS GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT! If you're looking- for curtains or a dining- room suite, .advertise in. the Wanted To Buy column. Anything-.can be'found" through a Wanted • To Buy AD - arid the NEWB is the best place to^hunt for it. Rates are small but the results are.larg-e.'"."" "'"' "" *• * »»•«;,?«•«? CALL for a AD

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