Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 16, 1968 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1968
Page 9
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FEB....1.6. lit 00 Parry Maaoti "Bridegroom 1 ' <hoo McHale's N&vy"CounfcryClubOapef" 5-.30 CBS Evening News (C) 6s00 ARKLA News - Ooorga Moore (C) 6s15 Safoway Weather-BlllWltchelllC) 6s20 Sports Camera « Jim Landers (C) 6t25 Late tfewfl Roundup (C) 6:30 Wild, Wild West CBS (C 7:30 Oomer Pyle-USMO CBS (C) 8:00 Friday Might Movie (C) "A Man Called Peter"-Richard Todd, Jean Potera, Marjorle Rambeau /.,» 10:15 News - George Moore (C) 10t2§ AP&L Weather-Bill Mitchell (C) 10:30 Sports Eye - Jim Landers (C) 10:k£ Channel 11 Academy Theatre(C) "Untamed"-Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward,.Richard Sgan 12:l<-5 Late News Roundup 12:50 Sign Off SATURDAY. FEB. 17 5i55 Sign On/Program Highlights 6»00 Sunrise Semester CBS 6J30 Farm Roundup (C) ^ 7:00 Captain Kangaroo CBS (C) 8:00 Mr. Magoo (C) 8:30 The Herouloids CBS (C) 9:00 Shaazan CBS (C) 9:30 Space Ohost CBS (C) 10:00 Moby Dick/Mighty Mightor CBS 10:30 Superman-Aquaman Hr.Adven.CBS 11:30 Deputy Dawg & His Friends (C) 12:00 Tommy Trent Show (C) 12:30 Road Runner CBS (fO 1:00 Saturday M»Mn«e-"Beau Brummel Stewart Granger, Ellz. Taylor 3:00 Oby ijoir oJiHUbio vu i £:00 Championship Wrestling (C) 5:00 Ernest Tubb (C) 5:30 CBS Sat. News (C) 6:00 News, Weather, Sports (C) a:30 The Jackie Oleason Show CBS (C 30 My Three Sons CBS (C) 00 Hogan's Heroes CBS (C) 8:30 Petticoat Junction CBS "(C) 9:00 MannLjc CBS (0) 10:00 News (C.) . 10:10 AP&L Weather-Bill Mitchell (C) 10:15 Sports Eye - Jim Land,ei;s ,(. c ) 16:30 Chanh"'' ^ Ao**«n-r Thear,r« (C) 12:05 12:10 6:55 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 lllOO 11:30 12100 12«30 12l k5 1:00 3:30 £:00 5:00 5:30 6100 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:00 101 00 10:15 10OO 12iOO "Way of a Oauoho"-Rory Calhoun Richard Boone, Gene Tierney Late Newb noundup Sign Off SUNDAY. FEB. 16 Sign On/Program Highlights Sunrise Semester CBS Frankenstein Jr. it The Impossibles CBS (C) Tom & Jerry CBS (C) Underdog CBS (C) Jonny Quest CBS (C) Sunday Church Service - Christ Episcopal Church Camera Three CBS (C) Faith for Today (C) The Answer (C) . . Face the Nation CBS (C) Big Picture (C) Social Security in Action Changing Timea National Hookey League Game CBS Littlest Hobo - Dark Encounter Duddy Waller Show (C) - SHU vs. U. of A. 21at Century CBS (C) Lone Star Sportsman (C) Lassie CBS (C) Gentle Ben CBS (C) Ed Sullivan Show CBS The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour CBS (C) Mission Impossible CBS (C) News and Weather (C) CBS Sunday News (C) Channel 11 Academy Theatre "Lore is Better Than Brer"- ElUabeth Taylor, Larry Parka, Josephine Hutchinson Sign Off FEMUARV 16 6f30 Wild, Wild West 1 130 Oomer Pyle, USMC 8tOO CBS Friday Night Movie "The World Of Henry Orient," Paula Ptentiss, Peter Sellers lOtOO News/Erwin 10:25 Weather/Griffin 10(30 The Late Movie "People Will Talk," Gary Grant, Jeanne Grain 12»00 Weather/Vespers SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1.7 6i30 Agriculture USA 7iOO Pappa John Saturday Show 8)00 Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles 8:30 The Herculoids 9i00 Shazzan v 9:30 Space Ghosts 10:00 Moby Dick 10i30 Superman/Aquaman Hour Ilt30 Jonny Quest 12(00 The Lone Ranger 12:30 The Road Runner 1(00 Children's Film Festival 2(00 Championship Bowling 3(00 CBS Golf Classic 4(00 Saturday Afternoon Movie "The Creature Walks Among Us Jeff Morrow, Rex Reason 5(30 CBS Evening News 6(00 Channel 12 News/Weather 6(30 Jackie Gleason 7(30 My Three Sons 8(00 Hogan's Heroes 8:30 Petticoat Junction' 9:00 Mannix 10(00 Channel 12 News/Weather 10:30 The Late Movie "Bag'dad," Maureen O'Hara, Paul Christian 12:00 Weather/Vespers AM-PM SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18 6:30 The Christophers 7 j 00 Pappa John Sunday Show 8:00 Tom & Jerry 8:30 Underdog 9:00 Hallelujah Train 9:30 Farm & Home 10i00 Camera Three ibiab This Is The Life il«00 First Methodist Church 12:00 Senator Long Report 12:15 Face The Nation 12:45 Kiplinger Changing Times 1:00 Hockey Game Of The Week Detroit Red Wings/Chicago Black Hawks 3:30 Perry Mason 4i30 Amateur Hour 5:00 21st Century 5:30 Channel 12 News/Weather 6:00 Lassie 6:30 Gentle Ben 7:00 Ed Sullivan 8:00 The Smothers Brothers 9:00 Mission Impossible 10:00 News/Norton-Clements 10:15 CBS News/Reaaoner 10:30 Secret Agent 11:30 * The Mormon Choir 12:00 Vespers MONDAY FEBRUARY 19 MONDAY. FEB. 19 JJ 6>2d 6i30 7iQO 130 9(00 9l30 iQlOO 10f30 111 00 Ul25 UI30 UIU5 12100 HQQ Sign On Economics (Men, thru - Sunrise Semester (Fri.) Arkansas A.M, with Local * State News (C) QBS, Morning News ArfcuniM A.M, (C) Captain Kangaroo CBS (C) Qandid Cwiera CBS (C) Th« BtTtrly HUlbiUUfl QBS Andy ef Mayberry CBS Tht Pte^ Van Pyke Show QB§ Love of Life CBS (C) CBS Mi4wpa 7 N*wa Search f9P Tcworrow QBS (C) Th« a«idtng Ltght CB3 (Q) B7§ PR ArkinfM (6) A» tht ¥o r ;4 Tumi CBS (c) if ng QBS (C) 2125 2|3P 3100 UIQG 5100 1 1 30 6100 MS T° ftU fete fruib SBJ (c) egg Afttrn9°n >•¥• fbf £JSi 9f Mil&t 6P§ (6) 0§F8i BWMt*** ftttl* fciWf°Fi ftm Knelt 'fcsw i.tRwy 1 sea Vavi §). , K°9pa (?) 'll il S NEWEL KAY BROWN Appearing with the Henderson State College Orchestra February 20 will be the new conductor of that group. Newel Kay Brown received his Ph. D in composition and theory at Eastman School of Music, Rochester, N.Y. In 1967 just previous to accepting the position of orchestral director and Instructor In theory and composition at Henderson State College. He received his BFA and MtfA degrees from the University of Utah and completed additional graduate work at the University of California Berkely before go- Ing to Germany as a missionary for the Morman Church. • r During his two and one-half years there he organized and di- DAVIS BILL from Page One scheduled to attempt to resolve the differences. the senate*passed bill earlier In the week calls for the election of 100 delegates using the 1965 House apportionment, The House measure called for the election of 100 delegates using the 1967 House apportionment, the Senate bill would allow at least one delegate tor every county, but those favoring the House measure claim the upper chamber's version would violate the U.S. Supreme Court's one- man. one*vote ruling, Sen. Guy Jones of Conway ln« trodufied a resolution proposing that all legislation concerning the qualifications of Davis to serve as State Police director be delayed until the state Supreme Court announced Its decision on a contempt citation against Davis, Davis was Jailed Dec. 6 for about 24 hours when Circuit Judge William J. Klrby cited reeled two music youth festivals and directed a male chorus which toured major cities In West Germany. Dr. Brown has composed several chamber works while at Henderson, some of which will soon be published. He and his wife, Myrna, and three children reside In Arkadelphla. The program will begin at 8:00 in the High School Auditorium. 3 Pilots Released by Enemy WAsHtfrotoN (Ai») - the State Department received word from Vientiane^ Laos, to* day that three American p'liets who had been daptured by North Vietnam have arrived at the Laotian capital on their way to freedom, State Department officials said that the first message re* porting the arrival did not give the names of the men. It was assiimed by these offl* clals that they were the same men whose names had been glv« en by North Vietnam when the Intention to release them was announced In January, At that time the three were Identified as Air Force capt. John David Black of Johnson City, Tenn., Air Force Maj. Morris Miller Overly of Detroit and Navy Ensign David Paul Matheny, who joined the service at South Bend, Ind, him for contempt for falling to identify a confidential informant. After vigorous debate, the resolution failed. The House rushed through the minimum wage bills with little opposition* Amendments ex- from One ..._. Johnson tea eon* no decision 6f that nt» the geetetflfy added ft further eomrtj«M by tbe pfess aldei George Christian: ."I fflfgnt add that lrfespt>nsl« ble discussion and speculation ftfe a dtssefviee to the country and I doftH Intend to say any thing mof e about the subject," Rusk's answer, made publle Thursday by the Slate Depart* fnent, ended on that hole, with* out a direct reply to Fulbttght's question, Pulbright said a statement by Chairman Earle G. Wheeler of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had left the impression nuclear weapons would be used If needed, Gen, Wheeler, asked Wednes* day If nuclear weapons might be used iff needed to defend the U,S, stronghold at Khe Sanh, said he didn't think such weapons would be required there, Former Vice President Richard M, Nixon suggested Thursday that Wheeler might have been "trying to keep the enemy In some doubt as to what he emptlng drivers of laundry trucks from the provisions of the bill were attached to each while an amendment excluding farm workers was placed on one (SB62) but defeated on the other (SB61). m* §, aratel? by newsmen, SIM f Mif sday use ef fwciew ons a the taf aevef has diseased fet the idfl MeNaffiftfg aisa defense of Geru William G, Westmoreland, VA la Vietnam, termed Sen, Stephen M, Voaft Youfif told the Senate west. ntoteland has been "<»**ftj Sid Totitgsnefftted" by the North Vietnamese in their latest offensive Mti should be fetnoved, Kep» Glenn Davts, R«Wls«, said J ln Milwaukee that Westmoreland will be removed from command by Easter and tore- cast an attempt "to make him the scapegoat of the Vietnam war," Davis said his information came from a very reliable White House source, Another Wisconsin Republi* can, Rep, Vernon Thomson, echoed Davis and further forecast Westmoreland would be "elevated to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1 ' McNamara told newsmen criticism of Westmoreland, whose leadership he termed brilliant, was totally unjustified. And Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said he feels Westmoreland Is doing "an excellent Job, all things considered," Mansfield said he has heard no serious talk of replacing the general. 6 i 25 6:25 6 i 55 7:05 7 i 30 8(00 9iOO 9:30 10 i 00 10:30 11 i 00 U»25 11«30 11,45 12 i 00 I2j30 liOO it 30 It30 2 i 00 2i25 2.30 3 i 00 3,30 4 ( 00 5 « 00 b f 30 6(00 6 1 25 6; 30 7 i 30 8 t OQ §;30 IOU5 10i4Q 10:45 Ui45 Economics (Mon-Thur) Across The Fence (Fri) Your Pastor CBS News /Bent i Bob & His Buddies Captain Kangaroo Candid Camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy Of Mayberry Dick Van Dyke Love Of Life CBS News /Bent i Search For Tomorrow Guiding Light Newt/Oven A§ The World Turns Love !• A Many Spl.ndored Thing Houie Party * 2/20 Only - Piliibury Bake- Off To T«ll The Truth CBS N«WWw«rdi Edge Of Night S«er«t Storm GiUignn'i I • land Rawhide Navy CBS Monte measure sea (Q) Ueathfr/Beiton. 6vmiB9kt The Ittcy §h°w Andy GrtffUh Monday Night Meviff Qteitiii°ni* VyMn, Show PAY SIMCE 1*43 ^>- (AP) -Bgnton ash April hosts visitors coming for'Tatpr Pay, marking the opening of the spring sessions of the Marl COMnty. Court. It is ^ since I8-J3. _ li Paw.? f'OpllPmrt WW* SS t S i Only MPIII-B«» •" The C«FPl §§§ Hunt R e* MerPHFy THE TRADING POST 305 • 315 - 325 East Third Si

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