Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 15, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1895
Page 2
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A KNIFE in the hand of n Surgeon jpvts yon a ftelinj? of horror and drtfld. There is no longer utrcewity for its use in ninny diseases fonn- ' erly regarded as iucurable wiLhoui culling. The Triumph of Conservative Surgery in well ill us*, rated by the fact that : or Breach, is now radically RUPTURE: I is now cured without the knife and without pniii. Clumsy, chnfinK trusses can be thrown away ! They never cure but often induce inflummntion, Htransnlliition anfl death. TUMOR'S Ow'rmti, Hibroid (Uterine) and • UJMvJIXOj many others, are now removed without the perils of cutting operations. DM P TIIMftP^ however large. Tis- rlL.L< I Ul'll/l\O, tu ; a ;in<i other diseases of the lower bowel, tire permanently cured without pain or resort to the knife, ^TONF '" " le nl "dder. no matter how lurge, ^»"!"*-» i s crushed, pulverized, washed out and perfectly removed without cutting. €TI?lfTIIPP ol " Urinary I'assage is also •Ol IVIVl UI\C removed without cutting- in hundreds of cases, I-'or pamphlet, references . and all particulars, send 10 cents Jill stamps) to World's Dispensary Medical Association, No. 663 Main Street, Duflalo, N. Y. MOTHERS *nd those soon to become mothers, •hould know that Dr. Picrcc's Favorite Prescription robs childbirth of its tortures, terrors and dangers to both mother and child, by aiding nature in preparing the system tor parturition. 1 Thereby "labor" and the period of| confinement are greatly shortened. It also promotes iccrction of an abundance of nourishment for the child. Mrs. DOKA A. GtrriiKiR, of Oaklfy, Overton Co., • Tenn., writes: "When I bewail taking Dr. Pierce's K-ivorite Prescription. 1 wns not able to •tandon my feet without min~c.rimr almost death. Now I tie all my housework, wushin^, cooking, MwinK and everything for my family of eijrlit, lam stouter now thtm r have been in six years. "Your ' Favorite Prescripliou ' is the best to take before confinement, or at least it proved so with me. I never suffered so little with any of my Children .is I did with inv last." MIKADO TELLS. Imperial Edict Informs Japanese Nation of Treaty Compromise, the fjnltl tti North ..\littmmu. AXOufiA. Turin., .May 1-1.—North . Alabiitnu is; greatly excited Over a find of gold on Siintu. creek. near Outliers- Tille, Marshall county, Ala. A vein has been struck said to be 3 feet deep, itncl it is slated on authority ol the leading-citizens of that county that the precious metal has been found in paying quantities. Surprliwd by tin Increniiu. WiL.yiscrrotf, Del., May 14.—Two hundred men in the Delaware iron .works were taken by surprise when 'they found 10 per cent, increase in their envelope*. They were informed that the improvement in the iron trudo made the increase in wages possible. THE MAliKETS. firnlu, JITovlnloDi, Ktc. CHICAGO, May 14 FliOUB—lu fair rcquoMt and tlrm. Quotuhla II follows: Winter—Patents, ta.lKX33.SO; ; »WnI«hts, !&.75a300; clours, $J.H5t«,UO; .seconds, ji.lX>ifci2S: low crudes, J1.7BSJI.DO. Spring —Patents, $3.40<J3.(K); MtraiKbts, JJ.7M«3.I5; b»kor>,-. $l.S5J42.Xi: low grades, tl.n&l. 90; KoU Dog, iM.tfsai.'Si Kyo. Jj,r5aa.-'0. '. WilKAT—Unsettled and hl^'hor. Iiilr trading. No. 2 cash, tH,4K.U-i?>c: Way, ftiM&iMjje; July, N— Moderately iicUvo nnd lower. No. 2, No ^ Yellow, 60«ja5IJ.lc; May, 5C July, i"0|hi'85I«o; Soiitonib-jr. DI"j!iS .SI2{c: .Dccumuor, -41-iic; May. vM. Jliii-i-Uc. OATS— ilodcrutcly aenvo and s:i-.:i,iy. A'O 2, 2S4JX'8.yc; M iy. WiitiS!;,!!: June, IS^.^'BI-iu; July. -y^ii '.t--\Si';. S:uni*.t;A iirosUiady. No. ii.i-'Mo: No. a White, 81-H ( «.'J-'/au; No. '-. -.!!i^<a;ai : iiu-, No. 2 White. :u a ;3.-^L'. KYK— Old Kyo In Rood domacd und firm, but now crop Is dull. No. 2 in store. G3c; stiuiplu lots. ttaWiVJ-llrio; Muy doUvory, Wo. Now oroi ryo. Soptembor oflored at 5--iic. -. - BAIH-KY— Soll-s at about former prices, bin • demand uud supply both srou!l. No. •(, >l3i&i5lci ' Ko. 3, 4114111 Vio for fiilr to choice, aud No. a WaSio. Scrounlu(,'s, JldOOai&SOpor ton. • M*SS POKK— Tradlnw nithor llRhc nod prices • lower. . Quotations ranged nt tll.SVVj^ie uu foi •. oiwJi • rCKular; .$11.9581i07i.i for July, unU '" LAKD-Qulet «nd ou.slor. Quotations ranpod ' utW.OOaS.S-1-i for cash; »8.70,iaSll«K for July, .anU *1B5-8D.UO for Soptombor. -. Lrvi: POULTKY—Per pound: Turkeys, 7Q9c: *'Calckons. '$K©00; Pucks, 8j}0c; Gotise, pel '•> dozen. J3.0fta5.0a BUTTE5— Creamery, fj®16c; dairy, 7®15o v 'P«okln(t Stock, »Sto. • HQT/OBS—Whlikj quoted steady at 11.24 per i for high-wines. . ' • .- NET YORK, May U FLOCB— Siato and -wostcra tlrm. moderate Great Disappointment Manifested— Emperor Yielded to Powers to Secure Enduring Peace. LONDON, May 14.—A dispatch to the Central News from Tokio says that an imperial decree has been issued setting forth that the envoys of Japan and China have completed the task entrusted to them of negotiating a treaty of peace between , the two countries. The decree, after stating .the conditions of peace agreed upon, says that Russia, Germany and France advised Japan that the permanent retention by her of the Liao Tung peninsul would not conduce to lasting peace in the orient and urged the retrocession of that territory to China. The decree then continues: In the Inter«ti of Peace. "Wo have always been anxious to establish and maintain peace. Our object In tho re- cont war was to found an enduring poaco. \\e believe that Russia, Franco and Germany are Imbued with tho same feeling. Thererore we will not Insist upon tho retention ot tho Liao TunK peninsula. We do not dcsiro to raiso fresh trouble, Increasing the calazn Itles of our puoplo, or to obstruct the expansion of our country by deterring a restoration of the blesslnijs ot peace. China has shown regret for Lor breach of friendship, thug Justifying before the world Japan's action. Japan will comply with tlio desires of Russia, France and Germany. Tho manner In which tho Liao Turift peninsula will bo restored to China will bo arranged by China nnd Japan. "Now ihsit this irenti' of peace has boon dulr ratillod and tho ratifications exchanged, our former friendship with. China Is restored and tho ties attaching us to noutrul countries are made closer. Lot our ofllclals and people keep this steadily In view." To Hiilo Fnrmoiin, The dispatch adds that Admiral Ito has been appointed chief of the navy department in room of Admiral Viscount Ka.ba.ya.miL Swkcnori, who has been selected to go to Formosa to formally annex the island, of which he will be the viceroy. Admiral Kabayama will be accompanied to Formosa by Mizumo Jus, chief secretary of tho lower house of the Japanese diet, who had been appointed head of the civil administration of Formosa, The Is'atlon Dlnnppolntod. KOBE, May 14.—The report that Japan avoided Russia's threatened ultimatum by abandoning the Liao Tung peninsula has greatly excited and diappointed the nation. The suspension of newspapers hostile to the government's action continues. The Japanese ministers and the members of the foreign legation are strictly guarded to prevent their being attacked by ultra-patriotic or fanatical natives. In Search of l ; undn. TOKIO, May 14.—It is stated here that China hopes to easily procure in France funds to enable her to promptly pay the indemnity to Japan. SJie In GriitoTul. VIEIS'STA, May 14.—The PolU'-"!io. Corrcspondez hasu dispatch :':•;•! • don saying that Japan luit, Groat liriiam. Italy and til Stiit.es for KSMJ.U.-I;;- he:- to eliect ;in en- lentc with Russia, Franco and Germany. DlHputoU by Spain. LONDON, May 14.—A dispatch to the Central News from Madrid says it is understood that Spain lias sent a note to .Russia, France and Germany, eo n tending that, as the Japanese did not hold Formosa when the treaty ot peace was signed, their right to occupy the island in face of the opposition of its inhabitants is disputable, and is a suitable pretext for further intervention. INDIANA NEWS. Told in Brief by Dispatches Various Localities. from Train-Wreckers .Sentenced. . TEKKE HAUTE, Sad., May M.—Wil liam Sourwine, one of the five men in dieted for murder for causing tlv death of Engineer Moehrman and Fire man Flack by wrecking- the Kig Four train at Fontanet during- the striki last July, was sentenced to ten year:, in the penitentiary on a plea o, guilty. George Roberts, another of the wreckers, who gave the state val uable assistance in ferreting out the conspirators and who was given a verdict by a jury of life imprisonment on a plea of guilty, but on whom .sentence was not passed, was sentenced by the judge to eight years. The other three men will be tried in June. .ii;i.;:;et'l United • WH»AT—No. 2 rod, tslrly octlro, partly )S« up. . June, «3XQK»io; July, (KS&69 0-10o; August. SBX<a<l»Xo.- September, OOJjIjjWo; Do .ocrober, 70^(^)70^0. r- COM8I—No. - dull, firm; May HTiQKo; July, II;.. »«*liB3»0-. September. 56XQ50»o: No, 2, '".<-M,HB: steamer mixed, W>i®55}ic. - OATS—No. 3, dull, steady. Juno, i July. Sjfto: "talc. 374>W»c. BIKT—Quiet nnd steady. Extra TOOS.S, JS.5C •*.UO; family, 111.003)13.00. '.-.. POHif.—Inactive, steady. Muss, |13Lli5J13 7S. '<•• I*ARD—.Quiet, nominal. , '.' BCTTKH—Moderate demand; choice steady. ''•"Westflrn dairy, 7@l-c; western creamery, now, ;,liai*c: do,, old. saiitc: do. factory, "310tfc: ^•XlgiDH, 17o: ImUution cronmory, 8S^l3c, • •'•'. CBXISK—Quiet, unchanged. 1 EOGS—Moderate demand, llrm western, I4a I.ITU Stock. CHICAGO. May 14 .. — Quality eood. Market moilorntolj >,*Dtlvo and fooling oaslor. Prices 53HOc lower. &fcloa ranged nt&£5<$4.45 for pigs; J4.3aa-l.00 Sjvfor light; *-l.a)<S4.35 (or roui,-h packing; W.3o<a i¥j.4<5torinlxei!. nnQ {•I.'I584.7U lor heavy pnck- ' »,;' CATTUB— Quality fair. Feolinp steady; -'.'pclcus unohanittid. Quotations ranged at J,\tS £ta&10 Tor choice to extra shiiiplns Steers; ^-IHiaSilJS for cood to choice do.: S4.GO®5.-.B (01 '-;ifolr to good:. J4.W44-1fiO for common to medium •Htck: '. 4£MS&4& lor Butchers' Steors; fclTO® rJ-lTO for Stackers: J3.i-*ti4.iJO for feeders; $1.7! '"' ~ TO for Cows; $3 w&\w for Heifers: SJ-OOQ for Bulls; «2.SOa&lli for Texas Stairs, |»n<l 3i50@5.2S for Voiil Calrex. IXPEGTANT MOTHERS W« Offer YOU A REMEDY Which Injure* Safety to Ule ot Mother •ltd Child Mothers' Friend" foaflinKit of 1U P«U, Honor ud Kiik. wire o»d "MOTHIiW ITUKSTD" be- lior flrttchild—hud no cr»mp»-w»» quickly r»- l—»ultto«ng but tuu»—no point alMrmrd— «ryf»plO. r Sent by M«ll or Expixo. on roolpt of price, ,«V p« r >«(UC. Book -To Molber«"ui»iJ>^ ttve. ,t UtLD jasOULAIOR CO.. ATLANTA, QA. ••M ky ma DraoUU. Go to Urny G»bl««. WASIIIS-GTOX, May 14.—The presidential family at AVoodley are making- arrangements for poing . away for the summer. it is likely that "Gray Gables" will see Mrs. Cleveland and the children by the 1st of June and the president, will accompany them there, returning to Washing-ton for a stay aa soon us they are settled. Mr. Cleveland is understood to have been negotiating for the purchase of another cottage near his summer home, but for what purpose is not known. Free Coinage or Disruption. DKSTEK, Col., May 14.—Following the lecture of ex-Congressman Bland in this city, the following editorial published in tho Denver Times (rep.) attracted considerable attention: "WTion Senator Toller announced that he had cast his last voto for any presidential candidate who ims opposed to froo silver 01 lukewarm in Its Interest, he did It with the knowledge that tho republican party of Colorado stood'as ono man at his back. It Is free coinage or disruption for the national republican party In 1 1890. Which will you choose?" Imnilcmnti Bathing Hero. WASIIDTOTOX, Mny 14.—Commissioner General Stump; of the immigration bureau, received a teleffraru from Dr. Kenner. the commissioner at Xew York, stating- that 4,000 emigrants arrived at ]Sfew York last Saturday, 2,000 arrived Monday, and 15,000 were expected to arrive during the remaining days of this week. These heavy arrivals are almost unprecedented during the last several years. Ordered 1U.OOO Flacx. KOCKFOKT>, JQl.. May 14.—An order for 10,000 ilags to be used in decorating the craves of union soldiers in southern burying grounds was issued by Quartermaster General Burst, of the grand army. Tamrannj- Hull Elect* a tirand Smchntn. J«EW Y'ORK, May 14.—At a meeting of the Tammany society Monday night ex-Recorder Smyth was unanimously ejected as grand sachem, to succeed ex- Mayor Thomas F. Gilroy. I)lTorc*il'frotn Minnie Palm«r. LOXDOX, May 14.—John R. Rogers,! the theatrical manager, obtained a decree of divorce nisi Tuesday against his -wife. Minnie Palmer, the actress. ' Jemlona Huibund 8hootn. ROCKVH.LE, Ind., May 14.—Last winter Mrs. Jessie Davis secured a divorce from her husband. Sunday Davis met heron the highway going to church and fired three shots at her, two taking effect in her arm and one in her liead. He then went home, took fifteen cents worth of morphine, and shot himself under the left eye. Mrs. Davis will die, but Davis will recover. It was only by the prompt action of Marshall Wilson that William Cheese wright, brother of the woman, was prevented from shooting Davis. Youiie MlnliCer Commits Suicide. ENGLISH, Ind., May 14.—During a fit of mental despondency caused by his sweetheart refusing- to accompany him to church Eev. Ott Til/swell shot himself at Velpin, where he was located. That the young preacher was soon to wed aj'uung woman of a prominent family in Vclpin was generally known, but they quarreled regarding his instability in religion, he having joined the Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans and Baptists within a few months. Fcitlvul of Muxlc. , Ind., May 14.—The seventh annual music festival of Indianapolis opened with Mine. Melba as the prima donna. The festival this year promises to be the most successful financially of any previously given here. The advance sale amounts to over 810,000. Every seat for the first night was sold and Tomlinson hall was packed to hear the Australian diva. The festival continues until Thursday night, with two matinees. .Funeral of Kx-Uov. Chusf, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 14.—The jody of ex-Gov. Ira J. Chase is expected to arrive here Wednesday night. It ivill lie in state in the capitol building rom 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. on Thursday. Trotn there the body will be taken to the Central Christian church, where he services will be held. Tho burial vill be according to the ritual of the A. K. and conducted by Department Commander Shiveley. Sepimitod Forty-Two Your*. l.,.\ POIITB, Ind., May 14.—Louis bciimidt, of this city, has just found his brother Charles, whom • he had mourned as dead for forty-two years. They came from Germany and separated at Uuil'alo, X. Y., since which time neither had heard of the other. Recently Louis learned of his brother's whereabouts and a reunion will be the result in a few days in Buffalo. May Decline. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 14.—Gen. Lew Wallace says he will probably decline to serve on the board of monument regents. He says that if he should go on the board ho would be in for tearing down a part of the monu ment. lie believes the crowning" figure, for which the state paid 830,000, should come down. £o, wouTd write with his left band, anc then the writing was from right to left. Mr. Bruce, who observed the case, in fers from it that the cerebral hemis pheres are capable of individual ineuta action, that the one mentally active af any time can control the motor func tions, and that the patient lives two separate existences during- the two stages through which he passes, th mental impressions iu each existence being recorded in one cerebral hemisphere only. OVERRUN BY SWINE. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, bead- aches and fevei-s and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the.taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50 cent bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. LOWSVIUf, Kf. NEW YORK, N.Y. SAP AND SIRUP. Some FllclH About tlio Product of Trne. University Kxteailon. SOUTH BEXB, Ind., May 14.—The second annual conference of the Indiana university extension center closed here with an address by President Harper, of the University of Chicago. The convention was attended by hun- .clreds of university extension workers from all parts of Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. IMownUp by Djoarolto. LEBANOX, Ind., May 14.—AlbertSack- ett and Frank Jones, living a few miles south of here, were instantly killed by It has always been customary on receiving maple sugar carlj- in the season to roll .your eyes about and say: "Ah, that's the real article." As a matter of fact, says the Springfield (Mass.) Republican, you are moro apt to get adulterated sugar at a grocery store during the season than after it, and that's one thing which lias made a great change in the industry. In years gone by practically all the' sap was boiled down to sugar, but a dozen years ago some one in Chicago discovered a modern and dishonorable method of making a combination of oak bark and glucose which the most expert could not tell from the 'C--'.inc stufE. Immediately afterwards, whc i the farmers went to ship their in." •-. ('•?•• '!'-•:• ••" T''' '• ""• '"" " -~:ar- ;cl v. :••• "'.-:'• ; • t of ITc -. : .-:: -.-'•. :' •' '• ..":s. the •..-.; : of their sap into sirup and TIKI it away through the summer in their garrets shut up in air-tight cans, by means of which another fallacy, ,hat now sirup can be told from old. has been exploded. As long as you keep your sirup air-tight the greatest expert cannot tell the difference. You want rour sirup to weigh eleven pounds to ;ho gallon to bo standard, and the experience of tho boiler will tell him within a few ounces of what it weighs. Vhen the liquid rises heavily from tho lot bottom of the last compartment in ittls mottled places in just the right irequency it is time to draw your sirup. !t is quite a knack to do this properly, or six-up in passing- from ten to eleven jounds per gallon is reduced just half ts bulk. A barrel of sap will make on an average a gallon of sirup. Tb* Stnculmr I2xp«rlriic* of a French Soldier. An old French soldier, Col. De Gonneville, in writing the story of his military career, describes one curious adventure, which hud nothing warlike about it, but in which for a moment he was in danger of his life. During one of his-campaigns, says the Youth's Companion, he had stopped for the night in a house in which lived a lady and her daughter. It was earlj' May, and in the evening, after dinner, I went out with the ladies for a walk. We took a road leading ont of the village between stone walls about four feet in height. Here at a place where the road made a sudden turn, so that we could not see what lay before us, I heard all at once a strange noise. It might have been produced by a tempest, but there was not a breath of air stirring. At that moment, my two companions, with signs of extreme terror, clambered over the wall, and I instinctively followed them. We were hardly on the other side before a dense drove of pigs, at least a hundred and fifty feet long, came round the turn with such fury that no obstacle could have stopped them. If we hud not been out of the road, we should have been knocked down, and the whole drove would have gone over us. The women told mo that we should have been picked up dead, or at least so mutilated as to be good for nothing. The swine, it appeared, were driven out to a wood in the morning, and at night were driven back to the village and fed. The prospect of the trough made them so eager that they entered the village like an avalanche. A USEFUL LESSON. Learn> An Unsophisticated I'onnsr Lady tb« Vulaii of a Draft. A little knowledge is by.no means a dangerous thing, when it comes to business matters. Even a small amount there might save one from a mistake like the following, described by the Detroit Tribune: ' -- ' "I want to send a hundred dollars to a friend in Chicago," said a handsomely- dressed young lady to the paying teller of one of the city banks a week or two ago; "I want to buy a draft." ' Her roll of tens was quickly exchanged for a Chicago draft, and she tripped out of the bank. Two days afterward she returned and said she LOST HER POODLE. Sh» Tied II 1m 'to • Trunk aud H> -Went HI liKKCaee. It is sometimes better to permit public servants to have their own way than to go through life with a theory that every such person is a public enemy. The Chicago News tells a Btory of a young woman who entered a railway train with a poodle clasped tenderly in her arms. "Madam," said the conductor, as ho punched her ticket, "I am very sorry, but you can't have your dog in this car. It's against the rules." "I shall hold him in my lap all the way," she replied, "and he will not disturb anyone." "That makes no difference," said the conductor. "I couldn't allow my own dog here. Dors must ride in the baggage car. I'll fasten him all right for you — " "Don't you touch my dog, sir!" said the young woman, excitedly. "I will trust him to no one!" And, with indignant tread, she marched to the baggage car, tied her dog and returned. About fifty miles further on, when the conductor came along again, she asked him: "Will you tell me if my dog is all right?" . ••• • "I am very sorry," said the conductor, politely; "but you tied him to a trunk and he was thrown off with ic at the last station." the premature discharge of a stick of ! had concluded not to send tbe draft, dynamite Monday morning. The men were at work blowing up stumps in a field when the stick exploded, tearing their bodies to fragments. Trial of Cofflnt Coe> Over. IJTDIASAPOLIS, Ind., May 14.—The new trail of Francis and Pereival Cotlin, together with the original trial of Schuyler Hanghey, for assisting in wrecking the Indianapolis national bank has Deen postponed to September 10. ^_ Gas Company Fall*. TJSRBK HAUTE, Ind., May 14,—The Citizens' Gas company has made an assignment. For several years efforts have been made to consolidate the old company and the Citizens' company, but one obstacle and another interfered. like to have the money re- the teller, "where •rne fcortb role Jilovinc sontn- For the past forty or fifty years the geographers and astronomers have suspected that on account of a "tilting" in the eaj-th's axis, the latitude of all places on tho earth's surface is gradually changing. A few years ago (1S93) the astronomers decided tomake a "test chse" of the matter,- and now report that the theory is correct. For example, they have proven that Berlin was fiftv-one feet nearer the pole in September, 1S92, than it was in March of the same year. If Peary and Weliraan will only be patient the polo will come to them. and would turned. "Very well," said is your draft?" "Oh! I tore it up. I didn't suppose that made any difference." "It makes a hundred dollars' difference," replied the teller, "unless you- can return the draft, or get your father to give the bank a bond for the amount." "I wouldn't have him know about this for anything in the world," she replied; but that seemed to be the only alternative, and she departed in an extremely unhappy frame of mind. In two hours she returned with the torn pieces of the draft pasted together. They had been thrown into a grate where, fortunately, no fire had been kindled. She recovered her money, and with it she got a useful bit of information about the value of drafts. ot Jfonitrotltlet. At Prague a man called Proschaska was arrested some time ago for selling to a Hamburg firm a number of children whose growth had been checked by a peculiar diet, that they might be exhibited as liliputians; for every chDd three hundred florins were paid. The Inventors of the system and the parents of 'the . children as well have been punished by the courts. Two years ago a regular manufactory of distortions and monstrous shapes in young children for begging purposes was discovered and suppressed in Croatia. Hint for Arbor Day. In many European countries the practice has been adopted of planting nut and fruit trees, in place of merely shade trees, along the highways. DUAL BRAIN ACTION. BEAL MERIT « the character, •*• istic of Hood's Sarsaparilla. It cores even after other preparations faQ. Get Hood'a and ONLY HOOD'S; Aa Iniaoe Patient Wbo Wa« Sometimes ^VrUh and SometlnM KcetUb. A curious case of dual brain action is described in Brain. An insane patient varied considerably in his mental condition. In one state ne -was subject to chronic mania, spoke English, was fairly ' intelligent, and was right-handed; in another state he was subject to dementia, was almost nnintelligitle, but what could be-understood was Welsh,, and he was then left-handed. In his •English intervals he remembered clearly what bad happened'in previous English periods, but his memory was a blank to what occurred during the Welsh stages. He preferred' to write with,, his. rjg-ht hand,,_but_if asked to do Wheuon the Hl«b On the rat!, m a jtcamloat, abroad, n ashing smack, or jachtlm? on the coast, Hoatetter's Stomach Bitters, will be found a reliable m ean« or averting and rellerlng allmenu to which travelsrs, mariners and emlgdanu are ie:uliariy subject. Sea captain*, snip doctor* v ojagers or sojourners In the tropics, tnd all about to encouncter tmaccllmaled, not nnaecua- tomed or dangerous climate, nhcuid not neglect 10 avillihemselveioftBls safeguard ol irellHFcer- talnedand long-tried merit. Consiir.i'lon.bil- loasness. malarial lever, indigestion, rheumatism; and affections of the bliid.lcr and kldnejs, are among the ailments whl'-h It eradicates, hnd It maj be resorted to not only with confidence In Its remedial efficacy, but also In its perfect freedom frrm even objectionable Ingredient, sinoeltls derived from tbe purest and most salutary sources. Jt counteracts the effects of auwhole some food an* water. Is Your Blood Pure If it is, you will b e strong, vigorous, full of life and ambition; yon will have a good appetite and good digestion; your sleep vrill be sound andrefreshiug-; your nerves -will b» strong: you wj)l Jiavc little need totem- disease in any form. But how few can say that their blood is pure! How many people- are suffering- daily from the consequences of impxire blood, scrofula, wit rheum, rheumatism, catarrh, nerroaa* ness, sleeplessness, headache, and That Tired Feeling Hood's Sarsaparilla purifies, vitalize* and enriches the blood. Therefore, it is the medicine for you. It will give you pure, rich, red blood and strong nerves. It will overcome that tired feeling, create an appetite, give- refreshing-. 1 sleep and make you strong. Is not this just what you want? Then Uvkc Hood's Sarsapavilla. It is the best building up medicine. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the Only True Blood Purifier Prominently in the public oyc today. Hood's Pills S£ Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully cnjey nil of its delight*. If you take ono of iho LAKE MICHIGAN ANt LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Sailing* between Chlcaco uid MwkliMC «Und every week day (Thursday excepted). Tho. new steel eioamshlp "Mamlton** Is n loattnR palace. Travels 'twlxt Chicago, Ucklnnc Ul«nd, Harbor Sprlajs, Peto*key, Cbarlcvolx, etc. Write for our readable reading matter, tree, ot usk your nearest, agent. Address Jos. Berolzbclm, LAKE nilCH. AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANS. CO. Ru.hindN.Wiuw SI. Chicago. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal.."" PGZZONIS Combines every element of I beauty and purity. It is beauti- f I fying, soothing, healing,' healthful, arKl Harmless, and when,, rightly used is invisible. A. rhbst\ delicate and desirable protection | t* the face in this climate. Inslxt npon hwrinj? th» IT IS FOft SALE EVERYWHERE. CU PI DINE Cures Lot Muibood Nerr- vous; Debility, premature- tutu dlnchaive varlcoeele en«Ui of wrlf inducre- tton er excw«e> of after yean, flabox; 6 for $5. For file by B ? Keetllnc, DrugglJt For OTV Flrtjr T««n Mrs. Winslow's Sootbiuj, Syrup ba» been used for over tiny jearg by mll- lions of moibem fur their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, eofteoa the gumr, dlfaye all pain, cures wild colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhoaa. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold, by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five ceota a bottle. Be Sure and ask for "Mrs. Wlnelow's Soothitur Svrup," and take DO other kind. NOW! THE TIME TO MAKE MO3TJEY. ' Lart month'I cl. ,, f23o.33; ibr mor.tb. before »1S6 8U and iave at the same time attended to IDT r<fltnlar bwlness. : lb«- llCTe anionc, an? where: can do atwell. at I . have not a pudeularlr good location and not mocb ex- oerifnce- flfben T<.n bare an anicJ* thiU eT«rr fHmIlj*nrt» it Is very ea»y wiling 1L It teems ttrence ttac a Rood, cbmp dish wa«Ser WM n-*ef before pUced on tbercuarket. Witt tbe Pertw- tlon which «*l)g for $5, you can WM& and drr. tbe dL«ue«3ora Ismlly In twomluoti-i, wHboot pnt- Ung tbe b»od» in w»ter. A» §oon»» toe people sec tte wtsbe" 1 work, Uwr'«*nt one , and tort Is wbrwtnncb money c»n bo tnsontb quickly. For tall particn:am addrw* Tbe Perfection MI«. Co.. eiatton o.. Englewood, 111. I feel comtaced ibat any lady or gentleman. In any location, can make »5 to f 10 » dky, M erery family will very »oon ban. H dub waiber. Try It and publish your ez- pefl*Dce lor ibe benefit olotbert. AucxO. ' rtm Safer rtMo •&• *m» a C3ifld, ibe cried for CMtorlk fben mte became Sim, tbn ctosg to C**taH± KM bid CbOdno. liM «m™ t Children Cry for 's C-9«*orla. Children Cry for Pitched Castorla. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cattor^ 1 i /'•.••/'' '*.:•''''• •.'•;''.- '.,".'."•'. .","••;<•'/\-'\.; '" : -.'.:-':'i'V'te;--.'- \Y.i'-'^L £&f:£<{3$i!&$$$f>

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