Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on July 13, 1985 · Page 35
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 35

Santa Cruz, California
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Saturday, July 13, 1985
Page 35
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Ng murder warrant issued McClatchy News Service SACRAMENTO A warrant formally accusing Charles Chat Ng with two counts of murder was issued Friday by a judge in Calaveras County, ending debate on how the suspect being held in Canada might be charged in a mass murder case in the U.S. The warrant doesn't allege special circumstances in the sexual-torture slayings of two young women, an exclusion that blocks the death penalty and makes the charges compatible with Canada's extradition laws. Ng, the alleged accomplice of suspected mass murderer Leonard Lake, was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Kathleen Allen, 18, of Milpitas, who went to Calaveras County in May on a camping trip with her boyfriend, and Brenda O'Connor, 20, who disappeared in May while renting a cabin next to Lake's mountain retreat. Justice Court Judge Douglas Mewhinney, who handed down a gag order in the grisly case Thursday, signed the murder warrant at 3:20 p.m. Friday, a court aide said. Although the bodies of Allen and O'Connor haven't been found, investigators searching the vicinity of a torture chamber Lake built last year on Wilseyville property have recovered the remains of at least 11 people, 45 pounds of charred bones and dozens of videotapes, two of which include scenes of Allen and O'Connor being tortured. Ng, who was arrested in Calgary, Alberta, during a shoplifting incident last Saturday, had been charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, burglary and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution in warrants issued earlier in Calaveras County and San Francisco. In Canada he faces charges of attempted murder, robbery and possession of a firearm. While extradition or deportation possibilities are being discussed, attorneys in Canada and the U.S. have explained that prisoners can't be sent from that country to face death penalties because Canadian laws have banned capital punishment. Ng is scheduled to appear in Calgary court Monday. During an appearance last Monday, he was ruled mentally fit to stand trial. Ng, who camped in a park near Calgary for two weeks before he was arrested, blamed the Wilseyville crimes on Lake, police said. Lake committed suicide after he was arrested for shoplifting in South San Francisco June 2. In all, 25 missing people and known homicide victims have been linked to Ng and Lake. Only one of the human remains found in Calveras County has been positively identified, the body of Randy Jacobson, 35, of San Francisco. In a related development, investigators in Mendocino County said Friday they had searched an area near Ukiah for evidence in the case and found none. The investigators provided no further details of the search, which was con-' ducted Thursday. AAedi-Cal abortion restrictions blocked McClatchy News Service SACRAMENTO - A three-judge state Court of Appeal in San Francisco told the Deukmejian administration Friday to continue providing Medi-Cal abortions to poor women in spite of budget restrictions written by the Legislature for the eighth straight year. The preliminary order preventing the restrictions from taking effect was signed by presiding Justice J. Anthony Kline. There was no indication of dissent from his colleagues, Justices Allison M. Rouse and Jerome A. Smith, although they did not sign the order. Unlike a separate family planning controversy caused by a budget mistake that Gov. George Deukmejian Janitors reach tenative pact SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A tentative agreement was reached today in a contract dispute between about 2,700 janitors and their employers after 11 hours of negotiations in which Mayor Dianne Feinstein took a lead role. Following the breakdown of talks between the Service Employees Union Local 87 and the city's Building Maintenance Contractor's Association, Feinstein called Friday and urged negotiators to meet again. The contractor's association represents 11 of this city's biggest maintenance companies, providing service to nearly 200 downtown office buildings. Between 2,500 and 2,700 members of the local walked off the job late Thursday afternoon, said union spokeswoman Jean Quan. z i - - -- ITT i y, (;cv Betty Ward as she America's By ED SALZMAN McClatchy News Service LOS ANGELES The Republican Party is preparing for apolitical Armageddon in 1992 that will leave the GOP with complete control of the federal government and the Democrats with a narrow base confined to the northeastern sector of America. Republican David Gergen, a White House official in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations, presented that message of warning this weekend at a conference on the future of the Democratic Party sponsored by Tom Hayden's Campaign for Economic Democracy. "The future is very much up for grabs," he said in answer to the conference theme question, "Which Way America?" But he added that there are two notable facts about the current political dynamics of America, and both pose serious problems for the Democrats. One, he said, is that the "old liberalism" is dead and that the Democrats need a program to replace it. Perhaps more important, Gergen added, is the shift of voting strength from the Democratic northeast to the Sunbelt states where Republicans have been doing very well. "The Republican Party is taking signed into law, the Medi-Cal abortion controversy stems from budget language that a majority of the Legislature has endorsed year after year. Both the Legislature and Deukmejian said the state should pay for abortions only when a mother's life is in danger, in pregnancies caused by rape or incest, or where serious fetal deformities have been detected. Similar restrictions have been imposed by Congress and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, but the California Supreme Court has overturned the limitations on constitutional grounds. The California court said women cannot be denied state funds to which they are entitled just because they are pursuing their constitutional right to an abortion. This year, as in past years, the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit Wednesday on behalf of several clients to overturn the Medi-Cal language. ACLU attorney Margaret Crosby said the court set no date for oral arguments and might make the order permanent without further hearing, since the issues are the same as in previous years. The same court by a 2-1 vote issued a temporary restraining order Wednesday delaying implementation of budget language authored by Sen. H.L. Richardson, R-Arcadia, that seeks to further restrict the ability of family planning clinics to recommend or provide abortions. The Richardson language was rejected by the Senate and Assembly but reached Deukmejian through a clerical error and was signed into law. The court will hold oral arguments Aug. 14 on the family planning controversy. AP Lajerpnotoj looked in the late 1 940s. future xup for grabs clear aim at 1992," he said. "It could be a political gold mine that gives the Republicans control of the House of Representatives." The reason, he explained, is that the post-1990 reapportionment will create numerous opportunities for GOP victories as a result of shifts of strength from the frost belt to the south and west. The key to a successful 1992 assault is the deep south, where Democrats are no longer solidly entrenched, he said. "If the South moves toward the Republicans, that gives the Republicans control of the House and makes it the majority party," said Gergen, former Reagan administration communications director and now a syndicated columnist. Hayden, chairman of the CED and a Democratic assemblyman from Santa Monica, said he invited Gergen and other rebel voices to the conference because his party needs an influx of new ideas in order to regain majority status. Charles Peters, editor of Washington Monthly magazine and founder of the neo-liberalism movement, told Democrats to stopmatching the GOP in "the politics of selfishness." "Ronald Reagan became a Republican when he got mad at paying While Supply Lasts rfrmniMH'iirrln Minimi jmhh L i f m. niiif i h iffi. i "-miMI Mllfhfarf- IIH' HIIIIIIIWII limmilLU '- - - ' Playing Jone in Tarzan movies wasn't a challenge' MONTEREY - Betty Ward, director of the Catholic Resettlement Office in Monterey, has helped hundreds of refugees find new lives in America. Betty Ward has also had several lives of her own, including one she's been fairly quiet about until recently: She played Jane in five Tarzan movies in the late 40s. Under the name of Brenda Joyce, she made a string of movies that still turn up on TV, not only with the King of the Jungle but also with such leading men as Richard Greene and Tyrone Power. She quit at the peak of her career to raise a family, and she says it is a decision she's happy she made, one that allowed her to raise three children who are now successful adults and of whom she is immeasurably proud. She does have one regret: she left the movie business in 1949, just a year before actors and actresses began to get residual payments for re-screenings of their work. "I picked the wrong year to quit," she says. Bom Betty Leabo in Excelsior Springs, Mo., she moved to Southern California with her family as a child and grew up not too far from tinsel-town. Her entry into stardom was almost as casual as her leaving it. She was "discovered" when an agent saw her playing tennis and asked her the classic question, "How would you like to be in the movies?" taxes," Peters said. But he quickly added that the labor movement in America has been just as selfish, and the Democrats have told unions, "We'll give you whatever you want, baby." Peters advised Democrats to call for sacrifices that will allow the country to become economically strong again. For example, he said managers and production workers in the American auto industry should have taken pay cuts during the three years that there were quotas on Japanese car imports. "Then there' would have been lower prices, and we could have undercut the Japanese. But the selfishness of American management and labor didn't leave that option open to us, he said." Peters was also highly critical of the nation's intelligence operations. He said events in Iran and Lebanon show that CIA officials "never leave the city where the good bars are to goout into the boondocks to find out what's going on." Hayden said the challenge facing the Democratic party is to find a bridge between the old and the new, the young and the old. "The party is split between traditional representatives with consti RATTAN PLANT HANGER $2995 BEDTRAYS $21 50 MAGAZINE RACKS $3150 WINE RACKS $3350 PHONE STANDS $4995 PLANT STANDS $4995 CORNER SHELVES from $5995 VANITY SHELVES from $9995 HEADBOARDS from $7995 CHAIRS from 5995 Sale thru 72085 Sunday, July 14, 1985 Santa Cruz Sentinel C-11 Monterey's Betty Ward says Of course it helped that the tennis court was in Hollywood and that she was beautiful. After the agent spotted her, she tried out at Warner Brothers, then at 20th Century-Fox, where she got a contract. They changed her name to Brenda Joyce and gave her the female lead in "The Rains Came," a 1939 movie in which she starred with Tyrone Power and Myrna Loy. "Uttle Old New York" with Richard Greene and Alice Faye followed, as did "Maryland" with Walter Brennan, and a good handful of other features, including "Marry the Boss's Daughter," "Whispering Ghosts," "The Postman Didn't Ring," "Little Tokyo USA," "Strange Confession," "Private Nurse" and "Public Deb Number One" with George Murphy. "I had a really dandy figure," she says. "They kept me busy." In the meantime, she married and the children began to arrive. Then producer Sol Lesser came along with an offer she couldn't refuse: a five-year contract for five Tarzan pictures, one a year. She made three Tarzan movies opposite Lex Barker and two with Johnny Weissmuller, including her debut as Jane in "Tarzan and the Amazons" in 1945. She remembers Weissmuller as "a vul GOP official says tuencies and looking for new ideas and those with new ideas looking for constituencies," he declared. He called for the development of a new center in American politics that will emphasize development of high technology, international competition, and improvement of the educational system. Hayden, who now sounds more like a Gary Hart Democrat than a liberal zealot, said the Democratic party has failed to keep up with change and "is busy dying." He called for the development of a center coalition in which conservatives accept employee rights and environmental protection and liberals accept entrepreneurs as individuals to be heard and respected. The CED chairman, who sits on the Assembly Education Committee, called the American public-school system a disaster and emphasized that "we should be more concerned about Japanese TV sets coming into this country than Russian tanks." Hayden said Democrats are now NOTICE OF HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Zoning Board of the City of Santa Cruz will hold a public hearing to consider the applications listed below, Thursday, July 25, 198S, beginning after the hours of 7:30 PM, in the Council Chambers, City Hall - 809 Center Street, Santa Cruz. All persons who may be interested in these projects are hereby invited to present oral or written statements at or before said hearing. NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that, pursuant to State and City environmental review procedures, The City of Santa Santa Cruz has prepared Negative Declarations of environmental review of the projects designated below by "nd". The Negative Declarations have been set for final acceptance on the following date: July 25, 1985. Copies of the Negative Declarations are available for public inspection during normal business hours at the Department of Planning and Community Development, Room 206, City Hall, 809 Center Street, Santa Cruz, Comments on the Negative Declarations should be submitted in writing between July 15, to July 25, to the Department of Planning and Community Development or at the Zoning Board meeting. A Negative Declaration may be appealed. 411 May Avenue SUPDP-85-156 APN 08-331-49 Request to construct a fast food restaurant in a C-T District. (M. Johnson, ownerfiled: 4?3ndtr) 1317-1321 Seabright Avenue PDRSSUPDP-85-200 APN 10-092-07,08 Request to construct a 4-unit residential planned development with demo-lition of an existing dwelling In an R-L District. (R (R. Clark, ownerfiled: 523cejr) 1122 Seabright Avenue. PDRSSUPDP-85-203 APN 11-121-18 Request to construct a two-unit residential planned development in an R-L District. (T. Hutson, ownerfiled: 523cevy) 450 Logan Street PDSUBAUPDPCP-85-204 APN 10-191-75 Request to construct a 6-unit residential planned development (Tract 1 192 "Castle Beach Annex") in R-LCZ-0 Districts. (Coastal Permit Required). (K. Carlson, owner filed: 523ndtr) 1320 Ocean Street SUPDP-85-205 APN 08-242-01 Request to construct a parking facility to serve an adjacent restaurant use in an R-l-5 District. (Norman Bei, owner filed: 523cebe) 519 Seabright Avenue SUBCP-85-206 APN 10-212-25 Request to establish a condominium subdivision (Tract 1189 "Harbor - Station") plan for an approved mixed use commercial building in C-NCZ-0 Districts (Coastal Permit Required). (Harbor Station Partnership, onwerfiled: 524ndvy) 342 Lee Street SUPDP-85-213 APN 8-401-09 Request to construct a 6-foot high chain link fence encroaching on a riparian corridor stream and slopes in excess of 30 in R-1-5FP Districts. (J. Accornero, owner filed: 53185ndbe) Any person may appeal any final action. Appeals must be made in writing, state the reason for the appeal and filed with the City Clerk within ten (10) calendar days of the hearing. It must be accompanied by a twenty-five dollar ($25) filing fee, unless the item involves a Coastal permit, In which case there Is no fee. DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT OF THE CITY OF SANTA CRUZ Classified Just gar man his conversations were very earthy, and I've heard a lot of earthy conversations." Playing Jane, she says drily, "wasn't a challenge." And when the five years were up, she did what she had planned: she left the business. Only recently has she felt comfortable about sharing her past fame with her present associates, and now she is thinking about writing a book. She has the title in mind already: "Me Jane." It is a line she never said in a movie. "Jane spoke beautiful English, you know," Betty Ward says. "She had a very nice background and education and so forth. Not Tarzan, though. I did most of the talking." The Associated Press Betty Ward today hurt by their position on Central America because the party seems to stand only for negotiations, but he strongly opposed any military intervention in Latin America. "We need one effort in the 20th Century to cooperate with there vol-utionary process, help it along and keep it from turning into a totalitarian process," he said. "We seem to get along all right with 600 million Chinese Communists. We should be able to find a way to coexist with 3 million Sandinistas." Assemblywoman Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles, defended the traditional Democratic positions, claiming that her party is losing ground because it is not offering people what they want, notably job opportunities and consumer protection. "The Republicans diverted people's attention away from the fact that they don't have jobs into feeling good about being an American," she said. Dial 426-8000

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