Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 4, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1916
Page 2
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STERLING. fLLINOIS, SATWOAt NOV. 4, 1916. [QRRISON DAILY GAZETTE HOBRISON r !LL!NOIS, SATURDAY, NOV. "4, 1916. WAS CALLED iff DEATH Char!t» > TTniradav f dtmtli "f V? knnw'i r^ut-1 fit lit t "h. ni Passed Evening. c U MM' Aw.i W MUCH EXCITEMENT i fi by RuftaA-ly ori Ma>n Street Friday Afternoon. Ill *tt lrt«'«»tftt>«< nally tw<»ri n c f' ! > ."'"ri nr . f th *hii nn.i.- < HI ri Gf*> of rffccy Whltfm-.l •*»h»rr, ?*«H I in • -tmrn in ^!"nf"-- I. ft!/'',--..- tn.'-t •-! .-K- M>"" f After •taught «rh»-ol In th;i* vi< inity for >fnrff, S*hf WHS mi'iTi'Sctt to W, ilit< h<"-]l on June I'M. ivfir». thf youn'if foiipli- i nnie imtrifdi HHy ""••-" '" »'iMii.t>, «!.'••!••• they were ipeil in ffirftjIriK until thirteen y.;n*< *Wlwi thf*y mov«-d f> tfii- eity, thnt time fh*v It.ive rn-ui<- their e in M'trtl""!! -with the «-xrrptii«n «. MUcHcIl i« "invivd !iy her hii«- one «cm. Kdtianl. of Mi. I'leaj«ant. HOP riatMthtrr, Mrs. Anna LenvHt, lummitt, Ohio Hhr- wa* a member h»> •t?nlvfrwill«t ehtirch In th!« city Wtt« very piHiuiiHis! in the church He an Well n» In'thr Women's Hc- Corp* of -which nln' wns also mi •e mfmh?r. Her }tie*ejir<> will i»e ~f mlHWWl lii thf^e oreitrrtf.Htlorttt. fun(*ra) *tr>rv!eeit will •»«• held lay nfl'Ttioon ut 2:3(i .'it the fiiin- Jtomc 1 , Ili'V. Almlra t'h«-nr>y »ifflc|jit- IntirnnnJt will, tnkc pbu-e in (iiove IRS. JOSEPHjiRUMP DIES Lady P«»I«I Away at Her Horn* PHclny Morninfl. . Jiinf)'J> *'n»»ni> psinm-il nwtty at horn" on )-'n»t Wall *trfi»t 1'rldHy nt nlrt' 1 'iVIitrk. Hli«' Idi* l»»r<ri for twv«'fitl mnntlit'. but -'death At Un> l:i«t l>y tlrop"y. K, llilll wn« burn in Hrd> rttuit- M.ltr t». 1, «-v,'ii-" frii:!i p. >! -ii-.t :mi! Ths* fneht. t;. Lifted (o rvt'i vine !!»• f'tu fip- on ihf 1 in more. Tin •'-t, tumirtK Mr. of tltf- inciK' hur- I>y. SYRUP OF FIBS FOR GROSS, SICK FEVERISH CHILD LITTLE STOMACH IS SOUR, LIVER TORPftS OR BOWELS CLOGGED "~" oryp'' riti(! y r;tn '•n*l north on III*- MlfU t n«'!«f tln» sh'- llltto wn« murrlwl to Joseph frump at lnotl In IRS9 and haw resided in Id vicinity frfru'e tiiitl time. Her lum- tld pr«*«'di>d her In dentil xcvcral H«o. Mr«. t'rump wan the moth., of six children, two of whom died I'.lnfancy, tt"*"' *urvl v in u her oel UK "Jj. K. Fififitcunf, oT'FiiTnriew, JT1., 'Frank Wll«»n. of N'ewton. and i son*. Will nnd Jamcn, of Mt, 1'U-nn- •* tn mourn her loiw t«t«tor, Jrfrx. .Mary Hickory, of i*lark. nnd <mo brother. Carpenter Hull, 'this city. THE MET Circle helil thHr rcst- . venttiK at the lof"Jlll»» Helen I'udilifimt tm. Alor- Wft« n K'MMl utt<>ndanci> and th» ritltily of the romilnr |e.«- x|»«'nt moolfilly lett'ork nhil a dainty lunch * * *, •* I- 5< Troubles iche, biliousness, >n, impure blood ^unpleasant symp- iMithese troubles are rlected -they weaken the ly andoixm the waf for iousillness, ;Many chronic may be traced back indigestion- that could , immediately reKteyedby jcham's Pills. This we'll- k^othe remedy has itself dependable, Stife ^fy during sixty years' The , 4amt of having a jr sale than any other med- ijr tile world proves the value of inrl), (hr jar h*<t«f;nim: thf hor- "«-« ;IM«I throtvmt; '!tit (hi' v ({riV4T. TH* 1 fr.'iri Jmis itii'ii'h.ils ih<'li f=t;!r!*MJ on :i tu. id. rush «•<•<<! nji Main strfff. riitinitiK until they, strtu-k t h^» bnulf-Viird llirht l".fit Dii thf li'ir-<t National I?;»nk cor- IHT with sttrh forrt'" t!i;it the poi*t was bri'k«-ii off from its Ims*' and !Tre cli>|ie« ;<U i!',;tt'«v' it, nntt the hotses them^fl\-i-i ui-i«- thrown to the''pnv*>nient. The hors'-* were 'tlic-jt t;itf«^ri tiVn irenr!>y liv- r-ry fjalilf- wht-fe n vpt^f/finry wn» enll- *-d. on?- nf the nnimai* tinvliiK b«>r>n !»er- foii.iiy injured In th'w side when the (•imp pos( wax utruek. Mr. Dyki-niii rsrnpiMl from tlie aerl- i!>-tt! with a badly bnJisrd back. The wafcort WM,« hadly danr.nced, otie wheel h;t\)iiK been brokr-ri off. the Kinfele tre»'» and several minor pntt.i J»ru- DRUG BUSIESS i* Purchased by A, D. 8ton« and Paul Johnion at Sheldon, III. A, f>. Htone of thl« city find lil» n«n- In -law, I'niil JohtiMin, of Davf-nport, hav<- piwx-liased a drtm ntore at Hhel> don, ill. l'oH««<s><lon wan to b« Riven 'Nov. l«t and Mr, Johnson will take c'haiii'* of tin- biiKlticHH Immedlntely. Mr, Ktonc will Ifave within the next thirty day« but will not move hi« family there until spring. Mr. Btone and family have rexlded In thin city for in circles. AT MORRISON CLUB Picnic Supper and Dance W«r« W«ll __ ___ '__ AtUnd«d. ___ About Jlfty coupleH nttended the pfc- nlc »upi»er nnd dance at the Morrison elilh on Thursday evenlntc. Thin tx the IF -r« ' ,in r*Kt ensv, nl.-i Syrup -'f FS,s:«.'' hfrrv?!«f> in fiur 1 * .il! thf- r}(>KK<*i\-nf> wrtst(-, smtr bile nru! ff-rmentinB fond Kf-ntiy rnf^'f" 1 mit of thp- bowels, nnd you, have n well.'plnyful chili! ns;nin. ThiMreri silriply v wlH not take.Jthe tiiiK- from play to M-W^ty tliftlr fio««»1«i. -:*r)f» thr-y -Vl>- Ci<nw Muhtly p.ifki'd, Hvf-r gets sUiR- *?<* If toruftif is i'f)ntcd. 'then Klrf this <Je- Ilrifivis "fruit l.isnHve.'" ChiMrr-n Invr It. nntl it (fin ntit naii«i'> injury. .N'n (Ifffprr-rico what nils your litt!'> DTH- If full of fold, or n sofa throat. <ii.'irrh(t";i. stomnoh-ache. brtd tirenth, rpni<*mt>er, n gentle ''!ti«li]e rIedusinK" Should nl- wnys lie the first treatment' Riven. I-'ull dirr-ctJons for Imhte*, children of til! nftes jin'l grownf-ups are printed on each bottle, Beware of counterfeit fllf Byrup«. Ask your drirfislBt for n 50-ef-nt bottle of "falifornl/i Hyrup of ViK*." then look onrefully and see that It is mndc hy the "Cnltfornln Fig fyrup Company." We ,make no sm,iller nlxe. Ifnnd bnck with contempt sn>' other t\K nyrup. Jure, nnd makes a delightful effervescent lltbla-water drink. A SEARCHLIGHT ON ( t f **~"\ Hughes and Wilson Strength one have the heaviest "doubtful" States coming and going, returned to Chicago yesterday. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS to Mnthls Bros, & C«X Hnlph 1 in l Mary C. Mt-lvln to Harry Ocken. Lot In atcrlhiK. 13,200, Nnthaniel Weaver, F,«t.. to Cnrl N Ijy th0 MurtiHon club and proved n «lt>Ui*til> ful affair. Amonu the out-of-town KUfHtM were Mr. and Mr*. Willtnm Oppold of Kterllnn. . M)HH Gaulrapp, of Sterllnjt nlld MiMH Arneda McNeil, of I'rophctntown. THE OJFVT. CLUB Clydo Ladiea Spend Afternoon With Mre. Woods. The O. F. T. Cluh of Clyde held the v«>«ul.-ir meeting on ThurHday iifternoon ' hon>p of _ Mm. Kf'unfc""" Tln<r*» w*»ro ahout twelve m»«mb«>r« t-nt and the afternoon wax pleatmntly «P«»ut in Mewing for the Honteiw. De- louH refrt'jthmeijtH were .served. The next meetiuK~wilMte held In two weeka at the home of Mrx. Henry Aldrltt, ...__- __ Frank B. Bum to Hoy Cocking. I^ot in Krie. $425. Krtuik W. Wheeler to .Tohttfcton Lurrt-, her Co. I,ot* in Kock Ffil!«, $14,(»0(). * Lydln o. Yrmnjr. K«t,, to Boni. Mni- hewn. Kx. Dd. lx>t In Morrison, *!.. JU25. — tfew^y-Brmtdykr-tn- Henry A. liaraprc Land in Fulton, 12.000. Mildred Dudley to Hnmuel Comjiton, In Hock KalM, >Lf.OO; — --- r— F. M. Jonlln to W. H. KelRey. In Hock Fnll«, '$3.800. (Mnrenee C\ Woodworth to I). L. nrul J. W. Martin. Lot lu Huck J''«ltn. $L',375. - . . KuherttiM Klootiter to John Van Del- Ion, Ix>t in -Fulton. JS50. Miirthn L. Ahren.n to ('has. H. Brandon. Lot in HteriinK. 14,500. I^urotla 'M. AhreriH to Chas, it, Brnndon. Lot In HlerUujr- J2,000, 'I'hlllp ROOK to Bert Station. Kt, Al Lot in Sterling, f 1,600'. fieorKc May to John H. McCaslln. I^.t In St.>rllm.. |1 70fi J. s Rpv, John Kohr Conducts Mtnnonitt . Meeting at D«t«r Home. , Hcv, John Kohr, of Unhca^tor. P^rin., o«ntluot«Hl HervlcvH of tlu- Hi«ff>rm«Hi .Meiiiiiuiiii' church at the hon^e t»f M. 11. Oeter <in Lincoln Way .west Thurs* diiy evenlnK- lit- wa« accutnpiinlfd by .1. W. j5a**inKer, <if Uma, Ohio, untl they west .to fe»t««rlinK from this city when* they will ooiiilurt nie«-tin»J« on Saturday and Sumluy. From ,St«rlin>; .thoy ex- pec! tii.-j;i> to I'ulo |r( hcild fiervii'OM. ENTERTAlFFRIENDS Mr. and Mrt. J. F. Groen Entertained At Supper Thursday Evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Own untertaln- eit at «upper at. their, home on went South. Htivet Tlmrnday evenlnK^ Or, and MI-H. J..AI. l>o\vn«. Mrs. Oriiula HoundH ifnd Mi«» Mary TrauKer. of thi« city Mrs. t». O, I'eck, of t'nmona, Cnl., and •Mrn. Ida Uuvetlf, of Colorado Junction. Mr«. Cavette and MrK. (Jreen wor« xchoul nlrl cburns and have not seen wicli utlH>r.for uvi>r forty Tlu Miiry. Johiifton to Alfred .Johnnon. In SterlliiK. $500. D, •• I* nnd J. \V. Martin to-Orlri Sheley. Jxit In KterlliiK. $f>00. Clnire H. I^iw io-Ju*. Uroderlek. Jr Kt. Al. Lot in .Sterling, $1,500, Clnreneo K. filtmon to i»*nrleii:» !<?lnrk. -Lot In Sterling, $4,300, Clnrrnrp A. Freeman to Cullen Lot in Rook Fnllt«, $1,^00. / _IN- New York-Illinois-Indiana-Ohio-New Jersey If jew tan cafi-h the voters, in the glare of the-searchlight as they are shifting from nolitieal camp to ano'tluVr. and count them, we can tell which camp will be fount! to battalions next Tuesday. So we have shot a ray of li^ht at" five'big where the paths from camp to camp are crowded with marchers, and have made a count of those caught by its momentar»g!eam> The Editor*, of Tl-IK LITERARY DIGEST wrote to 50,000 "Digest" subscribers in the-States;of New "York, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and New Jersey. They were asked to name the candidates they voted for in 1912 and for whom they would vote next Tuesday. More than 30,000 have responded. In THE LITERARY DIGEST for November 4th the result of this canvass is shown. Several significant phases are apparent, and the article teems with interest. There are many other articles of importance in this number, among which are: « What the Somme Drive is Driving^ At A C&mideration of the Allied Offentive—What It Hal AccomplUfeed aid What I* lU Ultimate Objective Presenting the View-pofeu of SWIM, German, and British Authorities London's Campaign Against^ Vice The Jevr and the Election •Modern Hospital Train FOIL American Army* The Movies as a Sanitary Aid Saving Wasted Machine-Energy PfQtest&nt Ireland's Opinion German Exporters' Plans ____ Flying py Night A trench Illustrator of Poe Music's Debt to the Ballet American^Aviators^Who Have Died for France "Wfiaf~Germany Thinks of ihe New British War Tanks ./* An Unintended Literary Hoax oo Much Sunday "Paper The Religious Order—New Style Extensive Collection of Illustrations WORK ioELAYED. worlj on. the kelnxtoniitK of the church ha.s been cl«-luycd /or about u week on account of the work* IIUMI »«avlnK.iUiier._WiHJt_w«icli Ji wan weather M fJ""" r ;y«"WHeKTtON. ;Wriaiiy>1iereinie~uTrefifIeir H fiillill Mr«. Halph Oreen uiiik>rwcnt n iniii- lunion «t the horae uf Ue..rge McC «>r u|u>niUun at hor homu on Tark 8t. tydfty, niunnluy Hht. !H gettliijt ftloiiK Hue anil i Mrs." H, J>. Coluitlioy. uf Wuoi Will SOOII b« Hbotlt lier UhUMl ttelf. in., in viidlim! »t Hi.. \Vlllm JSi-iiv » ADVEUTISBMENT,) to complete In, u t u /^n " before cold . Mrs. B. Bartolli, ot> Dixon, camo t.. Mnrrfxon l-Viil«r for a s^tutrt Visit at the W. 10. /Tullcr hoino. . . t!. L. i-li'MlKf wwitL to Mdonnili, 111.. I-'ririiiy, whcrr h«« will upend the week ••niK sit tho homo.of his father. Mr«. Hurry. Irwln went to Hterliiu: Friday ft»r a short viwit with friend}). IrvlnK Frye left f<tr .Mollne, 111, Friday -where h«» has aoct'pti'd a p'osition III tin fuit<>moliil<i factory. Mr.'anil MrM.-Uan-'LariHh K(t«>nt Fri- Utiy with frietulH in. HfrlinK, F. <!..'\Vohnk<> and Joo flsMI nmtor- i<d«t(» Davenport Friday wln-r<« they 0*pent th' 1 <luy. Mr. and i)r«. Karl JlkhllOHon returned Friday from KIkton, S. IX, where. th«y liavn Uot>it vi*ititnj friend H for *cv- cr(i) wwk«. " John Flfldlng Vinlteil relatives In Dixon Friday, Mr, and Mrn.• MD.MOH Rupp, of Kulton County. Ohio, who" have been vlHitliiji rrlatirvtt in this t-lty went to Sterling .Friday for a Mhort vlKit with frleiuln. i .Mm. Mary Fielding and Mr«, Anna WcKe*,- wpi'nt Friday .with frh>ndH in Clinton. Mrtt, J, 1>. Hitritell untl «*i»n. Lcutiard. of Fulton viHited rvlativen in this> to Tliijinjum Tanitly re- McCulloh e It Your Boy or Girl is in High School- At the prcst-nt time, the hoys and girls in 1,660 Ilijjh Schools throughout the country «rc trend of world affaire once a week, using THE LITERARY DIGEST im' a«t.hnn. Arc ,vj///r.children ftcitinft the benefit of this torm of Instruction in their Mifth School? learning llio November 4th Number on Sale To-Day—All News-dealers—10 Cents __; .,.. , -.. . •'!,.. . . < t . ITie Distihctiozito FUNK & -WAGNALLS-COMPANY (Publishers of the Famous NEW Standard Dictionary), NEW YORK * ,• . \u-ekw pnnt -with frf»»rdH and In tlie 1 T . 'number for which each wt-ro reward-' ?-', .ftir severHl nibnths. Ht(irieij on tvr I cij. other fentureM were inuugeratC'l i-ftiirn It'll) )ibtnVe Monday 'morning, bui'uhlch proved mterc^tintr and unjoy- will «t op' in ("lileago a Hhort t,inic \vli(»re ! ji.blv. To conciiido. with ». xtraw vote fhe has liUfi(ne«8 with Hxvlfc ' <t «"o., of > Idr prei-iilenl wan caul, which remilt- whorn she "|* nn employie. ' | ed' nn follow*: Unit lira, 49; Wllxoti, 7; Miss flendk* will have tnniiled 24,- | »n«l the. Woc.iiilllMt caiidklate. J. ---•M»O miles when »he will Imve nrrivwt • -- v -- , JTriday. . f ' Miw. J. A. CJoorKe went |iFfltr«y'w1iT'r»' " x i-'>'/i' iJF. - • )£*•?P"7-, fe*J •M will soon b« about her u!<unl iNJOY PICNIC. Amelia Kelloj,', AIu«» (irandon and Alice Jrwln and Harold Itced, (loo. Curt IN and II, Torn-nee enjoyed a |ilc« dt- supper aJuU"vuH'nio roatu" at tho -r NS'orks park TticmJay evening. ENTERTAIN AT DINNER. ' -Mr. and Mm. Jf, K, Ilurr entttrtalnod at Jmner at their hoinfl on I'ctrUand avenue \Vodnoaday Air. »nd-Mr». Walter ; Hurr and »on, Mrtt, Maggie Unird, Mi»« .Flori-nco IJftlrd and Hubert Nor- rfsh, tir. " i ~ "*• RETURNS FROM VACATION, Harry Jijiutriund and family have returned Irom u visit of several Uuyu witu f i lend* at C|I|CHKO and Mr. Hoatf- land luw awaln rcHUined hix duties tu» ticket agent ut tha North Weutern »t»- ti«>H. H. u. tl«or«e, who tilled .that potation during Mr. iluagland's ah- Woodard, IH viMJilint; ut Uie Williu (,'my home in this city. 1 Mr». Oeorge Shrader and Mrw, Frank J^rcer .spent Friday with frU'iuta id Sterling. Mrs,' John HornhiK.and Mrs. \Ve»U-y u.iiti „,, i . «m U,;. <"" portunity that IUIH come her «av, and eH|,eclally at «o ntrlv an HRP, h". r »hi. *•' , PLAN A "NE.PROOHAM. nioiiJSh the enterprl«lll;; hecrt'tary "'- ^"^ «"H W «».|«, «r U.IH l-art ""' l '" unt - v ' "'«'''«• wl '' I)0 '/ llttl( ; -u < ir "«'' !l111 Uwn r»nniT»y. and Illiil Ht'hool at will lie lu M in hi-r 11, UeKalb. The incetiriu ' 'town I.IH.I Friday evening for uver Hiin- two wefU«, on Xuvein-' ,|j,y \vitli her pui'entH, Mr. and .\1r.s, __^_ . j (;<•«.r«e llee*e. ,Sh« itt HttC-IliUllK m.'huol" tint <>r town. (Kool went to Friday where :RN£ST CARTER D.JUlb, ill. eieatativeiothe rai Assembly , » 3Stb Piitrict Integrity and Hone*ty FaitMwI Public Service to Carter «t the BUB RHEUMATIC PAIN, SORENESS, STIFFNESS Rub Pain right out with , small trial bottle of .old "St. Jacobs Oil." . WhaCs Hhcuin'atlsm? ' Pain only. Not on« rase In Hub .•.'niihhiK, .pt'iietnitijiK "jjt. Jaculja oil" liiiei-liy upon the "ti'iidi'r «pot H und re- Jief Annies (iihl.iuliy, "tjt. Jui'ohs/Uil" !•» a li.iiiale.~s iheutuatlHin and nofutieu iiiiiiiicitt. svliitli never tlisul'pwinlM «uid >.',ui inn l,inn tin- hMn. • i.unlicr up. 1 Quit i.'unplaiitiUKt <*et i MU.tll tlltil lii'Ule fiiint >uur (llUK- ^i-^t ,un! ui Jiihi H nimm'sri you'll lie lie,» li»n( ihemnntic. and .<< wile pain. atu .. Hint;. in) • I, Atn-y vlsiteil frlHuta. ,Mr#. I'lari'iiPt* Turtn<y, tif Ft-nton, Med today ut th« luum> of hi*r Mr. and Mm. A, J. McKeuiuuv. ilrn. II. n, dreun left Friday for C'ul- v«?r, Jnd,, wtu-ri' »he will vittit ,her son, Hhennun, f.or, H^vprul duyu. Airs. Jujiephino t'urtor went to ytt»r- Mug Friday for a vimll at thi< home uj: liner daughter. Alr«, WHIlttni Jlloarke. Mrs. May iiQliliiithtuul went to Clii^ ca$o |Friday whoro tihu will Bpcnd 4 wtiuk at the home uf her MOD, KIwuoU: From th«Tt! «ho txpeetw to go to Cun-1 ton, t/liio, whertt «ht» will Npi<nd thuj winter witli JUT Uuujjluer. Mra. Jcuuifi Doubcr. ' >•'• li. 1$. MrFarlftiul. of Fultun. was ti husincas vinltor in JMorrlaon \S'fUnca« duy. .Mrs, o. At. Ht-M and Hujit.-li, U. I'rU-o \\fiit. to Htt-rltltlf Wt'Uin'»Oay to program of the. FarmtW Institute to b» tola i» that rity L>w, m. 14. tt ud IS. .Miss Frant'i*» liichards returned to her h«ijiu» in Cliliuih'o Wvdneaiiuy ufter viMitltvK for tin* pust jfvw du>b ut tho H. K, Uurr Iwtiw. uf Fulton, was Entertained -"The ' Morrison Lusher League Saturday' Night. The KttrdlHh J-uthrr, Ix-aRiie uf thiw plae«. entertained tin* .MorriH<»» Uither l.wij:ue Hnturdaj niHht when (here were Komt< »iiMy pii'neut to onjo^- t)a- <iei'ii.sioii, t\yettty-thrw t'oining from the hub i i ity. Th«« itorribonitei* pave a proKrani of rendliitfg nnd nius-u- on their arrival u-hti-h MHH hiMhly «MUer- tainliig iwd well 'rt-ecived by tho home folk. Afur the program tins < ipuny repalri'd to the pummaKf wltero.u b«U)teoUM luiH-hi-uli wan .served iiltd enjoyed, when <thw t'Oinpaiiy tiKaln went to the H-ureh and tho I'ntcrtainincnt eontinuetl fi»v u Hnt«'. "A eonmindrum t-fintcst. watt |IIHIIK<" Wed, onu from 1'fojilu'tMlown und one jtony .Mnrrjwui HtistvtritiK MU STRAW VOTES FOR HUGHES. At the laMt meetltiK of the Thuifl day chili In town u «traw voto wan j c.-iNt and of (hi- 21 present jh< ¥ vote: Htoi,nl un follows for preHidt-nt: HtiKhetii 17, \Vil-on *. and llanly 'J. A ximiiari vole taken by I lie Jolly Xt'l>tliborH club of Jachtton Hired, also In ship, wait»aM follows; llUKhcs L", and i WI|M»II 3, All voted. r BUILDING BIG STORE ROOM. Every Niqht .For ConstipatioK Take Good Care of the Stomach — When Weakness Develops H OS TETTERS Stomach Bitters thla .city Wedrn-a- • who lias J'««ur Tiioinpt.iin, |IUH|IU-S» visitor in day. Airs. Afui'KiUVl FulhT, \iaitliiK: I'ru-ndw in tin- \yi*t w«H«k. r« turned to her HUM city Tin-Mday Heiman IU«n*,on w^ut to- <'h-uugti U'ediH'hd.iy for » «hol t Uait \\itll hit- wife, «lu> is* r» t..iu'ring iutni u» wpt-i- '• for hgmt"iij .Mls.s Allee |{/iv»l t<( MoiMhoji ti/tlw> Ivr rt lew with iitcndK.7 All*. 1* .\ '\\ liilliey lui» guiie tf Au- r«r.i !i>r ,t i/vu wi'fk.1 \i»tl ui the h<>iUf i>f In i .-«•<) >l'! ,\ Whitney. . Sealing Burial Vault j cam- ti,»}4! Visit .PROPHETSTOWN NEWSJ STARTS, FOR AUSTHAttt V* t" ffi 7 M.«..'4i^, i u- '." • a u. Steel. lazu Uiat >makf>« it a» Amuiuati'' teal cannot fall, The only vault thttt ^- ,. ,-, More Beautiful than Stone or Mudo of^K'lfiforct'd •concrt'H\ witii a lmp«r\i(Hi» to niojdture ua fiLma. Tin' und -water c«u never enter undur any cotniltiona. will pruteit casket pt'iioctly ffticvt-r. __ ^Ju»|,'l u«>u the pl-rihhulilo wooden l«o\ \vhiOi |tn'8»wic, or joiiiu-a \auits, which C.UHIOI lie inu \uili w.ilur «<t the vurth. " * AKK'VnrK I'MJKUTAKFH ul.out the Sculliif; Hurial Vault, and let him ta-monstnuo th<,> autimi.itic .-e.u \s.nh mo.tcl which he liat you'll be ]iifU»teii uith tin- pi i Je< U»n of thia v.aiil jnd nur- or.ii cnuihca ttt;l»t und B under II (ill pm»-d at tho low tost. .FOR Should tc. UMM| i JBX - AU, Manufactured by luuial. ('. ,\<t.iiui« tiuiUtiug S.Utm' yurd» of eatth wan removed. It IH tin* lanu'^t 1 - incut of any in ' tlio town and when completed will Iliuki* a law KloraKC room for machin<!«. The work of plac- j IIIK the lir«*t floor lias tilrotldy torn-) menciHl and iii being ruahed. Avl--* IteouH an arrival in , THE iANKFORALLTHEPECPLF ;'M;i\ lijlJAL st.RVK.i-' fC FiT VOLR NLED5 i J. W. HODGES. Lyndon, III. AT TWi CEMENT TILE WORKS ' Queer Friends Tlu i bt'st 1'rit'iui is one whom you tlo not • ask to lu»lj> you. t^iU'tU', j^u't it, tho tumult? you u.^k a friend'H ht'ljt lie t'iiuiige,s hit? opinion (if. . you* -• .-.'•• l>t»n't (lo|ventJ upon n i'rit'iul to lielp you out finnncHilly; U is hail buMiiens J'or. the f'l'ieiuj, as well as you. The dollar you save expects (o. he eailed oij Jo help you and does not cliauuc. Lt't liriK" hunk .>tai't your >iU'|Tins work iny j'or you. • ~ - . , We Cordially Invite ;yout Business. State Ban k of Sterlf ng l - " r. . i: I .•:!:»;!< 'Us • , ,j> ..SAFETY- • COURTESY V* •> -i i-r .1

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