Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1898 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1898
Page 3
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flENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, doeg first class work. Stylish and well fitting clothes made Cleaning and repairing neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. IMMENSE PROFIT Kroeger & Strain. UNDB.RTAKRRB C*)l» promptly »ttende<I to D»y 01 Kljbt, 818 Broacl'iray. TKLKPHQNK - Office, 63. Krooger, U Sirtln. M. SETH M.VELSEY loam Money lit • per cent. Makes Abetrt.ots amrt •writes Fire. Tornado and Plate Glass Icuurance. Of the Central Union Telephone Com- C. H. Brovrnell, Uie reru Banker, Be- elected a yirector. W. J. Barnett, **»>•«* * at. Undertaker, Embalraer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street. Calls fittended day or nif St. Tbeflmestoutftilnthe U.S. Col. 0. L. WoU, will remain with me. Office 10 Residence-Mutual' 65: C. U. 119. Phones When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO 10- F H. Wipperman, KH'Fourtk Street Opp. Oiurt House Entrance. DR. F. M. BORER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City N&tional Bank: Corner of flourtb und Bro»dwr» •Central •ol«>lione No Oi!loe 3«J, residence 843 E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, "816 Markftt Street. New Aluminite Slubber Plates. The Central Union Telephone company, which controls the Bell plant of this city, has re-elected Charles H. Brownell, the Peru banker, a director. According to the reports of the secretary and treasurer, tbe Central Union earned, gross, in 1897, !l-)36.898, against $1,333,082 In 1896. Tbe expenses for 1897 were »1, 156, 505, against 11,091.872 in 1896. Toe net revenue in 1897 was 1280,393, as coco- pared with f!75 155 in 1896. The amount eipended in adaltlocs to ex changes in"'97 was 8333436, agalost •416,942 In '96; additions to toll Hoes In 1897, $437,004, against, $271,659 in 1896. The total value nf additions and renewals in 1897, $820,440; in 189ti, J683.G02. Tbe number of exchanges snows a gain of twentv, being now 153. Tae number of subscribers is 36,318, a gain of 4,074; toll stations 1,157, an increase of 202 The number of miles of wire In inner town lines Is now 24,446. There have been constructed during the year, Jin this class of property, 2,298 miles of p leltne and 9,35;! miles of wire, almost the entire amount of which is of copper metallic circuit. Tne total capital stocfc is 16,605,300, held by 540 shareholders. At the annual meeting 45,896 shares were voted . The companf pays six per cent dividends on Its capital. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. HBAP 0' TROUBLE Ahead fur tbe Christian Scientists of Howard County. & SH\NAHAN. Buy and Sell 'Second Hand Goods. -Give u« » sail. '209 6th street D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET "Upstairs over Brugjj'eman's Millinery Storo. Will be Required to Answer to Charge of Manslanguter. the Private Mone> to loan No Delay. C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. 2OS Fourth Street. OITY NRWS. is Miss Daisy Graham, of Marlon, in the city, visiting. Born to'Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Lan- •dis, ot Chicago, a duughter. Miss Etta Finch, of High street, spent Sunday at Crfiwfordsvllle. Mr. A, W. Meyer, of Chicago, is in the city, the guest of Victor Wise. Miss Dorothy Stewart aad Master Howard Stewart aro at Kokomo visiting rrleids. Mr. and Mrs. Fra.nk M. Kistler entertained the M. C. club at euchre Friday evening at tlieir home in Maple -Grove. Miss Georgle McFarland, of Pitts- .burg, Pa,, returned home yesterday, accompanied by her sister, Mrs George Nlghman. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Norton, of Louisville, Ky , are visiting the former's mother, Mrs. John Norton, of Brlnghurst street. Laporte Argus: County Clerk Mc- Glung has made formal application to tbe authorities or the Logansport •asylum for tbe admission ot Mrs. Sarah Lllley. The BenneW family, George H.and Lydla, residing at, No. 12 Uhl street, Westside, have agrued to disagree, and as a consequence Lydta has applied for A divorce. She charges Oaorge with adultery and cruel treatment. The couple have been married less than tea zaouths. A Catholic directory of the country, juat Issued, shows that there are 9,856,622 Catholics in the United States. The largest diocese is New York, with 825.000 Coicago comes next with 850,000 and St. Louis 219,139. There are thirteen archbishops, 10,011 priests, 9279 churches and one cardinal. The entertainment last Friday evening tu the parlors of the Broadway Presbyterian church wss very interesting. The chief feature of tbe affair was a one-act comedetts, entitled '-No Cure no Pay," oy a number of young ladies. Marion Coolbaugh and Mesdames Sbultz and Jenks and Mi;s McMullen added much to the pleasure of the audience by rendering a number of vocal and Instrumental selections. Luncheon •was served. Tbe Christian Scientists ot Jacfc- son township, Howard county, have caused an uproar of excitement and Indignation over their alleged inhuman practice io treating the children of a man named Stevenson and Mrs. Samuel Fuller, who were refused medical attention during their Illness. Prosecuting Attorney B P. Harness has been giving the mitter bis vigorous attention the past few days and he will at once issue warrants for the arrest of all concerned in the criminal negligence. Manslaughter will be the chirgl^ based on the law defining criminal negligence. Stevenson and wife, Fuller, and perhaps others will be arrested as soon as the papers can be prepared. AMUSEMENTS. Hojt's "A Stranger in New fork" at Dolan's Tomorrow Sight It Is customary to present in the cities outside of New York the great successes of the year only when tney have bean played out there Messrs. Hoyt and McKee have decided to treat the entire country alike, aud with this end in view will send to Logansport tomorrow night Hoyii's "A stranger in New York." This musical farce has set all New York wild with Its catchy songs, wltby dialogue, magnificent stage effects and beautiful costumes. The production Here will be on the saoue mdgolficant scale as seen in New York, and will be presented under the personal supervision of the firm. It has been their special endeavor to select a company that would surpsiss any of the other splendid organizations seut out In previous years under their direction with this aim ID view. Otis Harlaa acid William Davere were withdrawn from Hoyt's "A Black Saeeo" to appear la this comedy, and Anna Bovd, the famous widow of Hoyt's "A Trip to town," will play the leading part. THE1K BU)Oi> UP. L. C. Kistler, of Eichester, was in the city Saturday. Mrs. George Terry, of Toledo street, is quite sick. Merrill Plckell went to Indianapolis today on business. Walter Behmer went to Chicago this morotng on business. Mrs. Charles Hartwick is up from Chattanooga, Tenn., visiting relatives. Miss Grace Barker has returned from a visit with Miss Eugenia Vater, ot Lafayette Peru Journal: Miss Kate Landis, of Loganoport, fs a guest of Mr. and Mirs. C. S. Kumler, Gee Luce was in the city yesterday, en route from Indianapolis to Kentland, to visit friends. Mr. and Mrs. Barry Read, of east High street, entertained tbe '93 Whist club Saturday evening. George Strecfeer is recovering from an injury recently sustained by a fall while alighting from a street car in front of his bakery. The Wabash Oil compiny has another failure, lls well on the Hyman farm, west of Wabisb, having been drilled In 962 feet and fifteen feet In the rock without showing oil. Lafayette Journal: Miss Emma Burgman, of Logansport. in the guest A RAG BABY Came Sear Censing Tronhle Between a foang Ularried Couple. Ciitaa- femule Young America People Threaten to Tar and Feather Frank Xace. The indignant citizens of Young America who demolished Frank Nace's salooa last Tuesday night appear iio have no fears of arrest, and now threaten to tar and feather Nace If he tries to resume the saloon business and if he endeavors to start up again, a charge of dynamite will make a material change in the location of his saloon. Tney do not say where the saloon will oe saut to, but the dynamite will remove it frum the immediate vicinity of Young America. of Mrs. Carl O Lange Miss Mar- "•aret Goldsberry returned to her home in Lngansport yesterday, after visiting her cousin, Mrs. J. H. Bach- ten felrcber. Miss Clara Kehwald! and brother, Master Willie, of the Westsjde, entertained a party of ynutig friends Saturday afternoon, In honor of the former's birthday. Luncheon was served by the Misses Suphia Kehwald and Jennie Settles. At a public Installation of the officers of St. Henry Council No. 191, Catholic Benevolent Legion of Delphi, Wednesday evening, Edward J Twomey, of this city, delivered a very able address upon tbe loyalty of i.thollcs to the United States. The funeral of the 9-year-old son of John E. Hayes, formerly of Carroll county, whose reaming were brought here yesterday morning from Chicago, was held yesterday at 4 p. m. from the residence of Mrs. Patrick Lynch, of 1406 Wright street, interment was made in Ml;. St. Vincent cemetery, The wife of Cbarles L. Baker, igalnst whom Mayor McKee levied a fine of fiO for associating, has ap- )lled for a divorce and the custody of ,helr three children. She charges .bat he has been guilty of adultery. Dae couple were married In J882, and eslde at 111 Melbourne avenue. Baker Is the fellow wUo impersonated an officer and caused Daisy O'Day a heap o' trouble. The total enrollment of the public chools is 2,710 pupils. The greatest ncrease Is on the Westslde, the en- ollment being 804 There are 383 ioys and 382 girls enrolled at the !ijntral building. The attendance urlng the term just closed averaged 9ci per cent of the number enrolled, which Is considered very good. There are 62 teachers and the monthly pay roll aggregates 13,100. STARTLIS6 FACTS Regarding tbe Rigorous Climate of the Klondike Region,. A Pharos subscriber, residing in Minnesota, sends the following account of the antics cut by Alaskan winter weather as related to him by a gentleman lately arrived! from the great gold fields of that region: "The gentleman told me he had wintered there seven-years; that it was so cold in January that they froze the flames of their candles and sold them forstrawberrles.'they kept their fires over night by putting them out in the air and letting them freeze, thawing them out In the morning; he had seen four men die of colic from eating whisky that was frozen so hard that it, wouldn't thaw inside of them; the cows give ice cream'till they freeze to death: he knew a clerk in a hotel oa the Yukon who got irich selling tfae diamonds he wore, the diamonds bsing nothing but ice crystals that didn't thaw'till after the clerk had Was Placed 3n a Basket and Left on the Hoot Step—'Ton Are My Pa," Was ilie Inscription on a Card. An awfully mean trick was played on a newly married man ac Kokomc a few days ago, and he has not yet recovered from the shock to which his nervous system was subjected. Ooe morning last week U'oon opening his front door he was greatly surprised to find a bundle on tbe step that bore unmistakable evidence of containing a baby. He called to his vouog wife excitedly and her quick eye soon detected the card attached, on wbich were inscribed these ominous words: "You are My Pa! Take Me In." Then there was dire confusion. The most excited protestations could not satisfy tbe young wife and the young husband rushed off to find a policeman, io the hope that an officer might help him out of his dilemma and prevent, the disruption of a family. The officer examined the bundle and demonstrated there was no.baby, simply some old rags, which the food bride had put out in the woodshed for the ragman. When the young man went down town he had to set 'em up, but he did so with a light heart. DEJIOC1UTIC PRIMARIES. The Democratic voters of Cass county and all others wno desire co co-operate with them IB opposition to the perpetuation of gold mono- metallism and corporation rule in politics, are hereby notified to meet in primary convention, at the usual p'ace of holding such meetings, on Saturday, February 12th, 1S9S, for the purpose of selecting members or the Democratic county central committee and choosing delegates to the state, congressional, joint-senatorial and joint-representative con- THR FEBR01RY WEATHER, Predicted by Hicks, Will Month of Storms. be a Hicks, the great weather prognos- tlcator, has arranged the following programme for the month of February: The ad aad 3d are centers of reactionary storm disturbances which will bring rain and snow. High barometer and cold will ensue, lasting two or three days, A regular storm period fs central, on the 7t.fi, and from tbe 6th to 9;h very heavy rains will fall southward amd snow northward. Another high barometer and cold wave will come down from northwest about the 8th to lloh. It will turn warmer on and pouching the 13th aad ili&h, ending la low birometer and more storma- Change to colder will follow in regular order. From the 18r,b to 21st falls another storm parioci, in which, thunder aad rain may be expected southward, snow northward, and a sharp cold wave coming in from northwest. About the 23 i to 25 :h look for return to storm conditions. Barometer will fall, temperature will rise, and storms of rain, thunder and wind will visit ruany sections. Ice gorges and overflying streams will endanger life and property In many plates. A Terr Pleasant Surprise. Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Graffli were Rendered a very pleasant surprise, Saturday evening, at their home on Linden avenue by about sixty of t'heir friends. The visitors wore masks. Sir. and Mrs. Graffls were equal to the occasion, the former delivering a neat address of welcome, while the hostess treated the guests to an elaborate luncheon. A nutnber of vocal and instrumental selections were rendered during the eveoing by the following guests: Miss Lucy Keller, Mrs. Cora Alford- Tbomas, the Misses McKee, and Miss Frances Adams, and Messrs. James Murpby, Will McKee, Sam E. Smi'tih, Will Graffisand James Smith. veations of the party, the time for holding which to be announced later. One member of the county central committee Is to be chosen for each voting precinct in the county. The basis ot representation for tbe state convention has been fixed at one delegate for every 200 votes 'cast for William Jennings Bryan at the lection in 1896, and under such apportionment the wards and townships of the county are entitled to he followingtepresentatlon: No. Votes Adams 14 ( Bethlehem :....- S9 Boone - 2S9 21ay - 79 ilinton 121 Jeer Creek - S-<3 larrieon -„ , 22S Jackson 261 Jefferson 180 Miami _. 144 H, WP _ 119 Tipton 33K Washington 214 First Ward 639 Second Ward _. 32S Tnird Ward 426 Fourth Ward 296 fifth Waru 875 Total 4814 The ratio of representation for the other conventions will be 009 delegate for every 150 votes cast for William J. Bryan, and under such apportionment the several wards and townships will be entitled to the following representation In the coo- New Furniture Store. Cor. Market, 5th and Erie Stsi. A Grand Rapids Paper Says: No. Dele. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 34 -The Footer syndicate of furniture dealers is spending the week in the. city in attendance upon the trade sales This syndicate has large stores at Pt. Wayne, Lafayette. Terre Haute, Logaasport, Snuth Bend and Jacks«n, and is among the heaviest buyers that twi^e a year visit our exposition. By pooling; their purchases they secure all the discounts that are only given to buyers of car-load lots and are thus placed on anequiil footing with the greatest stores in the country". Our purchases this year have been irade at prices so much below what, the ordinary furniture dealer pays, that we shall be able to sell many goods at what others pay for them and yet make a nice profit upon thtim. Ten and fifteen per cent off in car-load lots is what we save over those compelled to purchase i« small quantities, which will enable us to make things very warm in the furniture trade this Year. gressional, joint senatorial and; joint representative conventions: Adams, 1; Bethlehem, 1; Boone, 2; Clay, l: Clintoo, 1; Daer Creek, 2; Harrison, 2; Jaffersoc, 1; Miami, 1; Noble, 1; Tipton, 2; Washington, 1; 4; Sscond ward, 2; Third Fourth ward, 2; Fifth Cor. Market, Stb and Erie Sis, oa Phone If First ward, ward, 3; ward, 4. The meetings In the townships will be held at 2 o'clock p. m., and In the wards of the city at 7:30 p. m. PLACES OF MEETING. Adams township, Twelve Mile. Bethlehem, Metea. Boone, Eoyal Center. Clay, Shady NOOK. Clinton, Clyroers. Deer Creek, Center school house. Harrison, Lucerne. JacKson, Galveiiton. JeffersoQi Galloway's school house. Miami, New Waverly. Noble, New Court Boom, city. Tipton, Walton. Washington, Center school house. First ward, Engine house. Second ward, New Court Boom. Third ward, Council Chamber. Fourth ward, North street engine house. . Fifth ward, Engine house. The precinct commltteemen chosen are called to meet at the court house, in the city ot Logansport, oa Satur- day.February 19tb, 1898, at 1 o'clock p. m., to organjxs and elect officers. BENJ. F. LOUTHAIK, Chairman Dem. Gen. Com. M. A. LiTTLE.'Sec. The Logansport Commercial High School. If.' u wlsk to B6our» a position to work for £x]», -lenee Only, 1>OMT attend Mw ot:* .sport Commercial High School If you wish to secure a pog'tlonthat will pay you from $1 to 82 per week. Don't attend tlie Logansport Commercial High School If you wish co attend a School where you can have plenty of tun, do as you please, and a"HotTlme"ln general,I» n't atiead,the liocanKport Commercial High Mcheol But, If you wish to attend an [7 n 4 n f)a-tp School where yo i will receive U F lu V*«< the best instruction and the beat preparation, for the responsibili les of life; wneie you will receive a thorough mental and moral discipline and training that will develop yo r intellect, arouse your aoibi ion ao<l equip you so that you may live worth)'y. that you may lead a I lite of u&efulnoes and that your III a may be crowned with the laurels of success. th« esteem of your fellow men ana the approbation of your own conscience, then, JLttendL The, Lo&ansport Commercial 2Rgh SchooL M. W. MURPHY I .J w. HOOKB Orer S21,32! and 325 Fourth Street. gotten out of the country: he had seen a man fall off the roof of a barn and freeze so stiff that he broke in two when he hit the ground; he had seen smofce freeze in a chimoey 'till tbe fire wouldn't draw, and be knew of one case where the smofce froze Frince Henry of A fDrmer teacher of Prince Henry of Prufjsi.a, who has gone to China, thus speakii of him: "He was his Prussian grandmother's darling, was gentle as a girl, easy going, contemplative and framed not for 'war and strife, bnt for peace and quietness. His heart was excel hint and in the right place. His father used to say that be would make a perfect constitutional king of England, if ha could only lay the foundation stones and open exhibitions by deputy. He understands his duties as a naval officer and is well np in naval tactics. However, be is Jionder of land service than of sailing abotit the world. The Empress Frederick thought him clever and often said be never said or did anything to give her a pang. The Empress Anguiita spoke of him as her angel grandson, and the late Date of Saxe- Coborg thonghl; he was very like the Iste prince consort, but would resemble him more if pnt well on bis mettle." Bicycle Brakes, One of tho brakes that will be found as a regular equipment or option oa the 1S9S after it got a hundred feet up and models consists of a spring expansion ring Carroll County Citizen, Delphi: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bonlin gavs a luncheon Thursday in honor of their guests, Mr. and Mrs. E, J. Twomey, of Logansport. fell back on the house, knocking a hole in the roof big enough to drive a yoke of steers through; that the reason that nights were so long in that country was because the darkness froze so hard the daylight could not thaw its way through in less than sir months " These accounts go to prove that those whe contemplate .visiting the Klondike need to prepare themselves for the many peculiar circumstances and conditions there prevailing, in. order that they may not have their attention detracted from the main object—thiit of gold huntlnj;. on the rear sprocket working within a friction drum. The braking of the wheel is brtiugbt about by retarding the rear sprocket by back pedaling, which opens oat the spring and brings it in contact •with toe drum. The instant back pedaling ceases the spring contracts and the wheel Hood's | Stimulate the stomach, «^ • • • • rouse the liver, cure bilious- ^^M • I I A I ness, headache, dizziness, ^^^ III 15 ; goer itomach, conctipftttocu ^ • • • %^ •tc, :PHc* 25 ceata. Sola by all drncgkti. 1 TIM o;il> run to lain wilt) Bo«d'« Sir»»p»riil«. Story of Mr. lerrli*' Doc- Mr. Tom Terriss relates a curious and inexplicable incident in connection with the assassination of his father, the late William Terriss. On the night of the murder Mrs, Terriss was sitting in tbe drawing room of the Cottage, Bedford park, the late actor's home, with a pet dog—an intelligent fox terrier called Davie, after Mr. Terriss' favorite part of Lieutenant David Kicgsley in "The Harbor Lights" — comfortably asleep upon nor lap. ; Messrs. William and Tom TerrisS, the sons, were also in the room. The clock marked 20 minutes past 7, whfc|i suddenly, without the slightest waAing, tbe dog leaped from Mrs. Terriss' lap and dasihed frantically about the room, yelping, snapping and showing all tbe signs ol: a paroxjsm of mingled rage and fear. Tbe behavior of Davie was so extraordinary that it seriously upset Mrs. Terriss for the remainder of the evening. It was exactly at 20 minutes past 7 chat 3Ir. Terriss was murdered. "My brother Will and I were playing chess," said Mr. Tom Terriss when questioned on the subject, "and tbe dog' was apparently quietly doling on my mother's lap, and it startled us all considerably as it bounded np and down the room with frantic snaps and snarls. My mother was very much alarmed and cried out: 'What does he see? What does he see?' convinced that the dog's anger was directed at something unseen by us. My brother and I soothed her as well as we could, though ourselves considerably puzzled ac the behavior of an ordinarily quiet and well conducted pet. Yes, the incident occurred at the very honr of my father's death."—London MiiiL _ Women More Carffal. The percentage of punctures In women's wheels is much smaller than in those of men. There is only one reason for thii=,. and that is because women ustmlly ricle slower, are timid and consequently careful than male riders. RE/aOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where yon are invited to call and see a fine lice of Winter Woolens For Suitings and Over- coatings that cannot be beat. W H .u. Merchant , Tailor . Pearl StKext topr. Bell's Offi«*. Hie Detective Wins Yet, th« detect*?* th» ctory of how b* <Ud H to one of the moat excitiaf •*« told. Ycrac*niwiditi&*MB column*. Itk«*titU4 A Conflict of Evidence It was written, by RodfifM Ottokogui, th» fcuth*r of " A* Artirt in Crima," and «•* «£ the •trongect »jJUi» ef d»-

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