Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 4, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1916
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ADVERTISING they ttfn and put* wh*rt they ought is bt, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 107. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY. NOV. 4, 1916. ADVIRTISIITG tftfcft* tfirrtftt from wh»f» they ar* and put* thtrr, wher» t^jey oue^t 't* feo. PRICE TWO CENTS. ONE 'HUNDRED LIVES ARE LOST IN COLLISION GOLDENJUB1LEE Pounding Of First Reformed Church In Fulton Was Nicely Observed. NEARLY 1,000 ATTENDED Several Early Pastors Were Present and Delivered In- , teresting Talks. i The attendance nt the services in connection with the gulden-jubilee or fiftieth anniversary of the of the first Reformed church tlon In Fulton, held nt the church on Wednesday "afternoon. Is fald to have numherpM nearly people. Prominent fttnmifr the Katherini? were a few of the member? of that flrat eon- Kre.fl%Unn. They included! lien I>am- hoff, Fred F1H, t'lauji tilr.etiffa and Mm. Helen Munni'ke. now^rc-nldltiB In Gordenplaln. f ^ Th« afternoon serviced were eon- ducted In the Holland laniruaKo anil In old nelifhbora -who had not met. In year*. Soon after 1:30 the service's opened with wlngltm of n Psalm, scripture reading, Invocation tind word* of .,. welcome by tho pantor, Hev. William 0 tlon Van Vllet. KYnnk No Use To Wait It rijiiy )i«> "ouii" Nubs'rlb<-r<i ,1 re waftinc for porm-thiiur in the \v;tv tif *[>f-ttil 'ifT«TJ*. premiums* or <-»tutt-s«ly. such MS h.tve hwn KI\ *>n l>y Sterlini; p.-ipct-M in (In- print before reitMvj,li«: th'-lr subscript Ions. nil' it If <r.-elf*<s f»i tt-nir fr.r »«prHnl offers this year. • The only special offer possible Is I'HMV on $!.".,'>o ;i year l>y mult mitujtlc • of S(« rlinu ."iiiil. Hoik Falls. The prlt.-<- «.f The Gu7,e(fe-iHid of The'd WHS • ntl^-ed ln.«t spririK bff"i'c <'Oiijfolldiiiion. Thf city MI(>«"rlption pt -\i •»• \VIIN rntepd fur carrier dt-Hvcry from fi.Ofi to J.Voii for <;ish"in Mihruire r.-iv- nir-jifs- • At the poMoffii c in St/'ilimr ;t nd JloeU Kfills. tin- ;iuli«x Hplion pfh e w;if! raised nn both papers before consolidation tn.J'rOdsi year. There wart no reason why Sterling people should pny i"> im » y«>nr for the same dully that was delivered in Hoik F;ti!« the roitno evening for $2.Tilt. • Mvlnc to itti inerr-Jipe nf 3fl(> per rent in the cost nf print paper within a year no reduction!* of liny l<lnd '-an In- made. The mills illMsl the f--jze tif the pifper rtlilMt lie kept ilotvtl instead of ini I ortsed. Hundreds are pending in thfir renewals HO those who desire The Gftjtette will KHin nothing by wultiriK, except wet an Iwrivme In priie if they wait lonjr cnoiiKh, Th-> priic of The (Sar.rttf l»y ^nall will IK- tiilwed at Ie,i-<t to $,'! 10 Juttuiiry If"t. K. may !»»• JS.r.n. It (nay ln> more. Thf prlep (an tie determined only at Iff prko Ic ntade to The (iaxette oti next year'H nnpply of print. Hut it will not be lower than at present and ptobably w'.lt ne\er be of low LOSSES IN COLLISIONS ri'.y I'nitert l*?! 1( s, July 4 ...... I^UV.tifcoigne with a rrportrd lops of 100 lives. With n M« of SOO lives. IfiK. .May H?- -r«wi««Urtn Pn- •rifle l.lner Kmpress of Irpl.ind wiih (he f?«or«Wdt in the St. I^iiwrencp rivf-r, with a IOK« of more than 1,000 lives. UU2. April H— TUanlc collided with nn icelK-ri^ In the Atlantic with n loss of i.ft8f>, HUB, Nov. 8 -The (Vmni--mara and tletrlfver In. the Irish «Pa with a reported top* of 300 lives. IMANY PARADES; •Will Mark Spectacular Finish i. To the Campaign In Mid* ; west Tonight. j ( ; JNOISE FOR SILENT VOTERS; JThe Prohibitionists and Social- j ists Expect To Poll i 2,000,000 Each. ; Effort Made to Blow up ing Munitions F«r Allis*. Mak- flu- t'nited Prr-**) H<i< k JR|,UH|. III.. Nov. 4. --A dyn.-l- . mite bomb was ftxtfkided at the VV/il' Hftms <*t While plant in Mollne lust I fiitrhf. The plant has (ter-n i sTir;ipnel shells for the allies and I window wtifl the blowinc out of one (TI thr> fn< -f>ry. iSIE NEW ISSUE Washington Officials Are Puz| zled Over the Status Of L the Deutschfand. |- ^-S^ ... !MAY\HAVE ARMED CONVOY THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS HflW Tfl VflTF RIRUT ENDORSES COL. LOWDEN M ^ IU VlJlt HlbHI Of. Chicago, the fourth paJtor of tho 'luiryhi who dflivered a did addrciurln tho mother.toriKuo. Kul thin another PHalm was and a collection for the board of l>o- m<'Btlc MiKilotiH W'AH taken yp. R*>v. W. 3. J>ulker. «>niran«l JUiplds. •Mich., tho 'tf*venth imator. then Kave an IntereHtliiK and InstructH-e talk In the Holland language. With KreetlnRS by Ilcv. J. B. -'Yonkmnn of tho Fulton I'hrlKtlan IteformNl church. Hev. U. T. Vinder Woude, piutor of tho Newton lleformed church, and iu-v, J. P. J. KritiBVoorlmrgc of. the I 'stick church and ben.Adlt'tlon hy Itev. William Wol- of 'Randolph, Wis., 'the- ninth ^ Chicago, III.. Nuy. 1. Oay.etle, Sterllnif. III. 'The Chicauo Dally N«-ws, inde|iend- ent In politics, which has a circula- i of •43a,«40, cdltorlwjly endorsed nk • i, l.owden, repiAMca.n candi- > for «ti\ernor, today/ ami recom- Lcga4 Instructions How To Oast Ballots For Representative Next Tuesday. A LONE SURVIVOR Prevents Disappearance Of Two Vessels From Becoming a Mystery. CRASHED IN IRISH SEA British Ships Connemara And Retriever Both Went To thr Bottom.— Hy K<1 U Keen. (Staff < 'orrmpondcnt of United I*ren«.) Kng., Nov. *,~Fro.iri 90 to pvrlRhed when the Steam- PEACE FAR AWAY |This Would Strengthen the Brit- is,h Contention In Regard To U-Boats. daji nended Tits Hupporl as fnTTow«: -"".YiTr bus every Incentive to carry tnrr out (MM nothing to gain "by occupancy of th chair for four years except inn | er t'onnemara, of-the Ix>ndon A rw|tuthl|oii, and reputation 1« to be bad from eff people, su.-l ed to «ive. tln'ri'for» only of service on hehnIf The |>ally News- -tho candidacy .of Mr. l.owden to independent .^oleix." Fred 1C. Hid-rliriK. Chiilrman lU'publican State Coin. INSTANTLflLEO ! i e;,ri'S»'I||:ttl\ 1 f of 1 fill"- linVef liYH'HJ the Hlnte leglslntilri it very plain and upon the request of several voters of Hterlln*r. the 'follow- 1>\K taken from the posted instructions a ro herewith appended!: "No number .of votes \vlll he printed nn any ballot after the name,of any candidate for KepreHrntnlivc in the <!»'iieral Assetnbly, and «»here the names of three candldatos for.-Uepre- w-ntutlves m^-piinicd under on«« party appellation or title' and you place a timrr ,., .1 w th thn stfamiT , rn a storm oi i a. ,"'.,""•» .7 7^7—r~, , , , , off rnrllngfordlouph last nlRht. nccord- the law rnaken IIIK to tin; laUtst Infurmiitton thin aftrriu.on, It wa« first reared thiit up»«ri!s of ,1iiij llvf'i hnii. bcoti loMl. (irUy one mirvlvor hn« been n.ccuunt<'(l for. A chet-k iiii. the nitmlmr of INIH- and tho <'rew« carried lowered il!y I'nited 1'reMf.j Chicago, III.. Nov. 4.-—With waving mi lights and torches and Waring brass hands the MK campaign Will come to a spectacular clone in the midwest tonight. Iloth parties will tnake^ all piissible noise to attf.-i'-t the "silent" vote.''whU'h they believe Will swing the i No Indication War Will End Oni side Of Two Years and Pos, sibly Five Years. SIDES DETERMINED Neither Really Understands the Position Of Other Toward Peace Now. Torch liRht parades will tie held in, every IllinoiM district I>y the women j workers tovilKht. Ktmnp speeches und l rallies will be staged by the leadern j of tho national woman',?.,party. - -j In ("hiciiKo there will be a Id* Hughe*! - r ~parade In the bundles* district thisj Editor's Note.-^After more than nfternoon with bunds, howllhjt ward . four month* in South America and 4ii;ein£a.flJid_fli!a.la_dei»icllnjg ?:Jli''*" Hrtm, i Eyropo, _Boy W. Howard, presi- MiMH (Columbia and the U, o, TVeTe-T phnnL. fiouKh riders from the stock \ yards will aim* he In line. j The Democrats have 60,000 flags in- I Kcribed, "We want Wilson." Then.? | lined the route of the Hughes parade. The police were warned to be reudy to j line the route of the parade. | -—1,,-i- of cities throiiKhout the west.: wimUfHt-wp a whirlwlndi urjj?, _y . , -_ dent of th« CTnTt«3"Pr»i* A»locii- tion, returned to New York todny. He met while abroad many leader* of the belligerent* and obtained theJr viewe on the war and the chance* of peace. Moet of the etate- mente were obtained on pledgee that no direct quotation would be — ie— the" (Hy United Pre*M.) Washlnston. l>- f*.. Nov. 4.— Washington official* were today worn what .puzzled HS to the statun of the Dciitftchland. should the report that th* t'-boat is to be convflyet! back to Oer- nuitiy by a fighting- submarine, prove correct. The belief Is expressed In nome quart-' <TH that If the submarines act in concert it will greatly strengthen the Hrlt« ish contention thnt a submarine In al« j-KTty* to b«- held under HU«pJcl<m «.« a j vesH*'l of war-like character. Them In inn doni.t, they said, of (Jreat Britain I hohtinK that., the Joining- of the aiib: marine* In prlnta facie evidence of t'nefr j warlike Intentions. The unarmed U« « j bout posing a« a peaceful •(>uKh- Ita ability- flryan • wws- wlmUfHt-*H» a campalKn In his home state which he. believes. Will line up Nebraska for Wil- j son. Itoth Kepublicaii and Democratic campalKH mVjfiiiKcrH have shot their bolt and it re win their toes waiting for 'the remilt. Most of the 4lesK« in .national headquarters here are locked batie for the cpnclu*lon« reached in the eHtimute of the caHUalty H.«:t.' Tho | „„,, th ». Klr | M W ho have been OofHllnK * Learn Of the Sad Death Of Albert filler While Out Hunting. pieiM'ii- such party appellation or title, and do .not otherwise mark the ballot for Hopresontativcs, U Avtll b« counled one, vote for each nf'mid camllilates. "Where tho nn tries '>f two- .rnnilld- While tho afternoon services were attended principally hy the oliler member*, of tha congregation the evening Mt-vlCMi. which began at 7:3A, included a large guiherlnK of the youttftrr mom- bera The»« services wore principally in the KngllBh language, and opened j by t,h? ^Uiglnif of n I'salin and prayer ( by Hev. U T)yluitr»; j •The large ntwmblasre was then fa-; c ,,|ved a-message from Dawson, Minn,, title.-mid you do not otherwise 'mark vonw .with a .duct by Mr. ami Mrs, 'informing: Jljkm. of the Instant death' the ballot for. rtcpreAvntntivcH. It will! bo counted one, and one-half votes for •ara cnrrJed . r «l jiimsengers and a crew of 3*i men. The Ret He, ver'n crew numbered «mly 13. It In not definitely known whether there were any passengers alxMird the Itetrlever, hut the revised figures-place, the total qn both boats at nut morn than 100. ard w»* one of tha f«w neutral* admitted to vitit the battlefronU. 'By'Hoy' \V.Howard. (President of the United Press.) New York, N. Y..'Nov. 4.— either in Kngland, I-'ranre or Germany l» there the HllghteMt evidence yet of AN EARLIER REPORT. !$£ Kd L. Keen (Staff CorreHponde.nt of Ujiltml I're«K) I^ondon. Kn>r., Nov. <.—One hun- (Jates* foV lieprenentfUtveH are prliiti-d dretl per»on« arts bclleve-d to have under one party nppeU/itlon. or title and yotupJttce u crosH.- thus: (X). In the cir- Helattves- in this vicinity have re- i cl« prceediiig-mich party appellation or f«h>d In the "td'nklnif of the Hmiill Urjt- "~"'''"''' after a w\llialon In the Irish .sea lam , each of Bald candidate*. ".Where the. nnme of but one ramdl- -Mlno Plikkwna. A Bpoeeh In Holland of Albert, "the" "wventeon-yenr-old «tcin then followed hy Hev. \V; \VOlvlus. and O f William Miller, formerly of Mont- after.{he singing of a Psalm and a co"Kj morency. No jiartlcuMjrM were receiv- lectlon 'ftH'^he Hoard of Domestic Mis- : w | O f t j )t , H ccldent except that the two'ditto for Representative Is print «*4| un- Bions, an addrenn was delivered In Eng- r brothers, Albert 'and Walter, were! dor one party appellation or title, and Huh by Prof. James Kterenberu of | hunting rabbits last .Saturday und lie j:.von place a cross, thus: <X), in thi-d-lr-. was shot and instantly killed by hi* i elf preceding »uch party appellation or'j '' ' " (title, and you do not" otherwise nn-'t the ballot for lt«'prcsentatlve, it, will of | be coijnted three'votes for .said cnndl- ' date. **">, '•Whether or not ii',cross, thus: (X), he placed in the circle preceding any M, 1C. Koster, of Fulton, the| 0 j,i,. r lenth piiMtor, following the Blngir.R iifj Mr. Miiicr>fhe father, of the a hymn, wtra presented and delivered j fortunate young man.-IK a bn.Hie .... -«•- ^ujdress In the Kngllsh }nn- [Mrs. Theodore..'JTrmiUi of thl> city. " ' J •"'"• The Miller's wt-i>" prominent fur- in Montmorency find only moved The nervices then closed with benediction "hy Rev. W. J. I>ulker. The attendance brought together large delegations frofn the Morrlnon, I'eitick and Kewton congroRatlonx. It. the Pertonal Opinion of Congrete- ; . ' m*n Sterling. . In responwo to" a letter written by D. It. Huckworth, the following letter ha» been reonlved from t'oiiKressman "': , John A Ht«rltng: Jr. Vou «sk my opinion of tho political ,'. • • itut-look, I'pr'»onally, I have no doubt ;* ' Lowdon will he elected Kovernor by a i-,- good majority, 1 think that is Just a« certaja as anything caj» be before ^ 'elepltdn" day. I am also wtrongly of ?—--tht» opinion thut iiugljca will be eiocu f.' ^ed, yet. I have no Information regard' ' Ing thu matter except such an I get .th» nawyiaiJwSj^and I j»m very Buro. that" InTTilH i>arf «FTIin wtate The drift haa-tornnd townnl IIughcH very strongly It) the IHHI two weeks, arid I feel much more conlldi'iii than I did tho middle of Jjctobpr. I think the plea "H© k«pt u» out of war" may get jinrne tew women vottm here that would naturally be for llu«hi-«, but not a great many, U IS.H nlliy pi-oponitlon and I am combating U wherever l -etui. It wilt he u mlrude if he does not blunder uH into « war before the end of another term If he should be .re- I ''fully' ftXpect to be elect"'! The i'ttiiroao men tiro lighting me he- cauae I voted ugalnut tho Adamnon bill, but I fee) confident I . will muke It up from democratic farmers and business x men. Three of the counties in my dlBtrli't will go republican, the other two ar*» democratic hut we feel quite confident that wo will get of then) and jwawibly both. With kind r»«ar<ti». I am Yours very truly. , John A 8oy» Military Club Ueft Thi$ Morning , , —Thlrty-thre» Strong, Thirty-three fitetiiherH of the Twin t'lty .Boyii MiUiuj'y c|uh ,\ith their leader, ICuvI Mcl^'iinan, left on the Sterling puttHtingi'i* thiH morning- tor Fort Sheridan, whwe they will witness the 'i1rlll« and mtuuui\TI-M of the other clubs which huvi- bt'<>n niKnnliri d lung- er. 'Th*»'I'Uib from the t>vu cities i» uf four aqu-idh. eight to n and Mf. McLennan, who w'a* up this coin- to astuuo perfect The. 'tmjM in tiic-lr a \ery pirlty up- pecting- to IJy .on their rc- pauy. went Mlung safety, to tho now uniforms ma ptutruncc. -nd Klvfl i^ public drill turn, ilY A HAND AXE. John iJulley..employed aw. ( i lineman by the lilinoib Nortticrn I'tllltu-s i'o : i» Buffering fro>ti u bjidl>'cut light tirns line, «* nmn at the top v-i' ;< pole u IN u.*lug u, ttharp hand iix<> In j'-iiu 1 "J«ti~the nx«* head uiiiKht »>'i. i v\ne -s thnnutn vm» (twinging u, nn-l |U w n<>iu thei hitnUie Mr Haile> W.IH j-tnudinic undeim-Mth and tlu« ,-!?,u|> struck lam uw tin* IIR!U ai m. cut- fbr*Hi^fi"ltt#:tHplftl-n|sf jifV fl fntii iht 1 yevvflitg (in aiteiy He- w.»« at inuHs tii ./j. diH s.ii, und tht- HI- IViy tied 1U1<! tin* wiiiln-i *TV,ill uji 1!.- to Minnesota about «nd thei'r friends in legion, who extend their sympathy. The unfortunate young man leaves 'to mourn his death besides his parents two brothers and two sisters. The funeral service and burial took pluot •Tuesday. four yearn ago. I party appellation or title, if yon place this vicinity an" PAVING GOING FORWARD Three Block* Will be Re»dy For tha Brick by Tonight. The concrete mixer has been doing faHt work for the, past three days, unit It IH. thought' that by night there will be three blocks ready for the '-brick. The worlf"hn« heeft progressing: well, and It-is thought hy Homw time Tuesday the entire Second uvenito-oynU>m will-4M»-if>vt»r-tHl- w4th— inche» of concrete, put in Thumtay, in Th« . tlr-Mt block, hard enough .to . . . . walk- on now, and by Monday morning It is thought It will be hard onough to put on the sand cushion and the work of laying brick will start during the day. Tho contractors nak for two weeks' more of good weather and they say the Hlxth avenue .system will la- laid in concrete ready for tins hrick by that lime.. »< l' *Ali A I JVKUTISK.M KNT.) -8COTT-rOPT8TATE'8 ATTORNEY. Karl I,. Hcott; of JSrle, Ulinolti, the Iw'iiiuciailc nominee tor Htato'H nltor- iwy. of WhiteHlde Bounty, le a man pabli and' cth.'ii'iit. oiif' who ItilDI) I tu- ilu'lti-s ,ii Ihi- ultii c lo \vlii. h li.l" lll.lde 1 fund v, ill iM-t I uihi i \.tilt i. it- I to pel tot HI th> plojtil i -> tn It i !«•, f t ,| I,.. I I" ttoii 1,'n inn a cross, thus: (Xi, In the square prt»- cinH'ig the name of only one candidate for ItepreiKintaUve. and you do not otherwise mark the ballot, the ballot will be c'Minted. three voten for said candidate. Where you place a. cross in the square preceding the naincs cif any two candidates for jlepretienUitive and you do not otherwise mark the ballot,-the ballot will bo counted one and one-half vojeu......for each-- of • wild cjin'dldate.s. Where'you place a cross in the «quare preceding the names 'of uny three can- dldutcM for Reprenentntlvp and not.MtherwlHe mark the ballot, the ballot will ho counted one vote for each of said three candidates. "Whom you indicate your Intention, by IttSvftii marUTng~l>r"youT ballot, to divide your vote* among the, candidates In tiny manner other than an 50 mlk'H north of Iluhlin. only .one survivor in reported thun far. A mum nairted Boyle, a member of the UT>trlev«'r'« crew, mlraculou«ly. ewcaped death. He brought, back the story of the greatest sea disaster «lnce the sinking of the Lusltanta,, und-'.pre- venled the disappearing: of the two ships with their passengers and crown ......,.,; from becoming a sea mystery- Only fragmentjfry reports reached London this afternoon but from these act'ountK It appears that the Connemara, a ferry boat of the London &• North Western railroad, .left Greenore Island at about dusk yesterday evening for Ifolyheati, Hug., and collided with the inbound Hteanier Itetrlever a few mlleu off the Irish coast. The Connemara wa» carrying 61 passengers hut wo fur UH Is known none of them were Americans. IjWiv- the ferry uteamer ran ^/^^^^^ir'Ki,!! 1 ^"^!''!;:!-." •»»„*<*** ,.«.i «r <..- w «r. m „„ country IA there any Indication thjit the struggle will terminate within the next for the first titni- In All headquarters work Is complete. The publicity men are Jntc this Several weeks. sending out their n,,al. broadsides to- o Th innumcnibln In<lay. Hesponslbllity now shifts to the . . TTTTt-cnpmtnTr1^ir-KT^trng^tit-^ht---w^ that the end l# eyenjovucji further Off. Lord Northoliff*. who hfl« National headquarters of the Social- j more often than any other perscin prob- 1st and Prohibition In Chicago are put- j ably forecasted thn actual development*, ting on the Hnlshing touches to the<)mti urged the. British to make no cul,- rlty vole.gettinl campaign i culallonH baaed on peace inaldc of flve Hoth parties are looking j years. '. H vote fvfcr-ciust.for. their i Germany wants peace-admltledly iparty »nd each forecastn nedrly 3,000,-1 wants U badly. The"French" and'Brit- 'Wm votes. .Nine congressmen and one'ish public has misunderstood and fills- The fact Is Ciermnny in history ," , congressmen and one i*h pub t'nltt'd StatoH Mcnator are the winners |' construed this. tlie llsl Includes ''.VWyer 'candidate from New York. arc hoping to land. This ' wants peace now' not because she be' ' socialist ' lleves herself defeated but becauiie she Tb« I'ro- i tliinks she Is -nearer a military victory cape detection, give valuable assistance to the war uubmarlnp. The t*-f»7. a German battle nuhmar* ine. if it heads for tHn vicinity of New Ixthdon Is' expected to hover Junt bo« yoiut the three mile limit waiting for Ciipt. Koerilg. -—Wn«rttl-f»ifth«r—nlnklng—of vessels occur off the New England coast nt a time when It i« known that the o with an tiiiniHl con* voy'was In the 'vicinity, a real issue might he precipitated between the t'nlted Ktates and Great Britain re- gnrdlng the artmlssioji of a «ubmarin» to neutral watern. EMBASSY DENIES REPORT. (Hy tlnlted Press) .Washington, D. C., Nov. 4.~TheOJer-i man cmba«8y today declared it baa n<| knowledge of the report that a fight- In K' submarine will art iu) a convoy to the l>eutt>chlttnd on Its return trip. Tljt- embassy agree/I that «uch a con- status an a peaceful merchantman. At the British crubaaay- it waa naid that if the DeutMahmnd wan met outside the three mile limit by a ftghtlny Hubmarlne the -former would undoubtedly supply It with fuel and this wdutd In lt« opinion, remove Its peaceful chn rncter. Thp-rflnrt-. fwtr— w«»" we*— when th« Pautuchhttul left Bultirnore on -Its first return trip, th« claim belny minde that, it carried mdm fuel nil t'.tan it needed for Ita own UM ami th'jl It might 'act an a. floating hlbttioniHts are hopefuj "of electing flve than she or'any belligerent nation Will | bane joir s«me QcFinan naval «ubm» congrvsNinen and one. United senator.' \ HIGHLAND GRAND JURY into the teeth of a violent hurricane. I'«unklnif through the darkness and »* torm tht< »nmller steamer IWrlever Whether the Retriever carried passengers IH unknown. Apparently the crews of both vessels tried to launch their bouts. Seaport towns reported that the sea wax totwlng HO violently that it is doubtful If a-single boat wa* gotten over ,-by4-eiUier~*tea4n=- er. It seemu" certain If any boat was put over It "wa« either crushed -against the aide of the boat or capulzed and State's'again come. Germany admits It !« sur felted with war but Insists that France and Hngland in time wil! eqtM their IcasUMltles and that the.allleH will be (bankrupt before they can reach the j Ithlne. In fact they wolf lit the idea -of the nlllrs ever being able to reach the ! Rhine. | Involved In the situation developed i in England and Germany arc two pow- i ful factors, which combined seem to 'blight the possibility of .early peace, j Neither factor Is trtttterstofid by the peo- j pie of the opposing'nations. Only a few —•—•— . ! of the leaders have sermwl-the situation (Hy United i'ress.) * First is ICn«laiiil'M «{(>ti>rinlnatlon it III., Nov. 4.—The nichiand'l fight until the allies can dictate a peace IB Expected to Indict Hmtenliter In Noted Abortion Case Late Next Month. Olney, _ county grand jury, to which Hoy Hln-iwhich will not only eliminate the,mon leTllter was held last July, for causing juce of f.>erniun milltarlHm but also ellm- thc death «if Kllwiheth Hadcllffe. by an alleged abortion, will assemble Nov. 20, wlth.Judgp J. C, Miller, of Henton. presiding. Interest.In the probable time of trjal is ket*n and Inquiry drew from State's Attorney Morris, the Information that a trial may-he wtpec.ted during the term. ' " .-.. Htate'H AHornoy Morrlii an id the in- rlnc while on the way home. AMERICAN AVIATORS dictmont"o"f IIJhie.rlUer niay. lie expected the first w-eek of the court. Under the regulations, neither Hide., hi 'com- the menace of German commer- fialittm and second Germany'H determination and apparent ability to maintain a Htie-censful defense Indefinitely— rneanwhlle hoping to alienate orie or more of the allies or see one'or mon break under the military or financial Ntruin. German leaders apparently entirely«timate iho-tnnryelous spirit ol thr British who are-flreji with-the determination to destroy Germany, and must be seen at first hand to be'un 3Uiay_-a4Ui— w «tich cnf»lidntc.s acct.r.llng i.» your in- tciulon us discloMcu by tin .marking of your ballot." • THE TAX AMENDMENT The Farmers Review Has Editorial On the Question and a MiTcTiea-miwiriiv-itnr-riniiinir-wirTerH—- ~l»ell«l-t«-«f« r «n-trJalr«nl»M*rtH-<l«ring^- UErH "' ua —4-wij&--awi—IMWWHS--IO—cam- The tirat bocli (s « were waslied anhore , which th« in.tictment Is"ret'unuHl and j prebend that England understands and north of- Curlingfordlongh OfflcialH u«ually the CIIH.< i« continued until the has agreed to pay the pnw necesKuo norm oi (. in IIOHI I 'I'IIOM»,II. tjuiumin i *.,,,.._-,_.._. , - i,, knrinb»tii Cr..-i,,,,,,<• Vr,m,,.^ ( u , of tho lyomhm & North Western ftmr succeeding ' term. tlmt every ished. nmn on Oonnemara. per- "Thrt jiroposcij change bus done well for others; it hui* the !tppi'<ival of careful students of i u.tuition," says the (•'iir- Hcvlcw, "BO let'n vote 'Yes' on thw Tux Ariiendinent JsSiv. 7" in addition to c tiiuncntimg the Tax Amendment m Its editorial columns', llevltnv puhltshex li,'iiKthly articli' by tj II. «'iunpbHl, Jn preuented u inuliUudo of reu- »on« Bhowing; that the prrtient tax »>•>•tern of personal property !»,xit failure, find (hut the proposed unnuutmcni af» fordM opportunity for an unptovcnu'iit ul' ctXiditloiiH, HhowiiiK the Int'mialHifs jn the working out of jh»» pit-sent hSWein, MI. Camphell iioiiitM out that, f<A- example. Mercer county ici.irnr, n»u/< than $-'.- OFFERED TO BET AN EYE ON WILSON THEN HEDGED i By United Usinvllle. III., Nov. 4. but If the defendant cannot give bail or If being grunted bull, lie Is unable to u sufficient bond, then he may be remanded to jail until the next court, nt which he must be tried. Neither Hlale's Attorney Morris nor Judge It. H.-Witcher, attorney for.lUn* terllter, would forecast their attitude to knockout Germany.' Nelthen IH there in Germany any general under standing of the extent" to which tin Brltiiih are preparing peace demands. to go In tlieir ' . On the other hand few persons guems or appreciate Gnrmany'H defensive strength and the false Impression that its, peace desires are' predicated on fear. for u trial at the cKmlng term. Mr. iOermuiiy will consider no peace now at ''"' * h " '"""• •»•-"'"—'- - ' TiTg~WIS( good right eye on Wilson's le-olectlon, John Kt '{'resident ... . .... Ku»luw»vid«e, a miner of WoMtvlile, sought the aid •of the court here In restraining Paul l4tig from. enforcing. or holding hlnj to the bet. After thinking ft over Ka*tta- wivldgw wanted to hedge! The wtorj of Hhylock and his pound of !k'.sh was-- related to him und he was ... i»r«Jj«ifcni' M«»''1« f« engagwl In a canipiilKn for ildvised there wa*> no chance of l^ang holding him to the bet than of Hhylock getting hj« llesh, bottuig being IH"gal. ' ' „ BLOODHOulipS FOUrTo BOY8, Id, 111,, Nov. I. HU'odlioundw by oftlcUlH of the llllnolH Traction wyMlem to trace person^ who It wan thought nt tempted lo wreck two trains of the cotnpHiiy between I'eoria und Spriii^Mt'ld. by placing obstructions. on lh» rails, picked out three boj*, of IftMiHMt of "tno»u-» other tfcin banker."' 1 ' 11 ' .J' 1 '";" 1 '!. W« 1 ** >"; |MM|1 '"»' Colony while Alexander count*, incltnhnif r ; ,i-' ri "' I'C4 bb-Minded ut Uncoln, II.. cow•O, BhoWK only »f,y«n. i »r thv WIIIU .; «*»»>' ofti«-»alH IUMI- aKM-rted. • 1 he hoy» Item, rook county. Uirhi,Mi. K ci,u-iig».!«-"' 1 ''r' H . l ., lh : t >" '''"Tl*>!' k .^ ""'.^' ll '' 1 ui« lens thun ling <'hicagf $S,niin,otMi, whili- tlx- dn»'rlct the count let. of ILmcncK. McOoi^ottKh, Mercer, iiock \\'.nii'ii- na\c niMrly $7.- (l<itir- ll n-t,!,T of' Hv|! l Hi Ktx'l .'id" in tlu lti""l !)_•• jiid'Ui in e Would tin Kliln lie ,h is ill' HIM aim 1)1111 to Cll' HU K* n< I ,il w I '•<-,'• h'>i u ,i i,d i CM a' leKii"i i.i -iru u"r"nu ; riii,i>f\ ". lie (ul,. |i»nU*"-ii | i« (m Uu' j>inf'ili|ei 4i;,«l.- ,• !i i « iil -il'<nl iu lith MUii'ilJi l, 11'Ml- I'll t * • II ;£> ainl .IS <l i.tVV Vt I __\ i.. 11 i. \ ,,- i >!» ,,., 3>. . > < 11111 • c t (l < i . , » ' • '' ' • i '> ' t iT< i\ iTl , ' l \ i ' nade up n lienderson .mil illU.UllU. "AcconiniK to (he icjioit ,»f the t»i,ilf •o.ird nf i'(|u ili/.iition lull." Mi I'.unp- >«11 points run ''all the ini'ich<indi«>«> in 'ool< iiiuntv hns .1 lull \.ilui' o| S^x- 41".tJft.'. Tin- IH !(••-.•, Hiuii" Ihc « iiitluu of one mail ouki |IOM-*C. \uih liich i|ian\ liiiinem ii,n(e" NICE DAY—NICE CROWD, TtlU J,i ,t •*!' e <l«is .mil U<o|i» l>i .1 lit',- iiov\i| in low n Tin (|K\VI| i IH tin<- and , iiiiim-etni nip.' ^tv A It -i . UK indu. t - , , t(o V\ all Ii'l («i v would , on the ra»S to ».*•«• the c«is them. Thcj Hcit- put on piobution. • (t' Ad ELECT CARTER, BREWER AND **H CARPENTEJR. Vol»-is the The Pro- I'inc.H ri«eiiii>'- tin*, wcm tht I'lltllt'i.SH 41)111 111 ikl tdit itnuvs thi-xi IM I!H« mei< h<tnt>< iniUe nio-i ul fU.'lUB li ,ill.(|i. . ih,-l - « lh« li'H In In ini4 loll,-, to' th Jfei't PA" J.l 1 ?-! - 1 4 yiiiir AH* vua" f-Ufi Hr th.' the fi w t,» \0 I 01 , ,,{ <(• til. it tint Hrnest t'.irtcr IK cl L*'»;ihiiiture lie\l Tliemlu). !•» o\e| four to one >e.U». slj^o llevllie lec'eivcd -t i'.'S'.'t Uepubllc-tn and i\e"votis No (iiir minded ,i\ Uiit otH'-h.ilf of Ihe He- pitbhciii uilt t,-> lo Mr I'aitel fn'jt will ii.iiilly b»> •.< en Air |ievin<> IN the'cnlv c ini,lld>ili< Ml l.'lltt'l i .111 it< ^t'.it - U ,!h lite '.11,4. suit Ml ('.liter la .Miti' to ji,t!i ,>w.i\ Hoin Hettnc. it vole i nil re-election. If he ~i» not elected, lilu .time will expire during the Hocond week of court. • >- . HoiUh American scientiHts are Interested in the "retimrjKfible pathological fciiture <if the alleged manner of death uf Kllzuhcth ItJidcltffe. Today Htat« « Attorney .Morris received n letter, transmitted through the terms 'the allies have mentioned be the allies want no peace until Germany Js broken. It will take years of worse punishment than the alllen have handed out before Much a peace can bo ( Inflicted on Germany. On the other hand Germany's only hope of an early peaie depenits «m (upholding llu enemies at bay and financial which may bring about a compromise Governor Dunne, from Attorney Ger-i Nl>l ' J "'r of theso positions eral-H. K. Woodbury of'New York. < "One of i hi' di'put* 1 utturnVy In thlu office ha a ju»t returned from liueJtoti AireX Argentina,' wlu*re he' went on an extradition r«n»i>. While' there, ln» was fretinently given iiMHist-i anew by the police of liucnoh Alre«. and! on inquiring whether he rouUi porfiirm «ny Mervicw '' ' " Hi much for GAS KILLED 24 MINERS Explo»ion Take* A Haavy Toll Of 'tif» . . ^n An Alabcma Mine. HlnninBham. Ala., Xov, 4.—-Mm? men ami ilfteen negroes lost 111., IVU.H^ liehevd to_ ha\e i*<nninitietti •ide on (he pj.rr.on u f KIU<ihi<ih) •ilft^!, by tucuitH of HII Injection ofl air Into the urterie**. One nf the pro-| of the f.ictiltj of-the I'nivi-rslty ! uf -JJuenoh Alies is a s!ud< ! ftt of loM-i colog). with special ri-ferencv to crnri- Inology, uml decile.-, inform-itKni H' ' garduiK tin- clrcuinstanceM of-the deed.! .,.„„ , , , (he mediciil i \iiuuimtioji. a cop> of ilti- > ixmirnUtnou today by the Wextein lit WANT MORE DEMURRAGE Application Has Boon Made To The State Public. Utilities Com, (Hy fulled Pnvxti ; Hpnngtii'ld. Ill, ,Nov' { Application wits- m<idc to the Nt,ttc public cli* mtc il iinalyHiM of th etc, H»< reqiK'htfd tlte police tU»- tictttinent in ihi> tnlotiHHtton for him, ,ind. ttuj ha\c p.l^^l'.d on the IM- qllfi't lo Ifte H'plivCntHllVi* oi' tin-, ot- (Ice, whom I inenli'«iH><l " HIGH SCHOOUS KNOCKED OUT. I'corn 111 . Xi.v aK"' k ,Sf«>ritgt> Hureuua of Clu- (<igi> and (b*> i.nlinids of the hlute tn increase |h»- di'iniil t.i««" i h<lfj;ex The • >mnuM<ion will hcui the ple.i tn Cht ,!«'> ojs Xi>i ember J)!h !>>'l'i- H(i/->ir It'Mtc e\ lit it 1111% |ilov,. t,, tip the uerill "I Ul ssh Joi a c ,1 !, i ! MH'i i» i .Hid w.iilo to tnuli or in- idi mi,-. n ii, H.. ;i vvt-HJd In a pi Ulli'.il i i lint I*u t!u' Ut public,n^ to lisil ^n i'!i i t iliiu'«! I'ait ei kimwinvt (hut he weald /olll tht* Ut - the p,i»t.,« > ;"« r "ofT<tvv.-, itf vrtai infel^-rt taUkc ifjid-Jiti. -d ttut Ihn l/irge nujjotuy of tin 1 people ot Uu« v j' -tCUI " > ' &' t "f l;i5l. JCV.Hi 0! ; "Tt5<i TovMi~hlp llh-'h J-»-iii" Thin M'ti-,-* ti i Vn'tj will not isi In t-lit ioiiji> IH' aft ilit- It. l i in! u -11 Mi |!:*'\\.>-l tn Mi i • i' <"" I't 'I—in/ i'i, nn • •i' i!l"! • •' \ Ki piibltt >ti S > U i < ,1 tw«eii!-ir( pi.. lu\ }>wvt'u t>i,\n-vbtp voimt' i« In 14 t »litiitioii,il in >i i JiUrts The rhtllicothc ! t>. the miH one i» tjd )i» I 1 !!- i)- - ^.ttitAeii ittv_iu,.u tilii iiiU'C';-a<jiira. 4-< >'H -u inUf ich.tnged idt ntitu-u- t: >n t-\ Kuni'ih iv jinpie>«itile M aiid the IIH> authottie-, with iiU f-ll!-, (" pluvliie Are Transferred Prom Verdun To the Somme Front As Mark Of Ability. Hy Henry Wood. (.Staff Correspondent of United Pre«a.)' (•rand Headquarters of tho French Army. Nov. 4.—Following a month of hard lighting at Verdun the American aviation squadron attached to th* French army, has been transferred to the Bomino front, now tlw- center ot the greatest aerial activity. Th« American flyer*) after several daya of compartlve quiet,-took part, in* tha reconnaltifince that preceded the French victory at. Verdun.- They aided Qen,. N'lvollo in his hold dash that won hack; FortHJDouamnant~an4 Eort Kaux. Thelp.. transfer to tin* Somme front at thuj ' time in considered the highest pouBibl* mark _pf_ Frtyic* l B^^pnflde_nc»__in th* '«I»II|ty"Tif t*o Anierciaim. INTERMITTENT CANNONADING, (By United Preea.) Paris, France, Wov. 4,~ -Intermittent QiiiinonadliiB lant niffht on the 8omm» and in tHe region of FoH* Douaumont and Vaux on the north eastern front of Verdun wan officially announced to« day hut there were no Important Ini fantry Hctivitlea. G E R M AN9 8UCC E88FU L. (tly United Press) Het lln, Qer., By Wirel««« to a»y« vllle, !,<. I., Nov. 4,-~'Jlflpul»e of enemy attacks on both the Horn me and Verdun fronts won reporte4 by the was 1 office today. "Hostile HttHckn on the Bomtne, pre- ded by violent artillery duels wer« tarried out In light futfhlnn. North of Courcelette nine hclstlje atjroplanea were shot down In air,engagement* by " J ~ defensive uannona." SOME LIVELY¥ETTING 8«n Fritnoiicp R«dord» Many Big Wsger* on tht Pr«»i^ency. (By United. Press j ^ Han Frant'tHco, Cai,, Noy, 4,--The elicHt. liftting on a presidenttul election in history in -in progress und it la •si I ma ted today that conMideriildy iimx- than 1300,000 IIUH been wagered. ThiH estimate takes Into .Ion <»nl> bet» of fpp or more and lot, liiclutle the tfft)b\ify>i\ifprn, Tha ateM tuliltf lire evWfj'^JUHiey with th« VtlMin bacKers taking' plenty of bstSj t ix.cMinuKcd trtat tliiO000 IIIIK been. viigeied on 11 UK ha* ftud Wilt-on ut.10 o -S and tl lo.OoO ut even money, BOLD Accomplice Stood Off 30 Employe* While Other Robbed. USy UnlUid PreHs) ;o, 111,, Nov. 4.—While hlH ««•«. • btiuid off 30 empl'iyt* in tho next iiuijn ,'inolher banilit iield up «'i>niiete steel cumpstny hc'ie. v and rob- J,i"l I.nn ul $40»- WaUiHg w<th hit over i!ii .mil hUmiii'd v The two men tf.t, n t'bcajieil tt, nn mito, f. l<»w» . -wttj- GTRL CHAUFFEURS. Pietiy Kirl« - y»- rftacfw-- • » nun; tiftwi'in ttjJb u , i'U> jinil tJu- to- I*- 111 • (if. lit

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