Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 28, 1963 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1963
Page 21
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entry**. Dear t>eiay, Ifat tare aft belag hanl at that poor gal win algal tomtit "Office Worker." I'm glad I oWt fmrk to her office tr M yttra. t confcM t don't work la ai ittiec it all, aid the dayt whet 1 dM aeem very long age tad far away. It seems to me If yea are gotag to wttte a eetama af advice, yea are going to have to start with the attfmpttea that each «ae who writes you does so because she has a problem which she feels she needs help la solving. If yon don't know of anything she can do, except work her own hours and try to Ignore those who don't, can't yon say so gracefully? If "mind yoitr own business" is such Infallible advice, why didn't yon tell the other lady to Jttst ognore It when her friend's children tore up her house and wrote en the wallpaper? 1 bet a cookie the first time she corrects them, their mother will cease to be a friend, so that problem will never arise again. !'? Dear!?, ' , There is a difference between someone who writes for advice In solving her own problem and someone who asks for Advice in the solv* ing of a "problem" of some one else who has enither asked for this help not indicated that she needed it! Every letter that comes to this desk is given consideration, much thought, and a sincere desire to help. If I had given "Office Worker" encouragement in stirring in a situation, which by her own admission, did not concern her, do you really think I would have helped? I'm sure she wouldn't have thanked me if she took such advice and ended up with only her unemployment check to tell her troubles tot Dear Penny, I am sixteen years old and have been interested in nursing for about three years. Recently I saw a notice in the paper about the Navy Nurse Corps, so I decided maybe I ought to try that. I've been' taking courses that are necessary for a nursing career such as math, biology, etc. Do you know where I could find out more about the Nurse Corps and to whom I could write? Any help would be appreciated. M. H. N. Dear M. H. N„ The local Navy recruiter has pamphlets which might help, and you can also write to Nursing Division, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy Department, Washington 25, D. C. Good luckt Dear Penny, My mother is 89 years old and has recently come to live with me. She was widowed several years ago and lived by herself until just recently when she had to have an operation. We are happy to have her with us, but she has been very downhearted since she moved in with us. She had many friends, but they seem to have drifted apart over the years. Except for some difficulty In walking, the doctor says she is In very good health. I wonder If she would be better off in a nursing home where she would' be with people of her own age. L.P. Dear L. P., Give her a little time to adjust to her new home and make some plans to help this adjustment along. Call some of her old friends and get them to come to your home for an afternoon of coffee and renewing their friendship. Call the president of the women's group of your church and ask to have some of the women who know your mother pay a call. If she is interested in plants, help her get some new ones started in your home. As soon as she feels that your home is her home too, she'll probably be her old, perky self again. Thinking of you . . . Penny Send your questions to Penny, to care of the Galesbnrg Register-Mail. Yonr letter will bo answered either to this column or personally. Letters need not bo signed unless a personal reply Is desired. Young Tire Slashers Are Jailed 5 Days Three tri -cities youths, who could give no plausible reason for their involvement here late last Saturday night in slashing auto tires, this morning were placed on probation for two years each to the sheriff's office. They were directed to spend the first five days in the Knox County Jail, to make full restitution within the period of their probation, and pay costs of the case. Appearing before Judge Daniel J. Roberts were Thomas Joseph Mohr, 19, of East Moline; Gary Wayne Humphrey, 17, and Larry Snider, 15, both of Moline. Jack R. Kirkpatrick told the judge he had a previous record of a total of 10 tires having been slashed on six automobiles in the north part of the city and today had information on a tire on a seventh car, in the same general area having been slashed, and this tire made the count seven cars and 11 tires. Declared Vicious Type Addressing the judge, Kirkpatrick said, "this probably is about as vicious a type of thing as you and I will encounter. It was a purposeless, motiveless type of crime, they stood to gain nothing." He referred to the cosf to the car owners and the fact that there was no reason for it.' "They didn 't have the common courtesy or guts to pull a thing like this in their home community," Kirkpatrick commented. "What was your idea, why did you do it?" the judge inquired, but received no reply. Asking the boys, "Why do you want to destroy something?" Judge Roberts told them that the tires now are of no Value to the owners. "This nonsense has got to stop, the public has got to be protected," the judge remarked as he placed them on probation, with the jail time and restitution as part of the probation terms. Snider was apprehended at the scene and was in jail here Sunday, for which he will be given credit on his 5 -day stay. Film Premiere Showing Draws Crowd of 200 Approximately 200 persons attended the public premiere Thursday night of a film that shows Galesburg as the geographic center of stockholders in the United States. Robert Putnam, publicity director of the New York Stock fix- change, was present as the representative of the Exchange. Louis E. Ubben, local manager of Blunt, Ellis and Simmons, stock brokers, was host for the event, held at the West Theater. Guests of honor were Mayor Robert Cabeen, the city aldermen and their wives. The group met at the House and Garden Room of the Custer Hotel prior to the showing. Judge Is Miffed CARTHAGE, Mo.' (UPD-Mrs. Andra R. Spradling, 25, complained today that she was fined twice the normal amount on a speeding charge. The judge as- nessed the $12 fine with an admonition that "You, of all people, should know better than this." The judge is her husband. READ THE WANT ADS! SUMMER SPECIAL! July lit-August 15th Furnace A Warm A Cold Air Ducts $1750 Cleaned- I # Furnace A - $1 A50 Chimney.— IV All Werk Insured and Guaranteed! SERVICE CLEAN EIDON AUTEN, Owner Ph. Galesburg 342-5016 Avon 465-3940 Zoning Appeals Board Session Is Scheduled A hearing will be conducted July 17 at 2 p. m. in the Board of Supervisors room at the courthouse by the Knox'County Zoning Board of Appeals, it was related today by Jack R. Kirkpatrick, assistant state's attorney. The appeals board will consider a petition by Faber Industries, Inc„ through Alvyn C. Bolden, president. Permission and authorization are sought to recon struct the petitioner's building in Cedar Township, which was ex tensively damaged April 22, by a tornado, and to construct a new steel frame warehouse and proc essing building.; Kirkpatrick said the premises, now under non-conforming use zoning, were occupied by a ren dering works. President of Tanganyika to Be JFK's Guest DUBLIN (UPI) - The White House announced today that President Julius Nyerere of Tanganyika will be the guest of President Kennedy in Washington July 15 and 16. Nyerere last visited Kennedy in July of 1961, six months before Tanganyika" was granted independence. Saddle Club Schedules Show Galesburg Boots and Saddle Club met Wednesday' when final plans were made for a benefit horse show at North Henderson for the mentally retarded children in Knox County. The show is slated July 6 at the clubgrounds, and a work night was scheduled Tuesday to get the grounds mowed and into shape. A movie on quarter horse racing was shown following the meeting. Space Scooters Are Available For Moon Trips DOWNEY, Calif. (AP) - An aerospace firm has come up with something it calls a space scooter, a one-man platform with handlebars designed for crater hopping and crag climbing on the moon. It's steered by balance, like a surfboard. Lean in the direction you want to go, and you do. North American Aviation envisions a model, powered by jets of storable liquid propellants, which would carry a man quickly over rough lumar terrain, hovering or soaring as necessary READ THE WANT ADS! Four Boys Drown While Playing In Farm Pond RIVERSIDE, Iowa (AP) - Four young boys drowned late Thursday while playing in a farm pond near this rural town in Washington County. The boys were identified as Raymond Gingerich, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mose Gingerich; Johnny Yoder, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Yoder and Carl Bell, 8, who had been living with a family as welfare wards. The drownings occurred on the Noah Mast farm. Mrs. Mast said she saw the youngsters playing around the pond and cautioned them about deep water. The drownings were discovered about 4 p.m. when the father of the Yoder boy went to the pond to get him and found the clothing of the boys on the bank. (aotesbura Reaister *Maij, fiatesbura, 111, Fridav, June 2% 1 963 V Church Trustees Ask Pastor to i Resign Post CHICAGO (UMl-The board of trustees of the Avalon Park Community Church Thursday asked for the resignation of the Rev. Hugh Anwyl, a proponent of integration. The pastor would not speculate as to the specific reason for the board's request but, he said, "the root of the trouble may be my views on integration." He said "members of the church have threatened to cancel their financial pledges as long as I'm the pastor." The soft-spoken Welsh-born pastor said, "The crucial question is whether this church will be run under the dictates of God." There are about 100 Negro families in the parish's geographic area. Sugar Crop in Cuba Menaced, Paper States HAVANA (AP)—The newspaper Hoy reports the entire Cuban sugar crop is menaced. It said Thursday no more man 158,400 acres would be planted by June 30, only 39 per cent of the normal acreage. Hoy blamed the "slow use of new,, systems which means difficulties for the plans developed by the- party and revolutionary government." READ THE CLASSIFIEDS 1 Neighbor Kills Family of Three After Long Feud NEW LONDON, Conn. (UPD- A 26-year-old man was arrested and charged with murder today in the shooting deaths Thursday night of a postman, his wife and their 10-year-old son. Police said the killings climaxed a long-standing feud between the suspect, Nicholas Ukraine, and Robert Reidy, 45, one' of the victims. Reidy, h\s wife, May, and their 10-year old son Mark, were slain in the parlor of their home. Authorities quoted Ukraine as Laundry Tax NASHVILLE, fenn. (AP) - Tenrtesseans no longer have their cars washed. They have them "laundered." And the difference between the two addi a 3 per cent sales tax to the job. Taxpayers were given the word at a news conference designed to explain a new law extending the sales tax to utilities, laundering and personal property repairs. Preventive maintenance, officials explained, will also come under the lax. "In other words," commented a newsman, "everything you have done at a service station except a car wash will be subject to this tax." "Oh no," said one staie official, "that comes under the laundering provisions and it is taxable too." saying that Reidy, a neighbor, "harrassed" him. Reidy and his wife, a nurse, and Mark were pronounced dead on arrival at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Police said the Reidys were killed by three bullets from a 38- caliber revolver. Astronaut Says Rocket Ship Can Reach 67 Miles EDWAftftS AFB, Calif. (UP11-. America's newest astronaut, XiS pilot Bob Rushworth, aay§ th« rocket ship' "will have no tremble" in shooting to a new warld altitude record of 67 miles next month. The 38-year-old Air Force ma* jor based his prediction on hi« "very smooth" XiS flight Thursday to nearly 55 miles in space. He became the nation's ninth astronaut by skyrocketing abova 50 miles, the altitude a man must soar beyond in a spacecraft Of winged vehicle to earn astronaut'* wings. "I think we can easily go 18 of 13 miles higher than I flew," Rushworth said He referred to an X15 flight next month in which Joe Walker, the national space agency's chief test pilot, is scheduled to climb to 67 miles. Average annual rainfall on the Caribbean National Forest in Puerto Rico, is 180 inches. ASKINS ELECTRIC OUSEPOWER EADQUARTERS Call the contractor known for 13 years for bringing home wlrlnf up to modern standards. PHONE 342-1917 Radio Dispatched Gatotburff, Illinois John W. Kubls, Owner Fire Damages Shed A shed owned by Arthur Ashby of 564 W. First St., was damaged by fire of undetermined origin Thursday at 2:30 p. m. Damage, fire authorities said, amounted to about $30. Far Annum Payable) lambAnnually Invtitmtntt by tkt l*Hi Um from tht Pint with Iniurtd S«tay MB.WA^^ Transportation Departures Effective April 28 ALL SCHEDULES DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME • BurllngtoaC Eastbeund 8 Fast Mail 3*5 a. m 30 AkSarBen . »•** a. m. 10 Denver Zephyr 1 £3 a. in. 2 Local ••««* a. m. 18 California Zephyr —12:31 p. m U Nebraska Zephyr —,7:08 p. m Burlington. Westbound 8 to Omaha, Lincoln —1 :48 a. m •5 to Kansas City .......1:85 a. m 7 to Denver , ,, ,. L a*» a. m 35 to Kansas City . a ^nn p. m 11 to Omaha, Lincoln —3:10 p. m 17 to California 6:32 p. m 1 to Denver 8:23 p. m Baata re, Gasibound 20 Chief fti\ a , m 16 Texas Chief ,.-,,.6:40 a. m IB Super Chief. 124 Grand Canyon U Chicefc an .11 ao a. m 11:48 a. m .220 p. m .,5:80 p m 18 Chief T ..^tasjj p. m. 1 S.f. Chief* p. m }l Texas Chief 8:81 P m II Super Chief, D Capita*' —,-1055 p. m •"Hagstop 'J? CWcafor ~ vm ,.„.9X9 a. ra To West Coast !^^L. 6:98 a. m. To East Coast 12*1 p. m To s »st Coast E ^pH tao p. m. To St ywi/^^^Miw a, » To Davenport „;,„„.,.„..» ao p. nv To Peoja l ^;. a T ^C .l:18 p, m. You'll enjoy a lot more summer this summer WITH LIGHTING IN YOUR YARD The game goes on, long after dark! Whatever you Vtke to do outdoors in the good old Summertime, you'll get in lots more hours of fun with lighting in your yard. These days* outdoor lighting is not expensive.. Permanent lmderground wiring can be installed quite' easily with the new plastic cable. Then, you're ready for nighttime games, party lighting. You'll be able, too, to do some electric cooking out-of-doors with rotisserie, roaster, coffeemaker. Not to mention the outdoor use of radios, record players, power took, Ask your electrical contractor | ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY 1 4*4

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