Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 3, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1916
Page 8
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r£AOfc STERLING DAILY GAZETTE FRIDAY. NOV. 3. 1916. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. *** House ol Features tlRAND Matures -it / TOD A i HAZEL!DAWN in]; OGETTING INTO l.r !!, Frank .} \\-i~ff i. POLITICS • f' Mr. ;t!n-f ,\! '•/•• uric fri'ni Chi- "The Feud|GirPJ Extra! Bray Cartoon SATURDAY Madam Petrova in ?'Thp Eternal Question*' .-,» »f. '!! f!». SHULTZ HAS NEW DIM*. > l.rliovftl that Hrnlry -^r |.(i:;.«i'«.'-n,- nf (hi- flrsC ill -w . hilTt this i-liv. H'lit, MM'!' 1 , in l>y hln '.'tiHrtiro. Ill wa.« i|t*f tuni'tl 'in?!!dti, anil ihf iuii i;tl ."\V" i ti mi the l>:irk of Ihf roll! nt t'f thr leu ti'itt tii<-<-»> IKIH It was liviriK litf A, to In' The on it .1 (. i'itv VAUDETTE Tonight and Saturday Thr«* New V»ud«vi!t« Acts tt future act, "THE GOLDEN 5," «*cur«l extra: 2 d»y* only. lively th* gre*t«»t vaudeville act •**"' j wmall l»tiiTM, mi the fcv»-r.«»- ndlf stUnff Leiffh Great. '< *«» '-midif "f arrows- with tin- imu h«-t, ""*"» **"*» • ,,, ,, r ,,. r . n ,j W | t |, ft,). ttoH«i, "t'nltfd [Ottttfng and Rose-Novelty, j }«';;;* ''^X^^ufm''^^.'''!";; 1 o "The Yftlhsw' 1 ""'" iin<1 ''" """ "''•• " r >i»- -'»"»•„«« HANDSOME BANK SIGNS. j,!;jt'i'.-t .Hi !i<- fi-'!|>' <- » in<;iit Ji' ton. ':iNnit tftd f «'•<•{ «M<-v, ;ilk T!)f H!«:n Is .if tr.i in ;i -<o!i,l fctnt" Iietilnd t ;•!'',.•">. It !)»•:( r« th<f words', Trust ttnd Ha viriKv Hnnk " fit! Fa' t fv*' and niiili h('« th* ide "f the «U«>rw.1.V. from th" id leaf .tint tiif.-k plutr "Tin- Kirs! It is -,fry , i.r.ff 1 <>n Thi-i \S («tnc«d;i.\ ,Mr« H. i ;i!k fur M i'.' •mil fr(c!i,!<. i ,\f!-T X..V ftitti »"•<-.* K. \V. !',,.-:« rln. v.-h'-r- h«- ji«-«i for the- f. II.- 'I' 1 •*!•'.. Home is What You Make It \ So. Why Not Make it Comfortable • i n • I h-i h.-i!« 1'i-f few her j--hi>rf You tn;iv llf tt)«- l !hf !n-;ul !« Hicr.iv" it> i.iU!" MU-r?:, t'- !t ! M"> in Fulfill flKun-H nls, "In '{ml W<> Trimt." tin- Word, with th«' and tli«' In v*-l*> 10* it EXTRA! t&rttjjfit — " T h • Ita gf»«t. Alio and 9. U*ual matinee, Jerry comedy. Haunted W«ekly. ar*' the word* In »-\ r-y Hnijill "!•: 1'nnni." It i« « vr-r;, t>H>r«.« of money , vaudeville and DtMC ROCK FALLS TONIGHT itu/Hnfl_Gr»e« Curiard and Franoi* Ford in"" "Peg 0' the Ring" Al«o a stroiiff comedy. "Nobody Guilty" IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Evtry Monday Evaning From - 8 to 10 P. M. For private lwi«onn call H, KELLEY, Ball phona 430R BACK FROM THE NORTH. Mnrrns That kalierry reached home jjitf iiininlnit from n few weekw' trip In (he Dakotnp, wtierp he hns \a.TKf holililiKM of land 'lie xay» there hiKV«> N><>fi hiK i-ropn rained In hl» locality, iiiiil evfrythtnK IN prospering nicely, He «uvf< lie Holdi ihirlliK his vl*it thert 1 , nearly Mi»veiity head of Hteei'H right from the pawiure tit nix and cine-half | cents per pound on the hoi.if,. They I Were no!d to K<> to feeders to make fat i i attle, after feeding corn to them. ! „ i BANKS TO CLOSE. ! Tht*_ luuihH 4>f ^'t' r IJ'L*L_ w '"_ '''"•''«' ! for TTie flay TfeXt'Tjiiiesftlay, Tl In* jntilliilial election. Fhe day IUIH ii-Kallxed as, a holiday nnd bankH WH>'H clone on hiilldnyM, It hehoi eyeryone wishing to tranmici witli the hankH, Tuesday next, to postpone it until the next day to do It Monday, ^ TRAPPING SEASON OPtNS. It. i' Turner, the Krim** Wnr»Ien, fti\& the open f»e;i<»ori for frnippiiiK fur lieur- iiiK :i!iin]ii!*\ »t*irt»'d in lllinnis, Nov. 1st, ntid will !:i*t until March JlHt, It ii» «:i!d l her" are n Kir-nt many musk- uil!" ihiM yi'jit ;ind a niitntter of fktiiikft The <|iiall .««-n«(in will up«-n N«v, II. ,'tiiil l! will i lose Dec. <t(h. It l« («nld there nre plenty of quail thi«i fall, but duritK-t Hie twenty-nine days they rti.'iy he nht't tin! fflaUKhter Will lie ll«-nv>. TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY, Nov 3, ITSfl. (Hrardln. n French; fin Nov 3, 17*]. oirnrdin, n of I'ahiikia, wrote to Oov-^m-st trip. pie of the Illinois vl!la»?«'K were heartily .tick of the 'Americans nnd would Klailly ncccpl. .any opportunity to return to Hrltlwh rule. Pcjitnit "f-'anily arid < : !HM .tinte fu<tK<", K},et:i:il fur Sntuidiiy, per ftiund, Ja(i, nt lllinoiii < •.•iiidy Kitchen * Klfttf-f .Tlin««--"),, «•(!<• JUtelnln r«l|r-K<> ,'it f'ttainji/tlKn !« hutne for a f«-w dii)t<' * l:=it with his parenlx. Mr- . ,i. XV. l-'arrell hns returned home from a three week 1 ** vi^it with relatives in l'itt«litir»;h. Mr." XVtllifitn Itourke find «i>n, \Vil- ll-'.tn Mnriln. of '; ^p»-nt X\'(-rlne«i. dny with friend* in thi« cifv. " t 'hi ixtlan church homo vookiini .t' tomojiiiw at Mshlfmnrt's Kt'i.< er> * l»r I-'. XV. Itrudrlck went to V'hi l,'n -Wriltiefiilay l:ljjht on a hlli'lt htl tiid < enjnv turn i.' Hie f- l'<"!lt 1 hi. < h«-<! i r u i** nyslctn .,)itf>i!'!H <tf ' h"ific while itH-! v t. r liiuire «|e[ift. Third titrcel. Nil Hon«» boi»ii nl- DISLOCATED HIS ELBOW. While Jimmy Hull wit« playing WPI|- tu-wluy pvpniriK uftef »<-howl ho fell ntut (mdly dlBlornU'il hl« left wlhow. ENTERTAINED AT DINNER, Minn Julift Krptiwlnkl<< t»tit»»rlnln«Hl «t dinner yt-mf-rdiiy nl the IsoriH- of her MraiuipuVftitH, Mr. nnd Mr« i. Hnh- rlifht. Ma«tw i>'Hoy Klllcn, (UfifK 1 ' Untold uti.' HesHlo LITTLE LOCALS KUK«, «tove« and rnnces. at ,1. M. Hlrkford IH dolnif hu dinner and Inneh, dtty, '!i«lt town hall. Klnitx A. Anderson, i»f .Morrlmm LTJDEN8 IN 'H At!,orn«'y J. NEWS IN BRIEF ^^^^g,^,^„.^——_«„•,, HUOKE8 KEEPS GAINING. A personal letter t<» the. editor (if .). Liiilcnti mmlc it tiolltienl talk in Hurden'M hall In. .Tain* plro li»*t nlifht. The hnll WIKJ pitrked full, tin-re lieltiK over four hundred wen and wntnen present. The women n ft hut town 'are lakltiK an iirlfv in- ti'i'eMf In tin' ratnpiilgn tlitn year, and they are nllrmlfht? t-vety meetitiiJ of the Jclml they ran. .Mr. Ludcnn wn« th» principal speaker of the wcuMon. g 11 p; 'Pr~f* r-Mttn n. %%*>m—in—tHr jubllcan hP!i<l<|iiartf'tn in t*hU % n«o, In the following on pidltlfn: ar«» looklilK \«-jy line iill over and w)mt lonl.ed like n Kllm efc vote two wcekx »MO «e»-ni» to turned until it now n PROPHETSTOWN RALLY. lion. ,1. U, (iniff, owiKresMtnasi from Ihe IVulit diHtriel. lf« expecteil thlv i«v- 1'iittiK 10 he in I'mplictdtown lo i?lve ,'t that he will r'nrry th<> mate. The a ticket never wan In danger." IC.08T FINGER IN SHREDDER. »a Sunday of FVAnklln On»v«the lo** of three HiiKerN-of hln hand In a corn sbreddt-r while nt ;Jl*iir there Wednesday, Hi' wn» U» the Ulxnn hospital, and hi* irle» were dresHcd. to the Republic-all ."I.-uulpuint. It i» In lie nut- uf tin* Krent rallU-M of tho campaign, lion, J. M. Hrn'ff'JM n M i-xi-i'lb-nt talker ainl will KIVI- tiuii-h that is uc\v uf urKi'inii-nt. Sevi-rul from £t|i*rlliiK art,.[•. j |I|,LUII|IIK mi HoiitK down in their earn' to hear Ihlw Ketilleinah Hpeak. RETURN TO NEBRASKA. Mrs, \ t . 1., 1-lpe, of (iruntl iHlund, NV- tini.ska, who hax lieen vittlllfiK her N|Mier-in-law, Mrs. ll*>nry HuFTen«lierger, of I >i\uii, und with her slut urn and jniother in SterlitiK, will leave Mondtiy for ChifiiK'-'. where t>ln> will he nu-l liy her hUMhnnd, Hev. L., h. l<ipe, 'J'.h'ey will then leave for their home jn i ItUand. -,^,_ „,. „.,.„., ,- ...... \VftnttMl— -Mint-tii wtn K-trr factory. -I n N'fttUmat Mfg. Co.* N('1> ;"ind_ ;il! Din niodf-rf Mis. II. T, \\Trii~"'.i'';'i U~ Hell in U'.« «orM't«. Improved spiral j-tayn. Kmm;i i\ Hnnvc'ly, til- 6th Ave. Boll phono "no-j * Mr«. Murphy anil dniiKhtpr. Floy, (if New Hedford. nrc Kiic»t« ut the I'oji- (>ln«i home on l*o(*u«t Htr«>»-t, „ K. U. OimrnlriKP ami \V. 1C. Shfro. of Tuttipico. wpff h«'rf> Thur«0ny mi Inisl- Tllt' lll»St Bl'll't't (IVKtlTK, fri'Sll.lllrt'ft from tho oi'i'fiti, ut Htoitduril Itriiii.* IMIT r<-nt "> rix.m all inu<lcrri hottno nt HUM Kixth avt'iiiH-. <'all The Key i ij VViKdls HI or* 1 .* Mr. and MIH, .1, I). Hfinlfii niul Mr. i and MIH. Jiiliri W»-tx«>l went t«> Hock' iHlfiiul ThurHduy for u slmrt visit. ] „ IJiUlU,aiuvv si- lu Otoulm t.xtmmx^vi-tMuU w«\«* inon*')' nn all frult» and vegeut- i Ides* " i Clilldri'ii'B diuiCliiK <'lns.i, HiitnrdnyS uficriuiuii from »;3n in ">.. MTH. HIIR-i cell Hell. M)j \V. ilrd Kt., Hti-rJIriK.* ; Mrs, N"ii.ih.>Hchw:ink and Mrx. Krt-d • WIIN Inil^ihr, of I'ralrU'Vlllv. wen- Ktii-sts >•«•»-• n f tlu 1 Hhiffinackcr home on , New living room furniture or just a few new I Pieces will add much to your comfort lneKs In election Hoy. HtoddHrd Hpent VWdnewlay ev- with frifiidii In Harmon. <'nll NIH'x for hrirkK, Hp»»olal cr*«tni> and Hherhet, Try their oninso pinliHiiK.* ,Mln« Kitfcaheth lltu'lnhardl JH npend- iiiK a few dn>> wlfh rwlatlvcH at Conio. \Vari'«ui Hrown, of CoU'tu, called on sfrlendH hiM> lust night. - - .H. F. KrHd&r npent WediiPHdtiy In Krlo on Nothing'pleases the housewife more than a pretty dining room. You will be astonished at the pretty things we are showing for the dining -__ room The Big White Store Carries tho largest lino of Funiihm 1 , Sftivcs nnd Kiitfs in \Vhitt [L^!l!lil]ilJllJllJlld^l^^ Wilrnu--X-fHHtt— i*ettj-i'ned t« her! in Maquokftii. Iowa, Thurailny. • ufter a nhort vinlt vvtth M!MH Florence; HtephetiHon, . " . MlnMi-H Veru Werntz, Nellie Kino and J Mr«. !•*. W, Hrucki'r went to Dlxon ' Wpjlnesday night, where they ate tnip-' per iiivtl attended tho K|VI»W, I MlH« Huth Kclfii'-r returned to her' homo In <'oluinlda City, Ind., Wedne«- dny aft*r a short vifit hr-re with: n Von tho r wil lin<l ht of all. t 1 -a \\'c Rugs of All Kinds loto nssortnu nt of Uujjs oj'-ull kinds, and priced witli- ro<nl quality Kxl'J ru^ wliidj/si-lls as low as .fit). o a 0! The Charm of Beauty «• Mr. nnil. Mr«. Knink \VMwll nnd Mr |nnil Mrs. John tiomttt, »>r I'uletu. ni- Iti'iuli'd Jltit whow ;tt the Ac-adi'iiiy hint Lut Stuart't Calcmm ,W«fti»- the Color to Your Cheekc and etc., due Remove the Caute of Pimpiei Blackhekd*, Etc. cry .one envies a beautiful Hkin, (IM »«v'••!•>' one envi'vi n heiilthy- »n. dinlKbtly fafi'M (Hied Aviih I|I>K, dlHi'oIoratlonx, ! are nothlnu hut unhealthy to blood impurltle.R, Clean*i»« the and the facial tilcmlslirn dlo- rnHviMlty «,f lor ;«>. wax hi-rc VV.'d- ] ill,' WjdOltliJ i.K>-ft' r Our big trucks deliver anywhere OODQ U UP JLJ |X STOREU Funeral Directors and Undertakers I' AT bermillcrs* m****H**mmami***i*i***'***»***> m 'i |IB Duck Coats, il.00 to $5.00 Sweater Coats, *C5orduroy Coats, $3.00 to $5.00 * > Overcoats, $5.00,,$35.00 ir Lined Coats,— $32.50 Rain Coats, !5.00,.$15 ? 00 Union Suit Underwear, 75c l() $5.00 EDITOR CARPENTER HERE. lion. GeorKc, Carpenter, editor from Amhoy. watt In JrStfrlltiK Thurmlny on huHlneuN connecteil with liln CHlididucy in thin Menatorlal dlMtrlct. . Mr. I'ar- penter l» editor of a very live iiewapu- per, and his paper KOOH out Into a very iar»re Held. BROKE HIS COLLAR BOBNE. • The four-yenr-ohl j»on of I{«»v. and Mrs. HU.VITH had the inlxfortune to hreuk hi* collar hone while playing on lit chute In a nelBhbor'H yard. A doctor waH called and the hone properly »et and today the hoy Is renting unfitly. KEEP YOUR FURNITURE LOOKING LIKE NEW Preserve Its Original Beauty ___Ihe__ari_jof_-kccping—yout _ltiniiturc looking u«w from day to Jay is an easy one. It is, simply a matter ol bringing out the original finish in all its natural beauty, instead of applying an extra coat of artificial polish, which too often f ithcr leaves.a sticky film to collect dust, or else gums or dries the varnish, thus promoting checking and' cracking. The better homes throughout the country are now using Tobry Polish because of Us natural cleaning and renewing qualities. This is the same polish used by (he Tobey Furniture Company (Chicagoand New York) on every piece "oTliue~twnitaTtrt1iey make, ami is madc- at ehiM-t,|ut«- |)i'i- vnu -annt caiuly :ih>l 'iHl I'ur >'ii!iij(lMy liUttniM, V'aiidy Klt Atttln-l MtitiKVtM hi(» n-turtU'd ] frmn Di-Kalli, wln-n- K|H> vij-itftl j iivvr Monday and Tui»-«nluy anil ! i'il a Hallowe'en party. Huv»« rnoiM-y- liy imd vi'K»'iah!t'H nt <'}« Citllfortila ;tr'apoH, nil HWtrt potutiuv*. Id Ihs. your fruits! kind*, Me Sr.t-r l-Miu-y "Ufa to Mo Now is • Beauteous Thing, for I Have M«d» All Skin TroubUi a Thing of th* Past." You must not hellm'e that drugft und milve«i< will atop facial blemished. Tho i-ttUiK* is ln<»'ur«» blood Hlled with all manner of rcfimo mutter. Htuiirt'H , Ciilolum Wafer*-'. eUnuinfl and clear the hlood, driving out all polnonn and ~ Impurities And you'll never havo n gonrt Complexion until the blood i» clean. No mnt'lef how bud your complex •" '" Hi, Hu«h I'ratt and Kd. Culiiulst xtart- f-d ThurNiluy on a .)mntlnn trip throiiKh l ho vU'lnlty of Harmon, JJt»er Urovt* JUKI s! \yaltujt .,.,.^ : ^ . ..,.__^^ ,_,... ; .^'..^,™-^.,^,^,^ ,,„ An ttildi'd npi'irinl ' for Satutdny Th Kconnmy has«»ni««ni. Curwi nali*, $r>.*i(i valiH-s, J2.8S; $3.f.i) viihicK. $; on wilo 10 a. in. Wyni'-lx-aver Diiy tJood» • STOP DANDRUFF! HAIR GETS THICK, WAVY, BEAUTIFUL \Vtlli:uu I, T, vv:>fi i ue v. as f«i!' -OJBLSf DRAW A CLOTH THROUGH YOUR HAIR AND DOUBLE , ITS BEAUTY. their own secret shop formula. Tobey Polish restores the newness to varnished and enameled surfaces. It does it hatural!y-^by cleaning the finish and maintaining in it its original condition. Keeps the varnish .elastic and new-*frce from checking and cracking. No hard work—no rubbinu. Results are instantaneous. After the regukr cleaning a little Tobey Polbh on the dust cloth keeps everything new from day today., . Try tt on a chair, or a piano. See what a difference it makes. Use it on your automobile; see how it presefvcs the factory-new appearance—a .clean, hard finish that will not collect dust. Tobey Polish is *oUl at all the better stores. Costs no more than the other kind. Bottles, 43c and 50c; Quarts, $1. _ wdiT? woHiTt'VH wITTiril, "Ton ruir j^i'f llttU* W(iml<>r--w«»rlu«rii at your for f>0 cuntH u iK Free Trial Coupon a F, A, Stusrt Co., 339 Stuart Bldg., Marshall, Mich. Knuil inn at ouc'<<, by raturn mail, n froe 'trial ttge of Hluart'H t'alrluni Wafers. Htatf 9trt»«'t . ritv You am always K>-( the-beat oysteix nt Ktoddiml HroH.* The many frlendH of MI«H Hcrtha Wllliarns will h«> Klad to hear that (die I* fmprtivlnif from her lllneK* nnd is now able* to walk out of dor«. l.eo Flock, 81m MIH-, Martin Mini I^>ul«. DavlHon motored to Hook Inland Thursday whi-re they will n»ent a few days. • For particular people w« h'avo an ole- mas-garlhe which hn« a good color and line butter flavor, 30c, ami worth Jt. Htoddard IJrofl,* ; An added special for Saturday In K(Hinomy bapt»m«nt. Corset wile, $5,oo valuoti. 12,9H; $3.51) valuoa. J1.9S; on «aU' 10 a, in, \Vynv-I)eavor Day Goods Dr. and Mrs. WIIHIns, Mi% and SIrjB. 1'aul Juiie, Mr, and Mr*. D. W. WH- llanw, motored to Chicago Thursday foi* U- fCW -dftV-81* VJtfit--. - ~~ A, C. Arnold, of the Fidelity & DP- poult Company, who has t»t»t«n In charge of Hie paving systems of Hit-rUnn for jthw past fnw days, left for Chicago'to- ] day to he uliHent for noveral dayn. : \ Arthur-McGinn, Sr.. Mr».. Bdwurd jtvonhoy, Mr. and Mrs. John McOInn ;aru! Mr«, Walter Condon have gone to ( !\Wl»Htt'r City, la., to attend the funeral «»f Mr. McCllnn'H alster, Mrn, KUzger- uild. Chicken dinner will be nerved TUCH- day eveuliiK from & tu 7. at Jw,pune»e baxiiftr, In Oraci' church parish .house, I No,v, 7 and S. H«idtiunrtern for lad« i leu. U*« Bfc elwtlon I'ftiirna; alm> u ir-ftatimr' ' Spend 25 cents! Dandruff vanishes and hair «top» coming out. To ho prm,soKH<>d of a head of heavy, heautiful hair; noft, luntrnuH. Huffy, wavy and free.from dandruff 1« merely a mattor of usinK a little Dandcrine. It IH easy and inexpensive to Ivavo nice, Hofl hair and Iot8 of it. Junt got a 2&-cerit holtle of Knowlton'H Dander* ine now~all drug Btoroa recommend it —apply tt little an directed and within ten inlnuteB there will he an appearance of almndance, freshneHs, flurfnetui and an incomparable glow and luntre, and try aH you wUI you eftn-not find a trace of dandruff br.-fnlllng h,alr; hut your realHurprise after about iwji_Jtt»iek8lJUU*$ii when you will see now hair—line and downy at tlt-Kt—ye'»~ but really -new hair—Hnroutlng lint all over your Hcalu^-Danderlne i«, we be- Hove, th« only sure, hair "grower, de- wtroyer of dandruff anil cure for Itchy scalp and U never falls to utop fallliiK hair at once. If you want to provo how pretty amV Hoft your hair really is, motaten u cloth with a little Dandorlne and carefully draw it through your hair—taking: one umull strand at a time. Your hair will he woft. slojtsy and beautiful in just n. few moments—a delightful twlfl nToWryonF" "w K. T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONDS " .. Not 4 to, 6 per cent Exempt from Income Tax LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lawrence Bldg. Sterling, III. JACOB CANTLIN LAWYER 5'"> farm loam. Prepayment privilege BELL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL. REAL ESTATE LOANS First ..Mortgage Investments Carefully selected Farm Mort- iniKOii represent the 'highest «>'po of Becurlty. . The iucomo Is Breater thitn that of any other InveHinuMit offering aha o 1 u t « Kafoty. Interest and jirlnclpal colU't'ted without charso, JOHN M, STAGER Law Office-Stage? «ft Stager MARTHA FRY, The Sterling ChirofiodUt. MRS. EMMA GRAY, Firm Clans Chiropodist with Mi«*( Fry. . v 110 W. 4th St. Bell Phone 837* R C.C.& J.W.Johnson ATTORNEcS AT LAW Practice in all courts LOANS N, G. VANS ANT Attorney "at'Law State Bank Building PhUipHsWard ATTORNEY AT LAW 411-414 Bldg. OFFICIAL BALLOT To b« yot«d *l Ib* General Election in Wbit*«ti* Couo^r, Tuesday, November 7, 1916. M» W* CHAPIN, County Cleric pro tempore l ppip nn nni)>P9^vp>p>i'<>»p~"-" 1 ^•"•'•'"i-"""-'-^ "'".->• >i "- • "——-^g—r~~™,-— |Car of Apples! of extra fancy pattern Winter Apples , BALDWIN AND NORTHERN SPY \~ Alt ih» Northw**tern track*, near freight depot. W.dl be ioW at UESALg AND RETAIL ^.FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3d AND 4th . 'eating and toot-ing apples. ' Order* can l>e taken by K BRIII^cai^^llgliiwIty PHOPOSKI) AMKNDM.IONT TO S V A\TK CONKTITHTIO-K To iiuit'inl article 1> of tlu'Conslitulioii by 'adding ihnvto un a<jditiotml. sod ion', to IH> known as section -14 of artido 5), st> as to give* tlio (U»m»rai AKKtMubly-powcr. x>v<"r the subject-matter of taxation of |K»rsoiwl .property a-s complete am) unrestricted as they wouki UP it HMe.tioiih one (1), tliive (o/, niue (:i), and ten (lu).ot ~ ««t«} ftrtifrt* 9 «f the 4Vw«titutiou- w di4 not exi f st, pravidud that tax e.s upon personal property niu^t be uniform an to persons ami prop. orty of the name clans -within tho jurisdiction of the body imposing the same and all exemptions from taxation to be by general law and 'to he revocable by the (jeneral Assembly at any time. ' , i PUOPOSHD A>ft!N.I>MI«:XT To (iKXI-HUL BANKIXii 1,AW. , l-'OH UHielidliH'lit of the Uene.ral iJiinkiti" Law. - * •••••' r " - • 'AMA.INST •amendment of the Uenenil Hanking Law. mmwwuM,^ i^w^w^m****-******,-. , I.' ..',... .,.• .„, ' .. - ..:' ' • YES t . NO ...../. - -,.'. : ;• • • . « lUJUlff' 1. • • -' MONEY TO •On Farm Lande. I have arrangements for unlimited amounts of Money for Farm Loanc. Lowest rotes of fitter* e»t, prepayment, privilegss, and quick confidential action. W. A. BLODGETT, Morrison, 111* FULL COAL BIN This Year MEANS PROTECTION ' • \ * Against The COLD WEATHER ~. V , Let UH protect you now, , We have the goods. I The Weeks Coal C«.

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