The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH fl, 1049 BI/¥THEVnXR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS >UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAOB tfllKTBEW > OCAY, A<A30R.' I'M 8UILT C*i - t £T. 6ERMARD LlMe$,6OT~THA,T GARMENT LOOKS A& f?OO\\Y r AS tue CLEVELAND STADIUM -**" MCM AR& V0U GOIMG TO Sl-UP THESE VESTS, AlAOOR v -^ SIX OM A FLAT CAR. f "Jgg $^-?L,-, '*•'•'"• GftD,Bi>sT6C.'tHeR& IT 15, AW SouP-RePELLErtit VEST, OMPLETB, AMD AS IMPfttSSr WE ^5 A - . ._, y^iuL VOD SUP I^TO a TO GlME- Me AKi IO£A. OP HOW f ; a nousrtts OP A MAM'i y^s, "sfr WHY, J M 6OIM' TO FILE THAT RAIL INTO A ANVIL,' I'M MAKIN rr ro SELL AM I'VE CO7 TO KEEP TRACH OF MY TIME WELL. GIVE I K*E THAT CLOCK\ AMD USE THIS / CALENDAR -- •XDU AWT KEApY V FOE FRACTIONS AppeAKANiCE 4 OUGHT TO MAKE A fV\PVM RADIATE = Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election Anvil 5. 1043 For Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON For Alderman First Wiirct RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMM1E SANDERS 'Second Ward WALTER C GATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY " LOUIS G. NASH Fourth Wiirtl • (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOOHE AtDREIFUS Nd. Tax M. /^ Ipen An Account n n E i F L s Meet Dreifm . . . Wear Oinraand.i ill. \MM \i\l\ M »»n> » «i">»n, Kimmui M* id By Bob Wad« and Bin Miller , W NIA SEKVICE. INC. TI1R STOKY) • rr« John llrttr •clou, w|t tttry Bnd volved. Ih iw j »<«T y, «lul. Shov. Win. xnd Sin t'unovrr, murde liul Sin ] miprd . *sf B*r«rlou'» *• j ny l» druKKi'd * >> h«*rr he w«* i dnn. When tkr JTt'th«-r ntfatn h fc*n1allvr (if th *<ir, JohnnT •• , That'* cn»Hjch for ••, iinra vcl rb* nrnrlj- kM- Vrrinin. ftr» t-Jt, tmd John- iwtillnp rntirh h>' t'n jr Jnr- k>rmi£ht IA- Trim. rrprr> « flkuv* *T1t n t , Sim or 4 It! XXII ATR- TRIM bade them goodby on the cement walk lhat led through the palms to the front entrance of the Las Dimas. Sin flatly refused to enter the lobby where Gay nor or Vernon might be waiting. After a moment's thought, John Henry agreed. So the Conovers sauntered Innocently along the front of the hotel's south wing. Then, with a hurried backward glance, they turned the corner and plunged into the shrubbery that fringed the building. "Do you think anybody saw us, Johnny?" "Hope not," muttered John Henry. He pushed a path through the clawing branches for his wife, "We'll get the baggage to 0131 car and beat it," he outlined. "I'll phone what we know to Lay from some ether town. The main thihg is to get you safe, Sin." Within view, was the curving path which would guide them to Ihe cottages. Jt was silent ant deserted. Suddenly Sin itopped in her tracks and .squeezed his arm hard "Johnny— look'." Slouched on the porch o/ Cot tage 14 was a familiar uniformcc figure. IL was Vernon. He wa watching the path and his mourn fill faco split into a pitying grii at the sight of the Conovers. H< got to his feet. JOHN HENRY hesitated only i J second. Then he grabbed Sh y the elbow and whirled her round. "Back to the hotel." he iid under his breath. "Keep go- "Gay nor," she panted. "He lifilil be there!" "The ear then—" decided J(»hn .cnry. They shifted direct inn and totted along the north wing of he hotel between a square-cut ledge and the stucco wall. When he hedge ended there was some •J aiving shrubbery and I hen they nirst suddenly into the Las Dunas larking lot to run for their car. ?he Chevrolet was beautiful in amiliarity. John Henry halted his ghul each for the door handle. Me ell in , his left-hand trousers pocket, then rummaged through all his other pockets. cried Sir). "The keys. When Fayc .searched n*, she stale (he keys to our car!" Sin let out a wail o( panic. John Henry gnawed his lips. Then lie pulled her alotig the silent row of automobiles. "Let's look for one wilh the toys in it," lie snapped. The Conovers galloped down the double-parked row, glancing nervously in through car windows. They had rounded the row and were si art ing back toward the .shrubbery on the other side when the shout canir. They stopped as if rooted. It wns C!aynci"s voice and it camc. from the opposite side of the gallery of automobiles. "Vernon," he was calling, "get a move on! They must he around here somewhere!" » » • C1N gave a liitle moan and sank *- toward the ground as U bet legs had melted. John Henry held inside. Ilo crept aflor her AIU! shut the door quietly behind him. "See 'em?" Vcr nun's n.\jeMUm came from four or five cnrs away. Gayner replied something ttu'it John Henry couldn't make iml. Sin wus cui'k-d along the rircl- Icalher seal, bron tiling in I it lie whimpers. "Okay," Vei'iion's voice v:\mc again. "I'll look over here, but U's no use." 'Johnny-— M Sin began in a laud whisper. "The keys— 11 John Henry jumped and turned cold. He jabbed her. "Quid!" he breathed. Then he whipped liis head, around. "What's that about keys?" Si]i pointed a finger. From the da.shbuurd, a clisnn wilh several keys Uiiilnd down froin another key which was half-buried in the jnition switch. The feeling surged vcr John Henry that lie had been i ere before. He cruncd his licnd it the registration slip and his lips iuhtened. The name tin the while lip of paper was Faye Jordiui, "I might have known," he mill- eiod. Sin .squeezed his Arm. CI ravel ground a gain si gnivel hoes crunched closer to them. Somebody—either Vernon or Gny- ic-r or both—was coming slowly ip the column of cnrs. John 'lonry cautiously wormed under he steering wheel and turned the gnition on. The coupe Jolted as a body iuicd aguinst it and a freckled nid trailed along tho window ledge. Joint Henry made a lightning calculation and went motion before his reason hud time to argue. His right foot kicked at the starler. His shoulders shoved in lit view and he drove his left fist straight at Vermin's startled up hnml. Ader a final look around at the uncooperative surroundings, he opened (he car'door nearest his hand— convertible coupe with the top u —and thrust his trembling wif % HOME LOANS Elliert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society rhone 6228 EvpntnKS One ot the earliest protests asking equal rights for women was published In 1189 in France when SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Belter Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 "R. U. AWARE" NOTICE 'Last wcc-k'.s "n. U. AWARE" cartoon w n s nccldentnlly omittfd. But today and every Wednesday trtc cartoons will be on I lie comic imee until 26 have hceii published So keep np wilh your scrapbook until the contest ends In April. Deal's Paint Store OF INDIA. CAN SWALLOW ' LARGE. SUCH A^ A I GROWN CAT, A roWL OB A US Of,, MUTTON. -THS^RO^^ IS tASILV YAMtO AMD IS USED TO KEEP THt. STREETS AHO PUBLIC DEAI/3 PAINT STORE Is used by smart home-owners as paint, wallpaper and asphalt tile hcad- qviaiters. 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"Your Friendly Studeuaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 •STUDEBAKE FRECKLES ft HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSES ooye?i-b-SHoiXB j MAKE MS SOUD AGAIN," THIS tve 1 lAKe HILDA To TVIF DOOW.E-O CLUB nope MY ryw CHFCK COVERS TH6 TARIFF.' ~Kte LAST DELI VERY I SA10 ME FELL ASLEEP •me AW&KEN HIM To UNDRESS I "But, Mom, I c.ln get n job m a night club if I play j aiul I het Moiiiit couldn't, with Ills typo of music!" >IMSC1I,I,A'S I'O Perils of iMiiiik'il l.ifo By AL VERMEER f SURE. 1 Dolly's DiMcoverv Uy M1CMAKL O'AIAM,EY and KAU'H LANE tVERYlHlNO LOOKS SHIPSHAPE JltST AS WE LEFT IT, BUT NOW 6OT PACKING TO DO fUNNY, THE Kir DOESN'T flff WASH TUBBS 11 11 He a Snnirisfi By LESLIE TURNER RECKOW SIO'U BE SORB WC PIPNT WAIT TILL HE HUS AIIE TO WIRE, SHORT 1 .? HE MIGHT NOT WANT HER 1 . OUMNO. guT VOtl X ME ? IT WftS VOL IT'LL BEAGOOPJOKBT YEAH...8UT I BU BETTER TelL'Sfvi \mo FiRs'f(forro W on GIGHF wls wW VDOW'T"WANT HIM WILTV'6 CROWIE& HW6 CA6LBD MS CONSENT TO TAKING CATHY, BUT IW THE COLD UGHTOF I >v MORMIUe... ' ^ SOON AS KE'&-- / /FEELIN' SORM FOR COMES OVER. AMD STRMGHTEHS'IMOUT 1 .^ WE 3UST WON'T MENTION BUGSBUNNV Mnylie Tomorrow By FRED HAUMAN Trf BOOMERANS'LL COME |H/-: ^T^ T' YA. ELMER Pressure (iocs Ui> By V. T. HAMLIN . _ RIGHT. AJ_LEy->^ — -< GEE WHIZ A THravc- ANP f THINK C7F IT.X ZEE AN y0J\ A KINSDOM... / A, NATION AT iGOSH'l KING AN 10uR5fi3eTHE YOJR FEET.' I DUNNO. TAKINS/ V WEALTH ANP THAT 01(3 LUG?/ OH.',' THEN IT MUST BE THAT IT'S ME ...THAT I'M REPULSIVE AFJ?AID<2F \SIX LIKE HOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES . Vernon's profane surprise was just a squawk as he fell with a crash inlo tlio fender of the next Ciir. The engine exploded Into life with a confident roar. Sin, hunched on the floor, wt\* scrabbling for the emergency brake. John Henry threw in the clutch and the Mercury leaped forward, gr.-ivel spurting wheels. {To He Continued)

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