Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 28, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1963
Page 20
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/ 20 Qotesbuffl RegisHf'MaiK Qalesbura, HI, Friday, June 28, 1963 Market orts Today (Wrerfc Statin NEW YORK (UPD-Stock market midday prices: Admiral i ? 3 ,4 Int T&T 49% Aldens 27% Iowa P&L — Allegh Lud 36% Johns-Man 47% AUd Chem 48& Kennecott 73 Alld Strs 52V 4 Allis Chal 18^. Alum Ltd 26V* Alcoa 64 Am Air 26 ABC Pmt Am Can 46% Am Cyan 58% Am M&F 21% Am Mtrs I8V4 Am T&T 121Vfe Am Tob 28% Anaconda 49V4 Armour 43 1 ,* Atchison 29 7 /s Avco 27% Bendix 51% Beth Stl 30% Boeing 35% Borden 63% Borg War 45% Case 9% Catplr 42% Celanese 44% Cent Soya 28% C&NW 24% Chi RI 25% Chrysler 63 Cities Svc 65% Kresge 22% Kroger 28% Lib McN 15 Lockhd 56% Mar Oil 57% Min Hnywl IOOV4 Minn Min 57 Monsanto 51% Mont Ward 38% Morrell 25% Nat Bis 52% Nat Can 15% Nat Dairy 64% Nat Gyps 45% Nat Ld 71% NYC 22% No Amn 57% Nor Pac 47% Nor St Pwr 35% Olin Math 41% Outbd M 11% Pac Ted 31% Penney 42V4 Pemi RR 19% Pepsi Cola 50% Phil Pet 51% Piper Air 27% Pure Oil 42% Qua Oats 66% RCA 68% lower to % higher; July 1.84% corn % to 1 lower, July 1.27% oats % higher to % lower, July 66%; rye unchanged to % higher, July 1.26%; soybeans % higher to % lower, July 2.64%. Market* at a Glanca By United Press International Stocks firm in quiet trading. Bonds irregular. U.S. government bonds steady in quiet trading. American stocks mixed. Midwest stocks firm. Cotton futures steady. Grains in Chicago. Wheat, corn, oats, rye and soybeans lower. Hogs steady, top 18.75; cattle steady to 25 higher, top 24.25; sheep steady, top 23.00. Coca Cola 94 Colum Gas 30%,Rep SU 36% Comm Ed 48 Revlon 40% Cons Ed 83% Cont Can 47% Cont Oil 61% Deere 64 Diana 10 Douglas 23% Dow Chem 60% Du Pont 245 Eastman 109% El Auto Li 59% Erie 3% Fairbks M 13 Firestone 34% Flintkt 22% Ford Mtrs 51% Friden 35% Fruehauf 30 Gen Dyna 23% Gen El 78% Gen Fds 82 Gen Mtrs 69% Gen Tel 25 Goodrich 47% Goodyear 35% Grant WT 23% Gt Nor 53% Greyhound 39% Gulf Oil 44% Homeslake 49 Hupp 7 111 Pwr 38% Inland SU 39% IBM 435% Int Harv 58% Int Nick 61% Int Paper 30% Rexall 33% Reyn Tob 39% Safeway 57% Schenley 21% Sears 88% Shell Oil 44% Simmons 40% Sinclair 44 So Pac 36% Sperry 14% Sq D 44% Std Bds 74 SO Cal 65 SO Ind 60 SO NJ 68% SO Ohio 62 Stude Pack 6% Swift 39% Texaco 70% Texas Inst 77% Un Carb 102% Un El 27 Un Pac 41% Unt Air L 38% Utd Corp 8% Utd Fruit 27 Utd Gas 38% US Gyps 82% US Rub 44% US Stl 48 West Un 25% Wstglis Ab 31% Wslghs El 35% Wool worth 69 Yng S&T 102 Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP)-The grain futures market showed little change today in early dealings as speculators evaluated scattered rainfall and awaited posting of first tenders on July contracts in the pits. Soybeans were slightly firmer but other commodities were about steady to easier. Trade was moderately active with some profit cashing noted in both corn and soybeans. Brokers said reports of rainfall over night showed drought breakers had fallen in some localities but the moisture was by no means Rcneral. Dealers said there was some expectation in the trade, too, that soybean tenders might be a little more liberal in view of the rain. Wheat was % cent a bushel GaUtburg Grain Mark«t Consumers Grain A Supply Co. Wheat -.$1.83 Corn (old) $1.21 Corn (new) $1.06 Oats (new) 59c Soybeans (old) $2.51 Soybeans, new) $2.43 Chicago Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat No 1 red 1.89; corn No 2 yellow 1.32%%. Soybean oil &b-9%a. There were no oats sales. Final Groin Roview CHICAGO (AP)-The grain futures market turned generally weak today on the Board of Trade although some soybean contracts still held moderate gains against profit cashing. Setbacks in corn ran to more than 1 cent a bushel on selling which dealers said may have included some fear that the government is about to alter its policy on disposition of surplus stocks. One analyst noted the government lias about 16 million bushels in Chicago storage which could relieve much of the pressure in the cash market quickly in the event arge sales are resumed. Rainfall over night also was a bearish factor in both corn and soybeans. Traders said the moisture was by no means general but that it had relieved a severe dry condition in some localities. Carlot receipts were: wheat 35 cars, corn 77, oats 8, rye none, barley 11, soybeans 33. OelMburg Hog Market Oalesnurg Order Bo»ert C. B. ft Q. Stockyards Market strong to 25 cents high er. Bulk of best eastern shipping hogs, $17.85-$18.10. Top $18.35. Quotations: 200-220 $.17.60-$18.35 220-250 $17.00-$18.25 250-300 $16.00-$17.50 Sows: 300-500 $12.75-$15.00 Peoria livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)-(USDA)Hogs 2,700; barrows and gilts 1-2 190-230 lbs 18.50-18.75; 35 head 1-2 236 lbs 19.00; mixed 1-3 180-250 lbs 18.00-18.50; 2-3 250-280 lbs 17.5018.00; 2-3 270-300 lbs 17.00-17.50; sows 1-3 270-400 lbs 14.75-15.75; 1-3 375-550 lbs 13.00-14.75; 2-3 550-650 lbs 12.75-13.00. Cattle 70; calves 6; no market trend. Sheep 132; no market trend. Bushnell Livestock Market is active. Top, $18,25; bulk 180-250 pounds, $17.50-$18; sows steady, bulking at $13.25$15.50; cattle, steady; lambs, steady. Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (UPD-Grain range High Low Close Chng. Wheat Jul 185 184% 184%-184% off Sep 186% 186 186%-186% off 192% 191% 192%-192% off 194% 193% 194 up 188% 187% 188%-188% up Corn Jul 128% 127 127 Sep 124% 123% 123%-124 118% 117% 117%-117% off Dec Mr My off 1% off % Dec Mr My Oats Jul Sep Dec Mr My Rye 121% 120% 120% 123% 122% 122% Off Off 67 67% 70% 71% 72 66% 67% 69% 71% 71% 66% 67%70 71% 72 unch. 67% off % unch. up % up % Jul Sep Dec Mr My 127 129 off Phone Friendship LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Two men who have been chatting for several months via long distance international telephone finally met during the Kentucky Derby. It began one night in Gait, Ont., when E. R. Bibby, on a whim, picked Bill Kerberg's name out of a telephone directory. He called Kerberg just to chat about Kentucky. Later, there were more calls. Kerberg invited the Canadian to visit Louisville during Derby Week. After Bibby arrived he earned that Kerberg is a Chamber of Commerce official and had arranged for choice box seats at the race track, an old-fashioned barbecue, and a tour of the city's historic sites. "You might say I made a winning pick," Bibby grinned, "when I pulled his name out of that directory." 126% 126% 128% 128%-128% up 131% 130% 131% up 133% 133% 133% up 132% 132% 132% up Soybeans Jul 265% 264% 265%-264% up 265% 264% 265%-265% up 1 264% 261% 263%-264 up 1 263% 260% 262%-262% up 267% 264% 266%-266% up 269% 267% 269 -269% up 272 269% 271%-271% up 1 Igf ft and Pdultry Red Rowe, Hatchery Knoxvllle Read, Gatesboff Large clean Eggs .......... ..22c Aug Sep Nov Jan Mr My Puerto Rico's Caribbean Na tional Forest has some 1,600 showers a year, most lasting only 20 minutes. Backyard Sale 941 Lyman St. Frl. Evening and Saturday. Dishes, Clothing It Baby Buggy It Mlic. COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect - Trotaa s-2103 Gllion, IU. Galesburg, Ill — 342-6234 PICK-UP COACH CAMPER Fiii i/ 2 to V« Ton Truck. Ealing and sleeping accommodations for 4. $695.00 Inquire 1116 S. Kellogg. FOR SALE 1580 MAPLE AVE. — FAIR OAKS ATTRACTIVE 3-BEDROOM BUFF BRICK HOME Carpeted living room, IM baths, family room, double garage, central air conditioning. Immediate Possession SANFORD REALTY CO. 343-849^-Office 343-9875—Home Side and Rear View Under grade Eggs Leghorn Hens ... Heavy Hens .16C 3c It Interior Hog Prkee SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) - Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal): Receipts 20.00; 1-3 100-240 lb hogs 17.2518.00; 1-2 190-230 lbs 18.00-18.25; top 18.40; 1-3 240-260 lbs 16.5017.25; 2-3 260-300 lbs 15.75-16.50; sows 1-3 280-330 lbs 14.25-15.25; few 15.50; 1-3 300-400 lbs 13.25 14.25; 2-3 400-500 lbs 12.25-13.25 2-3 500-600 lbs 12.25-13.25. CHICAGO (trpt )-Pttxlucet Live poultry too few receipt* to •uiauuta Issjfcl It la - * report prices. Cheese processed loaf 3SMB»/ 4 { brick 39-43',4; Swiss Grade A 5056; B Butter steady; 98 score 57%; 92 score 59V4; 90 score 65 9 /4; 69 score S4V4. Elggs steadier; white large extras 32; mixed large extras 31; mediums 26; standards 29%. Monday*, fitlmatet CHICAGO (AP) - Official estimated livestock receipts for Monday: 7,000 hogs, 12,000 cattle and 500 sheep. CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 5,500; 1-2 IttStt lb butch era; 18.75 paid freely; 1-3 190-430 lbs 18.00-18.50; 230-260 lbs 17.50-18.00; 2-3 250-280 lbs 17.00-17.S0; 1-3 350-400 lb sows 14.50-15.50, couple loads around 240 lbs 15.75; 400-450 lbs 13.7514.75; 2-3 450-500 lbs 13.00-13.75; 500400 lbs 12.25-13.00. Cattle 3,000; 25 calves; mixed high choice and prime 1,100-1,350 lbs slaughter steers 23.50-24.25; loads 1,200-1,300 lbs 24 .25; load Dow Jonas Averages NEW YORK (UPD-Dow Jones p.m. CDT stock 30 indus 20 rails 15 utils 65 stocks averages: 706.37 up 0.34 173.11 up 0.42 138.99 Off 0.24 254.78 up 0.13 When cornered or wounded, the ostrich kicks viciously. SWIMMING POOLS Bulll any slsa, any shapa. Pool cleaning and chemicals. For Information ' call collect. Swim Klean Pool Service Rock Island, 111. Phone 711-0219 SMORGASBORD Spoon Rivor Cafo LONDON MILLS, ILL. — Every Snnday — Serving 11:39 A.M. to 4 P.M. 75c - Child under 12 $1.50 — Adults Garage Sale SATURDAY, JUNE 29 1507 RUSSELL AVE. Rain or Shine BACKYARD SALE 1165 'Maple Ave. Sat., June 29-8:30 A.M. Large Selection of Clothes, including Children's, Curtains, Drapes, Power Mower. RAIN DATE SAT., JULY • Backyard Sale 1157 W. Losey St. 9 to 4:00 P.M. Sat., June 29th Antiques, linens, furniture at misc. items. Baby Items. Backyard Sale 737 N. BROAD SAT., June 29-8 to ?? Adult A Children's clothing VI'S VARIETY SHOP 1155 Accommodation St. Good clean summer clothing for the whole family: unlforma, swim suits, dishes, pictures, books, few toys left, double coU bed springs, full slie, good con- ditlon. If In need of something I don't have Just ask. I'll do my best to get It. Remember we are here to serve you. Hours: 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. 10 to 9 on Saturday FOR SALI r. < ?. m jj > * e>(a >* o| **•«*• 1131 Chevy Impale, 4-dr., radio and heater, pr. steering,, pt. brakes, factory alr-eond. Inquire Voyles Standard Service, Main ft Chambers. HOMIMADI ICI CREAM SOCIAL Hondarton Orove Chureh SUNDAY, JUNE 30 1:10 to I Donation Me. FOR SALE 1960 Fleetwood Cadillac Low mileage, full power, alt conditioned. Can be seen CITIES SERVICE STATION Henderson St Dayton Sta. Backyard Sale 1013 BIECHER AVI. ALL DAY - FRI. ft SAT. • to • Clothes alias 7 to 21, children's clothing. TERMITES? FOR FREE INSPECTION — CALL — ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 215 EAST SOUTH STREET 343-3171. Agents for COPPES TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE, INC. over 10 yrs. dependable service Meets FEDERAL and STATE HIGHWAY SPECIFICATIONS We have on hand a large supply of Galvanized Corrugated Culverts by Wheeling. C OMPANY C -le*bur 9 343-2813 1000 Monmoyth Blvd. STUMP CUTTING May cost lesa than you think to get rid of that unsightly slump. Call DaWAYNE JOHNSON EXCAVATING Phone 342-0111 Backyard Sale 909 E. MAIN ST. Knoxvill* SAT., June 29-9 to ?? Backyard Sale 218 W. Ann-Knoxvillo SATURDAY, JUNE 29—t to I NICE SALE Com* and see what we hare Garage Sale 918 N. FARNHAM SATURDAY, JUNE 29 9 to 5 CARPORT SALE 1679 N. Broad Sat., Juno 29-9 to ?? Clothing, Toys, Household ft Sporting Equipment. Many misc. Items. No sales before t. Antiques. BACKYARD SALE 2122 NEWCOMER DRIVE SATURDAY. JUNE 29 t A.M. ill 6 P.M. Baby furniture and baby clothes, maternity clothes, room air conditioners, men-women and children's clothes, misc. Items. Backyard Sale i 1412 MULBERRY ST. SAT., JUNE 29—9 to 3 Clothing, all sizes and Misc. Items. Garage Sale SATURDAY, JUNE 29 9 to 5 850 Monmouth Blvd. REPOSSESSED HOME ELMORE, ILLINOIS NO DOWN PAYMENT Pay Remaining Balance Only. Very Low Monthly Payments. ELMWOOD SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Elmwood, Illinois Phone 3621 TERMITES ROACHES — WATER BUGS Other Pest Control • Free Inspection and estimates • Locally owned and operated • Insured Frantz Chemical Co. PHONE 342-5713 WANTED TO RENT For 1964 80 to 320-acre FARM In Yates City, Elmwood, or Williamsfield vicinity. Cash and grain rent. Write Box 616, care Register-Mail. Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must bo in our offico 12 noon day beforo ad runs. Coll 342-5161 Galesburg Register-Mail Display Advertising Dept. AMENDED SALE DATE IN THE COUNTY COURT OF KNOX COUNTY. ILLINOIS IN PROBATE NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY In the Matter of the Estate of Forrest A. Doyle, Deceased NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Thursday, the 11th day of July, 1963 between the hours of 10 o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock In the afternoon of the said day at the North front door of the Courthouse, in the City of Galesburg, Illinois, personal property of the said decedent, consisting of 276.5 shares of the capital stock of The Doyle Furniture Company, a corporation, will be sold at public sale, in accordance with an order of the County Court of Knox County, Illinois. TERMS OF SALE: Cash on day of sale. Subject to terms of Pledge Agreement FIRST GALESBURG NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Administrator de bonis non with Will annexed of the Estate of Forrest A. Doyle, deceased PUBLIC AUCTION SATURDAY, JUNE 29- 1:00 P.M., D.S.T. 1463 MONMOUTH BLVD. As I have sold my home I will offer the following merchandise for Auction: White base cab, cosco table, white utility china cabinet, 4-piece metal cab, set wash tubs on stands, 8-piece dining room suite (walnut), Very Nice Oval Front China Cab., 3 what-not shelves, ova) table, 2 rocking chairs, 2-piece maroon living room suite, odd lamp tables, large salt and pepper collection, 2-door glass cabinet, I telephone stand, nice desk and chair, console model radio record combination, 9x12 rug & pad, 2 - Afghan spreads, chest of drawers, ironing board, 1 - bed comp., 2 - dressers, 2 • 9x12 linoleum, some bedding, lots of dishes, large button collection, fruit jars, Sunbeam electric iron, GE washer, lots of misc. merchandise too numerous to mention. MRS. ELSIE FRAMES, OWNER DALE COFFEY, Auctioneer Warren Alien, Clark SALE TO BE HELP RAIN PR SHINE Not responsible for loss or accident HOUSE FOR SALE SBedroom, VA bath, Brick Ranch on 1 -acr* lot near Lake Bracken. Paneled living room with fireplace and beam ceiling, knotty pine kitchen with built-in stove and oven, disposal unit and birch cabinets. 2^-car garages, Low taxes and maintenance. , MUST MOVE OUT OF AREA SELLING AT A LOSS FOR APPOINTMENT CALL 343-4097 mostly prime As 24 .10; toatf high choice and prime around 1,500 lbs 23.00; choice 900-1,250 lbs 23.00-23.75; few loads choice 1,2501,350 lbs 22.75-23.25; load high choice 1,450 lbs 23.00; good 9001,250 lbs 21.50-22.50; few standard and low good 19.50-21.00; choice 800-1,250 lb slaughter heifers £2.2$* 23.00; good 20.50-22.00; utility and commercial cows 15.00-16.25; canner and cutter 13.50-15.50; utility and commercial bulls 19.00-20.50; tt0fO>RO6VIII rot 7m* $2 Don't Dig Up Your Sawar Call 3434913 - er •bona 3424430 tm lots didltt aftd fancy m 1,075 lb feeder steers steady at 23.00-23.50. Sheep 300; few ldts choice and prime spring slaughter lambs 22.50-23.00; good and choice 90100 lbs 21.00-22.50; cull and utility 16.00-20.00; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4,50-0.50. Angus Cottle FOR SALE Bulls, eowi with cartel, open and bred heifers. Ross Ee Hanna Little York, 111. Phone RA I-21CT Furniture and Antique Auction 1051 N. BROAD ST.-SAT., June 29»h-1:30p.m.,DST RAIN OR SHINE As we have sold our home we will sell our furniture as follows: ANTIQUES: Walnut Secretary Deik with Tear Drop Pulls, very nice oval walnut table, walnut bookcase, picture trams, oil paintings, antique walnut dresser with white marble top and tear drop pulls with matching marble top commode, (this is a very nice pair and in good condition), maTble mantle clock, other mantle clock, towel rack, fruit cupboard, solid walnut cradle, 2 walnut beds, walnut organ, organ, organ stool, walnut table, reed seat, ladder back chair. OTHER FURNITURE: 2 piece blue living room suite, book shelves, gateleg table, rocking chairs, 9x12 Wilton velvet rugs and throw rugs, corner cupboard, drop leafe mirror top coffee table, drop leaf end table, book cases, book shelves, spinet desk and chair, channel back chair, beautiful extra large mirror, console radio, club chair, floor lamps, table lamps, card table and 4 chairs, set of Book of Knowledge, set of Stoddard Library, set of Journey Thru Bookland, set of children's library, 2 candlelabra, library table, portable radio, 4 piece bed room suite consisting of chest of drawers, vanity, dresser and bed complete,. 2—30 in. mattresses, maple mirror, fireside table, bedding, linenr, yard goods, set of dining chairs, 7 piece chrome dinette set, Kenmore gas stove, elctric refrigerator, Extra Nice Cabinet Sink, Easy Spin-Dry Washer, rotary power mower, hand mowers, garden hose, yard cart, garden and yard tools, wheel barrow, stepladders, 28-ft. extension ladder, ornamental yard fencing, lawn sweeper, 4 lawn chairs, bird bath, child's wagon, used lumber including a 12-ft. fir plank, jig saw, sander, 2\' 2 HP outboard motor, 12 -ga. Marlln Repealing shotgun, • boxes shotgun shells, .22 cal. rifle, hunting coat, fruit jars, phono records, dishes, pots, pans, and other items too numerous to mention. MR. k MRS. HAROLD C. TURNER, Owners Corblns Auction Service Frederick Erlckion, Clerk Kent and Cook —. Auctioneers Phone 343-9033 REMEMBER THIS SALE TO BE HELD RAIN OR SHINS CLOSE OUT PUBLIC AUCTION SALE Tuesday, July 2, 1963 AT 6:15 P.M. AT PINKIES SERVICE INN 1103 East of Kewanee on Route 34, a jog east of Kewanee. OVER 100 USED TV's All makes, models, styles and sizes. Some models have UHF tuners. Many have new picture tubes. TV's, when sold, will have picture on. All sales final. New electric heaters and vacuum cleaners. Used radios, dryers, automatic washers and other articles too numerous to mention. 12' aluminum Runabout boat, 12 h.p. Sea King motor, electric starter, controls, trailer and accessories. FRANK (Pinkie) RASH-Owner TERMS: Cash, date of sale NOT responsible for accidents Auctioneer: LAWRENCE VANHYFTE Clerks: Durlck ft Wilson FURNITURE AUCTION 1280 East North St., Galesburg, Illinois Sat, June 29, 1963 At 1:30 Sharp. 19S0 Admiral Imperial Dual Temp refrigerator w/110 lb. freeser. 19(2 Tappen gas range w/chrome oven at broiler and automatic pilot and 2 burners w/brain. Coronado automatic washer and matching gas dryer both in working condition, 3 pc. blonde maple bedroom suite, extra good, 2 pc. blonde bedroom suite, baby chest of drawers, bathennette, 2 pc. living, room suite good one, drum table, brown dinnette set w/6 chairs extra good, Coronado 1/2 ton air conditioner good, blonde maple corner table, table model radio, blonde desk, elee. guitar, bar-b-q. 1 Small girls bicycle, 1 large girls bicycle, 1—21" rotary power mower in perfect condition, 10 pc, set turquois club aluminum cookware extra good, Set of turquois Melmac dinner ware, dishes, nick nacks, curtains and many articles too numerous to mention. CAR: 1959 Ford Custom 300, big engine, two-lone green ai white, straight stick and In A -l condition. "Don't miss this sale if in need of extra good clean furniture." TERMS: CASH. MR. & MRS. PHILLIP FIELDER, Owners Auctioneers: Lewis G. Marks, Ph. IS, Abingdon, 111, Michael E. Marks. KN0XVILLE COMMUNITY SALE INC. KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS "Your First Local Auction. Your Beat Local* Market." PHONE 289-921S "SALE EVERY MONDAY" MONDAY, JULY 1, 1963 SALE STARTS AT U O'CLOCK SHARP 32 White heifers, wt. 575-600 lbs, J5 Whiteface steers & heifers, wt. 800-900 lbs. 15 Black steers, wt. 800-850 lbs, 44 Black steers two-way cattle, wt. 1000 lbs. 20 Whiteface steers, wt. 450-500 lbs, 10 Black steers, wt. 900-950 lbs. 17 Black cows & calves 2 Registered Hereford bulls 80 Mixed pigs, wt. 70-80 lbs. 50 Hamp. pigs, wt. 40-50 lbs. Unthrifty Rogi Will Not 9* Accepte* IF YOU HAVE LIVESTOCK TO SELL ~ Call U« for An Ea(jjnat# or An Appraisal W. E. Brunlga Bill Reynolds ftaKvfllf Salt Co. Farmiajtoa CH $-8054 Qatesbur* W. MH5H iH-Hl! AUCTIONEERS UwUMark, w C§rJ SUck s ^sa»^se^e ^^i ^p ^^^^^i^i ^e^iesse ^Be ^»^Beaa »^sa »WB ^™s»«aw«a*l

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