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The Independent from Santa Barbara, California • Page 2

The Independent from Santa Barbara, California • Page 2

The Independenti
Santa Barbara, California
Issue Date:

PAGE TWO THE INDEPENDENT, MONDAY AETEKM'ON. DECEMBER 27. UMD. II IN BRIEF. 'k LARGE SUPPLY or Rock Spring Coal received. This is the ls-sl coal, ns it gives 1 1 1 1 i i heal, and less dirl titan any oilier coal mint'd. We make Muiiteeito, Mission Canyon, and City deliveries, llnce your order now. This cold spell should remind you of the The Sewing Light makes the long evening brilliant with its steady white light for sewing or reading. Made of brass, nickel plated and equipped with the latest improved central draft burner. The Rayo is a low-priced lamp, but you cannot get a better lamp at any price. Once a Rayo uier, alway one Every TVaVr F.vervwliere. If Not At Youri, Write for Circular to the Nearest of the STANDARD OIL COMPANY tlneuryoriHed) J. K. Harrington, locul manager for the Piidllc Improvement company, Is slowly recovering from a slight stroke of apoplexy, at his home at Hi HI Cha-pula street. Mr. Harrington was stricken In Los Angeles Friday ufternoon, and for time his condition was considered critical. Ills left arm was temioradiy purulled. He was brought to Santa Barbara Friday night and since then has been under the care of Drs. Brown and Taylor. General MunagM1, D. Shepard uml General Counsel 'Patton Of the Pacific Improvement company will he here from San Francisco some time today, having been summoned when Mr. Harrington's condition seemed dangerous. Today In was much better and the doctors said In- would recover without further difficulty. Hi probably will In in lieil for two weeks. At the next meeting of the Chumb-r of Coinmeice, that body probably will he asked to arrange for a Santa Barbara representation at At lut hut week In 1 sis Angchs, wln-n thousands of visiters from east and west will gather to sd- living machines In action, mol to remain In Souihern California from two Mt-ekH to three months. Business men are actively considering means for advertising Simla Barbara at the blj Lis Angeles meet. Tln-y fed that it Is an oppui (unity for getting in touch with great unmheru of winter visitors wlticn tills city cannot afford to overlook. Among those who are Interested Is John F. Diehl. 1C. M. Fowler, western agent for the Santos Linin'. aeroplane, with Ili ad-quartets lo-re, bus already arranged lor an exhibit of a Santos Dumont model at Hamburger's store in Los Angeles, lie said tills morning that In would gladly serve on a Santa Itar-liaru committee and co-operate with the Chamber of Commerce In every way to give tills city representation at the meet. The plan that lias been suggested Is to send a committee of boost era ho wuuld get lu touch -with tin svlatbiu week inniingcmciit nud manage to lei visitors know of Santa liaibara and its dinruis. RAILROAD'S GENEROSITY. SPRINGFIELD. 111., Dec; 27. Leroy (f Ilf i on yesterday drew from the Chicago uml Northwestern railroad a chi ck for $Xuoo, a life pass on the road and a position for life as the result ot losing both legs in an accident two moniliH ago, lb settled without the aid of allorneys. Deed, I Hawks Cut Glass M-any In-it lit ilttl pieces of litis well known Cut (Hass slill in slock. lo compare with il tlm most, brilliant glass in the market, today. Both Phones 5' pu PIERCE 81 Dinner Sets in (lerman amt Ilavilaml China. Ye have these in many decorations. The sets conlaining till useful pieces. They range' in prim from $17.50 to $75.00 per set. 811-813 State Street BROS. Street IMPORTANT BUY AND SELL OVER FAIRBANKS SCALES FAIRBANKS, MORSE CO. BAKERSFIELD LOS ANGELES SANTA MARIA At Trinity Church. Tomorrow In lop Holy Innocents' day, there Mill be a celebration of holy communion at Trinity Episcopal church at HI a. in- la the evening ui 7:20 the Christinas festival of the Sunday school will he held. There will be singing of Christmas cards liy tin seliuol, as-listed by the choir, and a Christmas tree with dlstillmtiim of pifts. All will In- welcome at tills service. Boy Falls From Train, Harry Harrick, a small boy who lives In Caipihtcrla, tumbled off a mining Southern Had lie passenper train ami struck on his lo ad oti the pavement of the station, yesterday maridng. He was picked up unconscious and at first It was feared the lad was seriously Injured, lb- was taken to the rooms of friends In the Clock building, where he was to have xislted yesterduy. There he finally recovered ami is none the worse for his fall. Organ Recital. That the series of organ redials at All Saints hy-the-Sea, Montecito, are attracting wide spread attention wis amply (leiponst ruled hy the Increased size of tin- congregation which came to the little church last Sunday afternoon to hear the organ redial given hy George Normlngton of Trinity Epls-copal Mr. Normington's pri-grmn was not only admirably suited to the capacity of the organ at the church hut comprised numbers as appropriate to the season as they wen- pleasing the audience. I'crhnps his most pronounced success from musical point of view was attained with the Hcetho-ven Andante fro nitlie Scptuor arranged fur the organ. The Pastoral Symphony from Hamids Messiah was well given and greatly appreciated. Tin program closed with tin- well known chorus from tin Messiah "For unto ns a child Is Bachelor' Ball. The lladidors' club -which had its Inception not so very long ago, proved amply that It was entitled to a prominent place among Santa Harbara organizations hv the brilliant llachelors' hull which was given Saturday evening in Klks' hull. The affair was the lirst of the kind attempted hy the club and Mas made tin- occusiou (if Introducing tin ofllccrs who nru Itole-rc Lloyd, president; R. McKenzie, vice president; William Held, secretary; 1C. II. Lunas, treasurer. The grand march which was begun promt ply at It o'clock was cd hy President Hubert Llovd and Miss Minnie ICIlahle. The hull wis festively decuiuted In tin- eliih colors and dectih-al effects were produced under tin direct Inn of Fl ed Carroll. Each member of the club won the colors of tin organization across Ills shlit front. Dr. J. C. Ilainhrblge delivered a speech during tin- course of tin evening, In which lo Introduced tin- olll( CIS tin- l-lllll i Linoleum Matting Carpets and Rugs Largest Stock in the City Wholesale and Retail Prize Duck Ate Yeast Rose Up and Exploded The creamy taste, the rjch, delicious flavor tells a marvelous story of freshness atnl purity. Try it, tasle it, youll liiul it always good. Your grocer lias it. THE ELKHORN CREAMERY 19 WEST ORTEGA STREET Census Tturenu. All persons, bother women or men, Mho may ih sire to become Census ciiuineralois must be eft Dens of the Cniteil Slates; residents of the snper-xisor's district for wlihh they wish to he appoiniod; must he not less than JS nor more than T'l fears of ape; must he physically aide to do tin work; must be trustworthy. honest and of pood huldts; mast have at ast an ordinary education and must he aide to write plainly ami with reasonable rapidity. Those who can comply mIUi those requirements are invited to put In their applications, us there will he at least (1.7, min eiuiiiicralors' places to be tilled by the middle of March In preparation for the eminieratlon beginning April 1 li. Applicalioii forms, Midi full Instructions for tilliiip out and complete formation concerning the lest and the method of app dntmenl, call lie secured by willing to the super-tlsor of census for I he supervisor's district in which I he applicant lives. All applications, properly tilled In mubt lie (ill'll Willi the supervisors not Inter than 27lh as any received llial dale c-itn not he considered. Suits, WASHINGTON, D. I ii- 27. Any person of good judgmiiil, v. It.i Inin iv-cflMd mi (inhiiiiry ((minimi school education, can readily piss 'lie tes! In he f-'lven applicants foi i-disu-i onuiin-ra-tors' places on Saturday February Tit li, the date tinalh sot he I-. S. Census Director Dnraiul, un-oiding to 1111 mi-iiomici im nt frum the ecus. is hnn aa today. This will a comloriiim assurance lo i In hundred tloos-Ilid Mho are fo he uilenc plntilig applicalioii for 1 lie place. It Mas i icphatic.illy Cali the bur an that (he woi lie a.i end licnily a ami piaciical one, similar lo tlml nppliid to applii aids at the twclllh (i mas. ll Mill comd-, i of lilhnr-nul a sample si lit, tie ot liopulalioii from a riplioii, in narrative form, of 1 1 pic.if.lamiJic-'; and, in the of eiollm rail IS v.liose ttoik Mill he III the lurid (I! 1 1 i I liey Mill he calh upon to mil an additional samp! M-hidule of iiyiii ulture, fiom I hi fiiinjoh, 1 by the Ladies LIVE OAK WOOD FOR SALE Wt are cutting a great quantity of lire oak wood in all sizes on the Alisa 1 Ranch, Gaviota, Communicate with the ZIONIST CONGRESS IN HAMBURG. HAMlil'KG, Germany, Dec. tin preliminary meetings yesterday, the Ninth Zionist coup-css today took up for consideration the reports of the actions committee, the Central Olllgt- and the Palestine llu-rcua. Tomorrow the organization statutes will he considered, the afternoon to he devoted to the meeting of committees. Wednesday lias been set apart for reports on the national fund and gifts for olive trees, funds that have recently been considerably increased, and the banks. On tin same day, special reports will be rendered, ou such subjects as the cultural stains of the Turkish Jews, lion into Turkey, and agricultural ami industrial possibilities In Puh-stim. The times on Thursday will la- special reports, discussion, motions and o.jections. Dr. Max N'ordaa will also deliver a public address during congress Meek. ilumuiitliiiH. Perkins mis done some blowing ulKint town over the di elsloii in favor of Ids rooster. Cook. On top of this he has been puttting up Khadaman-t li li as Hie m- pins ultra of Cellar Grove ducks, hellitiiig hy comparison each and every duck ill Hollo Holliu'-s duckeiy. 1 lien to rub It ill lie brought Hhadmiiulilhiis to the last meeting of the Cedar Grove Board of Poultry Trade and passed a resolution through In Mtdch Hhadamaiitliiis was proclaimed as Hie longest-billed and brownest -tailed duck along the Great Notch trail of the Kile. While this Mas going on Ibillo Hollins glowered from Ids chair In hoard room, gnashed Ids teeth and swore vengeance. Yesleiday afternoon Hollins bought cake of yeast In Gim Meier's grocery Store. He uske-1 for and got a moldy-lookiiig cake of yeast; a cake of yeast that was tb-d twice aboul with cord In prevent it i bursting Its wrapper. "There's good raising power In Ibis yeast?" asked Hollins licfon lie purchased II. "That cake of yeast," replied Gas Meier, who used to lie a sailor, "would raise Hu Lusitania If sue sunk In eighty fathoms." Hollins bought Hu yeast and went forth Into the crisp twilight, of bet evening, Witnesses have leslilied that In- passed the fi-neu Unit girdles the Perkins' duck yard; likewise that In slopped ui said fence and uttered cuth-lug clucks. A little Inter lie wis set walking briskly home, liumndng p. spi lugly tune. Still later I'm Idns made Ids nightly tour of Ids yard In count Ids din ks, lie noticed that Hliadanianilius was sitting oil a box oulslde his special root) sad that he was nibbling something willi nppuient relish. Perkins patted Ids lavorlte duck on the head Mild reentered Ids c-dtage. It vviiH not until AGIO oelnrk tills morning that Perkins saw Hliadanmii-thus again. Looking out from Ills lied room window, he notleed a strange commotion In Ids duckery. Drakes and lady (lacks were flapping their wings In alarm. Ducklings were quacking In panic. Perkins rushed dewti lo the yard to discover the cause of this strange pother. The moment In- opened Hie dour he fell hack with an exclamation of dismay. Then was Hliudamantlius floating' In the air six-feet above the ground, llnpplng his f)lp--rs pntln-th-ully ami uttering -wistful quacks. Hhudamun-1 him was five limes Ids usual size mid round tin a halloan. Ills flags did not move and In- floated gently wherever tli wind wafted him, lie was niouiiHiig slowly In hi air, growing larger by the minute. He floated tip ami up, Pelklns (-yes following him In pel i dlbinuy. Suddenly, as tin dark gained the level of Hie m-oinl story window, there was it terrlllc report Hint flung Perkins on Ids hack. The air was filled with feathers and Infinitesimal fiagments of duck. Khudammdlnis had lairs! ami was tin more, The poor chap's bill was found later la front of the Thumb Point town hull. Fast In the Jaws of the bill was the lell iale wrapper of the yeas! cake Hollo H-dlllis had bongld from Hus Meier. Tlda evidence will la offered as Exhibit A III a threatened suit to In-I roeglil m-alted Hollins by Perl-Ins, TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take LAXATIVE BltOMO Ualnlne Tnldela Dtuiggbus lel'nnd money If II fills to elite, W. (iHOVK'd signii i are is on cm li box. 2r.c. Ha GIAMRASTIANI FUEL AND FEED CO. 428 Aliso Street Los Angeles, California gp i pa 8 Mtsa tsa H2u iBcascg XMAS SUGGESTIONS In Indian Crafts nuliie Navajo Bracelets and Spoons made from silver ilollais by Ihe N'av- D-V ajo craftsmen at lln Indian Craft Exhibition, Mission ltoad, near Km. H. ike Park. Los Angeles. Bracelets Heaiiill'ul, g- indue Indian designs, t. Inch wide, spi i kd SI Spoons: $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75. You cun si led anv design from largest stock in America, or order by mall. Awards: C.illl'ornlu Slate Fair, limit, gold medal, fust premium; lirst and second premiums, silver medal, Si attic, gold medal. K4 S-HC3M EES 9 E3 C3 1 Cedar Grove, Cor, N. Y. Evening World. Silas Perkins, K. C. (Kareful Cultivator of Geese, Note Can- Is spell-'i with a In Cedar (trove lo emphasize the, fact that tin extreme of pains is taken In tin culture of poultry, eggs, garden truck, etc.) To begin again, Silas Pei kins, K. G. has just reported tu the Cedar Grille board -of poultry trade the explosion and utter annihilation of his piize duck Hliada-mantlms. Hliailamaiithhs blew up at 7:10 this morning just as tie- Essex Falls cannon hall accommodation stopped at the Great Notch water tank. A stiff northerly gale was blowing al the time and live daik nr-wn duck feathers were wafted even so tar as (Heat Notch and fluttered Into the open window of the smoker of that uilmlrubh; hie niilroud train. Hhudamantlius was no ordinary or iirni ry duck, lie was a Keokuk duck of the ruinous breed that Frank Hue lias been cultivating with such success. He was a grandson of N'chm-h-udiieznr, the famous fortune-telling duck that predicted for Its oMiier ami and piupilelor, Mr. Hue, (lie early discovery of the Ninth Pole, This was after Nebuchadnezzar hail wandered llilo the Ire box in George Mi iers gnu-cry store, wlicio lie was ImpiisiiiH'd for Die ulglil. lb rami home a Irllb stiff ami a lilt blue ubout tlm lips and the very (list tiling he did was to miaiiil up- rlolhes prop and point Ills hill to the II i il ll. The quickwitted Mr. Hue Immediately read tills ns pi'e- i-li'iii'e on the art of Nchueh-adm zar that tin North Pole had been 10 ai I coin. To n-luni to the Kludaiiumtlins, It mast be imw apparent that tan duck blood rail in bin veins, SI I'n Kins is said to have paid huiidsnnely for tinselling of Keokuk duck eggs from which Hhadalnaiithus was hatch I. Jtliaihiniaiitlius was the only drake In tin setting, lie broke from Ids shell two davs before Ids live sisters emerged and tiln-reil a vigorous quark the moment lie tlirnsi Ids hill into the Wiubl. Hhinln niitiit Inin was milipiely mark-cil, Ills tail was hrown, lie lmd 'om blue wing anil i' il dinin' nd on Ids brow, lb- swum In Hie Hue duck pond al the age of so hours and when only live days old hioughl a minnow from the puml and presented It to Ids fos- 11 mother. SI pel Idiis liecame greatly attached to Kliuil.iinunthus, naming Idm after loH wife's rich uuelo, HhadamantliiiH Metilllleiiildy, tin- Thumb Point chiropodist. Gnat rare was taken with this duck's diet. When In- evinced a strong desire for French frh-d pota-lots uml seenieil to ml vu on Ih'-m, Mr, Htn saw hat lie was supplied with llheial pirtlnn on Tuesdays, Thursdavs ami Saturdays. II will I recalled hy all lli-ise wli-i follow tin big aff.diM In Cedar Grove that bitterness was nngeuedcrcil lie-I W'l'oli SI l'erklna and Itolo over the naming of tliclr Indian i-anio rooi I ers Cook and peaty which dilmln-lit) (I In II I'idth- bet cell the two Ilv-lit-lug IowIh. HoIIIu'h peary nt first got the decision ever Cook, but Perkins protest tl lln- elsloii and hired Lawyer Dave Gouge to pb-aff Ids case, This I el. lilted III It I'evi I'sul of Ihe verdlel favor iif Peary uml the flaming of Pei, kins ('-a It as Hie lelor. Naluraoy lids did not lend In soften Hollo Kolbiis niiirufTidtr toward per ills. lie VMWiil he Would gel even uml It would seem lied he lias Evldeiiee at hand leads In show Hud Hollo tlelllns wall IcHpon-dlde hm Hie explosion ami all ueltou i Long Coats and Childrens Coats This Sale will continue this week only and it is a good opportunity to get A GRAND BARGAIN i These goods arrived too late for my Christmas trade and I want to get rid of them. Benj. Sprague iJtlome Phone 444 122 E. Gutierrez St. Vi I'ecmpmend (lie purchase of lln slock of llu Loudon Consolidated (ill Company at Ihe price of Initial nflerliu-', 50,000 SHARES 15 cents per share It Is llu I nt i-Ti Inn uf the promoters of this company to make lids one iff tin big, strung, operating roinpanliH of Callfoiubi. ami ns aa Instance iff the class of land on which the eouipany will lirst develop oil, we are pleased lo call iiHoiiHoti to the lad that it, has acquired hv lease tin southwest qnaitcr of the nortliuest quarter of section 2G 22 2H, la the i-i-li-tn led Ml-lwavtleld uf Kern County. IsccHmii 2d tul juliiH 27, Hu Knob Hill of the tilsirid on which Hie lorn toil llu rich-cat npciaHiig nnnpaidis of the li-dil. Close lo the London on 2d, are tlm Mascot, tho I nrlm Pel loleiim, and tin NVIlhert. nil largo producers, II lln- Ca-ho on I ho want. Tin- rrlti ry Is t. hallow, less Ilian Mull (out lu iD-pl li. nud Hie wi llu an- rab-d as Inn to 7ii1miic pindaci'i's. Wo feo coiilblcnl that this company will he producing oil In sixty days, uml will he on dividend lmls In a few other lamia urn tiring ncqulicd ns fast as Hndr iiiorli Is ib'iiioiisiiaii il. CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT. If yon do not liny, keep It for ref fence and note Hie market price of I'ds slock In six months. Op-puiiitiihy il ms not knock nt your door ovi ry day. Culllornlu (ill la la-day's oppi-riuidiy ami we I 1 i -x (hit ilm London slock Is sociirliy 1 1nti will uppeitl to Ilm diiiservutlve Investor as well as lo tin- specu-latof, WiLKES-HAYDEN-KERGAN CO. 425b Phelan Gan Franci Cal.

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