Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 28, 1963 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1963
Page 19
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ASCS Elections Slated in July fhe dates and places for annual community ASCS elections were recently announced by B. Everett Leigh, office manager in Knox County. Three members and two alternates will be elected in each community. One of the rrVrii.r .m i in-imyim fft g ft ft C ? S Will be f • £1 chosen chairman, and will Junior Show Is Scheduled At Fairview FAIRVIEW — The Junior Livestock Show opens July 5 with trophies* ribbons and cash prizes awarded in the cattle, swine and sheep classifications. Any 4-H or FFA member living within 15 miles of Fairview can enter the show. Girls between the ages of 10 and 20 in the Valley School District can enter the food show July 6. Competition includes classes in cookies, cakes, pies and-qUick breads. A Kiddie Parade for girls and boys up to and . including sixth graders will be held Saturday. A pony show on Saturday after- iioon features a riding class, colt and! mare class and a harness class. The men of the community will put^ on a variety show Saturday night with Mrs. Dorma Lindstrom producing the event. The group will use a western theme this year,' with features ranging from dance hall girls to medicine men. Spraying operations, which are conducted annually in preparation for the show,* will be accomplished Sunday. Boyd Evans is in charge of the American Legion sponsored show. Moorman'Gets Federal Okay Approval was given^ recently by federal authorities to Moor- Man application to make a claim for Control of horn flies with Rid-Ezy, cattle mineral supplement containing the systematic insecticide, ronnel. The life cycle of both horn flies and cattle grubs is broken with this .complete mineral containing ronnel. As a consequence of controlling horn flies cattle are quieter, spend ,more^ time „graz-. ing, gain faster" and produce more milk,for their calves. Testing is based on seven years research, on cattle grub control and!represents work in 14 states on more than 7,500 .cattle on farms and ranches. UGHTNING RODS GEORGE E. OWENS ao eisei* DziTO—osiMbuza, m S43-040S become the delegate to the county convention July 30. Community committeemen serve 1 year terms and help administer ASCS farm programs at the local level by explaining pro^ gram requirements to their neighbors. They also make recommendations to the county office. All township elections will be held the week of July 8 through 22. They will all start at 8 p.m. The dates and places are as follows: Cedar* 16, Abingdon City Hall; Chestnut, 15, Hermon Town .Hall; Copley, 9, Copley Town Hall; Elba, 11, Elba Town Hall; Galesburg, 11, ASCS Office; Hawcreek, 8, Hawcreek Town Hall; Henderson, 1)0, Henderson Town Hall; Indian Point, 17, Palmer Sales & Service, Abingdon; Knox, 15, Knoxville Couhcil Rooms; Lynn, 8, Lynn Town Hall; Maquon, 16, Maquon Town Hall; .Ontario, 9,' Oliver Garage, Oneida; Orange, 9^ Newman Community Center; Persifer, 15, Appieton Town Hall; Rio, 8, Rio Town Hall; Salem, 17, City Building, Yates City; Sparta, 11, Wataga; Town Hall; Truro, 10, City Building, Williamsfield; Victoria, 22, Center Prairie Church; Walnut Grove, 10, Library Hall, Altona. All persons who have an interest in a farm or farm operations are eligible to vote in these elections. The county committee urges all who' are eligible to participate. • In Warren County Following is the schedule of ASCS township elections in War ren County July 12-23 (all at 8 p.m. J.­ July 12: Point Pleasant, Town Hall; Berwick, Berwick Fire Station; Greenbush, Greenbush Town Hall. 15: Hale, Hale Center School; Roseville, Town Hall; Coldbropk, Coldbrook Town House. 17: Tompkins, Kirkwood Fire Station; Monmouth, ASCS office, Monmouth; Floyd, Town Hall. 19: Spring Grove, Gerlaw Town Hall; Swan, Town Hall; Kelly, Kellyr'Township Hall. 23: Sumner, Little York Town, Hall; Lenox, Lenox- Town Hall; Ellison, Town Hall. Wedding Bands The wedding ring generally is worn on the third finger of the left hand because of an old belief. People supposed that a vein runs directly from this- finger to the heart, thus heart and hand are offered together.'The custom continues though the belief is untrue. SAVE EXTRA HONEY NOW! Big Discount on Both Complete Sow Feed ond Sow Mintrote 5.00 PER TON DISCOUNT ON SOW MINTRATE •LOO PER TON DISCOUNT ON COMPLETE SOW RATIONS A Really Double Barreled SAVINGS! Good Through July 13 Contact Your Moorman Representative Or Stop In At Our Plant! RfMIHNTATIVIS IN THIS ARfA C, T. CAPPIl OftlQW R. HAZfN toon uitue — JIM RfXROAT HARRY THURMAN DONALD GRIGGS WIT* GUI Rio, lllinois -434-9715 _On«id«, Hlinoi $-4l3-J162 ____AU*if, lllinoif-Hubbtrd 3.999$ _G»ltiburg, 111,-343-293$ „„„„„__KnoxvilU, III.—3*9.2457 _Pnt«U, III.-4I3-J334 „__»o*«vill», Illi!u»f -*3R4 ' »r (ill MOORMAN MFG. CO. Phtnt 5294111 Alph«, lllineif Croup Cites 4-H Health Projects it pays to be physically fit in more ways than one, especially if you are a 4-H. Glub member enrolled in the national 4-H health program. About 50 boys and girls will be richer by the experience of. spending a week in Chicago as delegates to the 42nd National 4-H Club congress to be held the first week in December. A half dozen of this group will be recipients of $500 college scholarships for having the best 4-H health projects in the nation, announces the National 4-H Service Committee. * The fourth «'H" in the 4-H clover emblem stands for health, and all 2.3 million members pledged their "health to better living." But the specific 4-H health awards prdgram has stated objectives which members are supposed to achieve. Many Participate In a recent report furnished the program's sponsor, Eli Lilly and Co., the 4-H Service Committee points out that in 1962, nearly 700,000 boys and girts between 10 and 21 participated in specific 4-H health activities. Members were involved in personal health improvement, better health for the community, public health education and service. Said a 1962 health" scholarship winner, "Lessons in first-aid, child care and home nursing have enabled me to react quickly in emergencies, and administer nursing care to the sick." Another winner had this to say: "Since taking health as a 4-H project I've "learned that serious illness can often be prevented by having regular medical and dental checkups. My whole family is up to date on these." Individual clubs also promote health through demonstrations, meetings, displays and by participating in local health drives. The Cooperative Extension Service supervises 4-H clubs. European Invention To Europe belongs credit for invention of the automobile. Before the pioneer cars of America were on the streets, Europeans were driving many cars propelled by steam, electricity and gasoline. GO THROUGH PACES—At a recent obedience demonstration this young dog handler put a trio of poodles through the paces, Besides teaching dogs cute tricks, 4-H'ers train them to obey commands that make for a well-behaved pet. 4-H Setup Gains New Clubs For Dog Care and Training * In four short years the number of boys and girls enrolled in the fast-growing 4-H Club dog care and training program has increased tenfold, reports the National 4-H Service Committee. Last year enrollment nearly reached the 20,000 mark and at the end of 1963 another big jump is expected. The "pet" program is popular with city and suburban youngsters. Like their country counterparts, the off-the-farm 4-H'ers working with dogs learn about animal care and breeding. Sometimes 4-H Club leaders are local dog handlers 01 veterinarians. Obedience training, animal nutrition and grooming are some of the areas covered. The young dog fanciers soon realize that a healthy "well-mannered" dog is a joy to have around the house. Neighbors like him, too. Sponsor Program The program is sponsored nationally by the Ralston Purina Co. which not only provides a variety of awards, but also a selection of educational literature, aids for club meetings and 4-H dog shows. Members who show personal progress throughout the year have an opportunity to compete for a medal, a handsome wrist watch, and a free trip to the National 4- H- Club Congress to take place at Chicago the first week in December. Winners are named by the Cooperative Extension Service which directs this 4-H activity. The 4-H dog care and training program is not 1 one-year effort, the Extension Service points out. It provides for continuing education in owning and handling a pet. Any kind of dog may be used in Ihe project. Additional information can be obtained at the county extension office or from the state 4-H Club office. Wheat Harvest Advances at Dallas City- DALLAS CITY — Wheat harvest is in full swing in this area, and the Dallas City elevator of the Illinois Gram Corp. is a busy place. Cutting started the first of the week, and harvest began in earnest on Tuesday. Bill Davis, manager of the elevator, says quality o£ the grain is good, and reports from growers indicate yields generally are good, although actual bushels per acre figures will not be available until a greater percentage of the acreage has been cut. The new 45-foot scale and dump is now in operation. Its 100,000- pound capacity and 32-foot rise make it possible to unload semi­ trailer grain hauling outfits quickly and easily, thereby speeding up the handling of incoming grain. The wheat is being loaded into barges, several of which are tied up at the local dock. READ THE WANT ADS! n CUSTOM Processing ond Butchering IUTCHIRINO 'HOGS AND RIIF 6 DAYS fVSRY WffK. Ou? expert me»$ cutter* *wurt ytt #| getting moit cut* from ywir beet or bogi. Processed to yowr individual family needs and packed in the best plastic coated freezer paper. BUTCHERING CHARGE: IIIF IS, HOGS $3,S0 Wt Uft A DtHiiriflf M*chin# to Civo A Packinghoyio Job WESTERN ZERO LOCKER "Customer Satisfaction Is Our Aim" Habits Are Suggested Fulton County Cmiples_£lub members participated in an auto* mobite safety demonstration at a regular meeting last week. Held at Canton Senior High School parking lot, the demons stration was witnessed by some 80 persons. Daryl Wilson, an insurance agent, gave tips on safe driving and was assisted by two Canton police officers, and a representative of the state highway department. Wilson discussed the importance of safe driving and presented special information to assist drivers in maintaining good driving habits. Points are recorded at the highway department office after a person violates a traffic rule. A license can be revoked if a person's record shows 110 points or more during a period of one year, Wilson said. The actual safe driving demonstration was conducted by Leo Sharp of Canton, John Chatterton of Avon and Gene Coleman of Canton. Following the demonstration Don Stevens of Elmwood, club president, , conducted a business meeting. The local chapter's fair booth committee reported on its proposed exhibit at the Agricultural Educational Booth of the state fair. The committee will meet July 1 at the Farm Bureau building in Canton to map final plans. Hog Prices Hold Up During Week's Trade fty LEONARD M. WOODS (fcafesburg Order Buyers, Inc.) Meg numbers continue light artel under .the normal trade requirements for this time of year. Prices remain very good and after a sharp break on the close of last week have resumed their upward march. Top hogs in Oalesburg have reached $18.25 with bulk of best Eastern kind selling $17.75 to $18. Packing sows sell down from $14.75. Society Convenes NORTH HENDERSON — Mary and Martha Society of the Methodist Church met recently in the church basement. Mrs. George Speirer presided at the business meeting and led in devotionals. The afternoon was spent quilting and sewing rag rugs. 4-H Judging Teams to Vie By KEN FULLER (Knox County Assistant Farm Adviser) The 1963 Knox County livestock and dairy judging teams will travel to the University of Illinois Tuesday to compete in the state livestock and dairy judging contests in Urbana. The livestock judging team members are Larry Morris, Abingdon; Mike Hennenfent, Galesburg; Craig Sanford, DeLong; Stan Powers, St. Augustine; John Freberg, Galesburg, and Roger Bice, Victoria. The dairy judging team members are, John Thurman, Williamsfield; Elamc Jones, Yates City; Lee Fox, LaFayette; Teresa Reynolds. Oneida, and Don Burns and Peter Nelson, of Altona. The livestock team has held two judging workouts since the Knox County contest in May. The team traveled to Aledo to compete in the Mercer County 4-H judging contest, and traveled to Bradford to compete in the Stark County 4- H judging contest. The. dairy team has held one judging workout since the Knox County .ontest in June. The team traveled to Wyoming to compete in the Stark County 4-H dairy judging contest. The government has cut the spring pig crop estimate by 3 per cent whteh generally to. a bullish factor. Still hogs are comparatively high and probably since the advance came earlier than expected and prices went higher than expected we, can assume that the Enrolls in Summer School Donald Lee Rosinc, 879 Beecher Ave., has enrolled to the 49th annual summer school at Wheaton College for the first and second terms. First term begins June 22 and the second, July 20. Rosine Is studying education and Bible, Other courses include science, music, social science, physical education, speech and language, and graduate courses in Bible, theology, and Christian education. fall break in price* will came §*ffy in the summer and may be a little more Severn thari wis wftufd Mire to see. It would seem to be a good Wm to push late winter and early spring pigs and get thiffl to market as soon as possible. We mold not be too surprised to iH 8H early decline in the price of 1W to 210-pound hogs, while medium and heavyweight hogs, also packing sows could continue to show additional strength. We expect to have exceptionally good orders all summer. Farmers will find Galesburg a very favor* able market for all weights arid grades of hogs. Petroleum.By Water About 38 per cent of all refined petroleum products travel by water, 36 per cent by truck, 20 per cent by pipeline and the rest by railroad tank car. onie Qalesburg Register -Mail GALESBURG, ILL., FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1963 PAGE 19 DRYERS, RANGES, ond WATER HEATERS KNOX GAS SALES L.P. Bottled Got Oeoler KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS HAROLD NELSON 207 E. South St. Phon. 289-6391 DON BLUST 501 Glcnway Av«. Phone 2894631 IT'S TIME TO CHANGE REMODEL NOW WESTERN Red Cedar Siding Beveled Clear and Grade A Per IOOO Bd. Ft. Vax6 $122.50 Vax8 133.50 3 /4x10 Full Lengths, 6' and longer 185.50 PRIMED Hardboard Siding 1000 Sq. Ft. $000.00 211.50 7/16"-12"xl2' Shadowcast _ 7/16"-12"xl6' Shadowcast _ UPSON PRIMED SIDING 1000 Sq. Ft. 3/8"-12"xl2' $162.95 Siding Fasteners: Per 100 .-$2.50 ea. —$ 02Vi ETLUNG Aluminum Siding # Heavy .025 Gauge # Eliminates Costly Painting •) Finish guaranteed 10 years against peeling, blistering Without Backer $26.25 Sq. With Insulating Backer $31.85 Sq. YOUR COMPLETE BUILDING SUPPLY CENTER 1-8 ',4 ',4 V2 B INTERIOR FIR SANDED PLYWOOD SHEETS (Certified Grade Marked) — AD Smooth 1 Side $2.80 100 Pieces or more $2,50 — A A Smooth 2 Sides $4.00 100 Pieces or more $8-76 — AD Smooth 1 Side $3.76 80 Pieces or more $3.52 " — AD Smooth 1 Side $4 64 60 Pieces or more $4.40 " — AD Smooth 1 Side $5.20 50 Pieces or more $4.96 " — AD Smooth 1 Side $6.16 50 Pieces or more $5.92 " — A A Smooth 2 sides $7 28 50 Pieces or more $7.04 EXTERIOR FIR SANDED PLYWOOD 4xB SHEETS (Certified Grade Marked) '.V — AC Smooth 1 Side $3.12 —. 100 Pieces or more $2.88 W — AC Smooth 1 Side $4.16 80 Pieces or more $3.92 W — AC Smooth 1 Side $5.20 60 Pieces or more . $4.96 %" — AC Smooth 1 Side „ $6.80 — 50 Pieces or more $6.56 FIR PLYWOOD SHEATHING (Certified Grade Marked) 5/ 16- - V x 8 CD SIM 100 Pieces or more $2.48 •>/ B " — 4' x 8' CD .. $2.06 80 Pieces or more $2.80 it," 4' x 8' CD 5-Ply $3.60 60 Pieces or move • $3.44 ft" — 4" x 8' CD 5-Ply ; $408 50 Pieces .or more $3.92 — 4' x 8' CD Plugged 1 Side Touch Sanded K£j 50 Pieces or more $408 LIGHTING FIXTURES We offer a fine selection of Lighting fixtures for any room, any area indoors or l ' outdoors. Pull-down .... Your choice of polished Brass, Antique Copper or Polished Copper. *6.25 to »22.55 CASH AND CARRY PRICES LIGHT SWITCHES and BASE PLUGS Residential Duplex Base Plugs ..$ .20 $ .15 Heavy Duty T-Slotted Base Plugs 25 .20 Heavy Duty Base Plug and Switch Combination .45 .35 Heavy Duty T-Bated Single Pole Switches .25 .20 Besidential Three- Way Switches 30 .25 Heavy Duty Three- Way Switches .35 .30 Quiet Single Pole Switches ~ 45 .40 Quiet Three-Way Switches .60 .55 decorator wall clock by Howard miller Striking idea in wail clocks adds a fashion touch to any room. Electric movement . . , 32 modern designs to choose from. Easy to install . . . U. L. listed. Clock mechanism fits into standard recessed receptacle. Come in and see our complete selection today. Guaranteed One Full Year. 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