Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 3, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1916
Page 5
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-a STERLING. ILLINOIS. FRIDAY, NOV. 3.1916. Q THE GROCERY MARKET PAGE Mrs Housewife; These merchants are as near you as your telephone. It will save you much of ytiur time if you will read these advertisements carefully, and use your telephone. You will not have to puzzle over what to have for your Sunday dinner if you read these advertisements. Up-To-Dafes Market HORN & THE PLACE TO GET THE BEST MEAT FOR YOUR MONEY Prime Roast Beef, best cuts, Ib 16c J (All corn fed steer meat) Fresh Young Pig Pork Roast, fb. 16r up Spring Chickens, Ib. . 22c PAH Kinds of Quality Meats Hickory Cured Smoked Hams, smoked by us, the best money will buy. Try one of them. This market is the best place to buy Fresh Home Mtide Sausage—only fresh meats used. - THE UP- 308 East Third St. (-DATE TV1SRKET Prompt Auto Delivery • If you want something good try i >j our Wrapped Butter Scotch 1 Made of pure carte sugar, rich ( ' cream, creamery butter, in our < own sanitary candy kitchen. < Try some,— the tn»ts tell* the ' story. Fresh Bofc and Bulk Candy Our assortment of fr«sh box < > and bulk candy is very corn- > » plete, and consists of all the de- J • nimble and wanted kinds. Come , 4 ' in and make your selections from > ] | our large stock. * > TRY THIS ONE 4 \ Ping Pong Coeoanut BrittJe, > * \ a delicious candv for lover* of ' ' , , brittles. Also Peanut Brittle and ' ' < < Peanut Bar. " ] < HOT DRINKS OF ALL KINDS ! —A mi-J unch«*_a t_a ay- ti me» After the show drop in at argo's 10 WEST THIRD ST. Big Bargains for Saturday and Monday , y Sugar Pure cane, 13 Ibs. for $1.00 With a $1.50 order r Ready For The Dessert? 10 Ibs. fanpy Sweet Potatoes for ................ .29c 5 Ibs. broken Head Rice for 25c Hanford's fancy Creamery Butter, per Ib .39e Fancy cured Bacon, per pound 24c Extra fancy stock Cooking Apples, per peck...,. .25c Cranberries Furif.y ripe stoek, II quarts for .... Olives Large full «jt. jar Oysters Fanny solid packed, <jt. ..., -. Oatmeal K« 2}e pkK. OQ C .-sjiOatmeal. ..*'***' Apples Baldwin.s,. per peck. . ,39c Johnathans, per pet'k.59c 1 1 ead Let t uee. C Vlery , Kadihlms, Green Onions, Oyster Plant, Fresh Kn^lish Walnuts in the BJjell, per 1!», . . ..25c Fresh Knglish Walmit Fresh Poean Meats, per jjomid, ..... . ...... 75c S.pkgH, Vfi»sli .I)dli's 4 ,25c Fig^, p ( H ! .pound . .. .......... 22c Codfish, absolutely bow, less, per It), box ..... 22c Large 1 It), can Hershey's, Cocoa for 35o 4 \(h> pkgs. Corn Flakes for ,,» ,25q ,'J 10e pk/4'.s. Pancakt* Flour for ,.-..' .,.'.., .25c. Aiuorica'.s ( 1 ii|) Coffoe, j)«r pound ,26c Wis(U)iisiu (''ream CIiocso, por pouiitl'.........280 Lurijt 1 2 r w- \tkg. fJold'HtiHt, packa^o - ".-.... .230 l (» It>s, Cracked Ifoiuiny. for ..,.,..., ..;...25c Fresh 8h redded Coeoanut Certainly,--'-bring it on. We're always ready for "\VoodUi\vn lee Creatu. It's so difTereut from any other. It taste* of' 4» uri ty\ au«l <|tiality tliroii^h "%nd t'hrough. It makek the dinner more satisfactory and complete.- Buy plenty. Kvery ounce of it is F< )<){). We Make AH Kinds. Sterling Dairy Co. i Both Phones. 214 E. 3rd ! ^^^ ' i S Market C & S 310 First Avenue Sterling's Original Cot-Rale'Market General Offices: II. S. Yards, Chicago WHOLESALE AND RETAIL S &! S f Specials for Saturday, Nov. 41h Iliat an- -ur»> to satisfy l»i>th ;is to price HIK] <|u;ilify; - r . YoutiL? Native ISt'i'l' I'ot Koast, It. , nlitiiTs Stfwinir and Soup Meal, 12 !c f Steak. Sirloin :uul Short Steak. !>OUt!ii ....... . 18c ]''re,sii (l Steak, pouml Home ( 'ut'ed { Vinietl j»eet', plate. II). lie Pork Shoiild«'r Hnasf, , pound Pork Chops or Steak, pound , Pork Nock Ribs, pound Pork ..Sausage, link or bulk, 16c 20c 8c 15c Veal Hoast. I 5c Y«'a! for stowing. pound Fmsh Liver, pound -rTTcgfe-Fiirs-'~l' i.'.ut. ~~ "-- -- -• rump, Ib '• ...... J -*"* f ^' pound -. Hearts, Bruins. •Tonitues. etc. Fresh Home I)n-s,sed Poultry. Fre^h Fish and Oysters. Finest Dairy Butter and a full line of Wisconsin Cheese. The Market of Quality, Price and Service li x\|l>in:l- tyi>i> :ts No*. TWMlly-!'rV<'T> <<( ill" im-K will !'<> iif tin- U will !»<• known f«r tin- 78 to JO-I hu-lUKivi', . in- ninniltltiu O:>'«% N't"-;. Id.", to 107. Will bo of .1 ni'W !>!•«. n-plis,' Hum; «' H.U'kMl UHTt-JtM' in *l/.i- 'iv.-i tll<« HMlUl •ui»Mt xtilunui in> , rlai li *>( l()i*-«' Ihri'i- ^xi-'cl:- 1 will r» v |ti« > s» > ni <)if!«'r«-nt UK-an, It i.»i hopt'il in tiu if i1i'%'i'!«i|um-nl In ar- rlVf ai .'» wt/.c nf vi'xM-l which .will, tn> ii-tb Inl'M- •'" !'*'ff"l"i "'•«'!> nil »Hit at ill" NnrtH'.tini" siifl'li'U^ntly sin.iU to. I** 1 iiuMt (|uifkly iti (raw tniinltiTx. for tin- MS i,ut i-i nlHvra . ar»>: Huh Iron \Vork«. |MM< I lilvt-r Shipi'tuMinm '**•-, iVi^w Y*u"U Slu|*l*u*UHis^ t*»».. \Viu, l^nimp & i^iiii^ ,^hij» iV Ijiifiin** liUiUHu^i CD., l«othlfht-m «!*•*']•<'!>.-,^ws Shl»>butl«liiiK uiul i'ry I.»'H-k I'H.. 1'iiitin Iron \Viuk i"i'., juu! SraUli- Cou^tnu- tion ^e Dry Dm'k tN». Fur thi« Hiil>marin«-« tin- fiiiluwiiiK plh-it J«i l>iil: Isli-iiric Jtitiit *'•»., I..\k< > Itostl "X.'ii.. N'l-w Vork Wafeti for Our Wagon '•'"Wo" are utnv luakinj? daily, trips to all parts of Roek Fulls with our bakery wagon -and so you can get Boh Ton Bread and Baked Goods in!Dry Duel; '"IK. rn!"ii iron U'nilm On., and t'alif"rnia Slniiliiuhl- . ini; «.'<».• • ,, WAS GRANTED A RESPITE. ' K|irlnKtl«>li|, III. Nov. -2. Ivivy M. •' Hullivnn, fiuivfi-tw! l>«-t'.'ilur in^ur.u «*nt««nc«? to tlu> federal ponilcntiary. ao- /•onllng t" word rweivi-il ]it'r»« from i It' pound ..... .,,.,.. 2 Ibs. faiiuy T*r tines, . ;,25c ii^ibM, laiu-y Peaches .. 250 2 IOH; ( 'ookii»g Fi :25c~ "W a s h e d Turnips, f*Pf peek ....... .,.,,,,25c '.} His.' Washed Carrots •lor. ,,.,.,,.. .... ..10q 3 His, Washed Parsnips for ,10c HEAD ALL THE ADYBETIS1SM1NTS II? THE GAZETTE The Quality Market If you want meat .satisfaction buy your meats here, '* <! Chickens, per lt> . Fancy Native Boiling Beef, per'Ib, IS 1 ^ Lamb Stew, per Jb, 12%c , Extra good home made sausage. Try a pound, # of Beef, Veal, Myttoii, Fork, Etc, Ptielps Bros* Rccr B«i«n & Hutten's jiacery Both -_ ___ ___ __ li' we wins you phone .vis and we will deliver 'whatever you wish, .-•_... Bon Ton Bakery 110 West Second St., Book Falls Bell Phone 342-R Just A Few Suggestions Fresh Baltimore Oysters Include a quart, in'your grocery order. Buckle, Log Cabin and —Ferndell- Maple Syrup Apples! .Apples! That will make your mouth water. Your favorite variety will be found here. We have your favorite Cheese Complete asaortrnent of Fruit* and Vagetablea for Saturday. N. Gaulrapp, Jr. Grocery Suggestions •„ FRESH GOODS ARRIVING |/* DAILY AT THIS STORE : New York Sweat Cid«r, p«r jjal- I Ion .- S5o > Seedlew Raitina..p«r fb 18o ' Whaat Bran, per pkg 15o ' Tuna Fiah, per can... 15 4 25c [ -Cranberries per qt. ........ ,10<} , Turnip*, per p*ck ...Ste < • Freah Baltimore Oysters, par '< • quart , .'...., 45c i ', Plenty of Minn«»ota Potatoea i Eshleraan's Grocery ;. llfi I'laat Third Street' A Vjcio u>s ~ Pest Of Mr, and Mro, ..F. Gcnnott of Dixon -- Mr. -r .. Will Be Celebrated. i'tr (tiilili'ii wwlUiti't; iuuiivi-i'tsary Suii'' y. Nov. *>th. 'I'lu* . fultuwluK "Ul-uf-, town tvlaUvcM will ln> iiivKiiiit for »)»«••: lloouvilU'. Mo.. airn. Howard Kiiifil'lKf.j Mis-w A-iivlla Uicii.'HtlMuii anil All's. I;U1-; w,<»;«l tiioinrh. of Clitcugo. will hi- IIHM- ) I'lil for (he iN'li'l'faticui, . - i WILL OPEN BIDS TODAr I Four Scout Crui»era and 30 Submarineirj To B* Quilt. '." 11;> i'tiHt ii 4'u'»t i i A',*-lti«tjTi"u, N'»» » 'I''"' • <s »'-«*>" I' 1 '! •llltJUMlt Intt fcl V.i!i t-t'fll bill'. f"l (i>UI ' i.l! t « I UI-« !>• .it'll ; !" «o,l .', >i>'l' !!?<>• Mill- ,- 'In jtU"»« lit a- .N>i , 1 tit T, un'!n»JM>, 1 Alii !»" !!•'• l.uyt.'it .irul t.i^S<'»l \ «•»»•» IN' if Ult'M ' i I*" Ixilll f>H »H\ II. H v. Thi H j •lih f i h.u.u l»'il*,ttt'H will he tnsjiljici-- , ,(U IH 7 l"M lult». . (»(»«Hti, ;l'» KlHiles, i iiit.(l> •.•" f» «*t . (it- iu>, «">"i fft-l , anil. l- i 111 ill. t ir.l;i «>-iin'h «»ir-i. ! I'M in-»t-> tutu-f .; _ . . Tilt IT hull- i»l«''H'<l l!,.U-lHll''! \ ,'i. ill, si ni'iii-' A n« tt tia . t .,,»!s tl . \i i^ it. .,i.p 'I.H- i tf»;i {,.t«.'if,Si fnliit-.-l,'. I in il ' i •• |!>ji), l« ' "("II 1 " 1 ' '>' am till, ul !}<«• Lit,;! .t I. lltjlf UU • , tn «'f llii'i >HIA Ml!| tt li! ! « .Hi > ll./^ If yoii fcuy your grocerie* from a mail order houte you pay for them before you get th#m. When you- buy from --your -local«*•- about thtm and th«»n pay-* for them when you have your next order all ready to tend away, Ju»t drop in and let u« give you prices on the same amount of good*. «ame quality, and on the «am» tartna, ami we will do even more than the mail order houte, for when you buy from them the good* aro your*— good, bad. or indifferent. When you buy from us we mak*« good anything that it not all right.. We al*o carry a full line of oenshable' good*, *uch as fresh fruits and vegetable, which you can not buy from the mail order . and when w* supply you v. ith this we feel that we are entitled to your business on s-ta— pu> goods as well. §££ OUR WINDOW DISPLAY FOR SATURDAY, Ankney Clyiner THANK YOUR GROCER •*•«!«. PM«V«* »•! bsfwtese t» INJURIES WERE FATAL. l ^ ^ „,-^, ^ 1'itna. 111., N'uv. :' Mi-lviii (Jur.lantl, ' ^•MtkMatoihi.aMkMH, 'Ju. a at if he asks you RAKING POWPK Heivantstodo you a lavor- he kncwswhat brands to reo ommend from experience, Unbeatable Exterminator ' of MaH»,Mlc.e and Buuw -th« War-Id 0v«|» - l/ofd by U. '•mi *t Nwr*r f^i/n - SSc.ZSe Ar i/rvjant*' 6TANDAUO- AVOID SUBSTITUTES hum, «liftl fnIlowiiiK tin 1 untputattun of j fiojli h-$*> (iarland f«>ll unik-r H ti\Un. < ,,,_^_, u ur _.. _.«--„.„ »«^,™i«~ - •-1—> i V r > H m MM. Use tlic GitgetU* CliitiKifled colunmy | UWJCIIS BfOft "Oh! Goody!" -Kist" Pop Corn Better than candy for the kiddies, and 'just right (or the older ones. Only the perfectly popped grains, ihen_butterea to just_t_K«sL right; taste. Kd buint kernels, no ^bachelors." The \/oh_Jtfrful "iUuter-Kisl 1 ' Popjwr, now at vrorjj in our sit>re. is turnitif; «>ut hundrctb of sacks of lh:s t«nif>tin$ p«.»p coin, so iie-»h-. crisp »n<i ot^c'Miing—-ununichvd b; htnn^s. Sec this machine c>i>t'jute. " Tu»te the-, delicious "pop corn it Uu ns out. You've never -jy*«-±ifcJbck«e- - - —» - - ..- • Take a sack or carton home tonight Hendricks Drug Co. -—' . ,. ji 4 ^^ , -• ,

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