Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 3, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1916
Page 4
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'*• STERLM, ILLINOIS,. FRIDAY, NOV. 3,1916. , SHIRTS Here are fine "Loom to Wearer" Qualities that will please the most careful dresser, Madras, fiber, silkcloth and pure tub silks. Bradley-Boynton Clo. Co. ft )Sf> , <) ,,.. t _ _,, , . t ,_ » _ ! JO 'fho P"5!.v « sl!r ;» ! .i)i ;;;<- f wt it H!' :•. i-'. --.? •'-, (i:-. ;:• •-) •>, ••••* •- mhH !<> K" ?•.' tlj- 1 ' f"i!!s i.'i fnnrnniK ra-xf u-nd V>H I r.-trH READERS DEFENDS PRESIDENT WILSON. Krif, 11!.. Nov. 2. !«K>. Kdifor Rf«»rlin«c (J.tzfttP: Tf you H-HI b*>.f;i!r t-nouRli to {itiMlFli thfs »fmn!t cTirnmnnirnfiiiTi, fr'ith :s FUII- purKT <«f nur iirf«»i<)*>!H. I wnuld !!)<<• » n-jdy to Mr, Wiilhim's artlilo In Mon- STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AHD DAILY STANDARD^ anil \votniMi) for b<>.*t Inter- wnnt \vlmt nr tin' cutintry cnntiiiK Hi«»irj (ln-ir rnnntry. Th 81XTY.8ECONO YEAR. . Published Pally•E*c«pt Sunday.^ D, W. QRANDON~A 80NS^ Editor* and Publisher*. Offlot, 111 W»*t Third Street. •nt*r*d at Poitofflce, Sterling, Illlnoit •'• Second Class Matter. IHlllllH tllillli* The finish of the campaign Is near t band.? 'iHniwiay will settle the <iut>$- Every patriotic citizen should 'carefully consider what they -'believe Voph* tti'i-tn to hnvf» thctr up. Thf'l'«> lias boon little I'raciically little <U««'UH- if v.lmt thr> Iradem thnm- ittrri'd up. Hut onn thltiK i in* vi>(fr* should remember, they «r<' !M«t viitiriK for Air. HuRhe* or fur Mr. \Vtlson They i«re voting f'*r what NtiiiulH buck of Mr. Hutches and Mr. Wil.iiui. Tiny i?fthr nrKanl;:atlon Hwrk-rrf- nnrl - ,- . • Ki/ntl«>im>n. It y think Is »«•«« for for tleh -puti< sure pro*|»>rlty andUnfety.. The Itlon If-- which 'piirtyXorKftnlwitfon wll ftiiic! liiws Hiul favor |'»'I|K?|PII tlmt wll b»>. fi>ri thr brut Rood of the m«>*t f>t»o- pl«-. Mr. Wllmin us president and Mr lurompllHh anything for tho public back of them Btnnd* a which will itupport the must consider the at- j m«'ii»ureii for the public Rood. -d—Wf In the first pl.irp "%\r, "Wil^nn !s u<>l to hlamp in any mnnrK-r for thc> pr>-s- •rit, (?rf-nt wnrHl's war; r>» th"r rrrn- tra.ry. he has tw>pn hiKhly, (n prfv«-ntin^ th?"sif> fnitr-d KtnU:« from involv«fl in that wnr. ; the ntiHWf-r to Mr. William's tariff pieri. Is n mniienrp of UIUM? wonls. "Tt»> Tnrlff (,'ommisslnn." romlnlsolon rnmpoiiM of n mpn, will ^ffecttiftlly take <>arp of. n tariff qupstio.ns, and PPP thnt otir f.-n- (orlps nncl fiURlnPs.i <lo not .•'uffcr fr«>n nuy forpleti competition. 1 urn furpriml, that nny_ vft'H Sn fortn*'<l pi»r»ion, tvouUl mr\k« nn IR«H of the tariff f|Uf>stion In this rarnfmiKt' xv hen liuth parties h;vvp so unipi-alinfit ly rhilorjwl thf non-pnrti»nn «<mrTii?i !<ion, as A remedy for all qwstifnt!" i> that 'tinturv. ThunkliiK yoti vpry kindly, for thi faror 1 inn surff you will grant, I nm, Vory Klm-cn-ly ytiurs, S\ It. E. l*ri'.«l«!f'i!t Dt'triiH ratii- Kill-, III. CHURCH NEWS German Lutheran St. Paul's. K Ht»yt'r, ji.-istur. On next Sunday In Dosing Children For Colds" Mr. MoCauley Gives His Experience With ;Vap-O-Rub, the New Treatment That Combines Fresh Air and Antiseptic Vapors, and ran' "otTTyTTuTKe^oTTTio future by -Kt:—At r-tilnt or)^8~TnCTFto ai T*?r~ wire to «ay rnorm than i tifiitlon to Rtildc* UH In the pn-sent Hotb men nr«;'f'hrlstlttn'Ki»nU«!-! If tli<». i)«>mu> rutir i»nrty *m» Known It Hnth ini-n lov« Itu'lr t-uuntry nt.d tho \rnnl thnt It lit more patriotic, tlmt It bus bpcn m«r»' able, to ImntlSe the —_. .„„.____;_:,-„......—:.. : a ff a ),. H ,,f t),^ country In the inlercMt of tlu« irrcat mujority of the people, J thru It In entitled to bo continued. It, ion thf! otlit-r hand. ft»"history dwa t>ot JiiHtlfy thin usumptlon it should bo defeated. If thn Rtpiiblloao party In the pant him whown 1 Itn ability to g-ovcrn th«» country well, better than thn Deni- ocrutlc ixirty" wlum It has hud Its chance, then tho Hopubllcun party should be returned to power. Jf the history of tho pa*t shows jfhat It ha« hwen a fullflre than It should be de.- feuted. . . condltlonH arc no criterion Does Away With Injurious Internal cines, Flannel Jackets, etc. Medi- Hurt Bob VAp-0-Kub Over oftt and CJhest. Colds Gk> Ov«r Night, Cronp in Fifteen ii«Uif«nt people everywhere intdraaj dosing 1» harmful, par' to tie delicate stomachs of ildren. Most cough and cold sg, to obtain results, must _, Jier a narcotic or Borne one, I the ooftl tar product*, all of wlilch barroful. For tnia r«*»on there rush to try Vap-O-Rub _ iibtf J'ouWlde" treatment was In- }UOtd to Illioola from the South last Mr. Tbos, H. McCauley, 1030 .Te,, WilHJ«tte, 111./ gave Vap- a careful tent, and i has kindly lt«d to allow us to use his re- "1 hare used "Vap-Q-Rub for colds In the bead lungs, and buvw found it very sat- 'fi$ botb.cases. For cotiglis and colda Jt is very feftod. A llttlo rubbed on the chest before TV- .Hring at ulght. and also a Httlo rubbed up the uostrllB wilt clear up a Mtufled head almost instantly. I think it a valuable remedy and that every home Hhould use it, as it IB better than internal medicines because you get results from Us external use, and thin laiinuch better than taking'drugs." Vuj>-O-Rub IB absolutely harmlesB. Can be used freely on the amalleHt child—the formula IB on every wrapper. You just rub it on over the throat and chest 'and the body heat releases the ingredients in the form of yapora. These medicated vapors, iuhalea with each breath, reach the affected parts at once, whereas, when you take internal medicines they have to be absorbed into the blood before reaching the seat ol' the trouble. In addition Vap-O-Rub Is .absorbed through and stimulates the skin, aiding the v»porf inhaled to relieve the congestion Three glees, 25c, 60c, or 11.00, , Mr. MoCauley writes: t r j,ft^a.^-* <«»_ — *v r%i.^k «__ ... Japanese Teakwood In this assortment you will find beautiful Hand Carved Trays Nut Bowls, sets of seven Book Racks ". Serving Trays Bon BonJBoxes Puff Boxes Hair Eeceivers , Match Holders Ash Trays Octagon W Cigar ' other nifty pieces. Aoy one of these would make aii elegant prepeat, if" ' ' , , i , Yea, & little wi.Ht_you'.to>ow the story about ' JheGalfs • ''UK to what I'ourso thin country purwm In the future. There IH no tion but th» country I* pro»perou» today. But It In an un.dlsputahlft fact that our prosperity In duo to the war order* wo ar<» receiving from the. old world. When tho war stops that perlty munt ntop.' After the war will fomo worse, complication* than. wo havn luid d.urin^ thci war. If Germany wa« frve. Cftsrmany would have iti different lsin|CU»K« »« doubt ta som« of President \VH«on'8 notes, All tho countries engaged In war iiKulnRt tlermany are In a combino to control an far as possible tho trnde of tin* world after the war. Today Oer- many l« nghting the world, including tho United Stoles, which la helping the allies with lt« hundred* of millions 'of dollnrn of ammunUlon and war machinery. After tho war the United Kuut-H will have to fate an Industrial war without question th«* biggest It over faced In all history. Ha* the ^Demwratlo party displayed the wladom and enacted laws that will protect our country from the comblntni ;iKKrp«Hlon of the various countries of thn world which will make a effort to control lh« trade of the world? Which pollt'lew will bent take tuvre of our Inton'xtK, tho Democratic or the Uepubllcan |)oHci«*? Theee are qucHtlonit for the of voter*. _ ___ . __^ " \Vf» fiayS lT«M>n~iRa'nn"g on ihTrT~ic<B «ver nine*' tho war utarted. "We hiive not broken through It 1» true, but the danger will b« greater after the war than U 1* now, Who can beat take cure of tin- future? Which patity history Indicate* that It i« heatuible^ to handle quetiiUms of International magnitude: Infested with international danger* of mon* than ordinary character? These ,aro <i««<rtlon» for the voter to Tonstdor • carefully,"" Th»" T«i!~o.Ti0*rtoTr IB not Mr. Wilson or Mr. Hughes but what HtandD bacH of Mr. Wilson and Mr. Hughe*. After tho war the Mexican situation will flt'impid[.Immwlluie attention^ The old country 'poWo'ra. wfilch~l>ive been too.biiKy to make demand^ will lnsl»l that their pe^n'te* and their property Interests olmll be protected or they will nrKiuii**. W!|K» imldo the Monroe doctrine. f(»r -.vhlch our country Imh wtood for generatticnis, and proceed to establish order lit Mexico. These are grave <tueMloiui with serious coinpH- cutlona certain. to follow any misstep on the imrt of t»i» C^fdJied Stnte.1. Han President Wilson and the 'Democratic party shown '.help ability to establish ojritnrtn Mexico which w» must eventually do and. 'f unable to do this In tho past three years can we hope that they will bo tlble. to do in the next thr* 1 *,-',' Tlus Mexican problem is u ecr- louu one arid the voter should tiling of thu problciitH ililw country is to face lu the future and of the history of the pai-tic* fully UN much a« *f the can- didatoy who uru unking for lilw suffrage on Tuesday. J)on't go blindly to tho polls und vote the way some one tells' you. .study the problems ahead and thfii go to the IHI||« u?ul sup|uirt (hat historS* IU Ability to meet and ilve the Mr«*at problems at home abrouil tho I'ltitnl MUites must, i Ins war. THE OFFICIAL BAUDOT. The ultu'iiil batliH ,will be (htt swtinU pugo of Tlu> Oaxoiiu today id tht» v%-(tnii'u ! s baUi't on ho vtii-f'r should Htid'y thestf bulloia 'and make up hia iniiMl i,j vote for (ht> cuudkiaU'S whom • tH-tuyes will bii»t serve tht> thw coutity, tttato ««d uutt.lon. it Uio duty.i>f 4-li Voters to vi't»» 1 . . T.7- uT>M>rviMl at ^1.. Paul's ft> n. JV.-aitiv manner. Sunday Krhon! r -«f. S:l;i (i. i jWvli-CH nt l«j<") a. m. Hr>fY>rrn;»U<>t MTfimti. In the r-vrniiiK <«-t 7:;td j>. ni a M'jp.r-l'il I/tth*»r ovcrtlnw will !>< whrn the (-'Hst'tr will ,tl«'livf»r short lectures about the- lirt of KuttK-r, nrnl t program of SOUKS tint! rit-Uations wil In? "Goodnight Corns ! 3 Dropt in 2 Seconds, That's All "QETS-ir Does the Bert, * HevcrPoik "Really. I never could see how soino few people uao the moat dim- cult and painful way they can llnd to net rid or corns. They'll wrap their toea up with, bandagea Into a package that fllla their ehoou full of feet and make* corn* so painful they've got to walk aliewaya and wrinkle up their fuctin. Or they us« eulvca that tvat. rlclU -Into the toe and make It raw; anff'iiiorfl. or. thcy*Jl:ti»a plasters that niji'ko (Ho corns bulge, or pick and K««is»,nt their corns nml tnako <h.-tOf»l>le<>d; Funny. Isn't It? "GETS. IT" is the simple, modern wonder for corns. Just nut S drops on. It dries instantly. No pain, fuss or trouble. The earn, eailns or wnrt loosens and conaennfT. Xllllorm use nothing else." "OKTS-IT" In sold and recommended by druRfrlstM everywhere. 25c a bottle, or sent on nsc*MDt of price, by J3. f^awrenco ^ Cn. Chicago. III. NO QUININE IN THIS GOLD CURE 'f ape's Cold Compound" ends > • colds and grippe in - Take "Pape's Cold Compound" 'every :wo hours until you h'nvw taken -three diiites, then all grippe misery goes and your cold will be broken. U promptly eno your cloKjjiul-up nostrilB and-the ulr pussages of the head; Ktopa nasty jlscharge or nose running; relieves the leadache, dullness! fVverlshness,. SHT^ hrout, sneeitptf, sorunesa and «ti(T- . .,....-.—»,-^, nn ^ v -,.. Qult4ilowSng- and snuffling. Knao your throbbing head —nothing else in tne world' gives such prompt .relief an "Pupe'n Cold Com- iound," which coats only 26 cents at «riy drug store. It aci» without a«\ tastes nice, 'uml causes no in- LADIES! LOOK YOUNG, DARKEN GRAY HAIR Use Grandma's Sage Tea and Sulphur recipe and nobody can tell. Brush it t through hair, (•ray hair, howevtu 1 handsome, d*- uu-s udvmicinjs «ge. Wu JUI knuw the vtunages of a. yo'uthful upp«u,r*rict*. Your l»»ir is your charm, ft makes •r , mars the face. When It fade*. urns «ruy and look^ »tr«Jttked, "just a ew applications of Sage Tea and Hul- itiur ciiiuini't':* Us uppcuruticQ u hun- stay gray! U»uk,young! Either iy*iU>c at hunt£.or get frtyi »U>r«f~»"~"'!>0-"c«tit bottle o Wyvth's »agt> and Huiphur Coi«- luuuUV which is merely U»»>>. old-time wipM, iuiprovtst by tho udditioii of tlu-r Inj;r«?tlt^nt3j. Thousauda of- folks iH-umnu-ad tlu» r^udy-iD-uso prvpara* «>», because it dnrk*-n« this hair tu»4iu- ify.ll>', besides aw tutu van possibly .. us* u aark,eus n<> naturally and tuir, tukiiiK on. tnurning t unotttt>r .-it{;ui(V-- d u tune, or. t»<». its l f\ t»«inmcs ,. uud Wyne-Deaver D. G. Co. An Added Saturday Special A One Day Clean-up Sale 'La Camille" Front Lace Mme. Plcil" Front Lace W. B." Back Lace Hll*U|f k70lt^ Corsets Thi'so corset* will IT«> on naif in our •] c o TI o 111 y HiisctiH'iit nl- 10 oVlm-k S n t 11 rday inorninif. X(> a p p rovals. no Inynwnys. (Ii't your cor r<vl size. S3.50 Corsets I f -*. > ' • .--. <;/«• is to. 0 ,:?. Almut sixty i'M'fs in ail, paclt from a well known Itrand of cor- -i'!v. This is yniir opportunity, lie on hand parly. (MM correct • -ixc. Take Elevator iHiafroiff Basement $5 Corsets Thin i* a 'good time to erect a tatting memorial on your cemetery lot. VVe have the largest atock of monuments and marker* ever displayed in Sterling. Prices are right. We Solicit your business. STERLING, ILL. Show Room. 312 East 3rd St. Shop, 20th Ave and 4th St. • \ 75 Ct Glass, Chains or Reels, 50 Cts, We Can Save You Money on Duplicate , Lenses Eye Glasses * Spectacles Rimmed or Rimles3, the Eye, Glasses have thfc very latest finger piece mounting, on and off with one hand. The-Frames-or Mountings are of extra quality Gold Filled Guaranteed. Each Eye is examined separately by an Expert, and the Lenses L jp0und'to order. This is your opportunity to secure a_i!ak oj Mgll grade Glasses at a very loXv cost. **ff ,, * - FontU'rly ^^r <»t' Si-i^'l (^ot>pi-r'iK; ("•».'*> oplical di-partnit nt in Chicago, • " — * Avenue and East .Third St., Sterling', 111. : Over Oberniilier's Store

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