Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on August 19, 1979 · Page 64
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 64

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1979
Page 64
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Sunday, August 19, 1979 - Santa Cruz Sentinel 63 JUST ASK Murray Olderman Missing Plane Tickets Kept Marvis frailer Home The TipoH: Ah, yes, amateur athletics ... Marvis Frazier, the aspiring young heavyweight with his sights on the Olympics, didn't show at the recent National Sports Festival in Colorado Springs, Colo., because his poppa, Joe, the old heavyweight champ, insisted that they send airplane tickets for an accompanying entourage of three people with all expenses paid. Q. I would like to know who Is considered the strongest man in pro football. I would also like to know how much Randy White can bench press. Randal Griffith, Newport, Ky. A good guess for strongest man would be offensive guard Bob Young of the St. Louis Cardinals. He took up weightlifting seriously four years ago, when he was 33 years old, and has gone from 250 to 280 pounds, none of it fat. He and his brother, Doug, hold the world record for two-man deadlift (1,410 pounds). White,' the all-world defensive tackle of the Dallas Cowboys, has bench-pressed up to 475 pounds, 25 fewer than Young. Q. I would like to know who had the most homers in one season. Also, do you think Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies could break or tie the record? Robert Wodds, Jr., Davln, W. Va. The major league home run record, of course, is 61 by Roger Maris of the New York Yankees in 1961. Going into August, Schmidt trailed Maris' pace but was ahead of Babe Ruth's schedule when the Bambino hit 60 in 1927. I don't think Schmidt or Dave Kingman of the Cubs will top either mark. But both have a good chance of breaking Hack Wilson's National League record of 56. Q. I would like it very much If you would explain to me .the "complicated" rating system for NFL quarterbacks. - Bill Lewis, Willingboro, N.J. You want me to do what it takes a 23-page pamphlet on rating the quarterbacks for the NFL to "do. Or, as an NFL official said when I queried him on the subject, "If you find out, would you let me know?" But, briefly, quarterbacks' statistics are judged against pre-fixed performance standards, with the final rating based on percentages of completions, touchdowns per attempt, interceptions per attempt, average gain per attempt with points awarded in a formula system. Otto Graham, the old Cleveland Browns reat, still stands No. 1. Q. During Bob Gibson's spectacular 1968 season, what was his record and league-leading ERA? Thank you very much. I enjoy your columns very much. Cody Vance, Inavale, Neb. Gibson in 1968, when he was 32 years old, won 22 games and lost 9 for the St. Louis Cardinals, with an earned run average of 1.12, which is still the major league record. His best won-loss mark was 23-7 in 1970. Thank YOU very much. Q. Recently Bill Madlock of the San Francisco Giants was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates. At the time, the Giants had played nine more games than the Pirates. Therefore, Madlock could have played in 171 regular games during the season. My question Is: Has any player ever led the league in RBIs, home runs or batting while playing in more than the regular number of games in a season? John Rice, Sharpsville, Pa. Not that I know of. Gus Zernial split time between the White Sox and A's while winning the home run and RBI crowns in 1951, but played a total of 143 games. Harry Walker won the NL batting title in 1947 while playing 140 games for the Cards and Phillies; Dale Alexander did likewise in 1932 with Detroit and Boston in 124 games. Maury Wills holds the major league record for playing in most games in a season, 165 in 1962, but that's because the Los Angeles Dodgers were involved in a playoff for the National League championship after tying with San Francisco. Q. No one has thrown a baseball faster than Nolan Ryan's 101 mph. Several softball pitchers have done better. I threw it over 104 and one time almost 120. Just thought you'd like to know. Distance to plate doesn't count. The spot the ball is timed is just after the pitcher lets it go. Eddie Feigner, Ramona, Calif. That's from the famous touring ace of The King and His Court. My vote for speed still goes to the hardball throwers otherwise everybody would be using the windmill delivery if they could sustain the speed of a pitch for 60 feet, 6 inches. Parting Shot: Well, there's one advantage to being a head coach in professional football. Tom Flores, taking over the Oakland Raiders this year, hadn't actually been down on the field during a game since 1971. As an assistant, he spent all that time upstairs in the press box on the telephone to the bench. Pitas send ill sports questions to Murray Olderman, P.O. Box oJ4e, Incline village, Nev. 19450. Because of the volume of mall, there will be no Individual responses. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Connors Makes Finals Eliot Teltscher and No b seed Tom Gullikson to reach the semis, relied on a strong serve in his triumph over Tim Gullikson. Cahill broke Gullikson's serve in the ninth game of the opening set for his winning margin, then broke again in the first and ninth games of the second set to win the match. Connors, the tournament's defending champion, will meet Cahill Sunday for the championship. The two never have faced each other in competition. The $75,000 tournament is sponsored by English Leather. STOWE, Vt. (AP) - Top-seeded Jimmy Connors breezed to a 6-3, 6-0 victory over fourth-ranked Johan Kriek and unseeded Mike Cahill upended No.2 seed Tim Gullikson 6-4, 6-3 in the semifinals of a Grand Prix tennis tournament Saturday. Connors took a 4-0 lead in the opening set and survived his first service break of the tournament to run out the set. He broke Kriek three times in the second set in winning handily. Kriek held his service only once in the match. Cahill, who beat third-seeded Survivors Upsef By Wreckage Salvaging PLYMOUTH, England (AP) - Survivors of the Fastnet race are furious over an armada of trawlers, tugs and merchant vessels trying to cash in on the worst tragedy in yachting history by salvaging wrecked and abandoned yachts for massive prize money. The yachtsmen are mouring the deaths of 15 colleagues in the gale-wrecked race while the mainly Irish, French and British bounty-hunters scour the seas of the Western Approaches for what newspapers have dubbed "the Fastnet Fortune.1' The yachtsmen, from America and many other countries and often fabulously wealthy, say the bounty hunters are little better than pirates. Twenty-three yachts have been sunk or abandoned in the waters off Britain, Ireland and France. A total of 300 yachts set off last Saturday from the Isle of Wight to race 605 miles to the Fastnet Rock off Ireland and then back to this southwest British port. Some of yachts are worth up to $1.15 million and the total at stake in salvage money has been estimated at nearly $2 23 million. It has been estimated the cost of the disaster to insurers could be as high as $11.15 million. The scramble for "the Fastnet Fortune" is in keeping with the traditional hard-headedness of sea-faring people in this part of the world. In the past "wreckers" from Cornwall and Devonshire counties sometimes lit bonfires on hilltops to lure well-stocked merchant ships on to their treacherous rocky coasts in order to enjoy the pickings and clashes with excise men were frequent in the days when smuggling was rife. A TOE RECALL REMflNDEE FROM FIRESTONE WE NEED YOUR HELP -In October, 1978, Firestone and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a voluntary recall of certain Firestone Steel Belted Radial "500" and similar passenger tires. That recall has been going on for the past ten mon-ths. We are doing everything possible to complete the recall and to get back all eligible tires'. But we cannot do it alone. The only tires we can replace are the ones you bring In. This advertisement Is being published again to remind motorists who may still have tires eligible for replacement that they should bring them In so that the recall can be completed. We need your help and cooperation and we strongly urge you to bring in any eligible tires for replacement now. Check your spare tire too it might also be covered by the recall. In October, 1978, The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company initiated a voluntary recall of certain Steel Belted Radial 500 and Firestone manufactured Steel Belted Radial TPC passenger car tires. Some private brand steel belted radials manufactured by Firestone were also recalled. . In July, 1978, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) made an initial determination, that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in Steel Belted Radial 500 tires. In order to resolve this matter, Firestone agreed to replace certain steel belted radials. A defect of the type referred to in the NHTSA's initial determination may, according to the NHTSA, be first evidenced by the appearance of a bulge or of a noticeable difference in ride characteristics, such as a thumping sound or a roughness in ride, or both. According to the NHTSA, the tires covered by its initial determination may also fail without warning. The NHTSA believes that failure of. the tires can result in a loss of air with a possible loss of control of the vehicle which may result in vehicle crash. If you are a registered owner of eligible tires bought from a Firestone Store or Dealer, or if the tires came to you as original equipment on a new car, you should have received a mailed notice of the recall. But if you did not, that doesn't mean you're not eligible. That's why we ask you to read carefully all the recall details and procedures spelled out here. WHAT TIRES ARE BEING RECALLED? Firestone will replace, free of charge including mounting and balancing any of the following tires. 1. Firestone Steel Belted Radial 500 tires, with a five- rib tread pattern, that were sold on or after September 1, 1975 and manufactured in the United States or Canada prior to January 1, 1977. 2. Firestone Steel Belted Radial 500 tires and Firestone TPC Radials, with a seven-rib tread pattern, that were sold on or after September 1, 1975 and manufactured in the United States, Sweden, or Canada prior to May 1, 1976. 7-RIB 5-RIB The Firestone Steel Belted Radial 500 tires and private brand tires of the same or similar internal construction which were purchased as replacement tires and which have serial numbers, as explained below, showing they were manufactured between March 1, 1975 and September 1, 1975 are eligible for replacement if they were not purchased on a 1975 vehicle. Otherwise, to be eligible for replacement, tires manufactured prior to September 1, 1975, must be accompanied by evidence that the tires were first sold new on or after September 1, 1975, either as replacement tires or as original equipment on a new vehicle. Tires that have been retreaded, previously adjusted or scrapped are not covered by this offer. Tires that have been worn out (232nds.of an inch or less of the original tread depth remaining as measured at three points on the tire) are not eligible for free replacement unless you are still using them on your car. In order to obtain a replacement tire, you must present the tire. Proof that you once purchased or owned an eligible tire is not sufficient. HOW CAN I IDENTIFY A RECALLED TIRE? Obviously, if you received a mailed notice from Firestone, your tires probably fit into one of the recall groups. Birt if you did not get a letter, they may be included. Here is how you tell: First, compare your tire tread pattern with the pictures shown here,-Are they five -rib tires or seven- rib tires? Next, if you have the invoice or other evidence showing the date you bought your tires, compare it with the "sold" date mentioned above. That's your proof of purchase. (In the case of original equipment tires, your car invoice, title, or other evidence of the vehicle purchase date will do just as well.) Finally, to determine when the tire was made, check the DOT number on the tire sidewall (on the inside wall of a whitewall tire). The picture we have included in this announcement will help you identify the DOT numbers on your tires. The last three digits of the DOT number identify the week and year of manutacture. ror example, 355 translates as the thirty-fifth week of 1975. Still not sure? Ask the man at your nearby Firestone Dealer or Store. He's got the answers, and he really, does want to help. CAN ANYONE BRING IN TIRES FOR REPLACEMENT? Firestone's voluntary recall covers both "owners" and "purchasers" of Firestone tires. So if you were the first purchaser of eligible tires and are still using them or have them in your possession, you may present them for replacement. Even if you acquired your eligible tires on a used car, you may as the current "owner" of those tires bring them in for replacement. Is anyone excluded from the recall? Yes. Manufacturers or retreaders of tires, tire dealers, and persons who sell used or scrapped tires are not eligible. WHAT TIRES WILL I RECEIVE AS REPLACEMENTS? In exchange for an eligible tire, you'll receive a new Firestone Steel Belted Radial 721, TPC or comparable Firestone tire. You may take your choice of any of these tires that are available in the size of the tire replaced. Or you can wait until the tire you .want becomes available. You may also select a lower priced radial tire or even a non-radial tire so long as radials and non-radials are not unsafely matched. WHERE AND WHEN WILL MY TIRES BE REPLACED? All replacements of Firestone brand tires will be made at Firestone Dealers and Stores. So even if your tires came to you on a new car, bring them in to Firestone. The private brands tires listed below that are also being recalled should be taken back to the local outlet of the private brand. If your tires came on a new car or your tires were registered when purchased as replacement tires, you should have received a mailed recall notification. Otherwise, we suggest that you visit your Firestone Store or Dealer to have your Firestone "500" or Firestone TPC tires inspected and to make arrangements to have eligible tires replaced. You may find it convenient to make an appointment. Your Firestone Retailer will inspect your tires, check to see if they're included in the recall, and arrange with you to replace eligible tires as quickly as possible. It will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes per tire to make the exchange. If a tire is not available you will receive a "rain check" and will be notified by your Dealer or Store when your tire is available. HOW SOON MUST I BRING MY TIRES IN FOR FREE REPLACEMENT? The provisions of the recall program require that eligible tires be submitted for replacement within 60 days after you have received notification by mail of the recall. In the case of those who may not receive a notification letter but where tires are eligible request for replacement must be made by April 1, 1980. After you have been notified that your replacement tires are available you will have 60 days in which to come in to actually have your tires exchanged. If you do not submit eligible tires for recall within the time required, or fail to have your tires exchanged within 60 days after notification that your replacement tires are available, any exchange of your tires will involve a pro rata charge to you based on the amount of remaining tread and a charge will be made for mounting and balancing. WHAT IF MY TIRES WERE PURCHASED NEW PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 1, 1975? Tires purchased prior to September 1, 1975 are also covered by the initial determination of a safety-related defect by the NHTSA. Although those tires are not required by law to be replaced, to make certain all our Firestone customers are fully satisfied, we are extending a special offer to owners of older tires: If you own any eligible Steel Belted Radial 500, TPC Radial tires purchased before September 1, 1975 we will, if you wish, replace them with equivalent new Firestone tires of your choice, charging you only a pro rata portion of the regular selling price and applicable Federal Excise Tax for the tires based on the amount of remaining tread depth. A charge will be made for mounting and balancing. A CLOSING COMMENT As you might imagine, this recall has been an enormous undertaking. It has required and it has received extraordinary action on our part. We have given it priority in producing tires at our factories and in replacing tires at our stores and dealers. It has also taken the cooperation of many outside of Firestone the NHTSA, consumer agencies across the country, our loyal dealers and their employees, our private brand accounts and, of course, all our customers. Now, with your help, we can go on to finish the task. That's our pledge to you, our valued customer. The following private brand tires will fall into the free replacement category based on the same production dates and purchase dates as are applicable to the corresponding type Steel Belted Radial 500 tire. Tires similar to "500" seven rib tires: Atlas Goldenaire II Steel Belted Radial (Only Atlas Coldenaire II tires having a serial number beginning with V'D and ending with 055 thru 1 76 are involved in this recall. Tires having a serial number beginning with A3, AC, UT and VC are not involved For replacement, if possible, return these Atlas 6res to the oil company service station from which they were purchased ); JTW Ferrari Steel Radial: National Steel Belted Radial (78 series only); Union Radial Steel ' ' ' "(fwe star); Montgomery Ward Steel-Track. Belted, Grappler Radial II (Only tires beginning with I'D or V'K are included ). Tires similar to "500" five rib tires: Montgomery Ward Steel-Track. Belted, Grappler Radial: Super Shell- Steel Radial. In the following lines the BR78-13 and ER78-14 sizes are "500" seven rib type tires, the remaining sizes are "500" five rib type tires: Caravelle Supreme Steel Power Radial: Caravelle Double Steel Radial: Holiday Supreme Steel Power Radial: JTW Ferrari Supreme Steel Power Radial; Lemans Supreme Steel Power Radial: Seiberling RT 78 Steel Belted Radial; and Zenith Supreme Steel Power Radial. - -y e ,- -

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