The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on June 12, 1976 · 82
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 82

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1976
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'P"T w 8-D THE MIAMI HERALD Saturday June 12 1970 JOHN HUDDY Another ‘Airport? Adds To Sequel Epidemic The epidemic Is spreading like the bug In “Andromeda Strain:” Universal Studios which will produce a sequel to “Jaws” and even to “Gone With the Wind” plans still another It is “Airport ’77” and until now the project was one of the better-kept secrets around Universal’s black tower Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemmon will head what undoubtedly will be an all-star cast For better and probably worse Hollywood is falling into a formula long used — and abused — by television The technique is called the “spinoff” and if this approach to moviemak- ing seems a little safer than dealing with fresh and untried ideas then let us also observe that the process seldom produces very good movies “Midway” (scheduled to open here next Friday and the subject of a full report in Sunday’s Lively Arts section) became the subject of a controversy Thursday Seems producer Walter Mirisch bought the rights to a Japanese film about the same World War II battle then slipped some of the Japanese footage into what is supposed to be a completely new film Some theater owners aren't too happy about that but the producers say they’ve used very little borrowed film We certainly hope so The war movie mania is a second infection that seems to be running rampant Joe Levine is producing “A-Bridge Too Far” based on Operation Market Garden the paratroop fiasco of 1944 That film will feature 13 name stars and cost more than $20 million And of course Francis Ford Coppola is presently shooting “Apocalyse Now” the first major feature based on the Vietnam war Comic Marty Allen paid a visit to Miami this week suggested to Joel Cohen that if President Ford should be re-elected he might consider appointing Ronald Reagan ambassador to the Bermuda Triangle Three of Miami’s best-known film producers do get around Stan Colbert is in Canada working on an ABC television Wide World of Entertainment special Grant Gravitt of Tel-Air Interests is in the Far East shooting for the Hong Kong Tourist Commission And Fred Singer (Coronado Studios) leaves next week for Rome and a series of commercials Political satirist Art Buchwald never rests: Vacationing at the Diplomat last week Buchwald stayed in the same hotel with the mayors of Birmingham Ala San Antonio Texas Appalachia Va Templeton Iowa and Hidalgo Texas And if that didn’t inspire a column or two Kentucky Gov Julian M Carroll dropped in and so did US Sens John C Foster (Georgia) and Jennings Randolph (West Va) Karen Young whose off-stage problems came close to wrecking an exciting career is back on the bandstand The tough blues singer is working for Petey Foxx at Sneaky Pete’s in Hallandale That rock talent search comes to a climax this weekend at Busch Gardens in Tampa and six Miami rock groups are in the running including Flight Rock Root Briar Illumination Andromeda Nightshift and Formula Six Don’t know how they play but do like the names It often seems a sadist designs network commercials — consider those American Express travelers check spots that make us feel so awful — but we do get a kick out two airline blurbs The one by Pan Am in which stewardesses of various nationalities deliver the pitch has a cute ending: An Oriental-looking stew tells us to come-back-now-heah in a deep Southern accent And United Airlines may have a hit record on its hands The jingle that employs rhyme and a cheerful little tune ends with a pretty girl chirping “Get on the plane Mr Fontaine” and it belongs on the charts Producers of “Joe Panther” another G-rated film ready for lensing in assorted South Florida locales (Brian Keith is the star) are beginning to worry “Don’t they call this the Sunshine State?” said one staffer looking out at still another gloomy day of drizzle Principal photography was supposed to begin June 8 in Miami It could be worse: Francis Ford Coppola lost as a full month when Typhoon Olga slashed into Manila and destroyed at least half the Vietnam war film’s sets With Marlon Brando the star and a four-week pause now necessary things are going to grow mighty tense on the “Apocalyse” set Pretentious Plot Sinks ‘Lifeguard’ By BILL COSFORD Herald Entertainment Writer There are no human sounds It is just the sea the combers swooshing on in long sweeps the clank of buovs A man with weathered skin ' slowly climbs ymnr wooden steps till V IE opens the iron padlock enters the wooden bunker Turns on the “ iii radio makes a call through the static then turns to drop wooden flaps letting the early morning sun in Great dramatic setting eh? This could be the start of something big-But it is the start of “Lifeguard” believe it or not The feeling thus created is that of being present at a great celebration of the insignificant sort of like the jokes that circulated after Arthur Hailey had such sucesses with “Airport” and “Hotel” the ones that predicted the next in the series would be “Parking Lot” or “Cab Stand” (This was before “Taxi Driver” ruined our innocence understand) MAKING A film about a lifeguard is hazardous to begin with Since as a breed lifeguards don’t command the same level of attention as killer sharks or bull goose loonies the question of motivation arises early: Why bother? The answer this time at least was to let the plot steep in a heady brine of thematic significance That is “Lifeguard” is trying to tell us something There it is The message is one along the lines of “do your own thing and don’t conform” expressed through the struggle of a 30ish professional beach boy trying to figure out whether to stay in the beach biz or join his old buddy selling cars in the Valley ALAS POOR Sam Elliott keeps getting caught up in the same message-medium trap Elliott is a kind of second-generation Richard Wid-mark though he CAN smile a relief He you may recall was the straight-man conservationist in the the eco-horror blast of a few years back “Frogs” Here we go again Sam For “Lifeguard” is a tract fashioned by men willing to peg their thesis on the gulf between car sales and' beach guarding The problem is there’s no gulf there but a fine line Neither is the sort of career like medicine or film stardom requiring great dedication of soul Instead of a man torn between opposing life drives Elliott emerges as a character annoyed by his age and tempted by the lure of big bucks Perhaps that IS the message but it’s one more suited for delivery in a classifed ad than 90 minutes of EastmanColor There are scenes such as those between the lifeguard and his parents (who naturally have begun to wonder if junior will ever embrace a real trade) with an uncomfortable poignancy They are offset however by ones like the high school reunion which is encrusted with reunion cliches like so many barnacles "LIFEGUARD" I rated PG ft contains scenes depicting female nudity and sugqestive of sexual relations considerable obscenity little violence ?£o FABULOUS KIM SWEET SUE Flue SUNNY A ClYOf HARD DAY AT THK OMICf Ml W SfownrH SivH Ft LniirtoMtole in in 1 1 Lsrrra SDuuniiwaes MMMMHHMWMMIMMUMMMMaflaMilkV'Mifru i 341 it Drew oivo ri tauo rjM4U Btv “A PORNUS LIKE” “SWEET WHITE DREAMS” jX “BUCK NEIGHBORS” Newspaper Readers Arc Bcllcr Educated Miami's Own I fdtm Renerlc ry I licatie i at the Museum of Science 3280 South Miami Ave presents THE SEA HORSE by Edward J Moore THE 1974 DRAMA DESK AWARD WINNING LOVE STORY JUNE 5-JULY 4 FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 854-0945 Tick! all Jordan Mrh lor Amancan Exprpsi Master Charflu nd 9nkAmrlcant scented MYRON AND THE VAN-DELLS SHOWTIM ES I 0:30 PM — 1:30 PM — DANCING I FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY — First 100 paid admissions receive I FREE SWINGER T-SHIRT COMING: HERB REED OF THE ORIGINAL PLATTERS (ssman C Informatimt A3t-7I50S MARCO POLO Ooaanfrwn at lS2rMl Street ° 0 ROY io st w disk hhi WO miAaancM EEBF0RDHGF1 “AUTHE ALL ! SEATS ALL I TIMES WEEKDAYS! 530—1 00 PRESIDENT'S OT mm WiDNITE SHOW SST 7 00 5 1 30 1 M CHRISTY X HAPPY PIIMB — ANDREA TRU — 35MM MATTIE’S PLEASURE PALACEX DRILLS & FRILLS X MIDNIGHT SHOW R MM (Mlfl - SAN I AM CAhNtfi rltAi - Ufi Hlri - HtfflSM A1IRIANF - IHf IYAM fDENMARK"0"! 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M ael ita km IM Ractu kee ag MaU 1-3- M1I6M I lime HELD OYER! so a son CINEMA 3031 NW 7 Hi 1YE 131-0(42 “SENSATIONS” PLUS 2 OTHER FEATURES XX OPEN 12 AM TO 12PM ALSO CLINT EASTWOOD IN COUGARS BLUFF i ( C3EMERAL CIMEMATHEATRES ) ALL SEATS $150 IIL 2:30 PM DAILY AT 2:15-4:45-7:15-9:30 The terrifiin motion picture from the terrifying No 1 best seller 3 ACADEMY AWARDS! xsm RIVIERA S OKIE HWY 66H5513 I70TM STREET Collins Ave 94S-I9! WES CHESTER 3rttAlc 24 SF CUTLER RIOGE S Dim HWY LAUDERHILL 581-644? SUNRISE Ft Lauderdale 565-1883 RIVIERA S PIXIE HWY 666-8c13 HOLLYWOOD DWUWHCIR 9z3-rOvO BILL COSBY "Mother” SUNRISE 1 JT) Ft Lauderdale 565-1883 ’IIU IJAl) MAYS iCtvs molGer RAQUEL WELCH Jug” LAUDERHILL 51-6117 HARVEY t) KEITEL SpewT WESTCHESTER 8 it an 7i si HW CUTLER RIDGE SDUIIHW 7I8-5JU CHECK TIME 'PG' CLOCK fifii A SHORT SU6 ACT: BEND'S LIFE STORY 2:09-3:50-5:40 LIFEGUARD S"’11 C0UL0 BE OFFENSIVE TO YOUNG NITRONS POMPANO N (IB HWf 9)1-5075 230-5-7:30-1:45 BRANDO AND NICHOLSON MISSOURI BREAKS p v SpecaF®i®“ A 7 TUESDAYS RS299 k RFGUUR 52-93 : ONU’SO AQ Stoppers Treat THURSDAYS ONF 10L-C fr°no Sco‘ Salad Ey Rolls Butter Honey REGULAR $299 Coffee ’lea Milk ONLY $ O A A SPECIAL Cl 11LD REN'S MENU 4 9 Sunday BruncK Biff FET from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm CUiK 0j’'C'WGS IMS X"S‘Tl Ee towd li( I toll ootso CEE l i) i g — Seven I 2 4 5 5-ip Beauties I6THST lauduTnll 715-' I PRESIDENTS MEW -f C RIVIERA S DUlf hwv 6bb-85’3 'only?1 midnight show — JACK NICHOLSON — ANN-MARGRET ' "CARNAL KNOWLEDGE” I ALL SEATS $200 - dx m a a

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