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The Wichita Eaglei
Wichita, Kansas
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6 attended for a short time. The only requirement la tnai- they at one time ENID PEOPLE GET AFTER THE RAILROADS SUBMIT PROPOSITION TO SELL WATERWORKS Judge Garber Down a 'Decision. a General Manager Purdy Is in Wichita. nine Bymaimo of the CHARCOAL KILLS BAD BREATH Disagreeabli Odor. Arising -From Indigestion or From Any Habit or Indulgence, Can Be Instantly Stopped.

Sample Package Mailed Free. Other people notice yourbad breath where you would not notice it at all. It is nauseating to other people to staud ber fore them and while you are talking, give them a whiff or two of your bad breath. It usually comes from food fermenting on your stomach. Sometimes you have it in the morning that awful sour, bilious, bad breath.

You can stop that at once by swallowing one or two Stuart Charcoal Lozenges, the most powerful gas and odor absorbers ever prepared. Sometimes your meals will reveal themselves in your breath to those who talk with you. "You've had onions," or "You've been eating cabbage," and all of a sudden you belch in the face of your friend. Charcoal is a wonderful absorber of odors, as every one knows. That is SAYS RATES ARE HIGH WHAT HE WILL DO were enrolled in the university and that they are at present residents of Sedgwick county.

There are about sixty K. U. students In the county at this Officers -were chosen at last night's meeting as follows: President, Brown; vice president, A. Mat son; secretary" and treasurer. Miss Cora Becker; 1 corresponding secretary, Hiss Vera HulL The object of the crab Is that Its members may keep In touch with their alma mater, and that they may become better acquainted with each other.

Another meeting will be held In the same place on the second Wednesday evening in January, at which it Is hoped every former K. U. Student in the county will be present: Those at the meeting last night were as follows: Miss Fannie Duerson, Miss Mary Burd. C. A.

Matson, H. O. Lanflis, Mrs. -11 G- Landis. J.

Blood, F. K. Hammers, R. C. McCormtck, G.

G. Cooper, F. A. Hartman, J. Graham Campbell, Ray Campbell, C.

C. Brown, Miss Vera Hull, Miss Frances Snyder, Mrs. E. C. Gorwin, Miss Cora Becker.

Oklahomans Sue for Lower Charges on Coal. Terms He Offers Look Fair to Local Men. If Enid, Okla, Dec 12. Some very Important rulings are being made by Judge Garber, of the district court, relating to "I will sell yo uthe Wichita water works flant at its legitimate cash value, the value to be determined by three waterworks experts. I will pick one, the city of "Wichita to pick one and the two to select i I i I i why Stuart's Charcoal.

Lozenges are so Americaiini People We are a race of workers. Work requires brain, nerve, energy. We glory in achievement. To work and work with might and masnTgood food is absolutely essential. Although nearly every one eats soda crackers sometime, yet there are a few people who do not consider their true value as an article of daily food.

But it is now a recognized and established fact that the soda cracker contains the most tissue, fat and muscle forrning elements of any article of foodmade from flour. Great as is the value 'of the common soda cracker, yet it is small in comparison with Uneeda Dlacult the most wonderful soda cracker ever baked, and of which nearly 400.000,000 packages have been sold. Unoeda BfSCUit the food of power, transmitting as they do the elements so vital to our in very truth be called "The Dynamo of the American People, existing laws of Oklahoma in reference to railroads as common carriers. It is alleged by shippers that the railroads are charging higher freight rates in the territory than are charged in states adjoining. For instance, the freight on coal from McAlester to Enid is higher than it is to points in southern Kansas, the coal being hauled through.

Enid. The decisions handed down by Judge Garber quick to stop all gases and odors of odorous foods, or gas from indigestion. Don't use breath perfumes. They never conceal the odor, and never absorb the gas that causes the odor. Besides, the very fact of using them reveals the reason for their use.

Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges in the first place stop for good all sour brash and belching of gas, and make your breath pure, fresh arid sweet, Just after are far-reaching and already are bring a third." That was what J. II. Purdy, of Pittsburg, said last evening to JIayor Ross and the committee appointed by the city council to ascertain at what figure the water works could be bought. Mr. Purdy is the largest stockholder in the water works company and is general manager of the concern.

He came here yesterday at the request of Superintendent Fred Aley to talk over the water w6rks situation with the mayor and the people of Wichita. Heretofore, when the city has talked of buying the water works it was always claimed that the water company had the advantage of the people in its charter, because it provided that when the city wanted to take over the plant it was to ing about the remission of rate sheets by railroad companies. The railroad companies' counsel set up the plea that as the shipments of coal from the Indian Territory to Oklahoma, you've eaten. Then no one will turn his face away from you when you breathe or talk; your breath will be pure and fresh, and besides your food will taste so much better to you at your next meaL Just try it. Charcoal does other wonderful things, too.

It carries away from your stomach and intestines, all the impurities there 0 the interstate commerce laws regulated the rates, but it Is not so held by Judge Garber. The laws of Arkansas apply to the Indian Territory at present and he COL. J. W. HARTZELL DEAD Former Wichita Man assed Away in California Word comes to Wichita of the death of Col.

J. W. HartzeU in Vaiejo, California, of paralysis during the past week. The old settlers of Wichita remember that Colonel HartzeU was at one time an important factor in the street railway enterprises of the boom days. His name Is found in the records of more than one etreet car system.

The storm sewerage of the city was built by him. The south fraction of Riverside park was once owned by him and called Hart-sell park. More than one falr was influenced- by his splendid executive ability. Colonel Hartaen was essentially a promoter and a successful one. Since his residence in California he has been connected with many important enterprises in San Francisco, Santa Rosa and Vallejo.

His construction of railways, mountain reservoirs and city water works have given him an enviable value in the eyes of the men with whom he came in contact. His associations with those men under his care during his construction days were far above the average. All the men admired and respected the kindly cololel. He leaves a wife and daughter, Mrs. Frank P.

Britton of Brooklyn, both of whom were at his bedside at the time of ruled that the rates charged by the railroads are in excess of those allowed by the Arkansas and Oklahoma statutes. NATIONAL BISCUIT! COMPANY A mandamus suit was asked by the at torney general to compel the Rock Island road to furnish better roadbed and more freight cars. By agreement the court passed without argument upon the motion to Quash, on the grounds that the court had no jurisdiction. The motion was overruled. M.

M. Galloway Son, proprietors of a livery barn in Enid, procured a tempo rary injunction against the Frisco Rail road company, restraining the company massed together and which causes the bad breath. Charcoal is a purifier as well as an absorber. Charcoal is now by far the best, most easy and mild laxative known. A whole boxful will do no harm; in fact, the more you take the better.

Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges are made of pure willow charcoal and mixed with Just a faint flavor of honey to make them palatable for you, but not too sweet. You just chew them like candy. They are absolutely harmless. Get a new, pure, sweet breath, freshen your stomach for your next meal, and keep the intestines in good working order. These two things are the secret of good health and long life.

You can get all the charcoal necessary to do these wonderful but simple things by getting Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges. We want you to test these little wonder workers yourself before you buy them. So send us your full name and address for a free sample of Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges. Then after you have tried the sample, and been convinced, go to your druggist and get a 25c box of them. You'll feel better all over, more comfortable, and "cleaner" inside.

Send us your name and address today NOLLEY'S GRAND RAPIDS FURNITURE from obstructing the alley entrance to the barn by leaving cars standing on the side track, which extends past the barn be appraised by disinterested experts, and that the experts, according to the franchise, were to take into consideration the value of the franchise for the time It had. to run. This, it was averred, would compel the city to pay a large amount of money for a franchise that it had given the company for nothing. Mr. Purdy told Mayor Ross and the committee that he would waive that right and what he had received as a gift from the city should go back as free as it had come to him.

This did a good deal toward clearing up the situation and giving the city a fair chance to get the water works at their true valuation if the city desires to do fo. Mr. Purdy made two propositong to the mayor and the council committee, which he reduced to writing for the Eagle. They axe as follows: "Proposal No. 1.

Disinterested appraisers to be appointed, one by the city, one by the water company, these two to appoint the third appraisers; appraisers to disinterested exports. Appraisers to value the plant and properties of the water company and oensider all elements of value except future franchise value, the same to be excluded; bonded indebtedness not to be considered. If property is pur- chnsed to be turned over free of debt. This option to remain in effect one year from date of appraisement. "Proposal No.

2. Water company to continue to own and operate property and on the alley. A permanent injunction 19 asked for. USEFUL HOLIDAY GIFTS We are showing the choicest and best selected stock of Furniture Novelties rvr gathered undr one roof. If you contemplate making a gift In Furniture, do not overlook this collection.

Every-grade from the plain and cheapest to the finest. RAILROADS VS. STEAMSHIPS Does 'New Law Effect Both in the his death. The sympathy of the many old friends in Wichita is extended to the bereaved family. AYRES NAMES ASSISTANTS George McGill to Be Deputy County Attorney.

W. A. Ayers, county attorney elect, announced last night that he. had made his appointments. His deputy will be George McGill and his stenographer will be B.

Same Way? Washington, Dec. 12. At a conference today between railroad and steamship representatives and members of the interstate commerce commission on the ques Curly Birch Dressers Imported Vienna 325 Children's Rat. Rockers. 3.75 Children's Tables 2.00 Hand Painted Reception Chairs RAO hoi.

sl Rocker) XM Small Grandfather Clocks ZJM tion was raised as to whether steamship Children's Morris Chairs. 93.75 Children's Rockers 1.35 Handsome Turkish Couches, with 2 pillows 33.00 Grand Turkish Rockers. S7JM Hall Clocks 100.00 Davenport Sofa 37.56 Mahog. Roman 18.00 Combination China Closets and 27.00 ElfKant Parlor Gold Chairs 10-00 Vernls Martin Rockers. lines taking freight from a point in the and we will at once send you by mail a United States to a point in an adjacent sample package free.

Address F. A. Stuart 60 1 Stuart Marshall, Mich. foreign country to be transported to an Interior point having a joint arrangement with a railroad is subject to the inter F. Alford, who has been employed In his office in that capacity for some time.

Both are Democrats. Mr. has taken a part in the Democratic county conventions ever since he has been in the city. He came to Sedgwick from Barton county about four years ago. 'He is said to be well qualified for the office to which he has been appointed.

state commerce commission law require- Anatolian Mats Foot Rests pletely hidden from sight by buildings when one is driving towards the yards, Five O'clock Teas tlJW leather Couches 33 oo Tapestry Couches 12.50 Fancy Book Racks 2.75 Wall Cabinets JW Carved Oak 3.on Gold Framed Mirrors C.75 Painted Panels for Pens Artistically Worked Waste IJasketn 1.50 Slipper Chairs 2.5 Hard Coal Heating Stoves 19.P5 Scrap -lO Mahog. Colonial 50.00 Mission Desks, weathered oak COO Fumwd Oak Writing Tables 19.75 Weath. Oak 9.25 Sowing Korkers 2-M Children' High 15 Chautauqua Desks 4.75 Mahogany Buffets 2.VOO Mahogany Sideboards Piano Covers, silk 3.oo Fire Screens, hd. ptd .15.00 Woven Tap. Pictures 3.75 P.abr Go-Carts 2Ja Dining Chairs, in oak.

leather seat 3.00 ing them to give thirty days notice before publishing a joint or through tariff by way of this route. to be entitled to earn its legitimate operating expenses, repairs and taxes, then 8 cent per annum upon the value of and those from the north are concealed Fancy Mirrors Plate Racks Hall Racks Hall Seats Wardrobes Piano Benches by the packing houses when one is driv ing west. There have been many nar Specific incidents were cited in the case White Maple Reception Chairs 8.T5 Brans tvia! Itnds 4J5 Nickel Soap Dihe jyn Nlokel Tumbler Holders .95 Nickel Tea and Coffw Pots .95 Bath Room Cabinets J5 Map Globes for Libraries Folding R.k Rik SM Mahog. Finish Rockers -73 Weath. Ouk Morsrls Chair Ch'al Mirrors 2Xpo Oak Extension Tables t7JW Parle Rokersv mbrrld ered Upholstered S.73 Library Rockers, upholstered leather t.TS Irge Mth.

Oak KUi- hoani KTXO Tlleb leather Morris Chairs 2XSO rnis Martin Desk Chairs 7.TS 2.00 1.25 5.O0 1.23 S.OO 9.75 1 1 9.00 l.K1 7.50 4.25 4.45 4-N5 S.OO Jof the Pacific coast steamship company row escapes at this crossing, and those carrying merchandise from San Francisco obliged to use it demand a warning bell 'to Victoria, B. thence by the way of CHAUTAUQUA CIRCLES -V JU JU 1 JU mj rg sys a the Canadian Pacific to interior points OUT OF SORTS. Couch Pillows Rattan Couches Oak Pedestals Fire Sets Andirons Leather Foot Rests Carpet Sweepers in that country and on freight shipped to Mexico. People Not Really Sick Are Often J. C.

Stubbs, of the Union Pacific com Most Need of Care. Library Tables 1IKOO Carved Oak Hall Chairs 3.25 Box Couches 13JiO The people who actually are most In need of kind words and medical treat pany said the Ward Steamship line carried freight from New York to Mexican ports by the way of Tampico and the Mexican National Railway prevented suc ment are not those who are really sick, but just "out of sorts." cessfully competitno because they can The old-time energy, force, strength change their tariffs on twenty-four hours' end happy spirits are lacking; the phy sical and mental powers are flagging; notice and that the railroads of this country delivering goods to the Mexican bord SPECIAL REDUCTION SALE there is poor appetite, and they can Epworth Chautauqua will meet with Robert Campbell, 350 North Topeka avenue, Tuesday, December 18. Leader, Mr. Baker, The program Is: "The Dominion of Canada in the Chautauqua," Chapter 13 Mr. Baker.

"English Government" Miss Lucetta i Johnson. "Romeo and Juliet," Acts 1 an-d 2 Miss Alice Mossman. The Emerson Circle will meet next Monday night at 635 North Topeka avenue, when the following program is to be given "English Government," Chapter 12 Dr. Shoemaker. "Dominion of Canada" Mrs.

A. M. Stites. "Romeo and Juliet," Act 1 Mrs. J.

W. Gibson. er must give thirty days' notice. He not get the good out of the food they said the railway lines wished to be placed eat. In nine cases out of ten, this re suits directly from a weakened stomach.

and no other treatment equals Mi-o-na property as determined by the appraisers )' and 2 per cent additional for depreciation, all above those amounts to be returned to the cjty. Statement of earnings and expenses to le rendered semi-annually by the water company and to be verified by auditor appointed by the city." In a conversation with a representative of the Kagle, Mr. Purdy stated that he had invested his money in a water works plant here when a good many people thought Wichita was a very dead town. He said he had faith in the town then and that he had more faith now. He said when he went over onto Lane's island and began to spend his thousands it was a mighty gloomly looking place, all grown up with underbrush.

It was a wilderness, where tramps and tough characters went to hide. He paid he had spent some money there and made a great change for the better. He said the property purchased by his company had increased in value, the panic- as thai bought by other citizens of the town. Ho said he wanted the good opinion of the people of Wichita and that he was going to show them that he intended to be fair with them. The proposition, which was submitted to several of the business men, received general approval, but the expression of J.

D. Houston probably fit some others. Ho said: "That seems to me to be a fairer proposition than I expected the water works company to make. I never heard a fairer thing that that. It is so fair that 1 am afraid there is a string to it somewhere that is concealed from my view that will give the company a chance to back out." LADIES SUITS AND COATS TODAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY to restore strength and health.

When the nerves and muscles are weak if there is sleeplessness, irritability, and specks before the eyes, when the head aches and there Is a dull pain in the back and there is any distress and heaviness in the stomach, dizziness, and sometimes nausea, the use of Ml-o-na stomach on an equal footing with the steamship lines in competition in this business. It was announced that the Cainadian Pacific has volunteered to have its tariff by steamship line file with the commission It developed at the forenoon session that the conference was called on account of a letter received by the commission from the Great Northern Railway com- pany stating that the Canadian company had made through rates to British Columbia and had declared that it was not their intention to file the tariff. Replying to this James Twohcy, counsel for the Canadian Pacific railway said that his road had signified a willingness to file tariff if necessary and that some had al-readq had been filed by way of the route. A further hearing on this question may be heard. "Romeo and Juliet," Act 2 Miss Johnson.

Quotations from acts 1 and 2 of "Romeo and Juliet." tablets for a few days will make a world At 9 o'clock this mornlnr we will pine on sale erKnt srtmer.t cf Ladies' Coats, In order to rediv our Immense uk of th irarromts. Every Coat is of an exceptionally fine value, very uttrartivei In sneranre, consisting: of the finest woolen materials. In broadcloths, kreys, mixtures, as well as th lartfe and small plaids. Kvery coi-evaM popular color nd mixture now In vcjru. In the latest ler.rth rt snd Inch tnsd In th the loose and seml-fittinj: styles.

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iOut doubt the most atrctlvi reduction In this department. Our cr-jtlst of nil the regular fml-fitting: Jacket Suits. In dark mixtures tnl plain colors. The F.irt urn In the ptaltM box-jlalted effects, whU? the Jakts sre. Tind wish tir.

making altogether a most durable sulf. and wltWii -jul to tr, average $15.00 to vaiues THIS SALE ONLY, $10.98 money will be refunded. Ask them to show you the liberal guarantee they give The West Side C. I S. C.

will meet on Monday evening, December 10, with the Misses Clark, corner Maple and Martinson avenues. The program follows: English Government, Chapter 13 Mrs. Hadley. The Dominion of Canada Miss Hill. Romeo and Juliet, Acts 3 and 5 Mrs.

Means. Debate: "Resolved, That Members of Parliament Should be Paid." Affirmative. Mrs. McLean; negative. Miss Clark.

Roil Call Card quotations from the two acts studied. AN OLD TIME STOMACH REMEDY is IloMetter Bitter. It was first compounded in isr3 and Its great curative properties is now regarded as the best stomach remedy before the public. with every EO-cent box of Mi-o-na. We wish to thank the kind friend and neighbors for their kindness dur THE PEOPLE APPROVE OF IT 'Councilman Paugh Finds Many Who Want Warning Bell.

Tho motion made by Councilman Paugh In the council Monday night for the establishment of a wnrning bell at the crossing of the Santa I tracks at Twenty-first street, is meeting with the commendation of all in the North End. and r.ll who have business with the stockyards or parking houses. The crossing at this point is a very dangerous one, as trains coming from the south are com- our sad bereavement which took our husband and father, and also for the beautiful floral offerings; especially 1 t- i .1 G. T. Walker, J.

A. Parkinson. C. PROMINENT RAILROAD MAN Supt. Fox of the Santa Fe Was Here Yesterday.

F. C. Fox, general superintendent of the eastern grand division of the Santa Fe railway, was in the city yesterday. In an Interview in regard to the shortage in cars situation he said: effort is being made to improve conditions, but the great difficulty is that the country is growing more rapidly than the railroads. Thousands of new cars are being built, but the demand seems to be mote than counterbalances them.

One cause of these situations is the slowness of consignor and consignee In loading and unloading cars, waiting, possibly, for a rise in the market value of the products In regard to general local improvements he states that the driveway will be extended to the eastern end of the freight depot and will consist of concrete and brick pavement. The total Jackson; also Singer Sewing Machine company, and one and all of Silex Brick STOCK REDUCTION TODAY. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY We are shotirp a line cf very handsome mature and plain and sntfcMpatirr hr later r.ava found it necessarv to make room for the daily arrival cf Hfiiday TT.m tettr trad- of must te sold durir. the next three days, arid they embrace all of th popular tie tf ths I r. Strictly band-tailored garments, well worth from tX.J to J37I THIS SALE ONLY.

$14.98 plant men. MRS. F. A. RICHARDSON SWEATERS A lire of Tt.Trr wSers tn strVllr TV are tivming ti to lts

THm very pnyvlMT mi th Un cf th THIS SALE ONLY, liostetter's Stomach Bitters will stimulate, stren gt and tone the e-n 1 1 system, also restore the apptite. aid digestion, open up the clogged bowels and cure Soar Risings, STOMACH SPECIAL SALE OF BOOKS a. M. sjTTf ll-flst4 naa fcy Met! Kmmm rll 1 mm Tatars a cost will amount to shout SS.OQO. Mr.

Fox speaks very highly of the flourishing condition of Wichita along building lines. SEMAPHORED. S. T. Cooper, assistant ticket agent at tho Missouri Pacific depot, received a telegram yesterday announcing the death of his brother, Sam, at Mt.

Vernon, N. J. The telegram also stated that his father is very low. Mr. Cooper left for.

the east last night. M. Taylor, formerly mechanical su- ptrintendent of the western grand di- vision of the Santa Fe at La. Junta, was SPECIAL ON SHIRTWAISTS We will place on sale, startler thi- mornirg. a sr-ecUl assortment of Waists In the checked, mercerised.

Hiirk mohairs, and a number of farcy creailons cf 7 -In effects. These Waists ar what one In a IZ jQ to 3 Ui value THIS SALE ONLY, 3148 SALE OF OUTING GOWNS A most complte assortment cf Outlr.jr Gown. rr.4 cf best itrade of Outing Flanrkel. In ooirs and djns tfcat are ery attractive. Regular val.

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Dr. A. X. lYullace, or Philadelphia, the renowned throat and lung specialist vrho established a on nip for consumptive In the pine vroods of Maine, and hoe remarkable core there attracted International attention, declares that the above formula i one of the very beat remedies obtainable for an acute cold, and that It wilt strengthen the Iook. relieve couKti and heal the bronchial lubes.

VUf, that it will cure any ease- of lung; trouble not too far advanced! If the patient vrill awbt by plenty of outdoor exercise. Inhaling, deep, lone breath every few. minute. Tle ingredients are procurable of any irood prescription drutrgl.t and easily mixed at home and it should take its place an Oae of the moat valued remedies In the family medicine chest. lauutry at one of the leading drnsatsts elicited the Information that concentrated Oil of Pine Is put up for dispensing only In half-ounce rials securely sealed In round screw top cases intended protect from heat and light.

Only the cheaper extracts are sold in bulk, hut owlaf? to thel Impurities and the quantity that would he necesstary to be effective they only produce nnnsea and are useless as a medicine. There are ne-reral patent medicines put out and advertised under the name of "Oil of Pine, but these can be avoided by b-tn: sure to pet the "Concent raited It is the. only real soluble pine oil In existence. Concentrated Oil of Pine has also proven a perfect neutralising aent for uric- acid, relieving most obstinate eases of rheumatism and trouble. Wor this purpose the treatment ts very simple; a fer drops on lent sugar taken night and mora lag.

Iadtiresf lf fcills, CU rrSr.f-d en Wv tS I'; srtj it. Ty fytrrt tit SVr v- T5ii-ryly. tu te iii mt rrm Full V.r Kf. t-d fw.ka, tru'-J. ut'--t wrjfe- fjr rrii.r j.rv.

S. At Am no i written J. ri nr rue.r ft: itrtt. lienty fterVs fcrvrs VCfrrtfc eisj ZZZZ man to try it at in the city yesterday. Mr.

iayior re-comes master mechanic of the Panhandle division of the P.oek Island, and will report for duty next Monday. 11 on. 25c U. CLUB ORGANIZED MORPHINE EmrOooEsCo. Sixteen Former Students Met Last Night.

Sixteen former students of Kansas University met Irs the parlor of the ItfCORPOXATCO Chair. br of Commerce last night ar.d tin! in HaMta LiyUUlV CmrNi tM Dar. Safferta, HrmXl Effect. lr V- Cmr4. 3TEW TORK PHTSIC1AXS.

43 OMUa SET? rut organized what her alter wia known as the K. I. Club." It is opn to all former students of that tnstltu-UdB whU)r thy T-2uatd cniy.

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