Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 2, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1916
Page 8
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' ; f AGE BISHt, STERLING^ DAILY GAZETTE THURSDAY NOV. 2, 1916. AMUSEMENTS. jT« House of Features «/ CiRAND ITODA I Tyrone Powers and Kathlyn in "Thou Shalt Not Covet" Also Burton Holmes Travel Picture & FRIDAY _________ Hazel IMwii in "^e J&md Girl" Also Bray Cartoons VAUDETTE—Tonight Vaudeville—Three Great Acts A bio treat. Mr, J. P. Pick*rig's travtl talfc«— grandly jllu«- tr*ted, h*nd colfcr*d view* and picture*; tonight. "The Cliff Dweller*." The Indiart and the Broadway Girl-—Novelty. Haley and Haley—Singing, Photoplay*: "DeMiny's Boomerang"; al*« eomedy, Utual price*. LOOK! Tomorrow, positively one of the greatest vaudeville act* •v*r *e-en. "TJ*e Goiden Trio." »ecured extra. Alto 2 other act* and th*t flfe«t pijeiur*, "The Yellow Menace"—The Haunted House, LYMC ROCKfFALLS TONIGHT "MOUNTAIN BLOOD" _ grit of the mountain moonthiner*. ttib • good comedy. TERRIBLE TUMBLES" ftlttnit'St Kill (III tlH* .KCIfl'l), DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M. For priviiU 1 ICSXOIIH cull H. M.-KELLEY. Bell phone 430R fur private ti-lt'Kivtph nnd t*-l<'pln>nf> ; m-rvi'-" *o that the memlx-is urn) their fcufxts will liuve the et»?np|f*te 4'leetimi nluritM. ltten|. •iliit.- and iiiitliiTuil. Members will have tlio jn ivitejje of tirinir- n»*4 a *! w^tti them :tnii refreHhineiits' wtil 1"- served thrniiKhiiiit th<- i>venliiK- A llv.-iv iini>> I- nntirlptited nnd thin _itLl'.!.! * ! V^LJ*;i!Ll'JlJ[!ll.!]iIlL!^^ n t;rciil deal "F pleMMHK'.* TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. I'M N'nv, 1', )»;!•!•. l-'alher St. Ciismi' ln;nle !lie (mttaKe nt ChiOHKo rind :-^tpjrr- nt -rtie-Trv« : r™iTr~fTTe~iTTn!rirM Tiir III* tt:|V .lllWII tl!«* ' .\l|sM|^.ii|l|l| nil tin e\|»|iilllllj i-X|>ei||tt<lf|. LITTLE LOCALS UiiKft/rFtovf* iittd runKPfl, fit Woods,* phftMilWll. I.pi ut Tllrsdil], here With I.<III!M Murky, . nt NEWS IN BRIEF j rtRLINQ CLUB TO GET RETURNS, j fee Sterling Cam will night rtw the orXHnftuitiiMi huvo their rtintoni i f the club iii | been made! IEUMATISM MAKES YOU FEEL OLD \ And Aches Yield to Sloan's „„ .„,., „ lent,.the Family Priend^ 1 '"^^ K m your Joints bi'ooim* utiff, your Itlon* poor, and your . »uff«rinK you irrltablw, un «|>i»Hcaiinu of Liniment «iv*-« you quick re- ill* pain, Htarts up n s«Mid cirou- r«ll«v«'|i ctmuestlon. "It is «»a«u«r f'ii**n*r to u*e than rnuwsy |iliiHter» ntH, act*"«ul«'kly und tloea.nut the poreti. It doeti ni't nt«in - tlie don't ne*«l rub— It l«n«' 'back, xtiff »o<iitJi«ii'lt«>, \\'nntcd—.\lt>n ti> work in factory. Jn- Xiitional AlfK. Co.* Mrx. S. s. Hnyer i.s cunllncil tn her tii'ine ini Ninth avfiiue by illin'.H.«. SjiecisU meeting K. i". tuniKht in ioilKe riMitHM.* l»ati*H« l-Vldny night. Nov. 3. Woodman hull. Public invited, from. s;3o tu li;on.* Mrs. K. Thompson, of Jteoria, W«»dn«>>*dny hci't> on buwint'ftH. I'nrn-p at Tiuniilco l-Vlduy c'vcnin^, Nov. 3rd. ("ofhnin'H urrhewtrft.* Mr. nnd Mr«. J, F. OreonwAlt, of MllU'dKevitle, Hpent \Vt><!n<*t<d4iy iii-rt- with friend*. makoH." • WiTr~MT'iFch«nTir. 'OrT-To-iMU' .AliJKic House,* Mr. and .Mrf., rhiirlfM Wolfe, of Mill- edKevilic, were here Wt-dtu-Kdiiy' orr I'lllSillC'HM. After Xiiv, 13, 19J6. hair cutn will be trim 2t>c; eluive und- bt-nrd har.aur and chi<:k> noodlo Mtipiwr. l>«»c. »th. afternoon and evening,* Mr. and Mrs. N. O. Gaulrapp went to Davenport, la., this morning for a «hort (uul t>uwinen« trip. Kor rent—7 room all modern houm» nt JIOS J^lxth avenue, OnJl The Hoy (\. Woods 8tor*.' .Mr. and Mr*. Puul Shuck, of Blii* Kiirth. Mfiin., arp hurt* vJ«i,titjK friend* nnd relalives. • • ' Hell's danolng clitMti,.'7:30 to i». H<w- lal dftnc*' from 9 to 12. Woodman (mil, Htwling. —Sttlttrdny- night;—PuhMc^ln^ yiiurtu, bottles: *3,0« each. sprain*. «trains. l>tuls<>«, black -blue spots. Shmn'u Liniment rt*. -- -the pain and w»»e» the soreness. 7 lu> »«*rllnR Pharmacy Co., UW IH HO unlvcr»al that you'll »V" U *-- .,„... ,„..„,;.:,_ pints, $2.00 each; Lunch kitH. }2.~5. 30(5 Sloan'a Liniment u friend of family. Your drugglHt rile, 60c and loan's niment ./i Champion Shoe Repairing Shop PPftL.-- ^|n new Inillding tivut to KH* Store. First 'jtboe repairing gtmrurtu*t«i, *' p your work. SHININO PARLOR W* wHl conduct u Hr«t <-IUSM 11 Christ Angelos, Prop. f 109 E««t Third 8t, • " Mr. nnd Mrs. Jny Cleveland, of Pro- Dr. and Mr*. NolMun. uf -MorrlHun visit»>d with frh'ndH her« I'ufHday. ' ' Prvtth linn-hotiiid and cherry cough tablets. ;'<ic pound. The Sterling Pharmacy »'o. HOB First tivfiiue.* Mlsn IJoylo. W. U Mitchell. J. C, Mitcholl. of Clinton, Mpent' Thuruday hCTS> OI1 lllIHllH'HN. ' •Aiiio Ll«|iihi Venh'r spray, pump *jn«y, oni- »nmn bottle liquid and polishing cloth,.all for $1,25. Thii Ster- linir Pharmacy Co., 306 l^ir«t avenue.* .Mis* Lrfaih Kolloy and: ,Mri atnj jvi»« VVfslpy Allison, of Mllledgp.yllle and Mi«« Olivo Coc, of Dixon, motored i«. Mfirrixon Wedne«dny. where they wer* «upKt« of Dr. OverliolMor. Tlmy re- turnM hunv«t'vla ^tcrtini;, where they *|i«tnt several hours whopping. •••A bountiful new Kdlsoit Phonograph, mahogany lliiinh, linn IH,H»H added to the ^((iilpment of tho High t*chool, p»r- »'liuj»«'d by the teachers and pupilK with I'irm-tMHiN derived from their oii^it'tia and uihcr eitu-rtuihinvnu. U wan th« j lUht i1t))iv«ry-made in the'»t>w car re- 1 i-cntly bought by Pwry.-& Hoivor for j Un'ir iihonoKritph and other j_Mrn. y«>M<» .of :.3nr«»_a._»,..iiiintj:o..r. ivJ&yt Philip H. Ward ^ATTORNEY AT LAW awr*nc« .__.. .. days, Tb»> lady spent her girlhood days in Hock KullM, beiiiK n Hlster of H'u> ttervifvir Koburt MrNvlll. Ht«r liUHbuiul ih a mipetlntendont of u large foundry in Chit-ago and waH in Sterling for a. few ywirw, in partni'rshlp with a mail wh<> tu-csctt-d thu Sterling Foundry, the family living in HlerlliiK at the time. Mtx, LiikiiiM ba« u large number of ifiids (u BIRTHS |»r*cUc# FJtaUwf to CAR. NOSE and THROAT •RAIN SURGERY : t to II a. m.: I to 4:80 p m. Fifth Floor ^wr*««* 8l*«- III. Both Phon.. <jKHnK,S,-~A sun wa« horn VA jility ufU'rmuiti U» Mr. and Mrs. jHt-rdi'* tu the hotipitiil. I BODY FOUN& IN RIVER. J L.w-u fity, Iowa, Nov. S.—The body ' .ii Ali>, .l;un.'>, livM-ge, 72 years old. the ! \Mtl..\v nt a i)iniii'ei luwa hurHfinuti, was ' fuiiiut in tlu> Iowa Kivef nwti* hert. Site i ilivil^xarid (ruin hunu- Huniluv, , ISt-I.'i' jint-f. .saiil MIH. Hur«e had bn-eii d*-" hjmiiib'itt over ri'ct'M tlt-uths of ini'in- bt-rt. of lu-r family Car of Apples! of *)wlra fancy E**tern Winter Apple* BALDWIN AND NOETHEBN SPY th* Nor4hw**tem track*,, near freight depot Will be told at AND RETAIL .. Order* LOUIE BHILU care Highway Hotel Bell Phone 435-W f-ay -f« j in^ an nn^f'e to t!it\\ % t"<t. And only « persona I inspect ion will Sweaters Individual Styles for Women and Misses Siit'h nil extensive col that to mention .any espe an personal inspee re\eal their chann of coloring and knittinir or lio\v splendidly they will "prepa re' you Tor ihe snow filled days ahead, Xotli iiii? hut good wool enters into the making of these sweaters. They are offered sailor collars or »roll collars, turn hack ctitTs nnd patch pockets, with or without Ill-Its. ('tune in shaker knit or. rihhed weaves in worsted or hrnsh finishes, Priced variously from "$5.00 to $12.00.1 Complete lino of OirlsT Sweaters will also Ue 1 ' 1 'li^JL Priced variously from $1.00 to $5.00. MM^MMtf^MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMBMMMMMMMMMMM* Munsing CHESTER'S GREAT SUIT SALE The sensation of the season ^ Less on Every Garment Every Woman's Preference Has Been Satisfied Here The Unusual the New _. and the Most Becoming Suit Styles the Season Underwear The World's Beat , • ' After twelve yours of • continuous handling' and the most rigid comparison with other makes, we are more firmly convinced of t h e ' superiority of Munsinjfwe'ar than ever before." Thinking, -know- hi(if r ™diiifc»riiiunating'' poo- pie everywhere admit that Munsing underwear has no equal. t i» Our tnide. is growing wonderfully every year among women who really '"""'' the best, Yon have'a right to demaiul-the 4>68t, toot Try them — yon will be pleased beyond your highest expectations, and vfe guarantee satisfaction. A wide range of weights and styles offer every opportunity for personal preference. Women's Union Suits, .priced from.BOc to $3.00 Women's Separate Garments, from.25c to $1.50 Children's Union Suits, priced from.SOc to $1.50 Children's Separate Oar- ments, from. .25c to 60c Because the wise woman recognizes the greatest value when it is presented to her, this suit sale record excelled our greatest expectations. It. is not in knowing the fashionable -and^orrectapparelshe-wishes to^v^ar^Jtis-equaUy-as-jiiuch in finding- - -------- - ----- — ^___ • * ***^ The Desired Suit At An Unusually Interesting Price Come this week, you women who are seeking the distinctive and the 'desirable, provide for your winter comfort and smart appearance from this wonderful assortment of unusual suits, that are in many cases selling at and less than 38 1-3 % reduction. Every suit in our entire selection is included. Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $15.00, on sale at ..., $9.95 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $18.00, on sale at $11.50 Our entire line, of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at |g2.00, on sale at ....... 7777. .$14.50 Our entire line of Women's and Misses*v>Suits, made to sell at fg5.00, on sale at , ;.. .$16.75 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $28.00, on sale at . ....,., .$18.75 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to, sell at $30.00, on sale at ..................V.. .$19.65 These Cool, Snappy Days and Evenings Call for Warm Winter Coats For style and comfort you «will find no garments superior to those now on display in our ready-to-wear department. .„ * Style correctness is assured you because each model has been designed by the leading fashion designers in America. The texture of the fabrics, the beautiful new colorings, the smart tailoring, and the artistic finish are your surety of satisfactory wear. There is a wide choice of materials in warm cloak- ings oroolivia cloth,7wool Velours, cheviotsr peDWe weave worsteds, zibalines, broadcloths, etc. We -shall be gla^Lto show our beautiful line of coats at your convenience; The wise purchaser will come early, however, wl^ile the assortment of sizes and fabrics is at their best. Women's Coats, priced frorn^ . $10 to $65 Children's Coats, priced from. .$2.50 to $10 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $32.00, on sale ut ,,. $21.25 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $35.00, on sale at ..;".. .$23.25 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $38.00, on sale at .. ......'.., .$25.25 Our entire line of Women'a_andj!toes' Suits, made to sell at $42.00; on sale at .. Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $45.00, on sale at'.'-... / ,. , .$30.00 Chester's Week-"^ End Bargains^ Black 3at«*n, 36 ineh«« wide, ^ regular 25o grade; Friday and ' Saturday only, at .22o Wayne Knit Guaranteed Fast Black Silk Liile Hoae, regular . 50c value; Friday and $atur> day only, at 2 pair for 75o Onyx Fast Black Lisle, present yalue 50q; Friday and Satur. day only, at...3 pair* fpr |1.00 . One lot Hemstitched, Embroidered Corner Handkerchiefs, regular 7c values Friday and .Saturday only, at each.,....So One broken assortment, Colored Initial .-Handkerchiefs, regular 6 for 48o values; Friday and Saturday only, at each 5o Small lot White Ail Wool Blankets, slightly soiled from being on display; Friday and Saturday only, at 30% discount. One lot Tan Cotton Blankets," site 64x76, regular |1^8 value t Friday and Saturday only .f 1.12 One lot Fleeced Lined .Drawer*, present value 36c; Friday and Saturday only, at .. % .;.. ..17e One lot Colored Outing Flannel, regular 12Uc value, ahort lengths; Friday and Saturday only, at .• -, 7 0 " The Weather Man says Colder now for Warm Blankets and Comfortables This store offers the uuisi unusual opportunities t'or. blanket ami i'Oiu- i'ortiihlv buying that any • thrifty iumsi'wifo may do- siro. The* prjoes, iltKspito the incronsetl markot i»ost, nre vory moderate. Cotton Blankets, priced from $1.00 to $2.50 Woolnap Blanket*, priced from .....$2.50 to $3.50 All Wool Blankets, priced ortableg, priced ' Our^Bettsy Ross" Dresses for Juniors Art* meeting with wonderful np]>.ruval. Tho many, many expressions .'of admiration and the rapid, way in which they arc seUjn^'is the highest »^vi -of their forret^tne^s.. You will find it a positive delight, tu select a <|ress for ypw daughter from - this"-assortment. Prices raivge from $11.50 to $15,00, Women's New Skirts From $5 to $12 so^ ..Thore's a grt-af vogiu 1 now lor proMy sopjirato skirts, \ and tlir tliKplay whit'li w»> • \ havc'to olVi-r wilt-U>it)pt tlu 1 < i yu,s ; <)f tluv most diHt'nin- 1 iuatiiiir of wouM'M, Wo have ... t an unusually - i\w njngo"of Miyli's in si»rgt'.s, hrcuuk'loths, phiiiK novelty mixtui'i's;' >|M>WU iu cvjt'ry new styU», f*rices range from $5,00 to $12,50, - r "~ "*TKc "TSjeekvvl'yr" Section i invites "y'pu to '"ipxamtne a""n«"w""co'tTeclion" .of broadcloth collars. -Tne*e. revea! the- n*\v««t »ty£e ideas in many smart fihapes and trimrnings. On jdi*gl»y y«*t«rd»y"Tpir^the ' ------Also ''"a" nVw attorfmie'nT or"i in large collar eWect* w»ll b* found o'n Priced «U iryn\ 50c to ?2 50. 1 i ^;^> ; ^4^;^ -K

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