Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 15, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1968
Page 10
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3-Bedroom House JJL£. PLAN NO, 647606 Itbftoow DOOM £ Are you planning to build a •thouse and wnnt your money's worth? If so, this three-bedroom ''plan may be your answer, Accepted by the Cooperative Farm Building Exchange, this house •has several up-to-date features. ••; The three bedrooms with Sucesse* i May Speed More Flights CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) ! — Recent successes In Arnerl- •' ca's man-to-the moon drive may .permit the space agency to ' squeeze In three manned Apollo -'flights this year, with the first , launch perhaps two months * sooner than scheduled. •I The National Aeronautics and ,' Space Administration's an- 'nounced schedule calls for as- .tronauts Walter M. Schlrra Jr., Donn F. Elsele and Walter Cun• ningham to ride the first manned Apollo moonship Into earth orbit In the "last quarter" of this year, meaning no sooner than October. Unofficially, however, sources say the flight could occur much earlier, perhaps August. They point out that current schedules call for the spacecraft to arrive at Cape Kennedy toward the end of March. The planned launch preparation time Is about four months. The success of America's second Saturn 5 super-rocket launching, now scheduled for March 21, plus some key administrative decisions to be made In the next few weeks by NASA planners will determine whether , the Schirra-commanded mission Is in fact moved up and whether two manned Saturn 5 flights are attempted this year. Navy Capt. Schlrra, Air Force Maj. Elsele and Cunningham, a civilian, will be orbited by a Saturn 1 rocket, a smaller booster than the Saturn 5 which will be used to launch men to the moon. The official schedule now includes another Saturn 1 launching this spring for a second unmanned test of a lunar module, the craft that will ferry astronauts between the moon's surface and an Apollo command ship In lunar orbit. o i '1..-1 3 ICALI IN rirr ample space to fit standard furnishings hnve enough closet storage areas for linens and cleaning supplies as well as clothing. There are two baths adjecent to the larger bedrooms. The L-shaped kitchen features good counter working space. Revolving shelves in the corner space of the base cavlnot give additional storage. Since entrance to each room is from the center hall, traffic is kept to a minimum. The entrance from the carport to the kitchen Is convenient for bringing in groceries and household supplies. Other modern features In- KlttHI'N l*S »to»»ar clude: desk In the kitchen placed In a handy spot to help the homemaker in her recordkeeping, rneal planning and telephoning; fallout shelter for six persons; workshop or storage room; and a covered walk from the carport to the front entrance of the house. The floor area of this plan Is well within the limits set by the Farmers Home Administration for construction plans. Complete working drawings of Plan No. 647 606 may be obtained, free of charge, from your local County Agricultural Extension Office located in the Hempstead County Courthouse. For further information, call Prospect 7-5771. February Favorite "Fritter" nwny February with nn unusual dessert to surprise your guests at u Valentine gathering or a holiday birthday celebration. Crisp Cherry Fritters mingle tart red cherries with nourishing Kollogg's All-Bran for a gala dessert. Hostess hint; hold the first fritters in a very slow oven (250°F.) while you fry the remaining batter. For a subtle flavor accent, add a hint of grated nutmeg to the hot Cherry Sauce. plUod sour cherries 14 cups sifted regular all-purpose Hour 2 U'a.spoons baking powder I teaspoon suit Cherry Fritters with Cherry Sauce cups (1 lh. -I oz. cnii) % cup siiRur 1 KRK, slightly beaten /a cup milk 2 teaspoons shortening, cup sugar melted Vs cup Kulldgg's All-Bran * 1 tablespoon cornstarch Drain cherries, reserving Juice and about "A cup of the cherries for sauce; set usldo. Sift together Hour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Combine egg, milk, cooled shortening and All-Bran; let stand until most of moisture is taken up. Add sifted dry ingredients, stirring until smooth. Stir in cherries. Drop by table- spoonsful into hot. deep fat (375T.). Fry until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Drain on absorbent paper. To make sauce, add water to cherry juice to make one cup liquid. Combine sugar and cornstarch in small saucepan; stir in cherry juice. Cook until thickened and clear, stirring constantly. Stir in cherries. Serve with Cherry Fritters. Yield: 8-0 Servings, 2 Cherry Fritters each. HERE S ANOTHER Look-How-Easy Recipe from Pride r but he»man tasting FRIDU Golden Cream Style Corn puts oomph into any meali e.xtra oomph into your favorite recipes. Here's another recipe for your collection featuring a Di.sielanvl favorite from Pride of Illinois, i from the heart of the country where things «ro\v good! HERB SEASONED CORN 1 can (#303) 1 T. 1 T. Mi t. PRIDE OF ILLINOIS Golden Cream Style Sweet Corn grated onion butter poultry seasoning Mix 9!! ingredients together. Add salt and pepper tP taste. Heat and serve . . . with PRIDE! Enjoy the Complete PRIDE Cupboard-ful o( Fancy Canned Vegetables SHOP The store that cares about you! r "SUPER.RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY C*LF STEAK j*j 43q 79 Mb. STEAKS $1.39 69e Pull Cut Bound . lb, "SUPER niGHf" QOALftY HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST "SUPER RIOHT" SUAUtY HEAVY CALF nn a MOIKHH , _T-BONE STEAK LS. 99(5 BEEF ENCHILADAS"s;59c "SUPER RIGHT" QUALItY HEAVY CALF RIB STEAKS w«i» Kar »ww«*- • auAiiff Aofb HEAVY Calf ENCHILAOA DINNERS "SUPEMlOHT" aiMtltr A.OED HEAVY «Ef GROUND CHUCK Lb, M*S, WEAVE* 5 UMIENTO OK JAIOPENO CHHSt SP*EAD, 0* PIMlENTO CHEfSE SAIAD 69C Q0 , SLICED BACON yVC CAP'N JOHN'S BREADED SHRIMP GORTONS BREADED SHRIMP TIDBITS .,.>»*. 10 OZ. PKG. BOX' $1.59 "SUPER-RIGHT 0 QUALITY AGIO HEAVY B66F OR HEAVY CALF 150 TO 350 L§, AVG, NHL "SUPER-RIGHT" OUAIITY AGED HEAVY »E£F OR HEAVY CALF 23 TO 33-18. AVERAGE "SUPEMIGHT" QUALITY AGED HEAVY BEEF OR HEAVY CAU HINDQUARTERS ^:? lb lb 59c BEEF RIBS %,..,, 69c CUT AND WRAPPED FOR YOUR HOME FREEZER AT NO EXTRA COST USDA Grade "A" FRESH Chicken HENS 33* LB. SHORTENING CRISCO v. y 3-lb. Can- DETERGENT 15c OFF SURF V. -C PLAIN AMD PEANUT BONUS PACK M&M'S CANDY PINK IIOUID Celebrate With These Grocery Buys 1 AHOY DETERGENT 3 Gt. Slzo, DETERGENT BREEZE Gl. Slzo DETERGENT RINSO $1 ANN PAGE PEACH, PINEAPPIE OR APRICOT PRESERVES 3 t79c AHtFINGER DISTILLED WATER 3 Si A&P FROZEN GRADE "A" FLORIDA ORANGE JUICE 3 12-oz. Cans BIRDS EYE FROZEN IN CREAM SAUCE $1 41. __ O A__.*^A A With 10-oz. [^MARVEL ASSORTED FLAVORS Lice Cream '/j-Gol. On. —v Corn & Carrots --.I BRIGHT SAIL LIQUID 59*J BLEACH * Gl. Slzo, 79c DETERGENT" "( LUX LIQUID < PILLSBURY PLAIN ENRICHED FLOUR •PILLSBURY, REFRIGERATED '' PIUSBURYASSTD IAYER 12-OZ. Size... \ ANN PAGE PURE HONEY CINNAMON ROLLS WITHOUT COUPON CAKE MIXES . 3 Pkfll . PIUSBURY REGULAR OR BUTTERMIU PIUSBURY HUNGRY JACK INSTANT FLAKY BISCUITS ft; lOc POTATOES '**,?.•; 59c WOLF PLAIN CHILI AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER DETERGENT PRICE APPLIES ONLY WITH THIS COUPON EXCEl DRY ROASTED PEANUTS 1C 29* ELECTRASOL 33-oz. Size 59' 49 KHsbury ^ 2 LAYER »1 CAKE MIXES AT YOUR A&P SUPER MARKET Coupon expires February 17, 1968 We Celebrate—You Save 1 Fresh Produce Buys 1 •«> •; U.S. No. 1 ^ r*^**! Red Potatoes 10 £39* Washington Extra Fancy Delicious Apples 10 Regal Brand Carton Tomatoes For Each 69* 29* —* JANE PARKER APPLE PIES MNE PARKER HOMESTYIE DONUTS :.- .%; :45c JANi PARKER CIOVEBIEAF ROLLS ir n 2^7:450 JJANE PA8KEB GOtP OR MARBU POUNDCAKE ?5 ^55c JANI PAIK|8 MApE WITH RUTTIIMUK BREAD ANN PAGE REAUY FINE MAYONNAISE 3 W:-lb. «1 AQ ANN PACE FINE, BROAD OR EXTRA WIDE $<(* ^JJ M 9^r\f «• ^^ ^^ m • ^^ ^^ p^ • ••§ j^ SULTANA STRAWBERRY PRESERVES CRISPO ASSORTED FtAVORS Z 79c kg! 33C £ 89c 38c Ct/P THESE COUPONS 25 With this Coupon and Purchase of ANN PAGE SMAU STUFFED OLIVES ^:£ 49c Mb. Pkg. L, r" ^N COUPON GOOO THRU fER. I?. TDql, At r»ur A4P Sup«f/n«/l«t loove* NO COUPON NEEDED—GET ?i EXTRA PUIO STAMPS WITH THE PURCHASE OF NABISCO COOKIES CHIPS AHOY NO COUPON NHDED—OET J5 E*TR* PlAlP STAMPS WITH THE PURCHASE OF NABISCO COOKIES PINWHIiLS >4V,o,. EIOHT O'CIOCK WHOLE BEAN COFFEE 3-lb. Q145 Mb. B«9 vP I Bag 49* r £5 *>lr« f*lni«l S With lhi| Coupon and Purchaic ol MAXWEU HOUSE ncludi,, Mb. ^C. :l»cno Pe'k Con I «|v COUPON GOOD TH4U fE». 17. )»«8 Dal. Al Tour AiP Sup«fffiO'k<l 12'A-ei. CREST SHAMPPO PRELl OR MINT TOOTH PASTE 5-PJ. m^ Tube 59 WISK DETERGENT HquM §§ c DIAL SOAP ^°W "V SPB4Y BI9P9RANT SECRET "te$l,49 3 K- 43c 4-oi, « Can 79* u*«r« f*(fffff S( j With thii Coupon and Purchase of j MAXWELL HOUSE ! COFFK K'«.-X k ... 3 c-$l,49 COUPON GOOD 1MRU ft8 17.1968 Dal Al <1»;' *4P Suwmaiii-l j With Ihij Coupon and Purchase of I I ANN PACE I ! TARTAR SAUCE *-2ie! I /IK COUPON GOOD THRU fEB- 17. I yUDal. Al Your AJP Si/ptrmolk«l I =7 T!? ^ST =??T TS? • ^ST T^ TS TS! TT '. GOOD THRU f£6. 17, 1948 QUANTITY SIGHTS *E$E*YED II yooblf (9 ?«Kh9>« <jn/ 4>dvfthfd l(|nn, PI»8>| Ktqu*it e (join Ch»ck!

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