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Santa Cruz, California
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2 Santa Cruz Sentinel Friday, March 18, 1977 The Weaiher SLV Hardship Cases Diane Feinstein's Home Granted Water Hook-Ups At Pajaro Dunes A Hacked Until Saturday ITS I I7.T 40 SO ttntpfaturai ess -Sii- VCS. Slot.onory Otclgdtd NATtONAl WUTHfl SftVICI. HiiiiiiS SSS NO US 0.l ol October 1976. The terrorist group said the "assault was carried out beneath the very noses of the San Francisco Police who were attending a seminar at the exclusive, posh community. "Dianne.

fences will not shut out the wrath of the people," the communique said. The communique also said money being used to protect San Francisco superivsors would be better spent on medical screening programs at the San Francisco jail. The vandalism of Feinstein's home was reported at approximately 5 p.m. A caller to the KFPA radio station in Berkeley directed a station employe to go to a nearby telephone pole and pick up a communique, said a sheriff's department spokes- man. The communique was found underneath a rock and reported to local sheriff's officers.

According to reports, the shots hit a plate glass window in the supervisor's home. A neighbor reported seeing a young man walking on the beach near the home Thursday evening during investigation of the shooting. He said he saw the man walk away from the home and pull what appeared to be a walkie-talkie from his jacket, said sheriff's reports. The man left on foot and an officer spotted a man with a similar description driving a car a short distance away. A license plate check was run on the car, but it is not known if the man had anything to do with the vandalism, said a sheriff's detective.

Local officers are "coordinating" with San Francisco police and may "have to take up security measures if necessary," said a detective. The investigation into the vandalism continued today. ever selling one to her property. Several citizens questioned granting exceptions to the moratorium. Max Hartstein asked, "If we run into a shortage this summer, how can you say to people that you are asking to conserve, that you are adding more hook-ups?" Karen Martin claimed that the greatest problem the district faces is that figures are bent to fit someone's whim.

She said the district is in the same water situation as when the moratorium was enacted, pointing out that two new wells have not been thoroughly proven sucessful. "The supply is still Inadequate to serve safely, adequately and dependably the people who are already in the system," the former director stated. Roberta Pearson, a nine-year resident of Boulder Creek, wondered out loud if granting exceptions might not be opening a door. She said she has seen people's wells drying up in the winter and springs that have been in existence for 40 years drying up. Bill Blair, a property owner without a hook-up, received loud applause when he said that we were all in this together and that he wouldn't mind giving up half his water in order to allow someone else to have water.

Monterey Bay Area Continued fair today and Saturday. Variable clouds tonight and Saturday. Highs today and Saturday in the mid 50s and low 60s. Lows tonight in the 30s with local frost. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph.

Monterey 60 38. Santa Cruz temperatures for the 24-hour period ending at 8 a.m. today: High 58, Low 35. State Forecasts By DENISE SIEBEMTHAL Sentinel Staff Writer Certain hardship cases can receive water from the San Lorenzo Valley County Water District, the Board of Directors unanimously decided Thursday night in amending the March 11, 1974 moratorium ordinance banning water hook-ups. Any residential real property used for residential purposes since March 11, 1974, that has a habitable structure according to county standards and that had a water well or other source of water Independent from the district's system which has failed since the ban is eligible for a hook-up, according to the amendment.

Property that fits this criteria also can be granted water by means of a tank truck or other conveyance at district-designated hydrants at a cost of $11 every other month plus 60 cents for each 100 cubic feet of water taken, the amendment also states. This right to take water by tank truck or other conveyance can be terminated upon a 30-day notice. The directors granted these exceptions to the water moratorium after listening to hours of public testimony from citizens who felt they were in a hardship situation. Nearly 100 people crowded the Boulder Creek Fire House to give testimony and to listen to the many moving tales of woe. An example of some of the drastic problems some faced after the moratorium was imposed came from Gary Lewis, a father of five who lives on Hopkins Gulch Road in Boulder Creek.

Lewis explained that his well dried up a year and a half ago and since then the water he and his family are using has been donated. He explained that he had bought a truck which holds 1,250 gallons and asked that he either be granted a hook-up or be able to purchase water yP-district. Robin Merrill, who lives with her two children and husband at the end of Park Avenue in Ben Lomond, recited a similar set -of circumstances. Their well also went dry and her husband has had to haul water to the property. She said they paid high taxes on their 20 acres and were worried about fire since there is no water in the area.

Ed Pollock of Boulder Creek explained he had purchased property on Bear Creek Road in 1974 and drilled a well which then proved successful. Now that he is just completing his home and getting ready to move in, the well is only producing a half gallon per minute, he claimed. Harry West of Bear Creek Road briefly mentioned his well-known problem that his well had gone to salt water. Several citizens complained that they had purchased their property before the moratorium and when they went to build after March 11, 1974, they discovered the water hook-up ban had been Imposed. They claimed financial hardship and many said with construction costs rising, they soon may not be able to build their homes.

Then there were several cases of "disappearing" meters. Richard Amaya said his meter vanished and claims there were wrench marks where it once was. Ann Hamilton said that her Ben Lomond lot had a meter on it when she purchased it in 1970, but that her neighbor had hooked up to her meter. Mrs. Bart Curto said she had a meter, but the district could find no record of By PEGGY RUDNICKI Sentinel Staff Writer A terrorist group, pressing for better conditions at San Francisco City jails, has claimed responsibility for the "symbolic" firing of an air gun through the window of a San Francisco Supervisor Dianne Feinsteln's summer home at Pajaro Dunes.

Feinstein was not at her vacation home at the time, said a sheriff's department detective. Thirteen holes, believed to be caused by a BB or pellet gun, were found in the front window of Feinstein's beachfront home. The Environmental Life Force, In a communique sent to a Berkeley radio station, claimed responsibility for the vandalism and said, "This action is in support of the New World Liberation Front's just and principled campaign to achieve acceptable health and medical care in San Francisco City and County jails." It said, "The symbolic act of shooting holes in your (Feinstein's) windows with a BB gun, clearly indicates your vulnerability." The communique demanded that the supervisor, who has received numerous threats in the past, act on two demands which included bringing in a new medical staff at the San Francisco jail and alloting more money for medical screening at the jail. "Your (Feinstein's) continued inaction has stired (sic) up the rightous (sic) anger of the people who feel bound to respond to your ongoing indifference to human suffering. Larry Davis' death was the last straw," said the communique.

Davis, who was a prisoner at the San Francisco jail and a diabetic, died at the facility in Record Entry At Jr. Exposition SAN FRANCISCO A record 3,529 animals have been entered in the 31st annual Junior Grand National Livestock Ex-position, April 1-5, at the Cow Palace. The 1976 total was 2,963. In addition to the Livestock Exposition, the junior Grand National also includes a junior rodeo (April 2-3) and a junior horse show (April 7-13). All market animals will be auctioned off to the general public after the judging on April 4-5.

OPEN HOUSE Sat. Sun. 1-4 p.m. A beautifully cared for 3 3 bath home with views. 3345 Crystal Heights Soquel.

$77,500. Or Call 1-684-1 123 for appt. SAND DOLLAR REALTY Water Meeting The progress of Soquel Creek County Water District's construction of storage reservoirs and pipelines will be discussed at the regular meeting of the district's board of directors Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the district office, 5180 Soquel Drive, Soquel. CorvCikvetNtai DELICATESSEN 1 By The Auodited Pratt SAN FfeANCISCO BAY AREA Partly cloudy tonight.

Variable clouds Saturday. Highs Saturday In the Ms. Lows tonight In the 30s to mid 40s with local trost. Northwesterly winds 10 to 25 mph afternoons. SACRAMENTO VALLEY Partly cloudy tonight with a chance of Showers north.

Variable clouds Saturday. Highs In the mid 50s to low 60s. Lows In the mid 30s to low 40s. Light winds. SIERRA NEVADA Showers likely In the' north late tonight spreading southeast Saturday.

Snow level near 3,000 feet In the north and 4,500 feet south. SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY Variable clouds north tonight extending south Saturday. Continued cool. Highs in the mid 50s to low 60s. Lows in the upper 20s and 30s with local trost.

Light winds. SALINAS VALLEY-Variable clouds tonight and Saturday. Continued cool. Highs In the mid 50s and low 60s. Lows in the upper 20s and 30s with local frost.

Northwesterly winds 10 to 20 mph afternoons. NORTHERN AND CENTRAL CALIFORNIA Partly cloudy over most of the area tonight with a chance of showers In the extreme north. Variable clouds Saturday with showers in the mountains. Snow level near 3,000 feet in the north and 4,500 teet in the south. Continued cool with local trost tonight.

NORTHWESTERN CALIFORNIA Increasing clouds with a chance of showers In the north tonight. Partly cloudy Saturday with a slight chance of showers early In the day. Continued coot. MOUNT SHASTA-SISKIYOU AREA Increasing clouds with showers likely at times by tonight. Chance of showers Saturday.

Snow level near 3,000 teet. Continued cool. SANTA MARIA-SAN LUIS OBISPO AREA-Falr tonight. Variable clouds Saturday. Highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s.

Lows in the upper 20s and 30s with local morning frost. Northwesterly winds 15 to 25 mph afternoons. SANTA CLARA VALLEY-Part-ly cloudy tonight. Variable clouds Saturday. Highs in the 50s.

Lows in the 30s with local frost. Northwesterly winds IS to 20 mph afternoons. OIABLO SAN RAMON AND LIV-ERMORE VALLEYS Partly cloudy tonight. Variable clouds Sat- urday. Highs in the mid 50s and low 60s.

Lows in the 30s with local trost. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph afternoons. NAPA AND SONOMA VALLEYS AND SANTA ROSA PLAIN-Partly cloudy tonight. Variable clouds Saturday. Local trost tonight.

7492 SOQUEL DRIVE, APTOS AT APTOS CENTER LOOK AT WHAT IS NOW AVAILABLE TO YOU IT'S aociusTOPPra, nomas "rural SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA-Partly cloudy at times In coastal and mountain areas but otherwise sunny through Saturday. Slightly warmer days. Windy at times In mountains and deserts. LOS ANGELES Partly cloudy at times but otherwise sunny through Saturday. Slightly warmer days.

Highs Saturday In upper 60s. Lows tonight In low 40s. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COASTAL ANO INTERMEDIATE VALLEYS-Partly cloudy at times, but otherwise sunny through Saturday. Slightly warmer days. Highs in the 60s.

Lows in 30s and low 60s with local frost In low lying areas. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MOUNTAIN AREAS-Partly cloudy at times but otherwise sunny through Saturday. Slightly warmer days. Windy at times. Highs mostly in the upper 30s and 40s.

Lows in teens and 20s. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INTERIOR ANO DESERT REGIONS Mostly sunny through Saturday. Gusty afternoon winds 15 to 25 mph. Continued cool. Highs mostly 55 to 65 In upper deserts and 65 to 75 In lower deserts.

Lows in 30s and low 40s in upper deserts and in the 40s in lower deserts. OWENS VALLEY-Mostly sunny through Saturday. Continued cool. Highs in 50s. Lows in 20s to low 30s.

SAN FERNANDO, SAN GABRIEL AND SAN BERNARDINO VALLEYS-Partly cloudy at times but otherwise sunny through Saturday. Slightly warmer days. Highs in 60s. Lows In 30s and tow 40s with local frost in low lying areas. SANTA BARBARA AND VENTURA COUNTIES COASTAL AREAS, SANTA MONICA BAY AREA, LONG BEACH AND ORANGE COUNTY METROPOLITAN AREA Partly cloudy at times but otherwise sunny fhroyugh Saturday.

Slightly warmer days. Highs in 60s. Lows in 40s. IMPERIAL, COACHELLA, AND LOWER COLORADO RIVER VALLEYS Mostly sunny through Saturday. Gusty afternoon winds 15 to 25 mph.

Continued cool. Highs 65 to 75. Lows In 40s. ANTELOPE VALLEY AND MO-JAVE DESERT-Mostly sunny through Saturday. Gusty afternoon winds 15 to 25 mph.

Continued cool. Highs 55 to 65. Lows in 30s and low 40s. Extended forecasts Sunday Through Thursday NORTHERN CALIFORNIA A brief period of rain likely about Monday with snow In mountains and chance of showers at other times. Continued cool.

Lowest mostly in 30s to low 40s at low elevations and highest in 50s. CENTRAL CALIFORNIA A brief rain likely In the north about Monday witn snow in the mountains and chance ot showers south. Mostly dry at other times except scattered afternoon snow flurries In high mountains. Lowest temperature mostly in upper 20s and 30s at low elevations but locally In the 40s near the coast. Highest in the 50s to low 60s.

Sun-Moon Phases Sunrise: 6:14 a.m. Sunset: 6:18 p.m. Moonrise: 6:04 a.m. Moon set: 6:37 p.m. Noon Moon: 10:33 a.m.

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dally, 9 a m. Sundays, a special carrier will deliver your ii Sentinel to you, it you receive bicycle delivery. GOulfGO Cm 7492 SOQUEL DRIVE, APTOS AT APTOS CENTER Sales Service Parts Leasing 512 PACIFIC SANTA CRUZ 426-5322 call 688-1366.

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