Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on May 20, 1977 · Page 49
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 49

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1977
Page 49
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MAY 24. 1977 Copyright 1877 T V. Dl. Inc. DAYTIME MOVIES 12:00 63 "Two Guys And A Gal" (1952) Janls Paige, Robert Alda. (1 nr., 25 mln.) 12:30 0 "Johnny O'Clock" (1947) Dick Powell, Lee J. Cobb.(2hrs.) 1:30 63 "Romance And FWiythm" (1940) Kenny Baker, Frances Langford. (1 nr., 55 mln.) 3:30 0 "After The Fox" (1966)' Peter Sellers, Victor Mature. (1 hr.,30 mln.) S3 "Whispering Smith Vs. , Scotland Yard" (1952) Richard Carlson, Greta Gynt. (1 nr., 25 mln.) EVENING 6:00 0 STAR TREK OQOOG3 NEWS O ZOOM CD MOVIE "Some Like It Hot" (1959) Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis. Two unemployed musicians, witnesses to a Chicago murder, disguise themselves and join an all-girl band. (2 hrs.) Q MOVIE "Peyton Place" (1957) Lana Turner, Lloyd Nolan. The secret and sordid life of a small New England community is revealed when a young girl Is brought to trial for the murder of her stepfather. (Part I) (1 hr., 55 mln.) EMERGENCY ONEI 6:300 03 CBS NEWS O NBC NEWS O OPEN STUDIO 7:00 0 THE ODD COUPLE O NBC NEWS TV Still Pursues Supernatural Things By JERRY BUCK LOS ANGELES (AP) - Television is still pursuing things that go bump in the night, although it hasn't done much to bump the ratings. Not since Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" have the networks had much luck with the unexplained. Their on-again, off-again romance with the supernatural, from "Ghost Story" to "Tales of the Unexpected," has come to naught. Still, as such movies as "The Exorcist" and "The Omen" proved, there is an audience hungry for stories of the occult. "Four years ago Sam Peeples and I wrote a story about Asmodeus, the prince of lechery, but it was turned down because I was told people weren't interested in the supernatural," said Gene Rodden-berry, who created "Star Trek." "Then along came 'The Exorcist' and 'The Omen' and I was asked if I had anything in the trunk. I never throw anything away." The result is "Spectre," a two-hour movie NBC airs a 9 p.m. Saturday. ABC has its own "Good Against Evil" at 9:30 p.m PDT Sunday, and NBC recently telecast "The Insurance Service FIRE-AUTO-LIFE UaUlity-BoiHt-Hearth Bedell & Kelson FREE INFORMATION 426-3700 426-4154 423-5742 206 RIVER ST. c O NEWS fi ABC NEWS O TO TELL THE TRUTH O MACNEIL LEHRER REPORT G3 ADAM-12 THE MUPPETS 7:30 0 MOVIE "Rosemary's Baby" (1968) Mia Farrow, John Cassa-vettes. A pregnant young wife discovers her husband has joined forces with a witches' coven having designs on her unborn child. (2 hrs., 30 mln.) O $128,000 QUESTION O THE MTWTF SHOW O HOLLYWOOD SQUARES O THE ODD COUPLE O NEWS CO ADAM-12 CD EXPLORERS "Return To The Lost Tribe3" 8:00 O O MOVIE "The Man With The Power" (Premiere) Bob Neili, Tim O'Connor. A man with unusual abilities, the son of an alien, is hired to protect an oil-rich island's heiress. O CD CD SAM (Pilot) A yellow labrador retriever joins the Los Angeles Police Department in a man-and-dog patrol car unit. OCD HAPPY DAYS "Fonzie's Old Lady" After repairing a little old lady's car, Fonzie falls for the vehicle's true owner, a cosmopolitan charmer (Diana Hyland). (R) Possessed." "Spectre" stars Robert Culp as Sebastian,' a prominent criminologist, and Academy Award-winner Gig Young as Hamilton, his physician companion. If that sounds like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, it's no coincidence. Roddenberry said, "I originally wanted to do the untold stories of Sherlock Holmes the occult. But the rights were tied up in estate so I decided to bring it up to date. But as I wrote I got further and further away from that. Sebastian doesn't shoot cocaine or play the violin." He said he turned to the occult as a change of pace from science fiction and because his wife, Majel Barrett, nurse Christine Chapel in "Star Trek," is a "supernatural nut." She plays Lilith, a witch, in "Spectre," which was filmed in England. "He said I think the reason the occult has failed isjhat until recently the networks always chickened out," he said. "They wanted the unexplained to be explained. If you had a ghost it always turned out to be someone trying to frighten the aunt out of the estate. "But pretend with me it's FAST 24 HRS. mvMm senvicB "Serving People Is Our Business" APTOS-SANTA CRUX WAfSOUVIUI 600-7414 722-1422 (Aptos Auto Towing) (Watsonville Towing) INSURANCE CARDS HONORED O SPECIAL "The Key To The Universe" In an attempt to understand the universe, physicists and astrophysicists have achieved startling breakthroughs. Including the discovery of "quarks" and "black holes" in outer space. C3 MOVIE "Geraldlne" (1953) Carolyn Jones, Jim Backus. A career girl beats a lady professor to the punch in a fight to win the love of a college music instructor. (1 hr., 25 min.) 8:30 OCD MA!SH Hawkeye's extreme exhaustion manifests itself in the form of nocturnal basketball games and frightening nightmares. O ID LAVERNE & SHIRLEY "The Society Party" In borrowed formal attire, the girls v attend their first "upper crust" affair and mingle with society folk. (R) CD OFF CAMPUS 9:00 OCD MOVIE "The Cheyenne Social Club" (1970) James Stewart, Henry Fonda. In 1867, a cowboy inherits a Wyoming social club which turns out to be a bawdy house. (R) OCD RICH MAN, POOR MAN BOOK I "Chapter III" Tom's marriage, the birth of his son and a promising boxing career bring him happiness. When Rudy's hope of Julie's return is dashed, he devotes himself to his business. (R) real. To help you suspend belief I will give you enough supportive evidence that you will accept it as real. Rarely has this been done. It's no more ridiculous to believe in demons than to believe in half the leading characters on TV today." In "Spectre," Sebastian and Hamilton are summoned to England to unravel baffling circumstances surrounding the life of Sir Geoffrey Cyon, whose wealth is increasing so rapidly he seems destined to dominate the world money markets. Roddenberry said he has purchased the movie rights to "Mind Reach," by Dr. Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ, about their laboratory experiments in ESP, "telepathy and clairvoyance at the Stanford Research Institute. But the movie most people are interested in is the long-awaited and much-delayed "Star Trek." Roddenberry said he expects the movie, with a budget of $8 million to $10 million, to go into production late this year. Why the delay? "If I'd been willing to settle for Capt. Kirk meets Godzilla it would have been in theaters ages ago," he said. "A large part of it is no one's fault. If Paramount Pictures had been starting from scratch CD DINAHI Guests: Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland. 9:55 S3 NEWS 10:000 NEWS O O SUZY VISITS... "Old Blue Eyes And Old Brown Eyes" Suzy Knickerbocker reveals a reflective mood of Frank Sinatra at home with his wife, and a thoughtful Muhammad All playing the piano and speaking about his career and friends. O MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS 83 MERV GRIFFIN Guests: Thelma Houston, Rene Simard, Nautins Bears, Pat Cooper, Jackie Mason, Sandler and Young. 1Q:30Q THE GOODIES CD GROUCHO 11:00 0 LIARS CLUB a oo ocd cd news O AMERICANA "These Faces I've Seen" A portrait of the Puerto Rican community In Springfield, Massachusetts. CO MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN 11:30 0 JOKER'S WILD O O TONIGHT Host: Johnny Carson. O CD CBS LATE MOVIE "Linda" (1973) Stella Stevens, Ed Nelson. A woman deliberately shoots her lover's wife then frames her own husband for the crime. (R) O CD MOVIE "Diary Of A Mad Housewife'.' (1970) Carrie Snodgress, Frank Langella. there would have been no problem. But with all of the things laid down in the. series it has been difficult. Most science fiction movies take a pessimistic viewpoint. You can always find conflict in that, but 'Star Trek' was a series that said there was hope for the future." Everyone has proceeded slowly with the movie because if it isn't well received by the following of "Star Trek" fans it could damage what has been one of the most profitable series in the rerun market. If the movie is a success, Roddenberry said he does not want to do another weekly series but rather do four TV movies a year. HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Twenty years ago Grace Kelly was one of Hollywood's reigning actresses and an Academy Award winner for "The Country Girl." Then she went from movie queen to real life princess, as wife of Prince Rainier of Monaco. NBC will examine that transition in "The Story of Princess Grace ... Once Upon a Time Is Now," at 9:30 p.m. PDT Sunday. Actress Lee Grant narrates the special, which includes intrviews with stars William Holden, James Stewart, Alec Guinness and is soquel Tillage SOUND SYSTEMS COLOR TV (Black .. Authorized Sales a4612 Soquel Dr., Soquel 475-5050 C2& The frustrate 1 wife of a social-climbing attorney enters into an affair with an egotistical writer. CD MOVIE "A Tattered Web" (1971) Lloyd Bridges, Frank Converse. A bizarre killing forces a dedicated police detective Into dramatic conflict between his duty as a law officer and his devotion as a father. (1 hr., 30 min.) CD ALL THAT GLITTERS Bert is depressed; Christina gets the truth about Dan; Bert tries computer dating; Andrea won't let Steve go. 12:00 O NEWS DAY'S END CD NIGHT GALLERY 12:30 CD NIGHT GALLERY 1:00 O O TOMORROW "Death - And How People Can Cope With It" Harriet Sarnoff Schiff, author of "The Bereaved Parent," will be a guest. CD MOVIE "My Favorite Wife" (1940) Cary Grant, Irene Dunne. (1 hr., 45 min.) 1:07 CD MOVIE "Odongo" (1956) Rhonda Fleming, MacDonald Carey. (1 hr., 40 rnin.) 1:30 0 THE RIFLEMAN 1:35 O NEWS 2:00 0 NEWS O BENEDICTIONS 2:10 0 MEDITATION 2:45 63 MOVIES "Having A Wonderful Time" (1938) Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers. (1 hr., 20 min.) "Cast A Dark Shadow" (1957) Dirk Bogarde, Margaret Lockwood. (1 hr., 30 mln.) 3:15 OD MOVIES "One Girl's Confession" (1953) Cleo Moore, Hugo Hass. (1 hr., 25 min.) "Never Trust A Gambler" (1951) Dane Clark, Kathy O'Donnell. (1 hr., 30 min.) Raymond Massey. Princess Grace will be seen in sequences with her family, including Princess Caroline. ' SHORT TAKES: Wonderful World of Disney, "Bluegrass Special," a young girl who aspires to be a jockey persuades her aunt to buy a high-spirited horse, on NBC at 7 p.m. PDT Sunday ... "Columbo," star Peter Falk outwits an arrogant accountant (Theodore Bikel) whose flighty wife drives him to embezzlement and murder, on NBC at 8 p.m. EDT Sunday ... "Little House on te Prairie," an alcoholic ex-miner (John Ireland) is the only hope of saving Carrie when she falls into a deep hole, on NBC at 8 p.m. PDT Monday (R) ... "Great Day," Al Molinaro takes a temporary job to save a small Skid Row mission in this pilot on ABC at 8 p.m. PDT Monday. (R) denotes rerun. Phone Workers WASHINGTON (AP) Contract talks that could bring higher phone bills for most Americans are beginning between the American Telephone & Telegraph Co. and the unions representing most of its workers. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SPECIALISTS Ml Whits Too) A Service on ZE VITIf I oo Q 3 qT n CD 5" ro I H i 00 Q Q OJ

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