Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 15, 1968 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1968
Page 8
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The tragedy of Mm: He starts off with a Country - and winds up with a Government! Our Daily Bread SKetd Thffl by The tdrttx AMHL N. Wisnwftt Which Is Worse king Crooked, or Being Stupid? T he late W.C, Fields, Juggler and caustic comedian, Is best remembered for his line; "You can't cheat an honest man." tt was a con man'sdefense that he couldn't get away with his fraud If it weren't for the fact that some people are so stupid they fail to recognize they have a bit of larceny In their own hearts- otherwise they wouldn't be trapped by a No, 1 fast-Talking Guy, ; You might even mount an argument that the stupid ones are Worse than the crooks because they lead the latter into temptation. Am I getting "way out" on this? Hardly. Mine is the same thought exactly as the one expressed in advertisements for insurance companies urging you never to leave the key in your car —because it could be a temptation to some Juvenile to turn to a life of crime. You recognize, of course, the typical con game which W. C. Fields portrayed on stage and screen. The City Slicker goes to the Fall Guy with a proposition: There's a way to cheat a third person out of a big sum, which the conspirators will divide; but the City Slicker needs ao advance from the Fall Guy as "earnest money." So the Fall Guy puts up the "ear nest money," the City Slicker vanishes —and that's that. The Fall Guy can't even , go to the police —for his complaint, on its very face, would put .him in jail for attempted fraud. I am reminded of this by an AP item in this morning's newspapers. A Baltimore ^federal grand jury has Just indicted a man for'|> selling "innocent pur- .chale'rs" a box of "mink seeds" to grow; mink coats. 1 Hb* about that?:We are asked; to 'believe therfe,sarev adults ,„ so stupid they don' t ?k no w Ho w m inks get ctheir fur coats. -That's not stupidity —that's humanity with a touch of mink and a very large dose of larceny. Snow, Sleet, Rain Spread Over State By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Snow accompanied by sleet and rain covered most of Arkansas today but moderate temperatures generally prevented hazardous road conditions around the state. The State Police reported that no roads were closed, although some bridges in t h e Northeast Arkansas had light icing. The U.S. Weather Bureau reported that snow was tapering off in the state this morning. It began falling Wednesday "morning. Snow accumulations reported around the state at 6 a.m, today were mostly one inch, but Harrison and Walnut Ridge reported two inches, Decreasing cloudiness is expected tonight and temperatures should be warmer Friday. Low temperatures reported around the state this morning ranged from 27 degrees at Harri* son to 32 at Fort Smith, Texarkana and El Dorado, Highs Wednesday ranged from 33 at Harrison to 35 at Fort Smith and Pine Bluff, Precipitation reported around the state in the 24*hour period •ending at 6 a,m, bd-iy included ,86 at Little Rock, ,07 at Fort Smith, ,02 at Fayetteville, ,U at Harrison, ,15 at walnut Ridge, ,09 at Memphis, ,55 at Pine Bluff, ,48 at El Poradr and ;51 at t«* Star Printed by Offset ciij Subsafrtwrs! ff you Ml to rtteltt jmif STif pteiwptow Mtf4Ut t*f*tft§ifi<f fcldfti*. - Sitflfdir fijteft of tf 8 p,m, »nd i atfrti'r will fcllw 14N|e* Star of Hope, 18M, Press 1921 Consolidated January 18, 1929 mn, AIHUHWS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY IS, 1968 Associated Press A Audit Bureau of Av, N«t Circulation ft mos, *mtnt Sept, 3®, 1961 **M1t Constitution Bills Get Attention LrfTLE ROCK (AP) - Tbi Arkansas General Assembly faces a major task today in at* tempting to coordinate a pair of divergent constitutional convett* tion bills passed Wednesday before sending one to the governor for his signature. The House, which spent much of Tuesday in a battle between rural and urban forces, surprisingly passed its bill without dissent while the Senate was hard-pressed in gaining a 29-11 favorable vote oh Its measure, In other major action Wednesday, the House attached 11 amendments to an administration bill creating a Department of Corrections, Including a controversial provision to permit corporal punishment. The House bill (HB78) setting up the procedure tor calling a constitutional convention calls for the election of 100 delegates based on the 1967 House apportionment with the electorate accepting or rejecting the document in a special election in 1909. The Senate bill also w -?!d provide for the election of 100 See CONSTITUTION on Page Two China Shoots Down Stray U.S. Plane WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon says the U.S. NaVyAl Skyraider shot down by Chinese MIGs Tiiesday inadvertently strayed into -Communist airspace because of navigational difficulties, There,,was no immediate word on the fate of the pilot of the slow.flying, propeller-driven craft. The pilot of a second Skyraid- er which escaped the MIG attack and fled to Da Nang, South plane had been damaged and said Its pilot was unharmed, plane in a vertical dive and smoking," the Pentagon said. Phil G. Goulding, assistant secretary of defense said the two Navy planes were about five miles from China's Hainan Island. Red China, which claims a 12-mile water and airspace territorial limit, accused the United States of war provocations in a Peking Radio broadcast monitored In Tokyo. "Navy pilots of the People's Liberation Army immediately dealt a heavy blow and shot down one of them and damaged See CHINA SHOOTS on Page Two f? wl ? Confidence Ebbing in B1LLDENMAN Denman Seeks 2nd Term as Prosecutor Prosecuting Attorney BUI Denman Jr. has authorized the Star to announce his candidacy for reelection to the Eighth Judicial post. He released the following statement: "In making my formal announcement for the Democratic Nomination for Prosecuting Attorney for the Eighth Judicial Circuit, my family and I again wish to thank the voters of the Circuit for their support in my successful race for ttils office two years ago, also I wish to thank the many people who have been so helpful and considerate to me durlng^my first term,f in office. 7 "' • f . "During my first terin I'have attempted to serve you £frt would like to, oe iw#j!oV*ift4ari"*'tiJi- partlal, courteous, honest and effective manner. "As you know from news reports crime is on the increase. Further, the U.S. Supreme Court since the summer of 1966, has continually changed many of the former law enforcement procedures. Because of these two facts, I believe I am particularly qualified to again serve you as Prosecuting Attorney. By reason of my 19 years of law practice and because during the time of these swift changes in the criminal law, I have kepi Informed on these new problems, and have had to deal with them daily as they have arisen in my work as your Prosecuting Attorney, i feel that this enables me to fully and competently serve you as Prosecuting Attorney. "I have cooperated fully with your various police and sheriffs in order that they and I could better serve you and I have tried to See DENMaN SEEKS on Page Four By JACK BELL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) Tw senators who support administration objectives In Asia say public confidence is ebbing In Prest* dent Johnson's handling of the Vietnam war, Their assessments paralleled Gallup Poll findings that only 35 per cent of the peopte It sue* veyed approve of Johnson's war strategy, Sens* Harry F, Byrd, D»Va^ and Hugh Scott, R-Pa,, who sutfr scribe to the President's policy of opposing; Communist ft gyres* sion in Southeast Asia, said thl people are disturbed because they can see no end to the war, Byrd, who has called for stepping up the war to a winning pace, told the Senate Tuesdcy that In talking to more than 500 constituents during a recent tour, "I found deepening concern and increased dissatisfaction with the way the Vietnam war is being conducted." He said Virginians support the troops sent to fight in Asia and "support our government In time of crisis, but Increasingly they question" the wisdom and Judgment of our leaders." ' Byrd called for a reappraisal of policies on the basis of widespread U.S. commitments he said make this country vulnerable In many areas, : lnri'"itn«t Korea and the Middle East. He said these "dramatize the need for the administration to develop a sense of urgency in brtngLig the Vietnam war to an honorable and early conclusion, which is not likely to be accomplished without a change In policies and procedures," Scott told a student audience ,: In Brooklngs, S.D., the people are frustrated "with an unpopular war to'which no one see,s an end" arttf by a t'babfcle of solu-" tions" that seemed .likely to" solve nothing at all. , Reviewing world problems, he See SENATORS'SMY on Page Two Local Youths to Observe Hat'l FFA Week Vocational Agriculture students In Hope High School will join Future Farmers of America members throughout the nation fn activities to focus attention on the importance of agriculture during National FFA Week, February 17-24. 'Challenging Youth in Agrt- U.S. Bombs Historic City of Hue FAST FOOTWORK keeps you alive In Hue, South Vietnam, where thcic Marliwi nr« engaged in house-to-house fighting against hcnvlly entrenched Communist positions. Latest Vietnam Peace Probing Is No Basis for Halt to Bombing House Vote Eliminates *lynn Davis «** t & r 1 By ED SHfiARER Associated Press Writer LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The House approved today a bill requiring the Estate Police director to be a qualified elector after It was announced that former Director Lynn A. Davis would withdraw his name from consideration for the position if the measure passftd, y* Rc-p, James Shoots of Silo am Springs, sponsor of the bill, told the House without elaboration before the 85-11 vote that Davis would withdraw if the bill passed as amended. "We will no longer refer to this as the Lynn Davis bill," Sheets said. After the House voted on the bill, G. Thomas Eisele, Gov. Wlnthrop Rockefeller's legal aide, rushed into the governor's Army Stockpiling Riot Control Equipment in Depots Across Nation culture" Is this year's theme. The message that these young office and reported, "Wu'\o lost agriculturists are trying to Im- the Lynn Davis case." part to the nation is simple. They Davis was not Immediately seek to inform the public of the available for comment. H« was importance of the agricultural at Star City testifying before industry to America and to the the Lincoln County Grand Jury world, the value of good citizen- investigating the discovery of ship development, and the role three human skeletons at Cum- of Future Farmers of America m ins Prison Farm, in helping meet the challenges in world food production that faces America today, "Because of the many predlc- tions of world hunger in the She Simply Walked Out DENVER, Colo, (AP) - Alter being sentenced to 60 days for t, Mrs. Freddie Mae W|l, s, ?5< tod one request, "Your honor, may I get my Coujty Judge John Sa,n«*e? jjoltied. Us assent. The waitress, who ted been free on bond pending sentenc* leg, walks} back into the spectator's section, lifted, her purse .Jroin the third row and kept .Vajkjng briskly out the door. Wjtb op sheriff deputies present, other court Attaches stared in disbelief at the departing waitress. By GAYLORD SHAW Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The Army is stockpiling riot control equipment in strategically locaU ed depots across the country, of. ficials said today, and is ready to airlift it to any city if civil disorders break out next summer, Details of the millrary esUb. Juiin-.:i -. riot duty prepara. tions were disclosed after sources reported the President's Commission on Civil Disorders is dissatisfied with the National Guard's performance in quell* ing last summer's violence, and is considering recommending creation of a specially trained federal rioUcpntrol force, A commission source said the National Guard's effectiveness is limited by lack of proper training and by ''the fact most of the Guarcj is lily-white, 1 ' He said discussion of a special force has centered on whether it would amount to a national pot lice force; whether it woujfj be a regular Army unit; and at what point it would step Into a disorder. Army and National Guard of? ficials said their planning has been extensive as well as di« verse, ranging from obtaining maps of subway, sewer, water and electrical systems In potential trouble spots to preparing menus for mobilized national guardsmen. The North Carolina guard, for example, will have fish with tartar sauce for dinner on the third day If called out., strategy sessions have in* volved thousands of individuals, from the Pentagon's top brass to policemen on the beat, "I personally fee} assured the planning Is adequate,' 1 said Maj, Gen, Francis GreenHef, deputy chief of the National Guard Bureau. Greenlief and the Guard chief, Maj, Gen, Winston P. Wilson will tour 40 states this spring, reviewing state and lo» caj preparations, From interviews with Penta* gon, National Guard and other officials, these major points emerged? -The Army is stockpiling special equipment in * haJMpz, en or so depots, but officials re f fused to give the e*act number or say where they are, "that's classified," one officer said, Greenlief sai<J "the Army has §§§«* look for someone to head the State Police, He said Davis had future, many people have stopped said he did not want the job If listening," said Troy W. Buck, he had to take It under a legal vocational agriculture teacher ' ' and FFA advisor, "Now suddenly, the future is here! For the past seven years, our world has not been able to grow as much food as it has eaten, And, final' ly, the bottomless U.S. surpluses have melted away. Let us also "Let us also point out," he added, "that it is estimated that The Henderson state College the world as a whole will need Symphony Orchestra will appear 50 percent more food just two decades from now, Meeting these challenges will be Jn the hands of young agriculturists being trained and developed in such an organization as the FFA," Membership in the , made up of students of vocational and Bernstlen, agriculture in Wgh school. The The arrangements for the or. organization's activities are de- chestra were made by the Hope signed to help develop rural High School Music Parents As, leadership and gooj citizenship soclatlon as part of a season to stimulate the students to bet- ticket concert series. Holders ter achjeyejm-nt In, their study of the family tickets wjll be ad- and work toward successful es- mltted to this concert without tablishment in farming and other e*|ra charge, agricultural occupations. Individual tickets will be avail- The Hope FFA Chapter has able at the door, adults $1,00 247 members. Officers are: *"d students 50c, The orchestra Rocky Cumings, President; Jack *Ul arrive In Hope atout 5:00 Dougan, Vice President; Mike P»"»» tor supper and then play Voss, Secretary; Gary Golden, the concert in the High Sch^l Treasurer; Sidney Hollls, Re- Auditorium at 8:00 p,rn t Febru- porter; and Danny Key, Sentinel, ary 20, Rockefeller said he was "deeply disappointed" and that he would start Immediately to ported to have been Informed of 1 ' • Thant's contacts with North By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER AP Special Correspondent WASHINGTON (AP) - The latest round of peace probing between the United States and North Vietnam has not produced any basis for halting the bombing of the florth and opening peaco talks. But Secretary of State Dsan Rusk, In reporting this Wednesday, declared the United States remains Interested "in a serious move toward peace when Hanoi comes to the conclusion that It Is ready to move In that direction." Rusk Issued a statement after reports from Paris and Rome of intense diplomatic activity on the peace front involving U.N, Secretary-General U Thant and Foreign Minister Amlntore Fan- fanl of Italy. Both have talked with North Vietnamese representatives. U Thant spent 75 minutes in Paris Wednesday with Mai Van Vo, chief North Vietnamese rej>- resentative there. News dispatches reported ho left the meeting convinced North Vietnamese and U.S. positions are too far apart to provide hope for any early peace conference. Fanfani met early this month with two Hanoi representatives who arrived In Rome Feb. 4 and left Feb. G, according to an announcement of the Italian Foreign Ministry. A report of his discussions was dispatched to the State Department here immediately after the talks, The department was also re- Another 400 Week in U.S. War Deaths SAIGON (AP) - American casualties In tho Vietnam war dropped slightly last week from the record toll of the previous week when me Viet Cong and North Vietnamese launched •their countrywide lunar new year offensive,; The U.S. Command, in its weekly summary today", said 400 U.S. military personnel were killed last week and 1,494 wounded. In the previous week, 416 American military men wore reported killed anti 2,757 wounded, Tho number missing or captured was not reported. The command's reporting system apparently was still disrupted by tho general offensive, for it said enemy ami South Vietnamese government casualty figures for last week "are not available at this time." For the previous reporting period, the w«ek In which the Communist offensive was launched, the command Issued a revised enemy casualty toll of 15,000 killed. The earlier report for the week had been 15,515 enemy dead, and both figures were far above the previous record for the war. Of the 1,494 Americans reported woundwl last week, 934 required hospltallzatlon, the U.S. Command saW. The weekly summary said 70 members of other foreign allied forces were killed last week and 92 were woundwl. Presumably most of them were South Koreans, the largest foreign group In the allied force aftor the Unit- cloudy, Henderson Orchestra Coming Here at Hope High School for one con* cert February 20, The orchestra under the direc. tion of Dr, Newel Kay Brown, will play a varied program in. eluding music by Cluck, Ravel, FFA is Strauss, Jves, Vauj' " See ANOTHER 400 on Page Two See LATEST on Page Two All Around Town By The SUr Staff City Police made 828 traffic arrests during 1907 anrl reported a total of 323 auto accidents... contributing factors to tlu;sfe accidents were 45 arrested for Inattention, ,148 drivers failwl to yield the right-of-way... 11 wt-rfc driving while Intoxicated. .10 failed to have proper brakes... 13 turned improper...35weretol- lowing too clost- there was one each arresM for reckless driving, hazardous driving awl jaywalking., nine were backing upit the wrong time., five- wtre hit and run cases,.,20 were speeding...sbt d is regarded traffic signals...two passt-d improperly., four pafkwi improper were driving over U»line...those were the most frequtnt causes of accidents.. fortunately in tin- 323 wrecks last year only one person was fatally injured. Hempst'.-ad County Slicing Convention meets Sunday, Ft-b. 18, at 1:30 p.m. a! Sc-uthside Bap- tist Church, across the road from School. Highway 29, Harold Duke is president. Among those making the honor roll for the past semester at Texarkana Colk-gt- wen-Sue Harmon, Marlfefife Jows urri Leland Lavendt-r Jr., all <>l Hope, Terry L, All^n, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jamts Edward Allen, Hope Ht. 2, wiiplfctfcd work for his Associate "/ Arts degree at Southern State College at the end of the fail semester...Allen will receive hi* diploma with the spring graduating da ( ,s at corn- /neneemew on May 24...a 1965 gradual" of Hop* Hi 0 'b School, Allen Is mania! lo ihe former Becky Russell of fc'mnwt. The Boy Scouts of Troop 62 would like to invitt- the parents awl all past members of (he troop to an opon house Tuesday night, February 20 at 7p.m. in the basement of thf- Methodist Church. tress Writer SAIGON (AP)~ U.S. Marine jets bombed th« massive brown- stona walls of Hue's historic Citadel today for the first time In th* I (Way struggle) to crush the Communist atWck In th« former. imporiftl capital. But there was no Immediate word that the- Leathernecks OR thfl ground made any twins against the stubborn North Vietnamese holed up tnsltle. Over North Vietnam, two moru U.S. planes w*r« last Wednesday as American warplanes hit the Hanoi heartland Wednesday with the heaviest strikes in six weeks. UJS. pilots said they pounded the vital Canal do 9 Rapldss bridge just out' std# Hanoi ami two airfields with 3, 000-pound bombs and knocked out four missile sites In the protective tiny around the Communist capital. The United States has now announced the loss -of 700 American combat pianos In thfl three years of air wstr against North Vietnam* Another American plane— which tho Pentagon said w*« unarmed- was shot down by Rod Chinese over China's Halnan Island Tuesday night, nnd the U.S. Command reported earlier that American pilots; shot down two Communist MIGs Wednesday northwest of Hanoi. Other U.S. Air Force fighter* bombers joined American ground troops, army helicopter ifunshlpjj nnd artillery 13 miles northwest of Saigon in a mas» stvo attack on a Communist force caught In the open this morning. A swoop of the area after the battle produced 127 enemy bodies, the U,S, Command reported, ?-' > AP plvtographer A| Chang reported from Hue, the former imperial capital 400 miles northeast of Suiif /n, that the Marine bombers dived down on the walls of the former palace grounds trying to clear the way for U.S. Marina assault troops advancing with tear gas, The American Jets entered -th« battle tor tho Citadel for the first time Wednesday but used only napalm and rockets on the North VU'tnanu'se positions along tho 6-foot-thlck stone walls in an effort to minimize damage to historical and architectural treasures inside tho compound, AP News Digest VIETNAM The latest round of peace probing between the United States and North Vietnam has not produced any basis fur halt. ing the tombing of the North '•md opening talks. U.S, Jets blast Hue's historic Citadel tor the second day. Other American planes hit tho Ha. nol area with the heaviest «t r Ike*. In six weeks, WASHINGTON The U.S. Army Is stockpiling riot control equipment at key points across the nation. It will be airlifted to any major trouble spot. The government, which wants to tax American tourists to stem the dollar drain, finances millions of dollars worth of tra/ei abroad without safeguards against foreign carriers getting the money, NATIONAL Klchard M, NU'jn brings the Now York sanitation strike into his presidential campaign, saying that breaking the law "can* nut and must not t* rewarded," Gov, George Romney says the United States H mt|st not be lrn» petuous about j'i'n.'ing off to to* mo r ro *' s t rouble spots,' ' INTERNATIONAL Nearly 50,000 persons arellv* ing In tents and bodies still are telnj found one month after the earthquake in Sicily, f pa Man It Killed in War WASHINGTON (AP) - Th* Defense Department listed Wednesday Marine Cpi, A»» tony W. Handley of Hot Springs as being killed in ao tion in Vietnam. He was the SQQ of Mrs, Huth B, Fuller q| Hot Springs.

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