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The Colton Courier from Colton, California • Page 2

The Colton Courier from Colton, California • Page 2

Colton, California
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The Courier Tuesday, April 28, 1959 Page 2 New Church Site Sought By Highgrove Minister Overcrowded conditions at the Chrfeitan education unit at which Origsdoon Production At VC Friday, Saturday time we will build our new auditorium. These are the hopes, the and the dreams of the young minister and his congregation. Mediators Meet Today On NBC 'Bardot' Dispute NEW YORK (UPI) Federal mediators scheduled a meeting today in an attempt to resolve a disnute which put the National Broadcasting Companys television network off the air for two hours Monday and forced supervisory personnel to take over all oih technicians jobs on radio and TV. At issue was a French filmed interview with Brigitte Bardot which the National Association of Broadcasting Employes and Technicians said represented an electronic version of the runaway shop" and a violation of its contract with the network. NBC denied there was a contract violation and said it had sent nine NABET members to Paris-one more than the union requested for the filming of the Bardot interview and four other Dave Garroway Today shows. It said Mondays tape program, in which Miss Bardot recites Shakespeare on the Eiffel Tower, will be presented today, with supervisory workers handling the NABET members jobs. Tlie walkout spread to a total of 1,500 technicians at radio and TV stations in New York. Washington. Philadelphia, San Francisco and Hollywood. But radio operations were not interrupted and TV programs went on as usual after the two-hour lapse, with supervisory personnel taking over the techniciims jobs. G. Tyler Byrne, director of network affairs for NABET, Said French technicians had been employed in violation of the union's contract, which provides that NABET has jurisdiction over all videotape for programs owned by NBC. VIEWING ONE OF THE MODEL HOMES at the Orange Show as featured by the Tri-County Savings and Loan League are left to right, A. E. Hurley, first vice president of the Federal Savings and Loan Association of San Bernardino; Jcaan Cook; and T. E. (Ed) Huckaby, secretary-treasurer of the Orange Belt Federal Savings and Loan Association in Col ton. The exquisitely-made scale diorama models tea-tuy the New England Colonial, Victorian, Spanis h-Caltfornia, Contemporary and Ultra Modern, Authorities Fan Out In Search For Mississippi Negro POPLARVUiE, MISS. (UPD- FBI aeent. working with state and local officers, fanned out into nearbv Louisiana and surrounding Mississippi counties today in the search for a lynch party and its Negro victim. The two-state search for the young Negro, an accused rapist, and the masked mob that abdtict-ed him early Sjaturday was begun Monday. It was widened today after a meeting Monday night of more than 30 of the 40 FBI agents working on the case in this south Mississippi town. The meeting followed an hour-long telephone report, apparently to Washington headquarters, by R. W. Bachman, New Orleans FBI chief. The widening of the search for Mack Charles Parker, 23, a truck driver, and his kidnapers began after authorities exhausted most leads in Pearl River County. Some of the agents returned today to a neighboring Louisiana parish for the second day to step up questioning of persons in the Bogalusa, area. Bogalusa, the former hometown of the white pregnant woman Parker was accused of raping, is 21 miles west of here, just across the Mississippi River. However, questioning of scores of residents here, in the Hattiesburg area where the woman now lives and in neighboring I-amar County was continuing. Parker lived in the Lamar County town of Lumberton. Parker was beaten savagely with Distols and clubs and dragged head first down three flights of stairs from the third-floor jail. He was dumped into a waiting car by the masked and hooded men. The abductors carried a short coil of rope. QUAKE SHAKES LARGE AREA BERKELEY, Calif. (LTD A two-hour series of earthquakes shook an area 2.300 miles southeast of here, possibly in Southern Mexico or Guatemala, beginning today at 4:16 a.m. p.d.t. Dr. Don Tocher. University of California seismologist, reported. The shocks measured as high as 6.75 on the Richter scale, he said. At Pasadena, Calif. Dr. Charles F. Richter of the California Institute of Tehnology said his seis-mographic equipment measured two big at similar 6.75 magnitude. He placed the epicenter near the Mexican-Gualemala border. These were not small earthquakes, Richter said. If they happened near any of those jungle towns they could have been disastrous. Highgrove Foursquare Church have been a problem for the past several months. Sunday School members have been holding weekly classes in their ministers apartment. As the classes increased in size, the classroom was extended to the back of a pick-up truck which was equipped with benches to facilitate the students. The addition of a station wagon has just been recently coverted into a Sunday school classroom. Grand Tarraca Area The Rev. Charles D. Bigelow, minister of the church, has been looking for a parsel of land on which to build a new church and parsonage. The old church is presently located in Riverside County. The Rev. Bigelow would like to construct a church in the Crand Terrace area. We have the money to 'purchase the land, but our efforts to find one or two acres in the Grand Terrace area have been fruitless, the young minister stated. Application Denied On Feb. 11, an application was submitted to the San Bernardino Planning CRmmission to construct the new church on the west side of La Cadena north of Barton Rd. Because of the traffic hazard and small site, the planners suggested that a larger site be purchased. Since the planners turned down the application, the Rev. Bigelow and his congregation have been searching for a new church site. "Our present church was to be the first unit of the church and used for youth facilities when the new auditorium was built. The bui'ding codes of the county would not permit the addition of an auditorium, the Rev. Bigelow slated. Hopes' Plans The minister stated the reason he chose the Crand Terrace area was because it was a compartive-ly new section. "A new church in the area would be able to serve the community, Mr. Bigelow said. Pastor of the Highgrove church for two-and-a-half years, the Rev. Bigelow is originally from El Monte. After leaving the L. I. F.E Bible College in Los Angeles, be assumed duties as pastor in the San Joaquin Valley and San Francisco. The Rev. Bigelow, his wifj, Michele, and two children. David and Mickey, reside at 1175 West Central Highgrove. Our new cnurch will seat between 150 and 200 persons and will lie a first unit with future plans fer expansion. The new structure will be constructed in such a way that it can be converted into a 27,000 HEAR BILLY GRAHAM SYDNEY, Australia (LTI) American evangelist Billy Graham told a crowd of 27,000 tonight that he had been so impressed with Australia he would like to return here in the near future. Australians have been packing into Grahams meetings and tonights session was carried to 70 other communities as far as 7J0 miles away by land lines. Graham's aides said they hoped to extend this service to more than 120 towns. Heads For Texas Ranch To Gel Horse HOUSTON. Tex. (UPI) Fidel Castro set out today for a Texas ranch to get a gift horse. He hoped to take the voung colt with hign on an airplane. The Cuban Prime Minister denied Monday night any knowledge of Cubans participating in the rebel invasion of Panama. Our relations with Panama are good, he said. Castro had planned only a refueling stop in Houston Monday on a flight from Montreal, Canada, to Buenos Aires for a conference with his brother. Raul, commander of the Cuban army. he wanted to get the horse. J. B. Ferguson, an oilman race horse owner, invited to his ranch at Wharton about 65 miles from Houston, 'o get the colt. C. Paul Oxley, coordinating the production as well as serving as musical director, noted that the combination of a strong singing and dramatic cast, rich choral settings, and spectacular scenery should yield a delight ful evening for local theater-goers. McCray In Cast Cast in the role of the impudent and man-chasing Meg Brockie, Jan McCray brings to the part a wealth of amateur and semi-professional experience. Mrs. McCray majored in speech and drama at Minnesota, followed up her college experience singing with a band and in the U. S. O. She has played a number of roles in VC Theater Workshop productions including the lead in 'Bus Slop. Also, she was seen recently as Nancy in the Redlands Footlighter's production of "Gaslight. Mrs. McCray fpaches the fourth grade at Lincoln School in Colton. Her husband is attending California Polytcchnical College at Pomona. Male Lead Cast in the role of Charlie Dalrymple, the prospective bridegroom whose wedding plans are threatened, Walter Luehr gives the show some of its main comedy moments. Luehr is a voice student of Frank Tavaglione and has sung with a number of groups in the area including the Apple Valley Romanies organized by John Charles Thomas. Rehearsal Praised According to Oxley, It would be difficult to single out any of the cast for kudos at this time but we have been delighted with Mr. Luehr and Mrs McCray and their deft comedy touches in rehearsal. Tickets for the show are now on sale at the college. Telephone reservations can be made by calling the school during business hours. Also, tickets will be available at the box office. ACTRESS TAKES OVERDOSE OF PILLS WEST LOS ANGELES (UPI) 36-year-old film actress allegedly tried to kill herself because she was desuendent over facial scars suffered in a traffic aeci dent last August, police reported todav. Molly Dunne, who plays bit parts, was reported in fair condition at Mt. Sinai Hospital w-here she was taken for treatment Monday after gulping a handful of sleeping pills. A friend said Miss Dunne was; despondent since being scarred the traffic mishap. News Briefs MAY CANCEL CONCERTS NEW YORK (UPI) A wage dispute threatens cancellation of summer concerts at Lewisohn Stadium for the first time since 1918. Mrs. Minnie S. Gugenheimer. chairman of Stadium Concerts. I said Monday she would not budge an inch even if I have to give up the concerts. Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians rejected a $7-a-week raise for stadium symphony orchestra members. WILL VISIT U.S. BONN. Germany (UPI) Two West German frigates will set out next month for the first major postwar overseas visit by the republic's new navy. The frigates. Hipper and Graf Spree will call at ports in the West Indies, the United States, Canada, The Azores and Portugal. NOT MEANT THAT WAY YONKERS. Y. (UPI) The hold-up men who escaped with ly $50,000 from the First National Bank Monday carried the money away in brightly colored shopping bags carrxing the bank's name nearly, S50.0CO from the First National Bank Monday carried the money away in brightly colored shopping bags carrying the banks name and the legend: A gift to you, to celebrate our 25th year in Yonkers. Cun Tofin' Mama Admits Crime Spree (Contimud From Page 1) time of the theft. Mrs. Parker was living in the same block as the victims at that time. Police quoted Mrs. Parker as saying she cut the screen on the back window of the Thompson residence and stole the items from the house. She said she committed the house burglary alone, police said. Palie today stated some of tie stolen items were found in Mrs. Parkers house. in eonf -y-ing the theft of the drug store office, which was discovered Friday, Mrs. Parker said she took $80. however $170 was reported missing, police said. In admitting the market burglary attempt, police quoted the woman as saying she needed the money to bail her boyfriend out of the Riverside jail. Burge, who was apprehended in car a the scene of the alleged crime last night, was quoted os saving she was juxi along for the rule. She was not connected with the other crimes Eoth Parker and Burge are held in county jail today on of the burglary attempt last night. Rehearsal of the Valley College production of Brigadoon move into their final phases this week. The musical will be presented Friday and Saturday nights at 8 o'clock in the College Auditorium. Invasion Underway In Panama (Continued From Page 1) cT American States, meeting in Washington, passed a resolution calling on its members to use all means at their disposal to prevent rebels in their territory from attacking Panama. Informed sources in Panama said the invasion was prompted by nothing more than political opposition wanting, to get back in pbwer." Sizeable rebel reinforcements from Cuba were reported converging on Panama where loyal forces, strengthened by U.S. arms and ammunition, were fighting to encircle invaders who seized a coastal village. Pauling Claims Strontium-90 limit Too Hiuh NEW YORK (UPI)-Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel prize winning chemist, said today that amounts of strontium-90 now judged permissible could cause every thousandth child in an entire generation to die of leukemia. Pauling protested the recent raising of the permissible limit by the National Committee on Radiation Protection and measurements in a letter to the New York Tiroes published today. The scientist, head of the chemistry division of the California Institute of Technology, has long been an outspoken opponent of continued nuclear testing which raises the worlds level of radioactive fallout. The only safe amount of stron-tum-90 in the bone of our chil-' dren is zero." Tauling wrote. He noted that the element is deposited rapidly, with calcium, in the bones of growing children. I shall assume that by the age of 7 the children have received the maximum permissible amount 0 2 mierocurie, he wrote. For the remainder of their lives, about 63 years, their bone marrow would be irndiated by it at the rate of 0 5 roentgen a year. Prof. B. Lewis of the Ca'i-fornia Institute of Technology estimated from the k.eiJence of leukemia in Hiroshima nid Nagasaki survivors that -ne-marrow irradiation by one roentgen increases the incidence of leukemia by one per million during each succeeding year. There is much evidence that this rate holds lor even, small amounts of radiation. A simple calculation on the basis of the above figures show; that the predicted chance of death by leukemia caused by strontium-90 for a person who receives the newly recommended maximum permissible amount early in hie is one per thousand. LASH LARUE CONVICTED ON ASSAULT COUNT ANAHELW, Calif. (UPI)-' Cow boy actor Lash LaRue, 45. will be sentenced Monday as the result of a domestic donnybrook in which be suffered a head gash retiring five stitches. LaRue pleaded guilty to assault and battery and disturbing the peace charges in Municipal Court Mnday. The charges were brought iby his wife, Paddie, 28, and her sister, Mr. M. Osborn, who both suffered minor bruises in the April 11 melee. "A- f-m gyt. fear W-My ni i 't v. A Two Missile Tests Success POINT ARGUELLO (UPI) The Marine Corps reported today that two of three Terrie surface-to-air missiles were successfully fired Monday bv the 2nd Marine Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion. Two of the missiles which are 25 feet long, weigh about a ton and can carry a nuclear warhead 10 miles into the air scored near-misses on a drone plane target. The near-misses were signaled from the Terriers by a puff of smoke. The battalion did not try to hit the drone and it, was recovered later, for future use. The third Terrier, which did not take off properly, splashed into the ocean. The exercises were conducted from portable launchers on shore at the naval missile facility here. AWUUlWWIWWWWWWIWWWl If You Are a NEWCOMER A group of civic minded Colton Merchants send the Good Neighbor City Hostess to bring you gifts and information about Colton, yoa are missed Talepnone Or Write GOOD NEIGHBORS At fhs Colton Chambor Of Commorco Or TUxodo $4-9244 uwneiuuMwaniinnnnMnMiu CLOCK SPEEDERS CHICAGO (LTD Illinois police announced a new board campaign to clock spec ers. A newly acquired patrol car will have a large speedomoc mounted on its roof; a glance the mirror will show a culpri; just what speed he's being clocked at. NEW YORK (LTI) Two-year old Lorraine Alverson put a plastic laundry bag over her head Monday while her mother was out shopping. Mrs. Nancy Alverson returned 10 minutes later to find her daughter suffocated abevi i TRASH STRIKE LONDON (LTI) One hundred fifty garbage collectors were on strike today because city officials refused to let them sell tidbits plucked Horn the trash cans. National Orange Show Schedule Today, Tomorrow 4 00 Professional Entertainment, CIRCUS. Special Events Pavilion 5 00 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Stage 5 30 Coral Llanders. Sports Marina Stage 5 30 Rialto Dav Program, Special Events Pavilion 30 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Stage 7 00 Professional Entertainment, CIRCUS, Special Events Pavilion 7 00 Ginger Keahi Allen Dance Studio, 1 1 Exhibits B'rfg. 8.00 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Siege 8 30 Dave Prudence Billie Jean Parker, Special Events Pavilion 8 30 Coral Islanders. Sports Marina Stage. 9 00 Lopez School of Music Dance. Swcial Events Pavilion. SALUTING: A. F. Artesia. Chula Vista. Etiwanda. Elsinore, Imperial City County, Oro Grande, La Puente, Pacific Coast Showmen, Radio Tele-ision. Rialto and Rotary. TOMORROW 10 00 Gates Open 11 30 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Stage 11 30 Victor Valley Sr. High School Band, Special Events Pavilion 12 30 Mel-0 Dears Special Events Pavilion 1 00 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Stage 1 on Pacific High School Band. Special Events Pavilion 1 30 Inglewood Sr. High School Orchestra. Special Events Pavilion 2 00 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Stafe 2 30 Vera Lynn School of the Dance, Special Events Pavilion 2 30 Coral Islanders, Sports Ma rina Stage 3 00 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Stage 3 30 House of Note, Special Pavilion 4 00 Professional Entertainment CIRCUS. Special Events Pavilion 4 30 Marth Ann Williams-skiing spectacular. Sports Marina 5 00 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Stage 5 30 Pink Slipper School cf Dance, Special Events Pavilion 5:30 Coral Islanders, Sport Marina Stage 6.00 Reeneetts Majorette Corps Special Events Pavilion 6:30 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Stage 7.00 Professional Entertainment CIRCUS, Special Events Pavilion 7 00 Ginger Keahi Allen Dance Studio, Citrus Exhibits Bldg. 7.00 Martha Ann Williams-skiing spectacular. Sports Marina 7.90 Pest Control Operators1 Dinner, Orange Blossom Room 8.00 Entertainment, Kiddie Land Stage 8 30 Coral Islanders, Sports Marina Stage 8 30 Native Sons Daughters of the Golden West, Special Events Pavilion SALUTING: Bloomington, Ca thedral City, Chino, Kiwanis Club Laguna Beach, Native Sons Daughters of the Golden West Newport Beach and Harbor, Pasadena Tournament of Roses, Pest Control Operators, Placentia on i Yucaipa. SECURITY DANS prQT for property I DLO I improvement! Security Bank has up to $3500 for you to improve your home. And you can pay for the increased comfort over a 3-year period. Whether its air conditioning, a new roof, new room, or merely paint-up and fix- up, nows the time to aet started fU awniifoaizs-. lomsioy iZOIGCEMTunri $kM4f 4 MiM WWarwua fUt'tl I) MM COLTON BRANCH 201 North Eighth Street JAMES I. HARE Ast. Vice President A Mgr. ANffHINg NMI BfMSW Turkey, British trim pert lW eerryin secret rechet epiHpmeek it believed captured by Mefem. Brimi frem Aehere te Behrein, piene wet lest reperted ytaf evee Mu (eterk

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