Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 2, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1916
Page 4
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rotrn. jlUllOfe tHUSSOAY L NOV. 2, 1916. Cloaks! Cloaks! The sale on Cloaks goes on uninterrupted, There\ a reason for it— its the values we are giving; we guarantee to save you from $2 to $10 on a garment Our meth- ocls are quick turnovers^ ii«? the volume ^of business that tells the story at the end of the season. .* Have you seen the new ready-to-wear Skirts in plaids and stripes? $4.89 to $6.50. The new furs are here in all the popular makes and are being offered at prices that are right HECKMAN BROS 1 . *,f ft,» !•,«•> rfl of v<:V «,... ,.».. f/, ,-f,.!! v>:||. t!) With lh</> f""'.n-ji:..I 1 . •" T';n !!'.e f,,ri f>jr!,i!niy thrv* rr,':«; ?»•> P.-TJ- $m-1 fitiv •**'••* rnf l ftlt-«f* «?' !r> <\ors i;',!••.-. fi frt :fr.<» tv,v> !riK !•;> !'t lY -rn ' N- [•!)' Stic h ri>- I i.-ri. i >»':i; wit-klne ft>r <hr> pv.till i it is !•<.«>>!>•- r- pany thru h;is hnr,.!!«•<! !!:•• f;i\isu- «.« etrf'TiRth to tv^rrnn! K"i'pir!K TI th<» job Is fi mve'^ry thnt It i Is Oii* iiVtv" r.f the two rhom>>c : f« f-f 1Ti<- the iftsp-sy-fr**- t>? tht* f-Hy. The f!A2''tt*» is not now criSUiclnE tatlvf? (.f th*> public and tin- trispnV'-r* rpspfrtfutiy n«king for )lR)it on an tin- fortnn,'il<> situation. Mayor 1'lntt nn<1 iom-r Hurtftftn. r i '• .•-• . .. -.] f,,: •:>,!<•• i t.", - •-•nt!:'' f ",)!!; f h" ''i.n- -m • •[':-,- •••••.! v !-.-. ' •>•• i WHY? WHY? WHY? out UK asrf--'- ', ' : " ni ! ? — j NOSE CLOGGED FROM ' ! ! A COLD OR CATARRH NEWS IN BRiEN, ., Appk (>Mm ln ^ rih To - opfn lp ^ir F l^TERLING DAILY GAZETTE - AND DAILY STANDARD 8IXTY-8ECOND YEAR\ PubHih.d Daily Sunday. D. W. QRANDON A SONS, ——Edltert * rxil-PwWitKemi Office, 111 Watt Third Street. VnUr*d at Poitoffice, Sterling, ttlinoit, — «» 8»eond Ciait MatttT. WHY? WHY? WHY? "The dctlgn of iht .<•!«>• coum-il ir. ,-,aUng thriH» to two in favor of tcr- |firnlnatlnit thp city pavlnR contract with |*th» Conduclvo I'avliiK Co, i<.mmi>ri<ln ^-itiidf to a vast iniijortty t>f iho m.Ild, •Ubitantlal clUzen»|uf the i-ity. «'«m- icionem Kiddp^ ovorhol^-r and auth' voted yes on th'a pioixiMJMorL. f'3llayor Pltttt and foininlKHlonor jiaf- voted no, Thn action of th«- action or rete«mm«»nrtntlon«« of the 'city i (iiincil tli'inands nn explanation. .Ma\ur I'lait un«l t'oinmisB|f>nf - r Har- I ti|n!t \-ii»i•<! yi-" iii! ihi.s prnjtfisitlun, ntul i ''«>innii.«yt'»n«-r Troutti voted no. ! Tli" iM'.ini; iniitrac-t wan I««t r-arly in thi- wurtnni-r ur lato-npriiiK t ( > tin. 1 ]"< *<.rnl«ic-i\ «• I'.-ivin^ (%>. of Forest I'nrk. LLl >;.j' : _jit! ( ji.i....>ll'sj: < jvtj:in! J.iia.LiJisJ.cojii iiimr liii.« iirtlvrtl wlii'n nil the pnvlng jiihnnlil ln> c oni|>l<>ti'tl nr*cordlng to cori- wero given, A jnlxer ncnt fur (ho rom- puny cafne tullert on delivery, whowina tlio fnHi pii ny'H (Innnclnl standitiK WHS not RiitlNftictory tci the makers of the tnitfhiiiery, - 1 All those thlfiKfl linvo been known fo the pnhlle all summer. It doesn't Hecni' )«i.«slli|e thnt nur city' tnthcni T i':\r-\ ;inil•"•tliV"-'-OHy oiifcfifiV'F, TC*1 wiird <). 1(jill«. r«'i>i>rts thnt no part of th» wi-rk lias bi-r-n coint'li'N'd. In fact the paving I'lintfui't him be.en • u Jok« % , -a fcri(ni.« juke Indeed to tho taxpayers, nil juimmi-r. ,Tin-. )>a\ iiij,- rontractorn httvp t^en HtallliiK niT tin- work-, on one PJCCUMP nhd anottier. Th«.> Htrrets have bwn torn it|i for wooUs ut. a tlmo and It looks iix if Sixth avenue, one of the princJiyU »!{'.''''J[H_l|i tho _c!!>'. wouJd,bt torn up ail winter. «'hecks of tii« company irlvi'ii t» workmur; for tvnges, who tiofdfd prompt pay. hiivn bcf>n ro- turned fmrn the bniikn on whi(3Ji thoy knew th«» < otniuiny was unuhlo to fill-" 1)1! of complete HH t-nntrart na'nBrt'ed, It Ix neither f'f itl^lxm or_»oojlil- to n»k "why jJio ~" to rnaku n Joko of the city iiavlng anil df Ih.i <iiy? If Uie r<«preHontatlvn» .of tin* t ity did not/know the company. could .not fultilL4« agreements they nrc midly rernlnH In their ktiowlwljfo of tho Hituatinti. Hut In the face of condlitonn known Kem-rally. In tho face of tliu fact that tho Conducive, Pavlngr Co, hn« lt»elf thrown up the contract, that Itn con- .tract him .-been turned™ over :._ the _lll5 bondlnic company, that from various* nourci'ii It Hcemn the iKUHlltig company In not enthufditHtlc, nhoiit^ cwnUindjfis the work on h» own • Iniatiative. two Rich In protein. • starch, mineral salts, the phosphates and bran ,, — that's why f Krumbles is so j good for the growing child. Krumbles Leek for Wit* S&SMARKETCO,S&S • You will find .a .eoniplciu Hue of Fresh Fish and Oysters at the lowest inurkct for Friday. A SOCIALIST LECTURE. !•;.*(•,•• -.>'.•,. " , . . • • • • I -,. i.;,. ,! i.. ', 1 ,.iv, ,.,! .1 i '-,„..[ u.; ;l y -sniff-.! .BaJm from your It.'!:,!: a:-'i ?1-' T-"-:i ST-T h i f. :7 t-f- Tt].-. ; •*"-(»' lr!i«tii-i t "«': Apply a H|tTp of this -i th! :''nti-r-ptic_cr«jni In T <"'::•-' >I!flT>I<i tf','!«1iT at ()>,!•>< t((,1 flf it t -, i NO LOCAL WOMAN'S PARADE. r,m-f Th- r<--[,,.rt in . :tlf stsni- "i'-'ii il'ii? 'ti.- wf.nv-n cf Sf.-rline !.-tt.r.!u: .-t |,:U-.-M th'-ri' will !•(• HI) i tintsi th»-r !'.)i<«(iif'*R (ho '•«'n.j (t , n ;i f,,- n ),,(,n f';t\'iTi{r rum pan y n f I f r i I« "iffl - ' j _> :ji ni i! y. I T!r-ii<l Tho (itiKcttc for all Hie f « m (3 B a a '« » » a • a o n n o :: •>) smmmmmsattm ' fa. I _.<C»!.»,-. : "... \ . e£f_-1*9*1 J, uLuc to taI2v of "style" wiiilo ing-'this fundaincntnl it-sue of • r -' • r? all-wool upon which the .skapcti-.: : 'ness', the fit, the^ whole success of the garment hinges. Of what avail is,a; mahogany finish if: th(^ wood heneath is pine ? ^ '*' >'• til To-day—as for years past— A. B. Kirsehbaum Co. stands an outspoken exponent of the basic fr all-wool principle-^one hundred per cent and no compromise. Honor such fabrics with Kirsehbaum .workmanship and you have in the finished garment a harmony of style, shapeliness and tailoring,, fittingly and durably wrought in all-wooL $15, $20, $25 and up." Bankrupt Sale Prices on all Floor Covering's OUR PRICES m THE LOWEST DEPT Visit the Basement Special Prices on All Toys Take Advantage oi This BAHKRUPTSALE Price for price, your money will buy more actual value at this Bankrupt Sale than at any other sale in this vicinity. When this sa le eloses—-the-creditors jnustJincUno ^merchandise Jn-the_JBig_ Store—everything must be turned into'cash. Each day remark- lible^saving^^ opportunities make their appearance—each deserving prompt action on your part. ULL1VAN >ro V» f\f> W m >e< Y Qi f ^l — ~~\j~ ,.. .__ A ___ _ 1 _-«*•«•»'•*-*» lUIHUIIIiilllilltililll! •*»«*««*» ••»••-**«« *.» The Greatest Shoe Sale in the City is Here Positively the most phenomenal in the city—just when every other shoe store is raisjtog their prices we drop ours down 20c to the dollar. Come! Bring the entire family—they con be properly fitted by expert shoe men—and then, too, the savings are out of the ordinary. All sizes and best styles. Regular $2.50 Sho,es, the pr., $2.00 Regular $3.00 Shot's, the pr., $£80 Regular $4.00 Shoos, tho pr., $3.20 Regular $4,50 Shoos, the pr., $3.60 r Medal Shrewd buyers are stocking up 'for the entire winter— the low price compels. People waiting.for the price to drop still lower will soon be surprised—its going to •snake a sudden increase. Buy now; we can't gimran- . tee this price many more days, Golden Sun Coffee, hvr 3;) White House Coffee, 40q cnii; 75o ^rado nt'. ; , White House Coffee, .2 ir>. can, 1 11)., at . , . . , . .35c White House Tea, • M- lb. package, .'}<)(! gnulo, ,22c B. F. Tea, tho 48c srade, at pound ......... ,25c B, F, Tea, (ho Mlh, at pound , . .-.',. Banner Matches, regular ^fxr pk'if., this nnlo, , ,3l4c Lenox Soap, 100 bars in 'box, prict) ....... .$3,00 Ameriean Family Soap, sulo prioe 10 bars...42c Kitchen JQenger, .-regular or Ammonia, this * sale Jjotilo .,',,.,,... $c Crystal White Soapi this Kul.iv.lO Imrs .-..'.,.. .380 Kirk's Flake White : geap, bars ..,,,,. .42c. Maple City Soap, this salt, iJ^LiflrA-^^-^.ws-iSSo. Gold Uust, snlo price the paekugA ."..........22c Naptha Powder, Kale price tho pnekago .y .... .22o I)aymgfat- Matched lar 45<? pnokago..,. .40c Arni & Hammer Baking Soda, !()<• jmckago ;. ,7o .Pink Salmon, the l? J /l-e * grade, the.twrti . ,* . •. .9c Oalumet Baking Powder, 1 'pound can......, ;17c- -Shredded Wheat, regular Post Toastifs, ,salo price the package ... ...... .9$ Monarch Jelly Powder* Oil Sardines; sale price tho'ea-n' , . ..... , . . . , .4.Q Blue Berries, .sahv prico can . . . ...... .-. . -15c Corn Special ; . One lot of men's desirable bats priced far below »hnil valoc^.. .m» Kariy^selection is advisable. $2.00 to $.'100 values, $1'59 Men's Caps, no\vi»st $1 to $1.50-^ Shirts for men, lli'vcn liiu'd gar- iDWit ....,,., .4Sc Tleece linedun- dtT\vi'ur for men, ^oud value at; .396 Fi|>re suit cases, rt-u-ular *±25 \valuo uud , ^lovi-s'i quality, duz...'11'OO,

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