Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 15, 1968 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1968
Page 6
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, Frtrmry 15,1KJ troop 91 Holds a Court of Honor (MQST«,M*M*MM J Campus Is Cfwrito SAHtO P) *»• Millwood Uit« ifilermatlon forecast For &ftlNwti Falling BI*t«U0n of tafce Elevation of tailwafer Condition of UV* 0*d JJM- Officials Mtrttd rtftwYgknt Kffj* & Wc £L Ji^ - - pence and stadenta «t WwAw of fltfwjfcw H^ftta- 16.15S -. University Wednesday *«.»,, by, clearing the campus ?££•"£ after a shooting exchange in which one civilian was killed and three policemen were wounded. the government warned that troops would move into the campus unless students in* vblv«d in the clash gave them' selves up, to dislodge an estl Control Notie Life in Arkansas By TOMMY YATES Associated Press Writer if you've ventured into the gallery of the Arkansas Senah <-.,-„ , K ««... „ „„- during the special session of the mated 50 leftist students holed fftslature, youjve probably no* up in university buildings, It Hc«d « t«nlty fellow sitting on Wts agreed thai students who f "'*" rfo0 ' wtlh hls ™ ce P°K ficl passed a brief screening by unl« Inl ° * microphone, John Harmon, 24, ot North 1250 Still Best Small College Troop 91 of Hope held a court of Honor Monday night at in the Scout Hut. Alan Foster gave the welcome address. Boy Scouts of Troop 91 held the Tenderfoot ceremony for new Earl Fights Last Night LAS VEGAS, Nev* —' Marcus Anderson, Louisville, Ky., stopped Alton Colter, Phoenix, Ariz., 9, heavyweights; Pete Gonzales, 131, Portland, Ore., By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS stopped Jesse Corrales, 131, The pressure is getting heavy Phoenix, 8. for Long Island University's tin- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS rurf'presented the "second class MIAMI BEACH, Fla.~John- awara - s to Dale Comer, Teddy ny Doyan, 154, Los Angeles, Prlce , and Ken Rowe. Buck H. stopped Dennis Riggs, 159, Mi- Foster presented the First Class ami, 8. •;..-• to David Huddleston, Alan Fos- PORTLAND, Maine - Beau te r, Rodney Williams, Mike Jaynes, 129, Lowell, Mass., out- Crawford, and Robin Lee. Lynn pointed Bill McCluskey, 133, East Boston, 10. — Hope Star Photo nle Volentlne, and David Rowe ail of Washington. Scoutmaster Overturf presented the following merit badges; Public Speaking Alan Foster and Mark Gunter; Safety Alan Foster and Dale Comer; Cooking Alan Foster, David Huddleston; Nature David Huddleston; Flremanshlp Dale Varsity, police and government representatives would be allowed to go home, Police would then search the campus. Half a doten students were detained tor falling to produce satisfactory identification* The disturbance, most violent since President Joaquin B>la« guer took office In July 1966, erupted after the government banned a student march In sup* port of demands for more state subsidies tor the university. Morris Awarded Yachting Prize NEW YORK (AP) - The late beaten Blackbirds. Coach* Roy Rubin and his players are anxious to get" a chance to duplicate the fabulous performance of Southern Illinois University last season. The Salukis were the No. 1 team in The Associated Press' small college basketball ratings and then went on to win the National Invitation Tournament from: a field of major college powers. The Blackbirds would like to get into the NIT at the new Madison Square Garden. They know the invitation committee won't be able to ignore them if they wind up ^undefeated. They squeezed by two more teams last week for a 16-0 record and maintained their strorfg grip on first place in the poll, Abased on games through last Saturday. The Blackbirds had it tough topping Rider 55-52 and Hofstra late ln the fourth quarter wlth %• „ ™ i iu „ , four straight points, and, then Norfolk State, another:ill-win- after Indiana closed to 97-95, ning'iteam, [lost,;. to Delaware " "" Jthen| was * fdVfeit be- 129-1 awanjred the cause,- Delaware;istate used an ineligible player. So Norfolk State now has a 17-0 record. Still, the team - • dropped fro m seventh to ninth place in the poll because of the first report. Kentucky Wesleyan, third a Murphy presented the Star to Alan Foster and Alfonse Roy. Bobby Joe Lee presented the Life to Dick Oyerturf. Four year pens were presented to Explorers Steve Martin, Ron- a year pen. Huskies Keep Winning Ways, Hip Indiana A Nervous Guy, Lewis By THE ASSOCIATED; PRESS _ . . ' .-^ . . . . No one's catching many Mus- f •f*-^*** 4^* ^^^IviM^ 4%W f**f% kies-at least not the basketball L. flVC J> lU i-/fllll\ C/fl JUU variety—in Minnesota. The Minnesota Muskies. By MURRAY OLDERMAN nipped the Indiana Pacers 99-96 NEA Sports Editor Wednesday night for their 15th . • . - straight American Basketball NEW YORK—(NEAj—Guy Lewis has an aunt who still runs Association victory at home. a small store in Arp, Tex,, population 812. It's where Guy Minnesota broke a 93-93 tie comes from, in Smith County, down the road a piece from Comer; Personal Fitness: Roy Eyerett Morrts ft natlvo of New Fos er, Dick Overturf, and Mark ^4,^ Mass ' Wednesday was Gunler; Coin Collecting Alfonse awarded t ne Nathanael Her- Roy; Dog Care Ronnie Vo en< ^ shotf Trophy tor i 967 tor tadl . tinej Public Healh Steve Mar- ^dual contribution to the sport tin; Soil and Water Conserva. f salll b tho North Amwl . tion Mark Gunter; Sw mmlngand ^ Yach ^ ^ Qlnf Unl0(U ^^^ Llfesaving David Ward, This ^ ^ n ot Amorican boating Court of Honor was lield In ob- wrlters at the time of his death servance of the 58th Anniversary i ftst of Scouting. Roy Foster received a three year perfect attendance pen and Alfonse Roy "Three, four years ago, my aunt came over to see us play in Fort Worth, recounts Guy. Although he has a degree from Houston, where he has coached the basketball team for i Soccer Match Goes Into Tie VALENCIA, Spain (AP) Valencia and Bayern Munich played a 1-1 tic in their first quarter-final match Wednesday la tiw Europe Soccer Cup of Cur Winners. Slav Plays Wins Chess Tourney MALAGA, Spain (AP) - Yugoslavia's Dralen Marovlc won the Sun Coast Chess Trophy here by defeating Stefano Tatai, Italy, in 32 moves. Bernard Zuckerman of New York finished In a tie tor third with six points. Little Rock is the reading clerk in lhe Senate, He eats lemon drops and drinks soft drinks throughout tho day to keep his voice coming out strong and clear, Harmon, who Is waiting to take his bar exam after recent* ly graduating from the University of Arkansas LAW School, estimates he reads about 5,000 to 10,000 words a day that are contained In legislative bills, amendments, announcements and roll calls. Here Is an example, in part, of what Harmon reads hour after hour: "A bill for nn act to be entitled an act setting up... providing tor... and for othar purposes." To the layman, much of the wordage may sound like ftvlot of double talk, but the phraseology Is what makes it a must that the clerk keep a smooth tongue so no mistakes will be made In tho reading. The only mistake Harmon could recall he mnde was read- Ing the word "distributed" when the word actually was "disturbed." Harmon said ho never tried to hasten any action, "The presiding officer is the quarterback and I just follow his signals." he said, "It's a Job that allows you to see all parts of the legislative process except the committee meetings," Harmon said, He enjoys this because apparently he has political ambitions. In fact, he ran tor the House 1000 PER CAPITA DISPOSABLE PERSONAL INCOME to Current ftfifferi Reo( taMM I* 19$l Dollars Adjusted t« 1947 Level mi 11 i i i i i i *«M« *<*!« Hit '47 *4f '51 '51 *5S '57 'Sf 'II '13 In the lo»t 20 ytdri, p«r capita diipoiabU incomo hd* in- craojod by 132 p«r cent, averaging jujf und«f 4.3 p*f e«nt annual growth, However, the chart show* that aft«r adjustment for the depreciation in th« dollar, th« gain in rtal disposable income p«r capita has b««n 58 p«r cent over the last 20 years or an average growth rate of only 2.3 per cent. Figures are based on U.S. Departments of Commerce and Labor statistics. MM iiW (>:•> gH College Merger Is Amended LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The Arkansas Senate Wednesday amended a resolution dealing with the proposed merger of Little Rock University and the University of Arkansas, The amendment, which declared that the resolution was not to bo intended as an expression lit favor of tho merger, required the Commission on Coordination of Higher Educational Finance to prepare budgets and programs on three other alternatives. Senate Chaplain 1300 Million Freight Hike Permanent WASHINGTON (AP) - The Interstate Commerce Commission made permanent today a $300 million annual increase In ratiwuy freight rates, The commission approved the hikes on a temporary basis last July 31 after the railroads asked for them as emergency measures designed primarily to meet higher labor costs. in Its 148 page decision, the ICC said today the Interest of tho public "and that of the na- •m .*;'> ?,?,/. -IS Edward Everett Hale was a ,.,,,, brilliant American clergyman tlonat defense, in a sound, ado* who wrote more than-60 books. luate anf l efficient transporta- He was chaplain of the U.S. "on system will be adversely af« Senate for the last six years fectod" unless the higher rate of his life, arc continued. —-~~ The? three per cent Increase is was defeated by Rep. Charles the first general freight rate Matthews of North Little Rock, hike granted the railroads since Harmon first began working in i960, the ICC said, the Senate In 1963 when he The railroads had sought In- served as a paga tor Sen. CUf- creases estimated at $327.6 mii- in the last general election, but ton Wftde ot Fayettovllle. lion annually. with 26 and Daniels added 21. Freddie Lewis and Roger Brown scored 21 each for Indiana. / The victory moved Minnesota to within one-half game of idle, first-place Pittsburgh in the week ;ago, took over the runner- Eastern Division, up spot from Evansville by beating the Aces 87-78 in overtime.; LIU received 11 of the 15 first-place votes and 139 points in the balloting. Kentucky Wes- In other games, New Jersey trounced Oakland 121-110 and New Orleans downed Houston 106-97. In the NBA, Boston drubbed And he chews towels, while his team proceeds to an undefeated season and ranks No. 1 in the nation. Red and white polka dot towels. •.],.'' / "Night she came, though," continues Guy, "I had a plain white towel. And I'm kind of partial to the school/colors (scarlet and white). "Next day, she took me over to this wholesale house in Dallas, and I saw just what I wanted. Towels that were red on one side, with white dots, and white on the other, with red dots." Since that time, Guy has ordered his towels from the Dallas .wholesale house, through his aunt in Arp, Tex. He gets them by the dozen. They cost $18 a dozen, and he runs through two dozen a season. When they're well-scuffed from handling, leyan 14-3 got one first placer whl d San D1 •£ 114 . 1Q2 d OMH 11 1 ns\irt*e* C* ^«r»r*tM I 1 t\ 1 K_*3 _ * * ° • Detroit 118-106^ New York his student managers at the University of Houston personally and 111 points. Evansville, 16-3, gathered 100 points. The. other members of the Top Ten, to order, were: Southwest Missouri State, McNeese State, Trinity, Texas., Southwestern Philadelphia thrashed Seattle 1.49-125. Bruce Spraggins scored 20 points in the first half as New Jersey raced to a 61-48 lead and then coasted to victory. Sprag- folk State and Guilford. The Top Ten, with first-place votes in parentheses, and total points through games of Feb. 10 on a 10-9-8-etc, basis: 1. Long Island U, (11) 139 2. Ky. Wesleyan (1) 111 3. Evansville 100 4. SW Missouri St. 77 5. MoNeese State (1) 62 6. Trinity, Tex, 61 7. SW Louisiana 40 8. Pan American (1) 36 9. Norfolk State 30 10, Guilford 23 Wants G&F to Rescind Dog Ruling LITTLE ROCK (AP}-A lutlon was adopted by the Ar» kansas Senate Wednesday ask« ing the state Game and Fish Commission to rescind regula* tions against free running dogs, Seij Thomas Penq of Cave City, who proposed the resolution, pointed out that the reso* luUon. was not a criticism of the commission's policies, The commission has forbidden free rpjiing (Jogs from April through July, The resolution said the regu* UUons should be rescinded "in order to protect the rurai peo» pie of this state from constant iu4 uodue threat of arrest and wash them. "it helps me," says Guy. "I've always used a towel on the bench—to chew on, wave it around or Just plain hide behind it if we're not playin'good," Lewis has another coaching crutch to sustain him during the tense action of a basketball game. He drinks water. An average game is 25 cups. Four years ago, when the Houston Cougars went into overtime with Notre Dame in the NCAA playoffs at Lubbock, he set a personal record. "My manager," blushes Guy, "told me I drank 36 cups. My manager won't tell me what I drank against UCLA this year." The UCLA game, in the Astrodome on Jan. 20, before the largest paid crowd ever to watch a competitive basketball game, projected Houston nationally as king of the college courts. The UCLA team t with Lew Alcindor, has been called the best college team ever assembled. The Cougars, with Elvin Hayes, won, which should result in a similar claim. "I don't feel like we're the best team ever put together," demurs Lewis. "I feel like we're the best team ever in Texas." If he were a professional Texan, a guy might think that amounts to the same thing. But Lewis is realistic. Three of his starters come from Louisiana. A fourth was plucked out of New Jersey. And the fifth, Ken Spain, he knew right from his junior high school days because Spain played with Guy's son, Vern. who is the sixth man on the current Houston varsity. * About the same time Guy discovered red and white polka a^wced^wW^sdVhe would dot towels, he located another brilliant find which had even nn» hi I candidate far oolitical greater impact on Houston's basketball program. Tom "?!< »M S«! h,? rJ£ w2 Moorehead. then the basketball coach at Texas Southern, a office this year, but Cjov, win, neighborjng Negro scnool jn Houston, came into Lewis' office throp Rockefeller said later ne one morning and 53^ "There's a kid across the state line J wasn't convinced, W ant you to know about. J can't get him. but J don't want Faubus, making the an* him to go to Grambjing or Southern University in my nouncement in his weekly news* conference." paper, said his reasons tor de* The boy's name was Elvin Hayes of Rayville, La. ciding noUo run were strictly .. Jt was the fjrst t j me j ever neard of him," admits Lewis, personal," "because from Rayville, news only travels word of mouth." However, Rockefeller said he Uwjs had hear(j about Don Chaneyi another fine Negro would wait until the filing aeao» uas ketball prospect who went to high school in Baton Rouge was convinced {4 ayes am j chancy arrived on campus together, enrolled the same day. the first Negroes to integrate Houston's athjetic program. Warren McVea. a football player, followed shortly. Theodis Lee of Monroe, La-, and George Reynolds of American, Nor- ^ finlsned wlth 34 p^ts ^ teammate Mel Nowell added 28. Steve Jones got 19 tor Oakland. Jesse Branson broke a 40-40 tie. with a basket late In the second quarter, and New Orleans never trailed thereafter, James Jones poured in 26 points and Doug Moe 25 for New Orleans. Willie Somerset paced Houston with 19. Faubus Joys He Won't Be a Candidate HUNTSYULE, Ark. (AP) Former Cov, Orval E. Faubus line before he Faubus wasn't really a candi date tor governor, Laughing, Rockefeller said he cautioned his aides "against Newark. N. J. ( came along a year later. With home town chance Faubus would become a ship challenger. supply of red and white polka dot towels. More Shipwreck Spot candidate. Rockefeller said he didn't He also made sure to put in an early order for a fresh know why Faubus said he wouldn't be a candidate, How* ever, he said he thought Fau-; bus "didn't look well and his old self" on a recent television very favorably for the election of Falkland Islands' in" the South interview, °f the (gubernatorial) Deroo, Atlantic cieanbecause of the Faubus defeated Rockefeller cratie nominee in the Strong winds, which average ia the 1964 gubernatorial race, election," Faubus said, about 25 miles per hour, «md but Rockefeller said he had the Faubus retired in 1967 after 9 Igefc yf beacons, experience of more than a year S i^ terms in office. in office this time, HOC If dV "The situation is developing By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ~" su '" '" '"" "'' " Wednesday's Results Montreal 4, Toronto 2 Chicago 3, Boston 1 Oakland 4, Philadelphia 0 Pittsburgh 6, Minnesota 3 *tw Los Ang*es 2, St. Louis 2 (tie) THE TRADING POST 305-115-325 f,ThirdSt tit! •B3- r.n sia si Ue 'id •79 •X} •*'fi fid >{1) ot ts vo 3 il M n\ • ut «M • Oil {II l it t l'.'ii

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