Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on May 1, 1974 · Page 13
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 13

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1974
Page 13
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<:•*'.'•' 'V : " .'.£* S>HU-MADE DRESSINGS Savory French, Italian or JOOO Island jffj, TOWN HOUSE CATSUP BOTTLE Finest Safeway Quality _ A SAFEWAY CORN FLAKES ®TOWN HOUSE ORANGE JUICE SAFEWAY CORN iFUIKES or GRAPEFRUIT JUICE • ite Breakfast Orange Candied Dill Sticks 22-oz. Zippy Brand ................. Jar RllttPr Cream y° rChunk y UUIICI Real Roast Brand Jar Bartlett, In Light Syrup 29-oz. TownHouse Can Stewed Tomatoes Low-Fat Yogurt TownHouse 16-oz. Finest Safeway Quality Can Lucerne —Plain or "Yummy 8-oz. Good" Fruit Flavors Carton $135 55« 31' 25« NAVEL Bright golden fruit, loaded with sweet and tangy juice. \ Just the thing for adding a ^ \sunny touch to everyday M -meals! SWEET CORN A,. AQ Large Ears, Loaded with Plump, Milky Kernels .... ^m Ears ^m * PASCAL CELERY ,, Cracklin' Crisp and Crunchy Stalk YELLOW ONIONS Sweet and Mild-Wonderful Flavor CHERRY TOMATOESoQc Red-ripe and Juicy —Tops for Salads Basket \J g WATERMELONS RED-RIPE BEAUTIES! The sweetest, reddest, most luscious watermelons ^^-^^ ^^m, of the season have just been {i ^$jij$ rushed to us from sun- drenched watermelon |ip 18 "patches" ^ m i : Mtw' i;-HifK^ri Sll POTTED -A5. $&•£$ Brilliant c * s ''» a Foil-wrapped ^^ l * * 5 4 ' fci 6-inch Pot SAFEWAY WHOLE or CUT ICE MILK Assorted * Flavors SJEU-WEU. GELATINS Assorted Flavors 3-0Z. PACKAGE Finest Safeway Quality Jell- STOWN HOUSE EAS•CORN ; or Highway Brand '< Cut Green Beans 4 MRS. WRIBHT'S BISCUITS • \ f? , <. 3* * .«. Refrijersit *sA — 8-01, TUBE S WHITE MAGIC DETERGENT I 49-oz. PACKAGE ill S TOWN HOUSE COCKTAIL i i '3 , * u> V i *t ^EMPRESS JELLY Apple or Concord Grape Jelly or Concord Grape Preserves *~r*r°s? STOWN HOUSE CHEESE SPREAD! SSffi" SOUP SMRS. WRIGHT'S CAKE MIXES eiWPBESS JELLY It Slices, It Melts, It Spreads Assorted Flavors Layer Types STOWN HOUSE TOMATO JUICE GRADE 'A' BUTTER -,* -t->*'"--^' ' v; ' ISBRaSBmrcSfi^^ SKYLARK FRESH BREADS 20-oz. WESTERN FARMS 16-oz. REGULAR RYE S BREAKFAST GEMS LARGE EGGS Grade 'A' Fresh, Top Quality and Guaranteed to Please J) SCHLITZ BEER Enriched Flour Instant Milk Instant Tea Coffee-Tone Aluminum Foil 12 Pak Kitchen Craft Finest Safeway Quality Lucerne, Non Fat, Makes 20 Quarts 64-oz. Finest Safeway Quality .... Package Canterbury, 100% Pure Tea 3-oz. Finest Safeway Quality Jar Non-dairy Coffee Creamer 16-oz. Lucerne, Finest Safeway Quality jar Kitchen Craft 25-foot Finest Safeway Quality . . . Roll 2" 5**95« $369 98< 89« 27« BEL-AIR, FROZEN LEMONADE Finest ^/2-OZ. CAN Safeway < Quality Shady Lane _ , t "! eamery Fresh ,, 5iS§»S«»!^^^io^^^ USDA CHOICE USDA GRADE 'A', U.S. INSPECTED FAMILY PACK USDA CHOICE GRADE BEEF Contains 2 Breasts Quarters with Wing Attached, 2 Leg Quarters with Back Attached, 2 Wings , 2 Necks and 2 Packs of Giblets These are plump full-meated chickens that are especially selected for superb eating qualities. Each chicken is USDA Grade 'A' and U.S Inspected. STEAKS Each steak is fresh cut from USDA Choice Grade Beef that has been Naturally Aged for more eating enjoyment. And, each steak is Better Trimmed of excess bone and fat to give you more value NATURALLY AGED! ... YOU CAN TASTE THE DIFFERENCE Finest Safeway Quality Finest Safeway Quality 10 oz. Package 39 c 10-02. $ Scotch Treat Strawberries S Bel-air Golden Corn;; S>Bel-air Broccoli Spears Premium Qui Crisp Texture • .Package £,69« 16 <$> Bel-air Cheese Pizza * Bel-air Apple Pie ff\ D_| «.S M fm******** DiAe PremiumOualitK 14-oz. OTTe W bei-Qll VlCUm T IC9 Assorted Flavors . . PieO/ 35' S Bel-air Cauliflower«;,:r"'pX.39 c $ Bel-air French FriesSc", Bel-air Waffles ^r,r" X 16-u. I Neat and Enjoy Piiia ; Premium Quality Ail-American Dessert EDYFP RPFACTC A " TenderWhiteMe rl\ I CIV DIYCMiJ I J Popular Favorite.. 7-Bone Steaks 63 C DRUMSTICKS, THIGHS 55 C RUMP ROASTS Ch s. 39 SIRLOIN TIP STEAKS USDA Choice Beef Boneless Ib. USDA Choice Grade Beef Chuck So Tender, So Delicious Ib. Pork Chops Lamb Chops Pork Loin Assorted Chops Contains First and Center Cuts Ib. Shoulder Blade—USDA Choice Grade So Taste Inviting and Tender Ib 89' 98 £ $]09 24-oz. JLQ| Pie 03' 14-oz. . Pie' No sales to dealers ^Copyright 1960, Safeway Stores, Inc. <S>MMMM HOUSE MEAT PIES • TUNA* TURKEY • CHICKEN* BEEF Finest Safeway Quality 8-oz. Pie Prices eff. 5-1 to 5-4, in Carroll, Iowa D**•*Is Cnncnrm Jlmm y Dean - PurePork 12oz I Ol IV JUUdUUw Mild or Hot Seasoning Roll Quick & Easy to Fix ... Trophy SHRIMP <Xfcu>-' Smoke-A-Roma SLICED BACON Plump Shrimp, Lightly Breaded to Fry to a Golden Brown ie Deep Smoke Flavor in Every Slice 73 ^^^^Polish Sausage Braunschweiger Juicy Wieners Wilson's- Delightfully Tasty Ib. Smoked Liver Sausage Tasty on Skylark Rye Bread Ib. Tender, Uniformly-sliced BEEF LIVER USDA Choice Beef for Your Freezer Safeway Brand—Economical %-lb. and Tasty So Many Ways Package Oh-so-tender liver at a budget-pleasing price! Fresh as Fresh Can Be. All Ready for Pan Frying or Broiling QUARTERS 130 to 150-Ib. Average QUARTERS 130 to 150-Ib. Average ftBHBMffift&iiftSi^^ DUALITY is FIRST Cut and Wrapped Free of Charge!

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