Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 2, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1916
Page 3
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PAG® f HUE*. f SOCIAL AFFAIRS J NOVEMBER WEDDING Miss Ruth Windom Became the Bride Of Howard Oeyer \ Last Evening. Stop That Bark! I TS dstiif roo* to foot with • coufth. Don't endure what yoa etn cur» safely, surely «nd quickly with ns(Ure'» own ( remedy for throat affection*. TRENT Eucalyptol Comp. — * b*n«f(ri*l tMUnt ol C*l>I •rnU't. AIM! Auttf*U»'*f<** MU. N*.« Yon can My "Aood-byV* t« «ny «wafth If you wUIuM this remark- ftblfl compound of Eacdyptol, Balura of Tola, Sonflb, S«na&a •Kttd othtr vcietnhlo extracts. .Caatttitecd to be absoiatoly tV«* from •loohol. codsin*. morphlM, opium and all injurious dru&s. Atk yamr JraggUt for It i*»*. , ' •» i p i* ; *.t f •• ;, !»* '> M* -n < .f n.»> (jl.t 11 ; t£<' ' Mi-'-; l:.-l!!l !l< !<•:> \\ ir;..'<-TT! f.. Ml'. M.--»:II,| \lrn»n i;.-\.-r .!'i Ji< . • i i|-t ri' - •-.?"<",-'rt "! vvufMtft Hi iTii'. riui'iiK (Ti' : \v<"<3- li'if \V;i-: itivcn ;i't l!,,' fi>-ttlf •.) t!iC rrr'.i;"" i. r r,7riitnii"'.TTr;~j" J Mi-. '-". fl, Tti 1 .:?'-.. i!'i:', U:(- i -•! ••ni'iii\-'-ihi'iir (I'M'.- f.r. tln- ••;•»•! \vh< r<- the ltriik>'* rnufhr r, utiri! •111! t1\,l ( (IllSint ll.'Kl St'KUl; Tlll- llull?-'' «.'i.« |,c.-lll!ifiliiV •I; pntU'd iinlnm and r>/s«-'Hi. • flic i (,>i I-HMMV .Mi*« KIM •nitfi! * Thy At Hi;hf uri h* <-:uu. fii'in Ui«flu' tM.iii •ipf.ft»iif!i< Hi*- iihil < lii»rus ^iTif 'njcrJn :!"!'• ."oftlv Hire .-IIH! (In- hti<!:il |ttn( -i«s-<«|iifi th«- niit'tl.d linu-fT ti:io ftiv :tislr- r-'tfiltil 4iy lltllf Kttlill!!" i;<->cr, a siv)i-r nf !Ni- fir«'t>n». ami Master .If>?> S, lir>-lt<-r, Ji ej>u?i!i tif !lio liriilf, bur!) itrips<-<l In whitf. vvhn iu li«tl<-nlly *iii"t( li<>«l liriirid )t;»tnls frf (link and bliif- ijidicios .Mi. 'j'b'-odnM- I "I Icy, (i < ou»in <if tbf brM' 1 , n> I«'d :»s HHbi-r sitid ivas follow i-l by th« hi i(l''.-«tn:iid«. Ilii- .Mb's't'« Huth Tlun-ii' 1 ,. .\fftrlan .MfK«-nzlr, Cori liHic Jl/int/. and ttni'-o TnlrnV'r, who wiir«' robiti'x :f KI< b'tic «ul in t;«w h« and <util<»d aim HiiiiiiiiC'tH of |iitik buds Mrs. Frank Kfanlf y, nsslisiltiK matron or honor, and MTM. I it it \V. \\ltiif. a t niiMiri of th»« bridis matron of bunof. \\titt- piitU MUin HOWIIM and < airifd arm iiii!M|tll-tH (if |ii!lk HiSfy. l.litli- t/»nlm; <;«'yi'r.<!bc Kmotn'fl tiny siMit-r, hi wbiti- « tiilb' iriinfucd with «w. HI'S clown, daintily ( an K-d tln> \v*d- diiit; rliiif on a Illy. Thin (-sum- the lilidc. n vision of youlbrul Io\ •dltif'MR. \u':iiintr \vhld' tnllc iivi-r lirotatb-d fst- tln. with i>»-rirl ti Imtdiiut". HIT veil lt:LlJiU_pluXJ^.lu.iDl_Ul4iili;t!_l lIlliiKuUlH JjL'.ll t>i HH- «-nd of tlio tniln. , Her boiujut't was \vltitn hrfdc'n rosi-K with IIIU-w of tlii* valley atid -ribbo'nR, llr-r only orn- STERLING PHARMACY J'REP HENDRICKS DRUG CO. HALLETT & HALLETT HALLOWE'EN PARTY Wit H^ld Tuesday Evening at the Belts Home. ; An <Mij«>ynl.U' imrty wa* )ii>ld.Vit the t liclO" home «»n -Ilallnwt'Vn «>vt'. ^ __.__.. front the urooin. t'ndi-r a nniilax rniio|)y tht> Knmm. who was ai'ei>tii|iiinl<>i| by Jilc <-<IUH|II, Mr. L«>Hi»y < '. Wheeler, met bin lirltle before the minister, Uev. William Mer- t'lii Jcjnes, U, |>., \vlni beard and eon- i'il tht.'ir marrlatio.viiwji. I'ninK thi> ropal rltiK fvrvltt' thu bfld«» wan 'it In marrlaifi* by her mother, Mru. rlcx 1C. WlmloiTi. wbo wore a hand* Kown o! bttrgumly watlri with beaded net, bodice. tho utv.iHliin »ml 111' 1 time \V:IH nn«nt in iiluylnn frami'X. Out nt town RUPfltH wr'i'« l Mr. niul <MtH. Ki'iidall - Mtirphy mid dauKhtor '»f llalllnu>rt>, Atarylnnd. : HALLOWE'EN 'RAHTY. ,. Llttln (irlyn Flory hi»lr"Hlx of IUT '' litth* frit'tulx tu t» H«JK>w«.''ofi party ut - hi* honw <»n Hlxth iivciiiif Tui^ilay Illgbt, The hoiiKtt \va.H prettily tU'ir- orafpcl for' Hit* oci'aKiiin anil KUIIION were played nnd nt s:30 a dulnty Innehouii WUH «»T\IH|. Take Good Care of the Stomach — :i When ~i Weakness . . Develops i TEY OS TETTERS Stomach Bitters The tiiblo ibM-omtinns Were hi .('Ink and blue, elaborately carried out. An imnlense vaxi< of idnk ri)s«'« ndornt'd tbf* bridtfV ittble. Ttm urcht* utru ploj'ed thro out i*ii|>i>er. •*!' IminiMllittely aftur KU|'l"'i' Iho bride J.JUI Kro.uIll._»Jil lull l.'\v . .anil left on a flight train for an exti-nded- honeymoon trip to Washington, New, York, and other eastern citlox. They at homo after l»ee. l.'th nt 3'».'J W. Twelfth Htri-et. -\vh« i re the icroom hus furnl.sheil a new biinKtiUny. Tho bride received a lar^o minihor of eholee wedding ulftii of ^reat valup. MrH. Geyer Is the dai^hter of tlu- lalo t'luiH. l-J. Windom and has em- d en red herwlf tu all who know hey- by her charmlnrr Hlmpllrlty and .genuine worth.. Mr. Ceyer In -the won «f Mr. R II. Oioyer tl nd Is n«cosrnl4*Hl tu» a true, Htalwart ruid |>prff«ctly dept'nd- ablu man. Ho U» with lUiHsell, lUnl- sttll. ami Ward, mamifactnrprH. Thi> msirrltiK*^ unites two famille/r whose frlendnhlp I* of IUIIK KtandinK and IH by tho'. biutt. wished ...of of friondK..- A vftr>' Uirgi* number of juvrtloa wt'i'o' given In their .hopor linvedlnK^thi" marriage. '. The out of town guests at tho wecf- dhiK win-: Uuih Uenver, Mrs. Ur. HehreHer :.rid Master J«'.HS Hehr«»lter, of Savannah: Misn Kanih Uurum, uf KlKlii; and l)r. ami Mr«. Herman <!uw- cy. of Ni'vvkirlj, Ukla. BASKilSOCIAL Will Be Given Friday Night At The Center School. . Miss Ila/pl «'hri8to|)heri', tpaelior. of the tVutt-r whouj. will give a program and banket nocial Friday evenlnir, Nov. i«iH»grmu — w-IH— IM«- ^ii'trt'HH of weleomo — I'atil Ilove.roth. I'lay, "Tho Rite of the .Silver Slip- line of Set Rings from $1.50 up to $35.00 For the Early Buyer .Our Chri*tma» stock it nearly «4mpleta. Why not cal.l and make your *»l»ctidn» early? A »mall do- spO,»H wtfl hold early purchaiec for jtvu. Thi» it the oaviett way to mpke your purchases. Bracelet Watches. .$6.50 up ets... , . .$i.50 uj> Watches '. . . .$0.00 up Scarf Pin$, Neck Chain*, Military 8»t«, in fact everything pertaining to Seieet Diamonds We- havji 9 fine selection of du> mond* thu# y*a<". from $16,00 up. Bring your watch r^paiiMng and JfV*elry wjirU to . , Buzzard HO EAST THIRO ST. Mu«Ui-i'» . UPC.—Hmitilo Vundcr Alyde. IJt'i 1 .—JiH'tih Hush, . " - Uuet Viola mul ITPDP A lion, .Flujf drill- I'\uir Imyw nti<|p»f«.n» i;lrl«' J)u«H~~Hu2t*l AriitnlruiiK uiui > AlK'n. ... Yiuuii.aolo-rJcnnlc liuali, : N<»Kr»>- Ulttlt»Bfie—riayniu Uaruld Viindi'r Mydo, lolfiF^Mr. Allen. MISSIONARY_MEETING Of th» .Congregational Church Wat Htld W«dn*»diiy, The Womaij's MI«Hloimry RfK'lety of tho CoiiKreKui'ltinal Vfiurt-h hviil mi all ;HK-Wednesday «t th« t-hiuvh. to fiijuy "the jiU-nk 1 tlintu'r tiiid, t In iniikliiK nt'W KiirJtU'iits oinl»£i'lfJ'JI'B" i'ld oiufBT" Thu wtn'ii-ly >vill VHirk a box tu bit wfiit to .MIMM UocUery tg be..utirtl in h*<r work iiilni'i-M nt I'linu, III, A' »hort mlM»iniiary_ lifhl in the ufternoon,• at which time reports wt-re read. HALLOWEEN PARTY Mr. And Mrs, Harry Graff Entertained A F»w Fri»nd». Tuinpiro, riitfi'iuliifi) a fi-w a lLilhi«i''<'ii jmrty Tm'Hiluy Tttc tinu' wtt,s iiulfltly upt-nt in IIIK uiul i'lu>uni curUw. ami M'f.M''m rejMirtn^a most fiijt At Diuiuuhl a him h Wyne-Deaver Dry Goods Company *' Famous Ladies' Home Journal Patterns for November now on Sale. Same Old Prices—lOc and !5c Beautiful Fall Coats With the wanted fullness (5>eat cellars that liu graceful!)' en th* shoulder! or fatten snug about the throat, ar« a feature. Fur deems innvjtabl* thit year a» * d*cersition: tometime* it is just a strip or band, but often th* whole collar and euff» are made 6f fur. Bolivia cloth and silky wool valour nr* the leading fabnct. Truly, we ar«» «howing » wonderful assortment of coatt. The prices ar« from $15 to $75. Thanks to You For a Remarkable Business W« \*-ish to pxtrnd to the thousands «? our good ftifnrls Pur hp.irtie»t thanks for the wonrlerful busin^M we have pnjoy'rr! during the p?t<t month. It has be<*n the {jreatest volumv; in Bales we have ever had in any month in our entfre history. It prove* conclusively that the.service vve render and the efforts--we put forth to please everyone at all times are Ui!ly appreciated. This is not a private institution: it belongs to the public. The public say* "grow." and we grow. You are backing up our faith in this city and it'* surroundings. We tire going to grow bigger and better, and we tanriot do it without you. Everyone in this store ii here to servo you, and we will strive harder than ever to satisfy the most exacting demands that may be made on us. V^o thank you. Charming Fall Suits T$*e display t>i ttnits 1n;«:. v ^* "^ f i ^ rvi o^\ d^r-t.*v3t'. f^c|, frniri tHe oni»s wp offer at $1-5.f*0. wihith are unusual v.iJui*s, by the way, up to the vi>ry elaborate ones *<•!! $50 to $75. Wool | valour i* a great filvcr- Uf. • but' broarlcloth, »prg*i and I tweeds are aho in great ; tjfniand. • l No matter what your He- sirrs are, there is Si suit here to satisfy them. Our "showing v/at n*>ver more comprehensive. Tit? colors are burgundy, brown, taupe, blue and black. , . Great Sale of Silks Friday and Saturday .' Beautiful comliiiiMfinn- •>(* ?•(>\v-n, t'opi'iilia^'ii, .urccu, irray, bur ly ntitl' ]>luitr. Tlioy an 1 of excellent quality taffetas. Mfix.'JfJ im-hes wide ami are tliis Fall season*s''^. '' |( ' IUl<M ' this is a two days' sale— Friday and Saturday. Tho silk* are our regular £1.75 values. The two days' sale price will bo' Sec,display in South window. G«or»«tt« Crepe Friday and Saturday AO »**O Our Great Millinery Sale Begins Tomorrow tomorrow, Friday, we will plaee ' every * 1 1 t? 11 1 i > trimmed hn1~Trr~tiTT T -Imit^t*--on ^|iei'iHi snM 1 . Muaii- IUU-N, lurjfi? hats, black and cohtrs-they all must £ro. Some are fur trimmed, others have bended ornaments and novelties. Some are from mir own work rooms, others from (ta#e," VotfiH 1 and Keith. (Second Floor—Take Elcvatqr) |C p/>|» (font flff Jtl rt;l ^ VIU "" Japanese Carved Wood This proof ieal MT a r o obiues in trays, jowcl boxes, smoking sots, puff bok- 08, button boxes, hair receivers, ete.~-25c to $2.50. (On display, main floor) -Grass Baskets Japanese Grass Baskets, beautifull 'decora tod in Forest Mills Underwear For Ladies and Children ^ j Last SAturcJfly we were unable to wait on some of our customers for underwear. Wo will have more salesladies this Saturday nnd assure you of better service^ t Separate garments and union suits are. shown in cotton or wool. We have a large reserve stock and -can—Futfrff—y»«r—wants;— "Tiny Tot" Brand Vests and Bands in wool, silk and' wool, or cotton. All sizes. Prited 25c to $1.00. - • $1.50 B. & A. Silk Poplin* Friday and Saturday $1.35 oolors. They come in sjzos— 25c to 65c. (On display, main floor) **Gmi^^m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Toilet Goods COr J-'tu-o 60o c liox of "Juvjt" QOrt >Vrw 1'owder ...... O«/C 39c Almond Crvain . B0« Knpcy'a Fra- QF%o Croani ....... Ot)v KaiHoua OOrt j'oiulrn do Illis ..... 4|«/V &0r 1'i'hi'co Tooth 25c Colgate's Crvuiu '...,, nt i«v«'< li\ cufsm-ria Kt.vU«. u wvi'f ftlr. ond. Mrs. Julin (iaftVy tuiil family, Mr. ami Airs. Joan HllmNt' uiut, win, 41 r, anil Mr**. Karl Kinn-r nnd ilttiiKltlcrM. .Mr, luul Mrs l>.»n rtwank uinl family, Mr, ••uul Mih.Mohn 8luilt>Viii»{ uiul Mr. autl Airs, I" II. Itt-gitii and for ..,.,..'. &lf*nnt*n'c- Talcum 39c T : u : u ".15c 15c Boudoir Caps A jurroat showing of those pretty Cap.4 awaits yon. Some nro trimmed in the- popular ^old and silver tinsel laee. Kil>bons ami dainty Yal, lacos are used to s^ood oflVet; blnoni, pinks, lavender, green and maize. Some eomo in individnal boxes. Priced ___-__.__._ ------ Special sale ami disi>lay liondoir Caj)s at ,39c. (Main Floor—Lace Dept.) You Arc the Judge of Hosiery Values when you buy them , of us. -.We want you to examine them careful ]y, look 4it the heels, toes and garter top;'look at tho «|iudity arid see '"that you are getting lOiKf- value for the price yoir pay. In selecting votir si/e be sun 1 yttii go-t them long Ciiough. for much hosiery does not •give satisfaction because they are too small. * t You get ''(Jurdon" Hose for Indies, and "Round Ticket" for children,, at Wyne -Denver's. -~ Priced 15c and up to $2. Fabric Gloves Famous "Knysor" Fabric '(Jloves in t.wo Ha/p leii-th; black, white . ami biscuit in/plain ami eon- trast stitching, 50c to •$1.25. Children's Knitted Mit- tt'iis and (lloves in black and color,*, ISc.t'b 50c. Ladies' Knitted flloves and Mittens, 'black and colors, 25c and 50c. v Special -One-lot roc('hamoisette (Moves iii fan, biscuit and white, 111 and 1(> button (On Main Floor) Purses and Hand Bags New Leather Purses with the popular back strap; beautiful linings of floral silk. Some have hi- 'sido frames-with all fittings; black and suit; .shades. Also showing of now; Hand Bags/ Sewing Hags, and T r a v e 1 i ng Cases in real leather. Priced 50c to $6. Mesh Pmgs of (lonmm silver in several - new shapes, $1,50 to $3.50. (late Bag Tops with colored settings, 60c. sJrt.'Jf/ new Mesh Ba,g§ Vilh gate tops, special for week end sale, 980. 19c 21c NEVlfLYWfeOS ESCAPE ^ a Their Many Friendi and Want to ort to Get the Train. Mr. nijul Mrs. Howard <Ji>>»'r hud u Otm- in niiitiiiui tla'ir'iy uM t'VcIHUM fiUtU llllLll III,my fiUvnij'. I'lu-v I'M'Hjunl uttui tltt» VMtUlnij; am) ,\tnl to On- !•'. II tJi'\Vi' hi'iitv in Itwk rii'iuN hnuii'il all <iv i'f On' Twiii I'itt^a H!>i' till,ill) tiiUIlit |J.H'IU ,lt, ll^> tiijt'l .••nil- "l-idr i lu-v "t'iit'afi'it !)»•• s-i'i'- • '!t!' linn' in tn .titli'iniptillt' tint HI-II! .' |l|\n||- VVll.''H i)|c> tliok ,1 tl.illl *"C I"! Wi B," MT s6*Ciefv""Tp MEET." !."• u i ft 11 in' i -mi r i.f I.IH' <' U I; M - I- U )., il. I.I ricl.lH .!(<• I (i -i '-ii' I,."iii'' iii Mi- ,1'ilm i'i-iui . , .'• t . i luti , . i Ht«( Crwiin fur ,,,...,... 26c YuntliiB'n Tak'titn J'owder ,..i... ,..-.. 40C |Utfl«lKO ItOKlT iS Clttllttt !•'«*•*» 1'uwiler. 35»> f!having Ot y» WU-k £1.1 f)0«- jar Htillman'a. OQ« l-'n-fkh* t'riMUii ..,., tjt/v .^5*' J«r 1'otura y«itt»ti-'JjQ-^_ r,". rr r.T.x*/v " 20c ruko I'utk-ura OA^» rur *iUi/ 75,' "J-ovi- SU-" Faio £*A0 1'i.wiU-r O'tIC 50c 1'uiupvian Night O/J« , *^B%B* I'ifMiH eJVfv I 'i euiu , tit/ v I'&r DiiBKt'tt »Si HaiUS- CI"! A a<-ir« cum fr*.uu ... ^iXv $i;'& "Kow Mo" Oft^* I'vifuint; ,,.... t/OV 75i- Viuithu-'b Kut-w" 1 fcA . j'oudcr (<>«' W»V t."t Vantliu 5 '.-* ToiU-t /J J -„ Wuti-r fui Wrv $t '.Tp iy_Vfi'si Tuth't $| ;.'•*! l'i>\ "I'ivfi'b Kan- Don't Pail to Visit Our ECONOMY BASEMENT Yon will fiiHl merchandise o£-merit at lowest'possible prices. A groat many are taking advantage of- the ; extraordinary values. Take "elevator to and from basement. . • " BASEMiNT MONEY SAVERS Read thi« litt carefully: Hopo Bleached 36 inohc» 13c Fruit of Loom Bleached Mu«lln ........... ., 13c Daisy one-half Bleached Mwtlii. ,....,.,,,., .,.,... 1le Hyd* Park Unljivai^i^d Mu»lin ,,,,..... ,,',,. ,.,, 11c Pepperell, R, Unbleached 17c Berkeley Cambric No, 60 "........,,........"..,.. 36,c. Pepperell Bleached Sheet- lOc lOc 8^c 9c 13c l,.i 'I'M'ilf. A-'UH'a.., •_•.'.(• no ph.i-llir-iic «>r nuh- '1'i'iii'f \V-tu i ".... $1.29 39c 46o Anchor Bleached Sheeting, 9<-4 inchet vvide .,.,,,«', 43c Anchor Unbleached Sheeting, 9-4 inches wide ......... ?4c quality Tubing, 42 inche* wide ....•.,,....,. 27c Linen Fin/th Tubino, 45 inch ,,....,.,-.,.,,.. 1Bc Shirting, plain blue and / 19c 22c 120 Biiy for months to come 7 bars 5e size Oaivanie Whit Soap for .-. <4 ......;... .250 •.Laundry Soap for 25c bars• l '~1lK i fxixo..Famous Ivory Soup for .....,;.. .25c (IViiuit <i U> «-UHtoiuer) ! i' r;ii<M>i Famous I'alnt l)livt< Kt ijtpT f» Jv*- ; fm> '""7': ";rf7rf f If 5o (J<4*nit fj to - rusttmier) (Bargain Muslin Underwear ss Slips, ( 'ombii latlon Suits. Corset _ __ Clivers, I >ravvers and Skit-fs; counter K inents I'rom our regular^tocl;. gar-- Excellent Silk Petticoat Values For Friday and Saturday Our $5 Qualities $3.95 To prove our valno • giy.inj; thoso hoautii'nl now fnll flaring Pottjcont* will go on salcv Friday and Saturday. $5.00 value, special $3.95, All v4eg t Coperi. gruttn, toBe« "grey.' ' ;r •". "•' .""."•'".'• •....'•:•_. i fc (Second Floor—Take Elevator) \ i !l Electric- Irons lv'« fanions Jtll ee t r J i 1 •-Irons,, wei.crht fi Ibs., (i'ft. -of-roird "wftlrrtTrriret and d e,t ac liable p I'll g ; e o o I i n^? sjaml. • All cum plete, ^2.45 $5.00 Dress Skirts of silk'.poplin, with flaring skirts, in one of (he season's best styles; navies black, (Basement) 75c Outing - GOWNS for ladies^ bine ami pink, . Spedial 5Sc. Glass Tumblers ood Clear, plain- (I lass Tumblers' of g style. Novy 18c Special Sale Wool Hoods and Caps One lot .Kiiiiti-d (•'aps-J'ur ladies and- rlii .fl.Ol) tjuality at ii and 69c One lot Ivnitled AVool '-Caps an<l Moods for ladies ami children-— rod, brown, #ray ami white, quality ....... Blankets and Comforters Beautiful all wool Btankele in plaida and colored border* with »ilk bindinflB to mutch^x Prepar»dne«B if in the air and it behoove* you to anticipate .your winter need* in Blankett,' : ' Cotton Blankets in tan* and grays, 58c to |3,50. We make Comforter* to order in ouf own work rooms. Al*o have "our own mann". in stock- for Ml*. |Z2$ to $9.50. (H«(*ond FJtMir Tak« Elevator) " BUY WNiNS AT THE '_ MllfiLStore • Artcrafter* Linen in white ecru and tan. all ' widths; fancy Linens, Huck Towels anrf ' Toweling, Handkerchief Linen, D«ma«k yar'd yoods and Pattern Cluth|. .Napkins to match. * They "ar« buymu 'K:ru (, ,a («ason * ™^«^.^. v~=-.. •• . . ^.,~~,. . :*~,, t V-. :r,. Steciiny s onty Ii impoit» 4l,iin-M;": Main J*1t.i<.r»'

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