Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 6, 1964 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1964
Page 11
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IIVING ROOM - Spacious living area is viewed from entry way in the Templelon home Poison oak difficult to exterminate It is extremely diXficuIt to get rid of a well established batch of poison oak. especially U it's tiviiiins among trees. In such case, the only way to eradicate it without killing the! trees is to protect yourself (or; someone else) with clothing and gloves and cut out the poison oak and remove it. Then you ^ will need to dig out the roots inii order to kill the plant. Fortunately, the roots are shallow, but each one may be as big around as your wrist and forty or fifth feet long, running just beneath the surface. You will find 2, 4, 5-T brush killer will kill poison oak in sun or shade. Be extremely cautious with any weed killer because killing spray drift may blow several hundred feet acd can damage or kill all vegetation it goes over. Use it only during the calmest weather. After working with poison oak. bathe .with warm water and strong soap. It you know you arc sensitive to it, don't work' with it at all. ' t=>«f -4S >i Don't try burning poison oak either, the poison causing oils are carried in the smoke. Redlands Daily Facts Friday, Mar. i, 19M - 11 DONT BE UAZY NEW YORK (UPIl - "No one is certain it regular exercise will prevent cardiovascular disease, but it is certain that slothfulness doesn't help," Dr. Irvine H. Page, of the Cleveland Clinic, said at the recent meeting of the American Heart As- jsocialion. ".More women should try supporting themselves, instead of I leaving it to corsets," he added. '"More men should have a rearview mirror on their executive I desks. An occasional look back I would show them what is gain- jing on them. Physically, we lhave become lazy." NEW Bandini FOR DiCHONDRA ONLY.. THEDNLY PDTENTDICHONDRfl FERTILIZER THAT KILLS WEEDS.TDO!!! THESE WEEDS (AND OTHERS) MOVE OUT WHEN WEEDIII2ER MOVES IM KITCHEN — Separate breakfast area is at end of room in the Templeton home. Variety of types needed Use correct type of roller for painting New Bandini WEEDILIZER is a fertilizer-weed control that controls objectionable weeds in dichondra lawns, and at the same time totally nourishes the dichondra with a balanced-formula fertilizer. WEEDLIZER kills crabgrass and established bluegrass, and effectively knocks out Bermuda grasses and other weeds so that your di­ chondra con spread and take over — or, so that large weed areas may be reseeded with dichondra. Kills Weeds, Not Dichondra Seeds Bandini WEEDILIZER is a blend of Enide, Upjohn's powerful weed killer, end o balanced fertilizer formula of 10% nitrogen, 6'!" phosphorous and 4°o potash. Compered to other simitar products on the market, you'll find Weedilizer has these importont odvantages: I Weedilizer kills weeds — does not kill dichondra seeds, or damage or retard established dichondra. 2 Weedilizer contains a potent balanced fertilizer formula which turns dichondra a lush, vivid green, and promotes healthy root growth. Most other products have extremely weak formulas — which do a "half-hearted" fertilizing job — or, contain nitrogen only one of three elements necessary for a balanced fertilizer! Bandini Weedilizer should be used twice a year — in early spring and in the fall. The product is available in two convenient sizes: 50-lb. bog which treats 2500 square feet, ond 25 lb. bog which treats 1250 square feet. Dangermond's Nursery For FREE Delivery Phone 792-3885 27601 Wesf Redlands Blvd. Closed Sundays Newspaper Enterprise Assn. i Every year, an assortment of I so-called "new" tools appears on the market. Most are simplj variations on old standards. • In painting, the one real- 'ly new tool to come along in I many, many years is the paint i roller. Though it's now well icstabished with more than a (cw years of use, there are still people who are not aware that the roller can be used to advantage with just about any kind of paint, if the paint is being applied to a large flat surface. It you have failed to use a roller successfully with a variety of paints, the trouble may be that you are using the same roller for all of them. The popular medium-length nap roller made of so-called lambs' wool (really a s>-nthetic) is used for walls and ceilings when using alkyd-bascd or oil- based paints. Latex paints or rubber-base paints should be applied with a roller with an extremely short nap, generally with a mohair cover. The longer nap leaves a heavily textured surface. (Vou can switch materials, of course, depending on what tj-pc of surface you desire.) The short nap rollers also are best for enamels, high gloss paints, varnishes and fast drj-ing finishes. Judge Pile STORING BUNT R0IL2R? Wash in Soapy Water Before ~-"'viTr :Tn :yi Putting Good rollers and good pans willj last for years. One reason is that a good roller is easy to take apart and clean. The cover can be slipped off of a good roller easily. Avoid those that require fumbling with a nut or thumb screw before you can pull off the cover. Cheap rollers have no bearings, don't work smoothly andj will tend to stick. Clean Roller Cleaning rollers is a little messier than cleaning brushes, but is no more difficult if done immediately. Clean with fhei proper solvent for the paint youi have just used. If water, just; hold under running warm water' until all the old paint is re other! moved. Use turpentine for oil [paints. Rinse several times. Remember to remove as The t.vpe of surface you have'much paint as possible before to cover can determine the I cleaning. Roll out on newspaper. roller material. Rough textured walls or ceilings require a roller with a deep pile. This will carry the paint into the crevices. .As you would with a brush, get a roller of good quality. Then clean. Rinse several times and wring out the extra fluid. After the roller has been washed, wipe with a clean drj- cloth and wrap in aluminum foil. This will keep it soft until the next time it is used. Snyder's Termite Control • Treatments and control services for ants, ^ roaches, termites, moths, etc. >• New, safe fumigation for drywood termites and other household pests. I HOUSEHOLD AND GARDEN INSECTICIDES FOR SALE! {18 EAST VINE STREET PHONE PY 2-3M1 }^ 1 SAVES AT Savings and Loan Association Redlands Homt OHic* Fifth St. t Cifrui Av«. TK-im Fontani Branch SMI WhMler Avt. 175-0902 or 822-2254 Yucaipi Branch 35034 Yucaipa Boultvard W-Olgt Beaumont Branch 725 Btaument Avtflu* 845-315J

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