Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 15, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1968
Page 2
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15,1968 Sit; n?; i'JJ SOCIETY Mrt. Clairie Afee, Mfs. Haroid Stevens, Mrs, A t A, AJ&fltfon, Mrs. Phone 7-3431 of Events , FEBRAURY IS * £ thap1er m, Order of theEas- t&Fn Star, will have a regular meeting In the Masonic Hall at 7JS6 p.m. Thursday, February ."PC Sr, Citizens Club has been canceled due to bad weather. Darcus Sunday School Cmss of the Garrett Memorial Baptlsl Church will meet In the nomp of Mrs. Leon Prescott on Thyrsday, February IS at 1(30 ,2SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17 fl <^ potluck and card entertainment will be held at the Hope Country Club Saturday, Febru- $Jy 17 at 7 p.m. After supper, f^dge, pitch, Tripoli, etc. will 4J& played. Host couples will be iywr. and Mrs.: Dick Moore, H. .£., 1 Whitworth,and Brack Schenck. r,f$ONOAY, FEBRUARY 19 The Ann Wollerman Circle of tftf First Baptist Church will Meet Monday night Feb. 19 at .Tj&b p.m. with Mrs. W. T, Baber. UiK' *!< ! The Builders Sunday School H3lass, First Baptist Church, will meet Monday, Feb. 19 at 7:30 <{Sfti.' in the home of Mrs. G. sfl^Beckworth on Rosston Rd.and -California St. Eva Nell Moxley will be All members and assoc. members are urged to at- Uerkl. n'i'-The W.M.S. of the First Bap- vUst Church will meet In Circles jjifl; the following homes on Mon.<Jay, February 19. 2 «i.Circle No. 1— Mrs. Owen Hollis at 1:30. Circle No. 2—Mrs. Henry 1:30. Circle No. 3- Mrs. Doyle Huff Elmer Lester W. T. Circle No. 4— Mrs. Smith at 1:30. Circle No, 5— Mrs, Sitzes at 1:30. Circle No. 6- Mrs. aber at 7:30. 8 <5.fft. Oftd A p.fti. f UEStJAY, PBfiftUARlT $0 the BOy SCoiiits of ffoop 62 would like to Invite the parents and all past members of the troop to open house Tuesday, February 20 at 1 j>.m. Jn (he basement of the Methodist Church, ttie W.M.& Circle Jte, 1 of the First Baptist Church will meet in the home of Mrs. Doug* las Drake at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 20. LIGHT-SCHOOLEY VOWS EXCHANGED Mrs. Helen tight and William School ey were united in marriage at the Spring Hill Methodist Church on Friday, Febru* ary 9 with the Rev, Connie Robins officiating at the double- ring ceremony. The bride wore a blue silk suit with bone accessories and had a white carnation corsage. Vows were exchanged In the presence of a few friends and members of the families. Music was furnished by Mrs. Brooks Collins, pianist. Mr. and Mrs. EdwardSchooley entertained with a smidl reception in their home following the wedding. . The William Schooleysarenow at home on Highway 29. IRIS CLUB MEETS Tulips, jonquils, and pussy willow made attractive decoration at Mrs. Lahroy Spates' home on Tuesday, February 13 when the Hope Iris Club met there. Dolores McBride, Extension Home Economist, was a special guest, and she showed slides on "Landscape Design," which proved to be of great Interest. "All Green" arrangements were brought by the club members, and In the judging, the winners were: first, Mrs. OwenNlx; second, Mrs. A. A. Albrltton; third, Mrs. Floyd Crank. The Iris Club will be in charge of a morning coffee during the Southwest District Garden Club meeting here February 27, and this committee was named to be in charge of arrangements: Saenger THEATRE He vowed to kill no more...until the ambush at FORT Tonite - Friday I Saturday * Saturday Mat. 1:15 KiLLERvsj KI1IIH! MGM, Glenn Ford Minson Angle Ghat The IflST Challenge in P»n«vition*and Mttrocolor , Fr«sh cotonuf cake loppM with s(ra«rt>effl« *«s served *lth coffee to 11 BAKER Mb cum iweets the Baker Extension Homemakers Club found tt Interesting f6 see how to decorate coat haft* gers with net and crochet, which Mrs, Paul Molt demonstrated for the eye-opener at a meeting Mon« day night, February 12 In the home of Mrs. 0. P, Lloyd, Hie meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Woodro* BaJter, and the hostess based her devotion on passages frorn the book of Matthew. Mrs. T. B, Fenwlck Voiced the opening prayer. Mrs. C. G, Tittle gave reports from the offices of secretary and treasurer as well as a Health Report, Mrs. T. B. Penwick, Clothlr« Leader, was the Ideal choice for the lesson, "Cleaning Fabrics." She distributed pamphlets with much helpful Information on this subject. Mrs. Lawrence Easterling outlined the proposed County Council Budget for the new year, and the president appointed Mrs, Holt, Mrs. Lloyd, and Mrs. Easteriing as the Telephone and Human Relations Committee. The Homemakers Prayer, repeated in unison, concluded the meeting. Cold drinks and cake were served to 9, including one new member, Mrs. George Waiden. The March meeting will be with Mrs. Roy Baker. HINTONHDCLUB MEETS The Hinton Homemakers Extension Club met In the Patmos Town Hall Monday, Feb, 12 with the President, Mrs. Verdo Hollis, presiding at the meeting. Eleven members and one new member, Mrs. Benny Waller, answered the roll call to "The Hardest Stain I Have Had To Remove," Mrs. Monroe Kent gave thede- votioanl from John 17. Prayer leading was by Mrs. Earlle Me- Williams. Mrs, Kent presented the lesson on Spot and Stain Removal. She also gave the Eye-Opener, a label hanger. This is a very nice way to keep tags from readymade clothing and material for ones who do home sewing. Anyone who wants this pattern may contact the Extension office or a club member. Mrs. Griffin served as hos- •"te"s^ r 'serving" cold "drinks' and *chips >to'ithe !! memtfers'and three small guests, Devln Lynn Hollis, Stacy Jackson, and James Waters. The March meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Troy Hollis. All members are welcome. Bob Thomas at the Movies LOS ANGELES (AP) - The evening was scheduled as a tribute to James Stewart, Mervyn Leroy and Mae West. Predictably, Miss West stole the show. It was one of those annual banquets of the honorary cinema fraternity at the University of Southern California, and the gathering was a curious mixture of the academic and entertainment worlds. Nostalgia was the keynote, and the diners viewed photographs from films of the three honored guests as they were flashed on the walls of the campus dining room. The program began with emcee Norman Corwin presenting clips from three Stewart films "Philadelphia Story," "Harvey" and "On Our Merry Way." Also a clip from an old Ed Sullivan show In which Stewart sang a number with which he made Ms professional debut at Prince- UPrl (MK) SI Air Ffimii, Pago Honored of HELEN HELP US! by H«f*rt Botul Dear SN*frt! Wfiydteft't ynujolft yowf ntot life, -tt SHOCKED At SMALL fowfT SCHOOL tJear Helen. 1 I fust moved to tints smalt town from The City, And am charging my mind about "wholesome country life," I was shocked to se« all the fiedclft* In the school halls. Don't misunderstand. Pm not against love, but open displays of It nuke me feel crawly, these kids ex- Change long kisses and snuggle up to each other. They wouldn't get away with It In our city school. Don't you think the kids should wise up and stop being soupy? Holding hands Is enough while on the school grounds. Agree? — T,Y, Dear TJ Certainly do I Public necking is crude, juve- nlle afrl emteras«tnf to otters, tt can b* elifnlnafed at school fwu ways* By wore alert teachers; and by getwrai disapproval among the students who count. Sounds like both sides hive been a little lax at your new school, **H Dear Helen: Nh sister fnitde a New Year's Resolution to keep the house clean are! she Istlf Ivlng mi- baity, I put somathlng down and, bang, it's gotw, % fooofcs aren't ever on the kitchen bar any m»>r<». Our room doesn't seem like home. It's so neat. My mother thinks she's wonderful, which makes m« mud, I'll have to admit, How can I get my sister back to normal 7- SWEPT AWAY tfclem % orothtr says t*oy« date girls for only two t«a- sons; either for what they c«ng«t» or btseatwif ttwy want tfw security anrf status of going steady, la he rtghtt* DISCOURAGED Dear Dlss H**s fsnsratiatntf. Let's h$ar it from the boys who don't agra* —or do. **H, Helen j fm the goad little girl who now getstn* to Jroubld ami I* neter noticed* That's my Jnwgeanri thate II. Hie only way to shaM It Is by doing something drastic, Well, now I have the chance. I sll in front of Jim In Enjltah. He has the biggest reputation In the Junior Class and ht's really coot. He calls m> "Stow White." H* asketl m? for a date. Uould probably keep him in line, and, Just fninfc, if 1 tfteni with Jim the fctds woofer reaff? fintiee m«f they might eV^fr TALK ABOUt m*. t guess foa think that's stupld r but yoo aon'f Ifiow *haf a coni- ptex my trth^e has given m*. Snottld f go out wtlft him? .%y. bf ws could ftelp eaehotfter, He'd get i batter ft&f^aifoft, going with a ptift girl, anrt M get more human, rfSHftt a wtkl 6oy. -SNOW WHITE 0««f Snows it nattily ever works thaf way. If you date Jim, ytttt'lf dtewer fhe girl gets the reputation ,irel th« boy stays wlW. You can slkle down easier than you can climb up -for the bad- dies are anxious to keep you low; mAfces lh«m feel Ipssftutlty, ih« Rwre dompaHy th«y have. This "awwt" lm.tge Is a mil* sa«e« r t'H {KlmUf but there are safer ways to change it,, „ Like geetlftf rwticed for your ac- compllflhmt*nts f or practicing up o« clever conversitfoR. - H GAIL TVER Miss Gall Tyer, who will serve as a page to Regent Mrs. Paul W. Kllpsch at the state DAR meeting in March, was the honored pest at the John Cain Chapter, DAR, luncheon meeting Wednesday, February 14 at the Herl* tage House. Presenting the program were four American History students of Mrs. Roy Allison —Susan McCain, Jimmy Rogers, Larry White, and Lee Almond, It was entitled "Contributions to American History by the Negro," After Mrs. Roy Stephenson had presented the pest speakers, each one sketched the lives of Important Negroes In various fields of endeavor. Red carnation corsage and bou- tannieres were presented to the speakers, and red gladiolus arrangements were used on the table. The 20 present for the program also Included Mrs. John Cra/ton and Mary Anita Laseter. The latter was presented a beautifully Illustrated book, "In Washington, the DAR Story," In appreciation for publicity assistance. The ritual and business were conducted In a routine manner under the direction of the Regent, Mrs. Kllpsch, the chaplain, Mrs. J. J. Battle, and the secretary, Mrs. Joe Keesey. Hostesses were: Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, Mrs. Floyd Nonzlngo, Mrs. L. K, Persons, and Mrs. Robert LaGrone, AGINCY How to Save Money? Shop At Our Store TRAVEL SYRINGE Compact case. Tyson, 1 98 Scot Towels 2 For 39 260 Soft Cosmetic Puffs Reg. 69c 49 LISTERINE Quart •'tonUniversity." * '^'" t: "' The man who wrote Jhe, number and persuaded Stewart to go on stage, Josh : L6gan, joined Vera Miles and Andy Devine in asking Stewart a few desultory questions about his career. The gray-haired Stewart, still boyish of voice, answered politely. He deplored the loss of big-studio training for today's actors. Leroy's long career was represented by clips from "Little Caesar/' "Blossoms in the Dust" and "30 Seconds over Tokyo." The director was interrogated by Greer Gar son, Walter Pidgeon and Dr. Frank Baxter. Leroy's message to the film students: "The audience doesn't care about trick camera work —only the story." Next came Miss West. She agreed to accept the honorary membership in Delta Kappa Alpha if she could do it her way. That's the only way she operates. After the brief scenes from "Klondike Annie" and "Every Day's a Holiday," the lights came up. The platform had been converted into a boudoir with white fur rug, white chaise Lounge, full-length mirror, candelabra, etc. Miss West, who like s to surround herself with musclemen, had three U.S.C. football players—Adrian Young, Tim Rossavich and O.J. Simpson—huddled around her. The three athletes, unborn when Miss West quit making movies, made their retreat, revealing her to the audience. All the trappings were there: The three golf-ball diamond rings; the spray of diamonds above the pneumatic chest; the cascade of milk-white hair (a wig?); the undulating figure, more than ample despite tight corseting, in a jeweled white gown. Despite abundant makeup, the face showed its 75 years. But the eyes beneath the upswept lashes were clear, add the voice still had the quality of a small girl playing the vamp. "} have been honored many tinus .... (laughter) for nuny things (laughter) ...," Her insinuating manner can still draw amusement from straight lines, j,.... The proceedings took a more «;•«.*' historical turn as George Cukorfe' anri Robert Wise literally sat at/ her feet and questioned her ! about the West career. She related her begin/lings as a danc-. er at 8, her authorship of the* play, "Sex," and her film <>xl-£ ventures in a rambling manner that required much by the tw-j directors. ;f 1.00 Cashmere Bouquet Powder 59* SALE Reg. 2.49 VO 5 Hair Spray 180z. 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