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Colton Daily Courier from Colton, California • Page 1

Colton Daily Courier from Colton, California • Page 1

Colton, California
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A. P. i don Only Found In Vrntfc," Qoitbt 'Hi Incut nwp In thin pnir In founded only truth Wo vouch for It. Tno world newi In thin pnpnr In founded only os truth Tho Anaoolnud Froaa shunt hsck of III vouch for It! U40 TIKI OOVft-lift, tiitlo wisdom lluough tin column. VF.ATt'FR fmiHiirn (allfiiriila: Fair tonlalit and Tui-Mlay, Iml ovcira.l iiIkIiI ami niiiming went port lull.

No rliaitKt ill li'mpi'iuhirr, Mini-eriHe went and nnrtliw tul Hinds off llir riiqpl. INDEPENDENT HOME PAPER FOR, 10.000 PEOPLE NEARLY EVERYONE IN COLTON READS THE COURIER WORLD WIDE NEWS FROM ASSOCIATED PRESS AND THE HOME NEWS. EACH AFTERNOON IN THE COURIER SUNDAY COLTON, CALIFORNIA MONDAY EVENING, JUNE EXCEPT SATURDAY AND MOOOO DSD ooaooo REFUND BILL BYSPEAKER (Hv Press) 0. Juiir 17. Ill a lu iml!" wluiiri-iatialiuii hills Hu lluusp Imla) a rtwiliiliuu Hvli'inliiiK nuia-aura luum fur Iwu tars aiul Hirn (uik Hie AAA aiiH'iiiliiieiils after hear-inK Speaker li)H.

lake Ihe fluur In iirce ie ieeil. rip. (mini, 'lull'll the uieuMirea imiler.iinHl In lie in the rlass tile AW aini'iiihiients Haulier lahur ills-liiitea liill, I lilil) hiilil nuiiinny aet, urqelit llrfiiiem) Iihim, till rruulatiiiiis etrieimi nf the Tennei-aee Valle)' aiilliurit), f.iiffey real hill. Fulcra! aliuliul runlnJ anil imssihlr" Hie aliip hiilibiil) art. IGT VOL.

LVIII EVERY DAY oooo REFUNDS II President Vetoes Senate Act to Refund Taxes Where Claims Are Late iHy Ahhim. luted Press) Washington, D. June 17. Legislation which would allow certain tax refunds to a number of building and loan associations, which had not submitted their claims within the prescribed time, was vetoed by President Roosevelt. In bis veto message to the Senate, the President said, "1 his bill selects a small class of taxpayers for special treatment by excepting them.

The whole body of Federal taxpayers is thus discriminated 1 against and precedent established, opening the door to relief in all eases in which the statute operates to the prejudice of particular taxpayers, while leaving the door closed to the Government in those cases in which the statute operated to the disadvantage of the government. BUIIO FLIGHT lllv A HHIH'tllt PfeiOt) Mll XV IM.XNDS, June 17. -Flying hlind, the Iliii-Amorirnil t'lllt'or seaplane hopprsl off for Honolulu oil the roliirn lllglil In the I'nilnl Mates mainland, tmniedialely afler the ship rose Into Hie air after a gnireful takeoff, all riii'lains were drawn and the pitots were romielled to rely solely oil litslrumeuls for ilirerlion, spent and ultiliide. Furring riitniuir hy Imehlng their way Hirougli the roof, Hilrtea during Hie lllglil looted the J. 1enuey Co.

ihpavtmeiil slorei oil F.lglifli street of vlnihing and rah lolnllng In talue, I oil's Chief John A. Miller mid Hut. tits true H. Henderson, wlm lines-llgolisl llu theft shortly offer If was dlseovered Ibis iiioriiliig hy Manager It, V. Cmiit, reporlisl nn Inrenlury releabsl Hull tolly SUM'S hint Ims-ii III lash.

The I emu lieler token was In mereluiiiillse, mid rmigial from men's ft i'll vv hols women's hosiery. One hlllollaat lies Here slnlell, I pair of shaking, la men's whirl m. Inn pairs of men's sts ks, II palls of dress nils, five issils mill oilier arlleles. rollnwlng Hit pn-llin Inal Imesllgn-tlnli, Chief Miller Ml III Hie hllllil of Ihleies, ell her Iwo nr llirts In mini 1st iselenwirisl fit -I in funs enliame It khi Lilt llte sk light of I he slnre, Full lug III lllls, I hey etil hole III Ihe rtstf iiIhmii iiii nlr enl. broke Ihrotigli In In iiii Interior uteliil rtstf shell.

The lairglnra khktsl a Irnle Ilirnngh lltls and lilt'll dmpited Inin Ihe ahue, Af ler had enlleeltsl Ihe hail, Ihe) esiitss from a rear door, dropping a door bar In plate Isdilnd Hein. When this ilm.r lair Ml ngnliist Hie dsir, Ih I ml na-ii who milks plghily rounds, wem unable In tell Ihal Hid (hair had I I I I I ii 17, 1 93V No. 72 SK-riff Rrpcrts Confession of Triple Murder in Loney Mountain Canyon (Hy Assoriat. tgrssH) SAN DIKLO, Jimp 17. Karl IL Riilie), rarpi-nler, roufesgid the murder of IVarl Margaret lapiiim and two souk hy shoving their car off ft high embank mcul on the road In liar ret dHin in the mountain section of Sait Diego county Iasi March, affording to report of Ciiderdieriff tieorge Bipefon.

Arrested in the Htnte Fanergency Heiief AdminUlriition tniiihirnl nimp near Phoenix. Kutnrduy after nooll I'V Cuptain of IbdiH-tivcK Me-tiridh of the Arizona city, accompanied hy Brerettn uml Iepn-'tlc Miimifii nml Parker, ho waived ex iti'Hiitb4i mid wiik bundled Into Dm rnr. Arriving Imre be hi IniMltil Into ii ftolfinry fell, wlno-e be wax held 4ncommmiU-ndo. Dirtuigh fact a Suspect Story Admitting that they are "not with him yet," and that mat going-over hm nnui us we got out to hsk. "The hruk didn't hold.

I guess. The enr started rolling and i couldn't 4-nt I saw It go over and walked jacrohs the hue to T(eale, then to Fu- did some prosHst ing. At Hania Rosalia I crossed over to Utiaymas, then eiime hmk Into Arlmi," NHiled By Men Aeeordlnu to RreivOw, he was nr-on was Rb-hey. Hrcrcion, Mason mtd Parker went to Pinsuilk. where, after satisfying themselves of his Identity, they usked MeDralh to arrest Mlclmy, lb probuldv will nnulgned Tiles-day lu Juslfee t'otirt on the (pnidrnp)e murder charge.

Itien-iou sab). Strike Ends, as Truce Signed by Omaha Factions Ipy Asso'Stliit Pl'OSSt IHFLIOIIT, Ml. June -AH dav strike of empbocs of Die Plovet Mamifm lot lag and l.uglue eompau.t settled by a toinpioinlse Mutis tncnl sag gested In a tncetinu wbh hoverno Henry lloruer, 2nd National Umird nan tmlay were under oidets to mm a nle liuimsliafclv I'euipauv and union lals luie.d st conf) tee yesierJijv mi a five in hi wae ltereav for miplnyecr. Campos Negligent, Jury Says at Hearing of Youths Death in Accident 1 there." Amedncio (ampos. it, 111 Steveim Tbo accident wtw the finding Oct- street, was named today as the driver oIkt 7, ib.H, of skelettma and resiHuisih for the death of edro t4 Dm wreckage of an old automobile at (iiitierrei, II year old Colton Hrhool Do lame of a 2nn- fmt eliff in the hum.

Ixt.v, hy a coroner jury whu It lieard testimony in the rase at the linop snyder funeral pallor. It was Dm mgligcme" (am I'-, out ran it the i'liv mi Sunil. I lf 1 ileal' MiiLlil Ihal junnsl" "Hs fl'm met hi, Ihe jur.vH:lllH -rt' verdi-t det hired, The hoy dint Frb Tin were Identified hy day al the nmiil.v Im-piiitt, (Mm. Margaret Bellnirc us Dmae of Tedinmuy at the imimt, nt whi daughter, Piarl Kpiinn, Deputy Cot'Miier Fdwaid P. of-lwltb Richey hud Nen living, ficinted, was Unit liuliem-z was stnml-jund tlmlr two children, none of wlumi Ingot Die of II Klalhil trm lien, bad been kf-cii rn.e' they drove uwny the imuliiue dilven l.y Campits Nde Mr-4.

RellalreM Imme In Ulchey svvIjH-d It ami then stuck down thejnir March 2d. Arridwil Admitted I Dm ihiI.v rcimnk, when arrested, or cording to Brereton, was; I supssM want uie for Dint uceifhnt lui'k llri, hua I hil lips, funner Tiijcr rnnair4, who was ronvirtHl of killintf Alhcrta Meadows with a hummer fifteen years ano. walked out of the Womans prison here today, free on parole. Her husband, Armour Thillips, who freipumD) Werhirefl he would he at the prison Rates she was rHeaMvl, was no where to he seen. However, Mrs.

Phillips now thirty-six years old, was met hy her sister, Klla Jarksou, who said they would drite to l.os Angeles, hut rontempialed a trip eastward. Mrs. Phillips sliowyd some agitation, hut expressed luipplursh at her telease. "I mu hardly hidiow it Is true," hhe said. i Five persons rneiinl sent ernes from City Jitdce Janies Tenitiy for week-end offenses, three nf Die rliargea behiR for violation of Ihe eitj's intoxi ration ordinance.

Juno l.iim, 117, of Idl t'oimroavK Hlroet, was Kii ii Die loaNht fine of the vvetk cud, one of the ipiietest in recent months. I rn paid S'Jo mi a yu fine, with the mart MisHmlinK the remainder ou condition Lira violate no imnv laws for ft ieriod of a year. He was c)uirpd with dislmbiiuj Dio pence. fsirou, ID, of Ls Aimelcs, was Riven a straiuht v.t fine for violation of the eily's iiiiti Msdlim; ordinance. Laron was sclilnu furs when arreted hy Mdlce.

Henry Coffee, II; Dan in, 7t2. of South Tenth street Mild Ytr-uiulo Paramo, J7, of West slns t. were fimsl $10 each for drunkenness. Three men, Ihspio Kodrluuex, 27, of Ki Paso; Ftnelia Llanins. ami md .10, or were turned our In Federal iiiiiiifurut Ion an-, Dmi'ilies for 4ii ewtlRntioii following their iiitomI In the bsal Solitlielli pacific- yards.

CITY COIJIICIL City ronneil iiiemlHTs iimkH tonight for their regular mid-month session, with several rounliiie and Npeeial imU-ten slalnl for roiisideriitioii. Rlght-of way iigrivmmitM ImMwih'ii Die elty mid Mrs. Klia iVrter. recotitly cotupleted, wilt prestmliHl for approval of Dio eoumll, according lu City Attorney Waldo Willhoft. fUlter city offli lals Ilidb'Hlcd (hut diseusslou WHS Ml tu-duled on the Mew Colton roMervidr.

This has Ihsu up proved hy jpncnimcut It was reHrted, and may la1 re-fiilHl and eoniKK-tml with Ihe city water mains Dlls week. Kectdpl nf the grant I'eqiilwlilim cheek on tho (Ndton sowaui IIsnismI plant ii oxHH-tHl during tin day from tho govormnent PWA heiubpmrt ers, mid film) iipprmnl of tho sewaue plant limy he ghen at tonluhl'N meot-ing. would lime to do so. Tho i'cNit' was Interpreted ns hall eatltiu tlio Japanese Hlhl wns iteter mined In told nnoilier Chlueso provlmi lu Its sphere of dotiiliinl bm, dlcliiiitu: wind Chlueso oflhlats slinll admlid-l or offho and wh.d Chinese troops shall gun Ison Cli ns widl a Ih'pel provinces, It wns from lhHl province Dial the Jap'inoNV misled Dell. I oieli who was U'LVerimr there miDl a week ago, together with his anid.

Nanking government troop aDu him evneiiatimt ilopel. TO TAXES BT Legislature Adjourns With Budget in Balance But Taxes Increased (llv Asmicinteil Press) SACK 17- New slalc (lIM'il totalling 000,000 left a a reminder hy tin hemcvvjiril hound islut'ire Mill take loll from nil (iUi-fmtiiiinH from ImiiMWiiveH on their slmpping tour to industry's corporate Inrningx. On July 1st (lie consumer cost of everything retail, except essential fends, will lin reuse oh the wile tax rises from 2 Kr cent lo It jMr eenl. Matkel baskets will feel Ihe exemption certain specified necessary RmmK but prepared foods served nf re.vluur-nuts will Mill hear (lie (ax iMireluiso from out-of lawn firms aul rents nf tauuilile iMToiial rHTty rotistjinetl duVitm (he rental iwrltHl will le for Ihe tir-it (into utMetl in IliP'stite Kales lux mnler a mwv wed ion iMideil hy Ihe legislature' lliiKineKS films will no louder be lo eMa.e the stiles lux l.v leutiim, liishmil of Imylnu', llres anil other eoitsumahle eillmeiit. Income laves rnuue from one to fif teen, per eitl mi net lmoims npply lo all Mrsons wlili iiu times tiuriiu; lhla, with Die firr iiiNtallmeut tint April lh-Mi.

Many other lux Im renses ef-leetiiiK business ami family life will he fell. The Is-L'islahue was sent down into history hy fov. Morrium, who nppeat eil Is'foro parked AsMiuhly elniitilier shortly iH'fore iiildululil moh ntmle farewell wishing the legislators (hsl smkmI. 1 "You have not all agreed with me hut I congratulate you for Isdnir men and women enomdi to tnAld to your oiiuloiiH," he said.4 "I have no erith-ism of the man him! woman who ad as their nmsdemes dielale. The Oorernor Ndntcd out that the hiidpa had not lieen fully haianeial, xrt yoti still have dom a flue Joh he mild as applause thunder-ed tliromth the Assembly, where aeiiu-tors had.

also L'uihend, the legislature adjourned at 11 loo p. last tiikhl, hut il was md until six minutes later that Keuker (Tnltf officially pronounced Ihe at an tirnl. The Keuatu had adjourned at in. The fluNh of the seMsioii mhw more limn IIJtHi hills, emistltutional aiueml-iii4ii and resolutions hiirmlueed. Die liiiuHt ihiiiiImt In stale lii-tory.

Out of them was produml the K.172, 1 to Imduet run the state for Dm next two jours ami a revenue pro Ki-am of :pki.nnn,fNH) pay for it. A sns lal Kisednii prohaldy ill Im dilhal (text winter to prmlde further funds for iinoinplojiiieiit relief. Is'tiMnlors, fuiiumd hy the Iouk session, savo way to an hour of merry-luakliiK Indore final adjournment, and then rdlrml to hotel rooms, imwt of them preparing to Inue for their homes tomorrow. lllv Asset Utlfil PtHMMl TOhML dime Itenitn (Jap-iucm) Sew a iiKcnry i nrresiHMident lit llstuMiift, M.iiirhoiiltija, rcMirlcd toda) that the hikh inllilur) eintmll at INn-Mug had dm-hled licit. Snug he-tiatft jimmimr nf (Imliar pruvlme, Chinn, must ipiil uiriee, Tim ml 1 1 1 ii i eoumll, was repmi det idld that If the t'lilheso Ntillon-al Allay irmeruuieiii did not reuime Omientl Stihj, the J.ipitneso army BELIEF TOED Hopkins States Plan to Spend $4,000,000,000 Before State Directors (Uv Preen) SIII V4i''0, 17.

Stale works proRiess dirertors were railed loRelher here lotlay to gel from llarrj L. llojFkins information on how the Roosevelt administration intends to spend Xl.iHMt.lHHMMO hi Us work relief prmiram. It was said that the slate leaders will he told roughly how much each stale In llkel to receie, linw fast uihi should he put to work and on what t.vjMs of projects. State plans, coin-hiiiim; eM-iisve and incxMiise pr jts-ts, will Ik drufttsl. An nthllthui, wurtli of projects ill ready a toted will he discussed.

Hopkins, Dm mitioiml works prokres director, yeslertmv releiiMed a survey made In HulDiiiory hi-h he Mild iM llunks asM-riloiiH that tluFo on relief were refusiuj; Jobs in prhflte lu-iliiKtry as to continue receiving ted eral aid. Hut of l(ki complaints luvpstl-puled. Hopkins said, It was fmmd (hat only four ieroiis had turned down work and these were later deuled further relief money. "The factual study of oil the aliened refusals dellunks the claims that there is whlespnsul preference for reNef Instead of Jobs," Hopkins said. The works applications division o-dav umioumed that the wdcraiiM cd i uistratloii had applhsl for ftl.lDiJT'i in he sMut on hospital huildliiRH ami lepairs.

the Interior Hepartim-ut asked for f't71JfH for eoiisirm-Doii of emerw-em-y landing fields in Alaskan villages and uilulnu camps. Other applications Included $107,471 hy the Agriculture Depart nit-id fur fl-hiiim hull weevil In Arlxniift and by the navy for ii ijuay wall at Die ('hurlcs-town, South ('arollna, navy yard. (Hy AsstH-ishd Press) T(OM, June 17. Mill Mrs. Margaret Waley become ft mother while the Federal government Is arms lug her of being a kidnaper? Rumor today had Ihe stork hovering over tho Thurston county Jail, housing Ihe two youngsters neeustsl of kidnaping nine year old Deorgc Weyer haettser for It won't make mmii difference.

o-lire Mild, whether she Iss-omes ii mother In four months or not, ns the Lindbergh low plot Ides for life sentences, reua rdless. tslu' and her hushand are lueK.v that llioy a rent trhsl nnder Wnshlng ton elute law, which would hang llioiii. mu Id one D-tiinii. "As it is, the.v may get off with life sent Nhe ami Jut htishand, llaimon, the Heparlmeiil ufj.liixt auentf say, have urn os set I (siinpih ity in the kidnaping of Dm- Weyerhaeuser amt InDe Iiii plicated iinothei man. He.

rH-hcadml, hlusiicM, nml his gill wife, giggles. The curly headed Weyrnhamtsei' hov ns kbliMH'd Mav 21, held In (hidiin In a FHkaiic house, then reb'MM'd near iNsiHjunli, Most nf the l2iHMtto ransom -one or the largest hitisoniM hi Die world had ham rotovorod h.v agents of Die de pililiueiit of Justice. Tin search for the man Is-llrved to In- the third kidnaper atid his woman unpanion. iimlercd today in t'tah. Ti mi.

MoidniiH Hint Maho, Wllllani Mahan, wlu has a ciltiilmd renud. Is at leiiMt one of the men sought hr the Dcpurtimuit of JiMlco, llV A -HOC til ted 1rtHH) WASHINGTON, l. June 17. Tlie imssiliilit) t(iat lew lli'nKlatimi iiiiulil he Nought at this session of Con-growl for Hie NR.Y nils dmrarteri.eil hy James O'Neill, Hie new Imiil of Hie NK. as entirely an opru quest toll.

resident HimmovoM In fonnaily an-nniiiirihg Hie new XRA set up iiMliraf-ed that legislation might he sewght in the future, huh didn't mention (lie possibility of proposing at Hits session. It's lioHs.slile to stole affirmatively, nr neifollvely, whether there will la' new legislation now," staled lit Ida first press t-onfeitooe. Young Mexican President Is Left Supreme as Iron Man Steps Down (Hv Associated Press) I). F' Jour rinlarro Kllas (alien, onelimr strung mall of Mexico, willnlreiv from Ihe po-liliral arrus lialay, liipiidaling a five-days rrisls. The.

fiirinei who eiime in In oh'i ennflb W'llh I'reslileiit l.aznro Cardi'iiiiK over etonnmle isdlelea, me mniueisl he would deport for Ihe uorlli Tiieatliiy, "leaving all respeielldllly for piddle affairs lo I hose who have il in heir liniids." The young president, In side pmetr afler fnrelug Ihe resignations of Ills mlnl-lers, drove ulieuil nllli Ids drufl-llig of II new govnrumelil lo Is liiiined hmlglil. II whs espeeled lo lnelnil" in I III -I ern nuisblered too rildlenl I 'll lies. Ciinis'teiit nli-er era lielleved Hint liny HN.slldllty of iirmed disorders passed willi the withdrawn! of Culles mid Hull nil furl her llieldeuts Would illsturh lie umiiiiil liilerinil loiml Itidury eon-leiiHun wlileli ihiii'iI tislay. II was IniilershNsI, bmvever, Hull niiH-gmeniiiieiit groups. In aildlllnii In Oil Indie wlm paneled 1.7,000 alruug yeslerilay, planned lake lldiiiulage of Hie preM'in-e of the lloiarlan to ledil llemullalrilllllll.

1 Although (Jellerul Clllle wus IIII Cuermiviiea, Ills slalemeut wus given mil from lids euplliil, "I eu me here In answer lo a eull I riselual mid to end a slliiulloii wlileh might Ih hinlly he said. "I mil imrilug, leaving all for puldle aflalrs lo Hiose who Imu'l It III their hands," Heiiernl t'nlles iisserted llial hist sliitemeiit Tuesday, erillelrliig the isniiilry'a "mniriillioii of rudleiillsiti," was given In all "alh'lupl lo urlent llte neiloii of ill) Nirly lowiird wluil sistii-eH to Ine Ihe gissl of Ihe nmuiry." I'resldenl Carileiuis' opsisltig Culles' views, preolplliilial Ihe sdlllenl erlsls mid Ihe reslgmilloii of the riiblied ministers. The new nilnMiy wiis i'rln lo llieliide llenerill Hit I nil 1 1 lin I'edllhi, ileiieial Aiulreii A I iiiiir.n ii. rellHug lulu -I i-r of war, and others harking Car delnis' pro lalsir db le. The Iwo genenils nri eiaisblel'isl lie' slrinigesl In Metleo, and me known lo of Hie govi'riiiiieul's iitv Ions uiill-ri'llgloiis twill, Iss'ii o'iied as II has no oulsble linmlle, I'olbe Chief Miller wild be Is-lleied Hie Ihleies gained Ihe I'eimey naif Ii) first willing Hie Hlmrla eufe Inilldlng, The l'd may have Issii laki'ii a way in ear driven lo ihe rear dir ill a slg-not lo an geeimipllec friau the thieves il Ii lu Ihe slnre, It was slnleil.

hoy. After hllHug Die yimlh, the road stir of t'ampiM Jmuihm the emit, kicked down a -mull tree. Mien swung in a wide are across Die stnsd, fin- ally coming to a stop a bout feel gt Home rst," rend on said Rlclur'ii from the st i-ite of the Impiiet and oa the jtory (h: "As 1 was pulling up Dm opined to side of ihe street. grade I heard something rattle IsdUnd Dulh-rrex was standing h.v Die side the ear and thoimht Id lost my tail-of a trm owned by Jituii Moiiloiiex of jlyiit, so stopMs, iMd the ltnikts ami Sixth and stnsd when run down The Dmk paiked on the wel side of Fifth Ntrooi, near Maple, was head ed north. RomMer going south.

At Dm if rumpus was time of the un i dent, young Dutlem, was ws'klug to'seuada, where I sort of outfitted and tube a crank out of a tool bn to start the trm k. t'amHis was arrested at hi inn two ImuiM after Dii'MVhsk by officers. Testimony of whimsies was Dial he and Ids eom-anloii, Juan Torrex, of nsded mi a Dp from secret servho 2i7 Was) street, stayed at the see ie men, who said a limn going under Dm of the ac. blent for iilmiit half au Karl Harsr they lielleved a after Ihe clash. WIlUcsMs vv ho tsified weie Mary ADt il, who made (he Idenllfhatiott of Ihe hoy; Dr.

R. Inuhaai. who Dented young Dnilcrrc? oil leers Frank T. thaizalcs mid John who les-tlfhd as to In rosiilis of tlndr in veslkaMoii. Rennie Fhaes, M.irerlmo I'ldeH and JS' Mclidosu, eyewRliesses of the era 'h Juan Mentone, the hm owner; and John Tones, who was rid lug with Impiest Jiinm.n weie Lonmd Tern hy, A K.

Ihovvn, F. II, I'oisylhe, A tii'oiue, las Alfoid, Rohlu son, and J. It. Hmtp Depmv District Altomey AHsot I)! Weller directed the Ucltonlutf of wit nesses at the tinpiest while ADoomy I' F. Rlngman of Han Rmnardlim ap pea red iMt behalf of I 'ampos, Funeral scrvbc for tla youth will Ik held Wedue-diiy at I in.

al Del nrUl to (Nvlton fatlmlie ih-ir-li with follow In Hoiumsd rimrlcry,.

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