Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 1, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1916
Page 4
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I" '•>;!! n:i*n. t«. rn(!X"*' r^T'i STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD SIXTY.SECOND YEAR, S u n c! 3 v D. W. GRANOON & SONS,. P;i!i!i«i-f>'-!y O f '.'<vt DEPT TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. By Mai!, Outbid* of Sterling srtd -Roc Falls, Anywhpr* in the Uniffd, State* or -»•>-- --ftr !?! • rT.lrr*-rv-f- By Carrier in Sterling or Rock Fallj , or by Mai! at tli* Sterling or . • Ro-k Falls Postoffico. On' 1 ifi n*lv:mr" month" in •iilvnnf**' 1* :•• Thr«v. TJi'inHis in iii!v.irn-<-.," ] '• It) Rv '.<•.«• v.'» < ; k. p:it;»('!'' hi th«-.e.-n ri«/r I CAUGHT ONHE FLY WILSON AND WAR. jo ^ H!V !m\im; :i!n»)=t.h' re nf »f in!* r ' ;!t (i iirtu \v;>r, : n;iHoii bn«i "J. . WEDNESDAY, MOV. 1, 1916. Many women have been waiting for event—and now it's here! The time to select is early in the morning—Come! CHoose from a good display of either back or front lace models. Never b^or^hMjthenB_bccii_aj^. Uuced price quoted on Justrite corsets—We positively believe of corsets ever held in this city. G. D. Justrite corsets are as perfect fitting as human skill and long years of experience in corset designing can make them. ml! r,| t-. of as \\t\r. t( v.'n'ild h:i\.e !if"-ti ;iii |j)rv;n.'4,'ible hlnrt- <h••!• td lt;iv>> Involved us In the Kuro- p»*.-ui t nii(!jr (. \Vfl.i.ini ii'ir'tlv owing to .( "i!<!lli-iiiM <>\er vrhkh. !»• ha.t i fri'l. h;».«.' *<n far nvohh'd nitrh a Tim nearest U'llwon camo to "H In is war vvhl.-h l« not our wnr. wait uhi-ii he wnf an ultimatum to runny d'-mainllm; d chttiiKc in lir-r submarine pulley. Th(vJ-tal«scr. who wanted it.i w,-ir with Anvr.len. [.referred to ehruu-e his .|>olU;y.,r;ithrr than iiccei»t iron 0.-D. Justrite corsets gently mould the figure into grace- fal lines. Every corset, regardless of this out of the ordinary cut price, is a stylish, up., to the minute model, Regular $5.00 models go at AH Wool Pants, pr.79c • * spiH'ia! groujt of wmuOn/ji'aTr, wool -under >r,ar- nn«nt.>— ankk' U'n % irth. • The ^arinoiits are free from all" (li'fcM'ts—tiii 1 workuum.ship the very best, eiisiirinpf one of u^perfoct lit. He,«:u- !ar.!tt/25 o'anneiit.s, tluM Aale. . . ........ warlike rtmllcMKc", Admiral wan roi-nDnl and the mih- y "Tlijii n«iM)7 Th\f \\ rm thV uct of'I*rr>sidf<nt AVilwin Iff6" wnr ""It wh's ""Knf'tvrv William of tSormany n)'to has no fur t>r«vontr><l that art from cntiMtnt; Us tii tnko .'<l<l<..«i In tli«' Knropcan war, Other 9 t'>ir- J'.'lk* hrivp to *•<••! 'inmi-tif rani* before they rsiji iiit«.._ If wr-Tf tho i-::|r- h<-rf n lot i">'f hnj-b.irids would he- loy- iul at'th»- difl'n ultir*» of th'-ir tvivr* in ion trj :.u '|iii!•<• :iii!i!h"r Ix.imv. r nf i'.xit* that are tli.'--rti<'«tnjr v,-hnt ro s!o( kijuf ?5 in wear, and the "i ont of 'iT'lniun" lf,in«i toward tn«> kirn I«xik liko nine at nil. Ho«-ial fufun.'M'i threaten i» Ix'totni- more fn!fi>-5!ini' til the (inn*. Ii.itt I;, 1 after a publi'ity rivui- tfcr for a party wil(<-.« a-*<plendiit fiite- aHt Of hoW the t-l'-Ctloll Is «<ihlfi. he IKII writes <.',it .""ine excuses and ,'tii- is to have theni handy quicUly if The Inrfi.'.tiapoli* News tici-epm pujjri »Ko,, niiHli >rif» tlif reverse uf th'itd t present. If Het'mlnKl.v pny» to !(•- erf*- one's F«-tf onic In a while. Over ill the trenches ihcy tall tbrir machine ntit,-s "|>rtf»," t'nllke |iet r;tt.-t. lovvevi-r; they put. pH'iple to sleep in- lead of them awake. to th«> war that liavo conn' up for tho ronftlilrfailon of th«!~ prcsldi'iil liavo boon largfly tnat " of In hi« niana nf tln'ory. thoro hns to t-oninu ml nnd little to criticise, In ,.VI«'.\lcSi> wt« confronted wltii'u I'oiiilltion, nnd tiot a thoory. nutfon«< of lOnropc we're our iirofirrty nnd )>rotcct- \l\'c» t ,f our their , in weonlnnro, with Intbrnn- Jfi\v. KstubllslK^l op«urnr<l (ho re*i»ant<li>ijliy of looking ftftt-i- Hiit h IntoioslM us Amfrlca liad In their dornnitiM, Not HO Mexico, Xo nhlp to AH a t pet vhmaKcr. K'.otfcvrit wmi't edenk-d ills pound of lieah. Tlui i'«d» nel will never admit that (HihtieM isn't' the next best thiiiE to loiiKh riding. Tho Mnme nuin who rides in an open automobile In winter would kkk AU* head olf If he bad to ride In an open or unheated street ear our IntoiTstM or tln« llvoa of our ritl^t-ti« then 1 , and by n lave made by America alooc.'tlu- Monroo-doctrlne, nil othrr nfltionH but tho fruited s?atw titu j',rolilblit<>d from .(nifon-lntc' their rights in .MrxJcoi If \vo rhose to allow i'o t(» destroy ^American property kill -Am«-rk'an rlli?;e«M. wltbin her biirdi'i-f. why t UK CM one .own affalrn, f?iit\vlu>ti wo po»i» bt-foro tho world (i» f'ard play In*; doesn't' make a'hit with snim* t'ollvH becatixi! there is no br;tiri wotk in It. That's how they ttct the reptitntton of belnK thliikern. More money in circulation on the I'.'H'llii' coant. t'tide Krim ha» started ti» build a dreadiiaught at Mare Inland, If all men would vote the way they talk to neiiuuintamex for re.t- son« the result would be different. Surgeon ttayn modern dunces euro many ills. Hut .not that tired feeling next day. Moving (l;iy In Houmania must be typical of our own. .,„ •: See Our Fine Display of Suits and .overcoats in oilr windows this week. Few towns of twice this size showing of such good clothes. Our New Selling Plan of one low price the "year around enables 'you tlH> f nil the nnti'»ns Big for Bargains Thursday and Friday on thlH »lde t»f tho ocean, we tiio re^pon-iibi'lfity of protect I UK the property iiiid. the HVC.H .of citizens of Othvr rialli.n« in Alexico. If therO' J« one valid excuse for any Kuropean .nation lileking a t|Uariel with the CuU- t»U .Htutex, it.-is liecautie we hav<> al- Jowcd a condition of nnnr'cliy to prevail fur yearn In larp«> MectimiH of Mes- Jco. If it were not for the liuropean war. In all piubablllty soine Kuropi-an |ift'(Ion yonld before -now liave demand- t-d". that'we eitli-r protect her property the Jives of h,T:citistpnB in .Mex- NO CHANGE MADE (Continued from Pago One.) IrnctH of the Conducive Pavlnj,' Company are declared abandoned with the exception of the fjccynd. avenue wys- tern.• wiitrh M to be turned over to the. Fidelity & Deposit Company to Mulsh. This action.was taken dcsipte^the fad that Air. Arnold of the homllng company had ordered and paid for a mixer'to use on tho jobs, and had ordered 240.- dOO more brick to complete the tsixth avenue portion, which has been t»,\cav- ico, or stand aside and let her do it Jipr^elf, Ij l« pii.««lbie for (i Kuropean -of a KlnyU- eltizpii, and The j tfun olVone man in Kcrvia -was the hpark that kindled the piekenl awful conila«ratlon in u doxra natloiiH of |''i'vvice uclnul act» of war have boon .started •>»' I're-.hh.nt Wilson on .Mt-s- twui hoi), tlu- laudim, r ot" marinea at Taiiipico. .in<I ih'i c\pcditi(in itKalnst Villa. In tho hitter, practically the j entire armqd and omanlwd forco of Ithi Ameilcuti lutuy, iucludinjf tin- niil- { lllu, was tailed to tht) colors and dent to the holder, with the deilnUe- corn- to "Ket V'tll.t (icad or HllVc." Jlc . ., The council after' a *hort dl«- hetwft-ti ilu' mayor and the , iidjouriied. ....... _ . Work of Council Undone. "• .i howi'Vi'i', did. iiot ;,_»f't tlo the Qtifs- (ton. It simply «xpivnj<ed tiie view* of the mcmberx tin* council, three fo Avoid Distress After Eating A Stuart'e Dyspeptla Tablet Contain* What the Stomach Requires to Digo»t Even the Plain .and Simple Foods. With * Free Trial Package, — Aeutt* UullK»!»tiu» wiuy-famo #0 UH- fU(|H!('ttuily that to huvo Hlunrt'8 Tul>lt>t« ut 'tmiid Is like two. But the .dual was by- tin* Inmrd of iot*ni improremrntH and not .the city council. Mayor 'J'htlt immediately called a meeting of"th<« lumrd of. local improveinvntK, and Ihe work of the council wan undone. The boiiril is c«mpo«ed of thu mayor «nd t'ommixMioitem JIurinon and Trouth. The nlayor wiiil upon convening he thought the Hlxth uvcnuo .part »>£ th«> MywU'in ouKlU to. lie cli-uned up I his fall ami not wait until next spring, it WiJul'il have to be if the project IH abandoned, lie wild it was oue nf the nutst traveled highway* U'lidim,' intn town nnd said thU uuulii' to In- run- and hi- could not *"••-' how s-i\ month* from now would make mattery any different, and the hidx mUtht lit- from s*ix tu einht thouhiiml dollars lliirmon iniiv*-(J that by ih«< ci>uiu'il at to own. these fine Hart Schaffner & clolhes on a new basis. Come in and see how this new plan works out to your advantage.- 'Special values at $19, $21, $22. 50, $23, $24, $26, $28, $31 nton Clo. Co. COtD GONE! HEAD AND NOSE CtEAB First dose of "Rape's Cold Com pound" relieves all j JJeutKrtiland will cat and sleep aboard "th.i WHI^had. fiu-y are well pruviHioiied with vegetable and meat and a litsle -Leer, JjurltiK- tiie forenuflu the crew ixmaiueili n hoard the .submarine, many uleeplitK while dipt. K conferred with thu officer* of tho plng company on the pier, AN ISOLATION HOSPITAL. • Illy l'nite.1 '1'rcHO.) * ill, N«,\. i, — -AH inoiu ho:.pJial . ostinK liy.i/yM^vlay^ huiit tit the ( Augeri>rplmmij;e, a Cntholie institution here. HAPPY OVER ARRIVAL. (Uy Unin>d Press.) ' re, Md,, Nov. j.— "t am miistj nmnnn mifnr-ti httppy in lit arltlK' that the ll(MUM-h-| grippe misery. - a-nd is^f,,- W \ A u«.., iry (i . uiike.J Mcnior member of the. KuHtorn i 'or- I wardinu Company, "I,have received n I telcuram announcing tli«* nrrivjit of the I H, but nolhiiiK more. I kJlow noth- ' Ktay Htuffed-up! Unit bldwlng and A lUl.Sl' the resolution i u lifd |iivj»ervi*r with yirti wht-u out in i» bout,- A KU«K)', miur stumuch will nvcctf-n ami iH'ttlo duwa "If Your Pinner Feel* Like a Lump of Consent, Eat a ' Stuart's n>/«n n n^jjj Tahlct, * "'"•* " lw Uu<«*w wonderfully And hext of all you tun cut cver>th)ni; North catliiK oonticioiiH ot I he fact that come vvhui nitty iow arc ahs.t.vtt fortified' jttfuiutti ,«u) «nrt uf tndig<-Mii<>ii,- or its meeting a few minutes before be laid on the' table. The vole wu» lukvn, C.omml!n.iloner llantmu and 'the mayor votittK yi'«, and Commi««ion«'r Trout h votm« . ho. Tims the resolution w.u iuid on the tuldv and the mutter stands "'Kht wheiti it did l«'fore the meetiiiB the council «nd ihu aubseiiueiit nuH't- of the- turnul of local improvements. TlilH also means tliat Mr-^niohlj-for lilts Fidelity & iH-po.sii. .Company, will go on with the contructt* and have c'erny and Prey do the work fol- him, if he HO disposes, and to M-lj the burnt* to wliom he liken-, • • f • Report of City Engineer. . The fullowliiK !•< a copy of the report of the city eiiKineer made to the city council and rend before that body Which resulted in tho re*>i'lution offered by t'ommUHioncr Kidder and pnws- of "J'ape's 4'ojd CompUund" ialu n every (wo bourn untii three doses am taken will end grippe nii.-ery and ln< x ;it; up a severe cold either in the head, chest, b'.idy t»r liml>s. , It promptly ojicns cloxm-d-up itu*»-j trlls and air pa«.-.»Kt. 1 ', »>iop». n.thty di»-1 Every Niqhf For Constipation! ; ins of it« He e;,jiected v for New London in join hid HOII, r.uil. uh.i h;is bccir TTu-T'e fo ed'l«y tlic eouiicii, bu), yirtilitUy by the board of local improvement x: Kli't-iiiiK. lit., Oct. 31, 1'JIU. To the Board of I,i>cal Jmproveuicnts iif tho City of Sterliiiu, Illinois; Ueutlemen: Kdwant O. ili!)«, I'Hy KuKinecr of riiinumr; relieves headache, dulllie>>), t'i'VeihdirieHK, h«ut:i throat, HiitM'xiii^, »t>ri*iied.s iiml blitt-1 ness.' "J'ape'H Cohl Compound" IH thu quick»«it, wurt'st relief known and'eoMM only if..cents at drug stoics, U uc'ts wiih- *mt asaiwtanci". tastes nlc-c", and causea inconvenience. • Don'f accejit n suU- WtltUlf. Home U. S. TAKES C.OGNIZANCE. tliy I'nitcd J'rexji) \\"at"lanKtt>n, i), t'., Nov. I. This vrn'iim nt will takit officful eoji- ni/.aiuc of the arrhal of the (ierHian Deutt*chland as a x ncw RANOHEH .rn.rn.rn. mm.rn.rn. m. m S J9 Tt M : l » 5 , i % 1 and tho pi i'-"uut Inns tuKeti in July to assure its repeated, the ch(inict t! r will>be ,\ jiHval«offfc^r will' the City of j^t certify; id, do Ju-rcby "lite'contract of < 'erity <v.- l-'rt y,< as The Conductive i",t\ Compativ, pfo\idiiiK the ron- .puia, drow»lncs« eating, water brush, fulneiu*. KUg- II»B anil MI on. The mere fact (hat they ale tu>id In rs'ery driiK Mloie Jll the I 'lilted Mtui' h\'M |n \\hat extent tbou^ht- Jul peiijiie jel> upon Stiiart'b l>y«l'Cp- t-i.^ T,»lt|eiX tu (n, •» i nl or to OVelf'otiU" it ai^ tu h,«\c itb»i]ruil.\ . _ uu> Itiiiit: ''" »al lj 'or a il'n -iiul in nil tlu* •coupon i|i, low. • Free Trial Coupon ^, A.-Stuart Co., 234 Stuart Build- oll, ID,i M ruction of the .SiMh Avenue, JJast Mfioiui h>li eel and Third Street i'.tvm^ Jiupn. \t-meni. - pn >yidcd that <s.»UI nn- pl''>vemeiit hhouid u.' hulHlu-d and fully completed on nr tii-fuie the i7th d,t> of October, ,1'JJti. That 1 am d( the npuiion tlui! h,t,d contractor*, <Vin> iit-.-a a^ the I'omlUf unneci<t>)>aiil> Kie>, i'<i\nu; i'ninpan>. few strastilers to witness the coming of the mil-marine, Cupt, Koejiljr wan reticent about talking during the early Uoius of his arrival but promisvd u»,>wfrpapertut<u tiiat during tht* day he would detail to them, m his graphic sUle, the whole Mtory ' of tlu>~y,hcconil jontney. Mi-iin^ timtt he and I'ajVt. HiUfdi coiKt-rrcd and prepared for uulimduu; tin* Mibinarine. j peutHchittttd: wan uttidv il« -I dayn out from ilt'etnen. Only a biief time be- foiu ils arrival the poll it.Uii'HHh* bail waived the quni'mitine nv;iil<itii)iih m- Its report that. th«t ci'evv wa.« tuvillby cupatktn OptTmlstJc not tnakl.ttg Hie ] v gs, . ihtuii nppcnp shorter, Important Announcement Made Jo Smokers Hiah Quality of Sao F0lic« Cigars jht.- Now Sell at 5e Straig uwing u» thw f quality lobatfoa, vo»t in r.u-t every- and tiu> vvu« allow* d to thing pertaining tu hiyh «r.ide iij»-ai». the makers of the .San Keli^t- I-JKHI. The Uflsel- \Veminer Coinpitny, have i|Uarantlne \vuli<ivit u.tiiinu lur r ut I, ,;.,,( -Uu* ned to .New l.iiiitloii and plumieti to j thu . thv wi'lUu^ price to and iic.tlcrri, ami hefiee ' \Vili t,0tutl\t i> - ht - smfr tccelve the i>hi|i'« innille»t- e.titv th morning;. Xn lime will i"V J<i.-t t>> t IH iiihchl'iitd in unli'itdiiiK »!••• i •'! at 6 1 «le,t<l of Kl.\ • Juj' it —rrrf in-.- include dill.; 1 .'-, iitltl l.u. nil dlrilii • t-luil on li> the vvir. Her whole car*;i If, said tm lie vuliud ul atuMiul $r.*iu<i,- •H)l> and will t,iki' bark uiul lubbfi- id, it will r>tlUCth>li WiiiK iinil lhe> have \\n- l.itiil the I'liiHlilidiiN <ii (hiir ci'iui.ict vrtlh thr tnrj-r.f JM< 1 lliiK .ind ?iave~nir-" all) .ib.iniliiii.d ^t u'i put t-t l'< t n i.i'inj.ji li U ti \n ti'>n vvoii.. .uid Kdvv.ud « HiH GERMAN SUBMARINE SEA 'FREIGHTER ARRIVES IN nm LDWOON UMIIK cf-iial in value the eai>;o |t brojJKiit t»v - j .tM'HiaUH', The el."l".be usetl in the!- and muii- itiufi phtul'o. Ill hli Iii3>l lain I'.tjit IVM l<!'.' y.ttif lUithlliK .ibtiiit lii" it! t < it-lilt nit'. vybieli. Jj IiLilf \LtLli.' kii-i- li i L i.-ulL h. _ lul'e lh>. l>t tilM lil.tiiil ,t>i'l vvl.t'ii i-'lu lieveil ln?ht\< h, i H ttlbtj ['t i 1.1 ..•(.lull d bv tiie \v.U( bill! .illli ti |> »tii.| .\m< i it an liii*. i 1 Vi -.1 I .1! N-Wpnif Will M C ill.'t ttl'lt' .ill IIO !(.< •j!l,,!llj \|>.>I (Uuiit. ttisiu s!u lilttn.irtt * !.- .1! bntiiewilti •tV'hiii it I-, Vi>-t< *ll. 1 i, vv , Tin- SAN FELICE 'in n-itiumil iu its scope aii'l character, b.ivim,- jus-tly ut- (.uiitnl this cntinetiie iiiinu«h in u-,1- PI t UIK viiiult-il j.t.uulaul of <ju.i!itj. UH- y. advance iu miejitluu is abhi.hitely un- tiolH H II Ot'tl'll Jt'Uils to, Don't Neglect a Cough Holiovo tlio tlist'uiufurt i aiitL aviii.d tlu» siM'km» c u support til IK hi «anit S&$MARKEtCO,S&S Special for Thursday, Nov. 2. i I c^'u:\n At the Store i-U'.l. Sh-\\- . -.. ! -ijiih < Iiiiji- !'•!'. St,.;il . .' . ICc .18c ^Cherry Bark Cough Syrup \V<> Nl'li Itllll't- (»f all other than rups ll i/ t'xh'fiitel ; nl in I lie la-It 1 '. 1 Im-It hut tie niurt" ilian itiu-^t rt'ittedii' '-old at ( price. pleas he .saiuo u-\ c \inir Hendf icks it lu re . p,!' yJur Co,

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