The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on March 15, 1951 · 4
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 4

Miami, Florida
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Thursday, March 15, 1951
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(T !- r iHtamt 3feralb Tnursaay wren i isai section a The TotVIl rier THOSE DARNED Communist-can't be trusted Even the tea u bad Y'see I subscribe to National Guardian That i s somebody put me on the mailing list The editors don't say it's a C ommunist sheet but if It isn't it'll pass for one until I see a more official organ I saw an advertisement on the back page— pure jasmine tea direct from China We like jasmine tea I figured the box score If I order the tea and some of these rip-roarin' commit tees hear about it I'll be branded Georgian On Florida Relief I to 1 1 Case Disclosed By Rep Simpson Br The Attacialed rrc MONT I CELLO —State Rep Richard H Simpson complained to the welfare commission Wednesday that a woman who lives in Georgia is drawing aid to dependent children funds from Florida Simpson said in a letter to Wel fare Commissioner S herwood Smith that he has seen a state1 check for S81 made out to Delia Duniap Route 2 Monticello Fla jjirir has been told "this woman is living in Georgia and has been living there for some time" Monticello is the seat of Jeffer- son county which adjoins the' Georgia line Simpson former speaker of the Florida house told Smith his information on the Duniap payment as pnCommunist or at least j"does not check with your recent pink But on the other nana mebbe if I show interest in Chinese tea the boys there will tell Uncle Joe and hell grant me that newspaper visa to visit Moscow which I requested in 1946 ' ' " BELI So I ordered the tea It came — and it's terrible If that's jasmine I'm in hne lor a re-check I've brewed tea for 97 years using all method in ludins thr English I am known in a rather select rir rle which inclndes Nora and myself as a tea-brewing expert I did right by this Communist tea too I used accepted methods even unto the instructions thai came with it Confidentially tt stinks w Absurd Propaganda Incidentally a recent issue of National Guardian attempts at some length to show that the Chinese Reds are very nice to all American war prisoners but American soldiers don't treat Chinese and North Korean captives very couiteously Such propaganda is downright silly American armies handle prisoners of war according to the book It ain't good but it ain't bad War's not a nice game Chinese prisoners get dry bunks and enough good food to keep them healths What the Chinese do to our boys I dun no There's no reason to feel they pet and coddle them That's not the Oriental way of doing things Nor is there any reason to belie e our troop are all mauled and starred Probably the Red who don't eat as we do feed their American prisoners too little It's absurd for these hot heads anfl IHfelnnlnnW lanttfenHannnlaMfl ULnnnnnVHb' : ': ' ' ' : ' :-'' '' "' - ' :- H i i — i in i — a Fresh Citrus Embargo By Rail Lifted By ICC killed him after an argument - Photo by W W Wilson Iter in which vou advise me that your department has checked ail I the cases in this county and found: them to be in order "Even with the broad iew that your board take in thee matters I do not believe you should publicly approve pa) ing this nionej to a pri son 11 ing in another state" ' CONFESSED HAMMER MURDERER is Robert William Wynn The Jefferson county grand fright) shown with Sheriff L O Davis on the St Johns county 'jury several weeks ago returned1 steps after his return to St Augustine from California a presentment criticizing the wei- He was arrested there recently in connection with the slaying fare system in Florida It com-1 of Walter Bennett Mize 43 a Mississippi carpenter in the plained particularly that the pro- woods south of St Augustine last December Wynn said he gram of aid to dependent children d Mi ccmina to Florida to seek work and that he Commissioner Smith was away from his office in Jacksonville but j Deputy Commhui toner Wadt 1& 'Cash ion said the case might come unuer me reciprocity agreement "We can pay checks to a person for one year after that per son moves to another state" he explained "This allows that person time to set up a residence The same thing can happen if a person from another state moves to Florida' All states have this reciprocity! agreement People are supposed to notify us when they move but we haven't the personnel to check all cases just on speculation I'm looking immediately into this situa tion Group Raps 'Politicking' In Schools Proposal Include Anti-Fraud Laws By tatted Freti TALLAHASSEE — The State Advisory Council on Education drew up a series of sweeping legislative recommen d a t i o is Wednesday designed to weed-out "political parasites" in county school systems One suggestion was to tighten up laws against fraud and "loose handling of public money The council also recommended that the April session of the 1951 legislature wipe out local laws or provisions which allow school board members to draw pay re- quire all members to be elected at the same time and put a SYX) ceiling on campaign expenditures of board members Verv (prim Tak Disposal Of Atomic Dead Is Considered Br The Ariat4 tfreaa TALLAHASSEE— The state board of health has made plans for disposal of the dead if an atomic tomb ever should fall in Florida The board devoted the March issue of its publication Flor-ide Health Notes to civilian defense It called disposal of bodies the "grimest task in the whole civil defense picture" It has arranged with the Florida Funeral Directors and Em-halmers Association to assist in the job if it becomes necessary There is no doubt says the board "there will be thousands of lives lost if ever another bomb shall be dropped' Jobs in connection with disposal of bodies inclnde adminis-tration of morgue transportation of thr dead identification of corpses arrangement of religions rites and "maintaining moM complete records under the circumstances "Workers in this division of the civil defense ta-k also will be concerned with location of burial places fabrication of emergency burial containers careful grave marking and registration and collection preservation and storing of personal effects pending final disposition to heirs" the board said However the group decided against suggesting that teacher be granted a "cost of living" increase lropoal Appear ihtomvd Pro-Rating To Continue For Week Car Shortage Caused Curb On Shipments LAKELAND— The Interstate Commerce Commission lifted its embargo Wednesday on the shipment of fresh citrus by refrigerated railroad cars effective at midnight But Florida Citrus Mutual continued a pro-rate shipment of oranges and grapefruit for another week Orange shipments are limited to 1230 cars and grapefruit to 800 cars a light increase over the pro-rate of the last two weeks Gordon Stedman of Orlando ecretar -manager of the (row-rt and shiiei i amif i l"t tda aid the ICC notified him that the embargo was being lifted State Firm Bids Low On Levee Work Br Ta Aaaaetat Frr JACKSONVILLE — Smith En gineering and Construction Co of Pennsacola aubmitted an apparent on the Guardian to try to build cK 4 ZLmmtm ' the eastern levee of Lake Ok echo- bee and the bid has been referred ' i to the chief of Army Engineers for j consideration Col Richard W Pearson district engineer said the Smith firm's bid was more than 25 per cent over jthe government estimate of S142 A rou nd The Il-rn! New Method Improves Pupil's Reading Habits By ADOX TAFT HeraU Staff Writer KEY WEST— Monroe county schools have hit on a method of improving the reading ability of students to bring up their grades in nearly every other course in school Leland S March director of instruction reported Wednesday that such good results were ob- up such rot There are pterin-of actual situations worthy of their criticism One To Remember Mar 472 and required approval in ' Washington before a contract can be awarded The work consists of rebuilding and paving the lakeside slope of about 11 miles of levee at Bacom Point near Pahokee before the next hurricane season starts June 13 Here's one to remember vey Seeds American Legion Post investigations showed that during a five months period September through January the post lost $11407 on the bar alone Two men Jack Brady and James Clark have offered to take over the bar pay all expenses and give the post $1500 a month Brady has been head bartender at the post for a short time Instead of lin 2-'T: pei month the post will make St VK) — with the aine patronage and location The Harvey Seeds Post has been losing money for many many months In the early winter the post officers alarmed by rapid depletion of the treasury asked a committee of local business men to make a survey The first and foremost source of weakness was found in the bar operation Now that the post Palmindian Fruit Co 8120-000 Paid For 2 Groves has vted to accept the Trustees' request for the radical change to private bar operation it will study two further reports one dealing with the post's valuable real etiUte the other with the rather sorry buildings thereon The Egg And ou i ampaien- Mai led hy hooe wies can carr on into wholesale business I refer to the refusal to buy meat at present prices Butchers admit to me that it has hurt I'p at the slaughter FORT PIERCE — Two grove deals in which the consideration 'totaled $120000 were revealed here Wednesday In papers filed in the circuit clerk's office One of the deals comprises approximately 200 acres mostly in trees located on the McCarty road in the Ten-Mile section sold bv to Alger- indicated I ion W Brow n for an price of $100000 Tractors sprayers and other equipment are included in the deal but not the current fruit crop In the other deal Oan McCart sold a Ten-Mile grove property of approximately 40 acres to Xine E Leccione of Mt Vernon X Y for $20000 Drive Lass JoTJSrES In Kev Wot has to happen Out on the poul try farms they're going crazy trying to keep up with business and omelettes have become so popular the hens are being trained to lay double-oke And jus to show the effect Is far-rrat-hinf: loe Hart's Ptrkin Chicken places at Miami Beach have hopped to all-tine high in production Meak-eatin regulars are walking ont of Joe's places with feathers on their ears 'Was It good" asked one of Joe's cashiers as a woman paid for four "Xot particularh " she said "But believe me I'm going to keep on eating it until some-body wake? up" KEY WEST — The 14dav old Red Cross fund drive is doing well in other parts of the county but is lagging far behind in Key West Jeff Knijtht drive chairman re ported Wednesday tained in an experimental read ing improvement class that similar classes now are being established in the fourth fifth and sixth grades throughout the county Under the direction of Miss Irene Russell a reading expert hired for the job the first class was set up in the seventh grade The program started off with building up peed in recognition of letters words phrases and then sentences through the nse of a flash meter For instance the letter A" was flashed on a screen for one second a number of times Then the time was cut to half a second l-20th 110th and finally l-100th of a second as the pupil learned to recognize the letter faster The same process was followed for words and phrases until a complete sentence could be read in one 100th of a second Alone with recognition the students were taught the mean- j ing of word and how to pronounce them through phonetics Truman City In Life The effect the President's an- nual vacation has on business and people in Key West is the subject of a picture story to -tppear in Life magazine Friday local people whose pictures will appear are James McAn-drews hotel manager: Warren Lowe boatbuilder: Opan Van Deursen gift dealer: Ethal Ban grocer and Byrnice Thompson shopkeeper The str will say that all these people agree that husi-ness picks up here during the President's staj Photographer George Skad-ding and Helen Finnell re- searcher gathered the material ' for the picture story during the first week of Mr Truman's cur rent vacation here www 25 Girls l-'onn Club Some Kev West High School girls selected by the faculty met Wednesday night to form a club under the sponsorship of the Woman's Club and the Junior Woman's Club The club will be a part of the Florida Federation of Woman's Clubs 1 Selected on the basis of scholarship citizenship and leader- Dorothy Wilson Jackie Duane Lee Huddle Janet Brown Joan Mercurio Marilyn Leahy Xellie Diaz Lydia Paz Glendora Sawyer Xancy Wat kins Judy Pel-llcier June Yates Rose Lopez Patsy Johnson Yvonne McCar-dle Xancy Brooks Margaret Cormack Carol Dalton Evelyn Xettles Sarah Brow n Dale Mitchell Jeannie Canova and Ca-mille Watson Capital Aids Party White House correspondents White House staff members and Secret Service men will be guests at the chamber of commerce's annual presidential partv dinner at the fasa Marina Hotel Thursday night The legislative recommendations were made after the ouncil noted recent charges of frud and mis management agains a number of school boards Including those in Duval Lee Pasco and Calhoun counties Gov Fuller Warren has suspended four members of the Calhoun board four Lee county members the chairman of the Pasco board and a Duval county member The governor reappointed three of the Lee county officials The council rejected a sugges tion which would make the office of county school superintendent appointive rather than elective It approved recommendations to amend the homestead exemption law to permit taxing borne owners for srhonl purposes onl This has the support of Sen W A Shands of Gauiesville chairman of the powerful senate ffi-nance and taxation committee Council member Velma Keen of Tallahassee opposed the recommendation which would bar paying salaries to school board members as is done locally in some instances now contrary to a state law against the practice Keen said such a recommendation would lead to allowing only "wealthy persons to serve on the school board" He was overruled after Member Marion Gates of Pensacola said: WPB Planners Vote Down Negro Federal Honied Plan By C H RALLS RVraM SUff Writer It went into force Monday to help ease the shortage of refri-crated cars which threatened Florida's riclf fresh vegetable industry Lacey G Thomas of Grove land president of Florida Citrus Mu tual issuea ine nio-iaif oiuer an- er polling members of Mutual' executive and advisory committees The pro-rate is being used to keen the market from beine flood- WEST PALM BEACH— The much-fought-over plan of putting witn fresh citrus a S2499000 Negro federal housing colony in the northwest cor- ner of the city appeared killed Wednesday The last word about its fate re mained to be said But the city planning board late Tuesday night voted against rezoning the SO-acre tract from Residential A and B to C to iwmil rho hni!int nmiert lts action only carries the weight Wfsi tf -iu w of recommendations to the city fc-7lllV IjCItIo commission which can overrule it Rt Ml SW ARTHOl T i ne planners rrcotnnirnnrn that the rity push as peedily as possible the current project of reclaiming 3000 acres mucb of it just west of the Negro district There is mach sentiment in favor of utilizing much of that tract for Xegro residential expansion i r dF -SSSm Stuart Seeks Five Special Sentiment of the WhUe population of the affected Xorth Side as HrrmM t orren4eal STUART— Approval of five special acts to be propoed to the state legislature was given by the I Stuart city commission Tuesday night after their preparation and presentation by T T Oughterson city attorney Bills would provide for: Permitting commission to make purchase up to $500 without so- luMtinn I 1 eiieinn t VtA rnrrnnt expiessed at Tuesda nights City charter change which i meeting and elsewhere was over 1 n lu I m inetlf rt rrn incf t tm nm-t Kti-oct oorner ntta Nsiarow i7£o " ? wnom are over crowded into a L W KELLOWAY ket in ring Jackie Miles Miami dian will entertain come The chamber committee planning the event includes Albert J Mills Paul J Sher Joe Allen Louis Carbonell VT M Arnold Everett Russell and Earl Adams Douglas Chorus Sings The Douglas High School chours directed by Mrs Doris Miller was the feature attraction of the chamber of commerce fun night attended by 130 winter visitors and tourists Wednesday A Florida Keys movie community singing and refreshments were also on the night's program Writer A?ks Divorce Susan B Anthony McAvoy reporter for The Key West Citizen has filed suit in Circuit court for a divorce from Clifford Thoma- McAvoy of Brooklyn Charging extreme cruelty the complaint -ay McAvo "taunt complaint ay McAvoy "TAIN ed her with having affairs with other wxmen which caused plaintiff great mental pain suf fering and anguish She also charged that forced her to work when could have supported her The couple was married Boton in Februarv 194? "I don't want school moer put on the letel of county commissioner or sheriff s-Carl Cesery of Jacksonville spon-I sored the suggestions to limit campaign expenditures and to require board members to run for election at the same time He said "political parasites" had invaded control of school systems in some counties Kelloway Eyes City Council Post At WPB Hrral Bareaa WEST PALM BEACH- - Former City Commissioner L W Kello-! ' 'way Wednesdav formally an-j 1 nr£?i nouncd his candidacy in the M V Jl 1 V4 tc7a I comparatively small district plead-ed' for more land regardless of where they are located One said this community had lost several thousand younger Xe-groes who had gone elsewhere to buy home sites because the few-available here for Negroes were ! held by Whites either at too high ' prices or not for sale on any terms Standing prartically alone tn championing the northwest site was Paul Potter He attomey for the West Palm Beach Housing Authority It sought the re-zoning for that site which lies between 59th St St Mary's Hospital tireenwood are and the Near Stuart Injures Four HrM Service ! STl'ART — Four persons were injured in an accident on U S highway l six miles south of Stuart Tuedv afternoon Three 24 election for the central bor-i ough city commission seat now held by Maor Tom Keating He announced form including a plank federal aid in reclamation of the nOOOacre tract Just west of here now under consideration for residential expansion It called also for elimination of what he termed "Iron Curtain" of franchise to Florida Power & Light Co Validation of city's tax roll ' Ya Iidatiun of city's registration roll Require only four "yes" votes instead of the present five for the passage of emergency ordinances Major Ernest Tner and t 'in Manager L B Enrit agreed to investigate possibility of con-tracting for improvements of On-I ceo la High School Stypmra and Indiana street The commission also appointed a committee tp formulate policies for use of Stuart baseball field: and denied application of Red Cross for donation for the funds drive when motion to give 325 west rity limits I j- j m i A charge that onlv half the 80 Q1 Ior 'CK OI a na — i- — t- Mar Tvnei explained It is the li o iiitiiuvvi iui mt itucmn - - a 14-point plat- Qthej w anned policy of the commission to re- nlank calling foi r nHat H-imri T marte fuse donaton to all organization k- n nhivtm- m THov' mt since the city commis-ion is fus ing Another — ex-City Commissioner L W Keiloway — displaced figures on the proposed Xorth Side fed- todian of taxpayers' money — i- il i i citv hall Mir in Hill Hi) VUUIU ll'i-piia! rMH I l here and thp fourth wa n :raix! tuner plank after emergency treatment Hospitalized are Mr and Mrs Charles Bell Oceanside Long la-land X and Ethel Bellini Great Xeck Long Island Frederick H Berger Freeport Long Island was uninjured ' :L" eral housing set-up which he told and Pentagon piactices at the eportei ndica'ted to him that the plan "makes the RFC scandal in the platform ts-i sued by Keiloway were: "Progressive planning not political planning: open meetings not rlosed meeting: honest engineering and bidding not political engineering and fixed bids Samuel korhin Fort Pierre wa reeaed from the hospital uesqay alter emergency ment he he in Night IIowb LAKE WORTH — Registration book- at the office of City Clerk E C Ewing will be open Thurs- ship the girls organizing the dav and Fridav nights until 9 pm j club are: j for those persons still unregistered smell like a geranium bv com parison'' He questioned a S4000 item of "acquisition expense" he said was included in $2n900 of the $2499-000 total marked for purchasing the site Keiloway took exception also to what he said were engineering costs totaling S60452 in- "Restoration of the people's eluding itms of $7800 for a me-nehts not political as now prac- chanical engineer and $4000 for a tued: honest dealings with Xe- landscape engineer Igroes public hearings on all con-! But W E Polan Housing Au- 1 According to State Highwav troversiai subject not autocratic thorny executive contended the Patrolman Joe Crutchfleld investi- manipulations as used by the figures Keiloway cited were only gating officer the car driven bv Housing Authority a tentative rough draft subject to Mrs Bell going south had passed "Elimination of incineration by revision one car was attempting to pass a ' mean of 'and fill Fair dealings Reclamation of the 3000 acres second when she crashed head-on ! with c " employes regarding City Engineeer George Brock way with the machine driven by Kor-jwa8'?s- r'tlons and promotion: told the meeting probably would bin going north j"01 forced wage settlement as a- entaii dredging 20 million cubic Mrs Bell was charged with necesai"' under the present may- yards of sand out of Clear lake I reckless driving and causing an or- and 'k Mangonia to fill the sur-: accident w ith bonds set at $150 "' m going to run on the theme rounding low-lying land The of being a good citizen registering dredging he thought might take and voting and being active Kel-itwo year and complete develop low ay said ment might cost $10000000 Services Today Beer Dealer Asks $25 000 WEST PALM BEACH — Suit for $25000 damages- for alleged bieach of a contract under which he was to be Palm Beach county distributor of Cenessee ale and beer was filed here Wednesday bv X H Jarrett Jr of 724 Lytic "st Xamed defendant were the Genessee Brewing Co Inc and J W Harrison as its assistant sales manager both of Rochester X Y and Louis A Wehk-of 485 8 County id Palm Reach Suit papers describe Wehle as chairman of the board and a controlling stockholder of the Genessee company Jarrett alleged that after agreeing to give him the distributorship and to furnish him 20-000 cases of beer the defendants "failed and refused" to go through with the Carol Henning Sarah Roberts ifor the city election April 3 Registration Aide Is Serioush HI Knight added that Kev West and the other keys have received more jfrom the Red Cross in recent vears - than the area has contributed The glSlai1rl I II 1 1441 he!n was ffiven to hnatmen and — — — — — — — — homeowners who suffered damages from high winds he said Knight praised the work of Mrs SteJ2SS :z r S tar Tax r unds t or Schools drive in Pigeon Key headed by i Clifford Hicks was progressing fa vorably too ' Key"U'eit ha raised $11$5 Th goal is $9000 WEST PALM BEACH— -Funeral HJ 0((i services will be held at 2 p m rmWU N4llll Thursday at the Mitell-Simon-Faville mortuary for Jack Homan 23 local power company lineman He died Tuesday after suffering flash fire burns while working on a cable Monroe Mill Discuss Using Florida Deaths C MR AXCtr THO W s ft MR ANCtr THOM 77 t Ft Mrri IHOMAs tVMMACK 72 retired ooiee-r a- t ROBIRT L DILI s 64 ai Winter MR othv t ( nirnr raaa ( Bralev Dies: 4P Retired Farmer Mrs Ernestine Thompson chief Jerk of the countv supervisor of registration is seriouslv ill at her j home 236 XW Fourth ave She PAHOKEE — Olm V Bralev Tr underwent surgerv at Jackson retired farmer who had lived at Memorial Hospital several days Canal Point for 25 years died aso Wednesday at a local hospital One of the best known county He is survived by a sister Mrs emoloves Mrs ThomDon has Albert Fremd of Canal Point and a detendahe nances ourre of fi- KEY WEST — Earmarking of some state license tag money for school purposes will be discussed Thursday at a meeting of Monroe educators with State Sen James Franklin and Rep Bernie C Papy The meeting open to th public a: the Key West High School auditorium at 3:30 p m is to prepare needed school legislation for the tate legislature in April MR MM 1)1 s ORR r: a- Oilanfip nwitL O HOW A R 11 Si a Orala S4MTEL r JAMES M r-lred mechanic Disappearing Garden Hose Not Such A Fearful Thing B Tfc " Fee WILWOOD — Mr Homer Jones ha- solved part of her disappearing hoe mystery It was only 2" feet long not 5fJ — but nobody knows w hat held it in the ground Mr- Jones lives in the city 9 CHARLES A S! Mas FANNIE C IENME E MCMELl MR- Clf M IIIEV M at Winter OR Ml AM 73 at WEEKS- T4 St MR- RT HI TFRBAI CiH r iberman at Lakeland MtRTHA A VEWTON t" etired U St headed the Holmer Jr Uauon for office staff of Carl supervisor of regls-a numbei of years one brother O K Bralc of West Palm Beach Ferguson Funeral home has charge of arrangements While tag mone already M used for school purposes Horace O'Brjant superintendent of public instruction is urging a bill to iperificall allot the lands to schools to insure Such a btll would mean a sav-ing- to the county he aid be-raue low interest rate bonds could be issued on the basis of the assured income Teachers also will ask for bill to hold school bond elections at the same time as general elections and to cut down the number of polling places from IT precincts to five lipnths Elsewhere lO-FPH F I R A' Finos hn in he atkaad fou at PUfi I WELSH 3 pom "- : Twt- Leader V -Barre Other State New On Pages 2-t And I D She is a widow has one bov and five girls and takes in washing and ironing for a living Last Wednesday one of her children — 6-year-old Elouise was watering flowers when the end of the hose got stuck in the ground Mrs Jones took a look and thinking the hbse was 50 feet ng discovered less than 25 eet visible She called m city fficials who were puzzled too After considerable investigation Police CTtief L D Mt-Elveen tried to pull the hose out It broke due probably to a weak spot Mrs Jones decided part of the the ground Still left in I Taesdav derided to onit fied She got a started hose was Fori Pierce Elks Eleet Poppell FORT PIERCE — Broward Pop-pell was elected Tuesday night head the local Elks lodge as exalted ruler for the coming year Other officers named are: Lead-j ing knight J K Walker Jr: loyal knight Charles Wilson: lecturing knight Joseph Tierney: trustee? Otis Kelley J B Brewer Xeal Bird Dan McCarty and Otis Park- V E C Schmidt will continue as treasurer and Clifford Gaffney as secretary Mr- heing msti-hovel and It was then that she found the hose was short (she dirovered the other section later in another part of the premises) But she never could find what was holding the end "I guess it was just one of thoaje things she said "Anyway I found where the other piece of hoae waa" Leon Rosenberg Industrialist Dies WEST PALM BEACH — Leon F Rosenbe rg 64 Xew York Citv tool and novelty manufacturer died at his winter home at 320 Broadway he-e Wednesday after a short iifness He had been a winter resident here 22 years His wife Martha two sons and a daughter survive The Scobee j Funeral home is arranging aerv- HNa

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