Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 1, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1916
Page 3
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Ml I $ ! ! £ £- c\ :*v |& ¥* &' r r. is. ir To the • *•-«. P RESIDENT" WIL'SpN: You are toasting to the voters, through your Department of Commerce and Bureau ^ of, Labor, 1 1 what your Administration/ and Congress have done for American^ wage^arners in ^work : provided and payrolls increasecl for them. . '-' '» S - • _";''.'• ---^-,—-;"•- .One of your Labor Bureau Bulletins tells of the hundreds of thousands of unemployed bread-winners •put to work in thk latter part of your term. A -. ' \ But it isafact,andyouknowitisa fact, that att t of these bread-winners had full employment when you took office and lost that employment <by reason of t^i(mjl^legisl(Uion^nacted at your dictation. You know it is a fact that in thq(fall of 1914' those hundreds of thousands of American ^age- earners were out of work because of the tariff, framed, enacted and put into operation under your personal supervision.and at ydtir behest. '-/•_-. It is a fact, and you know it is a fact, that while foreign goods were checked from 'pouring- into our markets by the American tariff system of the Re-publican party, this country bought abroad in 1912,' $581,000,000 less goods than it sold abroad. It is a fact, and you know itisa^^ first six months of 1913, during four rftonths of which you wer^F^ ot which the Republican tariff was still in operation, our imports were $286,000,000 lower than otir exports. •*••' hisafact,w&youknw whole year of 1913> during ten months of which you w er ^ President, but during only three months of which your tariff was in operation, -our imports were $691.000,000 lower than our exports.' r ...... - ...... • • • *s • '•• • ' '''' ' '"' Dough't^abroad, burin""March" 101?;"under your tariff,.only-$4 f 900,006, - t • •* * ,^*- ' 1 'That"in April 1913, under the Republican tariff;, we sold abroad $53,000,000, more than we bought' abroad A but in April 1914, under your tariff, we bought fabroad* ^1-j^flOO^more^han-^we^-so^ 'abroadf . / - v '7 ' • . -. .- ' /t is a fact * and you know M five months from April to August 1913, incTusive,' 'under 1 ' the Republican tariff, we sold abroad $21G,000,000 more than we bought abroad, but in the corresponding months of 1914, under your tariff; we bought abroad $39,000,000 more than we sold abroad. '. ft is a fact, and you know it is a fact, that your tariff ceased to work havoc with American industries and business and to impoverish American labor only when the war came to dam off, at the source abroad, tfyose cAeop labor imports which you had allowed to-flood our markets, > f Jt is a fact, and you know it is a fact, that it Was the war which piit our wage-earners back to workriir^pitrof your tariff, but that the moment the Avar stops ^fep^aw^ of w^m^io^ plants mil go out of business and hundreds of thousands of wage- ^ --I ' •'.'•''.. •..'. *' is a fact, andyoiulmowfc^ m the first six months ofMl4,'-wtfi your tarffim operation <M those months, this country followed the, deadly path of larger vnd larger imports, driving American industries out of business and American wage-earners but oj 'work, in favor of foreign c V Md more,—that many other industries now supported by the day .and night activity of our munition plants and by the vast ^earning power of tlte^ wage-earnefs irt them will be compelled to close down in part or Jn whole. ***•*"- * , j» • . — • • J ^^, Then when those hundreds of thoiisfnds o| pur own wage-earners suddenly lose their employment v and the twelve to twenty millionrwag^-earners of the January 1913, under the Republican tariff, we sold abroad, $64,000,00 more than we bought abroad; - Jatiuary 1014, undei^ypur tariff, \f\t\, ~ i ' •" . •. .' Old World now engaged ia war return tcU:hfiir_ JIODL^ jnal occupations, and their surplus products of peace are allowed to flood into this country again • as th§y wfre flooding in until the outbreak of the war, the work of ruining American industries > which was^begun by your tariff ^ before the war, must be the bread-line by your tariff but taken put by the kvar ,must, with peace restored, g$ backing thdt-bwad*li*M of your making in 1914. ., $49,000,000 more : That in February 1913, under the Republicari tariff^ we sold abroad $44 f WS5,000 more than we bought abroad, but in February 1914, under ''" That in Marc^h 1913, under the Republican tariff, we sold abroad $31,000,000 more than wet Therefore*,President Wilson f when you ask American wage»earner$ to vote, on November 7th 9 for your tariff, you ask them to vote fo live in a Fopfs Paradise of war tmde for mere month8~&f~Meek&^ only^o^Jbe pl^^ tariff immediately afterward back into pauper* ism and the bread line. '-.'''•- Republican National Publicily Committee

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