Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 1, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1916
Page 2
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ILLWbra, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 1, It is composed of wax and oils so combined as *to give a brilliant, testing shine and to softea and preserve the leather. , THE SHIwiA HOME SET The handiest, most efficient ifcoe caa buy at any price. Sold «t A nominal cost to FOR HOME, GRIP OR AUTOMOBILE At all Dealers— Take no substitute tBiiiwiistf MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 1, 1916. HALLOWE'EN SOCIAL AGOODRECORD Large 'Crowd Attend Social Epworth League, JWttm i«" huii'lrcM attended the J-fnllotttiVn pitrty Kiveii by tlie KpHorth i l/rncue il the M. I", church at tlir !•". 13, ^Vohulie h'>ini v on I.Uf n)n Way West Monti.1} <•* tiling. Mini tl;<y Mitt-l\ in- j .joyed. un unusual cve-iiio;-.. The «i:<-st» 1 Wfli* taken jiroii'id the ii<>n«e t» t?io ) jrf»tt,r..entianc<- where they stere fotccd i to ilirtih up H !:i<"iVr .">t< r hy a' Witldo-A, Tbey "wen"' ilirll talcrll UirotiRh till fi'i i.» •>• Hp"oUy chambers• of horror mid put tliimi»;h all kind* of < HaJ!oWl''< It Ntfint:> in (In- p|-eficnc»» ' of i VaHutln mhn-t * and ftkeltnnx, all tti jnxpiie (In III uirf, .(lie fcal avvi Hj-ect due !o I be "Kpirltfi" of tin* ev«>- IlliiK. The eo,-l!im«>N were another BlH'etttl fenfut<- of.tho affair and pome of tbi'tn ti'H.ilnly did ir-odit to the oc* ^t-MwIon. ll.illmvo'cn names* «ere in- )nd»e'4 v lii until a Into hour, when iv fretdinu'iitH In Keeping with tho M-a*o'i Held By 'High School Foetball Team Is Making A Success. . (iciH'.ai'K'H Impra wt«rr ilfusl tt»«',v wro hfjii.i-11 by Mtirris' ••'r, though niticli fiixtor, tt'jfni unliiy at Al«>ri'l««tri. . In I)K< fiidt <|iirtrtor Die 1 hmiorji {5rnc>.«i-(» Htttil* Hiit- FAREWELL SERMON (>d By M*v. Almira List Sunday. " .- f-.r ?([<.», rl!v TV!;! DARKEN GRAY HAIR, YOUNG, PRETTY '"I i'flf 1 >!>.,;• M.M! ?»-r. at Grandma's recipe of S'nrgc Tea and Sulphur darkens so naturally that nobody »•*. can tell. . \iTii n -••Vi'Mv l>>' the IMVOII in.! li..l.t ?.'r- <!< ffnir'h to m'TtlT?" Ship rjr !)'".'. Im.i . mritil>i>r«ititi- tif lmTi*ns<«i! hy ^ tint bocn of Jin- linc )t<n.rd from lit I' (nt'sfin jSb» f.-.r t in the f in onc whii.h v .'I-? ;i I-f.llll. TM»' .Y'llTIltriy Sr ll«»'l -li) f;-t:-h Su/iday. ntui nl- riymhf>r n| (iH«'!iil,'in!.« tins they fmvr Imi! ftw ' inert - (In- MI. b«-r-n :ii,il and 10 yard line nnd with jroort filer made a touch down. kicked tfoal. Quarter ended fon, K"; tJfiieseo, 0. Hecond «i'Kirtc*r, Qi Morrison 40 yard line. A panne* and lino smrtshr* nnd Afurrl liall THE Y. Y. Y. CLUB MET on of 'b«T« 1 {penalty took the brill to within n foot »nd i )( f MorrlKon'x Kc»al line. Here Geneaeo Iwked HIP flnai punch and lout the bull on downs, Morrinon punted out. Half ended, "Vtorrhum, 7; Oenewjo, 0. Third, quarter, Morrison received and started on their 40 yard line. A sin eeflfful paw. Hltchle to Went*, netted another touchdown. Try at jjoal failed. Quarter ended, Morrison, 18; (Jeneseo, 0. fourth quarter. Mnrrlnon punted li^to Oeii«»w> territory whenever they Pleasantly Entertained Last Evening By -Mids Traugtr. feteme—ended-; 13 J Oeneseo, 0. - Haturtlay IMxon' p Dixon i* a team full .Morri- nnif of the member* of tbe'V, Y. J Nho'wlnK' a, ..great deal more class now club at lu-r boine on Lincoln Way j Hum tboy did at the-beginning of the Mil Tuesday evenitnr. ---Two hour* •.itwpon." All who are Intewxted In irtfStK'biHy- upent .with needlework luuch wiu* served.. --.- .,, fe •rnioiiM that bnvi T'lilpiti in this ci I in re will IIP 'fireaily 'has also IK-MI a \\iHins worker !n the Woman's butt fttntrd thai *bi> will in thi* rity until after election, •will nstqlst the Indies In any way at that lijne. Further than thru her plan* «re .not known, a* (die has ^int >"t -completed h»*r mran£<* rfientN for the future. A SURPRISJ PARTY_ Friend* Surprise M»»trt. Stone And McLaughlin Monday Evening. Twenty-one friend* of Metmni. Htone and MeljMijfhlin. who have been in the liatdt of i!»«ln«r thHr place t»f businew us n convenient pl»M-i> to Rather ot)t- aldo of. working hour* when* they might enjoy a few social hour.*, decided that Monday being the font-evening be-fore the new firm would take ponsen- ston uf. (hit place, tho «ld butwh should (jet together and upend n farewell ovo» ninR. A word Ing tiiey' went iii a body to tho Stone and SlclwiiiKhlln store about 7:3(1 that evening, giving tliew gentlemen tin altogether unexpected nnd pleunnnl turprlse. The guenttt brought with th.em «, box of el|?ur« and Jimt'ii good* old "*tory" evening was. enjoyed by,the boy*, who went later to'the Gilbert ntmtaurnnl where, & fine- oyster aupper was served to them. ATTENDS MEETING Mr«, Lirtit Kthr, Of SUHing, Took in", flu valtif dritk liv. X<i tiii'* - i n • th'it trr'x-' i:,' nl ;iriv Y «tnr»' for \y, tb.-!f j;, <!'.'« been nj'ptiriJ. ?H" ! »<-" fl t r ji'ft )<tii thlM thriiu«i>. ynur «tnall .'-frnnd at n the srn.v . halt- di delight* lite lH(U(-n and Huiphur Cnm'b - « V-mj'-r>:r!ri-.-'- ! - Trhtrh < sciiuniMv. '•" (-\-i-n- .p'lv^iHy ^ H it !ms u just tKitnp'--n a !r>with |! and draw brtif, takttii; one lime. , lly morniriK a|.iic»rs; tnit what with. \Vypth"s Sue** uniff.'l^ that, br.«iilc« kind of Hport, nhotfjj)! attend this game. The trimming (Jemmeo got !•< juet an InkJtnK of.wlsat IH to e«me, Thlx IK tlu> la*t Kntiu) Morrison plays on her luime groundn. <"'oine and me It. for it l» ymir laM ebanoe, -name called tit 2;30 at the fair ground*. Morrbton h<n>f'» to luivi* a large turnout to h«'lp defray the expennee they are under, and hope the town will be loyal enough to'do thlt. WITH MISS DOUGLAS •F&zsz 6 ATE R s- N 1 imoke— ft pat* en ted lock fiam«v •prcador autoroatki- ally |irc»g»U iUeflaiuu-frotn rl^crewjiiog up. r--Th«fe is of this heater artattbo same AS tho "I-onjc IMue Chimney"—no dust, »0 lulies. KoKulator on top of drum iKUidn iitittt (straight up or. ^iilwurd into thu room oa . ikairud. ' - Window In front nuikes jt «-iiay to »e« nnd regulate flame-—no vaBy-to-break iiiit'H In window but RulMttan-. '•"•tiai^ftno" brosa gnuw," -' * : ''fliu I'erfwtion Siuokeles* Oil Huater is simple to re- wicki besides n wick with ri;ubi>n»blo euro lustts » —Hutti» one gallon of fecfo- liuJU-ator much is in the reservoir, Any good kerosene wilt givo *«ali»f«cUon, l*Mt for bt-at re- ,«ullii «»« PurftHstiuu Oil. y Perfection SinukcieHlieatvr U i*i iiu'lies high uud 14 inches in dimutstw, finUhwJ . i«i poiUlivii biwl or bluo en- ttuu-l, with trimmings uf black Jujiau ur.uickoi. % i'rice ¥»rk-» from $t.<H> to Monday Evening Club Enjoys Burlei- i .. v qeu Oh Shftketpeitr. .Tho- meeting of tho Monday Kve- njn»? 'Club wan poHtponed from Mon- Xltiy cvenltiK' until Tui'Hday oii.arruunt ot-th» HuffrajRe ijarftde.*when It met ait the home of Jdlns Gertrude DOUK» la«« on West Main Htr^et. The «n- tertnlnm'ent for the evenliyr wan in the form of a play. "The Arden," prewnted by seven of the hlith school, players, and proved to |i«> n burle«fine on iShuheHpear. • The elub hns taken up the Vtudy of rlvlcs this nenjinn. !»vt every other meetlnt; IB K|ven .over to-Ko'methintr Htieh a« thiii «n»>nlns'« entertainment as a «tort of relaxation. AI6re interest Het-mn to be fdiown Binoe this method • ha« been put in praotlre. hud (hi- attendance ban beeji W'JII ENDEAVOR SOCIETY Hold HalJow«^«n-8o«ial at Church • Friday Evening, Tin* fhrlKtlah ISiHlwivur Society of the J'reMiyreriftn ehuri-h will hold u Hallowe'eji Bot'lul at tho vlmrvh par- )o"rn on f-Viday evenln»r at eight 6V!ock, There w«» a meetlnK of .the committee In fhm'gt* h« v ld Inut evening to complete the arrangements/ THE PASSENGER STATION 'AM Foreign Advertising Mutter IB T*k- .eh From interior. 10. ^\. KhaURllnessy. of the t'ldcago and North Western railroad comiuiny, wa» in .Miinlhtin Tu'ewlay on bunineH.s, All furelKn udvertiMlnit hriv been taken douii o^t uf tho luJHseriKef Ktatioii and hun-ufjer.' no orn* u III be allowed to put Hiieh p«»terH In tho building. The pliu-e will preaeill u mueh neater moK> HAVE MORRISON- C. C. Curly Loada Qoode For Montana Qn^ Monday, - «', c. Curly, who bus rceidt'd in thjip city-fur tho i«t«t jei&j linislied lotultng Ida household gin>d» in » e«r Monday, preparatory to lettVlns for Montana. Mr, Curly and hia ftunily p.\|K-<'Uul to Tuesday for Wagner, Mont ana, wti«»r«"ho bus recently purciiaxod a largo farm, , CHURCH EXTCN08 CALL Dutch Reformed Church Extend* Cull To Rev. Stenberenhera. "" Airn. Li>!"*ie Kehr, ot dent of the Women'n flub of that city. WJIH In Morrl«on Monday and Joined the watnen of thin city in tho cltixiMitdilp puradc 1 and mat*« meotiiiR that e\c- nlnjj, Tho WterlliiK: women expect to have a nlmllnr parade and ttieetlitK In their city on Friday evening, PROBATE COURT RECORDS , Kutate Jtiinen MlddiHion. deeea»od, Attldavit of |Hi*iIri|t'h'bttcett to crcdltora Illed and approved. K«tate liavid Anderson, deeeuwd. In re-inheritance tax. Certificate- «if clerk of tranBinltilng over..and' malliUK notices Hied and approve^, ... ... • l-JHtat*}-• William Ii, Harrison, deceased. • In re-inheritance tax. Cer- Ufieatu of clerk of truim-mlttlng: ortiri* and mallliiK notices tiled.and approved. Mitutc Jyhn l*\ Meyw. decon«ed-. (*er- tlfioatft of j)uljli»«hlnif notice* • to cre- d|tor« Illed and approved. Untaio Hlmon Orubb. dece«8ed. Clnlm allowed: MllftJi David;-14:00; I«. H. I'loi*- kins, JKi.OO; V H, J. M tiller, $5.75: ilenry Blerdlntf, $),««: Frank Huter, Jl.oo; HterlliiK Hospital,»; J. F. Keefor, $1-1.50; JV. II. KmniUt, $0.90; H, A. For- »u-r & »sru», ¥inri.tM> % J/L, shavely, J9,- 50 Kstato tlraela Helen ' HuJtsoJI, de- ct'dsod. • Finnl report (lied. Hearing waived by wtri. Kstate found to be bankrupt extate except for claim recovered. Ufl*ort approved and <1ls- charK«» ordere<l UIHIH payment of co.tte. Mary B, Miller, dceeaned. report Tiled. Hearing, set f«r 10. IHJfl. v Hophronbi M. JloHKinuMKen. tibUniit^llhwwl. \Vr H, Hnr~ , $59.f.«; I>1i-8t .Ktato Hunk of .Man- $1184.Bti Maude K. (Vllen, $2t8.0U. Final report ntiproved and distribution ordered. - KntntA Adrlit IftilUngton, deeenped. Warr>int of appraisement ordered is- «Ued, Enlntu I4'd|u A, Young, deceased, CuiTent reiiort Hied. , Krftatf Harmali* Riglln,' doccaned. Report'of private sulo of personal pro- t»erty flle<l und approved. I'etitiun tu sell real Witt It* to pay debts tiled. Affidavit of non-residence'Illed. t'onHervator .Martha A. Hall. TVti- tlan to wit veul ewtuto filed, Aflldiu'll uf, po«tlli(f-nollct«» of application tiled. KHlato \\'m. H. t Harrison, decejised. In re..inlH'1'ittuui- tux. AcknowlcdKe- inent of copy of order• of county juilrfe by Attorney (iriu-ml filed. KMlttto David Andetwm, deeeaied. Atrknuwledgtsinuiit at c'upy uf or'der of, county Jud^t by attorney general tiled. Kstuto John J, UK'aHon, dcccttsed-. Inventory filed and approved. KBiate- 1'JUlvvard Tyne, dt't'tHised. Final report iipju'oi'ed a'iui dinchurgo or- dertul upon jiayment of beauttftilir fl^rkenfnj; the lialf^siftcr n few nppHratlonf; ii nlMi brlnKS back the f, J To«s and UiXre'and gives it nil npp^afanee of aluiiid.-int'c. \Vy«'th'a' Biijjp "«nd Sulphur Compound i* rt dellfthtful toilet i-«'i|iil«lt<:> to impart color and a youthful apppar- ance to the bnir. H Is not intruded for the cure, mitigation or prevetitltin of 75 ft Eye Glass, Chains or Reels, 50Cts. We Can Save You t Money on Duplicate Eye Glasses mr • ' ' (I Rimmed or ; Rimlcss, the Eye Glasses have'the very latest finder • »**» f\n*~* -»-»^ f\9 t »J» 4-1 -±** jrf* *_ -~ —k _1 . f\* _.. .it 1 -t »»«! *•* * ^^ ^" Mrs. Knliimiin«f>n s frnrn n, (t r< v.ith r>-latlve«i nt t'hl';ii;o H"iKh!s and Hinmlale. . ' .Mr.*. M, I. <«<»u!d returned to h»>r home Tuesday after n vlftll •.vifh frletid« In thlo i.-ity. •"•'. orge Ijohinxi n leturnc-d in l,ji) home In Chii-aKo Titesdisy after a few dnvM. vl:d|. with hl.« Ki'ii, l',-iftu,«. In tl'dK tltv. A Mrs. JIH» t 'hilt!» went t« Slerllni; .TueJulay where che nt tended the funeral of Aaron Mnfeliniiflc. ^Mrw. J. lli»\le went to Itoehelle .on Tuejidiiv for a vl«it at the home of her brother, AT. <*r>llln««. vl*ltlnc at the l:al|»h ftrecn home in this eity. ___ • —Ml*. \V71li.-nn """Vie N Pi I. of very, low cost, ,-fff *f'4& J ttl#*'& town, A. \V ci>rrtt "XTc? Monday home.. l'ro|iiir>»fi. fit the: fJ. . visitor Iti S Th" tlr-n corn of tills Rt>n>ifin WHX brrttiKht Into thi* rlf)' TiiPinhiy by Ril Upltnmprf, who HVPX »o(iUnvcHt of- flip rlty, nnd »Tniwp<Va fin*- titfhllty uf '(train. f" SOCIAL AFFAIRS ] AN OCTOBER WEDDING Nov. Ilu». U liio Out*!! •Jtefonnetl rhur<'h Tue»- iiy Hfternoon at which it Wn» to extend a' cull to Her, John •ubei'K. of Kiilamiixoo, Micli. *leiiberei,b«'rg wpoUo \\\ this city fine us»o. at which time thti people ~ d hi* .uldn •wt, uiiHininou.s. muled in Itittr nt The wiis — |.owk" ( • tuuk; r Hit? Soig by all reliable l{,it/» IMIUII* f i, Una- t.'i't,t I/in to -i..« it* •<«!«. </ I vine thf't < in-'t nin Clean Out Your Body With Trex Cleans* Your " Filthy, Con*tip«ted ! Bowel«, Purify VO^P Syitem, Stir Up Your Uv«r and Botter H««lth is Ypur*-r-Just Try Trex — 26c. jou font-ilpated, blliuuu, -have »i|M < llx, ht'.idHche; feel tired, dull, IJyer«, d«otj4t»«:d. lie* purl of private wile- of porsonal property filed 'rtnd npproved. Claim al- iuwotl, C. W. JMrt'herpon. ti'j.OD, 1'Jntute. ThomaH Tuylpr, * deeeoaed, Bond fUwl ut $100, filed Mltd approved. Ktilato Huttan Qrubb, deceased, Ub- JtJetlon to !)mU ivport filed. Ifl»tat« H&nmel 11, AdaniH, deceased. Final report Hied. -Kntry of appmiso- numt und odiiMoni to diiidmrge filed by •all lntere»tedj persona. Ueport approved and dim-barge t»rder*d. . Estnte" .liinu'i) A. .Mid^lm. deiieasod. In rvprubuto of will. Court appoint* II.. J. louden* attorney for James, Marlon and Ijee J), inijfh unit Kobort, 1* Miss Edith O'Hearn Became the Bride Of Dennis M. O'Halloran. The following art Self taken from the Clinton Adverllsier- of Wed- iiefulay, ^nct. ;'5th, contnlnlng the write-up of the wedding "of .\lln5 Kdlth <"i'He;M'i'., who Is well known "In thl« eltv: A pretty < lejoher 'wedding took place this mornlni: ut Ht. ' Alary'« church, when Miw Kdlth. O'Hearn. daUKhtcr of Tlmrn.'is O'Hearn of 52S Hivth avenue, became the bride of "T>ennl»-M, i"».lfnlloran. The church was prettily de'-oraled for th" occaxion with cut tlowers, )-nJnw and ferns and'th** rer*^- mony wn« wltneHHed by a Jorire number of relatlvpH and fricndH .i^f lite yuung couple, ———— •At the appoinled hour. !i o't lock. Mrs. \V1| Huddy at the <irnan played Mendelsfohn'H wetldlng march. (IH the bridal i«trtv took thr-ir places at th«" fei>t of the ttltnr.' whet** 1 the ceremony wan-performed by "IHev. I ""rank r.nwlor of Daxenport, cousin of the bride. A nuptial muss fallowed the ceremony. Tin 1 uxlierM w*re .lameH and KtiKeiie O'Hearn and .l-une* AlrOnrthy. -Tho bride looked eharmins' Jn n blue velvet «juii nlth niariln trimming and a Mold iuce hat. Her ilowerc were an nnn botiiiuet of pink ro.seH nmHUIoii of the valley. Hhe waw iitti-ndcd -b> her t'onsin, Mito* Mitry I<UU|M> 1'Vtrivli. of Chicago, who wore a daik ^reerr suit with mole «kin trlmtninK, and tdl- ver iace lul. • Who wore u eorwage botitiuet. ituberl Sullivan uclid aa be»t'm«n, A reception wa« T:eld ill the bride'f* homo after the ceremony and u lour courHv wedding bn.>ukfa«t wan nerved 10 tite relatives and Immediate friendx, decotatiuiiH ut the home were pjnK '.on (ho lirldu'M !abk» n bsi»<kct of IviUiirney ru.seB unil IUie.«< of the \alley -w^ t In* cenr<-i- STiti DR. GOULDING, Optician ^ " f ForuuTly inaiiMMtT of Si-ijjfol Cooper & Co.'s ojkii.-jil ttopnrtiiiejit in CJiicatco. JlfftS.^jRFirst Avenue and East Third St., Sterling, 111, Ovpr Obermiller's Store • ." . IF BACK HURTS USE SALTS FOR KIDNEYS Eat Less Meat If Kidneys Feel Like Lead or Bladder Both's You-^Meat Forms Uric Acid. the kldneyn, mid elo«- Most folks forget tlRit Ilko the bowfK j;e. Ked and need a Htikhin;; ocfa^ ol»t« we Have Imektv'eh'o and dull In the kidney renlon.- swvtrre iH'w IWicuniatlc twlu>;c«, torjild liver, add Htomaeh, ttlcopttvMnetM and all *<Jrt« of bladder dlKordi«i-}<. You nimply must keep your .kidney* active and cltv'in, and .tho tnotnnu you feel t an ache or pain in the kldni>> Ret about four ounce* uf Ja< from any -good drug Htor« h<-rt take a tablcspoonful In a Kla.HK of \ya tr>r bcfotv break-fast for a few days am your kidney* will then acj flue. Thli famotiH wilts IM mad« frutn the udd>o and lemon juic*-. eombluedVUI K itarmle-SH tn iliiMh 'ch>KK^ and .stimulate thorn to'normn SUFFRAGE SPEAKER Will Address a Public Meeting Of the Woman's Club On • Next Saturday. Tin- regular inectinir of nn'.s dub will be iu«)d in tJw of tlu> hiuli xdioot next aftrriKioy, The ui>-i<Uni< w to tin- hlllillf :iiii| all wuiuc tin-. \\Vtn- auditorium SafurdaA- ill !,<> open f Stt-r- GIRLS! ACT NOW! HAIR COMING OUT MEANS DANDRUFF? , 28-CENT "bANDERINE" WILL YOUR HAIR AND DOUBLE i ITS BEAUTY. '~ .--_.. the urine HO it no Jon«<T Jrriuvt«< ending blaader dl«ordi«rH, Jnd Balta is h:inn|cn,s, ilinxn Tiakes n •"dellglVj'ftfr't'fiferveMC'Vnt Hthisi- vvdtfr drink which everybody whoult take now and then to kwn their kid- cloaii, thus avoiding serious com- later Ktilnlo lilio H. . CluiniH allowed: Jiiniea C. Hlini'Bon *Vr John U. l^ios, f.tiO; Thonmu ll.Io: \Vi». Hunl, IJ.&O. Harbam Hendr4ok«,' deccuwd. Bond fixed at |1UO; tiled and approved. UuarUiatt Alnut, lliiKt inuui. iteport Of ' vase« of Kilkti'iiuy rows were on .the other tables, -Mr. and • Mrs. O'JJallorun left In the mt»t-nlnK for un estvuded ern trip, and will go a« fur us California." Tfiey will be at home to their frlendH iu oi*3 Third nveiuu? after l)e« (.•ember l. Tlie bride in a popular C'linton girl, a graduate of the Clinton lilK'li Kcbool in IW8. She *ttidied music at the Ameriuin vittthfrvHtury and for tile imtit Keven yenrw IUIH been one of llie faculty at' the ,t'ba«e i'i»n?crvutury ut Hterlltut. and alno coiiiliu-ii'd u lurKe music j laws in rjmton. AIJ-, o' loran was fornierly I'tom Alilw,tuKcit be- -i well-known lor-il druwjlst «ay» he lots of Jnd SaltH to folks who b.^. lk'V« in .<n-i rcunUiiK kidney • truubio it 'Is only "^rouble. fieven yent-a, emiMoyed ut 'the Ciiuton ,SUK«I' Jietlnery. Their rmfny friends In this ei(y will extend bi-«i wlsihes Our, of town ^uetitf; wen-: Jir TilOlltii.<i' DiHilpy. of I'hteUKu: ' MI.H;V Katheriiie liooley, of (.'lii<-,!i:o; Hi Krititk l.iiwlui-, of l)i»ve»i*»vt; l>r. uii .MrA iimuiujui, « ( f l,).e\Vlit, la.; .\lr; Alary r.inell, of CIlH-.tBo; .liijiie ifHearn, of .IteH .MoinoK, mid T!ioni; o'llvarn, of Uui-U iMhiud. ENTERTAIN AT PINMEfil A HEAVY BURDEN Ci»ia ,ind Kll/iabt'th Coe teitajm-d u few ulcr.ds at dlniu-r e\eniiiA; in honor of l>r, ^tnd Uo\u,t. oi NeuMiU. iiUKi,, \v)iu hen tu-attend ,the weildin^ of Uowey a hcpheu, llou.ud (iiser en- last uiv Ml; SURPRISE CO-WORKER. Kloveii upci-.-ituiM df Hie J'ulo Mil. tttal Ttltphoitc Co j;ine ii MitpttM> part) for AlKs l'M"ier Ct-ieii, _\\ho h.ih |u en u numi tiiFelcm ni^a "up- ei.ijoi lut III.HH >i,in, in i'oli). 'i Iu > ,«.i.c In r ,i dtfi -|H»tii n, ,t wht' ts She \Mlj lltt\t 111 Nuii lllln'l to < ep* ,i jioMtiolt in (be IMJ tilln'i- Arr di/.»y and j?, i»r .. Try this for thre, ju>U Si'i,"\Vh:it bappeiiji. iaeK.itjt> of Tcex, vton- public noticex ot° Kann> Illud and up- pn ved, uud iml«* couhnnVd.. DjiTid, HyeriJ, deeeusod. i'iuiin T. i'. llruckeu, |3.0u. MOBRIPON^ BRIEF Mrs*. J. VO»H. of I-4tUr,a)Wi', 1)1, i» at Hie K. A, Hiniiii homv Ala|-)4ii('|-!lc baM returned line*' ini'uUis \inii with triendM ut I')elroit, Mu'ln, anil Port Hope, I'nn. Alrx. \\'illi:iia .McUtu^Jillu 'went to t'Union Tucfcday wlteiv «he- spent the f nun line and \icinity ate Hird'ally huife.l The ;oldri"-.s of the nftcrniion will be • delhered by Jlfrt. ,), A. HapltiH nf New i .h'lxi'y un tile .subject, "('itlxens-hip." i "ur now rulutidii to tlu> eoinmiuinty. 1 •Mi'M. Hu|tini) in a, w<dl Um>wit »ipenK«-t i on MiffntKc and her will be t of interest to .ill wnnien, ' a whort buslney;; m«» I- at L':Si.l and the pul-lic | in Ihi'lr j.eal« by t' i will begin proniij Try Thi«I Your hair o«l« »oft, Abundant and olo»»y at . once. f ' - t»ave your hairt -fii-'iintify it! oidy a mutter" of using n littUi will be l»« of tin- iluh i« invllt'd to l« ;IH the iinu-i.u at 3 o'eloclv, iiif to b.tve n AT THE STERLING CLUB The Hallowe'en Danco Was Mtcndcd by a Largo Crowd, y lime Mtvle :ii ilu' .HterliiiK chili party Tuomlay nitrli). and n Jolly tontfi.iny •may wab nc.nununlments of -liai- !i>W4-'et<" favoix and <-<infettl, 4iin| the app.lau»t" of llallowe'eu horilH (Hid other iiniKe uuikeitt. The loontr; w-ri^o appropriately decorated with i-ujo aut'unm leaven . and KTlnninv; jack o'lnntetiiM, while I'lu-hntn'h ^he-piece offhcHtra ftirnlhhed jfxc«>|jent intiMie, Uefrn-sdnnent.s cotislBted of wienif-s and xmidwiche*, pumpkin pin and tloitKli- nutw, pli'Kle.s, (divc.s and f«»(ifee. A4«p|en ««nd cii)"rf \vere served throuKhoitt the •enintc. It \\ n. one of the mo«t en- jo\,«bte ail.'tll'N uf the !itu thui> fur. THE KENSINGTON CLUB Held a ~~~ dandruff. to ha of u, Ju>,t ntt i Pleasant Meeting With Mm. Thomas McCOrmick. li" K« UHti^Udit chlb held Tueailav .tlternoon nl tjie , 'rin»ni;ih .Mct'ottnidi on Joiinson I'-vnuv. Twenty Indies were present iml^a Mteiul tune tta« enjoyed. Mr*. \lePi.nni' K Ii,ul her home ch;uinini:ls leeoi.Meil Iti KeepiiiK with HainnVe'eli, pttmtdibis and %t Iteliex hi.lm> im,. t | j (n) — At the i |o«e of tho atlernoon Mt». Mcfurmielt nervml refreAitnenl.i I'hu next ineetinir iv Ul bu huld No- iember 11 ul (hi* homo of Mrs?, I'khun Mowery on Second uvuirue. TONY CARLSON, HOST To the Pupils of the Woodlawn School ; Last Evening, Totry I'arison. the »am of Air. and din. K. A t'arlsuti, on the ln\on vo.ui, filet tallied the pupltM of thi) Wood >i»ll brbooj Jiiwt evennitt. 11 \\u* in be nattire- <.{ u HinM'i'iei-.sde p.iity and hi, I'Vinliu- f-pi-nt ^IIH it jn|!> oin' llus ,-t-r*-uinftr dmnty - uccaHloitally bea\y. b«;itttlful ii.iir wavy and free from ea.~y and ine\pen<-iv«' •'tuumiiiK hulr n ud •i t'&-fi-nt botlll' of dt'i'iue now all druj; store* ret'ttmnienA' p it- apply a IHUe an dlteet'd and with'" {|i n inlnuti n tlu'ie will be H« a«»-* , tt , ir . llit . ( , of n ,>u,,d,,,u-e : fre.Lni j Hui'fttu MS* add an im-ominrable -iflwun.- uiul in- iu». and tiy a« you v\ill >ou can not Ha,! u (rare of dandriiK or tiair: l.rii >oiir u-. _ after ainTut~l\\i> %\.-!V.x' uwe. w!u r n yi»u Wiil ?«, e new h.ilt tine and downy ut (11 i'i—yt « InifH ill-- new h.iir »>nti<tit- lui; «i5t r all over yt»ir scalp IF, \M» Tielieve, the only f«lii<! luur i»r; desii-i>jer ( .i d.n.iliun nivd curt 1 fta*« Iti hy jiciifp and ii never Jail* to *.tt»p fiillinj; bfilr ill onej^ If }ou want to piove how jnetty ij»fl' ynur hair leally in, imdxt«-n 4»i a llltli' li.iitdM'ine and e.t|H»- It ibiou,.h juur h-ijr iiurtni;,inall htran.l at u ttuw. vyll be MOJ'I, ^lo»sv utul in j»t a few nn>in«*at»—H i awatlx ev«ryoit<> •who TWIN CITY THIMBLE .CLUB . - / Were Entertained in Dixon on Tuet« Uk~* Yotir J The day or id in Dixon Afternoon. u rttthirt) of tlu> }))\oi H. 8-, t nlertained I) the Kdi K r.itl.s uml Thunblt' c-hfl'.* at Mit 7M7T> "Trii'i-noon. 'i'liu < 1'arlor lu<in- mln and uiv.'i of tin 1 t-ntt ri.iinnunt. Tb«vj;ui*t» VVele BroUpi'd und eaeh UCoup some .stunt for wbu-h pil/,em .iwuided. The (ilht on the pr not ineluded iu the pnxr item.''* wi'ut a Viiaxar d:iix*f- in i i'j-fnine. An ftp-' Mi_xii«liii !i \t,t» done in lim luiu'hton H.'IJ, uerii'd iu I ho and onuiKe. puniplunx.- aiiU K'i'iVf«. Cailiile.-i a lot if d flu* tllldcx and the r.i\oin \u-ii- ldii.«-.oi*i« j|||<-d ulth (oin t,uid.v, «',udN' d'-wtMU-il' iu Imd p.iitnt'i.t.Heio in l)Kii i. an.f ill Viiiiolln ll.lljnU <• t I! ili») llit- -fcrfi M^'.ny Starting People. A bad l>Hi K IH u,!ioai,y but A burden ut night wbei\ bcdtniu cornea. ' „ Jtiat SH bothertioiiie in the inorninK K\'er try Uoan's Kidney 1'illn fof it'.' KIJOW they- (ti* 1 for Kidney li,u-K- ;u he- iind for oih*'r kidney illn? If .von don't, Monte Stctiilig fnnplc do a i.i.-e of it: • l>r. and Alts*. »'. X. il.i/.i-Kdii iveirt to | Tin"«du> wbeie they «SH viMs at (he buine ot tbcii djiigtiter, Mis. AT CALVARY BAPTIST Hallowe'en Very Social Proved Successful. .uul .in unir ot n<'titt:- ,-Tlit- iii I'by t iulUt.-n ( uin>- l .,lc,it (d-tij i.| !,a, i tn ir < oli>|.\nHon»; >t I'll- and i lull),!,' I!n> eu nliu: Women Can Have Dt. IMvvardj, a TUN, Dr. F. M. J r d»v aid's for 17 years treated, scorfs of \\oi.ioti lor Jjvejf an4 bovvt'l-ailsncntv Dutnifj these K.'tvc tu iii.t n.itK'nl!> u jtri-si.HpU4.nt 1 of u few 'ViH-iV.ii \\n U'K'-utiK- nvuJi- rntt. ftiiud \vuli oh-.e i j|. lummn them Df. r,iU«i«U' »4tHf TrtyifK.-JoH Witt know (luin li> tht u oh\v 'i liCic i.tliUis ,iu- \sondu-w >i Kir thi. luir ,\n4 boHi-J 1 , whiLh c.iu-f a nuil atiiun, cai|Vii!i; ill tiic vsa^tt- A SURPRISE PARTY Given CJ>Wo'-d Prydo pf HIJ, Friends. VV.i; pI'Mt-.Mith ( inn,' U In U i .it III, 1 f.' makes clcS* skins and good liair n>r>j th. ,,. ,1 , 1101 s«i»«: ".My b.ii k f;"l 'i.iin und at tltnc.s the jam v\a ll-.U S I'-mid Si h.trd ! 1 U!M«J' uulteli'ii from ih/.,.v MIM. 'Sterling, and stiil titc nittur ut I) .\c a p K- r,plt».. nd use ]( n» directed. ,\imo»t[- .loiin Irloii you iciill>:ii-iiJ, ion'H t'i'cl your Clinton Tui-hdn> bu«-k" b.tvh.' to. ymsr uld ar- beaded, Ii iSi woiix or for :u.uuiiiUit'ii. I «-IH I s Trnrrmni-r' t v»

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