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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina • Page 33
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina • Page 33

Charlotte, North Carolina
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Wbm'wr4trolltW00iLailClin wor464avooirwwwwowiamilt- -11 I 711E Cl IARLOTTE OBSERVER Wednesday November 2 1 1990 70 Gamble That Works Don't Strain Your Eyes r11 ti- 0 rid 4 (4 t7474 I -1 VillO11f Flt 41 'S 1 5' :1 1643 Igtel idttfr irzstrr ete 9 ATIETICri 7'11C AS I 'To Sundays 'TV Week magazine lists television programs in type that Is easy to read trhe Thar Witt Observer Costlier's it it People in Hollywood love to say '1t4o" It's a safe word: Better to f4rn down a hit according to min- i rained moguls gambling with 4 'lions than to put your seal of a proval on a flop That's why ny studio heads turned down flaws" "ET" "Star Wars" and la ther mega-grossers ii They must have choked on their appuccino when Kevin Costner Itched "Dances With Wolves" A three-hour- I plus movie set on the 19th- St ram century fron- 410 tier with no re more than 15 minutes i devoted to ir action scenes? 4100g Lean's panoramas of the desert in "Lawrence of Arabia" Like Lean he includes deflating moments that make his larger-than-life hero more attractive At one point fearing a nocturnal Indian attack Dunbar rushes into a door frame and knocks himself out The other characters would benefit from this kind of complexity Only Stands With a Fist gets a portion and McDonnell conveys It through a few words and her luminous face The rest of the Indians for all Costner and Blake's care remain Nature's stoic nobles a welcome inversion of Hollywood cliche perhaps but underdeveloped nonetheless MKS A MEDI UITII A TOXIC IllGE: -104 Cortimk TINIE It A 41 41 irtAl'') I 04 '---t V' wr '1 4110- 4 1 4 444- MERXII4FORT1111 Dances With Wolves Stars: Kevin Costner Mary McDonnell Graham Greene Director: Kevin Costner Rating: PG-13 (violence brief nudity brief sex) eFirooliont: -Good: 0001 -Poor No Work" Un0000ptablik Showing It: Matthows Po WNW Perk SI Pork Terrace Lin Norsity Moos rush of buffalo on a misty night or the first uneasy meeting between cultures he's sensitive to nuances Listen for a clink of bottles probably whiskey as Dunbar's dissolute commanding officer pulls transfer papers from a desk Watch the way Costner tips us off to trouble: As Pawnee sneak toward the Sioux camp watchdogs lap unconcernedly in a stream until one catches an arrow He repeats shots too often but many will startle you Costner seems to have used David Lean as a model for this directing debut The sweeping shots of the Great Plains suggest in a stream an arrow He len but many to have used nodel for this Ihe sweeping Plains suggest 71) Par Gut al (014 (to) MAhrgrill "1'4 40 PLACU11WOOVIST II PM $414010 Claw Stay In Shape Read the 'Health II Rime $43CDOn every Monday tthe Charlotte Observer ij i 41' 1 4' -4 1 'Z'I i I i 10 'ig 1 t- i 0 i'' k- agiti S'i VI i ii ii it no TED DANSON TED 14NSON A ances Kevin Costner inevitably in this movie from Dunbar's gradual assimilation to his confrontation with the Army when he rejoins the white world The story has comfortable familiarity like a once-heard fairy tale unfolding as we expect and desire Yet Costner's direction makes it fresh Whether staging a dreamlike TOM SELLECK little IpGI PAREWAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTID 0:1001 SOW 1110 klikT MOT II SUMStil P0 CHPLOPIN 8 EASTERN PEOEMAL THE MOVIES MON101 IlD ei SANDIS 847-2024 1 -7-7 -0N 1 4 AO lt tk Iti4' ei 47r1 It kiI 1:7 Itll'''- 4e' 0 Orion Pictures SE 1 1 C11: ''7 31S07 4137? 9 1 4 41 1:::::: rti) Ititt "04' ''''1: 7- ii''j '4 4 4(0e40 1 VI e-' STEVE GUTTENBERG i A cast made up mostly of Movies American Indians Lawrence speaking a Lakota dialect Toppman that would mmion require subti( ties through 40 of the picture? Get real! But Costner convinced Orion Pictures to put up $18 million and tossed in more than $2 million of 1)ip own The result is the kind of illIture people talk about wistfully en they say "Hollywood esn't make 'em like that any kii pre" panoramic gorgeous leisurely slightly hokey in an Iiiiideniably effective way NSure it's too long by 15 at 3 Purs and 3 minutes Sure it's lireotyped except for its hero: All (it one of the other whites are thinken stupid or abusive while Indians are noble thoughtful 40ave forbearing So what? It's an reOic the grand vision of screen134iter Michael Blake translated lirough the keen eyes of Costner ik directed and co-produced tt Except for distinguished acting supporting players Costner can I praised for just about all that The film's apparent authenVaity scope wealth of detail and i'es performance as Lt John Dun11 ar who befriends Sioux neigh' rs and slowly adopts their life- le He must also take responsi- pity ra for i rn that rthen the picture but the rtues far outweigh those flaws Dunbar becomes a Civil War Niro almost inadvertently and is warded with his choice of assignONent He goes to the frontier to see illie land buffalo and Indians tsefore they are used up or extermiated and he gets the country's assignment he's the only lioldier at his post and he has no lea where the others went fi': Dunbar maintains a wary from the Sioux until he IiilcIs an injured woman on the and retunis her They send ppdelegatton to thank Inm led by tboughtful Kicking Bird (Graham Greene) and irascible Wind In His Pair (Rodney A Grant) Luckily the rescued woman Stands With a Fist played by stage actress Mary McDonnell was a white Child picked up by the Sioux after the Pawnee slaughtered her family She still speaks broken English so she becomes a translator inevitably she and Dunbar fall in love Almost everything happens 4 4'''''' 7 Cli 441 4 i ri: in 7- 11 i -4 1 s7 A--t i 7 44 -ft -t 4'1-f i-s4 li: i i l'S'' 4O' 4'7 -41-'' i -tf4 PK' i iiiii 4 11117 1 4 I e't 4 171t 4 4: -t I S''' itItt''' l'' i- i i-'4? 1 illr A st t4j1" I 1 1 1 I 1 I I 1 I 1111111 6 1 111I 11 i 11'1 11 1111111 '111 4 iII L) UNIT' 41 ovttl'il A ifiti otro 4 1 I 1-104- 4" 4 i rricirtrtifilT 'it A 1 17r --friret 4 0 i no -1141 1: i V11 1 Ihi i 1 1: Au IR' 1 11-lill''11 '1' 'Is- lung 'HI ilu littill 1- Itultatil AI I RISING SIII: III'aill 4- kin III I vo It I- a CARMIKE STARTS TODAY! 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