Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 14, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JULY 14, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Page Five BEACON FALLS Beacon Falls Marine Fights On Saipan Islands In Pacific tit pfc. Chet Trzaski Say "Things Are Prettj Tough" In Letter Mr. and .Ntr.n, John Trm?ld o Mnple nvcnuc received word ye.s lord ay that t.helr son, Pfc. Cheste- frv.n.s'kl, (JSMC, hius been taU piirt in the battle'on^Salpan.Is-lanc tn the Pacific. pfc. Trmskl -snys In a letter which he wrote in a foxh-oio "thins* at the present arc pro My tons 1 !''." Reports have bcea recclvc< that the fighting on tfaipan has born amonf; the fiercest in the Pacifii' area. Tlio Iclter was the first thiit the fnmily received from the Ma|ino ir. twelve weeks. The local Marine .has been in the corps for about a year and a half tie received his boot training at piirrls Island,' i5. C., 'and • \v shipped overseas shortly aftei complutlng basic training-. - • A brother. Ernest, is in the Navy. Bingo Tonight Bingo will be resumed tonight at St. Michael's church basement, William Swan, cfliolrman" of the bins;o committee, announced thij morning. The church basement floor was rcfinishc<l recently, haviup bcu'f\ sanded, varnished, and waxed. The public is invited to aucirwl. Tax Office Open The tax collector's office will lie OJII.TI tonight from 7 to 8 p. m., Ralph Tucker, collector, said this morning. Payments will be made on taxes that are due now. riuJh Reynar. Wolfe avenue, will vacation at VVildmere beach fill •ni'Xt we^U. She will leave tomorrow. Miss rtoyrmr is an employe of the central office of the U. 's. fiuhber Co. in JN'ail£'k. "THE NAVY WAY" IS LEAD NOW AT THE GEM THEATER A down-lo-carth picture .tracing the experiences of sailor recruits nt the Groat I^akes Naval Train- Ing Station, is now at tho Gem thoater in Paramount's "The Way." Featuring Robert'Lowery, Jean Parker. Bill Henry and Roscoe Kjirns and filmed in part at Great Lake . ihlf production- promises a real treat for • movie-goer* whclh- er tl'cy're landlubbers or not. The story tolls about a group ot recruits from varied walks of lite whn l<-arn the spirit and tradition of the Navy while training at the hi.*;oric Gicn.l. Lake? base. Romance and adventure arc two Important factors in the plot, and. ncr'orrling to reports, this mixture- provides some real, live enter.tain- mcr.t from beginning to end. A profps-'ionnl fighter before being inducted into service, Bob Low- cry believes an injustice has hcOn dono him since he was on the thrc-hoid of a championship fight. JIc carries the- grudge from the momnnt his boot training starts b.ul finds In the ond that the Iradi- t!r/n rjf the Navy is too strong. Some exciting moment? take place n.i Bob Lowffry "goes over the hill" after facing a love dis- uppriintmont when Joan. Parker, u W.-ivr- stationed r.t the base, dim clown for Bill Henry, another recruit. Other lively incidents in- clii'lc a boat race, ' a prizcfigbl *nd a rough-nnd-tumblc brawl. R;i-j.-.-dly, 'however. "The Navy Way"* jji an enlightenimp film which, with the cooperation of -the Navy, shows how Uncle Sam is fitting its seamen for the impor.l- "nt si niggle" which lie ahead. Only 13 Children Have Ear Defects Of 1,777 school children Icst-uc with n. suite-loaned ,-uuliorne.lci only 13 children had 'any heaving defects, Elizabeth. G. N'oary, ischoo nurse, reporlad to the school boa re at the- meeting yesterday. Of I'hc defects, only four cases had trouble with both cars, anr seven 'rlfht cars were bad. Lcf ears were found defective in two caaefl. : Miss Ncary made 1,310 routine health inspections in the month of June, and 1!) individual i'lUorview* with hiph .school pupil? and 26 jn Ihe grade schools. Miss Neary . discovered -12 . pu- pi'.s witlh defective tonsils. Twenty- two minor injuries were treated, J-l miscellaneous, and seven worn emergencies. According .to Denial Hygienost Helen King, the dental clinic wa-i open two days, and catered 1 to °I2 patients. Fees collected amounted to $6.30. Miss King, examined 05 pupils in Juno. ' Booklets ' dealtnp with denial health were issued to all grade school pupils. Truancies Increase Slighlty In June Truancies in the last weeks oC chool rose to seven cases. Peter Foloy, attendance officer, in- ormed the superintendent of chool.s, who in turn presented the eport to the school board at the etinK held yesterday. This is our more than during the whole month of May. Personal illness kept four others til of school, and three were kept .'it homo to work. And there were two 'absences with no reasonable excuses, the report showed. Almost one-third of all the occupied farms in the U. S. arc served by electricity. FA I, 1 I/TV OOMBS f.nndon, July l'l—(L7PJ—General Eisenhower believes .the German flying bfutihs which fell in Amcri- nin rrriop positions In the Is'or- m.-indy heachhcac! area were not inliruitmVilly directed there. He thinks faulty mechanism took them off their courses toward Kngland. SEW and SAVE with MURPHY'S YARD GOODS | 25c - 69c yd Mali* longer - woar- ing, battor - loolting c! O th « j from thii bright flsiortroont o* pottarni, "colon and fabric'.. G.C.MDRPHYCO. CHURCH ST. k. Conn. YOKB EYKGLASSES SHOP C. Tomlinson Xrnry Biilldlnit Conn. •iTOUK CLOSED ALL DAY J5ACII MONDAY DL'KING JULY AND AUGUST LOW-COST 7^6 INSURANCE I S S U E D B Y ~*~~~~1/ MOTUAl SAVINGS BAMKS Only 17* a Day The Cost of Cigarettes for $3000 Straight Life (V) You'll jloop b»tt»r nirjhrf whon you hov» ihii low-coit or of»cf ion for your family — il costt you $5.61 a month v/hen paid In monthly iniialmanli. . . annual divl- dondj jlill further reduce thii cost. Low n»f coit per y»or ^b»eam» it If M« only liff insurant* laid in Conntttitut with tint y]f dividend and taih vo/u* wtfA« our rtitriction. . . itrolght \\l», SO-pay- monr life, li/o paid up at 65. •ndowmonl maturing ot 65, !0-y«ar endowment and term irnurance all at low coll. . . poll- eioi from $850 to S3000; aaei 1 mo. lo 65 yoari. Com* In or mall coupon now *"~no agenrs/ no commissions. NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK rkum mm mt vftiini unyKu furr:.:f InrtfiMllin Jljoul Uir-ail $nl»n H« lr U* I"*'*"NAME '._. • ' —: j_ _—-- — STREET : : CITY "' ••"•:••:'•••• ••:•••••••••- •• __: FOR "THE SKIN'YOU-LOVE TO TOUCH 1 LANOLIN MAKE-UP Woodbuty. Cream*\S O I i t a i r e 15* Also COMPLETE BEAUTY and OILY : SKIN CREAMS in HAVE SOFT HANDS Jergen's Lotion BE SURE TO GET Hinds for Hands 25*.* 10° A HONEY of a. LOTION! TONE' UP YOUR HAIR Special Drene IQc and 49 C Hair Conditioner Added > NEW MARCHAND'S Hair Rinse TO C RINSES As easy to use as your facial make-up! PREVENT ODOR WITH Odo-ro-no 59 ca nd39 c Safe.' Quick! Effective! Won't harm clothing. { BE SAFE WITH Fresh 43 C and 25° A pleasant vanishing cream ... not greasy, gritty or sticky . . . won't harm the most delicate fabrics. THE COSMETICS THAT STAY ON ion yuan 'S4 Now you, too, can have a gloriously youthful, romantic complexion without constant' retouching. Lipstick, .,25c-1Oc Rouge........lOc BE GLAMOUROUS! / USE MINER'S Powder Bases Liquid Make-Up Bit* TO C ALSO MINER'S LIQUID MAKE-UP FOR LEGS SPECIALLY BLENDED'" Mar-O-Oil Regular for >|OC ' *>f%C normal hair 49 C -20 < Supor-'oamy VlOC for oily hair . , ^»^r ' GLORIFY HAIR WITH Halo Shampoo it leaves no dull film on hair 23 C HALO reveals the glorious dancing highlights in. your hair the very> firist' time you use it. Magically carries away loose dandruff and needs no rinse. TREAT HAIR TO Fitch's Ideal Hair Tonic 47« A small amount keeps- your hair soft, well- groomed, and supplies needed scalp oils, which removes and helps prevent dandruff. Excejlent for training children's hair. USE VASELINE Hair Tonic and have hair that's admired MAKE-UP BY THE HOUSE OF PHILLIPS 1 FAMOUS^ Face Creams contains , Milk of Magnesia Wonderful Skin and Cleansing Creams which neutralize acid accumulations and supply skin with needed moisture and oils. Put them to work on your skin. KNOW FOOT COMFORT Dr. Scholl's all foot ailments EACH At Murphy's you'll find a Dr. Scholl Foot Aid for. every common foot trouble. Don't suffer! The cost-for being "foot happy" is small. HAVE' LOVELY NAUS! Dr. Ellis REMOVER AND' Nail Polish 10 e •^EACH All newest shades. SPARKLING TEETH Use Cue just a few drops does it USE "DR..WEST'S"-,.".Tooth Brush and 4 Reach ou.t-of-the-way places and help .prevent decay. ' GET PEPSODENT Tooth Powder Makes Teeth Far Brighter/ FOR- WHITES-TEETHE "- Try Teei' Original Liquid Dent if rife COLGATE'S COOL and 23 e Have bright, white teeth the CUE WAY. It's so easy and economical to use. Dental N« Paste . . .„ Powder .i 37 e Is your hair wild . . . unmanageable •. . . "hay- seedy"? Then, use just 5 drofrs a day of this wonderful tonic and sec the • difference! ; • .:•:.';'•• •••.'"' CLIX KEE BLENDED PALMOLIVE NOW MURPHY'S HAVE . RAZORS AGAIN - ASK FOR Clix Razors 39« •v. and Clix Blades Snave Cieam* 39* and 27 C Both "Brushless" and "Reg. ular", made with skilful blending of palm and olive oils to give a rich, soothing lather that quickly wilts the toughest beard. and 10' • YOUR FAVORITE Talcums BOX ENJOY COLGATE Shave Cream tubes of "BrHsblcss" or "Rapid" REN] and 27° Use cither of these fine creams for quick, clean, cool shaves. They soften tough whiskers in a jiffy and 1 'make shaving a pleasure. .Made a keen close shi MURPHY

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