Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 7, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1896
Page 5
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DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, ISOfi, Fresh mackerel at the Delicatessen One fourth off OD pants at Ferguson & Jc.nks'. ... . ' ' '.'.-. • .Bomto.Mr. and Mrs. Ate Robinson of Galveston, a eon. Cholce-'Of any $3.50 shirt waist fov $3:50 at the Bee Hive.. \'_ Henry Myer, home grown" nutmeg melOM on » flle at-Hothcrmel's. Degree Staff NO/.J..D. of R. will meet for practice rile evening at 7 o'clock. A fill attendance Is desired. ''Flwt time shown to America-real Point Venlce.lacc'handkerchiefs, worth 75c, for 25c tomorrow, at the Bee Hive. -Reduction, shirt sale *til continued on summer garments, splendid values ro- ^pced to close them out-Ferguson & ?pa Bownwin was hurt recently while acting in .unloading Ice, He was struck on,the head by slipping tongs, . awd for a time was Insensible. Awarded Highest Hpiwrs-Worid 1 * Fair CREAM MOST PERFECT. MADE. » r «Gwpe C^tm of Tartar ;Powaer. Frei I r Ammonb, Alum or my oth«radultw»nt ,40 [Waterloo Courier.] Rev. George E. Scott will ho ta*..T. to the asylum for the insane at Independence by Sheriff Law this evenin;;-. So oiitls the whole affair. The commissioners on insanity readied a verdict about 5:30 last evening and surprised no one by announcing that tl-c preacher who four weeks ago left home church, friends and everything to rua away with 15-year-old Daisy Dorian wa-s' liwnne. Such 'a verdict was expected. It -was expected oven by many of those who hoped for Hie reverse. The verdM occasioned slight dissatls- f-ictlon in some quarters but tt If generally conceded that after making a thorough investigation of' the matter the commissioners were better quallOed to pass on this man's mciiital condition tlian those who have no knowledge of the true conditions of the case orhor than tlrat gathered on the streets. The law directing tlie duties of the commissioners regarding the commitment of an insane prisoner to the asylum Is plain. They act without regard for other proceedings In, the case and their verdict" that Scott-Is Insane- relieves the court of Jurisdiction, consc- fiucntly habeas corpus proceedings cease. .Judge Tolerton came down from the Falls thte morning to hear the conclu-. -Ion of the stilt for a writ of habeas corpus pursuant to adjournment. The court took notice of the fact that Scott had been adjudged Insane and that the 'evidence which would otherwise have been brought from Indiana was not 'here and held that the court's jurisdiction In the case had ceased. The suit ''was brought as an effort to secure Scott's rdease on the .grounds that he was wrongly held. Now the commissioners have decided hton Insane there can be no question of the legality of his detention. Scott's lawyers, however, insist on- proceeding with the suit; desiring to have tlie court pass on the sufficiency- of the evidence, but- the holding of "the court was against them. Had tlie defense succeeded In having •the court declare that the evidence was Insufficient to hold the prisoner it would have made a. .material difference with their case In. the future in the event the grand Jury fakes the matter up and finds an Indlictment, presuming that Scott's Insanity >m yield to treatment and that after a time he will be restored to bis right mind. .-In'this connection It may.be stated that; after the adjournment of the board last evening Dr. Grouse, when asked K there was any hope of a cure in Scott's case said: \es the- case -Is not incurable. Under the best of treatment adapted to sucb cases the patients sometimes recover, yet others treated,similarly grow worse." .The doctor termed the preacher's mal- ndy dementia: . • . SCOTT BECOMES HYSTERICAL. Scott's-Avlfe was the first person to vfcrtt Wm at the jail after the result of the examination Into his mental condition became known. She tola him that he imd been adjudged insane.- This seemed to worry htm and all night he raved like a nvadman. It also seemed to sicken him and as. the nle.ht wire on, liU condition was deplorable. Sheriff Law and H. B. Hoxlo staid with, him until about midnight; Dan FllckiJlger 1 and John Bailey were .then sent forand .remained with Scott In jail until morning Sir. Flleklnger said this morning that Scott had been very hysterical all night and that he seemed to be fluffer- in- Intense pain In hlfi head. His talk was rambllm? and to .himself. He- would complain .of his head and then begin to talk about Daisy. He would say: "Datay, darling, they may.call ti> c ' bad. but iny dear girl, "l have .been as good to you a* I could," etc, ,. ; , The man was Injrreat anguish and it; was for .fear that he Vould do himself LARIMER IS LEFT "Of Course" to remain with, blaii Uie balance o£ the n'pht lu liis-riinmbliiigs lie was understood to Intimate tlrat lie would-prefer death Today lie was feeingfetter and was free about saying so to'those' who called. Mrs. Scott and' others visited with him on the court house lawn. Mrs. Scott will probably accompany him to liulependencc this evening. She bus expressed a desire to do so and there is nothing to hinder"her: ' '"' : : . Judge Tolerton nwde the following order In the Habeas corpus cnse': ''' '•" George E. Scott vs. W. M.'LiHV Sheriff: It appearing to the court thai' tilt pl-iimiff above wanned bas been-on proper proceeding before the'eormwVslon- ore of .insanity duly adjudged to be an .Insane person the proceedings-on' 'hi* petition for Ivabeas corpus'we'hereb - peniif" i^ J| n*«»"-«»" '— •* — •suspended without prejudice;-and the petitioner, George E. Scott, is hereby: remanded to the custody of the'defen- dant, W. M. Law, sheriff, to bo by him delivered under the warrant '"of 'snM commissioners to the authorities of the asylum for Insane at Independence, Iowa as ordered. ~' ',T. X Tolorton, Judge -District. Court, •Waterloo, la., Aug. 4, 1890'. . -C.VTHOUC~BENEVOL.BXT LEGION. A special from Elwood ye* 1 ™^? The Catholic Benevolent Legilon, after a most successful .wslon, adjourned^ to- niglrt to meet at Ft. Wayne, bi "August, 1807. The vlsltlnp delcpites'-nnd-rmem', hers were given a grand" banquet tonight by the local council. :A':n«.w State constitution was adopted and the following, officers elected for the-ensuing year: President, W. S. D1ckdflov-Btch- mond; vice president, Jouiu Zwlssler, Kokorao; Secretary, John-O: Noll,'Ft, Wayne: spiritual .directory?:Father Blcgel, Ehvood; trustees, .T.--C. Pierce, Delphi; J- L- May, Lafayette; H - ^ 1 Horilsfaege.r, EvansvUle. -.:• -:..T-:.-:. • THE The Klogs Da:ughter»,,.olV. the'. Ninth street Christian church, accepted an Invitation, to spejul the dny Wedncsdiiy at the home of Mm; May Worth of:tli« clrj- \t the dinner-hour'tlie toble groaned under the welshfdf^all gdod tbings to eat, with, forty'-pefsonfl surrounding the table. Irwas-reHevexJ'of Its round ng the tame, ir.-wu* i-L-irc.^ ^ .-.•,,,., r .-, /| .. . burden, after which tliey-held" thelrj frequently, b> . . . . ,. ,1. .!.»._ .^rtrtt-IvinC' tltil't .C'nilll tV. The, Last Hope, Fusion With the Populists, is Blasted. NAME A VlCTin ALSO Joshua Strange, a Wealthy Grant County Farmer, Nominated. The hopes of. the .Democratic candidate, .for congress-in ; the Eleventh dls- rrict were blasted'"yesteMdy by the Fopullst-frost' 1 It will only take a few •Inch sliocks to place 'Mr. I-arimer of iliainl our of the race altogether. In aplte of the work, done nil over the district" Hi the interests of the Democratic candidate, the fusion was flatly and plainly refused by the independent raid- xvay^op;;, who form the strength of that pftrty In this sect-Ion.. .Tonliiia Strange of Grant county was nominated for'con press-a f'Peru jester- hay .Toslm« 'was the permanent chalr- Inatvof the convention, hud Coxey, who Jed the army of Weary Willies on to {Washington, was. the main attraction, dad-drew the crowd. .Charles E. Carter of 'Cns?: county was a candidate, and":"**?' 'was-'Henry F. Fargo "of Grant'wunry';';''Though Mr. Carter of Ca'iss did not indicate publicly that he wished.Vto be considered out of. the contest, his frlenOs, the delegates, withdrew' His name,"nnd''thc fight -was le.ft to Grant county." "Strange, who Is a wealthy farmer, who does his farming In.the Institutes and''a'rPopiillst conventions, proved to''''tie'the'" strongest mm and lie. was given the package. it raniiins'to be seeiv wlictlieror.not It IB a'bitink.' .". ."". .' '. '•:'... .. • Nothing of unusual import marked the meeting. The'speech of'Coxey was the only feature of more'th'sitf'ordinary Interest'. ' "''Mr.'. : StrangeJ"•• the' •candidate, While a"p'leafia.nt : 'gentiema.h"an'd.a good citizen'worthy of'mist; : ts : not to be congratulated' on the honor w'hich is dls- n'Kly l»oktoK-l'n' : s'til>sfance. 'Toshu.^ ].,,< been nft4r tlie hrinoYYdf-sevcral'sea- sons 'liowcver/n.niVhns'hc/enM'ecognlzed "•• '• 'ii]s :L; parly"'"ln Grant .Mrs. Curt Smith is recovering from a slight IJlnoss. Fra.uk Clary was tlfhing yesterday at Fletcher's lake. Tl'.e funeral of the laic Dennis GU'.v son at 9 o'clock ywterday morning was largely attended. Prof. G. W. Michael received wor.l yesterday of the death of his father-ln- la,w, Mo.«os Sternberger, fit Jackson, Ohio. A female patient on the way to Long Cliff hospital attracted some attention n't the Panhandle station yesterday, by her ravings.- The funeral of the late Charles Polk wis held yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. Folk of the V.'cstside. The services were conducted by the Rev. Harlan. The camp meeting to be begun to r night by visiting preachers, at Spencer park, with a ten days' session, ahead, Is in no way 1 connected with the A. M. E church of this city. • -V number of lawless boys -make a practice of bathing ,in Eel river at the A Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to the one tint U t.. loser. Why run anj risk when you Oft have your wheel Insured against th«tt at a very nomiflal figure and get its ?*• ne when stolen? Insurt at once and te on the safe side. Punctnrcd Tires Repaired. From this date on cents at the " Burgman Cycle Co will slop the practice. C S Kraut, formerly in the Pan, handle engineer's office in this city, has _ » _*_*.— 41«A TYTolvnall firf- TCguinr'mecting. .After 'the-nieetlmB'tliej rest of the day . was spent i'iu'iplnjtiu)!! games, wh«i-' came >u]JrpeIV'''All - re-, nirned home highly pleiisea--by'fhe en-, terta-l'mnen't. ' '^ •' '" j I'KOM OKLAHOMA. .. ' .lames GouW ' and wlfe/iiJwUoiAinyo traveled In a prairie .sPhounctvfrom 'OUalirm'a territory, over one tJipusard^, 'ir-lcs, arrived 'In this city-; : .y«st.erda.v ; morning. T-he object ot-.tlie :trlp l»-ni| exierdiHl v:.-'!! with Indiana- ..frlendw •Tlie Qoulds formerly livinl .iu.-Fultov county! 'ihey will return to-.Oklahpma as they (aice, Mr. GouM said-.that J\a trip was a plc-asant one-wit-h tne-exccp: tlon of the hot weather' : o.f,:fast.• w.eQk, They, were eight weeks; on-the;.rqr.dj, rivtnplnii-at night. • -.: :•••;..--. •-: ,. "BIG FOUR"'TO ST. . On account .of the -Thl-r-tecnUi' ..ED- eampment G. A. H., at St,.Paul, Mlnu., Sept. i to 4; the' B!« iRour.i-o.ut8..v\:iIi sell tickets, at one cent^pet.-.roHe from stations on ita lines;'Ttckcta-Bood golnR August 30 and 31' and,;-September..!; good returning until September.IB, with privilege-of extenelon-wwU September 30, 1896-' See nearest agept'.tor. particulars as .to routes. • '..'••.>; .county-' MI-HDERER CAUGHT NAPPlNfJ. : " A special sa'ys:'"'Xftd- ''rhrce .days '•hiding ''in tlie s\vniilfA* •'• of • DeKalb 'county tii'e'"" J»urdcrer v ''''oi;- 1 * Thomas i-I-ill'' and his : son.''' wns'-caught this -,fevnoo,n" wliile' aslefij)/ Hi'the woods. I-lft 'was broiiRWt -to'"- T the Jail In F' f Wayne.' i-fc' v 'confessed 1 the crime amd'says he was fofce'd fo\iolhe shoot- it,,T iu'- sel.f-diVfbti.s-e';" feai-tn?'.-: that the 'faHie'r and' son"' wtiold 1 kill -him: 'He wore' : a,'bteye!>- snlt'-and '-had torn .out •fto' foet of his stocking*, and.then-put on bicycle shoes, as'-h't said .he could wrlniF hotter' without feet-In-his stock- liig<.'" : 'Ho had'not'e.-tfen-'i'o-r three'days. Kte a 'hearty stip'jwr rfnd'then went i • •. , .' -.* •,•-• if - i4ii -la i ro sleep on lite COT in,the.'CelL He i-. a looking young mii-n'-Of 18; ha* re- l'"majiners;"and.iR; e-.y!aent!j;..of..an arHtocra'tlc' family'.•'• S H<?' Wwe nis, immc ns-Charie.5 Lewis', whlcli-he' says ,!».»«- samvi, ami he will never*':ve i,!«-riirlit niuhier'as- lie does not 1 \vrtnV-'hI»- family, particularly his mctirer/Ho.know of-his tTlmb 'and: whatever W< punishment Jjecn transferred from the flee at Wnhash to the chief engineer's olHce of the Big Four at Cincinnati. Tomorrow the Bee Hive offer the greatest handkerchief wonder ever known to the dry goods trade. First time Shawn in America. Point Venice lace handkerchief, worth T.'.c. | choice 25c. , I One of the wagons of the Columbia Brewing company was mixed In a run- •nv-iy on Market street yesterday morn-lug The driver was not hurt, but one of ''the horses was bruised by falling or, the pavement. The breaklofi of the hiiriicsa cau«ed the runaway. The death of Nora, the ten-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Lofsj- ofthe Westslde, occurred yesterday ig. Death, was caused by consumption. The child had been sick Tliwe montlK. The funeral will be held tills afternoon at the Wheatland street^ M. E. church, at 3 o'clock. HORSE HIRE. , Indianapolis Journal: The Auditor's office yesterday paid a bill at something over $1,000 for the Mre of me horses upon which the officers of the State mffltla cavorted a-bout Falrvlew Park last. week. This did not include the bill for feeding the animals. At the nite horses are now sellins the sum -expended by those having 'cJiarse of the' encampment for hlnng 'animate -would have bought outrfcht more.than twenty of them. "NEW GROCERY Fitzer & McCormick Have opened' an elegant jiew, large etoclc ot Groceries at the corner of Fifth and Broadway, • Thomas Plerce's old stand,-where they would be pleased to meet all old friends and as many •uew ones as possible. Watch tills space from, week to week. Tbe Loganspon Humane s (INCORPORATED.) For the F/evention of Crtwlty to Women 1 Children and Animal* E. S. Rice-Pit". Ceo. W. Walter*- ««>. J J. HIldrtrMMlt-Trw W M. BUIiop-Hninnne O i he'-riever wnnt,?MHWft•tti.-.know of It. •He- plwned h!u= Whw-H^-wei'S, ago to eet'-nWy to buy fond,- antfwas tramp- 'lni:-liome;-wh<m ho ROt'lnw till* shoot-. 'tlireWnte'v revolver was lor -iwii .iiju'i AJC «iw««* «- ,— •-~ injnry.that the sheriff senf.for Borne one OF'PYTHIAS ^J,-|J>Ji J. 1 .>M. *•**•» *^^*-*^— ^^ .Uniifot-m Ra-nfc dev^ind, 0-, August •n to 30 : -1890. The Wabasli will sell tickets August 22, 23. and Z-t to Clevc- 1-nid, at one fare for the round trip, with choice of routes by rail or lake. Tickets will he good to return to and inolmlliiC.AuKUS t 31, 1SOO- ?<>* fu)1 jwrtlc.ularf Inquire of Wabash Ticket AJ?ent. ' ' . . • . • >LVKES A'GOOD POPULIST. , '' XJI'.aJUil County Sentinel.j . The man Who thinks .as the Px>puljsts •m-ak and votes as the Populists vote. Is just asKOod.a Pcpulist.aB though he smelled 'the wmc a*, the .Populist? smell or'grows the same kind of wh/sk- ere ttoat tlie popn'-^ts grow. " How ls~yonr liver?. A,.,rorpid fiver brings -in itfi.trnln.a host'oC evils.. Dr, Hobbs Little Liver.Pills w.lll cure It gneedllv. 10 cents a. vial.. For rale by *s * • v . i __ T^ /^ntilehn 3). Be jort ctx-8 of crueltj -o S« ««». KOL'T-DAVIS. Yesterday afternoon- .Tnstiee -Davl« ' Laing. united' in man-tape WISl.trn Kont and Hannah L. Davis, botli ftT'CarwB county. William. i« fifty-nine years «* age an<i has buried two wives, wliilc-hle bride Js sixty yeai-s of age and has 1S5* two husbands «o rest. , William, refused to pay the Justice ,nwre than a dollar for'porfonnin«lbi-'e»-i-emoiiy. '• : Ben Fisher druggists!' and John " F. . .KEEP-OPK THE .CRASS. The park committee complaiiw thai, people in .vehicles drive on tin? gran*., -The twepasscrs are mostly women who- do It through foi-getfuluel?*. The com-. niittee roqn<frs lhat the rj*-c proMbiUn« (Irivlmr.cm. the grass i'x> olieyed an .a* "are imereBtwl in the resort and wonl* like to see It made'ijenutlfnl. The ocxt ; annunl., niceitnjf ot.~Ott Catholic Benevolent Legion.will be.MS* 1 ' In Fort Wayne^ .beguiniiig the «ecwC - In-.' '' '

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