Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 1, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1916
Page 1
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A0V1BBTISIKO tWfigf* from *?* *»«S ?»«t* tit****! to fiT.i V ' , j~ i^y^ jy'Mfc «yn»^ MM ... •-'If-^i^--- *W*-^^P**** <w*ai^ --j4 TJI JP *ip *JP* PkiKnit^ «JBL- JA*m*tm J»» ^k» Jm*—*d£ «JK» «•*- ^ ^W««i»^ Jfk>mti^ ,.A.,, JHbr-JHL JHt***dtn «JH» •THIRD YEAR—NO. 104. AND BMLY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, NOV. !, 1916, ADVlKflSING »re and put« whfrt they eugftt to fe*. PRICE TWO CENTS. EUTSCHLAND SAFE AFTER SECOND VOYAGE MADE -'-' FIW HALLOWFEN FMMS" fBoy« Very Peaceful Lfctt Night And No £rr**t» Made. Voted Three To Two To Terminate the Paving Con- i Company. ! [S0A8D OVERRULED ACTION Tl"' s-»l;<--~- !!«<'horif if s f-f J- di'l not IMVP <-a»«r' ?«> make n List r-mht ft hove arid fell w •initrt'jir iftv« ; is b'y'fh'-.'-' rnr«*r ; , >T !")fi<i is«t eff*N-t. mfi.! ni-liUr th«' f^i) ft min»N-r <<f i-bfin <''«>;-fi»»« o!f}r*-i f;iu i«<r*»iltn!? the streets, they who The- 1">75 found I Association Of Commerce Urges ! the Voters To Cast Their, 9 Ballots For It. and Com. Harmon Voted j ^"^^ To Lay Qouncil Resolution I *';?*£«'] On the Table Later. jo. order* wfrt-- s rim- nttf r-rtmmsHitu; y r « it<j tmiilTARI C TAYPC titot warra-med nr-iWfcAWo tUUI I AoLC IMACd sh «-n to rirrect I ..... ........ toii* iriis- n»n* * .^ found. in -hf fast s'iril* i-f th»" i-i'ty a.n'tmlwr of » f ,t, t .m. ?>. « «•* T<> \ ti-«.»>i>ic. m«» ^iiT^rnit.-mifnt «r i is u H'f!*> m-.tthy tlu<« mornlnp; on ««• »»«• another whirl nnd h»« landed it started. For the pnM not only the mrmbei*-* of tht [fa«t hy outsider*. Jtmt wh'«t *l«tun of the nff.iirs In the -four hours i* html to e ct tiC it t» - " * ' for there plae* daily ,.., pouted irueiutinjf, ' IPll* city council held Its adjourned [feMWUn* "IHiwiday afternoon In the coun- ~ chambers. The room had been flll- rn« nt n« ,t t«*-",li A l,»rjer' nuniti»*r t*f wit, .low* in t'n- hu«lnr-B« dbtrirt of th«> ^ n,-,x,-,| Ii»^.«l derations In ' Would Empower Legislature To "Remedy Unsatisfactory - Taxing System. (o the NOTICES POSTED " turf to that would »i Calling a Special Election For the Establishment Of a Park District. SET FOR NOV. 21 '~$t th« council wefo In thr> rwm of the. of police until after 3 o'clock ! tttOflt of In* "audience departed. | Watlnfi for the new development*. Wta«n the mayor rapped for n'vrmic NCftlon of the tioii, to he Ktilimittvl to Die vnti'M at thf KMtt'l'nl clci'Ilon iicsl Tin -«il;iy. Nov. 7th. Thin ix tin- niMifiil of th«-' NlcHlilR A«- nodiiitloit of Cointnt'icc \n li"-nt i votrr(«, Thi- dofvnl of rliri'ffoiH of tin- !iW^rtaT tjtiu <»t its inert Ins- Tii'-wlay afttn<yo«n, joined UH I'ffortw to tti'.fn- of |>rarUeally i-viTj orKnnlr.iitlon in tl>«' nlntt- which stands fur in'ot-'ii's?*, f-^iu^'lulty for a inoilfrn HIM! rfiulUililc. i»*Jijs in miifoix. — A rf»?tttmt» of wlntt -t-h«> mltiptluu of antctuhm-ttt r WOMEN ARE FOR HUGHES ^ I'rinvrjRri of (hf ii!J' «f S(f-r)lliK lias ! Nnn m.'rjf ,'inn?titt tht> ,*uu! ihf r«-snll shf-'-v •very hf/ivy rnaj'-rrty of l!ifr.i for th«>j ti.^k^t. Thn- city WRS i!i- if.trlf-l,« !nnl WPfk nru! w^- mcn 1 for the. nttist p:itt matle a. house to-lioiiw ri'.n*'«!«!« nn far nn \t \VR« prac'irnhlf, ;it)rt tiit> niitnl'irr who Rnid they would vo!t» for HughPs wn-s founsl to !>o nbmit lhf> mtmUff t'xp^ctwi by workers r.f tln> Hf-imblff-nn |«irty. The fttiltjfilrti <1 fot>lr shown th^ result of thr f'anvasa. For HitRhrw 4... ,v«4 K«>r Wilson , . IS| For Hanly 12 For Hrnflnn ,,,,.»..".,. 4 to xtntc 117 t <!f'lr!f*,l '30i$ AMERICANS LOST Five ^re Missing and Are Be lieved To Have Been Lost OfTthe Marina. NO CHANGE IN U. S. POLICY Secretary Lansing Denies Tha Campaign Will Have Effect On His Action, totnln from t>ne of the prwinots have not Iffon rpcolviNl nnd ft territory ono hlnrk wl<1f a»i'! i>xteri«I{n?t from tho rlvrr north to tli? city Hmlts l»ptwe«ti imt R A. Kidder. reml the following) and moved it* adopt ton: t Dieter* Contract Tamninut^. TMr, Mayor: Also Be Elected To Select the Site. .1 fttreby prwent tlif following row- u Not ires were prominent place today "To bo adopted.' till* amendment miiHt receive a majority of all the vote* cti.Ht at the election. Not to yoto Is land unjuxf'tnx system, of the amendment menus (Hy United PresiO London, KHK-. Nov. 1.—f-'lve Ani'-ri There is no report from fhe rotintry win« «re mining and are believed t f of the township at all. The i hive perished in «h«» sinking of tbe Brit lull Rteiimer Mnrinn, according ti latent dlKpatche* received here today The Americans who are believed t< h«ve perished are: Daniel I". Thoinao, of Wilmington Del.. I'. D. Brown, Koanoke. V». Brown, Charlotte. N. «.'.. George bury. Fayettvvllk, N. Car., - Ilmine. The V. R. consul at Qttwenstown has joint affidavit* of 28 Americuns a Berr>h:iven ntid 14 ftt Orooklmven, d«» ctarinff thnt the Marina .WIIM nttacket without warning, NO CHANGE IN POLICY (By United Pre»*,) • Wanhlnslon ( D. C,. Nov. I.—Hecre- ami ft-iirtrftnth avpnuon cntmt.wd. While. th<* rci«>rt Is a partial vme, yrt It nhou'i> thai a majority of H(Mlit»K wotvK-n are for ANNUAL MEETINGS Farmers' Institute and Science - Club To Meet Here In December, th ftve«ui a t the legislature wlll.h*- given BfKt move 4t« adoption: Edward O. Hilt*, c'lty of th* Ofly of Hterling, •h(Mi certified to the Hoard |»f n .Sa (eite t-aHniK « *n»»viai election for the l ~; purpose of \ntinj! on the proportion *• i to vote territory similar-to the town- lit. property for taxation, if It "The amendment wliw drafted by the Illinois ftpeclnl Tax ootnmlHKlon appointed by (Jovernor Deneen, after ex- of 8terUn« into H park district.jnaulttlve «ludy of the Illinois tax nyK- elsewhere. yjumm V^-IUMVV. w »H»- .-..nn... .«•........-, smn ,, r ^leninR into H ptirx uiMtriri. j haulttlve iNtiuly of tbc iwnn WfOVWUpnt* of thp < Ity offt*t*-runir. Ill- fhe fle<-tit»n. which is to b»» held on lt ,. m the methodn In vtujue Ittoln, that the rontnict of Cerny and Tut-iulay, November 31. t» to-tn« con- faini' the proVed rewultM o JC|-«y, doing btmlneHii «« tin- t'onducive , turUMl Hri ,t,, r the p;uk laws of thei^-ci-niAr' tax prlnt-lple» ; Company. provirtliiK for the con- of the - mnrt- Third" tftrrrt Iraprovemfiit, provided thitt wtld im- nhould be flnls«he<l ami' fully on or h*'f«re tho 27th day of and further c«*rtifl<?d that hi* opinion the. »ald contractor*, and Fn»y,,doinK buninest an Th«* Pavifitr Corhpany. had un|Ul« work and that they had violated emsdiUon* of their contract withj City of SterlltiK and have finally aned conntructlon work, and that! SStatt* of IHii)«fi.-< and «t the Mine- *•!<•«••• j varloi«» five park commH».h>m»r.M are to be ; j,,( ur( . j n H'U>. It wax ndoptetl Ivy th* 1 le«l«» elects Voters reitidind ensf of the center jfriWd'etc'- ; ' It hn« "be+'n prnotlrally un- Hue ..f Hnvidwuy and a line running north of KrmdwHywitl cast their lml-],«a i n . j^ j_ \vtlBpjr!a store. Thotte' unknown in IIHnoia, aurlritlture in KH lota lix'tne w«>ht »f Broadway and the north, and ra.*l.''the center line of for -one . hundrt'd >'W»r». Adopt- when hitinufucturitiK form nnd wealth almoHt nil. h, lt < broken tiuwn uti<li-r m<nk>rii cust street an«l IVnuincum road will jditioii*, Ineiiuality. eva>»lon»«, perjury ' vote at the City IfnlU while those re- . anil ineffldeney Ihi've re«ult- 8 t,t| nK Wfis ,t of the center of I.OCUHI u<i and a va.nt amount of the m.odernly road will 01* t I created form* of .perwinnl property e«- Hml ballot* at the CJnlt Ijftuxe. have Sons clamored for I den of the -average tnry IjannlnR viKorouMy denied thnt the presidential campaign will have nn> wflfert on the department'* action In th» Marina cnse or that there has been A ineetlnK of dornmittee« of the any chanKe in the Kiibmarinn policy ol AVhltcnide County FBrmeni' Inntitut and of the Wltlteflde County Hout"«Club wan held at thc^Aii- "Tooiry tt liold urnuigctnf>ttUt.-io.cnni).t i cl)un wltl the annual theetlngs of tlio»n orKanizA- «|OIIH to be held in Sterling in December. ' The meetlnKM are to he held here Wednemlay, ThuriMlay and -'Friday. De- cemb.wr 18. 14. 16 and mowt of the »lon« ar«« to be held- in the Sterling TownHhip ,Hieh school building, A betna product* Ust. of,,priJsCB fur exhibitw of Sunn household nolence articles* and am pfcted then' will h« . dtHplayx of . .capes taxation, Unix uddinti to- the bur- I den of the -average t -lti»M» ..... Of tuua improvetnent na« o«enj m or«> park aeeommodalionn. they linvel "\v« believe that the present tax ay* wanted park* as* JJIXM! AM any «>ther town «««*1v*d. that it be hereby rtn-vim-, had. Nobody in the ttty they take immediate action upon j cannot afford to «p«>nd more than flv« - "f Sward O. Hllla. no fllwl by htm with Secretary ot the Board of " *>vjement« of the City of Rn«tn«f r. or sls -hundml and declare «aht contract with a year on the small park* it ifiiK ' "- . Th«> Park* Committee of tin* SterlinK A»<wociution of Commerce floured i»ut tern «hould be chnnKcd liecwua* it ri^ajjA indURtry and puts . on tax-doilKinu _and dix- honcety, .If tIreafenH"wiTK TTouTtTeT often conftscatory taxation the m«n who buys a farm or home, who Inane or borrowh money, who lint* «'wr ' account or' other investment, the chant/tljo TOunufBcruriTi the farmer a plan, in compliance with Illinois lawn, and the hou«eholder. C«rny «id O«HIT««- Krey. dolrwjh*^. sterling i-aa secure the park* M ,\ '"• "H layw an undue burden on teal Thf Conducive I avlne ha* *«o Ions wantf-d, 'U»Htate and visible property * by permit- The nntt step wa« to pet an election (tins intanKibl« wealth to ««»capc. upany, abandoned and that the Secretary of the ijonrd of ,o4"Improvement* lie instructed to Jtlfy said Thoma* Cernv and Oeorse ht doinR buxlnenH iw The Conducive jjr Company and the Fidelity and utt Company of llaltlmore. Mary* at once of their iwid action. . It. A. Kidder. « mayor admitted thnt tills was first ho knew amout any report i-Oia city pn*lne«>r and Inferred that ought to Itav* tft»en told of of it. srivins the voters n chance to v«>te »'«>riHin territory into n ^Commissioner . - Klddcr.'x " " 4 the r«B*oliit(r»h w« t by a Harmon thAt motion __to the from Commi**ion~ 1a4d on the table. motion fn lay on tho table the following vote: *ni ICtdder. No — Conunls- and Trout h. Hnrmun and May- oriirinial motion to adapt the ' 'by Commi#*ionfr |dd«r WH0 then put to n vote, nnd It foltew**: Kidder, t'lver- Trottth. Ni»77<,"". 0 'wml»wloner n and Mayor Pla'tt. The revolution menn-* thnt tbe con(Continued on Four) TWO SMALL BALLOTS Bvery Voter Should Have a rV Clear Understanding Of 4 the Amendments. County f'lerk pro t«m M. A\". t delivered to tlu« KUIHTVISOI bailatB und instruction on to M» heli« on Nov 7iti. *;Af.thI* election th» men will £*•*•$ tv# LJJt small ballot of grv&t in -' "Thin bitUot contHlni* a Hmendmeiir to the «tat« f ;""%>hlfh affects the taxation of the tfte- generui tuvnking law- Hoth e inHttera nffwf all of ih« i«"«» ; i: Of thtt «U»te tuid hhoiitit !»• git ca ..i *5|ul consideration by the '•W Ih* Ituitruotlmi eardn exulain th«« "- pr"op««**(i amendmentit ut mut-h U nmh : r ;»tMi U will l«*v to the (iit<'H'4»i «»f i"V»-r> ^^frn^* n o ?f f Hu un<ier>tan«ffttgl> n or IMH \itt& «.t »I1 i to'votiu on tb»- j»rojMMo|t ! »n .-„ ni»t it, -!..,.«i| A»i**ter Ihit th»* .finendnu-t thV Un- j-nch park disirk*, 'The tieciind thing in to select ft% - e p«rk voters will .The five- m»>n they U*— sire, who, aft««r eUftion, will take fu<"b steps* as Ke^m ' tw**t for-the interests of thf w$«»l»-4»eot»l<v toward the of suitable «it insr of »am<«. or *««•*. «n<l t!ie <J«»vek>p- Xi»R»er»»u» cu«K<*ation» have be»-ri made a«< l»» locations atui development i»f prr»p««»<yi fmrk". ^nd .various r«-i«irttt hav* l>e*-n cin-ulated *t«< to the iw>h>etiori of certain but, the fnet i» no itr- of the kind ran be made fi>r there will be no one who run nn»k< v any urrariK<«ineniM or select nny nlte,« »xcept a leR.tlly elected tmard of park «-ommlh»loner>»» »nd there h«K been no such Inmrd el«>«tetl yet — it in up to tin* voter* to «I«x*4 lhe»r own board on It i» expwtc*! ib*« park district" proposition will carry by a Rood vot« and that of men l»e elected ci»mml»w«lonprs, and that SterlihB *WMUP day |uirk h>»tem to will have of. Equipment U in Sight for Them to go . to Ft. SH«r«d«n Saturday. 'ht« formaHnn »>f In ltoy'« Milllnrv ••iut» of Htt-rliMj: and Hoek F«ll«, b»i» bei-n suliritinj; funds for the jui rebus Ing of uuifonuw for the boyn Im ha>. \ut-n in»«trMi«en»Ml In orgMnlxiing. mi they m«y s« «« the Kr«>at drill and man- uvt«n» at , Ftort Hhcrid«n next Hatur- day. Whrn seen last nlKht He lacked Hijvty dojianr ttnd he felt contl- that he would b® able to secure tu It-t them so. He tmya it will take in the net«hlM»rhorMl of two hundred tinll«r» «o buy their uniforms arid pay UuMr *ay to** and forth to Ft. S)uTiiJ**n J>«d K«'l th**ir mealj*. The affair is not only «tat«» wide, but it In n prepnratltut«i ma ity «»f 4H«* <>r»:uiiiiaUim>. fr«»m all ovj?r the country, Mr. Mcl^hiwn >«» it will be a «rt»;tt r"tluc«lt>r for the l«»y»t tind hi- i« very anvioux to b«v<* them go. They will lf«rn M>meilitni; tb,i-y have never »«**»«• Ifefor*-. »tit\ in fuel tin* like IUIM for b««-u Ki us the ix the (list t- lias- ever 'be plan Sor s'h«« iis, .*t Fi b«>y*> to th« Ww«t .it th«> i, not metflj,' M ma ion I > of iho*t? OH the {TO u«- for three hour*. *»f th't- t'Vi-ntn.;. Mr »!!-»„• with liu-m" tij COAt WINiRS STRIKE hoy* ;«! tt rh*«» * vv ;i«ii Iu- «•» nt,f\ l.r Is,**lot «»| tune thought In- c<>mm«'i>«it-d for hi* lovi- A of W«8* |« hup x,»v, to tiw .\' fM mvi.Hir.K ,»»,. .'.i ut-ti ilu- «>•* v.-.i.-.ii, : thtii* uii»n nMi.t.jSi.fd «« Mo»fc, " WOMAN'S DAY PHOGMAM. L(»«.:U . \\ OUI.H'I'!- i«Ai s 'rfK»ni Kun.K.v, .V,,. . V i: • L U' i. .1 i "• ' t DEATH jOF j; HEBULY To B* Heid In Aurora And Bu<-t«i io .Sterimg- i ! - f "l.i, fl-i.i ut.."l .,t 4, A'«$,., .4 )•>.! t M\ .»\\ It J!t .rv«!'») law-evasion, double taxation ttud entire abHonce' of. uniformity in .fUiH'e«*jncnti» have become" notorlouH. A» a. roHiilt, the burden of luxation in lhcrea*dnK-UI".»n---i»lt-v4iitW« property—notably real extate, "Of the personal property tux the toolu, implements and ina- ehinery of hKficulture. labor and manufacturer 'and housjehold furniture."A HayiuKx account- «ch«lti|c«l IIM re- the. Rvera«e rate in lljinolH c.ltie« and 12 out of every 13 earned in A widow with »' Htnall ewtate KCI invented a» to bring her. «ay, $500 mum fjive up |200 or more of this amount in luxe**—- -the probate court being c«ie of the -few place* where intangible property can b»i discovered for . "Many farms and hoinek In Illinois •are bout? hi on tho part payment plan, The purchaser pay« from tint outtiet ; on the full value of th« property, «nd (he rnan who nelln pays, or >« to pt»y, r on the full value of the al a ratu which would coniiwnte a third 01 mor« of it.s income. The wane wit- nation holdts true of borrowinK monoy MII mortgage. Other .fixainphta of duu- h|« tiixatluti miKht i>e cltwi." CONTRACT IS AWARDED Hess and Wilson Of Sterling 1 , Will Construct Now Roads In Qeneseo Township. Tho contrii"t foe tho bond issue road In Gc'neuwj wa*> lot on Monday to the linn of Hem* and WJisoiu of j<terling, i|u«ir bid being $25,000, which was tho amount tho botubj went voted to bo for. Thin it) tb«* sucond, time iiropoxHIoii were aakcd , ^ blilH recclvi-U^beinK rejected as they"wi'Fe all Tari;er"ftiaflmi»t' amount of the bcnid lusue. There will t»fs H.BIS ruble yardu i>f urtivel road bidtt on this for, conHtnu-ted, the being taken from the Liberty Hill (>ljL I" Jordan. Thu-e and one-half milen of the gravi'k roud will bfrronsiructed in the noutli- vye»«i .of • (Jeiit'ttee and the ot her ten and onc-ifulf milea wTTI He Tfi conuei lion wlih Uif titute nld r Th«* conipnny un.uinii Co: t« to lui\e Hie i;ruvt«l nil luuilrii thin winter and will tiaulliiK next week. Tin' con- for the compU'tion of the ' oiK b> AimuHi -I,' 1MI7. Hupt. Tat:uetl went l«> Klfi'llOK Tut-»y f vein me ID oonfw wllb the hiKh- w»iy I'OijiintHMoncrs about the rejuUrs tor the Avenue U hrld»;v They ex- they -.veal her. iht> it art- u number that cold IlKiJrlDK ott'Vfhe V\o»k Jit the both, nil of which will be shown at the hi'Kli school buildirfp. The premium Hut in lielnw chjinK-ed Bomewhnt nm tho revised H?«i will IK? r^eady for publication in « short time, • . Th«- household science will conduct good Kissed mwfings atn! ileinoiisti-iitlonH on Tliurwlay and FrA- day at the Maine -time the men folks have Nome of tttt»lrc,|«ftte meetings ami ttH.thc high tfchuol^Mji only one, targe ;a««embly ri»oni, aJApm s*wembly room in a nearby 'mfWmW l 'will be for thn 1»tlli>» l_. littch evening Utero will be an Jnter- ••HtltiK muficul program in addition., to th« Hpeaking and-other attraction**. The high Mchool building Is waid It: be an ideal place in which to hold the 'Institute and whow, and it l«.expected, thnt the excellent program* that that iff-being prepared anil-the liberal prixex offered, will draw plenty of flne vx- hibltw and Jarge attendance,* While ad- miHJiton la tree to nil, it IB especially de- wired that there be n Targe attendance of farm resident*. ... . < MORE WOMEN VOTERS Complete Registration Shows 285B'Woiaen and 2812 6 Men . In Sterling Precincts. The reKlut ration bonrdK in tho «b( voting precincts of Htorliiu; township i;ornplcted their work yesterday after^ nnott, and the result Knows there are moro women -voters in tho township than there are men. Two-,of tho prt>- men, show more women .voters Alt of the btnards nay, while the. lint of pamej* they have obtained are a,». correct nslt waa possible for them tjo set, yet they i feel contldcni that they hiiVft omitted a number, and Him> that a number of MUMM-H they have are in thn wroni? prei-inct:, sn. jt in HiouK'til the number will not vary much front the totals now obtained. -Another- very- plR'nilieant --fa'vt i.« • that nearly ev*»ry\ mt»niber of .the bounlx say Uioy eeriainly viirned their two dollars per day on tho two days of H"t «'tt (lie bonrds In the futuru if they run help It. Tlu- l.HUIh Miaw H ui'» twenty" «lx tnaro women voters iu tho town- altlp'thun men voter*, thero being aS65" wornon und 2H86 men. '•The thti numl>ttr**t)f men and women voit-r* in the towiiHhip by precincts: Sfen .433 Second - 375 Third «QS Fourth .., r«*»7 Fifth .«K 117 Women Total 40H 4M IHH 1T» 4S3 f>o<; Kit mo 1046 Totals .'855 Sill SI WORK IS STARTED Good Weather For Two Weeks Will • See Much Brick Laid.' Work I ted on the »Ster!lnK Severn) teuniM have to liii'il iMtlible und other in.'i- tt-rin! for the makitiK V' f T*'^ fouudu- ti«>n f«U' tile (i.lvillK of Fur the llrot time in cond LP-history of OH- II;I\MIK |iio|iotiltion.'thene la ur» u'r- ;anixaiUin. and, a 'will he u, good thing. The mixer which was bought a few duy» ugo, l» In'iiiK loaded today at •n und will be here by funiKht. unlMHtic-d tiiniori'ow, anil, it will I up leudy for 'work at once. N; li. iiidKc will lie in tluirsc of tiu- pun* LENGTHEN THE COURSE . It is* (afublc of mix Inif sufficient rojuiete to lay two b Fucks if~il<<.v TSt'tifKc" Pofier willliaVi-' i hurice of t'h.' i eitieitt liu tn«. Ui'orge Wbihilt-r wtll !«• time kc'epcr. und J ——— - ] (J.- Wft'/el \\ill l>e paymaster A .week Students Will Have to Put m|or mo ot t-<""t u.-.ithti th till timt is §ix Yuars in Future. . } needvd Tin- 11 inent IM >»>>i',.(lie ttand t IJ\ I'nlteit flex^ • I Is beltttf hauletl, the i'u Ick !.-> aloilg- •Spi liiKiH'KI, lit, N'ov i Tbe .st.Hf !"Uic the t»uevt. .tti<l there m tvt'iy t-uud i-r iit-itllh unu'.'ii'n t-il li'djs tiwt ? reckon to IxUi^o tlii-\4"lk »]JI Jlu i'ul - oi <• IUtt!U- -.viil tt- \«'HI»i Iti t ,tttV WOMAN OF 96 TO VOTE. - > < Hlli- At «• If \\ ill i t!)' tf- ' ^('"•tlt if! :tn lotrin-lo ,!»-• •! In- I-It ll . _ tl\i-i.rl.' v u^ i ( Mh], ;t-t (..'• iti 7th' H ' tor ins, .<l!> lid*. ikel vvnu Wilt .ienl on Xuv. >»£»!«' of !lgf either the president or the department He miule thin «tntement after it ha<' P»I fMlfil In blw attention that Hticl MUR-fCeicilon liiOl Reeir'niiide"; Bee re - itiry....£»nsl.n|j..ttuthorli5i»d t hlN «t n tc ment: "The fac.t that n political rampnlgrn Is* SnproKreMn will in no way vary the l»ractlce of the department In making a full InveMtiKation of c*w»« of this «ort We will act a» we alw«yn have with ;»M much alacrity UH puHMilile. The i(ue«tion hax been ciilloil to my attention a* to whether there ban been any tzhaiiRe In policy K(nee the ninkini; of on the part of the presi- the dent of'the deparinienl. I can nay em phiitically that there, has 'been no change In. any rturtlcubir," Situation Loom* Grave. The situation Browing out of the MitikinK of the Marlfia. loomwl up to ilay ax rtn'lKnue with the mont Hurious t>f any nlnce the torpedolnK of the With ilve AmerleaiiH I>«*Hevcd to b« dead tlmnigh the Kinking of thn Marina and no evidence yet lo dhow that they were given n ehrtne* for their live*, the «ttui»tirttJ extremely, Rtmv«. s l?e«*H ««ked -. marine commander"** rt'itoft o»i thc:af- fnlr while United State* tllplomatlo and couiiHular-. reprem-ntatlveH near .the Hcene have been directed to cablw all information that can be gathered to the Htatc department. If the evidence finally «howa that the HNel wa« Hunk without warning the German government will have to take dr«Htlc action to expiate the offenise. One «ubniarine commander would havvj to be proven guilty of propecutlng, l*e- lentieiw and indiscriminate wartHre, the penalty for which . wan fixed in the for breakSiiK oflf diplomatic relailon*. Today it was inudo clear In aMklng Berlin throtigltI the-t?mb«Hi»y-Mtw«- for the admiralty'^ information regarding the winking of tho Marina wa» not Intended to intimato. that Uermuny'n l! ilS p ?_h*lt_J)!?!?n_violated..;. Kticli j_n» Formatioii ii8 (3ernuihy ha« would iikely nave un importanl bear I UK on the case. BecaUBc a largo luimber of AmerleiniH are among the aurvlvoit) tholr affldft- v|t» will probably prove a deciding factor, - >cuX Secretary Lansing refuwed to the matter in the-atwence of ilennile proof, lie is keeping I 'resident Wil- advised of all information, WILSON KEPT INFORMED, By Uolif'ri «J, Bonder. (Btaff Oorrexpondf-nt ''of United liinghampton, N. ¥., Nov. 1.— t'reni- :le.nt WilKon is being kept Informed of every nlep takeji "and the det«ll« re-. DM Marintt em*« ..'.by state department at VVa*hiMgton, »tep inm*!4iately fiH'w'arded poHthanto to the tiiL who IH unxioU* to get re- mid asked the (shargtt d' affaires n Jlertin to forward all potwible In- he nctixui Ihlti govenunent Adininibtiullon offriulH are 'disposed to K*V<' lieununy lime for a full invent' nation of the. reNpoitHibility und thin minify of cout'xo njtttil await the'report . . . nw»l if the BUtmiarlnc commander. In former CUMVH t1il» rejMirt h«i* not been made for «cvenil d«y» becun«e of ,h« time requir to return to its While the |>rcn!deni IM believed to view the ouMook with Keiiniln puuKlbitl- ieu, plose friendw bellovo he will awuit a careful InvctitiKutlon and that he will come to no conclusion until he ma received nil of -the GERMAN SUBMARINE SEA FREIGHTER ARRIVES IN PORT AT NEW Passed Through a Regular Lane of Hostile Warships and Was Forced to Submerge For Ten Hours in Mid-Ocean. By Curl D. Croat. (Stuff Correspondent of United New London, Conn., Nov. 1.~Plungmg «nd diving, at tim*« in th* teeth of • itorm, th* German submarine Deut»chl»nd made her- second trip to the United States through a vertiable lane of allied warship*. The Deutschland was safely docked at her screened pier here this after* noon. She came out of the darkness and the waves during the early hours of the moaning. Nosing her way up the sound she quickly warpe in alongside her mother ship, the Willehae!, and with the sailor* at liberty some of the details of the second, remarkable voyage of the Deutschland were learned. .•----.' _ ; ' Submerged In Mid Ocean 10 Hours. ............. At one time the subsen boat was submerged for ten hours in midocean. The Deutschland was forced to spend the time beneath the waves owing to the presence of hostile crafts lurking nearby. Capt. Koenig, the smiling commander who brought the vessel o" Its first voyage, was again In com* mand, but up to an early hour v this afternoon he had been so busily engaged 'with the official* of the company operating the vessel that he was unable to tell his story of the second trip. '. . _ "We saw lots and lots of hostile a hips," said one of the Oeutschland sailor*. , He was a big six foot German. ^ Smiling man •natoh'es the itory of the trip /which again brought th» Deutschland over and under the ocean. )> "There were many mere enemy warthips out than we *aw on our first voyage. There seemed to b* a regular lane of cruiser* ancf ships of other type*. I do not know how much of the trip was made \tnd«f water, but the longest continous period we were .submerged w«» ten hours. This was somewhere about mtdocean. Hostile ships wer« sighted and we w*r« forced to drop out of sight. But it is about the. same old story now, not much tllffcreniH. ,N'tw»H-n this trip and th«- first one except the enemy ships," he concluded. . '* Bremen Known To Be Lost. ' The submarine Bremen is now definitely known to be lost, Thi* was confirmed by members^ of the crew of the Deutschland. The submarine! which wa* scheduled to arrive soon after th« Deutschland \\*ti*d Baltimore, J* now believed to have been captured, however. The German aailor acid they ^believed the Bremen met with an accident of »pm« *ort to it* ma- ohfiwry, This resulted In her destruction, they believe. . Ti l >_A l 5»< r "<«, th* third of th« submarine* to >• built for tr»n*«tl«ntio •ervice, is not yet ready to sail on its maiden voyage, it was stated. AN .EARLIER_REPORT. (By United Presa.) Now l^iitlon. Conn., Nov. l.~-8 rom the Atlantic porilH after buffet-! ng in rotiRh October K»|OH. tin? Uor-i nan HUhtnattnc spa • freighter .pput»ch«'i and, docked h«»rt« early Uxlay on h«»r contl -American voyage. l- r |? juiHt K]i;»'i>y CJrolon, opposite on. iwjjMlnn Kl|««nt I>«Mit«chlnin1 'ally nito the'state pier, fenced in by i boarded wreen and prepared to rniiKfer her men to the North c,er- nmi _Uoyd UIUT Willchad along Hide t uau nail waited long for the •.oming of the «nbmuriiie «ea frolgiiter iiul tneinberH of lipr crew wero de- pond«nt~ over ihf* imUnsiak deuce that the Bremen had r , So there w»w joy when Capt. KoenlK nd hlH 3o UemiutiH prepared to hpard ' *it!t-*hi i v- w h feh—wa » - recen 11 y from London with being « BELL TOCONTR^L Supreme Count Granted It. Permission To Buy Rest Of Interstate; Stock. AFFECTS MOST-OF STATE Before the Decision Bell Alredy Owned 60 Per Cent Of the Stopk. •*• "ll'U'lll let'itHun oi' (lie Illlnoia hiiprcnu 1 eourt, ;r«ntliiK t<j> tiiu American Telegraph & Teleplione rompuuy to nirchHtte the reauUiuler of thfc xtocK ind boudH of Ihe ItUrrstule Telephone niT - n ,p ani . of he telephone »»tems in tlio state will owned and controlled by «n« cor- MirutUm. ||,e Belt K>,HiPtn. Uefore tlw» decision ot* th« court WH« utnd»Hl dovvn, .Ui<* company owned »0 per cent of the InternUto . When (hi* former c<unpHuy""B4iught l«. irnijtititin 1 SKK'K'; 1 K>TWaTit {t>mberi». a stuck ount>r of tlie Inter- coiilpjiny, I'lutcnteil and nt-trtcii in the Sangainon count > ireuii court- The court upiield the of the htiiie public- utilid.'s upor»vtng the Hale of itu» r «iock • ourt tin I In- grounds created a ,inon- >|«»ly in tlu» t*'lei«hi»Mi« buMlnetw The ._ upiviiU 1 conn du»iniM«e<( the probably {thus ptaciuK itself alotig>lric the Mtllltle.s coutmliifiiion wliU'li con- SECURE DEPOSITIONS: <i*y United Pre*»*i) Oork. .Ireland, Nov. I. - Depo»ition» >f 15 Amerieitn nurvivorn HlntlliR that hn JViurin« wa* torpetlowl without warning with the probable lo«s of «PV- tral Atnei ti*a!i .'ivt's iiWL_Uein_g_i«.iieo tel-e l\y folium I''i4'i»i anil w1l1"tm ftu 1 - A'urded to i be «tutc depnrtmitnt. The American* at rived wlih IN otbrr »«i'r- v.ivort> They reported Ihctt.from -thiec o j*u Aineilcttii« wt'»"*i lrownt;d, Tlu- Muiluu wan attacked early Hat- i tends j'cKulated monopoly tiflietier Hum wrtiiy enrout« from (Hu4t:ow tu Italtl-ju number of wyalfina privately emu roorw wb"ii it WHS struck by Jt lr»r- trolled ami |-riv»ttvly -operated- «eslo The ««\plo«lon hlfw a tjrcsaf Jn*i«« i TeJcfihoiu 1 coitiimny oflic-iata het<' n the jiliin's «Ub«' and wcnu-d tu lift would not venture u. gin-Ms. »m ,»o bow j out, of ,lhc witter and It rolled .over j long It \\Hl be ,liefot«» tin- Hell «,vsitem >n Its*' aide no it Bellied bill remained I «i<*j»uine« foniiol of tho thouwinds ot ifloftt 20 mlnuU7r until ll» Imilerw e*s-'mtlt-« of' inti t'ixt.tie JIIH- in the stale loded. ttpiittinu II in two. • (The InttM'xiate »^^telll rutiH nucth into The, laxt man 4<» leave' llw vessel i WinconKin und \\e«it to tin* ftii-j *jis llruu'ii itiiU im iti - »U«*l*+K-t nv+'r.'-wjitt t-nM«it«^ of intl*-,-* t>( unl l,s hflicvi"! to ituvc been dfOWWd.4 I'HtTt- Smue Kay a aet ond ttirpedo waw lircd j 'IVjejiliou* IH ttJi- \csfcel.Wrth M'tllitiK (IthelM Miy i s»>(i-in evlti t nvi'ond ttiil ttiHilni' was nediby liutJu! the (irt^j o*«K no pun ill the .(llas'k " i i.,tnj«>iiif'j«t!j j (ili>hlt'Ui! 'i i i Thy Miiu)>u'titt»n ] me;tt» }'i"li,»t-l\ ' THE AUSTrlAN LOSSES oilU ^i[r> >.(,i(«-<l the J!--H iu ut<ci:tiioii n «•(-.,Itn-wi- .i». S.OOK a,, ,,(i otiitl 'be c»tii|ili>tt'd , lot ni'i tii«it wMli tin* ix'tnit> of tliCMt* itrranttc- l\ lake .it.'?<'.'.-»» u c- not me in ..tN; !!»•!! and "'iH-tatf nil <»! Hi 'Use KIiit,- FACTS ABOUT GERMAN U-BOAT DEUTSCHLAND German nubmarinel')euiHchland . nrrlveti at BnltKmore on her "Ilrat,. time in.history" voyage, July 0. •' • ArrlviHl In New Ixmdon, Conn., today on her ne«:oud voyaKe. CoiiKumed Hi *ia>'K on her flrwt voyage to the.United tttutcn unti 21 on her weond. and toitk ?3 days to reach lire- men. . i r^trt iirick-frmtt Bremen t«» Oct. 10. CafKo of dyen and medicines t«» be valued 'at around $1.- Carrietl Ciipt. Koenjg ^ erew of 25. • ~~ Jiad a stormy voyage on thin trip, -. (iernian Hulmmrnii' wireleHH Million. Met By Captain Hlnaoh. . .Scott tu«. bearing the fat and jolly ('apt.. HiiiKcti of the PflUtKChe O<?e«n Uhederei, owners of the l^eutscJiland, •limited: "\Villhummen," to hi8 friend. Capt. Koenig. The tug cast her a linn ana chugged triumphantly into . the liner harbor-over the- ccmruu .which UritisU frigates followed years since. Capt. KiH'iiiic nixl Cupt. Hinsch talked very iittU' to the few watcherH wlio knew nf the iirrivul of the DfuitHrlilaiul. Encountered Bud Weather. "The trip WUH uimventful." said tho •trtite uH-rry twinklo in hi« ^yea. "Vow, w« Hit liuvt- »otn« bt«|l weather, .in fiirt ioim* extivint'ly bud weaihir for tmt ,iayM and lens t»x*renTB the reiuiiindt»r •if "the. VOJUKO until ttiree dtiyx of AntericM." Then he tut id tlie October gulea ajmt- f«d und the V' 1 **!**'! r«Kh« fiiUnly." "We had' trouble ul Hreiueu, i < »lli4iinK' with another vewnel. That' {it id us up .'or 10 duyH for repair*. We are j4l'*»t o hi-i- Amerira ('apt. Kot«tiig'» papera raid: "Hound ,'or iiulUmore, »ir any other Atlantic leapott." but thn best 'ornuitloit VVMH that lift in- ht.i «iiie.U .tittiol would bo better by lu-uilliiK into ,N'«'\v I<t>itdon. Glad To Reach 3 Milo Limit. ° KearliiiiK the three tilth* limit thn r«-vv waij «iverjoyed for th«' nu'tiib^m <m-w tlu-ri llml ilii-ir il.uiycr \v;ia past. Phi'M tli« ye«i>H «'if»m' up through <!(''_ " ~"i^- "Pof»f ••fi-i,-*..-^- («iHini, pa^^.l•^l it iju-' w*-iooiii«' tune of buns' ui)d light > lotiiu' h«'ll» uitii ' tho w.'HM'oh of fi»»r HUIIH lit tlic out' r liurliur. jlffoic vi tilt-en bodv juio- it<h( l <1 won! lu wuitluK. Vhat >f ib foimer North |t» t inoii ilii- uuicr liui'lx r 'apt, liiiiM-h, IOII it bund. Tin* <»f this iiuin.b«T la UK' ii:iod > > «f t.»y.u..-» .f-v.i'Kt ooiiip.uij, tn Unit) ,iu- .%. niiui.f«T of •»!li-s o| !..:>ii 'H/.in ;i Ji^jiiig IMS' -u nil luu und IlltHtflted out biiltlc tnili>M 0 welcome the Ueuixciilund. Therts AHH ii h.ippy .reunion "of tho two meti \lio met liu«t July in {.lampion Hottilrt, 1 hen iln- rieitthfldttad in,itlu itx tnaul- - - Cr«w i,m*d th» Deck. J.leiu Kt.tpi'ltl ami the reiuuiiider id" h" cifW of *.'!; ' except those .U lut \\eiv Mi'** vvith the rutldfin und compltc.ilvd li:ti huterv In low, l)n«'d aloiiy tlt><'hiili- n u hu-'* <!,«•« k, ,iud with thejjt-j4i,iy r.i(>.il uitl KI«*J *»•''* ,'<*' !>*'<*> Were piettiit -i|i|e i'fne.ith the lluini(i oi.l ittmp» of lh<> } UK- Tin* »ttl«ei 'IJita ruii'd ' tii- en \\ li,iltifiji>ri« >,u the jui;\i liie nr «" :i ivetiturc rs Vi fil urn n'i»i. ttiiihij. Mnil'd .»i i!.» 1 '•

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