Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 31, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1916
Page 4
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'.%tti OUI? PRICES fS TWE LOWEST^ OLD PRESCRIPTION ! FOR WEAK KIDNEYS! A >IV.i: ,-. ,J (•!.-,. -..'-..', M ,' j... >.,). I '!...! '•• S- . tfi j.. i;. ...i ••••> • , - -•-;>' . • t- p.!!'••••-- S i- •...'. . -. . i • , , •. • . '.,.,,.; ,' j '>'•;-.,--:- .;>;^j leu I/EC*. —is greater.-value than any other corset, dollar for dollar, in charm of style, in pcr- fed. fit and beautiful finish. Hesidtmall this it is the only front-. ' cornet with the wonderful cxdtiFiVe feature, the 'TV' ih ! -in* tit f...I,.*,, •. if yf.;'i wish f)r«t T j.Yt put M-lld t';ll •irnpti-!.'. \\-lyr.,,• v i \ " • i i.-t!••'•!! t" ;?••-• j-:,-tl3 in ;i !•:,. k. h,. i STEmLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD •I.! f. ;!{. |c- n;;.: Kl<!-. ;<j "•TlV.biK SIXTY-SECOND YEAR" Crowds! Every day a throng of hungry bargain seekers invade every part of the* store —careful posted buyers every one. Your dollars and cents now have a greater pulling power than ever before. We must—and we Will—close out this large stock—hence these remarkable buying opportunities must be presented—quick sales, regardless of profits. LINOLEUM Lonjr wearing -grade, "2 yards wide, clean neat HI I < e'rns .VH' Viird, 49c LINOLEUM H i '4 11 u: r a d e printed. { yards \vTde. (icsiralile li"\v p ,'! 11 ems ; splendid T5'(r • pi.M'lity, Ht|uaro van I. 60c OILCLOTH » Printed oil c]<itli 'lK-fK l'(»r- fjnder eating ^st <»ves. i/f 1'i ards Published Daily Except Sunday, D, W. GRANDON A SONS,™ Editors and Publishers. Office. 111 Wefct Third Street. Entered at Postoffio*. Sterling, Illinois. as Second Class Matter. TERMS OF "sUBSCRIPTION, By Mail, Outside of Sterling aiid Rock Falls, Anywhere in the' United. States or Canada. yf.'ir In .-I.Unm e .?,' "," month* In advance .,. . j „'•, AX* than *lx month*, per month.'.' ,'ii By Carrier in Sterling or Rock Falls. or by Mail at the Sterling or Rock Fallt Postoffice. Jnif yr-nr in <nivnne<< .|r,.fin Six ftK'tiths In adviinc" u'v* Three months* In advanre. ..!!!,!• ] •>-, month in advai-ec ,'.* 45 •jiL^'L^''''' 1 *.. i' n - V(lI > 1(1 In the ranli r ..10 ELECTRIFICATION OF RAILROADS. It is now about a generation p|iie«- .•a i Ion of rat'lroa.d.!*. b "Th.- fr,.r -, Mr i !' is i-',<- TT-,V-'.U.-'.-K l-nny Whi- •fniu !!;>• fl i*» !!••>> t!.. fi-,;Iv !•!•)< ?• r.-'i Y" ril l;il a tt.-'ir i !M: i-<-; hn-' ' *-• ' •-••it m;:n ,iv:r r ( mv ••« !h<- •-(• ,'il« heavy vu !!!('• Hvrnr '!;<-= lino. The Hd-f i«!;i..tied |.«t-.<>n uli..> "H n-:!« i.nih f-id'-' i« Ftill -,«, idi '!« nn Uitr na- •liinal J'ltv. Hi.til fj-if * ndmlt thru the "pil'-nt v .ite" is >:niiii{ i" innke ,'iri awful }H<isr i n Nuvx 7. . N'livi-ml'fM 1 7't he in-K-li of an ••iKh.L-.lio"!" •',',>' in th" n«-ttH|'.>p'i" fi.i- !tT»H.v, ,\f!'T ;U1, fsuii, .hard v.i.»ls as tn : \ : hr-fi" i«» i\ ivhu c;m for,! tin .-'it IM -In!" hi [w\ line hf is btavf. •dv will Jlikr (h» rrnint Nov. 7 olc. irh-lty, the York »,.,th m;.f..r ,.,. vult ,,,.,, Uu . ri , at 69c the SHADES 30c , ^'Durk ^rreen \va- ;tor color \vindo\v slmdoN , c, feet lon^» h t r o n g s p r i n ic s ; .''.jf .shades at r 30c SHADES 50c fliu'liest -rade oil shiuics, 7 fee! h'l'iir, dark or J i ,y Ii t tureen; re «• u 1 H ]• 7 5 e shades at 50c CARPET All wool stair t-arpet, '22 -ineli- ii-s \vide;iiu>dium tlark put terns; vard 35c CLEANER S 1 1 n o i liter n teli tlu surf net ,s y o .u K HI 111 0 ; t tprioo, ean lM8c Bf ' . POLISH TJio i'jnno a furni polisli:; not gnin stick; the ^Qttlo, .=•-—- 19c talcum, 9c Graves Toilet" Talcum, sujierior tjiialily, LT>i •value ............. ,9c Isle _tif-.-Violets Talcum Powder, the l."ie can, .7c Laxets, a bowel laxative, sweet to eat; U Jw^e.s .5c Green 'Salve for 'i-uts at ........ -..i2c Headache Tablets »i\<> priVinpF relief: ijrjeliox^ for ,. 12c Jpugli.Jlemedy, pn-pnred from liarinless plants; DOe/buttlc ., ,19c MOP 48c fit'- no fim.Ky tmmeln and n *t»-«re hi thi'-rtty in" tliflr terininiilx. In Phllarl'-lphl IVllliH.vlvanla Im.u •elei-trllied H.s iniHirtfint Miibnrban line. In «hi. Haliimoro nm! Ohio n-*,-d i-lcrttl<- l«'i:omntive<i ihioitKh Its tinder lh« oily UK .tar hark .'i«.ls»4. In the Si. i'aul hax elet trliied 4110 miles 'of I'oail m-r«tirt the i halo Im.-j cUui.,| U»» nuisiain'0 have been «ro .slRl ivimhu-U'tl. hut the OUR DUTY TO EUROPE. fHy S x -o»l \Villiams.» In round ?;«jniber« tht-i-e -are ,l;v»> -if SIN huirlit-d jr.lllinn ]<<< nit; lit lh» \\arrimr MaM'iii 1 * of l ; 'urop<". In KiD'Niii. nl'iiiu- the Attiitriiiu border iitid In thf> Balkan!*, there are n ho nevi r (saw bed Hprings or • slept, u h. tit Ihc'lr liv;« t-\,i\- tri«ted-1 aUi- ... , KV.-M in' ICiiKluiu!, lieim.iny, Kranie anil Itnly there nn othor niillii.>ii.s who m-v- er ilrotimrd i»f the htxiirlf* iti; the Illinolis Oiitrnl Vet in Chica I'< .I'fiiniiteil t., liosujln-h tin- I'lty's water front with « r«-r|>«>ti'tal 4;f. Tho at:ltntli.n ilien- urls mure than tUfiuv nan family. In initiiy ooiinirh-H i!n-r< are \\ )ml«> .t.>mmnniiie» where not H Kinide luitntn.iihiii* In o\vtnfl. The !i\e);j|?i< AriH>rli in family of tU-f will Hppnd m(>re llloin-y for fond. (lothf't?, homo cnijifortx and plruvnre; in a'mi.mth or two than the ftvenu:» fiimily of tiV4> in the esttlre stotip of wati'int? itutidiifi will njiend in t4:< itMUlhs; inure thrill the nv-erair«» family I in *otm> «if the nations will t-.piittd in a tttt, Tri.'e Mart, (' s. fit. Hack - -Jin tlcvii F t li lat thai -JI vv Hi* 1 els wmelt so ulicii pn-ss upon (lie spino and do positive injury. it is soft, yielding and roin- yet provides ample support and permits a free circulation of air. is not (is THE !• H«e TruJ* lUrt. U. 8, Fit. OCX*. I Front Shield i. prevents laces from scorint: and marking the flesh, \ w \. MI its n --THor(' pcH't-ct adjust- infill, and insures increased comfort. -Tnily, the Ventilo um j : , Ties :n •liuiulhiK iivi-r to- tl raHronil tut lroii-ela.1 fianchtw. thiit. K.-I.VS "Imiulx OR' to the' city after HM- .railroad han It. What we hrm* li-nrned wince tliat uuy iii that no city chmili'l let K>I " i! lo any iiuhlit- M«>n-tc« oor- n without hftvf/ig « \ fKn i mean* that the hnndr«;i| people In Amcrirn Hpend J*o mitt-h money for all kinds of meivha!hii*i>. (hut the market in niyal to power of Ki>V'-rul .hundred! million pen- pit* lit Kuropo. ittnkiiiK th« American evil J market, far utnl invar tin* best marUof in air tlje \vnrlir «nir present pnnifier- itjMM' d.ije to the CiH't J hat 1 biff Aiil'T- lean rnai-ket in now IH-IHK supplied almost entirely by tlKs p^MhictH of •Anter- U-aJt farina and faotorlcx. with Kurope hiiylitK otir x tistrplus. ' Tht» money we spend staVK at. b<um». and ICitfopc If (is a llttlo bit nit»ro. ni op • removes the diint, jfets into the eor- ners; ff'roat_ vulue, eaeli, twl (o It that can In. i»nlleU'«« forrc roriKit-atlon to yielil to ri»i.xunub!t> Itulilie Th 48c Hpjee niill or peanut lwtt<H- mill, a limited number to offer; 3Or? value, remar)«a)iU» thliip ahout n.., however. Is why u imh- lit; t-<ii>;iiiifc>n will stick to the nn- he dammo.!" muKUntako m<>iify to Shfi "vlll nut hh.tit. hor ' letieh thai a will Wo thouKht rorimnulonR hail h-ariif-d n tho I<IK» twenty year)*; "never forget and "tH-Vc-r bin U-itrn." When peace rarneo. Kuropc will fner a wru- debt .tlmt doties ImaKlrmtioii. 'r_hi» imrcltfuilnff jtoivfr -of her own peo- i" (irv;ttI>'.*..dtmlnlHli<m; She mmiey to'pay her «l('btH. . . hh.tit. her eyt'.s to tin'- nd- of tin* American muriu-t, but will movn _ht'iivi!in «nd rarth to [t}f>n way*, by bookur-eniok, to .-sell her J KoodB to . t hf« Anierlra n IU Miiii'tdA' lih-e. to «tt.v that iinr hesirtw HlHiuld bleed for the. vyar Hiiffciei-H. and the greatest corset improve- inonls of the asje. $KOO ( o $8.00. ' L M Artists modistes and physicians all agree that the Venus de Milo is the ideal tyvetf female figure. It is best secured by wearing "LA CAMILLE* front-lacing corsets.* " , - Wync-Dcaver Dry Goods Company • L ... Sterling's Style; Center J «Mm fort uml't in,. ^ plane of living, of the *'niummi peopte; \V hen the people' of. Knropo Hharn in the K(>\-frmiicnt of their own destinies nn Hn? Amerit-an jiertplo do, ;»nd IiriitK their (lane of livinjr .up- to the.. Ainei!,.j,n , .of , nn -n-iiaudivo will' b . . of .||v.i«K. then there (if proteetlVu tat'HTH f, and the vxchai)«i» ' ' FINDS BROTHER AFTER SEARCH OF 33 YEARS . niiitiial oiitpn.t.of miitons that hav on tim TAKE YOUR CHOICE. "TTTHTTKoH t tivo larinf after tho war. ami tin; 3c Comforter Sale $1.69 former vill a hiimlrcU or two should bi> tng« of their o\vn . to' take atlvan lo iironiotf our >%,.' \Vu arc sorry for , lliem. Wo do \vnnt to have thin uwfirt and w«\ watit to rclh?vo'»H for liix u y«'ar by and will clu»np (lvt» hnndn^i or n thouwund dullars n for tho farm iirotlut'ts l«» will KHVO u Tls Imnclrotj duHurx or HO l»y Unyln»? for hirt fnmlly. .nml will win buy tlieiu i'tu; le>< JiU'tiey -tlu.ii you can mak,e u Hi'iiutil'ul floral covetinu's lilled with sanitary P f WiU s i»i material. A pusilive irL'.Ui) eonjj'ort -'"fl*1| f jn-k'tul nt . . ____ '.'.... ...... ........ ........ 3* A» *r . . ji»<H-ho two linndii'il slollnrH or no less fmr hirt \v;m,-,«, wltli a fiit ohaiH'i' 'tit his job ultosc'thor. The jupr- v\JH Kiu'iul \PI*H money for lifu stock of KOO<|X nml Ml unv«>r ^ooilrt at smaller prom*. Tho manuftu-ttiror will tf t»nt to IIH^M MIIUI 11 J (Htr hi« vhouiicr. hut will lu<' wliA i-tiiMo limt i-nouKh to j'.ty rvr» tin- fv\v men tSie t hfy dniw. WlLsOtl ^(,"l>H \VT |HH>l| uo I Kiiiopo'M t-ommcrchtl i'om|»t'tltii.ii HIP Mm-, AJiv' lluslys wiy*i wr -to (me a rotmnt'iviti.1 aro' tint causing the «nfferln),'. It J» not our war. and tlu> war debt* aro not ours, And we will bo in a better i>» tion l<v«...w.ijr• jiiifrerer'H...of Eu- n)pc> if \yo" have- prospcrify muj the money to help with, than If wo allow onr ninrkt t U» become flooded with Kuropean good.s, made .under low wnjjOH. that force our factories litre iitid there to sdmt down am] throw working miuj uut of. work TJiilH dfteKii't mean that , .,.. we »IH»;« \voHld come from ICnrope. :i IOIIK Khot. It means only" eno.^.. eomitifv fnim Kurop.* to inimntlo prievs *iml f(ir<.'w fsn'S«>ri* i » to either eiit prlt'i*fi and uaKr#. or cut down tho worlUiiK fori't* becnune of a l*'i*senotl- market for (ho Kootla iii-iile Krei-.-lit rate.s ai-tuai . IM tl.,, w,,r)«i.«nl,.|i /„ ;, |.;.ir»r'fnn nu- III., ,0.-t. 31.—Vfter , ii „..,...,.« over ttiii ly-tbree' ye; ally chmhiK'.wiUi a nyi<tfmatlc try, for her Mlt«, Xellie Towti/ship, norl eoun- Jainert KtehlMon . of U.'l, , - -,-•-- - .-. . .- ..,,^ ^ , ,,n tut i i- ilAl. » " it uriJilI*, fl*ll I II (.ij I HIl.l l**fll lll'tl f hit t ;..|J»M,-,J- tlj-ir iHwiuy-MH,* „;, I,,- WI|Jf w«.|l. |m,s,,«-r,,u" t... fat ho f UM« ^.....- i-hu,,. ,,f H/fnw. Hiifnf.-Ioni: •« fHiiiHy n.- nr It.Anle. Km.. !• • h », » , . .4-nil.ui> .. furiH r»f a IftW l.liiiu< n| li-Vlim, iniij,' Ainortcjui wdruim- lirCitCi-tc'il- (UjllJMMt fll(> "I'irtitllU-t of RlH-h labor, is" tin* I'nHctl States JH to ilcin- <<MHlrnte iii thi- woilil thiit a was from tl.o H.-mo fuj F,- ,, . • '"*, ! -' t .--• **-•.*(. »-..•(, *»I"(H|le.'-.s at SpHnKli.-ld. ill., .inly 7,.187-1. by the Hiiropi-.'in wa,r >>(arled, 1« in a I'reiK'h hospital \v|th never*' Wotnuls. but; weartnt; the l-'reneh CI'O«H of ll«m- or for bravery. He -wan formally dee. orated by a general otTb-er in hi* col jn u IVem-li boffpital •" ti jfL "-^-illnnt ilBht on the Soiiune front: 'J'hiH in tln» •word t'ecclvcd by mimu of IIIH former wot 1 la ten at the univer»ity. WARDEN KILLS HIMSELF (South Dakota Officer'* Deed Due. to . ., U( ' 1t ' I<r '" n<! wir( Cotton mn, oon Hill. III. llii-y i>>in»vr*d to KjJJ'NJirt In . \vhirU time nil Failing Health. •Sionx l-'allK. H. It',, Oct. 31. — U. S, T - uhlcli to suv, 'i-ii UK- nt!«ir.H i.f men ami clHR«lfli»»I i-ohitnna with llttk- uioiio. ^ for big . ly lii\'«r Kiiio|>«> in many ways. Jt S&S MARKET CO,S&S Special for Wednesday, Nov. 1st eowt.t m-tchl lor Ktiroi»i-an Cotton! , Hi^e 7l'.\!>() in.-ke-; |»< sate -lcie, batt Cotton! Comforter sixe eottou batt-. >jxe Tl'xiH) inches, extra quality;.-•ale price »nct» iu*v»*r ' !< » wTT.-tlit- th« has $; PUVWEICHT3 ATTENTION. >,i., ,..„ 1( K-.\M,s|,a X,ui,a,ion c'«, re • , U>> • l'»"l IK.- -I ii..ll\ .1 mil to bv the itiitelor- In AlHliHI. (><(. ,M ,'.., IOI.L.I rm th. N .„„ , ,,,,,,, Vl t.-li,,, low wVl II I" ITltK. -t!,ll,.l. . ..... .1. .. . I,. .. . ... »«.*» 4(. . •'_!' •_«' lite H'yiila_ u ' w« \\ant jjtiKhf'H ami a pro- tariff or not. They eau |'yiy UH-lr monc'v and take fhHr <-hoU-e, »- SOME SING OUT OF TUNE. It la claimed by Denioi-ratie le.nlers that the fiepuhliejtn party i-annot 'In- tritMed io i tm tin* govcrntiunt bei : aut,o of laeU of "harmonj" amon^ its Jou't- ers. It j« not ea«y tti forget la thin m that the "harmony'' amuns pr«?M-iit fartorit'M to lay their Broods down in New Vorl; than H-insis Home Anii-rl- t-an frtt'ttii lew to lay their goods <iown " In >>V\\ y.,(k. Kuru|ie . not far will hud In lv JJi"/,^'*iiiL-il.J.ii- i l i Ji'-! J 'itii—!:•-!! _t-;:^. i !i."r^i'iu. ''i •r<,'i'^ i < L ' i f 1 i L . ^T't'-'r "T.inK (In "liil.d.- h ,u t,i .1 ;|. i ! ,,(;, i|. i.-hl anil jus T ,_ Win ihu in ,j ui ni ,.ii ,,. i . (,(- '(,. u" MIJ. '"'r;''. \ di,.' o»''i'he'\ ."iin'hu'Vi *t«^rh.'"'^;:,^ .,!:,; u i 1 !'v l ,,'"'iv!' f!:;, 1 ; i.'t./'.'T^rVii'^i*'', I"'' 1 -" 'J'i- ^the irilu,n.i|. • ,.v. - l \\.,,,| v , t \ ,,.,.„/ 'V\ .ih'r/u. .Ion,. I'lb t'l HI •,;> j. \\--4rlnnli* COMPANIES MERGE, (Ityj'lllte,! l'|.~ ) I'ueillc lj'o'r-1 ,'->li anti-l'ilp t'», .-ml u-Milled Jti the j-y of }; not approve, vf J'n-a- ident \Vil.-,ui'ji warlike note to i iiutuy, itini ti,t. iesij4natlflBi of Seen 1 of War tiHrietnoiu bei-aiiHO ht> did .„.„ lei l that I'n.sldeiit ^\ llMin'appnni'd of his, plan to make the American army H L?!L 1 " tTt "~*- v ~ T^^^~* rTTt ~''rg".*?iz.yinn. |T Tn.ij "nlN7~li4- iu4e"d fh,U there "IH n(7 Int-K ol unanimity amonj? Kepul-lifati lc.ole|j> leyatdinr the jiei-i'v.sily-of pn,- le. IUI K uoilvinmnen .-iK«unai ..tin-"! oiii) etition oi ieui«aiii/ ( d |>;uro- <H llid"*<U'> dller liie VUH'. •\\i-i It >. to du.un ot u 'i,M|tliiii 1.1 ie,i| he.ut to heail h.'ir» 'I*.', 1 *' ." H Wl> lm . a «i'ie. lleally tho only " " iropt-an maiaiiaetiirer . 'inv,- hit) guodt) on the fflulket ui in f;« ItiiiR ilinii * iloi'h noth'n-; to i<top them, they flow in with n steadily incrt-usJiiK volume. A prhteotlvo Inrlff in tho only prat-Heal way th«t ban been devised lo prevt'iil tlil.t. The UomoeraUu party has al\\ii\s maintained tlmt it protective tarllf is wVoiip in prineiplo and leadeiM lia\«* t\*'n gone HI) as to 1'Xpre.^n n belief tint :i pfoteclj\e tuiHf ^,-" At the Store P/>rk Chops and Pork Steak, Hi..., Extra line Daiiy iJutter, 18c Auwlni'H mission for tho reflef of Knropn JH not to piutperlKe herst-lf u> «how her hjiiuMthv.'l.ut rather to-show by our natlojiul idents that i'» way_«y Ihiajf,isjthe pj __ ti'ut TKo pisoiHu' iryluj • \t;«u'lv tiro tu the bi'iti-Jitj* tif their work; that the ttooda (hey maUe. thc-y tthoiilit I'd alliMvi'd 'ui.-o to ttJM', ami aol .twuy to Amerua u» obtuiii uumi-'. .... the enrh-hiiuiif of an idle- nobility \vho A Brush Special Double Bristle Air Cushion do mid- yaro for tin . 'I'niu Ta/Katt. Hogi-r uy Hall. Vote for- X Ruth Ciodfrey OIXOM. II.L. Member State Hoard oi" *••'!». 41. in\ .-'i:Uh -n .<uil MEANEST MAN AT HAMMOND, " "'Hi"! ..l tb. "li.uinitMi..!, Iml, niii'- •.>•!» iiiDitJ.. i)i..!« ,i|e nil it in i -.\,'iid (••, 11)1.u< .iiid b»Vi dmvii th it '• " U-t v <lii .uid .in- it.ntxltii up 'he -r- » ui 'ti.i vi !~VT^' I |l >.< h ,( HI -;i> „,!!'-I '» 'i, ' HI iji V, . > is- nut t-i i "in 1 ! I,' I | ifl, | i J ,,,, '!( ill!. . , .. H,I,| -^ RAYMOND'S Pectoral Plaster nn i He fy v» tr *J } t at i., I MM! fur WHOOPING COUCH Croup, Tight Coughs E. M. Lcbard, University of Wi«con»in, yins Honor in Franc*. ..___-;. n,- \\.ls.. <ii-t. 31,™ I'rltf, K. -M -d. a-'rejich rltlison, though long un - , in Am«ri(>»n t&hoolg. and who ' . watt head of the ch'partment of'r -., -••- nt th Swannon, warden of the' Houth liakota v Mtate penitentiary, cuinmitled milcitta'. , by sdtoo.Un« lilmj.'i-'lf'-w^lUi a revolver. it \* believed failit;;,' health tin the dewl. ; ^7^ ANOTHER TEMPERANCE STATE. "._ (By .l'niicd_l 'j-i'jiM.i ^__ lUflummd, Va.. Oet. 31.—In obedi-' lence to tho will of her eleetorn, «w re-' fctuitly t-xpreased. tho Ktate of VirKlritu uulvcralty.wlien |il«li(. w ~- • - - ----- .--., ,,-.,. „ . ,,. », ,,,. * « t *^iii ti^ :! .cllmlm onto thts wuteiw-tiKwn «t inld- Reduction on, all our . • ,f ' • Two-Tone Boots bobt.s ai'e broken and wo arc jitnv 'going to eluso tlioiu out last. We have your si/.e iii <»no of,, these ;. boots, but probably jjot in .all. . Raymond J, (Jp., 291 Bfuarftv«j. New York Cil» : All Ihese'up to tbe nluiuU', l»eauti- i'ui iittiu^ boots would have to retail* for at lea>t $'.00 at pre>>eut pricc.f, Coiuu early and ,t>et your- chuiee. FOLLOWING STYLES TO CHOOSE U'.'i'e'n a bargain \oii s Ifu n 1 d not oxerhni Now CAUGHT ON THE FLY orstor & Directors iid o'nlv ]»v a quail lily pun-ua^e u !)• n I|H\VH an- \\e able la oi't'er ,u .-iifit a price, Brown Kid, ^hite Kid Top, kqe"..'.. Dark Gray Kid,vjaght Gray Top, lace. Black Kid, Gray Kid Top, lace Patent Leather, Ivory Kid Top; lace... Ail Brown Kid Top, lace t , 31aek Glazed Kid, Grey Kid Top, button Black Glazed Kid, White Kid Top, but, ton ,..'.-...,. JJrown Kuryrhanipai'-m! Ki*.l Tup in i.ari-aint butiuii .l,1«>v.o, !JH->C l\vo'j.iu.iaber:s nid .at ^(i,5u ....... HendricfoDriigCo, The J§ Store

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