Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 31, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1916
Page 2
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^TERLINO: ILLINOIS. tUESDAY-^pCTQBCift31, You may Either BAKING POWDER gooness recommeiids MORRISON DAILyjSAZETTE A CHILD DOESN'T LAUGH AND PLAY MORKISON, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1910. THE LUTHER LEAGUE | WILL CHOOSE PASTOR Msrrfton MembeTT^tend Meeting At! Dutcil Reformed Church Will Decide Prophetstown Saturday, j . To Whom To Extend Call. «r* of the Morrl-i , Th " " il| ' it '"' th " >Hit<h it-r<-.irn-=' motored („ Pro. f^'r" ;?'!"*:. '»»f»;.'««Hn«r i»i" rrrvtr^ : ^JL Ttt'fMj'-iwo t; t Bon Mither pbetstciwii Saturday ovcniut,", whore they were entertained l»y the l.ttther JjOARtlo of Unit clly. They went immediately to tho Swedish l,ntli< rat) where (i hearty welcome was! & them and wh«re a line Miter-j t til n men) had been prepared lor th"in. j IF CONSTIPATED IF PEEVISH, FEVERISH AND SICK, GIVE "CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF FIGS." ?'ir li|' (In. iAil't'ill riiilH ft, wlin l.'i »ia\v l'".tU'i! in \Vi--,-<iii-;in. Mti »i'.\t Sunday l!'-v. \Vitlntn t.iuikc. <ii' (Jrainl C.i- l<ld.v, .Ml.'h., will iin-ix'h, jnnl «n .\m-. U'!h l;«/v. aru-r whU-h the iV t»lty left tho chinch, £ f— „[ it 0 v, Aifrfii NV , > tertainntrnt tinu- - SHI f> ii- A s*t! t\v 'f' the voto remitted in a \letor\ for Mr '•"•HlllllKMI.' «« follown: Hiltiheo, 4!l; Wilt •*0n, t; Mormon (HoclullMt), 1. Short "Aftlfclliby H, 'It Nelston and \V.. \V. W^i Ii- 'Of tithln City fidlowcd, after Mbieh di>- nont wcj o nerved, .lunt saiture of the Mmiiion _ B, all Kiithorcd together and «ui!'( tho'old familiar KHIIKK. The .M«iHx»n all report 'i dellRhti'ul prohonnw'thorn* of tin* 1'roi to bo ro,\ul 'I'll--i- H.ll l>e ,i » .in^i—K.itlyti i! me'I- Slur ,ti tl.e liiiili ijetonniii i Inucii (in Tnc»d't\ ,i'n i ,i,i<n |<n- tie luij.iiM' ••» '!• i idii.ii i.i \\hi.m tJicv • all. milurally if trih«ll(> l*> liltlt N iKU_ a i".ti-n.l , THE RING^IRE-QPENS Skutlno Rink Opens For Season Thit jrW***- ' •— « rink, which has for HfVi-rwl st-HBuna by Uco. j anrt • McUiufjhlln • jn 1' will bo ojK'neVT aKuin for thi> It will bo o| n w«H?k, on TueadajM, ftml Saturdu.vri duriuji the MISSJflcDOWELL Rc:0ptfcn Hf!d At Rest H(>omo MonJay In Her Honor. A r. cj V. In ii li'-fb <-•, p.ib-, fivcri'-li, full of I'i'id. hlfath I'lil, tin nil! Hiire, doexn't i il. f le« p if ait nat'if all), li,i« wtoin- a-h-aeh), >!t,u i l,i"ie,t, ii'ini inlicr. a fsen- tii- h\er .u»'l lii>h»l (ieaiisin^ nboiild ,tlv,,t\h l> -the tu.«t tit'.iiiiiei!^ Kivrn. Nothlm, finals "('alifoini.i Svrup of l"i, «" fur children's ill*; fjlve a tr-n- sp'.tonful, and in a few IIDIIIK all th«« dm! VV.i'ie nolil" I'lle tllld ft rmetltltl^T focd -\sl'i<i! m <]i,^i;nl til the litiwel.s p.i -<•«. ,,i!t i.f tin- MJ Mem, ;,;.d jon have .1 will and p!,i>ful Uuld (tK.oii, All tl.ildnii i >v« (hit haiinlex 1 *. ilelii-iiiiif "I Mill li\,ilui'," '.-ind It never f.iilx lo h.ilde.". children of all .DEMOCRATS WEET OLD FURNITURE SECRET 'A Famous Furniture House ;ieaat and Beautifies Fine Pieces New York) t makers of fine uses a secret shop -formula ing and beautifying the rich of all furniture they make. formula is now oftere4 to the in the form of Tobey Polish. . idy .it is being used in the finer ic» throughout the country. It is a furniture polish. It rc- h. !d .U the Id .l.'i""l!l*- .'li , ,;,t' ,[, 'tloiiun |u ti| lijl't n'l iiirtr t-i n.,,i - !\ m biiniir t/( .Mu- Midltn: .urn evii.iT^T."' It \\.l thul'Klit Hint n'leto ttilero-.t -would 1 tilKCMI .III II". ,'u|llil'rJ» If th'> l.ldle "p!S, r a ^-i l "V,!!il?vr il "VKi t «.! l ",r" lwl !, i r i •^'^«X>^ iVv iVjai7,iy".,i7tiH.' '£«". aMUidid l»y a large .nnoili-i, ,md Iliibt' t! '',', , , , , Keep it hat dy in your bonus A 111- U>- pi\en tml i} favoM ii >-U'k child tomorrow, but set t!u- K.eiHiine, Ask your •Iniirj'^t for a, 6"-r >nt l»ntlo of "Call- Mcetmn WiH 0. Hrfd At Cfty Hnll . ^."Itu ^'iMd^y' the'"vSfuSk „ f Th| S .Evening, KJ : . S:.rup C.unp'iny." A meeting i,f thi> DemiicratH of Mor- j" ' •- ' -- -— -- - —-•- livui nan Ms. i'ir.if.ilil. tin\i..ditt-H Will be held • • - of :i r !!•••• !>.-'lf-i-i rn-'nrix 1 rtK-;f. Mr. ;n--l .'.Frv 'Ml- P'i!!'|c-f« Mond: f)'t ;'» \''-M v^ t ! J'| t',--;?!^^sfc; JJ f to-. ' 'l;. : '' •!.-;• :<n.i I'i.ii^^i'l A'r*_ H:!ii'\ 1'i-iit K :iirtii-d tn b^r !...,,,„ .j. t . ^..,.!.».»-- V,...-!:,. ;*r!"»' «f*'rrH' ;.:, ' ;•" v i i K i-nil v, ;; 'i t. l-i; i ".(••. in tb!« ! i '. •• - i:iivif...!h i',,.,,] ; ,(i,i MIS- ,r A. Kii.f". -•! :•;.'/,( Alli|lll-|'. 'A 111) Jti'-ti'ts HI 1 '!i'-!<..n. f SOCIAL AFFAIRS J A FAREWELt PARTY Was Tendered Miss Margaret Moriarty By Mrs. Albert O'Mailey, Mr« Aitieft ()*Mrill<>y "nlerla't""! ton •inn-: l.idipy iit her limne, .Vw Vi'. Sixth reft, i,'t*>t, eVfiilrig ut a farewell party hiiiwnrt* M'fis .Miir.5ii.rft Xforiarty. ho !"';M -fit 1-Ylday fur t'hleaKo where she u Ul ei.tor a huslneHfi college. The menliiK WIIN »pent In playing erfimi «< and music, nfter which dainty refreshments were nerveil. The O'Mai- ley home «an .prettily drronited In i r-inir with HalluweVn. Those pre*. ent were JMisscn Jle4«n Wolf, Mollie ind Aniiftn«i« |)<svlnc.' Alice D'Afcy, Msirt'iret M< KnddMi, Nellie Schwank. l*!i,ienn- u IJarc, Marie .McKcviU nnd Veinrt rSiclps, » Don t flirt with danger dallying witlt a cou|h«•* -v*"-iie neglect of a^cou&h often leads to pneumonia and other serious ailments, You can do away with a hacking cough or the annoyance of a cold in -the head easily, safely and quickly, if you will use Trent s Eucalyptol Comp* Here is nature's own remedy—balnt ^rota the Ivptus ForesSln California and Australia brought to your home . , > as Q beneficial compound with Balsam of Tolu, Squills, Sene&a and other vegetable extracts. Trent's Eucalyptol Comp. is just as safe as it is sure. It is guaranteed to be absolutely free from alcohol, codeine, morphine, opium and all injurious dru&s. NO. j The foUowmvdruggiat* in your city §ett and recommend Trent'» Eucolyptol Comp* Will Be Tendered Eev. Otis tor Of First M. E. Ohurcli Wednesday Night. On Wednesday evctilnc the members* f Kim Alethodlut chureli will tender t i-«-o-pt4o» ttt thpir pastor, IW-v, A. %V. >ti«, and family. Tho rcvcfillnn vvlll >e held at (lie church and every mom- ICT and their frlendB are cordially In- •tteii. The follvVlnj; .prtigrarn, will bo Song f*f welcome. Prayer by p/iHtor. ^ of U'olcorno—Prof, Marcy. «H Dorothy Clibmm, rXdrtretm 1n bt)h,iilf of Kuhdar School ~Yank Thoinaw ami AnioH Krefiler. Solo—(toy Crawford. from? loon! .1 STERLING PHARMACY FRED EBEfRLY HENDRICKS DRUG CO. HALLETT & HALLBTT HOW TO REDUCE A FAMILY REUNION A SIMPLE. SAFE, RELIABLE WAY* ~" .tnK^imtt^^w'^lr^'wliMhlljW 518 »dd Saturday and Sunday discomfort and ridicule that ovcr-Htout i At the John Clapper people have to l>ear, . j w If you are carrying around live or, HOUIC^. ton pounds of unhealthy fat yon tire _ •_. unneecfwetrlly weaKrnliiK your vital or- and tire carrying a hur.den which; A »'«''"""» "f «"von brothers and M*UM.- beauty of your fU:tire. M,-rv. all that remain of a family-of wed of anyone Ktiff-i hiK ; tH ,,| v ,. n, ;i i j..,,,,,. fn , m jvnnst h.uii-i MOTHERS AND WIVES rr—«rtin—ufUT "-*"t L »'U ul i y vln'. *' ' months ."ttid eviii \iais of Irui- !<• i n i,«<4,|ed tn In-iKb :iti«t i«tt>'!i:rtli hy th:it .j-timl idil-i','i:ddi>H4 U' lunt and fit-ill rt'tiiMh, l<>illa \-',, I'inl.- hilin'.s Veyetalile ('iilllpoillld,- -are tilt* i.f iK-.rilii l.Mti.iid^ until lodav tliere, l«l It.tldly a tuUn MI vmnll that the uoiiuit U ho «»iiffer fn>m funale allmt'litH do m»C dejiend iipon I,\«lm K I'lukiiHin'H Vi'^' 1 * lahb* ("I'liipunnd, to rejitiiro he-vlth. from fat. If you want tit vill it erved. tb<» BroKram a ,»oefal tirno pnjwyed -and , : in \Vbit(>tide cminly in the xixticH, In ami reliable way, without starvation i made Kimpletc by ul! hem); ,— , .. diet or cxcn-lm- here Is a [ S .,tm,!.,> ,nd Sund/y. at the »„„„.. of i W '/L l ",\..V!,V."r...!. nI .!!i".'.!!: % *. t . ^'1 to«t worth tryiiifj. 'Spend lime its' you can in 'tlio bins, arid TO nsdtirn him th<T?— an mncli ! " """ ' '"'• U'alte recehi-H m-.iliy b'<tol> fr*»nt* a l r | Mf. and MIH. John Clapper, IKlU Kn-Mt-j.M-iM,!eii he never Knfw. ."ome cow- and from' tiny pond '.ivt-nue. The wj-re served !•>' a hox of oil, .of I'.orcin cjUKJilje bust and hoHl««A with the'bert nf :iliil> .. * ttolo. othcif: «ii>tn, but moht ilinij, ^jmpithv and hue NuIc-B: take ono after" iMich meal 1uid>.,*••,„,.,,. . .. ,.,,„ ,»,;„,,,„" «henUH IHM .tmiv r« a.iuiu'the I,II.I ojie J.«:forc- n^tlrim; at nlKht. - ,th«-laiid. A. M. \Vllt, ,,f Mount l l,a«- W ritjntr IMH-H-V. \\lu-ii i.unur Wurf yonrwlf cmco u week no ax'"!!!, l-i : Mary Weldlnsr. »f Ida* i;rov«i, j'''n «>:d«"ii,e |, it SIIIK Hl»s VVaiti to know just how fa«t joll^iMc io.«tiiK j f.i ; Ml.-. It. J. Kellv, »( Hallasi renter, i him » w.iiln .ulleu. wolKhf and don't leave off the trout-, I": Mf". Knyt<t»«i Martin, Mr« .lennie! <»Kln.ine thuiKs \Vaile o.veef mi-nt or <HCII xklp a nliiKK" dose, until <linhniii. of l'ii>!diet»t m vn, W, It. Will, "i»ntinrml: th.u he hhutild'tiot l»t you are down, trt ttnrtnal. 4,-iU-ftf Uorc-iti !« abwo!ttU«Jy IH pleasjint to taUe, and helps dl«eH- Uun. Kvoit a few diivw tj't'utmr'iit lia«» boon ropfirttul to Hhmv -n noticealde /"f Kri« : Mr;!, .lolm riapper, Mrs \V. II., VVUl.,«if Jjurle. and Mr, MIS Ktitenl Clapper, of Tampjcu. The lime W;IH «piieKly Hpent In re- laUm; iiiitny DANCE WAS POSTPONED; iTini,!:' '.'l,/'."'/--?'*"" 1 , 1 n,,™'?"? 1 •Pl.r^H^rTf Th, ,;c1^m re- Tl... .,!,"•;.» .r" I 'b! -,;,", i«r I.'. 1 ' pur- I ''"JV 1 ;t .^^"^ «".UI on Monday can. P..he A,r anansinu- !,»r the »lMKinr; cam-!"' ! ' !l r "•••« t "B»K<-niPMt /»r tlw dance I«|KII ,ui.l ..tbor •iiMijej.M.ufJmj.oit. u^M n '\vU^-HH^r^* ",-. * K iV"" "" CLEAR OVER $100 Royal NetjjHbor* Well Pleased With -the original finish by removing t and blemishes. Cleans off dirt I ( grease much more easily than soap J * t. Wipes off dry. Leaves no »$r vtneejr. Does not dry or the finest finish, but renews the jty of the v»rfflVh t L_ iirtncr advantages BFC the ease and Success Of ~~Tlii<~"nViTa I Xi-minior iTaTe with the su-.e-is !•!' th<« h,i/.aar «hicli they held in , the ' niinoi y l-'ildav and evi'nil!S!«. It \\tin Mi'iul'ty- that th'"'y wuuUI c'lear Illihu nver $!'»> after all liillK paid. Xo M)!!. itjijs," was ilmie Di Kridnr d tliat a i'u»»« (if dlhi'mered 1» that A FORMER RESIDENT. Vcter II, l^ejftudt, a lurmer rt'pfdt'ni tin n>eit|in'i.H ni' th A DIXON COUPLE,WED Jske Zuend And Miss Fay Haupt, Of • Dixon, Were Ma.-riad Hero. Jalie '/\\< ml iifid MI.HN |Viv H.tni I, !j'il!i i.f DIAi.ti. c'utie'to tliL-) cliv H:uur- \ihltin;; old .Mr. *Jlf ller«t*'dl M HH for 'iU'Vt I'll >wt»» jirojirlptor of a hiiiK»mith i-ft.iji ,md eaiUns**, works In till*: c its. and If nou h-i aied tit Ohat- tunuia i, 'i'eun. He ti^ft here Momlay t«^r a rHIt with t'e!alivp« In MISSIONARY SOCIETY Of CongrflB'tional Church Will Hold v an All Day Meeting, The LadlcK* ^illHsionary society of chbrrh will Inn-r- BIRTHS an ull day mooting with n picnic dinner \Wdnemlay. The day will bo spr-nt in now Ing nnA reiwIriiiR: KninientK that are to IMJ «»nt ti»,Slrm, Dockery. There- will be a rtimmaKe rule Nov. 10 and 11. ami ftH rti tides of clothing and toys for "Dockery Day" ot for rummftRe pale -shrmlrt—be—brought—earty~ J \¥i«diN I H{lnj' iiiuiniiu: to tho church. WOMAN'S RELIEF CORPS Helsf "Tlieir Regular Meeting Satur^ - day Afternoon. Tho regular meeting «f tlio Wom- H KHlef. Corps wa« helrt SattiMlny of tfcefryoutiK- rodiit-tion in weiKht, footHtepH become A e'* d .1 v s In Pennsylvania, whleh lighter, your work neeniM oaMlnr and a j hrnin;h! (orlh miteb m'lrlh and lanirh llKhtur. aud more buoyant reeling talict* ler. Tho ovent was it merry one and jjo»HOf*sion of your wholo IH-IIIK. juilt lnrt« tie • remembered hy th«'-fnni- Kvery poi>oi who HtdTerw from mi|.er- j ll» Alihotiuh several'of the liroi.hers fluoir.H, fat Hliould «lvo thla treatment j'i"d M;.I<I« are mure th.-in three j-.-nre li'lnl. Fred II. Kherly. \ears of at;c, ail arc enjoyitu: j;nod i lu-alth. l>ut t.tther liK'Ued up for life.* th«i CltiKHlfitMl For Pile HALLOWE'EN SOCIAL BASKET SOCIAL Given At Firtt Methodist Cruirch W|s ...... n _. 'TTT" ... , . _, Largely Attended. j Wl " Be ^T^lZJ?' 0 ^ At ^ Lake 1 School. basket social wjll be given at tlio rTd"ay liri'M.-.f> iiiiii v,eie inaucd (hat al*!tcr- fh.nil in l!.e .liliee t»| Jllstite A " it, •frmt 1-rflrv- -trrt—rn—rti ... .— - , -— „ -'--- | n.mi. ), i HIIIDK which it works,. Result-! arc j u, ,jt,\un. ^ t«4eou3r~No~haT4-JB(brk, no , _After the furniture and wood- } v«t 1«ch cleaned witl i » little used on the du;«t cloth ! JU keep everything looking new from ' day. Try it on any article of a j&afr toa^kiie^ fooleaning abrl ^ ,SOii»8h~of autoinobijc "fToatcs." Give* a beautiful polish that will not durt. wash fine varnished surfaces, ,.,, ,»e ^polishes" that shine tyday, I man tomorrow. Try Tp'hcy Jfolirh lame old secret formula u«ul by furniture house. Bottles 2Sc t jugs, ft. „ . •-- " AT MICHAEL OUTERS Reformed Mvnnonitts Will Hold Services Thureday, The lieformi -Ir Ati-nii. nilc.-: will hold i.ibv '-on \\JIN bun KUII- «u I ,Mrn I ten I VKe"r, n it'suii- ill I lllonvilie, MORRISOlfBRIEFS ,—.ULIl! \j; v Ip^-.^i '|.% [, Hun ;,!• ul !i,i hnnie i-f (IvHf Mi- . ; ,\ .- in.t'.tx, hi i 'u!t!.,i •Ii- An 1.1 I > Her, <«f M * •• l ( It'i \,ci'ic end nt Ihe I'i !••) ,!!•', •>, ?n". J-Md 5(1'"" .%5 11 r Mis-< M u le I'tv-Uii (•!' .< ,«v .i <i\ e| ,*> !•' i i'. v I'b *M lutnfe of afternoon. Tho att«>ndaiiec won very and -they practiced for the inspection which will be held November I7^». I'liuix wrre nl»o made for n KO- rlnl to lie held November T at the home *>f .Mrw. ^foddarrt.'...Mrs.-Htocldnrd will ^ntortnhvini? -by -Mrs. of the Kpwoith U>ii«uo'Stic- j r " il>t ' s « - l"»ir.FfTo r ay nlKbf, N«>v. 3rd. loty of the KU'Ht Mctliodist church la«t A llallimeVn. proKrnm will be ren- evi-ning at tiie'ebnrch wait lartrelv at- !','"''*'/"11 1 v . i " ','" f " II(lU ' < '' 1 ''>* '*»' M '"tended. The )oung people spoilt the 1 ""^ "' H '* T *' " (| *"iotn. 'I'^cryone jy in- t»venin,!j In pla.vinK different indoor; * ll> ; (l - : ""' ' m .' ^ulli'M are ni-Red to KameH and nil present report n mie jj''Uiikvl.-. -Nell-Ityuii,. u-;u;IUTr---- time. At the cloxo of the «>«•«••«••» • ~ • --•—~— * freshments, conidsttnpr of pumpkin pie and coftVe, wan HV Th« HoVirty realixod a neat .sum ofj FOUND HIS SOUL MATE ° ! - protr| J d ! n K iDR.WAITE. SLAYER, HAS money from the .• . .±1 ij.C-i4t-ui^!- nf- Ki-l.r, i>-i'<',i.v(,-i', t'/i, f .•, ei j un<* I" Mii'diiilly in* TO EhLTERTAIN LEAGUE. .Mi-s IMiili H> .Hi*-«n \Vill t*»'t(>! t i!u llu- lilt tijl>et« nl I!K' Llilhff l.i.i.'.IU' tit I'll- In Hie u'i Xii|l|> !!.(-(• Miee! \\\»l~ npsrtav evening. No «*t* ^tt\ ifcd 1st, AH m«>inhcrs The Automatic Sealing Burial Vault J I Kno\ in tii>* • i> ' I ' A .^liliili H'UillH ITTTTii ~, tf i-«!nt k ; " t isi! ui l*oiothy Sunday FallsT A FAMILYJiEUNION Wa« Held Sunday at the Home of Mr. and Mr*. Conner. A f.imilf ttunion WHK held Sunday at th<- liiime of Mr.' afid'Alrw, <3eor«e dinner Jin t,c uH, i 'i .UK u< t \Vutt at <«,ilt. letunicd Hirneil Monat tht> honu* -i, Ki>thi>rinv Moniiuy from I lit i > npii) f vvi'tiii he Hjient lln k Week ( llii V, Hit t! Iff!.*.'. r>ti<e Hoott »i|>fiit Sunday \\ith i ' .< ild.. Ill '•'! i. 1 .Hr ui'i Alii? __ \\ilha»t \VluvJcr, t>t Ah U i i, II! ,tl»- \|kitt«}f fit the 'home ii: ilieir (),ii, Hiiier, \li" U , I', he'JKate, .Mr. ,iiid MIJ-- Will, ant Ti.-hler and f-uit i;it|li, \eiiiiiuil St«tUi<iV from '•**!'' 1> !L l ! i - ! ' • '^is-td'w ttlii-in the h'lit t»i'U '.'>l™~ltu™ I '"iff ini'iv'ieKH f Heivcd at noon and the day wan spent In.formally. Inirinj,' tlje uftenioun a filiu»l3'f>tt for thfe president AVaw tuk'en :uid I'luitleii Hughes received ull tlu> Those present wer«» Air.- anil .Mrs, JlclHi« and «on J'atil, .Mr. ami A. Al. 1'eck ami,children of. Ho- ojmlle, .Mr, and Mrs. WIIHsun Doinn and children .Tiul .Mr. ami 41 r«. .Mark llelt- (Hy 1 nited f'reMHl f >;ijfjiun^, N% V,, 144-1, 81.- l)i. Allhnr \\,iiieii VS'.'iile, de'iiniair yoiiin; prNon- i-r whi>. aftcr-;:e\eial months of dill- ,i-eiii I'ffoit. -.•Kiiccecdei) in killim: hi^ j «lf«v p;ireii(,H, Mr. and Mr*. Joliii REBEKAH CROCHET CLUB Will Meet Wednesday Afternoon In I. O. O. F. Hall. The Hebelsab, ("rochet rluh will nicef-, I'd K* «'f Urand Uapld.s. Mlili.. toda-y ; \Vtnl ttepdnr~<i t tiTnonri "Tn all r«>ctnl trou your own hornw A « a imj»|r for Pyramid rttin-4 Treat m ant KlvcB quick re. lief, estops Itrh- I n K, blt'odlnic piles, bcmurrlioids ftp? bleu,, jn the privacy* 91 . 60c R box at box often incer-i X ii. 1 flllllirl V, hull. All iiwinlicrs are ur^etl to l>e j prowiu, and " the altiTitoon will hi'l lather, MIO will hi" ternoon, in crochiiliiif. Id iictdiinciti* ut the ilu«c the af- MOTORED TO CLINTON. Mr, and Alrn. l-'red l-'sn^to and li'n'n ' VlU1 " Air. and Alr«. HaiKer, of Jirpon, of tlii» oity, ,.Mr, uad .Mr«. Will Conner of 1'arlrf,' Kranco. AT WoWHORTER SCHOOL A Basket Social Will Be Given'No- vember 8th. A b.i'b.-t Mifiul will be Kivcn at tin sir An. J'ctcr Tlch- tho iiomi ler v, ;HI i hi jn Huilm oneKrumblea •- more "Beafftffat~than Stono or Steel. Alfulu or lcnifiil'»j,'d con _ In iiiiiutuio ii!> j.;l i and only whole wheat food with a dell* ciious flavor. can n*'\w ctii Pluttct lasiKet peiH-i^tv Jou-v 11 lM»»'l »ti the* pi l|s|,.tbli- 'VU'ode ii t or joiiufa'\uulU.*» lik h Oi.ji With waU-r of ':itT \lvl.K let him tfvm''instau> tl at thu lutt i.oU. ^IjouM I FOB SAl f E BY Al.U UNDERTAKERS J.W.flODGES, ' AT THE CEMENT TIUE'WuRKS \Vcdm>das, Nov. hth, A piogram Jm>» Ucell pleptltd .Iliii CVerjiUn IS J,li\H\ The irtuu,.s wre •reijufhieil lo briiiK ban- kets, Ah.--.-. Jn.M'phim* Hvidt-J i^ i; Went To Dixon To Attend Mcetina Of The a e. s; Thimble Club. lO'Oiil thllty ul lilt- J|it|^|liet,« of llu i'»iu.j. t'tiui'Ur, o. K. S. TlHiiiblc lc*i'i»udeU to the JinllutlOu them irom tho Dixon rhui • Club to meet uUirthvm thin uftHiiuun, Sunn- of tbw liuliea went It* Dixwti by intorurOun, tthllo utlios went in cans. They wwiv looking for- wara in u luiu time. a« the Dixon ladiex nuu« alrc.idj proven themselves rojul / 0, E. S.THIM8LE CLUB * Held A Very Intsrestmy Meeting Mom rfay Afternoon, An in'eioUiiK pithciiiiK of tile local tinliiii, «i. i;. s.> Tlnniidc club, wtit juld Alttii i.t>- .(Itinii'o)i in the .Maboniu T«-iii|>lv AlnH.i jiity iHiinlu'ih \\cto S. l».(k.. ,t £\.ti\il ; tin,- «Kti llKii'li ,-he line t.ilK Ti." i.i- l n, will V\,l- t»|H III in aal i'jtli' ". Unti. >( \\ . and dailKhier Jteth, of < it-diKm-h, Wi 1 '., tnntnr.'rt ^iT~r'i^^!r^lTlrm7, thoy \iHitet( fr . SUNDAY GUESTS. Mr. and .\ICN, l-'rank Humloy, ii \Vc-Mt Sixth t*!ywt, entertained ut dinner Sunday, tl,e latter'^ puri ni«. Air. and Air*. A L. One, of Jtock J-'allx. » Good OldTHome-Madc Family Cough Remedy Much the at«ae Kind— Ua»lly nnd " .und Itnn, In a ietti-r to Wiiitf In ItiM cell in j tin- Smt? rilnj? < hou^e, where ho j is |,ept jii-iidiiiw the appenl of hin ca«e.i th- wiiti>r told the -condemned man Unit hm 'VoHinie throb" and lierw, a«| revc.tleii by her ItiUiiltvi; nolf, ai/e the she IOIIKH to bo with him. tu , a all tf «n«npi«' jof trial with booklet > Mv« tru* in plain wraiipur, it yottl •' id UM coupon below, *£, '^ FREE SAMPLE COUPON Kindlv isonrt m« M Kreo namplo of" 'Fynui»al'il«rrtaimcia, la plain wruuiwf. Street .., ,.,,..,,, a,,.'. City. State .,„ * Unbeatable Exterminator ., j . «r|l«t»«Mlc0«Hr»cl B ,U«ed the World Ovoi» «• Used by f?n Old Rellahle Tftat Never r«if* • i5. THE RECOGNIZED STANDA.RD-AVO5O SUBSTITUTES If you mnjliiiUd two curative proper' B of-evMrliHoMmvjnti •flia4«>Twni«ir rcmcdv, you would hardly Im^is in them.-! u'H the eurutivu power thut lirw in thitth miuplo "lionii'-imido" waiuh HVTUP which' tiikt>a only a few minuted to,prc|uui'. (Jet from any drun^iwl 2'>j ouncvd of Sterling 1 „«_ .. ,.,,^.-_>iS3r- Hi ,™ T|||(^P ^pUMw ^Hjr WP JPp ^p^P «P) Bank (5U *M'iiUi wortul, pour it into pint hottlu and fill tho bottle ifranulttti.'J tsuitftr »yrup. The totul cost IB aUmt,54 cviitii and Riven you u full! ~iint of fcullv better couyh syrup than : 'ou could liuv readvtnadn for §^.,50. J 'astcn (ili-aaunt and never gpotlp. • '< Tim I'ine.v und mifur H\ nip tion i»et» ri«ltt at tin- vaunt! of a and t;ivi'» aauont iuniifdiuto relief. loowns the vtuja ~thv It i tT r throat tk'kli- and lu-al* tlsu eon-, irri- ! tati'd ini'inbrune» thut line Urn throat, clu'Sii ami bronchial Utiica, w> j;»-iitly and *'«H!V that, it t» ically a«t,oni»biui,', A dav'e uw w-irll UMIUUV < ordinary ctm,uh and fur ' croup, \vhoopint! coiii'li Ub tli urn. tlurc i«* itoiliitiu better. H.-1-n ot J.'i ifuTuc ~N voiubiiied vutii iM'd fi-r tftiKtv. Making Real Progress TNCRKASINU your air/mi;) 4>4g?tfir * out 'tHweusiny you/* mwhujs KS not pi'o</r4^K. Our Ot'p >(if/«}/iJ (Jhih will ail just to your earning pouvr. .<\xk ruvi' it. ' to ai.d To ttVidii «li<-ap{ioiuttin ut. Ix.- iiure tn C' Your <iiu"ii.l !'>r '-'•• tiuiiivii o/ jn'tfpt uiut'itii' i ! •>•, i\ "juu.iid- ,tt h jrtJt'mJd' il.^'-M - w:tu tin, tin SMS SterJing Ilinois;

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