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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1916
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ait-i&ag'*-* 1*tr«* tWrtf* frftfft and puts they dugHt te bft. .^ ^p,—^-j^ —«_ _ "W"l^ *y*^***M Jl 1'Ji/£v JL1JN Cj AND DAILY STANDARD ADVEETISING Ves things from wh*r* they are and puts them' to b*. SIXTY-THIBD YEAR—NO. 103. DMORE Fort Oearbtrrn Company f e'ars Out Dividing Walls To Make 0fT0 fiig IS FLOODED WITH ORDERS Company Has Expanded Until It Uses Every Part Of the Big Building. The Fort Dearborn Company In Hock Is having u sn*at deal of work In 'he Interior of It* plant in <he WAy of extension. The building bought by,the company is threv hunilrr-d feet long, sixty feet wide, nnd ench story 1* divided Into nix rooms, ench room fifty feet long by the width of the building, Thl* has caused considerable annoyance to tbe present owners. Tin- -n?omnany ban now engaged John power* to take out nil of the division walls and the entire six room* on each floor will be turned into one Inrue room. Thin Will make It much more convenient Heavy fillers will take the place of walls, and considerable room will : saved, B»oh of tbe sforje* will be bundled feet lunsr-tpj- sixty f»>et wide. A traveling crnne Is to be erected In the center of the room* and It will run JL-. -th» entire length of the structure. The * plant uses heavy machinery nnd often I handles heav/work nnd the crane will E be of great service. There will be otb- I* jar device* Installed tlmt will muke more efficient work. „,.- The brick from the walls that nr<- f being torn down are being dumped Into |ii ; tto* fiver along Bide of the north build* |T"tW of the plant lying along "the river " bank. There the water Is only a few • feet in depth, and the brick In .making » solid foundation for n rond wny whlcli the company IH making nmund the i , building. < This wilt make th>* room iu BARN BURNEDJLA'ST NIGHT Firt Destroys H tilery f}«rn Containing Larg* Quantity Of Gl"ftC«r1*t, Tin- hc.rn ->f OeorRe Hlttery <-,iUR!>t w.-is <i.-stri»vv'ii, .toffether with the con- TERLINGJLLINOISJUESDAY, OCTOBER 31,1916. EXPECT ARRESTS Wholesale Violations 'Of. the Option Law At Dixon Told •KmTftnit « aS' TmTiTfl tiy ^StTS. "VV. J. tTfit- li*ttfth. but was rented by Mr. HHIery who is agent for tbe Jewel Tea Co. The- bnrn wft« well filled with grorcr- ie.«. there being !firR(* ijuant.itleu of tfps. coffee, fpicc^-sftful other- article'! the rojfi'pany handle*. The amount of stock | sunounf-d to a Rfn-xlly sum. jtml hvw tnti'-h is hard to efifimnt* 1 . Mr. tIltl'i?Ty Wi 'tire btirn t~tn nrtd went flown town to mull A letter con- corn patty. How the- barn caught Is a m>stery. HS there was nothing nlmnt thr place thru t utilrt" ranso it lire thiit li*i-know« ofl Tin* Ure was discovered by Mrs HH- !i-rj n nn notlflcji I'«T hu.«band ntid t!ie nre alarm wn« turned in at once. The lire had tfHIned such Iwtdwav that It •A«* ImimRslble for the depiirtment to f-ope with It. hut oilier barns In thai vicinity were kept from catching on lircv Tin- benntty of Knrl llallett wan very Hoie nnd wan repeatedly tbrent- ene.t Mr Hnllett cot busy and removed IUn 11<u-k tf) a place of safety. MERE YOUTH SOLD BOOZE Elvin R, Gilmore Also Told Of Many Others Who Have Violated the Law. THE PAVING QUESTION Council Considered the Question Last Might and Again this Afternoon. A joint mr-etinsr of the city rouncll ami hoard of lotaJ Improvements wa« held Monday chamber, thf «>vt>nltiK In the council objei-t belngr' to' lienr what proposition A. *'*. Arnold, the bftnement of _ 'TJe*niTe~to"VeliTcres7~. -AJlttle over .year ago when the Fort .I>earborn Company came to the Twin Cities, it only occupied a. *mall portion •Of the Immense buildings, und endeavored to rent unused parts of the building. Th*> company nan received so many order* and the s/tl«< of their own . Solents have become »« large that it -ha* gradually expended until It in lining "every available space in the long iitruct- -ure and the upper room of the smaller building, and It look* UK though in the course of a few yearn the company may , have to erect other building* to have sufficient room for itn operation. The plant employe to- a great, rte- fBoTlBulled workmen nnd considerable . money Is being paid out every pay day to them, Besides thin they have their :'ca«tln£H made at a foundry tn Sterling, and this foundry U running to full cap- tof this factory alone with the exception of smaller John. The Fort 'Dearborn company him proven a good .thing fur the two cities. SPLENDID PROGRESS r*d By Pr««byttrJ«ni In Splendid progress in being made in the nodal and religious canvajw of'the Preabyterittii church, Kev. ,C. M. Irvln aflnounced M the Sunday morning service. Many cards are BelnR turned fit'with pledges of Increased uctlvltles -on the pan of the congregation. The canvaavera report a most stimulating nnd encouraging intereat In church affair* In the many homes they have so 'N far via I ted. It If) requested that cards left In the homes he signed and turned in o« quickly an ern representative of the Fidelity <t Pcposit company of Maryland, bad to offer regarding the paving contracts formerly let to the Conducive Paving company. whlMi lat«"r assigned Us con- tractji to the bonding company. A Jitr&e nunilx-r^nf cofilrai'torH were prex- ent and a few other interested men. Mayor A. J. Platt read letters from the "Conducive company, telling in an official way of the assignment of-the Wrm'ti contract* to the b«n«linff «-om- psiny on account of Insufficient fundc to vwrry on the work. Another from the bonding 1 company' saying," In an official way... that it'had taken over the contract* for the' reason given above, and that it would go forward and complete the paving systems according to contracts, and elated that H would permit the Conducive Paving company, th.^t It* Messrs. Clrncy & F*rey. tft go ahead and finish the contracts as they had started them. No action was taken on the»c letters. Mr. Arnold nald subMtantlally the name thing. He said Mr. Clrney had been secured by him for hU company, to go ahead this fall with the work. [M»rt "wnlch excavated, wUlfch J" byterian Home Circle movement, while £J designed primarily to promote family w — worship, does not require the entire |J family to be members. Anv Individual S • who ASTTPCH to net ankle a dellnlta time -S s ' eiMih day' for bible reading: and prnyer, l|' ; 1* eligible for membership in the home - JU iFelft,——— r - r - The-mornlng »ermon wa« on the nub. jwt, "Tolling the'-TfUth- in l<ove," The pa«tor portrayed Chrlet us the way, the truth and the MKht, find the idea) way. for people to tell the truth In love -1* t<» live the Christ life as well a* they potmlbly ran In all. their religious and *«culor activities. -—A-»olb, "He lj«adfth Me," wa* benu- , , *ung by Mlas,Jane Ward: It > wa« announced that next Hundny eve- nlng Mra. I^uella Head, oi-jranlstt of the Church, will give a" request organ r«>- • clluJ, •'• Those who' have .favorite Moloc- tlons they would like to hear. «ro in- ,.;yjted to notify Mr*. Head of their •Choice, so Hhe can add the selections to her program for the recital. Of Palmyra Townihtp W«» Held Sun<• day Afternoon.. O, l«m*Mlen. jmstor of the church, of Dixon. was the principal upeoker at the ajinunl cnn- i*. - Vftntlon of the Palmyra Tow nulilp 8un the Second avenue «y«tem and part of Sixth avenue. He »ald t|le mixer sent here from Wisconsin Ii^d been sent back to the factory, but that he had bought that day, a mixer of large capacity at Kelley " Hrothem of Mor- rlMon. Arrangements, were also made for the loading of) the mixer on a ear for shipment to this city, and U wa» exjtectcd in. arrive in Sterling Tuc«- «4u \f * Upon being Interrogated by the mayor and others, Mr. Arnold wild all of the material had been contracted for except the Hand, wnd that would IH» rlglu away, an the owner of the sand pit W«B present In the room. Mr. Arnold was again asked if the bonding company was going to carry on the work In the name of the company and have Clrncy & Prey do the work, and communication from A. •J. Frank, that Inasmuch n» he had mftde • arrangi>menr» for buy- Ing the bond* of the Conducive Paving company, ho expected to buy them under any other arrangement made. The notification wa» placed on Hie. Mr. Arnold then Hinted that it wan understood that- all t»roee<?d« received for the work are to b« paid to the bonding company as * >er assignment The meeting adjourned until thm aii;- That t?ie ri^t of the law M *<><m to eto«ti' about the Illicit trafrii- in liquor in I>!XOM. nt(«l that wbolennle arrest n may result. i« to !»?• the xefiuel of ttn* arri>«t of I'lvin It,.. fSilmorc, n 16-year- old boy Pf«t4ding' on tin- north Hide,who lust niRht c*>nfew«c.d to 1'ollre <'om- mlnftioner V'ati Bibl-cr on the charge of peddling whiskey In Iiixon, and In hl« confc^flon named mor<» thnii a score f residents who either bnd purchased lii)tior from him or \vi-rf engased in boot Ic.KKi rig. Fur the bx,»l two days the police in Dlxun have been convinccil that Home one was sfliiti*; whlxkey and through H little Viet<'ctiv» v work, thf arrest of \-<»UtiK (lilniore rrsulteil. The boy «t tlrst dpi'iiod tho allt>nation nnd ctoutly malntaineil that be w;«>« Innocent. loiter howex'er. when confronted wHh^evl- dencc In* wi'jiketu'd nnd « < onfi'»!" > d that lie bud illspowed of whiskey to several perxon>! thi-ro Saturday and Hundny. A] portion uf th«' confe«j»|on follows. Bought Whi»k«y in Amboy. "I went to Amboy Saturday,. Oct. 2S. and a man named Hugh McKay boiiKhl a gallon of whiskey for- me, and 1 paid him |3.00 for It. 1 c«mc back to DlSon at 6:30 nnd got off on the west' »id>s. of. -the train at .the 1. C. depot, 1 bought the whiskey and sold it to n number »f particH here, 1 jilwo bought Home whiskey in Mendoln: arid nold it here." Brought Good .Price. ' ' In the confession i« named many parttcK' who bought the whlnk^y, for •wWett— itu«y \inM — |rt4ee» — wHtglnti— -•fFHtn- 75 centi* to $I,0» n pint. Others bought only n drink or two, paying I6_£o_26 cents for th«> Kanie. "" " ......... " """ • According to wlfwt Iffe boy told the police moHt of the linuor wa«s wold to workmen about th«> c.ennvul plant. the purchaser* were neveral negroeH, nomc of whom tbtv young bootlegger did not know. Others lmpHc«t«d. In aildilidii to confeHsiiiK to Helling liquor hirn'Mclf. Uilmore told tho police of many violations of 'the law by o/h- (TH whom he Maid had Mold and Kix'cn whinkcy away. ."•"• Sent to Jail. Gllmore wa« taken on n city warrant before Justice of the I'eace A, H. Hi-nhrkt-n at a late night nt-Hsion and pleaded guilty as charged, The court a flue of $25 and coxtn and In EARLY COPY The O«z«tte' ftjrftidy hat a big slartTdr'TKurMaj''» idirion. Thote who want fpae* *hould gtt their -copy .-t&mdje—by~1auc. ^o'eloeic- ..iomer-«— row afternaon, in order that it may be «et Wednetdiiy niqht. Engaging *p*ee do«» net help. The copy only help*. Give farfl copy the day before. MEXICAN AMBASSADOR AGAIN FIGHTING Hfackenserfs Pursuing Army Engage Enemy For First Stfice TrieirRetreal. Formally Denies Interviews Attributed To Several High Officials, ROUMANIANS REFORM LINE Attem Rear THE BRITISH LOSSES Official Announcerrsent for Mdnth Gjves 108.255 Casualiies. I, mi, inn. I'll iff-.! f v r"«-- » K., -nrT.- 3T.'"'T?fifivTn<!t!-" '•<!. wiiyjiitid «n<1 mls^'inK dnrintr th^ p-t^t jhrtnth . _TTriTr>t»:?:'iil_125^ir^£— cf • fir-inl f-ftf-'tmlty ii«? nriiiousiced thjs' nft- ••rnoon. Of the. total 22.RS?. JnrhtdlnK 1.4*7 fifflrprs, were -killed. Of the<54 wounded 2.85S were olTiff-rs. Of tlie 8,71^ rtii«t«ini? 433 were offirprs. <Uy tsnltr-d Tress) Wn«hitiRttin, 1). C,, t>t. .31.- Mexican Ambfliwidor Arreijimdo today formnlly lenit'd to Hecretnry 1,'iiiHltiir the authenticity of the interview attributed ,o Commissioner ('nbrera and Riven iut by the .Mexican News Hureau late aturday niRht. He<-retflry acc-eplPtl the explanation of the lent and. declared be considered" it loaed. I'pon InxtmctioiiH from Gen- fnr- rstnzii, Arredondo nl*o 'told Heeretary K that the interviews with Cnr- rnnxn. obreRon and l-'orwlsri Mecretary \KUilnr, In the Outlook, vr-rc Hot Kiven by the ofTh Inls ttuoted. me Interview the <)utlook obtained vns one from Oen. Gonxule* and tbnt \rredondo • «uId tb«f- (lutlook printed Incorrectly, clpclarlfig that elongates declared be preferred Hughex over Wilson. .What be did say, according to Arredondo, was that whoever wan elected he hoped for more cordial relations with the 1'nlted States. He that (jonr.nles was questioned but io state his pollMi-al preference. IS REGISTRATION DAY Six Board* fh Sterling Townthip Are Swamped With (Hv t'nited Pr-p.«?« > Jirr.i Oft. 31.--<:<•(!. Mftekrn- purfulnK /on-es In r>>fbrudjH nre wltfi the Itusso-HoimrfinlanH for UK* first time ><iii«-e the enemy retreated from the t'.'ernavoda-ConstanJia railway line. A dispatch received .here tctday said that the Houmnnlnns have reformed their lines and are offering resistance on n line of about f>5 miles north of the railway, Sharp tightlng- began Hundny nlgtit but has not yet. assumed the proportions of a general engagement. It is believed here the enemy IH at- templlng stubborn rrnr guard iictlon to cover !t« withdrawal of artillery across the Danube. On the TrHnsylvmiliin front the Hon- manlntiM suffered heavily in a scrips of counter nttiicks south of Vulcan pass. Only skirmishes were reported on the northern Houmanian front. EXPECT NEW CAMPAIGN. Hy John H. llearley. (Ktsiff t'orre,«pondent of TTnltitl Press.) Home, Italy, Oct. 31. -1'nofTicial ad- vIccH rcntblng here point to a rcsump- fiermRnn of a most AWAITfETAILS U. S, Government Has Not Yet, Received Definite Report On the Marina. PRESIDENT UMAINS MUM Neither He Nor Lansing Will Issue Statement UntiJ Details Are Known. PIVOTAUTATES New York, Indiana and Ohio Are Claimed By Leaders Of Both Old Parties, Verbal Bombs Are Being Hurled By Both Sides Over Lusitania Postscript, tlon Bhortly emph>J a HUbmurinn warfare ent of air craft an«l «very nl» The six regit»tnitlon"boardi»"in-"Htrr- llng - TowwhhT ileluged with he Bald it wa«. -The— mayor • read -a ernoon. INDIAN HEAD -TRAIL Mwting at TUkttwiii Thursday to Mark f • , Thi§ Road. 1 A meeting of the executive committee of tlu> Southern liivialon. Indian Head Trail As»iwl»tlon. and other* Interested, will be held at Tlskllwa, Hu» renu county, next Thursday morning at 10 Ji'colck to take up the matter of marking the trail from Princeton wiuth to I'corU*. Iteprenentativeti from the town» along the IIn« noiith of J'rinew- ton will be pre«e»t. Most of tho mark Ilou of . c«wh the Imy --wan cummltted to jail for GO days. He told tin- officer* that he had fritinds In tho city who would get him out noon, ' ^ Up to a few month!* ago the boy bor* a good reputation, but through a roving disposition he fell In with bad compunlonH and broke tho law. He the police that he had been In Kan, 'Detroit and other cities in' the Wat *lx months and that he had been unable to find work that was congenial. ' •'«'•'. DEATH OF A. MppREHQUSE Member G. A. R. Puctes Away thi* Morning At An Early Hour. *Aaron Moorehounc died this morning I»|H home Hid U»fiK period of about 2:30 o'clock at avenue after a Third . today of votes, both men and women, to have their names placed on tho registration booku. The time IB short, MH the boards quite work nt 4 o'clock. A great many willa are being nuuif over the phono today and ai* many more corno In person to BCD If their mime Is on. the lint. Thero will doubt lc«» IM^ a long Hut of namcK to be- inserted .after the hour of cloning, for «s fast aw they come In the tinmen, in most Instanced, are put on a nllp of paper and written In their proper iwi»er nnd written in their pru|>er placew m it tees have ficctired a lint Uiemnolvon and these were glv»n to the -boards, new nut new being thun obtained In advance, The work on tho first regin- irdtlon day showed conchwively that the Work of getting Hie entire Hut wan no Hiniill matter, and TOOK t, of the mem- lied nation. The-»e reports c«»me clone- Iy on the heels of reports here' that Hcrmany's replied to the l*ope"n pro- tcntatioiis agaiiiHt unrestricted mibmnr- Inin« and rcnewc«l deportations from northern France . and HflKtntn. have iinnn perylntfinHy evasiv The- ..1'upe,.. these reports .-nay. has (Hy United 1're.M-O, Wa«hln).'ton. f>. C., Oct 31.—J)t thp British Kteamcrft Marina »nd Itowan* more were Hunk by a nulimftrine commander or commanders In- violation of government, the Oerman government will disavow the act, offer reparation and punish the commander or commanders, (rcrmnn officials, in WashltiK- lon MM id today. Herman officials pointed out in the fare of the report that the Marina was attacked by jyiri fire without warning, that -such an attack was probably due to the fact that the vessel failed, to slop. M< % c.retj»ry Ionising declared that he has received no official report regarding the sinking of the Marina that wan conclusive. "I have not received any 4ttfo«natkttt-from " finally appealed Jo«ef for bin aid "torn . . Franc influencing the tc'«tatlon8. accede to the vatk'an'M pro- ber* of the'boaf du have boen bu«y looking up the voters and putting their nnm«) on the book*. .. Th» Socond 5 The necond precinct vegiHtratlon board reported to The QajseHa through Juilgn Weaver that Its work waa completed nt 2:30 tliis afternoon. Thin in jh« smalfeat .precinct In the city and the .'registration whows 375 men and •136 women, the women being largely in tho lead. . hud HvM South many HendrickM of Sterling has the contract for painting the color* on telephone and other poles between Sterling" and Princeton and as Hoon."" • 4»y Sihool 08«»cl«tion, '•afternoon, Hi» l#r T«*chi>r." The held Sunday "Th« Man- was large•!>' attended, and during tho session a »¥ Prayer, MUfcle. " "Tho Opportunity of the Hch»ul fc —ftcv. i. Adults in M. IterbsJ of Nucliusa. "The S'ludny School's J'ast. Present " and Future"— Prof. Wxan imh>*-Mlli. H." H of .'The Influence* of the Tiilon Hunday •:'- School in the Rural t'oiiwiunlty" — Mr, i'. •. ' Part --MrHenn^yr-of: - frixntr ---------"Tim Master Tc-acin-r" - Hcv. K. C ' Isjinmsdcm. i>i\on, '' Benediction. ' ACCEPTSliFPOSITION u ju>- <-om- Klmcr Jennings li i« «itiuii iu HIP cxt»cuU\«.' department of pwhy 'of ^pplclon, \Vi«.» *«itd * Btttrling full' his new positum ' 8Q. HiingK Iw*' »t<rur*'i] mi vxt-fl- lenl |M>ttttii*n wub- a gotinl- oppoTtunitvj*M' tlt ' r the Firat National Iwnk «»f ku-rling for four ye«w8. The flfsi tw« ywnv he wan bookkeeper.a mt» ht> is now ^"-^TAr, t'tie er ta ttuitttfaie-wHl Job. He put» on a band of orange paint a foot high, the bottom being tibout six and one»half feat above the ground. Utter h» cornea u,lon« and pm» oh wix inches of bright red at tin* and'' unot her coat of aix -tnch«» of orange «i tuu bottom. UB ia doln« & thuruuKh job of marking so traveller* cannot get lost either day or night, -na is «<> pleased over securing the aiviaiwtt tif-ilus Uidltitt Hml Tfttil through its limit** luia rained ubuut one tboumind dollum in cauh »nd ,iuu»tber thousHiid dollarn in wi>rk for Imp 10 vent cut of ro»d« ulong tho ttuil tluA city, ;TH£J,-0. Workmen Starting to Remodel the Firnt Floor of U* Hall. The Hr»t flour of ihc f. O. O F, building on Fourth Direct t» in tlio huiutb of workmen «mi ilie jf arc nihkmg tb«- cbuugi'i* tn make it into u number om* clui> and th» or»U'r. *-rv«tc«l it room foj Jsjnt'e the Mtruc-turt- was bus be'«'H occupied by- the ICCIH »«f the |. IS", I!. riio»| of UH* tint*', und «itic« HH rt'innvnli-tt!jjjh- »r iiuartf/fi* on Wcs-t Third *ttr«ft. ttu< tnj; tt« utiliac the . r<H»u»» put betweon tin- purtiUon be- atul Kcctind room i» U»t iiitf) the. bccoiid ro»iH wsll !•«.• UM-d for ;i iiuiiic niul nn- This \\i\\ b»> ample for i'«' Hi!i.i.ii'«j tables will be planx! 111 flu!)} !m<lH, Wbll'h !•* liifilt .Ati*i .'1)1* in !! T!ii»» «mt loom -rt* ijlr. ^ for ui. ••» ti ')Siit! -;- .,{ tS Tiin'i« frtiiu ttiw room t ti afternoon at 3 o'chtfk at the house. Hex-. J. W. jlohlns, pastor of tho Christian church" of Sterling will have olwrg.e of .the funeral. The Q, A. U. of this city will also have a share In tins scrv icon. The iMidy will be shipped to Watertown, 8. D., thin evening on the nine ^t-'cluck-tralni-where interment will tak* place shortly after arrival. Tho Will HobltiKon Post O. A. U., of Sterling, Aaron Mou^feiiouse was born In Wayne, III., Seventy years ago. March I'Sth. lie-moved wht-u ijuitc young to the far north in Minnesota, and when hl« country 'called for men bravo ami true to put down the rvbeillon he join-: ed the army and werx'ed tbr«o years lighting-'for-the .Having'<>f <he colors, it is wild of him lie wu« a brave .soldier. Thirty-nine years ago he moved from Minnesota whore hi* years to Watenttovvn. wheria he engaged in the undertaking ln!nl»it»«M. •„ Pour-year*-ago he moved to Sterling whore ho has since lived. Ht> wa* taken 111 lout April and be bus been alllrtg right along >>f heart trouble, drojmy developing later. Ills death lie leuv<*M to mourn hi* death hiw faithful wife, who ha« been a loving help meet, a daughter, Mrs, • Maude Klrkptttrtcfc of Chicago, «, mm. Prof. li, W. MQOjrehtHi»iej_ojf the Hi's Jtloliifis 'Seminary,. and ho*F« of frlcnii«. The children are here and were present When tb,e father passed away. A niece, &|r». 8adle Tamer, of ProphctHtowu. wa«* Blao 'present when death- entered the home. The family will accompany 'the—lnHly—1*» -itsf^tfm4*-fx't4tjti|f place in the north, Mr. ,Moor<'houni> hum lojig been -a eonnlHtcnt member of thi« ''Christian vhurch in Watwrtoxyn, M, n., ami haa been an atewlaut 0f the Stci]ht when hl» heulth purmiUed it, Tho deceaKfd wus a kind father, and loving husband, lie Imd a pleasant .sinilii 'for every one, ami ho frietulM of every_om>_ iiftu- bun. in the home will be mi^cd aiul HONOR STERLING WOMAN Mr». Liniue Strook Elected Regent of Daughters of the Revolution. A .late -copy of a paper frr*n Marion, Ohio, han a long accijjint of. the for- matioti of the Marlon Chapter of the Fourteen Women members met at eligible ty. become the home of Mm. Jump* A. PeMurruy and formed the organization. The ladiea nay thin !* but the Iteginninft of a large chapter. Mru. DeMurray IH tho district organis- ing regent and '«he had charge of .the cliapler during lia ^organization, Mr«. JStrock, formerly M|H«, Vonr Hlchtmeyer, of Sterling, daughter of Mr. and Mra. A. RIc.htmeyer. was elected regent. The board of manager* ^consists of Mr*. JUIIIVH Do ; Mu/ray, Mr«. II tuna and . Mrs, ' KUIth 'Cohipvan. Mr». Btrock and Mrs. S. K. QorhatDi were Heleuted.-to attend the state cun- fercncc Tifrthe-DftuglHera of the AeVa«- lutlon. which will be held In Cincinnati at an tnirly date. All intereatlng program wan rendered during the afternoon. A luncheon was UIBO served by the Misses Gorliam. The home was Iwautlfutly decorated with flags. Mr». Strock i» well 'known .in KteiUing xv.hure she lived most of her-llfw Uji to » few years ago, Shu ba« been a inember of the IX A. U. for some time but In another city, from where whe lately Hh«» u.HiOHtcd in the formation ^ chapter In her new T?1ly. moved of~n WEATHER HINDERS FIGHTING, tHy J tutted IYeH.H.1 .lU-Hiit. (!cr,, Hy Wireless to Sayvllks U. I., tJct. 31.-— ActlviticH In the Italian war theater were ICH.H yoxterday and lam night&thnn on the preceding dayn tlue to the "uncanny weather," which •wan hostile to fighting, the AuMiro- Hi!tu;arian hend<|uarteri) reported. /INTERMITTENT SHELLING, T^ (By United Prettx.} Tyindon. Knu, Oct. 31,— Only intermittent Hhelling of ojipotilie trenches by both «ldi>H, wan noted In c.en. Haig'n ptflclal report on the fjlgbfu activltie* hlong tho wc«tern frtnu: ^ r TAKE 9,920 ROUMANIANS. (By Unlled l>r6«i.V Umdon. Kng.. Oct. 31,—Thw Rusulatia arc attacking in aironff force m Vol- hyiiiu and tlu>r.e 1» further flghting In Oallcln. The battle hat) been extended west of Lutsik into tho Carpathian for- e«t« dRxpito a heavy fall of snow. The Kumtlan war office repprui the capture of Austro-Oennan trencheii we«t of Wtrk and the rcjuilwo of enemy attack« In On I Ida. ~^--^ The Ocrman war ofllco report H nuc- ct'«8c3*on th« Lutck front and the capture of portions in Oalleia by the Turks. In Transylvania the Houmanlarus captured .300 Vrlaoncra according to re- be regarded an real evidence," be clarwl.' All reports that have been received by the Mate department are believed to have beon forwarded to 1'reni- dent Wilson at Long Uranch. Secretary Lnnidng nald be ,wnn unable to Mtute deUnitelywhether the ves«cl wa* mink by shell flrt- without warning -ami did not know Just the time of the attack, whether or not be from the ports tttrnff conditions at the He refused to say had received any survivors but declared he had not received any sworn affidaxltH. The London embassy ha« been ordered to forward all information possible. * ' , Want* Complete Report. The state department nald every effort xvtts being put forth toward supplanting tho provisional report of yesterday which verified the sinking of the Marina ««d Uowunmoro, and ' hoped Consul Front would clear up Important questions. On hi» answer may depend & submarine Issue between" the United Btaten and Germany. • The stnte department sought news from those on brtar<l the Marina as to whether any of the 60 horuomon from N'owport Nexvn lost their liven. Consul Front's report yesterday stated that the Marina was sunk by a submarine without warning.-..It thtu la borne out—If the Marina unlike tho Itowanmore, did not attempt to escape, the Isnue will bo the most serious since the sinking'of the («y K'nltrd Now Y<irk. N. Y., Oct. ,11.—The baf- tle for the pivotal states of New York^ Indiana and Ohio ID swinging Into Its final stages as the chairmen of both putt lex claim xittory in each" of their candidates. Following • the big reception given him In the Ohio capital, yesterday, Hughes stiitted u two days" campaign in Indiana with seven main npecchea scheduled. President Wilson leaves Shadow I<awn tonight In n Mriftl ilrlx-e on thu F7mpire state, with two blR speeches! .•"•heduleji; one at liuffalo and one in NVxv York City. » Cot. Uoosevelt will Icax-n tomorrow night f->r hi* first big drive In Ohio, with speeches at Cleveland and Toledo. Verbal Bombi Thrown, .Meantime— \'erbal__hambs wen ninnired by both sides. The main points were Menator IxMlge's chargn that a postscrtpn \vna proposal on the "ornit-no«\vord-or-nct't Limitania note, but had been withdrawn because cabinet resignation* were threatened. •' President Wilson Issued a denial, admitting that one member of the cabinet had tprupoacd an arbitration plan, which hejsnld ho had rejected nt once, Sen. lX>dK«i brought reinforcements io hl» claim while Oeorge t.J, Warren, a New Jersey Kepuhllcan elector,- ••lnlmi*fl that Presidential Secretary Tumulty had prevented the Issuance I and , Come to Term*. Members of the city council and His lui-t* f c (hf children and the wlf» will REPUBLjCAN RALLY M*ny, Wumen Attended Tho Me'ttino In Erie. rv Th«> Itcpublican iu|l> h >ld in Hurch- i.'HV liwlt «t ICrif Jiijit night wut> laigm- ly Htlfii'U-il Th«« hull wut. HlU-tl and Ui« autlieiicu %*•!> cnliiiibiuHtit'. One- half of the crowd was woUlull, )j.nil Alit-s. Me>t»r. of the \\'ti(uttn'« Itepnb- U'-ail iibU.(iO,liuiUU'3 of (MllcMgo, tt^-H HIM main tfpeuki-r. ' Tho Hi^fi t>chooi girts tittiijt M-rri'til t-jmft!»t»;n snnpsi nntt ,Mr»,. H- i'. Hurclw'll *>nntr » wilti. •FUNERAL SERVICE Over Th« Remains Of Mr». Andrea» . Will Be Held Wednoneiay. TK« Juut-r,!,! M V I\ u e» over thf re- ma HIV of Sh» U. U Aiuitr.i* will »H- '*' lliUTlil'-ut t'JlU'! IT). Itoruc. rtiU I HI ill 1!.\ i (•(li'T f.U lillr il-,;utl'IOi III ' I ' II !• II t- lit J>, i t«,' j'U'tt officialB of the Northern U till t leu CM arrlveU at an agreement whereby Prophi'istown glvtut tbe company a e»r t.-xtenMion of the old /run- and tn»ke» it"« nrxv i*ontract whlcli is mtbject to modification "UN ucc««ioiiH may demand: What I'ruphtithtown gets in return for this Is an nil night ner\ fee, regard- U-b« of the motiii light, doulih 1 the can-' dlo, power for tin? reHldence ilisstrlct. 2W candle power lamptt on the main . pi'iu-iu-ully six jiuu-M tlui liKlit iu»w given, .nut us' u further eon-. ERirUDY DEAD Mist Isabella Webster Paitod Away •Early Todny. MI»IK Isabel W«'t>*tcr pit>«f(l n.\vuy at lu'r houte in Kii«> ut three «»vlock this nu\riTtug Hhj- lt;icl been ailing for «onn' tinu> with Monuteh trouble, caused b-y H c,iuct r. Stic was pa«t hlxty yt-ars o< nst* »ud In «'<| ulitni*' at her «>\vn h»mo iti tlmt i Ul;:ge Klit: luui Uc«su a rcsl-^ of ihut city for many years, nu»v-' HhV tiittl n»» rH— but hail i< In Miiintwota, who v\ar> If her « l« i w vvtn Ks aKo i-t« lit 1 , f hteii ntcutc lor thttv iu thl.» !1\U!(,\ Ih'e "rep'ulS'e of aimbumlinTan' attacTis and announces' the capture of 9,920 Roumanian soldiers and 161 officers on the Traneylvaniah front since October 1C. . • " . -^-' . The ofllcial Hlatements. from lioth sides announce there are no changes in IJobrudja. STOPPED LIOHT ATTACKS. (By United Press.) s*Herlirr. Oer.,- Oct. 81.---Ortixvn Prince •Hupplecht's army on tho Homme stopped several light French attacks, ifcnomy detachments which adx-anced againat Gorman position-s nOrthPttst of 'lA'DouefCH were driven back by Qer- man flre. A strong.-French attack agninut Ahlnlncourt on both" wide* of the Chiiulnes road were broken up'J)y heavy <lorman-flre. The Verdiin front for the last UM houru has been unusually 'quiet. ^ . NORWAY COMPLETES NOTE. (Hy t'nlte<l I'Teks.) ChrlHtlania. Norway. Oct, 31.—Norway's re.plv to Germany?*. »har|v note for forbidding" the TIBCT of—the -R r ater» by (iermau Bubm«.rineB won completed last night, and will probably be de-. Hx'ered toduj', - The content* of the note ar« being kept a^low necret, Oov- emment oflldalu held two conferences with loaders of the Htorthlng hofon? completing the final draft. AH information received will be Bent to President Wilson but It in not thought it will be necessary for him to come to Washington. THIRTEEN ARE MISSING. ________ .*. (By....UnH.ed I'rgMiL) _____________ London. Kngtaml, Oct. .31. — Thirteen membera of the crew of the Hteamer Marina, reported torpjwloed without warning, including probably some' AniericanH> ar« wtlll minwlng Conxul Krout telegraphed the embu««y today. F « ur vi vo'r'S dec'Ia re t ha T the" M arlna was torriedoed without warning in a heavy sea and nmnk in 10 mtnuteti. Consul Frost »ald that 62 of the crew reported lost, had been landed at Caistlo- iown. The consul telegraphed that 36 American* 'were aboard tho'veuael when it wank. . . • _ Frost's dlnpuAeh reached the embassy half an hour after ^ presa report a from QUeentown telling of ft large lo«n< of. life. One correjfpondent wired that 35 Americans hud been lont. It In a*fnum«! nled. Wilson money from ihe canal wan In"- Hlsht 'n considerable tiunntltlcft twlay, with the odds still nround 10 to 3 on Hughes. WOMEN REACH CHICAGO. Chicago; III.. Oct. 31,-rAfter a whirlwind campaign the Hughca women 1 * H>ecial was expected here late today, and xvlll leave for Baltimore early Wednesday, Tlie train left Ktreator early tills morning and will stop at all citle« enroute to C'bicago. The women were Btlll talking about their rousing reception at Danville, th« of Undo Joo Cannon. Uncle Joe hear(l the women speak and praised thwn highly afterward. "You women talk no quietly," wvlfl •the grizzled political warrior. "You don't »wenr and you don't ehako your h«t You don't, orate but you -male* your point. You don't ' campaign like the men hut Just as effectively. "I connlder Illlnolis Ilepublltian tie* yond a reasonable doubt, «ald Uncle Joe In responsa to a fluerry about" Hughes' chances of election. , - • « HUGHES. OUT Of BUTTONS. . ' Uy Perry Arnold, UStaff Correspondent of UhRed 'Pretw) ColumbuH, Ind., Oct. 31. —Candidate in making bin neconjQ «wlng that dt«patcheH were filed beforfc ' through Indiana today, winding up with~» 'meeting at Kvansvlll*. While confident of the Hoonier mate repub- „ Ilean leader^ wanted to concentrato -«S their heavlcnt artillery in Indiana be-. cause of the desirability of electing two. United Hlaten HOhatortr. •• The Hughen' apecial ran out of but- York U had 16.000 on board but tho demand for the Flickers . has been BO great that the supply haw been . reduced to ji'few hundred. Mm. Hughe* hernelf ban dlHtrtlfcuted several tbou- winrt by throwing them Into the crowds at the rear of the trrtln. When- the buttonn ran out Mm. Hugheii began distributing picture poat cards ot her huMbiind. Heckled by a xpectator who said he was a piTHonal admirer, Qov, Hughefl today declared In answer to a question whether be would hav* favored or opr powecl an embargo againUt the ship* ment of munitlonn or the pasaaga. oC •newH was received 'of the landing of survivor* at Castletown. It Is boiluved Consul Frost IH either enroute to Crookhaven or Cujstletown -to— obtain «if the BurvivorH. 8umumr> . i*« of the affidavitM will be cabled t(j the «t«tc department, The udmirulty began another invent^ igation foday ami will ummuucn ii« result ahurtly. Tim* far the government has no official confirmation 'ot tlie" report that the Marina wan sunk without warning. ^Denial i* made that the viw«el wait -under government chart- REQUISITION GRANTED 8tgn* F«p*r For Conf«n«d 8l*y*r. United I'reiw). of HpringHeld. III., Oct. 81, -- Oovernor _ e<iuj«itlnnL JTojr thH rtirt <> u'liirago fr«>m" Mai%. Tex,, -of Oeurge^ Annjt, a member of the Fourth Texan Infantry, who ct»u- to I In- murder of bj^ sweet heart. Frances Bloom, by tdiaving her cfsMou a ga p«-r £C-ni iliMtouut ort the jntn Mike MIMiigan. The minder took coat, pnicHc5TlyTr»M'mB'(Ub for (he city " ~" hull und Hit- power luniM 1 , and the re- UnttctTnB" r>T"ttiii""w1iTilif~by«iteiu, "p It in tlu> ix\s! possible contiitiun. pla<'e July- 4th, 1914. AmiU .wan arrested but_ later was 1oTf|~ii"»fi»r3nendrng""lo ileath wan acridental. wnij * fhc Oc- American* Peelar* Villa, EUnditt cupy Santa Ro*«li«. illy Unttt-d I'rehf.J I'UHO. Tex. Oct. Si Several anil ronHnned the eaptuie of the town of HunUi Uiihiilia Uy V'iHhii Villa i>» now luoviitK "tt -1 niinvK. |he American* xtitted^ The t'ntlrjLjwidy of h;ui>lilh ituu»twr- rt^ittliU'h and burros, (hough' u number pressed- Into HCI vli-c n-- bv Vlll» urv-KdU u i! •-• Hitu-rtii VIQTIM Of^ ANACCIDENT t. tw Tin- 1'tiny r bvr it'if in Ti f h'.ll,' ji f jx jiui FIRE DAMAGEp Edg«w4t»r St«tt} Sink i fer«d an 18,000 er. WILSON 18 SILENT. (Hy United 1'rcanj Anbury I'ark. N. J., Oct. 31.— No Htuteiiu'iil wan in pnmpect from I «ent Wilson on -tho Kinking of Marina, reported «un)« without warn- iue. He will await all of thy details before making any win lenient. Talked Uiko Controlling Director of Corporation 8av Critics. Hy t'arl W^jVckerman. __ '_ __ THtiifT C'oTretipunffviU ofTirrffd Press,) C1ct.Jt£ r .Vice_Chaiin ! »lJri|: h~elng "roTuully crTncised following Uaturday^t* stormy se*ss(on of "I am in favor of 'the maiutuJ nance of American, rights of travel and fhipn ment. it In a very "iroportaflt "right . that we have as a neutral nation, and it in very important at thin time, When the great war la raging WB Hhonlil vindicate neutral rights and maintain the Integrity of International law. T«j, my mind It l» a very thoughtless policy that surrendera any of thuea Important right « because of i<enttmen- when we have vast nccesislty for tho rights of- tUL_ neutral commence and the future of the United State*," COLONEL CHANGES PLANS. (|ly United Pre«H) New York, N. Y., Oct. 81,— Colonel HooBovclt'H speech acheduled for I^tlti- mi>r«» Katurday hais lM>en called off and. Bridgeport. I'orin . irubHtltuted. It* was explained it WHS thought the colonel cnltld laud. du more good In New Kfng- ._ DISEASE IS VIRULENT P«rc«nia8«6fO«»th« Greater in lilt. woia Than in N«w York. (Hy United Presto Hprlugfleld, ,111.. Oct, 31. The v»r- ulency of the outbreak »if i"nfMnti!« In Illinois at tbe prevent ttmo Ihe reichtitag. '•HplffwicU talked like a bidding 80 per cent of tbe stock iu a corporation and addressing the minority," *aj(l unc iff IUK crttif*. Tb»' newspaper** do not defend him but on tin' co'Dtrary praiM- his Isit opponents. • *ip*t-!t'ii to a<tdrc*M the rcichstag WMUI and rcft-r to ViM'otint Orey'x ^pe<>ch in vttid -Whh-h—tlm frrrrtfrn ^rrrn»nrrTr"nf^^n |ibn-«'d the litantc- for thw xvar on many, . CANpEUED SPEECH Charles W. Fairbanks Notified of Death of Hi* Mother, (Hy I'nitfd Press) I•«!• •!•»!» (11, Oct. .31 IVrmii'i ><i>,\»«•! I'll I • l.u- to i K' -ui pi. i"|-,ix ,IK«' 'lt'i»!rti> *-(! Ml. l)u' Oil, 31 tlilvi wutcc _ |>..yu^^ t.i I..IU- tn!'<r bi V\\f p.utly Male bank *-" l * ln * III >'!i tJ:t« <'<{ I'll- flu of Charley \V_ .U 'tlif i«-pul>h( ,jii ii his fii- talh this! s of U«» M ik-i; K in t t l!l'«!,r tb O U'lrtri-Jd* ) which Is greaTer~rhsir"tharT»r.«"<. r }itciH "Tn York . <hl» summer, according tn the tort»> ¥ *TTf-thn-Btnte- health, "Our Kiutititicy ahow," fcir Hi. Claire Drake, the HecretHry, said today, "Utt» death rule in Illinois at <h«4 time to b<> larger than the de-tth in Ncw'ioih lutkt aurnmer. This blg- uiiU-.s <lwt th« disfCitsm* i» m«ir4 virulent here tluiu n w»ls in New York." Thii-«* additional cases w«'re rt'i«»rt- fil jKiluy at I'hamilerVille, rhk-ago ,in«l Uwlght. _ -M AOE- CASES (By I fulled Koine, (ict 3r,--l'p io rar)y August •flfti^tttvljt of tntist -«f- itaiiftn • luxtn-tr ioutiii liu'tr way into (teriuuny.' They •\*-i'i- itnpotted allegedly ir> ni;ik'» intent bit tor Ihp Koidicr -lend. Th« U'.ivi-w r«-i»ll> were employed in nutting a-vphvxUling gusi for uw aK,Jtn;<l tho ,',!!!'•& U -~ i ' -)/ * — - — - — INJUWiES LEFT ANKLE. Mrs, 'IL J Ojiuuitir haxi.iUv m itiiw a. !"«••» tfiiy*. <iei> tti U'f iiicnto |o»)f.t»^ii h>-r li-fi unKU- Th i Hi«»iu iMCUrieil on Sixth u\ii. !>'«• tlu-it" ale ixit'k.-t titrcvvu srrwt — ati .1 a rr> -n Uit MCl>pillK Of! Uu- i-.iiiltlllg 10 |."l , an uutotuotule t>lit> bU-pfi d i/n ,i t-i « hi< h tittm-'l »<\i-r. \ .111^101; Uu ti,^ k. Will' In,- trt the puiudv. is H-i>i,Hi>(i tt> l.i .. »«j.^l

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